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Cedar Rapids Gazette (Newspaper) - April 6, 1974, Cedar Rapids, Iowa I ne C edar Kansas tiazrtte: Sat.. April 6. 1971 Financial and Market News Dow Closes I 1.35 Lower CHICAGO GRAIN QUOTATIONS Furnished by Lamson Brothers WHEAT— WHEAT— May July . September December CORN— May July September . December OATS— NEW YORK (AP) - Rising interest rates sent another jolt through the stock market Friday, pushing prices sharply lower. Trading was extremely light. I however, apparently indicating; July that the market was suffering september more from an absence of buying support than any heavy selling pressure. The Dow Jones average of 30 industrials closed off 11.35 at 847.54. SOV BEANS— May , July August September N even-! ber OPEN HIGH LOW CLOSE PR EV. CL. OPEN HIGH LOV/ CLOSE PREV. CL. 4.10 -4 13 4 33 4.08 4 28 4.23 3.85 -3.93 4 02 3 85 3.76 4.06 3.84 -3.79 4.01 3.89 3.98 4.04 CU o OO 4.05 3.94 4 OI 4.07 2.47 -2.53 2.54' 2 2.49 2.52 2.58 2.50 -2.52 2.56' 2 2.49 2.49 2.59 2 48 -2.49 2.51 2.45 2.49' 2 2.52 2 37 -2.38 2.41 2.35 2 39’2 2.42 1.11' -1.13 4 1.14' 2 1.11' 2 1.12 1.17 i.n'4-1.12 1.15' 2 1.1 I ’ 4 1.14' 2 1.17 1.15' 2-1-16 1.19 1.15' J 1.17' 2 1.21 5.‘8 -5.60 5.61 5.48' 2 5.48' 2 5.68' : 5.50 -5.54 5.54 5.41' j 5.41'2 5.61' 2 5 46 -5.48 5.50 5.36 5.36 5.56 5.31 5.39 5.26' 2 5.26'i 5 47 5 26 -5 27 5.33' 2 5.17 5.18 5.37 John McMillan Is New Church Pastor Reformed Presbyterian church, 965 South Fifteenth j street, has a new minister. The i Rev. John McMillan and his i family arrived in Marion Thursday. He will assume his pastorate Sundav. Marion Churches J Witness: Was Told Boyle Iowans Papers Unaware of Murder Plot 7" N^O^ieans Bethel Baptist — 1000 Eighth avenue. The Rev. Calvin Thorpe. Sunday school 9:30. |1>T m Worship 10:30. Sermon: “The |    / Cry of the Cross”. Evening ! about the murder plot MEDIA, Pa. (AP) — A mantis union superior, Pass, then NEW orleans (UPI)—reconvicted of helping arrange the!secretary-treasurer of District ]ice t0(jay hoped to learn the slaying of Joseph “Jock” Ya-|l9, covering Kentucky and Ten- identity of a critically-wounded blonski says he was told by a nessee. and also an internation- man heliev^ed connected with confederate that former United a1 board member representing ^ murders of a Jefferson Mine Workers President W. A. District 20 of Alabama.    jsh    |e    and    ,he    disap. Boyle knew nothing. Pass was convicted last June nce of an iowa man. of murder.    h    t    '    th    loft worship 7:30. Sermon: “The; *w fbe ♦ruth'’” Bovle’s Prater was convicted in "be ™an WtiS s 0 in, 10 Son of God on Earth: A Study .    Charles    Moses    askediMarch, 1973. and shortly after- chest follo"lnR „a, P . in Divine Relationships    Prater    (ward    admitted    his    guilt.    itempt at a New Orleans service First Baptist — 2895 Four The Rev. Mr. McMillan waslteenth avenue. The Rev. Lyle pastor of the Coldenham formed Presbvterian church. bp W. Lee. Worship 9:30. Sunday school 10:30. Grare Baptist — 440 South Waldon, N.Y., for 15 years be- Fifteenth street. The Rev. Don fore coming here. He served al R- Martin. Sunday school 9:45. Sparta, 111., prior to that time. Worship 10:50 and 6:30 Tj •    „    T. j * r r<    Squaw    Creek    Baptist    —    Wil lie is a giaduate of Geneva j i^inS school. The Rev. Kermit C.R. Markets Prices paid on the Cedar Rapids hog market Saturday were steady. Prices paid Friday for the I bulk of country and plant de-; livered butchers weighing 200 to 230 lb., depending on grade and; condition were $30.25-$31 OO.! Packing sows 300 lbs. down were S27.0d-S27.50. Butchers 230-240 lbs. are 25c I off; 240-250 lbs. are 50c off; and 75c off for each IO lbs. weight' over 250. Packers are 25c off for each weight grade from 300-360! lbs., 50c off each weight grade to 500 lbs. and 75c off each weight grade above 500 lbs. Of lo wa interest LATE QUOTATIONS (From Lamson Brothers) Am. Ins.    Fund    4.39-4.80 Am Rein.    .    .    23J4-24    2 Bandog    ..    273a Banks of    Iowa ..    23'2-24'2 Beatrice Foods    ...    20’a Cherrv-Bur.    .    no    trades Conrac    ...    19',. Consolidated Foods    22’    a Executive Data Systems    2    - 2’< FMC    ..    . .    19 4 FMIC    BV 9’4 Guardsman    .    2    I 16- 2’ * Harnischfar    ..    28’4 Hawkeye BanCoro ........ 9V10 Interstate P    ..    .    16’a Iowa Electric    ...    15’a Iowa-Ill. Gas    . ..    .    16;« John Deere    ...    39 Kidde comm    .    im Keuffel & Esser    .TA    -16:4 Life Investors, Inc.    934-IO’ 2 LTU Corp.    IO’? Mapco comm    ........    203a Maytag    26'    4 McCord Corp.    no    trades Mid-America    4 68-5.11 Mid-Continent, Ind    .    3'2-4 Miracle    33e- 37a Ozark    .    .    35a Quaker Oats    25 Rath    .    .    5 Rockwell    26’a United Fire & Casualty 19’4-20’4 Univar    15 Victor Corp.    , .    a Winnebago    63a Reactions of Victims Foil Two Robberies college, Beaver Falls, Pa., and w. Jelmeland. Worship 9. Sun-t h e Reformed Presbyterian day school IO. Robins Faith Bible — Corner of Main and Mentzer. The Rev. seminary in Pittsburgh. The family will reside in the church manse at 1145 A avenue. *    *    *    St.    Joseph’s    Catholic    — 995 c ,, „    ,,    ,    Fifth    avenue.    The    Rev.    Justin Soil Houses - Mr. and Mrs.jA. Kane> ,hc Rcv. Martin W. Emery Miller of Birmingham. : pfab and the Rev. John Casey Iowa, have sold their income will celebrate mass Saturday at Delay of Tria “Yes, sir, it is,” replied Prater, a former UMW official in Tennessee who testified Fri-i    —.    .. . day as a prosecution witness.1 For bhnlChmdn He is serving a life sentence. ; L0S ANGELES (AP| _ Moses had read Prater a por- p 0 r m e r presidential adviser ti°n of a handwritten statement <jobn Ehrlichman has been granted a postponement in his perjury trial because of delays in getting transcripts of Water- property at 1250 Thirteenth ave- Prater made to authorities saying: “On at least two occasions . w l, ■ 0_n    . Albert Pass told me Tony Boyle . 6* SumteayJschoono:45.‘'    dld ™' know a8>’,dinS about the gate grand jury proceedings. -    _    .      .-    ..    r\lon (a rror fin r\ f Inn Vohlnn_ Judge Gordon Ringer Friday th> Dr postponed the trial from April 31. 1969, slaying of Yablonski'15 “nt« May 20 after Ehrlichia I and ins wife and daughter as man s a"ornc-vs arRued ,hal hc plan to get rid of Joe Yablonski. Bovle is accused tempt station. Officers found fingerprints of the man Friday and sent them to the FBI’s Washington headquarters. Investigators found credit cards on the wounded man belonging to Robert McClure of Des Moines, and others belonging to Wayne J. Sullivan. Sullivan, 52, and his wife, Wanda. 50, wene found shot to death in their home in suburban Metairie Thursday. Authorities said Sullivan had. 7 p.m. at the school, A punch in the mouth and » M and Mrs Thomas R I Fourteenth street and Sunday hey. slept rn their southwestern ^    -    domen    and    back,    then    put    in    a FHdav toThLntL3 Olin a, iLindSren °f 2568    ?hureh and 9:30    lo and    ! 1:301 * “sy|vama    h°™ *'    Clarks-    man-s    former    aides,    --------J------------------ Fnday to thwart two holdup at-    Possession win be    ivcn A    M    a, the school.    1    tL    iM1    n™<.    Young    and Egit    Krogh. tempts at a tavern and a gro- or    Y    P    J    ,    Marion    Christian    —    1050 Mc- The prosecution claims Bo} lr    _____ eery store.    rh- ir " i? it th Cowan boulevard. The Rev. ordered Yablonski killed and A man carrying a handgun en- r 8    ,    a0;’.    K,eaUors;    Peter M. Morgan. Sunday approved use of $20,000 in union Marion Ynu + h urn I Leu I viug a 11ctilugui en same firm so|d the house at 1913 school 9:30. Worship 10:45.    J-    .    IVIa ll Oil I OUTll tered the Blue Moon tavern Third avenue ovvned b Mr Robins Church of the funds to pay the hired killers 3108 First avenue NE, and an-    ~nd n.,, navis Fprmisnn    to    Brethren — 355 Second street.; the    killings occurred    three nounced a holdup, but fled when1    Mr and Mr? naviri    <Stnv*nQ    nf.The Rev- Harold Justice.    Sun-1 weeks    after    Yablonski    lost a the owner punched him in the j ^ ”enthStreet Possession!^ Scho°1 ’° Worshlp 11 and battle lo unseat Boyle and as had not vet received transcripts been sbot *n tbe ncc^- chest, ablach- domen and back, then put in a David lar8e bedroom closet. His wife was shot once in the head, and her body stuffed in a small hall closet. Jefferson parish Coroner Dr. Wins Contest charles Odom said she wore a silver chain around her neck a student at “and it appears from the many GRAIN No. 2 vfllow corn, $2.22 No. I yellow soybeans, $5.00 33 lb. oafs. $1.20. Friday prices delivered. FEEDER CATTLE Friday's quotations from Lamson Bros , ,.    Close P-ev *pri1    45 00    44.25, 45.22    45    OS    May SHEEP mouth. Bud Spaulding. 44. the owner, told police the man left without obtaining anything. The suspect was described as 30 years of age, thin build no will be given April 15. * * * Wanted part-time bartender. Stickney^ in Marion. —Adv. July prime shorn **mbs *re J36 0°- February $38.00. Prices quoted are for 90-100 lbs ! reoruary lambs delivered CHICAGO CASH GRAIN CHICAGO (AP) — Wheat No. 2 soft rec0rV*Non 2fsveiioWh2.r5<4n41,1 jn tceth' and wearing a tan coat. Oats No. 2 extra heavy white 1.37’2n.    ♦    *    * Soybeans No. I yellow 5.59n. -The    second holdup attempt Fr;dav'S"°(f,"„Ps°"om^aLm!oS„ Bro, cndcd unsuccessfully when ihe Cl05*    owner    of the Thrifty food store. ao. 21    40.DV Gandhi, Nehru Are Subjects of 49.20 48 35 52.80 47 80 1201 Fourth avenue SE, began 46 90    ’    ° 51.95 screaming. The Rev. Harold Justice. Sun- weeks after ___________   ~ Tem Barman, ' * Church Of    Christ    ,0S7    Vablonski was threatening to go :V'arion hiSh    1« as    first‘    Erasions on her neck    that she Eighteemh street YfUliam    Cam',    to court to seek to have    the clee- pl?“ w,™f ,r    “ speakmg    cora-    was either dragged or strangled Bible school    IO. "Worship ll    bon overturned.    (petition held    Saturday by the    with it. and 6:30.    Prater    testified    he    was    asked    ^unr^se Optimist club.    wounded    man    was    shot    in His Winning humorous speech    N>w orleans Thursday. Police earned him the right to compete    said a man who tried to hold up in Optimist zone competition.    a servjCe station, shot and Rites    at    Sigourney    Marion Toastmasters club    wounded Louis Hyde, then beat For    Paul    Seibel, 65 members judScd the Sunrisc    him with a pistol and a fire ex- ;club's competition.    tinjrukher SIGOURNEY Paul    Adolph    ---- "T rVend of Hyde's,    William Seibel, 6d. a partner in Seibel Ascension Lutheran — 2210    . ,    ,, , ,    , . , Grand avenue. The Rev. Denny to help in killing Yablonski by J. Brake. Worship 8 and IO.' ----------- —------- ---------- ; Sermon: “Glory to God in the i Lowest”. Lutheran C hurch of the Resurrection — 2770 Eighteenth avenue. The Rcv. Otto A. bourse at Uoe Zwanziger. Worship 8 and 10:30. Sundav school 9:15. Police said t h e poultry    Postville    beef    ,   ~T~ ,   jiviuuern mala , a Coe college;Ians hospital, Iowa City, Friday,“L 111 Iowa live hen5, light type prices un-' cpostvlle-The Postville beef market holdup man left the store after cljmmpr fPrm mursp will ferns I . i Ji o.iV    fnlinviinrr    a    inner    iiinngg’    ‘ alley was discovered by a pa- The man advanced on \ lddCO- I pointing a gun at the owner. jnot only on the men ’but the po-‘Tw'ted Methodist - Born April 12 1908 he was a,rolman on dut7 about 2:30 am vich’ brandishine 8 *“"• and asOretta Haddy, and    1277    Eighth    avenue.    The    Rev.^X    *P™t    *li!|today. Entry was gained by said "kill me. kill me for what steady. ”    I    good heifers, $37.00-538 OO; utility cows, I Cents per pound at farms: Commercial! 525 00'J32 0P; canners and commercia flocks 6 7c, mostly 6’ j-7c; small farm j cow*' *‘r 0O-S32.OO; bulls $36 00-538.00.    j said, WBS to let Out a SCTeam. flocks 3-5c, mostly 3-4c. IOWA FARM EGGS DES MOINES- The Federal-State Market News Service reported prices mostly unchanged. Graded demand generally Im- JOLIET LIVESTOCK YESTERDAY S QUOTATIONS JOLIET, III. (UPI) — Livestock: Cat .    ,    .    lv.v    i: nnu nun-vi ____.    ,    „       .    i    tie 2,700, steers opening loo to I so low- LO pounds and wearine a belee I „ . proved on large Supplies adequate. Deal-1 er; heifers 50 to 75 cents lower; steer top .    '    Of    hatred and er inventory up on meaium. Movement j 43 50; choice steer beef 41.50-43.50    i—.4i_j     1.    _i---1----ji nautu anu sluggish. Undertone about steady    on    Hogs    1,700 ; 50 cents    lower;    No    1-2    200- large; unsettled on medium.    23C lb    32.50-33.00; No. 1-3    200-230    lb. Cents per dozen at farms,    cases    ex-    31.75-32    50, 230-250 lb.    30.75-31    75;    No.    2-3 changed, quality and volume    incentive ’    250-270    lb 29 80-30 75 Grade A large or better 46-51c, mostly I 48c; Grade A, (medium 35-38’ 2C, mostly I 35-37c.    _    i Other farm eggs Grade A, large or    PrQClUCP better 32 40c, mostly 34-36c. Grade A, medium 22-34C, mostly 26-28c; Grade B, larqe 20-30c, mostly 23-28c; C quality dirties and checks lA-30c, mostly 70-23c; small and peewees 16 25c, mostly 20-23c. “Gandhi and Nehru: Archi- st. Paul s Lutheran (MissouriI hardware here until his retire-! Independence Breakin \idaco\ich, 48. ga\i chase and Itects of Peace and Builders of Synod) _ 915 Twenty-seventh ment iast vear dipd jn Vefer.; INDEPENDENCE—A breakin cornered the suspect in a ware-would-be IModern India» a Coe collegeans hospital.    Iowa    Cit-    at the Lucky-10    Lanes bowling    house summer term course, will focus dav school 9:15.    '    following a long illness.    .    -    , ,    .    .    ui.Qnaichino    a    mm at the owner, n.t nnKr th. but (he po.; ^rst rniled Methodist - Born April 12. 1908. he was a trolman on duty about 2:30 a m" v,ch' brand,shing a gun’ economic dev*I * Eighth civrcnuc. The    of    Sipniirnpv hinh holdup. Her reaction, poIicej",opment'in' Ma from 1916 to|^legtcTa,^b Worship 8 ° MO I school, attended Iowa Wesleyan brcak.in8 8 wiad°7 A" ,mdcler' r™donf''.'P°H" fd. id was to let oui a scream. ipresent.    i.nd    ii. Sermon?    Selvciions    :college,    and    look    part    in    the    ,m'ncd amounl    of «    "as Vida^h fwd a    warnn* I    The suspect was described as ,.r.nHhi..    adh„r„n,,p    lrlllh    from    the Easter    Messiah".    Sun-    N o r rn    a n d    v invasion    donne    taken and some    v8ndallsm    "as    shot ,nt0 lhc floor‘ ,hen    sho' ,he :a    male, about 25. 5 feet 9 inches. , (,andhl 8    ddh1ertnce >°    '™'b;    da,    school 9:30.    W® L™    * n    I    reported.    man in the chest, officers said. love and non-violence in a world Prairie Chape! Cnitcd Moth- World war II as a navy Seabee. v h ,, Jof hatred and violence caught ndist — Route 3. The Rev. He was married to the former ( e( erc the imagination of the world,” Clive Cook. Sunday school 8 45. Vivian Adon. He was a member ll C Cz-fii/Ji A rn Isis* A n r OO said D'leen Patwirdhan visit-    J    *>•    *bp presbvterian church and    *    I    ^    LZ    Ll    U    I    #1» U D f Cl W * vJ» v? Neither of the intended vie- a ;cep catuaranan \isit First Presbvterian _ 802 01 rresDvienan tnurcn ana    ^ mg professor of history at Coe. Twelfth street. The Rev. Jay A. ^e American Legion. “And Nehru's efforts to pro- , Miller. Sunday school 9:15. j Surviving in addition to his knitted hat, pink slacks and a leather jacket. Neither of the intended finis was hurt in the attempts. .$34.00-536.OO $27 00-530.00 $27 00-530 OO $2?.00-531. OO CATTLE MARKET Choice prime steers Choice and prime heifers Good steers Good heifers Standard and utility steers Standard and utility heifers Utility cows Commercial cows ____ Cutter cows Bulls (Yield grade 4 overfat steers and heifers are discounted $5 per cwt. and yield grade 5 are discounted $10 per cwt.) (Wastv and gobbv overfat steers are $3 and $5 less per IOO lbs. than regular commercial cows.) Iowa Huffs DES MOINES (AP) (ITSDA) —Estimated receipts Friday at Iowa and southern Minnesota packing plants, important con- NEW YORK PRODUCE NEW YORK (AP) (USDA) — Wholesale egg offerinas cf large adequate, mediums ample. Demand fairly good on large, but slow on mediums Friday, Whites: Fancy larae 57-6C. Fancy medium 47-50. Fancy smalls 31-35. $38 00-540 OO! Butter offerings adequate. Demand $37.00-540 OO | ,a,r- $36,00-538 DO I    - $35.00-537 00    ruirirn DDnnnrr $34 00-536 00    CHICAGO PRODUCE CHICAGO (UPI) — Butter; Firm: 93 score 71U; 92 score ’CU; 90 score 68 4. Eqgs: Unproved to steady; cents per dozen; extra large white 60-63; large AA Anniversary mote tolerance and understand-    8    ;,n<i    10:30.    Sermon:    wjfe    are    bjs    mother.    Mrs.    Frank . „    _    .    .,    “ihe    Crowd    and    the    Cross $32.00-535.00 i white 59-61; mediums 49-51. On Economic Cooperation mg among the nations of the! Reformed "presbyterian —    Seibel. Sigourney; a sifter, Lou-    WASHINGTON (AP) —    the Saudi cabinet    committee kl x J    *    r** D ,woldd and his n0vxd concept of;965 South Fifteenth street    cille Howalt, Sioux Falls, S D..    Agreement in principle has been    handling economic    and invest- Noted    in    O.K. non-alignment won a unique po- The lh v. John M. McMillan.    aad a brother. James Seibel.    reached on close economic co-m t . sition for India in the communi- Svenineuh°J lih-m<)r?hip 11' Sigourney.    operation between the U.S. and    *    .    . .    ,    ..    ,,    Evening    study    group.    £    .    -    «    c j- * w t.    ♦    a    4    King    laisa    s    American- ty Of nations.”    Church    of    God    (Seventh    Services will be Monday at 2 Saudi Arabia. It is expected to    arfvj«pr«    are known to _    ,    _    , _    .    .    The    course    will    be    taught    Day) — 600 Ninth avenue. W. p.m. at the Sigourney United open the way to major Saudi in- .    ‘    .    1    .    ... .    . C e d a r R a p 1 d 8 ts bemg j from 10 a.m. to I p.m. five days d Kuryluk. pastor. Song ser- Presbyterian church bv the vestments in this country.    (‘    ^ce    1,1g    a    S01    mvcs me n.a*    1    in    *    _    _    .    *    .    mnrlcpf    fnr    fhp p^timatpn S/l vice 9:45. Sabbath school IO, 1.00-1.50 lower; movement I sons to board flights without M-75<lowc?d tair: S°WS mostly I screening their possessions. Country points; U.S. 1-3 200- Tbe suit claims undetected 230 lh 30.00-30.50: 230-250 lb possessions included a pistol in 29.25-30.50: 250-2/0 lh. 28 50 a woman's purse in Atlanta last The 30th anniversary of the Alcoholics Anonymous chapter in Townhouse5    ^    ‘he    3 "eek f°5 ,hree WCekS durinR I worship H, Saturday. Friday, u u iiuuoc.    tbe eXpanded summer term at    Bible    study 8. An open house was    held    this    q 0 e by Patwardhan. who    United Seventh    Day afternoon, and an open meeting (eacb0S    India Pakistan Brethren — 2400 Second ave- Will begin at 8 p.m.    Cpvlon (TNPAri nrnaram ’    nue>    w Allcn Bondt    Pastor- An Alanon mpptinp will takp e lon,HNrAU program.    Worship IO.    church school ll An Alantin meeting will take    To register for “Gandhi and Salurdiy. /-Nr    rj    1 ■■a(‘‘ bun f-v morn*nl?    jn,.Nehru” or other summer term Ut    Passengers theiTown House convention hall,    courses at Coe ca„ (319) <%4. MIAMI (AP) - U.S. attorneys fobovv^d by a ban(luct at 12ll511 extension 428 (or extension Friday asked federal court toL;^n    °f.    382 Atween 4:30 p.m. and mid night) or write Summer Session —.......  Coe    College,    Cedar banquet Seek Fine for Non-Screening Rev. William Rick. Burial Pleasant Grove cemetery, state Reynolds’ funeral home is in charge. A terse announcement bv the department Friday said market for the estimated $20 billion the Persian Gulf nation is centration yards and buying non„i;‘ troc»«r« tirimuo cm imn nla' wb0 formerly lived in stations 45.000; week ago 73.- iP zt B^d-tern Air lines $51,000 Gedar Rapids wjU Speak at the Q1W OOO; year ago 40 000. Butchers ,for allegedly permitting 51 per- hanmipf    l'OX Rapids. Collins Receives Navy Contract The navy has $2.727.780 contract awarded a to Rockwell ...    ,    .    expected    to    earn    for its oil this the two countries are prepared p to expand and give more con- •ca * --crete expression to cooperation 3be Saudi Arabians also are Ritp«; in nprnrnh for *n ,be f,(dd °f economics, tech- gr(‘a' > interested in using the:’ nology and industry, and in the od 10 produce petrochemicals Freeman Alberts, 76 supply of the kingdom’s require*;,nd I® establish other mdu1-- DECORAH -- Freeman Al- ments for defense purposes.”    Negotiations reportedly berts, 76. a heating and plumb- Knowledgeable sources said ;,re under way to build, with ing contractor here for many the agreement may encourage b S- bidP- a    fbat years, died Thursday evening. greater U S. participation in in- would produce 2(H) million tons a -29.50: sows 270-330 lh. 26.25-,.    _    .    . 27.00;330-400 lh. 25.75-26.50.; Au8- 6 and a Pair of short-hlad* Packing plants: U.S. 1-3 200- ed souvenir swords carried in a ?>Q°*nb^n37V9sn19-°n; 2|h°'^^2 ^ bag by a woman at Miami In-3n9.00°r3dowJ“o-3So ]lb. S: ternate airport las. Aug. 29.lSm0«    d.ed    Fnday 27.50; 330-400 lb. 26.25-27.00 It also charges Eastern with, „    ,    „    ,    , -permitting    49    passengers    to    created    Smokey    in    1945    for and Aruba Born Nov. 22, 1897. in De- dustrialization of Saudi Arabia. yt>ar- - International's Collins Radio Co. corah, he was married to Irene the world’? leading oil-exporting    ----- Cypriot Meeting    division.    .    McIntosh Sept. 12. 1933.    country.    Held    on Charge NICOSIA, Cyprus (AP- - A    The contract calls for Collins    Survivors include his wife;    a    The    state department said    INDEPENDENCE - James U N. official me Saturday with    to supply communication and    son’ damci' °* Decorah;    a    Prince    Bahd Bin Abd-Al-Aziz.    Clinton. 19. Independence, was miami Apl _ Uhprt h    Greek and Turkish Cypriot lead-    electronic equipment to support    daufJder, Mrs. Amie Vine    of    brother    of King Baisal. will visit    being held in the Buchanan Ie 74 the man who cleated ers in an effort t0 avert collapse E-2C aircraft. 'The work will be Marion- and 11 grandchildren. the U S. “in the near future" to • univ jai! today in lieu of Smokey the Bear Creator Is Dead of talks. performed in Cedar Rapids. Waterloo Hoffs    board    at WATERLOO—Buchers were ; without $1.00 lower and sows were 50c lower. Packing plant delivery I No. 2 butchers weighing 200-1 230 lbs. $30.50-$31.OO. No. 2 sows weighing 300 lbs. $27.00-$27.50. three-day tember Curacao and Aruba a L' S Forest Service fire pre-inspecting ihem in a mention campaign forestery officials had wanted him to use a raccoon or some period last Sep- Despite Storm Toll, Say Many Saved by Warnings the U.S. “in the near future" to Services: Monday at 2 p.m. in discuss details with President $1,009 en a charge of larceny of the Decorah Lutheran church,.Nixon and Secretary of Staten motor vehicle. Clinton told Friends may call at Olson-Fjels- Kissinger.    police he had taken a car in the tul funeral home Saturday eve- Prince Fahd is a deputy city Friday morning and later ning.    prime    minister    and chairman of ditched it in the country. The suit charges Eastern with otber sma11 animal But Staehle WASHINGTON (AP) — De- ed at about 93. charged through Jointing a portion of the Feder- camt> up with a jeans-wearing. spite’ the heavy loss of life in 14 statcs. leaving more than 300 a1 Aviation Act designed to pre-■nt aircraft hijackings. An Eastern spokesman said no webster city livestock vent aircraft hijackings. WEBSTER CITY (API — Central Iowa Stockyards Friday. Cattle 25. net b'XVT statement would be issued until 38Hoqs 1 500 butchers 1.25-1 50 lower, j the charges were examined. He *r!kbJ?k5<27 00-27 sSf top078.00?*^ rn' said Eastern hires security i3v7(£ ?b®625o?7 oc 50-350 ,b 25 00'26 00; agencies rather than carry out Monday estimate: cattle 200. hogs 900 its own security operations. I shovel-toting bear who eventual-: Wednesday's torn ador s. ihe dcad d thousands injured Iv became the character of a public warning system appears popular song and fire-preven- to have worked well, the nation cartoons. Staehle was born in Munich in 1899 and came to the 1913. At Cleveland. White told re-tion's chief weatherman say. porters: “My impression, after “Enormous numbers of lives talking to people in Kentucky, U.S. in may have been saved,” Robert Indiana alld here is White, head of the commerce LIVESTOCK FUTURES CHICAGO (AP) — Futures trading Friday; Live Beef Cattle April 41.17 40 17 June . . 45 55 44 50 August 47 85 46 85 Octobe- 47. pn 46 75 December 47.40 46 6C February 47.70 47 OO Live Hogs April 33 VO JO 40 June 37 40 36 60 July 39 YI 38.75 Auausf 38 90 38 35 October 38.00 37.65 December 39 50 39 25 February 40.40 40 50 April 36 25 36 75 OMAHA LIVESTOCK OMAHA (AP (USDA) Hogs: 9,500; barrows and gilts moderately active after I slow early trade; large share 200 lower. instances 2.25 lower; 1-3 700-250 Ib 30.25-1 32 00; 2-3 250-270 Ib 28.75-31 00; 2-4 270-320 ' ib 28 OO 29 50 Sows I OO • 1.50 lower ; 250-I 650 Ib 26 25-27 OO Cattle and calves 700; slaughter steer? and heifers virtually absent; limited trade on cows weak; utility and com- : mercial cows 28 50-31 00. SIOUX CITY LIVESTOCK SIOUX CITY (AP) (USDA Hogs IC-COO; butchers rather slow, I 75-2 25 A poster of a cow and calf department's National Oceanic started his commercial art ca- and Atmospherio Administra-reer in 1918. The poster won an tion, said Friday during a tour    We talked to many citi- that the warning system performed very well, tha tthe warnings weer in Nixon Expected award and caught the eye of the of tornado areas To Yield Tapes Borden Co., which turned it into a milk-selling mascot. Elsie. zens in other states who had “We can't stop acts of God,” heard the warnings and had White said. He called the devas- taken cover.” LOS ANGELES (AP) - The Staehle moved to North tation “the worst destruction iami about 16 years ago and I’ve ever seen from tornadoes.” White said he concluded “that quite a few lives were saved as ident Nixon is expected to inform the house judiciary committee Tuesday’ that he will re-, turned from commercial to fine White, Associate Administra- a result of the warnings, but art.    tor John Townsend and the Na-'that does not say that we still ---tional Weather Service director, can't do better, and we intend to 30 YEARS AGO — Observers George Cressman. made a day-continue to investigate the ac-agreed the luftwaffe's power to long flight to Kentucky, Indiana tion of the warning system defend the Reich had dropped 30 and Ohio for talks with local throughout the country . . . to percent since the start of the weather agency officials and a uncover any deficiencies that Allied offensive against its pro- look at some of the damage. might exist and seek remedies The official is quoted as say* duction centers. A family of twisters, estimat- for those deficiencies.” lower; US. 1-3 1 90-240 lb sows I 25-1.75 lower; U S. I 26.25-26.75 Cattle 300 by the house panel will be forwarded “because some of the conversations don’t relate to I Watergate.’’ He said the tapes j 35G6oo ib probably won't be delivered to t h e committee until after Easier. The White House has been a "" DRESSED MEATS DES MOINES (AP) (USDA) - Mid-1 west cdrlof meat trade report (ck iowa and river market anas:    given a I UCSdaV    deadline    to Beef trade opened slow, late trade al-1    ,    ,    ,, I most at a standstill; demand improved COmplV With the hOUSe panels, mostly for early next week shipments;    n u or    , t    ,    e limited sales choice steer beef steady    to    i r eh. ZU request for    tapes Of    41 LOO higher; a few sales choice heifer  __,    ,    ... beef not enough to set market treno    conversations between Nixon grade?61"00*62 00^00-yield grade and 1°P aides. Or face Subpoena. , 3 60 00-61.00; choice heifer beet 500-700 Ib. yield grade 3 61.00      „      - Fresh pork cut trade, loins end buffs not established; picnics steady to 50 ’ower; skinned hams 14 17 Ib. I 50 lower, 17-20 Ib. .50 higher, 20 Ib up sieady ‘o 1 I.CO lower, seedless bellies steady to I OO higher. Loins 14 Ib. down 67.50 export; picnics 6-8 Ib. 37 CO, 8 lb up 36.50-37.50; skinned hams 14-17 Ib.    57.50-59 50, 17-20    Ib    55.50- 56 00, 20-26 Ib    50 50-51.5u, 26-30    lh    47 50, 26 Ib up 46 50-47 00; seedless bellies 10-12 lh. 42.50-43 OO.    17-14 Ib. 43.50 43.75,    14 16 Ib. 43.00 43 50,    16 18 Ib. 38 25,    18    TC Ib. I 36 50 38 25, 20-25 Ib. 33.00-34.00 PICK’S OPEN HOUSE ENDS SUNDAY AT 5 P.M. House for SAie 1Z3- V321 SIGN OF CHAOS SIGN OF SUCCESS 1833 FIRST AVENUE S.E. • PHONE 365-8681 Yin arc invited lo our he Morris Kl an consumer loan and securities investment office located in downtown Cedar Rapids in the American Building has just completed the remodeling ot their first floor office area. We have enlarged our quarters and expanded our personnel to serve you more efficiently in comfortable and colorful surroundings. Friends like you have always helped us celebrate these occasions On April 8 and 9 we will hold an Open House. Come visit our garden and fountain display. There will be refreshments and free seeds for everyone. With over fifty prizes available, you could win a blooming, potted plant or garden accessory. Swing into Spring and grow with us! Hours: Monday, April 8 — 8:30 to 8:00 Tuesday, April 9 — 8.30 to 5:00 Morris Plan Mot America Financial Corporation 100 American Building Cedar Rapids, Iowa 52401 ;

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