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Cedar Rapids Gazette (Newspaper) - April 6, 1974, Cedar Rapids, Iowa 6 The Cedar Rapids Gazette: Sat., April (5, 1974 Youngest Nixon Brother Is Mitchell Detense Witness Heavy Loss in Lake City Fire NEW YORK (UPI) r- President Nixon’s youngest brother, Edward, 43, led off the defense witnesses Friday in the con-spriacy trial (of John Mitchell and Maurice Stans. Four days earlier, LAKE CITY (AP) - Fire heavily damaged two businesses come to New York and right Friday night and Saturday in away,” Edward said. “I wanted the southwest Calhoun county to know why. He said he town of Lake City, couldn’t tell me, it was too sen- b y dawn Saturday, fire sitive, but asked if I would do it I fighters had brought the fire just as a personal favor to under control, but Watters Appli-another bim.    ance    Co.    and    the    adjacent Television Listings brother, F. Donald Nixon, 59, testified for the prosecution. Conspiracy, obstruction-of-jus-tice and perjury counts against Mitchell and Stans stem from a $200,000 cash contribution by financier Robert Vesco to the anonymous donations. President’s 1 9 7 2 re-election I11 Vesco's office, rn touch with Stans to find out “in what form, cash cr check” the contribution should be made. Edward said he later met with campaign.    said, he was asked to get Edward, who described himself as an environmental scientist living in the state of Washington, testified he first became    ,    ,, involved in the contribution    ”9    a. be    ^e^r0P°btan club when he was in Washington,1    Y? D.C., working on the campaign.    Stuns    said if he (\esco) He said he received a phone uas ieaby s0 concerned about call from Vesco’s attorney, an anonymous contribution, it Howard Cernv, named as a co- Pr°bablv should be in cash to conspirator but not indicted. ; [omain absolutely anonymous, “Mr. Cernv wanted me to but as far as the committce was _i    concerned it didn’t make any : difference,” he testified. I Edward said he then Edward said he flew to New- Matthews hardware store were ark and was met by Cerny. The severely damaged, lawyer told him, he said, that Fire fighters from Lake City, Vesco wanted to make a cam- Lohrville and Rockwell City paign contribution before the were hampered by heavy April * cutoff date for such smoke, but managed to keep the flames from the nearby Bau Edward man Jewelry. As a precaution, employes at the jewelry store removed much of their stock and fittings. The cause of the fire, as well as monetary loss to the two businesses, was not immediately established. There were no injuries report- Name Daily iowan Top Student Paper Tama Man, 35, Pleads Guilty to Murder Charge TOLEDO — Preston M. Duncan, 35, of the Mesquakie Indian settlement west of Tama, pled guilty Friday in Tama county district court to second degree murder. Judge John L. Hyland was presiding. Duncan appeared in court A. spokesman for Toyota with his court-appointed attor- Motor Sales, U.S.A., Inc., said ncy, Charles Fairall, Marshall- Friday that the boosts for the town, for what was scheduled to; Japanese-made vehicles range DES MOINES (AP) - The tele- Daily Iowan was named the phoned Vesco and gave him the best student newspaper Satur-message.    day by the Society of Profes sional Journalists, Sigma Delta Chi, at its Region 7 conference in Des Moines. The University of Iowa publication’s editor is Lewis D’Vor-TORRANCE, Calif. (AP) — kin. The newspaper was judged Price increases have been an- the best among nine entries, nounced for all models of Toyo- Bonnie Wittenberg of Drake ta cars.    university    received    first    place for the best newswriting under a Toyota Price Up On All Models deadline. Other Iowans awards were John 7—KWWL-TV, Waterloo 9—KCRG TV, Cedar Rapids 2—WMT-TV, Cedar Rapids 3—KTVO, Ottumwa 4—WHBF-TV, Rock Island 6—WOC-TV, Davenport 8—WKBT, La Crosse IO—KROC-TV, Rochester 12-KIIN-TV, Iowa City I 3—WHO-TV, Des Moines 40—KDUB, Dubuque Saturday Night 6:00 7—News, Weather, Sots. 9—Lawrence Welk 2—Action News 3—Lawrence Welk A—Lawrence Welk 6—Movie— "Johnny Tiger" 8—Lawrence Welk IO—News, Weather, Spts. 12-Folk Guitar 13—Eyewitness News 40—Roller Games 6:30 7—Untamed World 2—Hollywood Squares IO—Victory at Sea 12—World of Animals 13—Inside Iowa 7:00 7—Emergency 9—Partridge Family 2—All In Fomily 3—Partridge Family 4—All In Family 8—All In Family IO—Emergency 12-Dr. Who 13—Emergency 40—Partridge Family 7:30 9—ABC Suspense Movie— "Maneater" 2—M*A*S*H 3—ABC Suspense Movie— "Maneater" 4—M* A*S*H 8-M*A*S*H 12—Elliot Norton 40—ABC Suspense Movie— "Maneater" 8:00 7—NBC Movie— "A Shot in the Dark" 2—Mary Tyler Moore 4—Mary Tyler Moore 6—NBC Movie— "A Shot In the Dark" 8—Mary Tyler Moore IO—NBC Movie— "A Shot in the Dark" 12-Firing Line 13—NBC Movie— "A Shot in the Dark" 8:30 2—Bob Newhart 4—Bob Newharf 8—Bob Newhart 9:00 9—Owen Marshall 2—Carol Burnett 3—Owen Marshall 4—Corol Burnett 8—Carol Burnett 12—Century Theater 40—Owen Marshall 10:00 7—News, Weather, Spts. 9—Eyewitness News 2—Action News 3—ABC News 4—News, Weather, Spts. 6—10 O'Clock Edition 8—News, Sots., Weather IO—News, Weather, Spts. 12—Frying Pans West 13—Eyewitness News 40—Newsline 10:15 3—News, Weather, Spts. 10:30 7—Rhythm ’n’ Blues 9—Movie— "Song of Bernadette" 2—Movie— "Rendezvous" 3—Fred McMurray Film Festival 4—U.F.O. 6—Mov ie— "Spiral Road" 8—Movie— "How To Save a Marriage" IO—Rhythm ’n’ Blues 12—Theater in America 13—Rhythm 'n’ Blues 40—Movie 11:30 4—Outer Limits 12:00 IO—Prisoner 12:30 2—Evil Touch —Worship Services— (Continued from Page 3) Eve. Remark by Saxbe Raises Anger of Jewish Groups By Orr Kelly Washington Star-News Service WASHINGTON - Two major Jewish organizations have called on President Nixon to punish Atty. Gen. Saxbe for allegedly anti-Semctic remarks made at a news conference Wednesday. Saxbe also was sharply criticized in a speech Thursday by Rep. Robert Drinan (D-Mass.). there was a “great distrust of the intellectual” during the McCarthy era and said that Jewish intellectuals in those days were “very’ enamored of the Communist party.” In his clarification statement, he said: “I have long felt that there was a great deal of anti-Semitism in the Communist witch- Themselves Will Shout” 7:15. Music Vespers. Gloria Dei—(ALC) 153 Cherry Hill rd. NW. Charles G. Schultz. S.S. 9:30. Serv. 8:30, 10:30. Communion, first Sun. of month. Good Shepherd — (WELS) 2900 42nd st. NE. Gary Kirsch-kc. S.S. 9. Communion and serv. 10:15. “Is He a King? Is He Our King?” Holy Redeemer—(LCA) 720 Edgewood rd. NW. Cedric J. Lofdahl. Sat. 5:30. S.S. 10:30. Serv. 9:30. Hope—LICA' 2730 Bowling st. SW. Michael A. Last. Communion, first Sun. of month. Sat. 6 p.m. SS. 8:45. Serv. IO. Our Savior’s—(ALC) 3634 1st ave. NE. F. William Hilker. Marvin L. Ehnen. S.S. 9:15. Serv. 8, 10:30. St. Andrew — (LCA) 4420 Center Point rd. NE. James M. Lesher. S.S. 9:40. Serv. 8:30, 10:45. “Christian Faith and Success”. St. Mark’s—(LCA) 2100 1st ave. NE. David Frans Larson. S.S. 9:30. Communion and serv. 8:30, ll. “The Clown on a Donkey”. St. Stephen’s — (ALC) Meadowbrook, 31st st. SE. Landis J. Olson. S.S. 9:40. Serv. 8:30, 10:45. Eve. 7. Trinity—(Mo.) 13C3 1st ave. SW. Richard A. Osing, Richard L. Thompson. S.S. 9:15. Serv. 8, 10:30. Sat. 6. Wed. eve. 7:15. Word of God—Deaf — (Mo.) 1363 1st ave. SW. Allan C. Page. First and third Sun. of month. S.S. 2. Serv. 3. Zion — (Mo.) Highway 150, Hiawatha. Larry Brelje. S.S. 9:30. Serv. 8:15, 10:45. METHODIST Asbury — ( United! 351 26th ave. SW. Charles R. Mehaffey. S.S., serv. 9, ll. Bertram — (United) L. Neil Townsend. S.S. 9:45. 10:30. receiving Wylie of The 100,000- member Jewish)’50s. i War Veterans said in a tele-' “Much of it was directed at I ^ Buffalo — (United) Blairs be a hearing to determine the drom $100 for the Corolla 1200, a Grinnell college w7ho placed sec-^ara*° the President that he    intellectuals    who    were consid- sheil£ ss io:i5. Serv. 9. degree of guilt. He had pled two-door sedan, to $300 for the ond in best editorial writing and    sboidd publicly reprimand and    cicd sympathetic    to Russia, guilty March 5 to an open Land Cruiser station wagon. William Hladky of the Universi-summar ^ dismiss Atty. Gen.    Because    of the Soviet pos- charge of murder.    He said increases on the best ty of Iowa, third in best    ^axbe ^rom duties. He was accused of the murder sellers in each model series newswriting not under a dead-!    The telegram, signed by of Bruce Raynard See, 19, averaged $151, or 4.8 prcent. line.    National Commander Ainslee Tama, whose body    was    found    The company attributed the    Third place in the    best student    Ferdie, said: “Mr. President, Aug. I in a weedy    spot    along    increases to higher shipping and magazine was    awarded to    help the country, help your railroad tracks at the west edge ravv material costs.    Warehouse, a University of    leadership and unburden of Tama.      :    Iowa publication.    American taxpayers of all Tama County Attorney    Jared    20 YEARS AGO — The Cedar--creeds, colors and origins Bauch said Friday    that    See’s    Rapids school board approved |    IO YEARS AGO — World war1    from t?le continuation of Wil- l.'SITED CHI RCII OF . CHRIST Eden—(E and R) 351 8th ave. Serv.(SW. Glenn D. Hunt. S.S. 9:30. Serv. 10:45. Wed. eve. 7. Bethel—(AME) 512 6th st.I 1 irst Congregational — 361 hunts of the late ’40s and early SE George Moore. S.S. 9:30. i 17th st- SE. Glenn N. Bender, Serv ll    Robert L. Myren. S.S. IO. Serv. IO. “The Stones Will Cry Out”. Hope — 150 9th ave., Hia-! Watha. Lyle V. Kuchl. S.S. 9:30. _ .    I Serv.    10:45. Faith — (United) 1000 30th i    _ st. NE. Wilbert R. Trushcim. hire toward issues of impor- S.S. 9:15, serv. 10:30. tance to Jews, this is no longer i Free—800 G ave. NW. Wayne the case today and I believe this ?yang ?,ys\ Scrv* 10:45> ,    ,    ,,    ,    .,    Eve. 7. Wed. <:30. change can best be seen by the Hillside Wesleyan Church — totally    different    type    of    in-    2600 1st ave NW. Richard dividual involved in    the    terrorist    Ernst- s s- ^5. Serv. 10:50. “The Cross: Gods Sign Language of Love”. Eve. 7. Communion. Wed. eve. 7:15. Kenwood—(United) 302 33rd st NE. Clifton W. Ellerbeek. Sat. Vespers, 7:30 p.m. St. John’s — (E) 600 7th st. SE. S.S., Matins, IO. Morning Prayers, ll. St. John’s—(Gr.) 501 A ave. NE. Alexander Anastasiou. S.S. 10:30. Orthros 9:30. Liturgy 10:30. PRESBYTERIAN Calvin - Sinclair — (United) 715 38th st. SE. Earl A. Hueb-ner. S.S. IO Serv. 9, 11:10. “God’s Passion”. Central Park—(United) 1700 B ave. NE. Allen S. Van Cleve. 5.5. 9:45. Serv. 8:45, ll. “Christ, the Intruder”. Christ Church — (United) 2000 1st Ave. NW. Robert Bouton. S.S. 9. Serv. 10:10. “The Best Seats Please!” First — (United) 310 5th st. SE. John S. Shew, Larry R. Johnson. S.S. 9:15, 9:35, IO. Serv. 9:15, ll. “In Pursuit of Peace”. Hus Memorial — (United) 2808 Schaeffer dr. SW’. George B. McDill. S.S. 10:30. Serv. 9:30. “The Moment To Decide”. Eve. 7. Indian Creek — (Reformed) Iv.P. Hall, 1001 Old Marion rd. NE. Mark Pelt. S.S. ll. Serv. IO. Kenwood Park—(United) 327 35th st. NE. L. A. Chamberlain, Murry Haber. S.S. 9:30, ll. Serv. 9:30, ll. Knox—(United) 1525 Hollywood blvd. NE. Floyd J. Conroy. S.S. 9:30. Serv. 10:30. “Prelude to Prayer”. Eve. 7. “The Great Commandment”. Olivet—(United) 237 10th st. NW. Francis Roy King. S.S. 9:30. Serv. 8:30, ll. “Take Off Your Coat!” Westminster—(United) 1285 3rd ave. SE. Dr. John P. Woods. Wilson ave. SW. S.S. 8:45. Serv. 5.5. 9:30. Serv. 8, 9:30, ll. “Dis- j IO. Eve. 5. Wed. eve. 8. guised Power”.    N    e w Jerusalem C hurch of _God    in Christ—631 9th ave. SE. ii. Bassett. S.S. 10:30. Serv. 12. ! Eve. 8. Peoples Unitarian — 600 3rd Church of God Prophecy — 3211 Edgewood rd. SWT. Michael Boots. S.S. IO. Serv. ll. Eve. 7:30. Wed. 7:30. Covington—Rick Miller. S.S. 9:30. Serv. 10:30. Church of God — HOI Oakland rd. NE. A. R. Moslander. 5.5. 9:45. Serv. 10:45. Eve. 6. Eastview Church of Christ— Christian—601 Old Marion rd. NE Lawrence W. Merritt. S.S. 9:30. Serv. 10:30. Eve. 7. Wed. eve. 7. Ellis Park Church of God — 726 L ave. NW. John Little. 5.5. 9:30. Serv. 10:30. “V-I-C-T-O-R-Y: R Is for Ribbon Sunday”. Eve. 6. Wed. eve. 8. First Church of Chris t, Scientist — 1242 2nd ave. SE. S.S., serv. 10:30. “Unreality”. Wed. eve. 7:30. First Covenant—701 25th st. NE. James F. Lange, Dean Ford. S.S. 9:30. Serv. 10:45. “Christ’s Spring Cleaning”. Eve. 7. “The Trials of Jesus”. First Open Bible — 1911 E ave. NW. Neal B. Gail. S.S. 9:30. Serv. 10:30. Eve. 7:30. First Pentecostal Church — 860 Center Point rd. NE. James O. McCoy. S.S. 9-30. Serv. 10:30. Tues., Thurs. Eve. 7. Foursquare Gospel — 609 1st ave. SW. Lee Griffis. S.S. 9:30. Communion and serv. 10:45. B. L. Howse. Eve. 7. Wed. eve. 7:30. Fri. 1:30 p.m. Grace Brethren—2905 D ave. NE. Gilbert Gilgan. S.S. 9:30. Serv. 10:30. Eve. 7. Wed. 7:15. Interdenominational —3rd st. and 5th ave. SW. A. J. Stokes. 5.5. 9:45. Serv. 10:45. Eve. 6:30. Islamic Center—2999 1st ave. SW. S.S., serv. 11:30; prayer, 12. Friday prayer 12. Meth-Wick Chapel — 1224 13th st. NW. Donald Artman. Serv. 9. New Apostolic Church—2930 groups now operating.” Drinan. who is a Catholic 1 priest, said Thursday that only a complete repudiation of the Washington. Decorah Council Okays S.S. IO. a Day”. Lovely Lane -(United) 42nd and Wenig rd. NE. Don F intellec- ^Liple. Serv. ( 10:30. “Let the of the Union of American He- tuals were disproportionately ‘ ''sn(.    !>C?r . iv Fir brew Congregations, represent-,present in the international    ' ing more than 200.000 reform Communist party,” Drinan said. Consciously or otherwise, the In a separate telegram. Rabbi attorney general left the im-Mexander Schindler, president: pression that Jewish Pershing Rifles IOWA CITY - The University of Iowa Pershing Rifles Second death was due to asphyxiation plans to participate in the forth- II General Douglas MacArthur ,iam B* Saxbe in such a P°si' 'remarks will do because    of manual    pressure on coming polio vaccine field trial    died in    Walter    Reed hospital in t>°n of high responsibility.” “mncrinnclv m the throat    and    neck,    according on a parental-eonsent basis to the autopsy report. Duncan was intoxicated at the time, according to a stipulation between Bauch and Fairall, and confirmed by Duncan in court,    \Af ^ j.    rnri    c    Jevvs> asked the President to ob- Judge Hyland set the time for    **    w/wf vwWCl vOi/// UC/5 fajn a public apology from rreT^Le-sentenw'mvostica' DEC0RAH - Sewer ancome from special assessments, Sa*be °r force him to resign contracts totaling federal revenue sharing fundsl .Saxbe issued a statement last ;.0L°LaJUaUfl.ed,AS,e.nt„of thel $197,057.60 and a sanitary engi-and city bonds, according to’n'5,t attempting to clarify his neering study costing $10,000 Mayor Iverson. thp(^ere aPPfoved Friday by the    The    council    also approved Decorah city council.    $1,000    for hiring    an engineering has been held in lieu of $50 000    *    iaal    uppro\al of these cxpen-ifirm to fill out a large amount bond stnce    his "rrest    last Au-    (t',ures came    at a special coon-    of technical papers to be filed Dona since    nu arrest    last Au    j cjl mectjn?    ca||ed by Mayor    with ti* gova^t for federal It is the second plea    of guilty    Vern Iverson    Friday afternoon)funding of the sewage treatment to second    degree murder in    to hear the report of the sewer    project, three days in Tama county. On anduwater committee.    j The project is expected to cost Wednesday, Charles A. Engel    council    had postponed ac-1 more than $1 million and the 19 Gladbrook cled euiltv to the tion on the exPenditures to give council hopes that about 75 per-second degree^ murderai    “ft*    I*01 wil1 be Orally-financed, wife, Carol Fave, 23. at the OTHER CHURCHES Baha’i Conter—Tues. 8, 1810 Ridgewood terr. SE: Wed. 7:30, 2415 4th ave., Marion; Fri. 8, 2773 C st. SW, Apt. A. Bethany Congregational—1300 6th st. NW. Marv A. White. S.S. 8:45. Sen-. IO. "The Call of the Cross”. Cedar Hills Community Reformed — 49H0 Gordon ave. SW. Leon Aalberts. S.S. 9:45. Serv. 9, ll, “King for Sen. ll. "The Truth That Isn't I Misplaced”. Eve. 7. “The Seven Last Words of Christ”. Cedar Hills Evangelical Free — West Post rd. and Midway dr. NW. S.S. 9:30. Serv. 10:45. Eve. 7. Wed. eve., 7. Cedar Rapids Bible Chapel— 3412 Oakland rd. NE S.S. ll. Serv. ll. Eve. 7. Wed. 7:30. Cedar Rapids Friends Meeting — 9:30 a.m. Contact W. Ii. Haworth. 363-6567. Cedar Valley Bible Church — lave. SE. Walter E. Kellison. Serv. IO. Chris Raible. Salvation Army — 1123 3rd st. SE. Eugene Adney. S.S. 9:45. Serv. ll. Eve 7. Seventh-Day Adventist—42nd I. and Edgewood rd. NE. Siegfried Roeske. S.S. 9:30. Serv. ll. Seventh Day Church of God — (Meridan) 3336 Prairie dr. NE W. T. McMickin. School Sat. IO. Serv. 11:30. Temple Judah — 3221 Lindsay lane SE. Serv. 8 p.m. Except 1st Fri. of month, serv. 17:30 p.m. Unity Center—1015 2nd ave. i SE. Mabel K. Swanscn. Serv. ll. “The Blesed Way”. ave. SW. Paul Pfnltzgrnff. S.S. 9. Serv. 8, IO. “The Shout of Destiny”. Sharon — (United) 831 18th ave. SW. Everett K. Burham. S.S. 9, Serv. IO. St. James—(United) 1430 El- State Bureau of Adult Corrections. Duncan was returned to Marshall county jail, where he (remarks. At a news conference on Wednesday, Saxbe noted that couple’s home in Gladbrook. She died of a gunshot wound. Engel said in court he knew the ta ex,end ™niciFa! "a!f cm wa, tnaHf'H an,)    SCWer facilities into Mil bids and to make certain ade-: luate financing is available. The project is being launched and Minowa: Heights, a recently developed ll. of Iowa Student Wins Acting Honors Bill To Abolish Joint County Systems Passee! By William Eberline DES MOINES (AP) - County and joint county school districts providing special education ser- 30 YEARS AGO—Hit by flak and abandoned by its crew, a vices" to” local school" districts iterator bomber’flew 150 miles rn formation back toward its 3 gun was loaded and cocked, that he pointed it at Carol and    ,cl    .. discharged it. “It was not ac- residen,lal area 011 lhci s°l"hern cidental,” Engel said. would be abolished on July I,,.    .    . _ .    ,    , 1975, under a bill passed Friday    ba3e ‘n En,(;land af,er £ IOWA I IT1!    Cheryl pv jowa house. Rhoads, a sophomore at the ’instead, Iowa would have Regiment was named    top regi-ibs blvd    NW Stephen    Ii.    Root.    fd!fKan° Benedirt°'thomasSv! ment in the nation at    the Persh-    Fogie.    Dwight L.    Taylor. SS. ing Rifles recent    National    T \    n?■* i    10:50.    Serv. 9:45.    “The Peril ft iiinca icv-ciii    .xcinuiiai    j0jinson    ave %\v.    Loc    Roy Col- Spring Convention in Boulder, jins. SS.    9:45.    Serv.    ll.    “The Colo. David Boydston, a Gales-! Coronation". burg, 111., junior at the U. of I _ st- Paul's — (United) 1340 accepted the first place trophy [bird ay*-. SE. Arnold Herbst, . .V    „ . j. ^ v ' James H. Riegel, Warren S. for the group. Brigadier Gener- WobS.S. 9:30. ll. Communal of the Second Regiment, ion, 8:30.    Serv.    9:30,    ll.    “These Bovdston also received a na- Make for    Peace”. Shueyville — (United) Rt. 2. Leonard Showalter. S.S. 9:30. Serv. 10:30. Trinity — (United) 3rd ave. 5th st. SW. Ernest W. Larson. S.S. 9:30. Serv. 8:30, 10:45. “Hosanna in he Highest”. Eve. 7. “It’s Cool in the Furnace”. Union—(United) Ely rd Showalter. SS manencc of Love”. Eve. 7. "Getting the Outsider Inside” Wed. eve. 7:20. Central Church of C hrist — 1500 1st ave. NW. Penney F. Nichols. S.S. 10:45. Serv. 9:30. Eve. 6. Wed. 7. Christian and Missionary Alliance — 1622 42nd st. NE. S S. tional commanders award for his superior leadership abilities. sponsored by the National Assn. of Arts and Letters. University of Iowa, has been    area education agencies to deawarded first place in the IIH-    liver the special education ser- nois state competition for actors! vices* The bill, passed 84-4, would allow the special education agencies to work through bounce Western Springs, 111., stu-    daries established for area dent in speech and dramatic art community colleges. The contract    for construction    will now be eligible to compete    The services the area educa- a new pump house went    to    in the National Drama Career    tion agencies are designed to include special proof $9,618. Louis    Whitney, Inc.,    of    May 15-1/. Miss Rhoads re-    grams for children with mental Cedar Rapids was awarded the    ceived a $100 prize, as well as    or physical handicaps and outskirts of Decorah. The Lerdahl Construction Co. of Decorah was successful bidder for the largest item, installation of water and sewer lines at a total bid of $181,600.60. recent raid en Germany ami crashed IO miles short* bf its base. i rd 9. SW. IO. H OI : contract for installation of a the expense-paid trip to the national competition. NOTICE OF INCORPORATION OF PARK RIDGE DEVELOPMENT COMPANY NOTICE IS HEREBY GIVEN THAT: 1. A corporation numed Park Rdoe Development Company has bt-en or- s^ns^V^hSeP^'A1 ofndthe'code®of Berg, Inc., of Decorah on a bid competition in Washington. D.C., deliver Iowa. 2. The Date of the beginning of its corporate existence was March 13, 197-t, and the period of its duration is perpetual. 3. it shall have unlimited power to en gage in and to do any lawful act concerning any and all lawful business for which now numn on a hid of $5 8S9 corporations may be organized under    pump un d mu ut oo.oou. Chapter 496A 4. The aggregate number of shares which the corporation snail have author- wflfpr ty to issue is 950,000 shares o' common v,UtC1 stock, each with a par value of $1.00. 5. The address of its registered office is ll Glenbrook Drive, Southeast. Cedar' nCPfinP Rapids, Linn County, Iowa, and the name I    ® David ^Lubberafl*nt ^ such acc)ress is; Holland to clarify sections of 6. The name and address cf the initial director of ttve corporation as designated in its Articles of Incorporation is: David R Lubben, ll Glenbrook Drive, Southeast, Cedar Rapids, Linn County, Iowa. Dated this 4th day of April, 1974 Park P dqe Development Company Br. David R Lubben, President NOTICE OF PROBATE OF WILL, OF APPOINTMENT OF EXECUTOR, AND NOTICE TO CREDITORS Probate No. P884-0474 In the District Court of the State of Iowa In and for Linn County In the matter of the estate of JANETTE GIBSON HOWELL, Deceased. To all persons interested in the esta’e of Janette Gibson Howell, Deceased: You are hereby notified that on the 2nd day of April, 1974. the last will and testament of Janette G bson Howell, deceased, bearing date of the 8th day of April, 1971, was admitted to orobite ini the above named court and that Jeanne' Lorraine Howell was appointed executor of said estate Notice is further given that any action to set aside said wiP must be brough* in the district court of sa d county wi‘h -one year from the date of the fpcO'id publication of this notice, or thereafter bt forever barred Notice is further given that al! persons Indebted to xa’d estate ,-re re Quested re make Immediate payment to the under-! signed,    and    creditors    navinn    claim* against    said    estate shall    file them with I the clerk of    the above    named    district court, as provided bv law, duly authen’i cated, for allowance; and unfe *o f led within    six    mon’hs from the    second publication of this notice (unless omc’-wise allowed or pa d! such cia i thereafter be forever barred Dated this 2nd day of April, 1974, Jeanne Lorraine Executor of said Cedar Par’d Sargent, Spang'er, Hines and Penm Attorneys for said Executer C“dar Rapids, Iowa Date of second publication 13fh day of April, 1974. shal nm}} since Tuesday the sevver-committce had worked with the Mason City engi-firm of Wallace and a contract the city councilmen decided were too vague. After the committee cleared ip these matters Friday afternoon, the council voted to enter into contract with Wallace and Holland for a one-year study to cost $10,000. Decorah's present sewage treatment plant is inadequate for the amount of raw sewage that must he processed each year. Money for these projects will abr (Crbar Safiibs (Sazetlr Established in 1883 by Th- Gazette Co. and published daily and Sunday at 500 Third Ave. SE, Cedar Rapids, Iowa 52406. Second Class Postage paid at Cedar Rapids, Iowa. Subscription rates b/ carrier ll cents a week. By mail: Night edition and Sunday 6 issues $2 25 a month, $24 a year: Afternoon editions and Sunday 7 issues *2.50 a month, $25 a year, Other states and U.S territories $40 a year No mail subscriptions accepted In areas having Gazette carrier service. The Associated Press is entitled exclu slvely to the use tor republication of all the local news primed in this newspaper as well os al! AP news dispatches. J label learning disabilities of all kinds. The house attached to the bill numerous amendments designed to clarify small details before passing the measure and returning it to the senate. Cedar Rapids Emergency Numbers Ambulance......... 366-7654 FBI..........402/348-1210 Fire............... 398-5343 Highway Patrol .... 364-5171 After Hours  363-5629 Police............. 398-5353 Sheriff... _..........398-3521 Medical Society ....365-2527 (lf you hay• no physician) Foundation ll ....... 362-2174 (Cr.sn help, I p.rn.-midnight) (Clip and Corry in your billfold) NAZARENO First —3113 I st ave irdy J. Powers. SS. Serv. 10:45. Eve. 7 Wed. 7. Oakland—1515 29lh st. Crawford Howe. S.S. 9:45. Serv. 10:45. Eve. 7. Wed. 7’30. Trinity 1328 K st. SW. L. Hayes. S.S. 9:30. Seiv. Eve. 7. Wed 7. 9:30. Serv 10:45. David Beck-ne!l. Eve. 7. Wed. eve. 7. Peart* Christian Reformed — 6609 C ave. NP). Fail D. Dy-kerra. SS. 9:45. Serv. 10:45. “The King Is Conning”. Eve. 6. “Revelation: Chapter 20”. ' mirth of the Brethren — 1290 Second ave. SE Dr Wayne A. Storeman. S.S. 9:30. Serv. 10:50. Eve. 6. “Ixjve Feast”. Ministry of lie liveranre Church 1510 2nd st. SW. H. G. Kurth. F. R. Davidson. S.S. 9:45. Serv. 10:45. Eve. 7. INSURANCE SHOPPING? For a wide »«lection of insuranco service*, see your local Independent Insurance Agent, Henry Wltwer. He writes for a number of companies and that gives you a choice. For auto, homeowners, commericial, farm and other kinds of insurance, let an Independent Agent do your shopping for you. WITWER INSURANCE 701 MNB Phone 362-3030 NOTICE OF DISSOLUTION OF STRANG'S, INCODPOr?ATfO Notice Is hereby given that Strang's, Incorporated, an Iowa corporation was dissolved on January I, 1974 and that notice therof is hereby aiven in accordance with Section 491 23 of the Code of Iowa of 1973. Pobert C. S’rang President Mary E. Strang ; ;

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