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Cedar Rapids Gazette (Newspaper) - April 6, 1974, Cedar Rapids, Iowa , ,    - my fir.. *. 'Black Hand’ Isn’t Typical Black Film The Cedar Rapids Gazette: Sat., April 6, 1974 “Five on the Block Hand Side ’, with Leonard Jackson, Clarice Taylor and Glynn Turman. A United Artists release. At the Paramount theater. Hollywood rating — PG: Parental guidance suggested. By Mike Deijpree Remember those formula movies of the 40s, the comedy-dramas where things get a little sticky for a while, but everything comes out okay in the end*’ Well, change the setting to Watts and switch an all-black cast for the all-white cast, and you’ve got “Five on the Black Hand Side’’. leonard Jackson plays John Henry Brooks, a domineering male chauvinist who heads up a family that’s about 20 years ahead of hun. Take Sides Mrs. Brooks (Clarice Taylor), with the help of her son and some neighbors, launches a women's liberation counter-attack, and the family takes sides. The clash between the old and new threatens to mar the wedding of daughter Gail, as pickets march in front of the Brooks home and Dad refuses to even look at his wife s list of non negotiable demands. What follows isn t exactly a surprise, but it wasn't intended to be. It’s a standard tale, with a little humor (not enough) and a few words of wisdom (too Jackson Dead NEW VORK (AP) -Lawrence Jackson, 53, who tap danced as Baby Laurence with top jazz instrumentalists since the 19411s. died earlier this week Jackson, who began his career al age ll, worked with the bands of Duke Ellington, Woody Herman and Count Baste many), obviously aimed at a black audience. It s overly long and poorly edited, but there are some redeeming aspects. Jackson’s performance is one, as is Ja’Net Dubois’ small role as Stormy Monday, the neighborhood’s liberated woman. Ctovincing, Smooth If anything holds the film together, though, ifs Glynn Turman’s performance as Gideon. He’s convincing and smooth as the youngest son, living on the roof because of his philosophical differences with his father and heading up his mother s quasi-military fight for equal rights. And despite its shortcomings, the film is a welcome change from the sex-violence themes that have dominated “black films’’ in recent years. Personal Glimpses of Nixon Russian Press Criticizes West’s European Troop Cut Proposals WASHINGTON (AP) - If your door squeaks, you oil it. Unless you’re the President, in which case your lawyer gets written reports. This and other insights to the private side of presidential life are contained in a 994-page congressional staff report on President Nixon’s income taxes. The saga of the squeak and the accompanying problem of the pantry were discussed in a letter to Nixon’s personal lawyer, Herbert Kalmbach. from a contracting firm that did a lot of work at the President’s San Clemente, Calif., estate The letter, reproduced in the congressional document, said in part: Door Squeaked “During the dinner party for the Hopes, Fords and Arnold Palmer, the swinging door squeaked between the dining room and the pantry. Also, the light in the pantry was so bright it destroyed the candlelight atmosphere. The door was oiled and doesn’t squeak anymore but the light is still a problem. It could be fixed by putting it on a separate switch.’’ The contracting firm was paid $1,706 during 1971 for a variety of items, but the report doesn’t say whether a separate switch for the pantry light was among them At about the same time, the firm. The Sturtevant Corp., also was involved in the installation of an exhaust fan in the chimney of a fireplace at San ( iemente. That episode began with a note from Kalmbach observing: “Mr Rebo/o says the President feels the fireplace in the library doesn't draw too ‘Fantastic Planet’ Uncommon Animated Science Fiction Tale Fantastic Planet directed by Rene I aloux from a screenplay by Roland Topor and Rene Laloux. At the Plaza theater Hollywood rating: PG — Parental Guidance suggested By Douglas Brach “Fantastic Planet’’ is an animated science-fiction tale unlike anything most American audiences will have seen before. Virtually the only animated features being produced in this country are the Disney pictures and the X-rated cartoons like “Fritz the Cat”. The style of “Fantastic Planet has nothing in common with either The Oms, who are apparently Caucasian human beings, look like the\ Theater Time for Saturday PARAMOUNT - “Five on the Black Hand Side’’ — 2, 3 55. 5 50, 7 45. 9 40 IOWA - “Night Watch'’ -I 45. 3 45, 5 45. 7 45, 9 45 WORLD — “The Sting” — I 50, 4 15, ti 55, 9:30; shorts — 1 30, 3:55, ti 30, 9 05. TIMES — “The Las? Detail” — I 40. 3:30. 5 30. 7:25, 9:25; shorts — I 30, 3:20. 5 15, 7 15, 9 IO. PLAZA — 'Fantastic Planet” — 2. 3 30. 5. 6 30. 8, 9 25 STAGE I — “American Graffiti” — 2 35. 4 40, 7 45. 9 50 STAGE 2 — "Blazing Saddles” — 2 40. 4 35. 7 40. 9 35 STAGE 3 - “The Three Musketeers” — 2:40, 4 45, 7 40, 9 45 STAGE 4 — “Serpico” — 2 30. 4 55, 7 30. 9 55 EA STOW N I - “The Exorcist" — I 30. 3 45. ti. 8 15. IO 30 EASTOWN 2 - “The Exorcist’’ — 2:45, 5, 7 15. 9 30. ll 35 Trophy Lounge present* every Kri A Sat "k \> Mr SIS H Street S W MARION — Features at ll. I. 3. 5. 7, 9. ll COLLINS -- “Charley Carrick” — S. “High Plains Drifter — IO; “The Grissom Gang” — ll 50 TWIXT TOWN - “The Demon Lover” — 8, “The V elvet Vampire” — 9 35; “The Devil s Nightmare” — ll IO; “In the Devil s Garden” — 12 40 TWIN WEST - “Heavy Traffic” — 8:20; “Sisters” — IO; “A Shot in the Dark” — 11 35. TWIN EAST - “1.001 Danish Delights ’ — 8 35; “Don’t Just Las There” — 10:20; "Come One, Come All” - ll 55 Every Sot. 5 30-9 p.m. BEEFEATERS BUFFET $2.95 per person Children under IO, $1.99 Road Round of Beet, B««f Stroganoff, Sa*od», Reluhe*, Dottels Grant Wood Kitchen ROOSEVELT MOTOR HOTEL CHW RAPIDS, IOT \ ADJACENT GUEST PAR.KJjjG /* rn fill ilia WWW sprang from Michelangelo’s sketch pad rather than the pen of a cartoon animator. Surrealistic Plants Along with a race of much larger blue humanoids called Draags, the Oms inhabit a planet covered with surrealistic plants, animals and structures that might have been created by Salvador Dali If all this sounds rather arty, it is. And that raises the question of what kind of audience would want to see this film Produced mostly in Czechoslovakia with some French assistance. “Fantastic Planet” is largely an art film. That means simply that its main appeal will be to those who normally admire the imagination and artistry of foreign films Just because it’s animated doesn't mean it s for kids A good deal of the dialog and philosophy will go over the heads of all but the most mature children And the sight of human-looking Oms being stomped to death like ants by Draags is definitely not for pre-schoolers. \re Human The story suggests —but never says flatly —that the Oma are human. We learn from the Draags that Oms were) brought from a planet called Terra.which you scholars will know is the Latin for Earth. Oms had a considerable civilization there, but apparently destroyed it in some kind of war before the Draags arrived Draags keep a number of domestic Oms for their children, who treat them as a cross between pets and toys But a large number of un- Friday & Saturday SKIP DYER DAVE DeMOSS STEVE BARBER domesticated or “savage” Oms run wild, stealing food and creating a problem roughly comparable to mice for the Draags. Consequently, the Draags conduct periodic extermination drives against the wild Oms. This might have gone on indefinitely, but one of the domestic Oms happens to gain access to a Draag learning device. Shift Power When this Oms steals the device and joins the wild Oms, the Draag knowledge enables them to shift the balance of power. For those interested in seeing the movie, I II leave the ending in obscurity except to say that it s surprisingly quick and, for me, unsatisfying. But as I suggested before, “Fantastic Planet” isn t a movie where plot is of prime importance. Its interest lies mostly in unusual animation arid imaginative episodes and details. 9-1:30 A.M. Len's 88 Club 88 16th Ave. SW NOON TO 10 P.M. ooss?: : MOTOS HOTS Convenient parking in our ramp DOWNTOWN c’mon! we’re goin’ out Ie JERRY i* PALO, IOWA “Drills and - Dills” XXXX I I Hit) co well — there is smoke in the room.” Wind Conditions The Sturtevant firm diagnosed the trouble as coming when wind conditions caused a downdraft. The fan was installed, but the General Services Administration wouldn’t pay the bill until the secret service was prevailed upon to insist on the fan for security reasons. A memo from Kalmbach s secretary. Marilyn Parent, to Warren Sturtevant told how the Secret Service was convinced “Ken Iacovone informed me that SS would pay for the installation of the fireplace fan after I informed him that it definitely was placed for security purposes and how would he like it if you-know-who was asphyxiated ever because there was a certain wind condition which caused the draft to come downwards and cause the smoke to come into the room. He finally agreed with me.” MOSCOW (AP) — A leading Soviet newspaper critized Western proposals at the European force reduction talks    in Vienna    as “amorphous,” but it did not reject them. The    commentary    in Sovietskaya Rossiya seemed to leave ground for compromise between the force reduction plans put forward by East and West at V ienna, and it may have been intended to revive the dormant talks. The Western countries have proposed two stages of force cuts. The first would involve only Soviet and American forces in central Europe, trimming each by 15 percent. This would require the removal of about 29.090 Americans and 69.000 Russians. In the second stage there would be reductions of about ll) DOORS OPEN I OO 1 30 3 45 6 CO 8 15 iO 30 WWAM m BLAJTY'S IHE EXORCIST ^WILHAM FRIEDKIN ELLEN BURSTYN LEE J COBB JASON MILLER LINDA BLAIR WINNER OF 2 ACADEMY AWARDS INCLUDING BEST SOUND AND SCREEN PLAY z / I FTT J nj GB I ■SB, EMIT ii NOW OPEN FOR THE SEASON ★ This Week * THE BANK Olympia ON TAP presents. the “SUGAR” * e Emergency ROOM 4850 1st Af* JU. NEXT WEEK: “STAR DRIVER” Featuring the former lead singer from “Chariot” percent in the troops of the North Atlantic Treaty Organization and 20 percent in those of the Warsaw Pact countries. The goal of the Western plan is 700,000 men on each side. At present the Warsaw Pact has about 925,000 men against 770,INK) for NATO. The commentary criticized the plan on three counts: SUNDAY FAMILY BUFFET 11:45 to 2 and 5 to 8 p.m. $2.75 per person Children under IO, $1 95 Fned Country Chicken, Swim Steok, Boked Ham, Chow Mein, Vegetable,, choice of Salad, ond De,iert. Grant Wood Kitchen ROOSEVELT MOTOR HOTEL Adjacent Goes* Parking It lacks a specific time table for carrying out the reductions. It speaks only of an unequal reduction of U.S. and Soviet ground forces, promising to look at over-all NATO reductions in a second stage whose timetable is not clear It ignores reduction of airforces and troops with nuclear weapons. Here’s that great group it ii Mom Sat. April 6 Coming— Fourth Estate lf Stance Mer SWISHER ★ tonight sat, ★ COLLINS ROAD ?hiaVm •    *    MILE    CAST    OF    CtNT£R    TOmTilQAtt:    ^J TEL. 393-4405 No. I CRIME DRAMA! HUWER MATTHAU PROGRAM RATED R 3 COLOR GIANTS! OPEN 7:30 TWIN EAST 6300 OIH STRI 3 X RATED COLOR SHOCKS! In 1Vrror1,:ii| Color OPEN 7:30 ★TONIGHT (SAT.)* TUflll WECT DRIVE-IN I VV 111 WCO Ii THEATRE ‘*;^6300T 6TH STREI No. I MORE SPICt IRON IHI MAKERS Of FRITZ THI CAT «' No. 3 LATE SHOW A SHOT IN THE DARK R COLOR FIR DRIVE-IN SIAMESE TWINS AT BIRTH What the Devil hath joined together let no man cut asunder' COLOR Ai V \ Mg v> 5 “ rk fv., k «L'\ :«§£ vlijfc ;a,P Mmm T...1 v ^ IP /■ r f I 2ND BIG HIT - “INDECENT” LATE SHOWS fRI & SAT, ll :00 p.m. DAILY -11-1-3-5-7-9 752 iOth St. PHONE 377-1482 MARION ADUL1 FIVE ON THE rt- BLACKBAND SIDE Now! Open Dotty at 1:15 JACK NICHOLSON THE LAST DETAIL Nowt Ends THwr*. Al PACINO In ‘SERPICO Color V. .V.V.V.V ;

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