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Cedar Rapids Evening Gazette, The (Newspaper) - September 24, 1888, Cedar Rapids, IowaScents. Oazy Tab allows no item of importance get away. Alwayn first in the held. The Gazette 3 cents. Contains All the news. You can get part of the same in morning papers for 5 cents. Vol. 6-no. 227 Cepale rapids Iowa monday september 24, 1888. Price 3 cents a fall overcoat is As necessary to a Man s wardrobe As a heavier coat. We have an elegant assortment at 9.00, and 10.00, up to the very finest made. If you want a heavy overcoat we have a Complete line to show you. In suits we have All the latest and at arc shown Only by the merchant tailor and will guarantee As Good a fit and equally As Well made at halt the Price. In our lower priced suits we have the Best bargains we have Ever shown. Men s heavy suits Well made at a full line of suits at and scurvy diplomacy. China indignant at the careless Way in which her government is Dis regarded. We will save you at least one Dollar in a single pair. Heavy Wool Hose 10 cents. Genuine British Hose three pairs for 25 cents food underwear 20 cents. Tie Best value in underwear Ever shown at 50 cents. Heavy ribbed underwear at two dollars a suit tie same As was sold last season at seven dollars. The Golden Eagle one prick clothing House. C. E. Fawcett a Sekal machinist the inside history of the diplomatic action which resulted in the treaty rejection. A Quarter of a million is the damage done a Railroad by the late floods. Prize fight to the finish sure mysterious London murders Etc. Machiner and Machi shafting. Hangers pulleys Shoih new and Soconis Milind engines in Stock. His in engines 68 and 67 South second St., Cedar rapids. Diplomatic talk. New Youk supt. Washington Spe Cial to Tiiu the rejection of the chinese exclusion treaty by tin1 Pekin govern ment ranch is also thu but of Congress by the president of the thirteenth i Stuut prohibit Tim the coming of chinese labourers the tinted slates. Unless tin president the Scott exclusion Hill the old order of things must continue indefinitely. It has own Tilli Chi Al Htit amendments by the semite to the treaty As proposed by the administration Are objectionable. They lire not and the chinese minister said so in u letter to the Secretary of state last a Cir. Had it been for these amending its the chinese minister would have Hist Spring they wore cabled at once to Pekin but formality required unit they f humid tic acted upon office Feliy by the fount1 in of pm peril jux overment. On the fourth of september the minister was Lvii cd Ulm tie Stitt exclusion Bill passed the House unanimously und the prob Iliili by was that it. Would likewise pass the Senate a synopsis of the Bill Cuil Llu venous alleged for in ail option were to 1 Ekin. The Tenor of the other Bill Hail also been cabled the operation of which was Maile Onditi Siml on the ratification of the treaty. Neither the minister nor i government could Umler sly jul the Enuse for this unexpected act of the Ink in for i Liin flue was dumbfounded As tie Ini Nimett understood that the. United states government and disown were in ii econ with the object it was desired to obtain. On sept. 7 the Seidule with Only three dissenting Votos agreed to the Bill us it passed the House. Tending the motion to reconsider this vote Iii it ii Tion until the 17th of september. Immediately the Steps were taken to enrol it and the facts showing that the was new Mccull were enabled to 1 Ekin u i alleged that the Polit ical purpose of the Hill was fully explained find the circumstances under which it was drawn up and rushed the nigh the House was known in i skin. Hud action mopped there it wild not have had a i f ill Neoliee. Tut when it tinally known 1 Lai the Senate had Pasard it without amendment the Council decreed the rejection of tic to feisty because after such an net no self respecting nation would ratify a 1.renty, the implicit provisions of which had been by this. Act of one of tie High Roii treating turtles. It Cun be said of the highest authority that until this happened there was no thought of rejecting the treaty for the Alec act made Lina until Pekin vhf advised that the Senate Eon eur i ence in this Bill was h vol recall. The serious of lies .10u is now whether the president in View of till the fact. Will approve the Bill. If lie not then tin whole question of Chi i see migration the return of those churning to me Nejiu Steij with Curti Liettie. Of inde Ntim still be open. If he approves the nil he will further justify the complaint if the chinese government that it is not a Friendly net. The More so because Vita recently Lif Liing while relations were in diminish ii passed n Bill to Curry into of vict the provisions this treaty the approval of which Only asked but the Leuis uti Dii referred to wus a to inlay in full in just of the Ruth cation of that Truitt by Chinn. Fall overcoats and liw Ivy suits arc our specialities. Cold weather coining and everyone wanting my Winter clothing Mivec should consult Andew a Lunk fast artistic tailors. Fruit jars Kix vol milers and a scr cooking crocks t7, no. 42 first Avenue. Try us when you want upholstering done in a strictly first class manner. Turner Mcdougall no. 50 first Avenue. Mexican floods. Jitu of Mexico Siept. Titre Lilc Sannu u cock in lilt Silil 1 in Tii sctt Itic i Iii of the mexican Viu Tisi rail ii. Tin1 no airy in the Liciu Thih of . Tho Roi Iii an Iron Iliiiutv-livi1 Foet and too fact i to tar rent i lir Yini liar inc Liu Uuk in Mill pushed them tin1 u lir lilt Newny two or Ihne and 151 feet of tin Bridge. Hot Ivy liquids titles occurred it. A timbres covering Nihil the Many passengers and Inheh freight is detained at vent Crux. The i ingot be resumed for several weeks. Loss i estimated at a fight to the finish. Fokken duk., sept. Ruins a 2 o clock a prize Light occurred in Frank Church s barn in thin City wheel ised the dentil of go. A full jumps u my of Winnipeg. Fulljames came Hen to find someone to him. He is Well i Crown Ninner the sports of the Northwest lid was us n lighter or Cousin Dora he skill. He found 11 Man on the Fet Reet to Light to u Linash. Irent secrecy prevailed und Only a chosen few were invited. Formed a and churned to see fun. The proved a Formida ble competitor unil Fnu Glit forcibly for Jonie time t Lill Jimines received n heavy blow the Temple and another Over heart which sent him to his Corner and he never recovered. He Lay in the barn several hours without medical Aid. About 7 o clock or. Irwin was summoned Ami the Milliner was removed different quarters irad Nally he grew worse und died at 4 clock. The police had frent difficulty in learning who was there and arrested a mini who gave the name of Barrett on a charge of being the unknown who guv the fatal blow. Barrett maintained his innocence but wus put in the lock up with a Lulf Doz i other prisoners. This afternoon some out from the outside broke the lock and allowed the whole gang to escape. Where Barrett now remains a invite re. Apparently absurd finds supporters for any of Luton of the murder mystery is eagerly Ciuc a upon. An old Captain dead. St. A. R. Williams or thirty live year Engineer Aud Captain of steamboats on the Mississippi River died Here Oday aged 73. The calf Case settled. Waterloo la., sept. Jury in be historic calf ease after remaining out Harty sex hours returned a verdict saturday ight for plaintiff Johnson awarding him damages and ordering the def Dauts old men who alone fire left of he fifty eight members of. The Loues county Nti horse thief pay the court osts. It is understood that the defense will of Appeal and that this Case which for our teen years occupied the attention of the Whitechapel mystery. London sept. Home. So cretan Matthews still buffers from the Whitee Hape murders for his lieutenants the Deu calves though turned by the hundreds into the District have discovered nothing. The Publ is furious and the press still clamor for Thi Secretary s dismissal. As the Telegram a very powerful paper leads the attack it i thought that something May come of it am even if Matthews remains sir Charles Warren the next in responsibility to him will i changed to some other Field of labor. Al though no fresh murder has been committed for two weeks the usually forgetful Public is still tremendously excited in consequence 01 horrible details made known fat the inquest the fact that in each murder a certain portion of a woman s body always the same a missing and that it had been removed Evi Dently by one skilled in surgery proves that the murderer whether sane or a madman killed for some definite purpose and also proved him to be h Man of education and consequently Well adapted to escape police vigilance. The fact that thu biggest Londo Hospital attended by scores of medical san dents is right near the scene of the reorders has aroused suspicions very uncomfortable the students As a body but which the poll have not in any Way acted upon. The theory has been advanced that the murderer was act ing in the interests of some of the no Microu queer Ruji Glottis sects known to exist in the cast end of London the idea being that m might need in its rites part of the human body. This theory thong Jacksonville reports Many new cases but few Memphis closely guarded. Congress among other important Bills supreme settled. And minor courts is finally a generous donation. , sept. In proportion it his Means will go on record As the most generous donation to the yellow fever suffer is is that of Horace Davenport the propel Tor of a prosperous Boot Lucking stand on South Side near the Board of Trude and has a number of assistants Ull of whom re kept Busy pretty much All the Day. Act ated by a desire to assist in the Relief of the Trie Keu Southern sufferers he has announced iat the Gross receipts of his stand from Moil a morning september 24, to the saturday pc plug following will be Given to help the fund for Charity. How Harrison will spend the time. , ind., sept. Tiar Sou passed a Day of comparative quiet As o Large visiting delegations called. Tie air having closed the streets of the City have resumed their Normal appearance. During the present week general Hairlson receive Luuy delegations from Ohio and Llano is. Saturday will be Given up to visitors from a Bigaud Illinois. Among the prominent that Are expected arc the John Logan club of Cleveland the Logan club f Lasaile Illinois the Vermun am Riean Lull of Chicago and the students club of Onnal Iii inhuman cruelty. Halifax sept. A Story of horrible re Talty comes from the Malaga mines. A named Selig went to a dentist to have liar Tell Teeth extracted. The doctor put her under the in Lunce of Ether but by the time Ehud drawn three Teeth she recovered conscious a is and told him to desist. Lie re used and went on extracting her Teeth while woman was held Down by her husband. Utor the whole thirteen had been pulled out in woman became insensible and died two mrs later. Secretary of the society for the prevention of cruelty who has been investigating the affair brought with him to this to one of the extracted Teeth to which is it iced a piece of gum nearly two inches in Eiith. Fighting fire. Bissia Kok Dakota. Sept. Ii is liuvi1 been racing on both sides f the Missouri Anil along tile Little Missouri in several Unis und the damage is already cry great. An unknown Man lighting lire i North Burl Clugh county lost his life Unnur Strauss who lives a few Miles nit of the City to turn it lire break around his Arm but the Llames got. Beyond control and i fore they were checked they consumed forty ivc of Oats and a Large amount of other stacked up to his neighbor a Armor named Joseph Seitrich. The tire limed Over the entire Southern port Loti of Tim Plimell county and the wind being in the Southeast Day brought the claims into the of la Grace the county scat. Xea Riv very resilient was out All Shiv lighting the amen and but for extreme Effort tin damage would have been immense. Wants new Youk sept. John m. Lehi Nunke a Young a Hymein in Good Ireum i Tancos wants from Henry Housken for Arielm Ting at action f mrs. Schminke. Ten Days Ngo or. Schminky intercepted three letters from or. Heyer to mrs. Schminky. Hie letter con Al cd numerous expressions of endearment did copious quotations from Jotic ind Lelanc. The subject matter of the sch actions roil Heine or. Schminke considered Indeli two Days later he found two of his wife s notes which expressed her desire to or Meyer and contained a of compromising German poetry. He engaged n Friend to observe mrs. Schminke s behaviour at a summer hotel on the Jersey coast. The Friend saw or. Meyer and a yrs. Schminke cat walk Aud drive together and drink Large quantities of a liquor which it describes legally As an Ambrosch col ored froth liquid that looked like Beer. Or. Schminke will not sue his wife for divorce beaten out of a Beer Bill cauhoi.i., la., sept. 24. Carroll District court Here before judge Macomb r. R. Grote of Omaha formerly of Des Moines. Sued j. Schmidt for the sum of who this being the balance due for Milwaukee Beer which Schmidt had bought of it Rote in Issei. Schmidt defended on the ground that the Beer sold in violation of the prohibitory Liuva Anil asked judgement for the Money Paul on he Beer Bill wrote tailing Tombow n permit from the Board of supervisors the judge ordered a verdict for Schmidt for the Money said amounting to during the trial Grote s attorneys offered an amendment setting up the original package defence claiming that the Beer was sold Schmidt in the same packages in which it was of hopped from Milwaukee but the court refused to Grant the amendment on the ground that having alleged in his petition that he sold the Beer under his permit he could his ground of action by the amendment without abandoning the claim that the Sale was Legal under the permit which he refused to do. The Case has excited considerable comment. Orote will Appeal. Bronze John. Progress made during the past Day by yellow fever South. The thinks of offering Reward. Huge a Chicago. Man while in maniac moods attempt the murder of his Mother. Bronze John. Mov Roomey sept. Quaran Tine established Friday by this City against ire Euville. Ala., was removed this morning to being certain that there is no real cause for its re Tunston at Jacksonville. Jacksonville fla., sept. Inoru ing was Clou ily Aud rain Hafi been falling making the weather disagreeable. The Situa Tion is practically unchanged. A sports up to Noou show forty nine new cases morn than two thirds of which Are coloured people. Five deaths Are reported for the past eighteen hours. Business is Cut or by local i Narau tone throughout tile state. More than half f the stores i ave been closed a d the others ire doing but let Ali business. The Railroad business is very Small and tin boat lines on the River Point have All stopped. Memi Ullh jul Attar time asks duh. Memphis sept. Meeting of the joint committee of the Cotton und merchant s and the dry authorities was held today at noon. The strict quarantine Regula which have been enforced since Satur Day were amended by the adoption 01 the following unsolved that passes be issued upon the cer delicate of the president of the taxing District or the president of the Hoard of health to persons to come in and out of the cite who live in tin City or Vicinity and who will not pro to any infected District. That this authority will also cover All cases of people desiring to bring in produce or carry out sup plies in wagons or other vehicles. Ii solved that any person or persons who c at present at quarantine stations shall be per Miuca to conn1 to the City upon permits issued by taxing District authorities when satisfactory evidence is shown that Thev have not been in any infected Dos Lrichs. The local military companies reported for duty today und the latter win be assigned to into As pickets on the Dii strict Road. Tin1 if Ocial announcement states thai the cite is remarkably healthy and that there has been no yellow fever in the Vida ill since 7l1. No tasks Memphis the latest from dec Attar Ala Bama received today is to the effect that no new cases have developed since Vest Ruay noon and no deaths have occurred. Congressional. , sept. Motion of Hontas of Wisconsin a Hill was passed authorising the construction of a Bridge across the Mississippi River at , wis. A Bate. The committee on Public lands reported a Bill allowing any person who has abandoned or relinquished a Homestead entry before the expiration of the requisite six months to malic another entry not exceeding a Quarter a Section of land. Passed. Among Tom Bills introduced and referred the following to prohibit the immigration of chinese labourers of Crins a Reward three boys drowned. St. Johns n. B., sept. Boys were drowned off Dalhousie saturday a Light by tie upsetting of their boat. Their bodies have been recovered. A Eunich Well Hung. Constantinople sept. Eunich 111 the Sultan s Palace was hanged today for killing a Comrade. The chief Eunich and eight other eur Luehs have been exiled for hav ing neglected to Weir duties the River improvements. New Yolk sept. Mississippi River commission resumed its Lahore today with b. Comstock presiding. The meet lug so far has he ii devoted to the discussion of the most judicious distribution of the appropriation of for the improve ments and for surveys granted by the present Congress. He needs help. sept. Secretary Thompson received a Telegram from the col Lector of. Customs at Rio Grande City Texas say lip that u number of mexicans came into the City sunday morning and demanded the surrender of the customs Olliver who in the discharge of his duties bail killed a mexican. A Light took place Aud the authorities became alarmed. The collector therefor asks for assistance in Sil presting the outbreak. Tin Secretary asked for further information before inking decisive action. Confident of favourable results. St. Pai-i., miliu., sept. Special from lower Brule Agency says delegations of chiefs have been arriving at the Agency for the past two or three Days hut the contemplated conference was adjourned until monday. About forty of the representative chiefs Are it event and several More will arrive tonight. The entire question of opening the reservation under the provisions of the Sioux Bill hinges upon the result of the con Ference to be held facts now prove beyond n question that the entire opposition to the Bill has been instigated by the in Dian defense association As letters from its a flies is to the chiefs have been secured. The Are urged to reject the Bill. The Helix or the eos Klerence u ill re in t favourably to Thev circular. Mixes la., sept. Chicano Lurli Ulun Olliney Ollie als Here Are milk ing u vigorous search to discover the author of tin bogus circular Anno Utu i i the reduction in tie have secured i copy of it and Are the different printing illicit to find out where it was printed. It has the Sanie Alai k letter Type and Arra nire intent of a is Ned in tie Olli Cial circulars of the ii Inphany but differs from the genuine in having no miniature or Date. But the Are a Complete Ami regu Lar As if by the company itself. The primers say that Omaha and City Are the Only two cities of Chi Ramiro that use the Peculiar kind of Type which it is printed and i i believed to have been printed in of the three Titis. Tills is the Cir Cular which ii made All the Laic trouble among the cd marked the minors of a strike. A Young embezzler sentenced. La sept. Truck in i her of Chillicothe mo., accused of steal ing a Lull from the l uite-1 states express company last november was declared guilty and sentenced to two years in the state Penitentiary. Frueke Niiler took the Money to support a mistress known us mrs. Kenneth of Chicago but was run Down by the Ollie ers at the borne of his parents in Chillicothe soon after his disappearance and on Promise of the detective that he would not he prosecuted if the Money a. Refunded his father secured and paid the balance due the express com Pany. True Kenmille s relatives Are Promin ent and highly respected people. Mis Uncle Tate senator Hunter of Illinois made an eloquent Pica for his Nephew but the Evi f. C. Olmsted opens the fall Campaign of 1888 by offering in the departments of clothing furnishings and rare bargains Beautiful designs in Melton Kersey and Tweed fall overcoats. Men s Good business suits Oung men s handsome three Button cutaway frock suits the i nest line of Cheviot sack suits in the City. To our boys and children department we invite the attention of mothers. Specialities in furnishings. Dunlap hats. Elegant neckwear Campaign ties. To the wearers of Fine custom clothing we would suggest an our depart ment of tailoring. Having Given this Branch our Especial attention we feel assured of pleasing remember the earliest select on in this line is the Best. F. A Olmsted nos. 22 and South Secoll Stiver of u Liui Idi i d thousand dollars to Ustiy person j a Kmart wus Ili Tiu peso it Iund tic or persons Sliu discover the Cir a t Light Huteik i Irivin proves Tho input Ratini Nini Druid of yellow to vat r. Foj Ivnel the my in Tui in with Tho two Lauror Iniel it Mir Whilo yet unavailing to John Gates son the leading shoe House. O j go 0 0 in o o t 3 o co it d. C t is Nix St into a u if rim from Memphis trn tlit1 of tin yell my fun Var it Uoch Iligir mass to llit1 him Mph a d inter Nirso in.1 twi in Culm und Florida Duranti Lii past two unit Ulii Mimi Strau d Llu oct Selir of i Jet Lect Fivus Iii or and if ii of u nation Al of Haltli to tin of i Muht on funds rvs Cru i for tin use of tin clip Pacwa Indiana in Wisconsin Iii it Fota of Lois in St a Tirgary Slu noun s Resolution heretofore1 Titi Mart for inquiry As to the retaliation Lute Len the us Heil and great air Lluu and c aim Ila wus Laid Over until the Sctiro Hill to the. Unit a stub s Cut Utthi funds granted to the Northern Palm. Ral Ruad i on puny wus taken up und plumb air Secedi k to is Tho Senate in favor of its passage. A son s crime. Chicago sit. Johnson Al most noun Leittl his Mother this fug and afterwards to take hit life. Johnson lives at Sites la sulk Street Aud for i been off his head it unit s violent. Morning while Liis Inot Lite to years was in the Kitchen lit1 to tub Liml her in uie tin out h had left her for dead. She want soon disco voted by the faintly urn the police for. Witters for Johnron und found him in the woodshed Hunting to a beam. He was Cut Lown and taken to Lake town Hall where he when Johnson returned to he denied to lose his dementia. But when Hiltl of his awful deed he could re Inezl or nothing of it. Declare that mrs. Johnson cannot live. Johnson is. Old and was formerly employed in Tho Rock Island ear shops. O our kid Goat. 1-3 Tatj 50 go the gossip of Paris. London sept. Is still n very big Man bigger in fast than Ever. Frenchmen Tell you that be is a charlatan Etc., and that they do not respect him but they vote for him which is More important. Now that he bus disappeared and neither Speaks or writes hundreds of thousands of franc Wincn during their Leisure wonder where he can be Aud what he is up to. One theory is that he ban Yone into a monastery to rest and to gain religious support. Renter s Agency easily gulled has been publishing telegraphic reports of the general s move ments in places in which he bus never been seen. The mystery of his exact whereabouts remains unsolved. I am inclined to put Faith in a statement made to me by a prominent general Aud one of Boulanger s intimate friends. My informant declares that the Gen eral is never very far from Paris hut that he believes in strict seclusion and sees Only a half dozen of his most tried Counselor. The French were very much elated about the military Maneu vers just completed and it appears they had a right to. Our minister in Paris or. Mcline the Maneu vers All through dined at the mess Rode hours in the broiling Sun and came Back with n great respect for French eol diem. He declares that in quickness of movement they were really marvelous infinitely Superior to the Germani and he vowed that they carried such enor Mous loads in the Way of cooking utensils Etc., As to make up a charge for difference to weight Between themselves and the germans. Or. A Clauc by he Way is the sort of Man to represent America. He travels about a in a White stovepipe hit and princes do not do it. He watches that interest America Tau acts and dresses like an american and. His friends arc americana7, and be actually knows foe american Colony Shiv Clinin from conviction. Recruiting the dives. , Esq it. Dive keeper of Noi Plieni Wisconsin Are already talk in annual ii Vass of Chicago for the Pur of Romi Iligir Youni i girls for to Cir lives in the Backwoods. Ali five was i Check upon j rite dives last Winter own Iii to Iov. Husk s against Ulici i but the Impi editions Muthey will in full blast this season everal Well known keepers of the infamous Ous Shavo been seen in the City of used to run a notorious i sort. Near Lui u a was in town. Edward re lev Ali or dance -huusi1 Nezir Iron mount Iii re vol d Lack Leahy s Marquette dive Mude Bis up Iii Ranutt in the. Lever spent the Day n visit nor disreputable Wuhu ii and at 3stereo an Iti illan on state Trecet in comp ii with two idiot it is Yeav of Igo. Fee tried without sic to Iret to drink whisky left he. Place in their company half uti Hiir hit a. In tile est nine k with the trials in Tom is Sioon at to. 1 i Avenue. The i top Cortivo victims Vea to drink whisky or even Beer but they refused and would partake if nothing but lemonade. After several at tempts to induce to limn to drink something rail lev in Paoju Lueil tin Bart Inu r it till asked him to Tut liquor in the lemonade. Tin refused Inni Wun put nit of the House. Al out Midnight a i a Nan drove tip to the armory with a Drunken Man who would not pay his fair. The Man was Loe Kutt up and said he had been abused n Curli yet rail font some time later he was As Uei Liy. I you Kou till Kami or inky til and Tity dah1- of tvs try us. 38 second ave., 28 s. Second St. To build a new Soo line. St. Val minn., sept. A articles of incorporation filed Here today for the Sault Marie Minnesota Railroad with a capital Stock of divided into shares if each. The limit of indebtedness is the incorporator Are n. C. Foster of Faire Lilly was. Mali Tyre and m. Griffin of eau Claire. Sex gov. H. Ii. Yale and b. Teace of gluon ii. The object of tin1 com Pany in to build a Railroad to connect with the Soo line at Rhineland or wis. The Gen eral Ollie Cal and principle place of business will be at and the Date for the commencement of the Eoris ratio is fixed for oct. 5, 1sss. Will help the ring. London sept. 24. One million spindles in Lancas horse Mills have commenced run Ning on Short time. The Mill owners Objeeg to forced to defeat the american Cotton ring. Condensed telegrams. Elaborate preparations Are made for the Allegheny county Centennial Celebration in Pittsburg. The streets Are thronged with strangers i and every train entering the City is crowded. The will last three Days. Base Ball yesterday at Milwaukee Mil Waukee 7, Chicago maroons 2 second game Milwaukee 9, Chicago maroons 1 at Kansas City. Kansas City 13, Omaha 1 second game Kansas City 4, Omaha 0 at Sioux City Des Molnes 7, Sioux City 5 at Davenport St. Paul 11. Davenport 2. George Turnage and Degraan Munch were arrested last night for the murder of w. N Magilll the grand army Veteran irom York nob., who we killed in front of the Centra police station in Indianapolis ind., them Day no get. They do not deny the crime by deny any criminal intent. Belr Story is tha the dead Man was in necked Down for insult ing the two women they were with. The of the new methodist Church it Vinton which was set for next sunday the is Iii is swirl y Post Otoneil till u late Date of delay in Cebu Tuioi the rower. The conference Cessions will Likely be Hehl in the Church. Bishop was to dedicate the Ehui he mid come to this City for an even service next monday. In consequence of the postponement of the Dudi Eatrou the Bishop will not Roach Vinotti until the Sdiey evening my hence the expected pleasure of hearing him in Jedurs rapids will not be realized. J. A Ruth for tin consolidate tank line co. Here leaves tonight to to von port. J. Bailey will live Sun Ervyl Sioui of the go s business Here. Samuel Hannu with sum s Mother Eft yesterday for Seward neb., where Liev visit friends before to in Etc Sam leaves tomorrow or. And mrs. H. C. Gnu daughter Lula of Warren 111., Are the pc uksts of their Brollier in Law h. U. Huse for a few Days. Fred scam la is Home from the National brotherhood meeting at Atlanta Georgia lie had a most onjoyubu1 time. L. D. We Barj general Secretary of the College v. M. C. A. Of was in the City today. Mrs. Bartholomew of Preston and her Auto Are guests of or. Hickox today. Attached to lir a Home. The tenacity Wuh a Harli s Eop o Lovi to to their Homestead. Is i Lusn inn p pee of Laius no Luru Bor Ibi i ush Couable nit mjg place we inti Pius 1-a and Wonla to o splendid bits Cor a it is owned by an old who Nan but and dries tier Clouey there. All persuasions to sell it Fai Ltd to move Ber and it i said that j was offered Cor the property Luis summer. Tho Snipie minded but have always resented Tho in of tiie swells 1 and Tho Way they Hivo appropriated the place and Many have similarly refused to nil their birth in Oiler to secure our so pigments at the extraordinarily Low prices our indicate we were compelled to use an immense Quantity und in order in Advance of the season we have concluded this week to put the entire Hue of ush Jacques i Lush wraps i Lush new markets and Plush jackets on the Market at prices that cannot possibly be duplicated. You will positively be astonished to find such Beautiful Gar ments so cheap remember this Sale begins on tuesday morning and continues for the week and now ladles if you want Plu fib goods now is voc time. Mccarthy Schindel. C c a r t h y s c h i n d e l dress goods and Silks you should look it this lint to foil buying. It is Beautiful colourings Good and novel styles. To Are showing the pop ular Side band goods in the leading colors. Fifty pieces of fit to four Inch flannels. Henriettas in Black and colors. These Are the Best values we have yet shown. Coloured Silks of All kinds Black Silks in a variety of prices and All warranted to Wear flan Nels blankets and under Wear for All prices Correct. Hosiery gloves id corsets to suit you. Popular makes styles and prices. We have positively the largest and Best Stock of carpets. Advertisements read very Nice but to ask you to Call and decide for yourself. If we can t save you Money we will not ask you to buy. Mccarthy

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