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Cedar Rapids Evening Gazette, The (Newspaper) - September 18, 1909, Cedar Rapids, IowaThe Cedar Gazette saturday. September 18, 1909. Seventeen Cort ho06l Marlon office 116 sixth Avenue. Phone 1 on 148, residence 460. Harvey Shreeve of Armstrong spent the Day in Marlon Friday. Rev. B. Lee has gone to Delaware on a Short trip. Of. Carney is spending a couple of Days in Dubuque. Mrs. Mat Hurley is reported As seriously ill at her Home. Claude Stotts was a business visitor in Anamosa yesterday. Mary Osborn is spending a Leek with Waucoma friends. W. Aupperle of exits was a Busi Ness visitor in Marlon yesterday. 3. E. Lampman has returned from a business trip through Western Iowa. Bert Wentworth of Menlo kan., is visiting w. E. Ferryman and family. B. Travis has returned from a visit in Dubuque and at the Dubuque fair. Mrs. Dubbs of Newhall is via tins her brother Charlie mater and wife. Mrs. Homer Oxley is in Waucoma where she is the guest of friends for a week. H. Ladd and family have Rone to Traer for an Over sunday visit with relatives. Or. And mrs. John Schlue of Blairs town Are guests of w. W. Hazen and family. Mrs. King of Monticello spent yesterday with mrs. Chas. Cline and family. Mrs. Frank Koepp leaves sunday for a weeks visit with relatives in Mil Waukee. R. Lee Taylor and wife have gone to Morrison 111., for an Over sunday visit with relatives. Final report of the administrator has been approved mrs. Elizabeth a. Glass widow of i. A. Glass has been appointed admin istra trix of the estate fixed at her Bond was in the estate of Kateryna Stancel the claim of Joseph Ptak for a Monu ment sold to the deceased during her lifetime was heard and he was Al Lowed guardianship. Anne Grissel has been appointed As guardian of the minors. Earl g. And Elmer f. Grissel. Bond the guardian of John Conrad. In competent has filed a report of the Sale and deed to Aley e. Parsons which has been approved. In the guardianship of Carl c. Drew an order has been Given for the Sale of the minor s interest in the Homestead. Geo. T. Hedges Paul n. Clark and John Bulanek jr., have been appointed appraisers to determine the value of the estate and interest. Divorces granted. In the Case of mrs. Leah Black is. Harry a. Black a divorce was granted to the plaintiff and her former name Leah Lutz restored. Melissa Bliobenes has been granted a divorce from Charles Bliobenes on the grounds of drunkenness and Given the custody of the children. Emma Connaughton was granted a divorce from John Connaughton. The defendant made no appearance. Case not finished. The divorce Case of Jonathan Tay Lor is. Elmira Taylor was heard yesterday before judge Smith but the defendant s evidence was not All in at the close of court so the Case was continued until judge Smith returns from Jones county court. Sues for divorce. Bertha Heiss has brought suit for a divorce from George j. Heiss. They were married at Cedar rapids March 15. 1889. The defendant was convicted of felony in May 1908, at Oska Loosa and was sentenced to five years in the it. Madison Penitentiary. Sues for insurance. L. K. Derlin guardian of Leroy f. Schmid has brought suit against the order of railway conductors of Amer mrs i. Carney left this morning for j Ica. Max h. Schmid now deceased a visit at Arlington where she expects to remain a week. Mrs. W. E. Bell and children visited yesterday with the families of d. E. Vars and or. Carhart. Mrs. English of Waubeek is visiting Frank Ford and family on North eleventh Street. Mrs. To. A. Williams is in Anamosa where she was called by the serious illness of her sister Preston Daniels of Chicago accompanied his aunt miss Adelza. Daniels to Milwaukee this morning. Was insured in the defendant order for the certificate being made out to his wife. About five years later the beneficiary of the certificate was legally changed to his son Leroy p. Schmidt. The father died nov. 5, 1908, in Good standing but the insurance company has refused to pay the policy. The plaintiff asks judgment for with interest and costs. Drunkenness and desertion. Etta Kitchen has filed a suit for divorce from Clay Kitchen on the grounds of habitual drunkenness and cruel treatment to herself and children. The p Ai Tift has had to support her self and the two minor sons for some time As the defendant spends Hia earnings on drink. On aug. 25 to went greatly missed by their friends. Or. Haish has been a travelling Salesman for a great Many years but has sent in his resignation to his House. Or. And mrs Haish have a son in the Western City so will not be alone in their new Home. Miss Elizabeth Williams was recently elected librarian for the City Library. Miss Williams has held this position during the past year. The Library is at All times Well patronized. About 800 books per month Are circulated among the readers of the town. Or. Ana mrs. B. Rose and Daugh Ter of Portland Oregon have been vis iting friends in town for a few. Weeks but have rapids for the purpose visiting his brother. Will Rose. Miss Rose Goodwin of Philadelphia is visiting in this City at the Home of her brother Lulun Goodwin. Miss Goodwin is a daughter of the late c. S. Goodwin of this place and formerly lived Here. Veteran gets ii Jjack pay government demits after half Century. I Captain Shively of Council Blair Fra re to in civil his company in a charge after. His Captain had Prapan Rei to Cook ready to assure country says his Conquest of Nort pole Wil be supported by absolute proof soon. On Board the steamship Oscar ii at sea sept. Marconi wireless Telegraph to Cape race. N. The people of America to have the full est Confidence in my Conquest of the pole. I have records of observations made by me which will prove my claim. I will be glad to set my foot on american surrender. Omaha world Herald it took the government forty seven years to pay a. Debt of to Captain William Thomas Shively of 3256 Avenue a. Council Bluffs valiant Veteran of a Kentucky regiment. The Captain has but recently received this Futoney from Uncle Sam. Back in 61, private Shively was promoted to second lieutenant for a piece of gallantry. A Little later he was made a Captain. For the first month that he was invade a Captain he was not paid the wages that he was entitled to in that office. He made some complaint at the time but never took it up with the department. He had never received any Bounty for his service so he wrote to the department last year about it. He received a reply that there were a Good Many claims ahead of his. But that As soon As it could be reached it would be looked into. Recently How Ever he received the Money and the itemized statement difference of pay second lieu tenant and Captain nov. 18 to dec. 13, 1862 subsistence to dec. 31, 1s61. Clothing oct. 8 to 27, 1861. For pay oct. 8 to 27 total 50 Brief message or. This was the Frederick a. Cor associated press to give to his countrymen As he nears Home on the Steamer Oscar ii from Christla Sand. Norway to new York. The Oscar it is due to arrive Here some time next monday or. Cook discussed freely with the it was necessary to serve two years As a private to obtain the Bounty and As he was promoted just before the two years was up. The letter explained to film that he was not entitled to that. Kentucky situation. Captain Shively is a kentuckian born and bred. He was born on a big tobacco Plantation Between Lebanon and Campbellsville in the Central part of that state. His father had Twenty slaves his father in Law More and he himself had five at Tho time of the War.-. The Boom of the Cannon at fort Sumter resounded through the land. Yesterday asked Tho j Ana a those states such a Kentucky there was an extra somber Ness to its tone a deeper dread in the hearts of the people. For there it sent brother against brother father agans son neighbor against neighbor. Some times they parted with a godspeed and a choking sensation that almost Lor associated press correspondent the As j there was a sections of commander Peary that he Cook had never reached the North pole and Drew from him a detailed Story of the causes that brought about dissensions Between the two explorers. _ Mil Uii in Wil 4d in j George Barnoske leaves for Glencoe on a Clr Unken spree lost his position jllnn., tonight after visiting with his Mother and brother for a few Days. Mrs. Byron Cone has been in cog gon a few Days having been called there by the death of a relative. Mrs. Wood who has been visiting sister mrs. Harry Van returned to Oxford Junction Friday. Mrs. Manley Owsley returned to her red h. Bitter feeling at the heart and a de sire to meet in the midst of the con always it meant that they would be thrown constantly against each other in some of the most hotly ions at Ahnatook South of Etah in charge of Rudolph Francke and several eskimos. Francke had instructions to go South abroad a whale and return later. This he did but missed the re turning vessel owing to a slight ill Ness. He was then taken aboard Peary s ship the Roosevelt and proceeded North. Supplies stolen commander Peary found my sup ply depot at or. Cook con tinned and the eskimos in charge on the Railroad and has never re i told him that i was dead which they turned. The plaintiff fears that he i Cully believed to be True at the time will injure her and the children when i Peary placed two men in charge of the a week s visit with mrs. Iams. Rev. L. Starr and family returned today from Troy Mills where they have been visiting since the first of the week. W. Dorsey and b. Robinson of Savanna returned Home last evening after a Short visit in this City and at Perry. Miss Mary Durham has returned to her duties at Washington d. C., after spending her vacation with her sister miss Lou Durham. Mrs. O. E. Torrence and children have returner to Perry after a few Days visit with her parents. Or. And mrs. H. Riddle. Prof. Mac. The hypnotist the great est of fun makers will be at the plus theater tonight. Everybody come. Also big picture hits. Capt. Looms who was in route to his Home in Wyoming from the re Union of his regiment in Tipton visited j. S. Alexander yesterday. Will Bowman a prominent shoe dealer or Omaha has been visiting Hia brother j. W. Bowman and Mother. Mrs. Benjamin Bowman the past few Days. Carney Widger has returned from a few flays spent in Chicago. While there he had the pleasure of seeing president Taft. Hond. E. Voris to speak. Hon. D. F. Voris will give an address at the Springville Harvest Home Celebration which will be held next wednesday september 22. Bride Well known Here. The announcement of the marriage of miss Delia Dukes to or. Royal j. Smalley of la Porte which took place at the Home of the Bride s parents superintendent and mrs. Edwin Dukes of Independence september 1. Will be of interest to Many in Marion and Vicin Ity. The Bride when a child often visited Here at the Home of her grand father and her aunt. Miss Ida Dukes. For the present or. And mrs. Smalley will make their Home at Princeton n. J., As or. Smalley will take a Post graduate course in Princeton univer sity. Having won a scholarship for a year s study abroad he expects to attend Berlin University next year. Judge Smith at Anamosa. Judge Smith will open the Jones county court at Anamosa monday and remain there for some time. Case dismissed. The Case of Davis is. The City of Cedar rapids it Al. Was dismissed on motion of the Appellant and the costs paid. Estate matters. In the estate of James Harrison Ford the final report of the executrix been approved. In the estate of Ira g. Wilson the he does return unless restrained by the court. She asks for per month temporary Alimony permanent Alimony and. The custody of the cell Dren. Threatens her life. Fannie Vittengl has commenced an action against Frank Vittengl for a 1308, but about one month marriage the defendant began to abuse the plaintiff and even threatened to kill her. He has driven her from the House at the Point of a gun wrongfully accused her of certain things in the presence of relatives causing the plaintiff much mortification and on Al 190ft, severely beat and injured her Side so that she is still suffering. Plaintiff commenced action for a divorce july 12, but the defendant admitted he had done wrong and prom ised to Reform. In a few Days he be his abuse kill himself when he departed for the North or. contested Battles of the War where Cook said he loft a depot of Provis blood Friendship meant nothing Only " -1 spirit of kill or be killed. Six Stalwart sons there were in the Shively family. The Call for Battle came. They had been accustomed to slavery All of their lives. The negroes were almost essential As labourers on their plantations loved their country. They loved glorious red and and Blue ban Ner and everyone son j Fen listed in the Union army5. Their wives and children came to live at the Home of their father und they bade Farewell to neighbors no went into the ranks of the confederates and fared Forth to Battle in the cause of their country determined to Aid in keeping it ofic great nation. William.-1. Enlisted in com Pany h of the tent i Kentucky regi ment. He was in Siviy a hot Battle in Kentucky Tennessee Alabama and Georgia. He won his office by a singular piece or heroism though he says of it a just happened depot. Boatswain Murphy and another Harry p. Whitney the new Haven Hunter also remained there. Murphy had orders to search for me but was told that he could Send eskimos North Ward the following Spring from the re Lief depot. When i returned from Tho pole unexpectedly Harry Whitney was the tie charges and the hotel contested Battle. But we and the confederates in the breastworks Weris not fighting. We were talking Back and Forth to each other. The rebels had been driven Back repeatedly but they can t get us out of Here they so rotated. I 1 stick you and have you out of there was our Reily meanwhile a brigade forming behind the Crest of the Moun Tain and swept. Down in the open space Between the breastworks Ond Tho Ridge and made a flank attack. There was a i yell confederates and unable to withstand the Cross fire Fiey fled. With our shouts following United states supreme judge har Lan was colonel of this regiment and Captain Shively became Well acquainted with him later visiting him at Hia Home in Kentucky. I liked him better than any other officer in the said the Cap Tain. He was Brave conscientious thoughtful of the men and he was popular with them All. But he used to take us into All kinds of places. The colonel we had after he left would obey orders and then Stop but colonel har Lan would go to Headquarters and ask to take the regiment into engage ments. So thinking of the men i used to face kind of afraid of where he would take us sometimes. His father who was attorney general of Kentucky died during the War and he was called away from the regiment to take that in one of the Battles near the old Home word came to his father s House that All of the sons had been either killed or captured. A pitiful scene Fol. Lowed the wives and children in tears the negroes stricken with grief the whole household in mourning. But none of them had been captured. In this Battle one of the six was wounded and was sent Home where he was taken sick with typhoid fever and died. Following the War mrs. W. T. Shive by was 111, and the doctors advised a change of climate. Or. Shively deter mined to bring her West. Her folks had been pioneers too As her Grandfather John b. Hayden journeyed to Kentucky with Daniel Boone and her father James Hayden was a prominent citizen of that locality. When he persuaded her to leave her relatives he had a Wagon built and they started Overland for the West in 1867. They made the trip slowly stopping whenever mrs. Shively de sired. Within a few Hays she was up and about and her health rapidly improved. Victim of Grasshoppers. They journeyed through Iowa living near Council Luffa for a while. Or. Shively teaming for the Union Pacific Railroad which was putting a line through to Omaha at that time. In 1809 he went to la Mars Iowa and took up a Homestead there. He remained until 1881, when his crops were All eaten by Grasshoppers and he sold out and moved to o Neill neb., where he took a Timber claim. Four years ago he moved to coun cil Bluffs and built the cottage where he new lives his oldest daughter mrs. Anderson Whoso husband was killed in a Railroad Accident keeping House for him As hero the faithful partner of his strenuous life us Veteran of the civil War and Pioneer of Iowa and be this Earth. And Captain Shively has sacrificed much for his country and is still sacrificing. Ever since the Battle in Hoover s Gap where it was expected that the confederates would make a desperate stand but where they were driven Back he has been afflicted at times with rheumatism which has badly crippled him. That Day was a torrid one. And. The Battle was fiercely so that he was perspiring ther i lore part of the session tier opened at j89ic, then de receipts at Chi Duluth cars. Market Estrer hosed easy with at Ideal weather Day. Estimate press prices. Dec to Toh me what had the Rig thing at eight came drunk and began again he threatened to occurred. Whitney was placed in to he was under general Thomas at the Ilion of the facts concerning my Jour j time and companies a and h had to the pole on condition that he would not inform commander Peary or his men of them. At the same time the eskimos who had accompanied me North were told to maintain the strict Between Murphy who Del to me written instructions he had received Peary although he himself been sent to guard a Bridge Down in Alabama. A Force of the confederates five or six times As Large As the Union companies attacked the Bridge. Would not be surrendered. Hold the Bridge at All hazards and reinforcements will to was the word that general Thomas sent to the from i company. The bullets were storming could i around them and the enemy was draw hogs made from old ingrain carpets rag carpet German and Paff rugs. Get our prices w. E. Mcgowan. 708 8th ave. so neither read nor write. Those instructions showed that he was trading station of my depot the con ing closer All of the time. Captain making a i Shively tells of the struggle freely. Toward night it collided up and a heavy rain fell soaking them through and through. He was sick now Captain Shively is so years crippled with the rheumatism so that it is difficult for him to leave the House at All he welcomes a visitor and receives him with Hearty Southern hospitality. He loves to talk of the old experiences is thoroughly familiar with the Battles in a bib he fought remembering a great Deal of the conditions in the War. He is a warm admirer of general Thomas who was said to be the Only Union general who never lost a Battle and ardently de j fends All his moves. Nine of his twelve children Are Liv ing and he has thirty seven grand children and great grandchildren. Major mate of Garfield rated fowls 8 leading Cash Tri rate Sellers of York Money. No today and As nominal. Prime was rather weak the Eslon. Liberal per cent. Sterling Exchange firm with Bankers Bills a and heavy for sixty Days West were @476.10 for the Selling. Louis Grain Market. Ned to dec., go Minneapolis 58 tie bid. 39 a. Ely quiet Allt a december off City Grain for the new crop Able Selling in Corn Ivy tone Early in the to were in excess of s also helped to no. 2 hard a no. 2 mixed Oats no. 2 White dec., dec., Cember opened sold of t Dull spot 7s 6d dec Vith december Corn steady spot 6s 4d dec., its of Oats 1 deliveries. To Market. Receipts 223 no. 3, 68 by steady j so gossip and of Trade. De no. No 2 hard furnished by Lamson Bros aeon s. W. Wilder manager member Board of Trade led at West closing of prices. Range of prices for leading no. 2 articles on Chicago Board of Ellow no. White no. 2d at to 60% 01 54 a no. 2 White pc no. 3 White Ned at lowest to sept., 39 of Dick 18 cattle Ket nominally steady week has been better in Cylous week but on while demand oct ribs i2 02 1200 grades has suffered a so to ers under the 57 Mark n High time last cask Market. Cattle Are no. 2 red to receipts 353 cars. Closed easy w in at increased Recel ill declines in Al Ber opened at 40 i cloned to provisions Bare 3 red 1.05 no. 3 har december o highest 3, 689ic no. 3 yellow 69c. December open highest 60 a closing 2, 37 41 he no. 3, 37v Standard december Ope highest closing Chicago sept. The better sorts medium and Low weak and prices drop. Than the Best of the previous week. Hogs Strong on the Best sorts but weak on the common and medium grades. Best hogs made 5 cents and Vance. There was no particular set of buyers who made the Market for ship Ping demand was Small and packers were not eager to take hold. Sheep and lambs unchanged today. The Lamb Trade has suffered through Liberal receipts this week though sheep have not declined much and have shown a healthy tone All week. And plaintiff and said if she sued for i my a divorce he would kill her. The de i of which had been used in Trad fondant has property and Money to the amount of about and plaintiff asks for 5200 temporary Alimony and permanent. Sunday services congregational Jasper Jones minister. Morning worship at a. Sermon the bpm of the faithful by the pastor. Sunday school immediately after the morning service. In the evening the congregation will unite in the mass meeting which will be held at the methodist Church. Catholic mass at ten o clock sunday morning at St. Joseph s Catholic Church. No other services. Methodist episcopal r. Beatty pastor. Morning service a. M., topic a great revival and its sunday school at 12 m. Epworth league at p. M., lenders miss Anna Engstrom and miss Pearl Milner. Morning service at the usual hour. Sunday school at noon. It a. Bible school at noon. Junior Endeavor at 5 o clock. Lylburn m. Starr Pastro. Presbyterian morning services at Sabbath school at 12 o clock. Rev. James Aiken Smith pastor. The congregation will unite in the Union services in the evening. Union will be a Union meeting of the Marlon churches in the methodist Church in the evening at addresses will be Given by or. Barlow y. A. Secretary of Cedar rapids and or. H. Taft of Cedar the interests of the special meetings to be held under the leadership of or. We. Sunday. These men were on the committee whose cured or. Sunday and they will Tell us about it on sunday evening. All Are cordially invited. Gre gation of that Church will with the methodists sunday. New pipe Organ at Vinton. Vinton Iowa sept. New pipe Organ is being installed in the Baptist Church and for that reason Tho con meet Rev. Caul of the Baptist Church will preach in the morning and Rev Spry of the methodist Church will have charge of the services in the evening. E. Pratt of the drug firm of Pratt co. Has sold his interest in the store to c. G. Kaiser and George p. Ellis. Or. Ellis will have charge of the store. Or. Pratt will engage in the land Busi Ness. Clarence Sanders has bought the interests of d. Bryan and j. G. Car Rier in the grocery business of Mccaleb co. And will take charge of the same in about a week. G. Haish and wife have sold their residence property Here and will leave in a Short time for los Angeles cal., ing for furs and resents injury. Or. Cook said he was intensely an no Eccl at this alleged wrongful use of his supplies and threatened to kick out Murphy and his companions. Finally however he consented to their remaining at the depot As there As no other shelter in the Vicinity for them. On one occasion Murphy asked me abruptly have you been beyond the or. Cook said. But i was determined not to let Peary know of my movements and replied evasively that i had been much further South. From this statement has been concocted the declaration that i had said i had not reached the or. Cook declared that neither or. Whitney s nor the Cooks records were on Board the King Oscar ii. Or. Cook said also that he had made arrangements for the two eskimos who went with him to the pole and Knud Rasmussen whom he met in Green land to go to new York and confirm the Story of his discovery. Or. Cook thoroughly enjoyed his rest aboard ship after the strenuous Days at Copenhagen. He sleeps ten hours each night and spends n Long time daily in writing and in walking decks and conversing with the american Passen Gers who All have been formally presented to him by Benjamin Trueblood. President of the american peace society of Boston. Guest piano company makes great sales four Chiou ering grands and pianola piano last week s business. We Crit they will make their Home. They Are among the future oldest the guest piano company made a record sales last week which in proof enough to those looking for instruments that they have the goods the names of the buyers Are indicative of the last that the sales were made in the face of Competition from All the Standard makes. Mrs. Ida m. Ingram of Marlon bought a Chickering grand. A. Calder bought a Chickering grand for his daughter who is a Grad uate of St. Joseph s Academy Des Moines. Prof. Root Man Fisher state University Iowa City bought a Chicker Irig grand. Or. Irving King of the state univer sity Iowa City bought a Chickerling grand. Prof. W. Henning of the Cedar Rapida business College bought a pianola piano. Many other sales of less magnitude were made by the guest piano com Pany within the week. Our Captain was a Man but to was a Little timid. I saw that he was preparing a Wlllie Flag As a signal of surrender. I did t want to give up. With those orders from the general. I stepped out and said boys did you conf Clown Here to Fia Fht or be taken " to they shouted. Let s do it then i said. Get under the Bridge and fight them. You can surrender yourself but you can t surrender me or the boys Cap the major was sick so that he was t Down at first but presently he came Down. In charge he asked. I stepped up and said i m doing the Best i can major " bully for was his reply. 1 looked around then and saw that the Captain had Given up making his Flag and Hart taken a Rifle and was fighting. In Tho ranks with the rest. The two lieutenants had run Down into the Brush thinking we were going to be captured and wanting get away. One of them was later mustered out for cowardice. Finally As the Odda were so Over whelming and Relief had not come the major decided to surrender. After i was exchanged i was made second lieutenant of the company the Captain resigning and later became on the Sedohr Day at missionary Ridge in the charge that won the Ridge for the Union troops Captain cd Lovely was wounded hut he fought right on through. The order had come to charge and so rapid wag the Advance on his part of the line that the rebels did. Not get their Range at All but kept firing Over their. Also they got ahead of the rest of the line and were ordered to lie Down 2 Piave for real courage. That was harder for. Them than charging Arou Ifil them striking Down a. Man Here and there and doing absolutely Wottring. To he there with the bullets whistling in return having time to think that any second. A Bullet a Slot end. It that indeed takes courage. Here it was that a Trillet penetrated the Captain s Arm one of the officers told second lieutenant Funk to place him behind a tree Trot Tok or in a hol Low but the lieutenant who had been fighting with him All through the. War said no i la take him where i go if i have to carry him on Ray but the Captain went on without any As Chicago 111., sept. Wil Lam h. Williams for Many years an employee of the United states Treasury department in Washington died last night at his Home in Oak Park a suburb of this City. Death resulted from a stroke of paralysis suffered three years ago. During the civil War. Wil was a tent mate of the late president Garfield. Pure homemade chocolate at residents of this place and will be Nelson son. 419 2nd ave. Distance. That was of the i Ever heard in my t Welcome after we had been lying said the Captain. We did charge and our division swept up the Ridge and Over capturing it. One of the Moat thrilling sights i Ever saw was in that same series of Battles the Battle of Lookout Moun Tain called the tattle above the Clouds we had been fighting the Day before and building breastworks so that we were resting. Some rebels were within gunshot in breastworks also that ran up close to the Ridge. From our position we could see All of Harper s weekly editor injured Immel mashup Manahawkin n. J., sept. 18 an automobile containing three men and a boy turned Turtle on the North Shore Boulevard near Here today. One of the men injured was colonel George Harvey editor of Harper s weekly who suffered a broken shoulder Blade and internal injuries. Louis Paul hah wins prize Ostend sept. Paul Han the French aviator flying in a biplane won the prize of today. He covered 45 1-3 Miles in one hour at an Altitude of 240 met. In alighting befell into the North sea but was promptly rescued. Chicago livestock. 3 red no. 2 hard Winter. No. 3 hard Winter 51.00 31.03 no. 1 Northern Spring si.06 no. 2 Northern Spring 3 Spring 51.03. 2, no. White. No. 2 yellow no. 3, no. 3 White no. 3 Yel Low 69c no. 4, 2, no. 2 White. 410 no. 3, no. 3 White. No. 4 White Standard new York Stock Exchange at Hlson Baltimore and Ohio 200 head Market i Canadian pacing St. Paul amalgamated Copper Rock Island steady. Beeves Texas steers Western steers stockers and feeders cows and heifers calves head Market steady to a Shade higher. Light mixed heavy rough Good to Choice heavy bulk of sales Chicago and Northwestern Erie com Illinois Central Louisville and Nashville 130? .118 .184 76% .185 .154 300 head Market steady. Buttons lambs miscellaneous. Creameries 24h@ 20c dairies receipts cases at Mark cases included 18c firsts 22v.c prime firsts 24c. Poultry steady turkeys 17c chickens 13vic Springs daisies Young americas 16c Long horns 16c. Choice to fancy fair to Good Chicago hog Market. With receipts of and left Over the Market closed be higher. Esti mated monday Kansas live Stock. 500 head Market steady. Natives Southern steers Western steers @6.75 native cows and heifers 5.50 stockers and feeders head Market Strong. Heavy. Packers and butchers Light 8.15. 500 head Market steers Western steers St. Louis live Stock. Head Market steady. Cows and i Hoiass a bowls boat upsets Victoria of. C., sept. Light House keeper at race Al chs reports seeing a Columbia River boat capsized and eight or ten including women and children drowned during the Squall yesterday. Heifers stockers and feed ers hags receipts head Market steady. Pigs and lights packers butchers and Best heavy 8.4 b. No sheep Market. South Omaha Hillve Stock. Cattle receipts 300 head Market unchanged. Natives cows and heifers Western steers stockers and feeders the marriage of miss Flora. A Stuib Binfield to George j. Sue a took place thursday evening at at the Home of the Bride s sister1, mrs. John Ham mond 1248-third Avenue. The parlor was decorated in Green and while the living room in Green and Pink and the dining room in Green and red the Bride wore a gown of White silk Ond Carriea Bride roses. The ceremony waa performed by the Rev. Or. E. Lockwood the bridal party front of an pm Bari Keneni of carnations and Asmara gras forms. Only the immediate Fly were present. has lived Here but a Short time and had made Many warm Friend. From whom she has received Heartiest congratulations. Or. Sues8 is District soles manager for the Anderson tool co., and is go tag a Branch office with head quarters in. Cedar rapids. He. La also a Well known Elk and has numbers of Warrah Friend s in this Cluj a who wish Rhim the Best of Success. Or. And mrs. Seas will to their Many friends after october 1 at 1620 Washington Avenue. Order your peaches now when you Nave a Chance. Naso a Carload will arrive monday morning Bushel. Receipts head Market Strong to be higher. Heavy s.15 mixed Light 835 sheep receipts 800 head Market steady. Buttons lambs weekly Bank statement. New York. Sept. Hold More than requirements of the 25 per cent Reserve Rule. Decreased deposits decreased increased Legal tenders increased specie decreased Reserve decreased surplus increased sex. 17. B. Deposit increased 000. Statement of. Hanks and Trust companies not reporting to the Clearing House shows deposits Cash Loans new York Market. Butters steady and unchanged receipts tubs. And unchanged receipts 8.000 cases. Poultry alive nominal. Dressed .41% .137v .146k .154u ibs .170 -.123% Aoe 83% .12.714 70 Loo .107 Cedar rapids markets. Public Market first Street and b Viji nue. Phone 1001 old 75. 60c local 62c. 33c local 35c. Ton @28.00. Ton 00. Ton a 90c. Dairy 13 new York Central Pennsylvania great Northern Northern Pacific Reading Southern Pacific Union Pacific United states steel United status steel pad american car foundry american smelter Republic Iron and steel com Republic Iron and steel pad pressed steel car american locomotive 19c. New poultry hens. Loc roosters 6cj Springs 12c. Timothy per Hun dred. Tame i baled , tallow Ana paid by local dealers no. 1 Green Loc no. 2 Eralen hides 9c no 1 cured hides lie no. T cured Loc no. 1 Bull hides sure. So nov 2 Bull Hales cured a 1 Cault hides cured. 12c no. T calf cured Loic to. 1 horse hides. each no. 1 horse hides 2.00 each no. 1 rendered tallow 4c no. 2 rendered tallow. Pc rough Tal Low. Hie Wool pelts. Each a hearings Wool. Isa 22o per Pound. Old Iron country mlle of per ton plate per ton. .oo old rubber Bones Cru Abc. Cattia. V Corn fed Steen grass steers cows and heifers .j.0005.0w canners sheep juunss.6.0008.m local hog Market. Prims hogs 160 ibs. And up prime Light 125 to 160 ibs., Good 250 to 300 ibs. Good packers coarse packers rough packers Market Brevi ties. Thought today was a Good Day the it was not a Day is expected to be this time of the year. The Ideal weather for blowing is still keeping the Farmers at there was a great demand for Hay top Day and the demand for bailed Straff still continues. The prices still remain unchanged. _ the Day s business amounted to the following number of loads 10 of Corot 9 of Oats 6 of Hay 3 of wheat 2 of Matoes 2 of bailed Rye Straw and coops of chickens. Bell ringers and entertainers at Lyric saturday and sunday. Admission 6 and 10 cents

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