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Cedar Rapids Evening Gazette (Newspaper) - June 23, 1930, Cedar Rapids, IowaIowa weather Thunder showers this afternoon or tirl tomorrow. Cooler tonight. Tuesday generally fair to it. Cooler in Southeast and Extrema East portions. Eastern Iowa s leading daily i s Coats in sky. I Cesto of Tratos me 4a�?number iss. Cedar rapids Iowa monday june 23, 1930.associated press United press International news current comment by Verne Marshall. Jty-8ix today the Prince Wales still unmarried is re i to have told a Friend he fears because of the possibility a wife might try to be the Boss Flag his few hours off duty. In or words he does not care to a anger his Leisure. _ Englewood n. J., another unusually popular Young Man get give the Prince a few pointers married life. Col. Lindbergh is father. Yesterday his wife the ugh ter of ambassador Morrow resented the famous flyer with a if Ever a Bachelor was popular Nybergh was. And being what he the colonel undoubtedly would urn a Glassy Eye. On anyone who eked him today if he is less Happy Han three years ago. Ith an election not far away certain representatives find senators at Washington Are jingling for votes by proposing a Relief measure for world War veterans that will add from $181,000,000 the first year to $400,000,000 annually a Piew years hence to the $511,000,000 a already being expended for Veteran Relief. Yesterday president Hoover a a announced his unequivocal opposition to the Bill. It far exceeds the a demands of even the Veteran Organ lations. Nyhen the Senate lobby com Muttee ran up the White Flag of surrender to the pugnacious Bishop Cannon congressman Tinkham of Massachusetts had some things to say that riled the Bishop considerably. The Rev. Or. Cannon dared or. Tinkham to repeat his remarks publicly off the congressional floor where they were immune from Legal questioning. The Bishop said he w Ould sue for libel if Tinkham accepted the dare. T ast week Tinkham repeated his condemnation of the Bishop in a letter that was made Public. But the Rev. Or. Cannon says the congressman did not repeat in All accuracy the things that he said in the House of representatives and so there will be to suit thus dwindles a a Ign tbsp prospective two ring Eldroa. A with the Good Bishop in full posse a Aion of at least one ring. A Quot Ceven men enjoying a quiet game 3 of poker in a Bronx apartment Sarly yesterday morning were startled by a Knock on the door and a woman a voice exclaiming a where is my husband Quot two players lumped through a window. One was injured taken to a Hospital. There be was informed that it was not his wife who broke up the game. How often we Are told that most of our tear Are needless. To business can take a Quot fixed course Quot under the Smoot Haw Jey Tariff said assistant Secretary of Commerce Julius Klein last night. Uncertainties that always attend every Tariff revision Are ended now that the Bill has become Law he says and business again May be ruled by reason and science. This mornings Telegraph news tells of another slump in Wall Street. Reason and science Are having Tough sledding. Frenchmen in Public life Uve longer than americans in similar positions because they drink wine says or. Thierry de Martel Paris a distinguished surgeon. He contends that Good wine regularly but moderately consumed is an Aid to health. Being at a Safe distance the doctor can say these things without fear of being shot or even going to jail. A ortes is As much entitled to the homage of the Public As i a a ays col. Roberto Fierro mexican aviator who completed the first non a top flight Between new York City ind Mexico City. Cortes was his a chanic on the flight which aver aged 140 Miles an hour for 2,200 Niles. And it is the mechanics on whom engine reliability depends. What made Lindbergh a flight the Reater was that he was both me Hanic and Pilot. Phe Gross income from Iowa a livestock leads that of every ther state according to the Federal agricultural statistician at Des Loines. And Only Texas leads Iowa i total of income from All sources connected with agriculture. Since 921, the year of the great depress a a Iowa s agricultural income has one from an approximate half Bil on annually to an approximate free quarters billion of which hogs Lone produce about one third. By a vote of sixteen to four the Senate committee on foreign rela ions approves the London naval a or its Okay. The preponderance of or its Okay. The preponderance of Ommittee sentiment in favor of the Caty is seen As a pleasant prelude of approval of the document by a healthy majority of the major body it a solons. That is. Unless washing ones torrid atmosphere during the forthcoming special session makes senatorial balance More Uncertain Han it already is. Parents of a son Lusty infant is i weighs seven and three quarters pounds news broadcast to world child doing Well. Englewood n. J., june. 23.�? apr col. And mrs. Charles a. Lindbergh Are the parents of a son. The baby weighing seven and three quarters pounds was bom at 1 15 . Central Standard time yesterday in the Home where his Mother the former Anne Morrow was bom. She became a Mother on her Twenty fourth birthday. Aside from the statement of the baby a birth and his weight no details of the event were forthcoming from the household of mrs. Lindbergh a parents ambassador and mrs. Dwight w. Morrow except the statement that Mother and baby were resting comfortably. News spreads rapidly. News of the arrival of the Lindbergh heir spread rapidly to All parts of the country and to foreign shores and within a Short time a Parade of messengers with congratulatory messages and bearing Flowers began to arrive at the Morrow Home. Radio stations interrupted their programs to broadcast news of the event which has been awaited with Lively interest for several weeks. -. A name had not been announced for the new arrival but Charlea a. Lindbergh a jr., a for his father or Dwight Morrow Lindbergh after his Grandfather a a were mentioned As scion of House of Rockefeller marries today Philadelphia june 23.�? apr miss Mary Todhunter Clark daughter of or and mrs. Percy Hamilton Clarks of Cynwyd a Philadelphia suburb becomes the Bride of Nelson Aldrich Rockefeller second son of or. And mrs. John d. Rockefeller jr., of new York this afternoon. More than 700 of the socially prominent of new York Philadelphia Washington Baltimore and other cities will attend the ceremony at st. Asaph a protestant episcopal Church in Bala Cynwyd at 3 30 o Clr a a Quot a a Walls. Slump a a up Job to a 3 30 of clock members of president hoovers Cabinet senators and members of the diplomatic corps at Washington also have been invited. The ceremony will be performed by the Rev. Benjamin n. Bird Rector of 8t. Asaph a. Matrons of Honor will be mrs. Robert Page jr., and mrs. Phillip Wallis a sister of the Bride. The bridesmaids will be miss Gwendolyn Roberts and miss Eleanor Clark cousins of the Bride mrs. David Milton new York sister of Rockefeller miss Laura Wayne miss Catherine Clothier and miss Alice Lippincott of Philadelphia miss Genevieve Bell Pittsburgh and mrs. Beverly Coleman Washington. John d. Rockefeller 3rd, will act As his brother a Best Man. After a reception at the Clark Home or. And mrs. Rockefeller will leave on a honeymoon trip around the world. On their return they will reside it at Tarrytown n. A a a where or. Rockefeller a father has erected a Home for them on his to Cantlo Hills or. Rockefeller plans to enter his fathers office in new. York City immediately. Or. Rockefeller is 21, and miss Clark 22. They have known each other several years having become acquainted at Northeast Harbor where their families have summer Homes. Prepara1 mad tor mrs. in a i Lew York Hospital were can coiled several Days ago and Hospital equipment and two nurses were installed in the Morrow Home. Quot 1 the arrival of messengers trooping up the drive to the House was the Only sign about the Morrow Home to indicate that so momentous an event had taken place As the birth of a Young Lindbergh there were even persons within the House at the time who did not learn of the birth until they left and were informed by outsiders. Among those were mayor c. P. Kitchell of Englewood and Daniel Pomeroy Republican National committeeman who had called on ambassador Morrow. Mayor kept in dark. A i am a bit surprised a mayor Kitchell said Quot for i left ambassador. Morrow after 5 o clock and he never said a word about it. Come to think of it a gentleman passed me in a bit of a hurry while i was in the House but he talk to me. He must have been the . _ a mrs. Lindbergh who has been her husbands constant companion in the air since their marriage May 27, 1929, continued her flying to within a few Days of the baby s birth. Last thursday she flew with col. Lindbergh from Teterboro Airport to Hartford conn., and return. Ten Days previously she had accompanied him in a test flight of a Small monoplane. The Only description of the baby was the statement of a servant in the Morrow household who was quoted As saying that Quot he looks like his he has blonde hair and Blue eyes. Friends said col. Lindbergh took the news of his songs birth with an continued on Page 11, col. 3. City shelters As 97 is registered Cedar rapids news Cedar rapids sheltered today in a continuation of the heat wave with the Mercury registering 97 at 1.40 ., a Rise of Twenty degrees from the Low Mark of 77 degrees registered at 4 . A hot wind offered but slight Relief. Despite the sul triness that drove thousands of motorists to the open highways yesterday in a search of Relief from the heat the maximum temperature recorded by the Cham bars Inskeep thermometer was Only 91, three degrees below the saturday Peak. A thunderstorm that Rode on the Crest of saturday s heat wave and broke Here about 2.30 . Yesterday brought 1.59 inches of rain. From 77 at 7 . Yesterday the temperature Rose to 88 at noon and reached the High Mark 91, at 5 . It dropped Back to 88 at 7 . And stood at 80 at Midnight,.the warmest night of the year. Or. Rockefeller Dartmouth Enouege. Where toe made a Brilliant recent in scholar Alp. The Bride is an expert horsewoman and swimmer and plays a Good game of Tennis her father is a Philadelphia attorney and her Mother is the former Elizabeth Roberts daughter of George b. Roberts former president of the Pennsylvania Railroad. Besides her sister mrs. Java ills she has six Brothers. At least this is charge made by congressman in defending Law demands a probe. Name Forsythe As murderer o f Alfred Lingle High flying broker indicted on charge of grand larceny new York. June 23�? apr a grand jury indictment has been returned against Harold Russell Ryder 35, partner in Woody and company bankrupt brokerage firm it was Learned today. The indictment charges grand larceny in the first degree. The firm failed last thursday with losses estimated at from $3,000,000 to $5,000,000 Ryder was indicted on complaint of John Van neck of the equitable holding corporation who demanded accounting for $95,870 he alleged he gave the firm to buy stocks which were never delivered. Tomorrow Ryder will go before a bankruptcy referee. It is expected that accountants will have discovered by that time How much of the $7,000,000 assets of Woody and company is left. Among those whose names and phone numbers were found among Ryder s effects were John f. Curry tammany Leader Thomas f. Mcandrews Secretary to mayor Walker Charles s. Hand former Secretary to the mayor Peggy Hopkins Joyce and Betty Starbuck Jean Ackerman and Irene Dalroy actresses. Miss Starbuck s Mother said she and her daughter were old friends of Ryder. Washington june 23.�? up a the Republican democratic debate Over the new Tariff a continued last night with two administration spokesmen taking the affirmative Side of the question Quot is the act beneficial a assistant Secretary of Commerce Klein close official Friend of president Hoover and recognized business authority dwelt in a radio speech on what he considered the Good qualities of the new flexible clause enabling the president to raise or lower rates. The second speaker for the affirmative was chairman Wood of the House appropriations committee. In a. Statement issued that mph the Republican National committee he charged the recent Stock slump was purposely manipulated in the. Wake of the Tariff Bill a passage to discredit the new act. Favors Wall st. Probe. A in connection with his charge Wood declared himself in favor of a congressional investigation of Quot dumping and Short Selling Quot on the Stock Market. Quot such an investigation a he said Quot will reveal the names of those big business men who Are in politics for profit and Are willing to sacrifice their country a and to satisfy their a own Mahee and the first time to what toa considered an outstanding advantage of. The new Tariff Law the fact that foreign nations can bring their complaints to the u. S. Tariff commission for consideration. This he declared was an Quot important praising. What he considered american Broa mindedness. The Commerce official said not another country in the world affords this privilege to other nations. Its effect he believed would be to eliminate time consuming diplomatic Quot red upe Quot in Tariff discussions Between governments. Commie ton has Power. Declaring the american people Are Quot fully Ripe for a real use of a Tariff commission a Klein said the new Law provided for a commission Quot with Large powers.�?�. A a incidentally changes in the commission Are. Imminent. In line with his announced plan to reorganize this body or. Hoover now is deciding which members to retain which to eliminate whom shall be added. An announcement from him is expected this referring Quot to last weeks Stock Price decline. Wood said a the recent Bear movement on the Stock Market was preceded by a barrage of mendacious assaults on the new Tariff first intended to frighten the president into vetoing it and afterwards to punish him for signing Chicago june 23.�? apr James red Forsythe gun Toter and former City Hall employee was hunted today As the Man who killed Alfred Jake Lingle Tribune reporter. Forsythe John Lyle a year ago characterized As a Quot potential killer a is under a years jail sentence for carrying concealed weapons. The sentence recently was affirmed by the appellate court. A judge Lyle recalled today that there had been my cog political activity in Forsythe s behalf at the time of the latter s trial on the gun carrying his Forsythe s friends among the politicians almost ran me to death to vacate the sentence a judge. Lyle said. Quot i would not do Forsythe police recalled was arrested in a raid on the Moran Aiello gang Headquarters last december. He was released when he As an employee of the corporation counsel s office. Police said they had no photographs of identification of Forsythe explaining that no rogues gallery pictures May be taken by police until the High court has Susu ined convictions. Search also is under Way for Frank Foster original owner of the gun used in the Lingle murder. Foster formerly a Moran Aillo Man changed allegiance some time ago going Over to the Capones. Forsythe s name came into the gangster classification through his close the Quot four horsemen of Gangland Quot a George red Barker William Clifford by Cawley and Michael Reilly of whom Only Barker now survives. Acting commissioner of police John . Made unannounced visits to stations Ovar the work Ewla flu Eald a a be wanted to find out show things really Quot a explosion in mis Man wife to death mysterious explosion on a rond near Denver kills Man and wife others have close Call. Will Rogers says. Re. h Chicago. Jane 23.�? what s become of the of a fashioned fellow that Over in. The left hand Corner of the paper every Day need to say Quot done to sell America ? All the financial Popera Are talking about How cheap Money la now with the Federal Reserve Banks around three and three and a half per cent. I done to see Why they done to my its half of one per cent. For there is no Way getting any of it anyway. Ill bet Mellon would have trouble dog Flor up enough collateral for a present Day loan. Yours will. Iowa City men Are nabbed with liquor negro put to death. Bellefonte pa., june 23.�? up a a policeman a Slayer John Pierce 31, negro was electrocuted at Rockview Penitentiary at 7 06 a. M. Today. The negro shot and killed a policeman at Chester december 16 when the cop attempted to quell a disturbance. Cedar Bafidis news arrested at 1 45 . Yesterday while sitting in a Ford Coupe in which police found a gallon tin one fourth full of alcohol and a half pint bottle of the same liquored Rogers. 21, and Charles e. Smith 26, both of Iowa City were booked on charges of illegal transportation of intoxicating liquor. Both Rogers and Smith claimed the alcohol. The arrest was made by detectives Stanley and Bailey and patrolmen Marshall and Simon in thirteenth Avenue at fifteenth Street.�?T. Both Smith and Rogers were fined $200 and costs this morning by judge h. C. Ring in District court when they pled guilty to charges of illegal transportation of intoxicating liquors contained in True information filed by county attorney Carl Hendrickson. The seized alcohol was ordered destroyed. Chicago june 23�? up a the Middle West endured another Day in the 90s.and 100s today but looked Forward to showers and cooler weather promised by the weather Bureau for tonight and tomorrow three deaths were attributed to the heat one each in Illinois Missouri and Iowa. The highest temperature Over the week end waa 102, reported in,8t. Louis. Marks of 90 degrees or More were reached in All mid Westem states. A the Rush for bathing beaches and pools caused by the heat brought Many reports of deaths by drown j ing. The bodies of four persons were recovered from Reldy a Lake at Paxton. Neb. The heat brought orders to police to shoot on sight All stray dogs after three children were bitten by stray animals. 4 pure food and drug Law is defended by mrs. Harvey Wiley Washington june 23.�? up a administration of the pure food and drug Law was defended before the Senate agriculture committee today by mrs. Harvey w. Wiley wife of the famous chemist who led. The fight for coach tent of the Law. Declaring her husband was too ill to keep informed of the committee s investigation. Mrs. Wiley said she appeared without his knowledge and because or her. Quot sense of fairness to interpret his statement Early in the inquiry charging lax administration of the Law. A a or. Wiley she said had testified at the investigation under a a misapprehension Quot believing it to be an inquiry into the reason for the abolition of the chemistry Bureau in the agriculture department which he formerly headed. She expressed Confidence the inquiry would hindi Nybell i templars in conclave. Spirit Lake june 23.�? up a knights Templar of Iowa began to gather Here today for the opening of the sixty sixth annual conclave of the grand commander of Iowa. Conclave sessions will open tomorrow and will close Friday with installation of newly elected officers. Three evening parades will be Given starting tomorrow night. Cate w. G. Campbell chief of the drug unit of the department and his administration of that office. Or. Wiley was the. First witness at the committees investigation and testified that he endorsed the charges which were being made. Succeeds in sixth Effort to end life los Angeles june 23.�? apr dying Charles Stevenson 31, achieved a Success. His body and that of Herbert Groubert 23, were found in an Auto Quot Mobile yesterday a rubber Hose having conveyed Carbon monoxide Gas to them from the exhaust of the running motor. In Stevenson s pocket was found a newspaper clipping which revealed that he had failed in five previous attempts to end his life. Denver june 23.�? ins a authorities today sought positive identification of a Man believed to be Clifford Hogan of Hill City kan., and a woman presumed to be his wife and the cause of a terrific mystery blast which demolished their automobile and hurled their mangled bodies into two different counties six Miles South of Denver yesterday. Part of the woman a body were found almost a Quarter of a mile away., the Many a body was hurled against a wire Quot Fence in the opposite direction. A the automobile was left in fragments and Ita bit scattered in All directions. A a son of Fanner. Papers found in the dead Many a pockets indicated he was Clifford Hogan of Hill City son of a wealthy Fanner of that District. He was about 33. The body of the woman slightly younger was mangled almost beyond the possibility of recognition. The Many a hat band bore the Label of a Denver store leading to. The belief that the couple had been living in conflicted As to whether the explosion was of dynamite Nitro Glycerine a or whether the gasoline tank had blown four motorists were actual wit a London treaty Given approval by Senate body a i this measure has approval of president can be enacted without Ciui ing deficit in Treasury old Bill will be vetoed. To in tort a Day Robrea heat waive Washington june 23.�? apr the Senate foreign relations committee today approved the London naval treaty. By 18 to 4, the committee ordered it reported to the Senate. Senators Johnson Republican California and 8hipstead, Farmer labor Minnesota. Announced they would submit minority the overwhelming support for the treaty in the committee was believed to insure ratification of the pact when it is taken up by the Senate in special session. Those voting against the pact were a Johnson Shipstead Robinson of Indiana and Moses of new Hampshire republicans. Those voting for it were Borah Idaho chairman capper Kansas Gillett Massachusetts Reed Pennsylvania fess Ohio Goff West Virginia la Follette Wisconsin and Vandenberg Michigan Republican and Braneon. Vir Gina a pittsman Nevada Rob noon Arkansas Walsh. Montana Harrl Musal Salpepi Washington june 23.�? ins a the co Promise world War pension act which meets president Hoover Eros approval and can be enacted without creating a deficit in tha Federal Treasury was introduced in the Senate this afternoon by senator Reed r of Pennsylvania with tha support of administration leaders. The Bill Lii its pensions to Thosa veterans suffering 25 per cent or More permanent disability the rate ranging from $12 to $40 a month. All veterans disabled by their own wilful misconduct Are barred from pension Relief while the eligible veterans must produce a certificate showing they were exempt from Iny come taxes last year before receiving compensation. The measure waa drafted after Secretary of the Treasury Mellon warned or. Hoover that the enactment of the pending Relief Bill would result in either a deficit or an increase in Federal taxes next year. To veto present Bill. Washington june 23.�? apr despite warning of an impending presidential veto the Senate today approached a vote on the world War veterans compensation Bill with its sponsors confident of enough vote for Pasage. A administration Leaden however. Declined to admit defeat and pinned their Hope of enacting a measure suitable to Proa dont Hoover on a substitute Pton Pra Parad of Toast eve fatally Auno car. The blast Waasi Rallar to the spectacular one which Tore to bits Dennis Phillips wealthy Denver youth when a Box of dynamite exploded in his car three weeks to. Bodies la two ceo Tjem. The fact that the fatal explosion hurled the bodies of the two victims into different counties today brought up a Fine Point of Law puzzling to authorities. The blast let go on the Road dividing Douglas county from Arapahoe county a the body of the woman believed to be mrs. Clifford Hogan was hurled into Douglas county. The question arose As to which county is it to exert authority in the tragedy. American radicals map an intensive Campaign this year toa Twink no Southwest in Pathol torrid weather Kansas City june 23.�? up a weather forecasters could foresee no Relief today from the torrid wave which swept Down on the Middle West Over the week end sending temperatures to a High a 100 in some places and stifling City dwellers. Every Large City in the Southwest reported temperatures above 90 with Lincoln neb., sweltering As thermometers registered 101, the highest Mark. Fierro becomes it a National hero Mexico City june 23.�? ins a col. Roberto Fierro was Mexico a Premier flyer today and a National hero. He continued to receive the plaudits of the nation for his feat of completing the first non Stop flight from new York to Mexico City in the fast time of 18 hours covering the 2,200 Miles Between the cities at an average Speed of about 140 Miles an hour. Fierro refuses to take All the glory. He spoke of his companion on the flight the Mechanic Amulfo Cortes. A Cortes is As much entitled to the homage of the Public As i a he said. Your Aid is needed now to Complete health Camp fund Camp Good. Health fund. Fravi Emir a Kirli Ifil .2� Mac Valley Dairy Gaia layer. Father an a Achtor. Oita a. Taheer. Manaay Ariaa j. Bertram Methax lit Shareh Saa a a heal. Or. Wentile. Mra. Megara. a happened to All of the folks who told the people Selling Stock in summer Camps preferred that they were saving their spare Money to help Send some physically handicapped child to Camp Good health it a lot of them must have forgotten a or else they have gone away on their vacations after deciding to let George do a a. If those individuals who said they were going to help with the expenses incurred by the Public health nursing Bureau in the maintenance of Camp Good health would Send in their contributions the Camp fund goal of $2,500 would be reached tomorrow. There a Only $230.75 More to be raised. When this sum is obtained the nurses will be sure that every child on their list of undernourished and physically handicapped children can be Given a Start this summer at Camp Good health. Will you help take one of the children not yet provided for out of the downtown heat to the Camp where they spend Happy hours playing in the Shade of big Trees or on the Cool Breezy front porch of the main Camp House. Give them a Chance to wriggle their toes in the Waters of big Creek instead of in the scorching hot dust of the streets near their own Homes. Give them plenty of fresh nourishing milk lemonade fruits and new vegetables. Such foods Are luxuries in the Homes of Many of the youngsters sent to Camp Good health but they Are necessities for health these hot Days. 8ixteen of the children who have been building up health at Camp Good health left this week end to make room for others who need their turn at fresh air sleep and nourishing food. Every one of them had made a gain in weight nearly 200 persons visited Camp Good health on sunday. Many paused to Admire the Steps from the Camp House to the level ground bordering the Creek which fifteen members of Ambar Grotto put in during the Forenoon. A a few of the visitors left Small contributions but the fund is still Short. Send that contribution you have been planning to make to the Camp Good health fund Gazette and Republican Cedar rapids la., today. Lets put the thing Over right. Don t deprive 23 youngsters of their Chance for health. Berlin june 23�? apr russian monarchist Here mid. Today that american communists in conference with Moscow agents at Danzig last week had planned intensification of the communist movement. In America this coming september i. The next step in the movement the monarchist say will be. A secret convention of communists in Chicago july 3, at which further plans will be made and participation of South american reds invited. The Campaign la to be stressed in Chicago Philadelphia and Baltimore. A a the emigres who a consider it the russian communist regime a their Arch enemy asserted that on june 17 the communist International executive allocated $1,000,000 Gold rubles about $500,000 for dissemination of communism in the United 8tates. Passed by Tho Boua sad who Stoa v Senate voting to approval k worm go to conference a it was consider ably modified by the Chato committee. ,., a endurance flyers 282 hours in air Chicago june 23.�? up a the Hunter Brothers Hopes for a refuelling endurance flight record increased hourly today As their air plane the City of Chicago droned on its twelfth Day of continuous flight Over sky Harbor Airport. The sturdy endurance ship completed its 282nd.hour-in the air at 6 40 . . Today. 8hortly before that time the pilots Kenneth and John Hunter Brothers of Sparta dropped a note to Field attendants saying Quot we re Good for 500 hours Man 1$ killed by train Cedar rapids news an unidentified Man Quot was killed about 7 20 . Yesterday while he apparently was trying to Board or leave Rock Island extra freight train at the North end of the Yards about straight West of the new water Man was caught beneath the wheels of the third and fourth cars from the rear of the train and his body was severed near the Waist parts of it being strewn along the right of Way for about a Block Joseph Godfrey was conductor and Sid Rutan Engineer of the train. The body was seen by Henry Jensen a brakeman of another train which passed the spot a few minutes a later. Coroner a a. Vorpahl was notified and he and an ambulance Crew picked up the body and brought it to Turner mortuary. No clues to the Many a identity could be found in his clothing. Photographs were taken. The Man was about 35 years old six feet tall and 175 pounds in weight. He had Black hair and Gray eyes. He wore overalls an Overall jacket and a Long Canvas coat with a fur Collar. A cheap Lavalliere set with three Large Blue stones was found in his clothing. Buyer Oto Jato to Bol a a in vigorous f fashion. President Hoover set Forth his objections to the Bill in a letter to senator Watson the Republican Leader v which was Given out at the White House for publication today. A he criticised the measure a Quot Una found Quot and opposed to the beat in treets of the veterans themselves he warned that itis enactment would probably necessitate increased taxes. If a deficit at the Cloae of the next fiscal year is to be avoided. Communication from Secretary Quot Mellon dealing with the measure s. Effect on the budget and from director Hines of the veterans Bureau criticizing the. Bill a inequitable were attached to the Preal Dent a letter. ,., a we Hare stretched government expenditures in tha budget beginning july 1 to the utmost limit of our possible receipt and have even incurred a probable deficit principally for the. Relief of unemployment through expansion of Public construction Quot or. Hoover said. Quot every additional a Dollar of Quot expend Tura Means an additional Dollar in taxes. This la no time to in Naoa the tax Burden of tha country. Taxes Tea High now. Quot i recognise that such considerations would carry but Little weight with our people were the needs of Bur veterans the Issue and were a dealing with found measures but. As Gen. Hines presents there Ara conclusive reasons for opposing and unsound measure which is against the Best interests of the veterans themselves and places an unjustified loss on the taxpayers at a Tima when every Effort should be made to lighten the president said the Bill would increase expenditures for world War veterans by $102,000,000 during tha first year of its operation with tha additional expenditure he set at $511,000,000. Under the Bill As passed by the House or. Hoover said the increased expenditure would a $181,000,000 rising later to $400,000.000 a big deficit next tear. Secretary Mellon said a deficit of 1100,000,000 was in Prospect for july 1, 1931, and that if the reduced income tax rate is to be continued present estimates forecast a deficit of $180,000,000. These figures a added do not take into consideration expenditures necessitated by the. Veterans measure or other additional Edison a prize boy j a Good students in first year at Teck Cambridge. Mass., june -23.�? apr Wilbur b. Huston Seattle wash., Winner of the Edison prize scholarship at the Massachusetts Institute of technology last year has passed All the work of the freshman year and been a a Good College authorities made the announcement last night although his Marks were not Given out. He a been an Active member of the editorial staff of the tech engineering news undergraduate publication

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