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Cedar Rapids Evening Gazette (Newspaper) - June 23, 1920, Cedar Rapids, IowaThe Cedar rapids evening Gazette. Wednesday june 23, 192b. Bankers committee 00 to Washington Are after car Relief to present evidence before Commerce Board Why Iowa should have attention. Famine food prices next Winter predicts farm editor Des Moines june 23.�?armed Frith a great mass of material to 7-Rove that an immediate preferential order giving Iowa plenty of Box oars in which to ship her Accuu a s la a Grain and livestock is essential three hankers members of the state Bankers association left Des Moines Hist evening for Washington where hey will con suit with the interstate Commerce commission. A fourth member of the commit the. Homer a. Miller is already in the capital paving the Way for the formal meeting. The fifth a. Of Dawson of Davenport was unable to make the trip. The committee s strategy is him-7-e. Yesterday afternoon senator c Ummings fired the first shot in the Campaign by sending a 100-word Telf l ram to e. E. Clark of Cedar rap-1 a i chairman of the commission informing him that immediate liquidation is necessary that a preferential a or Ler is the Only Means Dev Isable for moving the state from a desperate financial situation and begging that the committee s Appeal be most Serl Rairie considered. This morning gov. Mcdougal of the seventh Federal Reserve District will at his own invitation interview the committee in Chicago and give them certain ideas that he believes will have weight with the interstate Commerce commission. Gov. Me Dougall. By Telegram and letter has pledged Bis support to the project and has stated that some action similar to that of the Iowa Bankers is the Only thing that will save the Day not Only for Iowa but for the entire Middle West. Early thursday morning John . A member of the Iowa commission win meet with the at the hotel Willard. Fishma ten and will inform it of state of mind of the come Mission relative to the freight car Moke to or. Miller will join the there and. Following the interview with or. Guiher the com re -rr1 Eom Misslin will be seen. Anin ointment for thursday morning Vas made several Days ago by wire. Inf Bankers will discuss the mat i a Rittir Civ from the Tina Nola stand Dunt. They will waste no time let Ltd ing or the Grain in elevators or of Joss being suffered because live of be got. To Market be a a t facts have already been by various organisations. Among other facts to be brought the attention of the officials is a Fioril recently received by m. State superintendent of towing that 148 country the state owe More than Ugar now almost unobtainable at 25 to 30 cents a Pound May be followed next Winter by eggs scarce at $2 to $3 a dozen flour $25 to $40 a barrel potatoes $10 to $15 a Bushel milk 20 to 30 cents a quart butter $1 to $2 a Pound and other foods in proportion. Why is this the season late and backward cold and wet not half the needed Supply of farm labor. _ higher wages and Shorter hours in other industries Noi Only absorb much of the labor usually available for agriculture but have induced great numbers of owners and tenants to quit and hogs lower for months by 25 or 50 per cent have inflicted vast losses on producers. Daylight saving imposes artificial burdens. What Farmers buy is High much of what they sell is Low relatively. Lack of farm help and backward season will shorten crops and boost costs by Herbert Myrick editor of farm and Home. Ail other factors shrink into insignificance compared to the food crisis. Because this profound truth is not yet fully recognized labor strikes for fewer hours less Effort More pay. Production is curtailed demand exceeds Supply prices Rise. The thoughtless spend with lavish Folly what Are indeed princely incomes.1 Over consumption vastly outruns under production. Towns increase at expense of country. Returns earned or gained in other Indi series so vastly exceed the returns of agriculture that country Withers As City grows. Denuded of their labor farms Are forced to restrict the area planted and to reduce their flocks and herds to such an unheard of extent that the relatively few statesmen and economists fully cognizant of today a facts Are alarmed As to the Gravity of the food prospects for the twelve months following july. Yet the masses Are Blind to All these and other momentous signs of the time though writ across the skies in flaming words that Only the Blind will not see. Each City gloats Over its gain in population As announced from Day to Day by the census whereas such figures simply emphasize the awful extent of drafts upon the land drafts that in former eras have presaged the decline and fall of civilization. A a deaths reported in riot protest against h. C. L Berlin june 23, persons Are reported to have been killed at dim Wuerttemberg in the course of demonstrations against the High Cost of living. Demonstrations Are reported from elsewhere in Wuerttemberg Many clashes have taken place Between the police and the Reich swear on the one hand and the demonstrators on the s other a some circles of the Independent socialists advices from the disturbed area report Are taking advantage o the unrest to unfed the people to demand a dictatorship of the proletariat. Spicy sidelights gathered at druggists convention Here inks Juu to j. Says league of nations Success glad Canada in Ottawa. Jute -. Or do the Piiru a re in i or h 1.1 v he sir Horh i r i i i c ii. . In i3�\--s if iii iu.-. No. 11 r w a i. Id Winil sin Uku 111 Kjor. I he in quo of is amour Ijar Ilii a Jiju Hir he to Lori. Quot la is i in i Ity it ins of nig n Hus lorm r he it Organ is it in said that the failure of the Joni a i i states to enter the league Quot Ivaa pot Siblo fur similar Arijon Quot by a. Haiti Honduras and Noar k. C. Makes big Cut in lumber prices Kansas City tune 23.�?a Gen ral reduction of about ten percent lumber prices today was made Effo rive in All retail lumber Yards in City. The product in ranges rom 55 to 515 a thousand. One of the most interesting figures at the druggists1 convention is Gorge Judisch of Ames who is tall and thin and holds the Low visibility record for spectacles. He looks Over and under Mem but rarely through Mem. He thinks the Palm for profiteering should go to the hotel keepers of Washington d. C. Professor o. E. Klingaman of the University Extension department of the state University always wears a tie that matches his suit his Box or handkerchiefs he admitted yesterday. He was glad to find one chamber of Commerce he said that had a blackboard in. It. Free Ink for the delegates Fountain pens is supplied by miss Florence Cravens a repossessing Young woman who is Here to demonstrate a new kind of Ink. Her demonstration table on the ground floor of the chamber of Commerce Bald ing yesterday resembled a Salon with miss Cravens for its Madame re Camier no Stuffy Railroad coaches for w. A Guihan of Radcliffe no sir a. Gillhan got out the Little old gasoline bus yesterday morning and he and mrs. Gillhan piled in they left Radcliffe at 7 o clock and made the 130 Miles by 1 30 p. A which was t such bad travelling after1 the heavy Rains of the preceding Day. Quot the demand for skilled women pharmacists is bound to increase Quot says r. A. Kuever of Iowa City j he adds Quot for the average woman a there is less expenditure of nervous 1 Energy in pharmaceutical work than in Paris Green much in demand by Farmers for spraying is higher Price this year than Ever before. In its place visiting druggists recommend the use of Calcium arsenate which they say is just As effective. One of the things Secretary Conaway of the can brr of comr nere Wanona to find out yesterday was a Cun Powilat when Alvrn As a remo i by May Nti Mulatu heart action out i will the compound after explosion i a Uro chilblains a a Secretary Onia Wavay almost knocked theve pm torn off their seats with this Rynn a to transport the j a or in re Rev a by Trie Quaker Oats in Mann would Reni fire 625,000 was Otis i l it still rur tier. Wourl ror Nitro 2.���m1.000 Waton Inch. A v Rich would Ltd Iki it n continuous drove a do or Elm me eur to inn times. Lar of k a Nome irm it i s a diet eth a one or the Nev r it inns m Nunns is a Vii i lured a the Tali manutau Urie -. Rev a a. Woiceh on the a Wirt i i get a a Niaj Sel it Llu slow mail ii. A Xiepei that larger it ions 1�?T Mon rare nor Esse re to h any of sol on ii of Gas Olen. Tar fire loss in this country is More than 000 1 a ear to is., i. Ailing mini a i r of the Iowa rating Bureau Alto n i dressed the visitors Yos Terray aft1 a noon. A talk about Unter Price a in edition of the i ast House Organ of the chore a drug company win grrr r visitors at tiie breakfast. To1 pm tors morning during the lion. It will have All Tho latest convention tie a and a full Quot report o the previous Day s activities. Peter a Colwell is Quot covering the convention j for Quot the last word 1 who Wah Wah Iowa Iowa 1 who wih Wah Quot the old cry of for a mer students of pharmacy at the state University will not be heard this year. The ogre known As h. C. L. Has knocked on the head ail j chances for a reunion of the former pharmacy students. Before Tho Kaiser went Loco these reunions a re always a feature of the annual state conventions. Visitors who can decipher the hieroglyphics on prescriptions and orders received by local druggists Are in line for prizes. One such order Calls for Quot Cheyenne Pepper a meaning presumably Cayenne Pepper. Other howlers Are Quot album a aspirin Sitrick acid citric acid and a up this Oll Quot eucalyptus Oil. No wonder druggists die Young in the course of their peregrinations the visiting delegates yesterday accumulated a Large i Lantuy of literature of various kinds. Pamphlets brochures circulars programs and maps were forced on them until the delegates had enough dead weight to break the Back of an army mule hold lawyer for death of United mine official non Stop flight Omaha to new York in sight Omaha june 23.�?a non Stop flight to new York will be undertaken on the return trip of the Al Metal air plane which arrived Here yesterday John m. Larsen the owner said today. Or. And mrs. Larsen came to attend a wedding. Detroit mich., june 23.�?authorities investigating the killing of August Dwyer of Middlesboro ky., travelling auditor of the United Miae workers of America in a downtown Law office last night today were questioning further the party j of lawyers who met in the office during the evening. Frank h. Dohany prominent attorney and Bank director said to have been left alone with the Union official when the party broke up waa taken into custody at his summer Home at Pine Lake near Here few hours after the crime was discovered he told the police that he had found Dwyer on the floor of the office and lifted him into a chair. Dwyer was still in the chair Dot any said when he left the office. When discovered last night the body was stretched on the floor. Examination showed that death was caused by concussion of the brain and not by strangulation As first reported mrs. Margaret Zink janitor told the police last night she had heard men quarrelling in the Law office and that when she looked into the room she saw two men struggling on the floor one of them brandishing a bottle Over the others head announces gift of half million to University Ithaca n. Y., june 23.�?a gift of $5o#,q00 by August Heckscher of new York City for the endowment of research in Cornell University was announced by president Jacob Gould Schurman at the fifty-1 second commencement today. The income of the fund to be created by or. A Heckscher s gift will be used to _ maintain professorships of research j and to provide facilities for Screti Trifie work the aim of the foundation. President Schurman said fould he to discover men of great Promise in science and learning and give them an Opportunity to engage in research. The total number of the Antver j Sitye a graduates for the year is when president Jehu mar closed his address at the commencement exercises today he ended his administration of More than 28 years. His a resignation which was accepted by the trustees february 28, Tookey feet today. Every Large town in India has its Delhi do Waza or Gate opening in the direction of Delhi which was to a the whole country what Mecca is to the Mohammedan. Quot there a Maxim in use that to time worn and old a the spendthrift a foot who part with Hie Gold be Ca Refial and Macinga Bat Don t he a Crank Pat a part of your pay in a Good savings Banki Quot ask our b. Thrifty Bureau How to spend and Saoe. I ids savings Majestic Battery tire Vulcanizing go. 121 North third st. Phone 5978 tires vulcanized and retreaded we handle new and second hand tires and takes. Give us a trial open evenings until 10 p. M. And All Day sunday. Satisfaction guaranteed biggest utile store Columbus did t establish our business. But you should worry if you like our service and the Square Deal we offer you. Judge us by what our customers Tell you and by what we Tell you if you have a complaint to make. Nothing Small about us but our store. Tolmie amp company Square Deal jewellers. Strand theater building. New York buyer s Sale Navy Blue taffeta and ribbon hats for the july and August Wear our buyers made an unusual Purchase of these hats at a ridiculously Low Price they Are a regular $8 and $10 hat 25 dozen in the lot All styles to fit All faces on Sale thursday Friday and saturday �,3 is /1ft one Price your Choice no Ginger ale can be better than the water from which it is made you can Bank on that statement ask any Man who knows Ginger ales. Deerfield Ginger ale is a pure Ginger ale because it is made from the Waters of the world famous Deerfield Mineral Springs the Waters of which Are Rich in the three life giving bicarbonates read the analysis below analysis of Deerfield Mineral Springs water sodium Chloride. Calcium sulfite. Sodium bicarbonate potassium a a Magne Shim a Silica. Grain per u s. Gallon Loi. 6.s7 19.06 23.19 6.07. 0.48 drink and serve Only total 56.48 Deerfield Ginger ale a you know thet i is pure quo order a Case from your grocer or your druggist \ Churchill drug co. Burlington la., Peoria 11., Cedar rapids la. A by Lull a com Why a touch will end it a com today i needless and millions of people know it. Yearn ago newly every woman had them. Now women who know Bike Jay never visit corns. Ask your own friends. Bike Jay comes in liquid form or plaster. One applies it in a Jiffy by a touch. The pain stops. In a Little time the whole com loosens and comes oat the proof is everywhere. Tans of millions of corns have been ended in this simple easy Way. This is the scientific method a the Modem Way of dealing with n com. It was created by this world famed Laboratory which every physician respects. One test will solve All Yon com problems. Make it tonight buy Bulwa Jay from your druggist Quot Blue Jay plaster or liquid the scientific Corn Ender a a Bauer a Black Chicago new York Tae sats meant 0�?fl�3ia�a j its Slisi Sci Safyn

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