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Cedar Rapids Evening Gazette (Newspaper) - June 23, 1920, Cedar Rapids, IowaWeather for Iowa Iowa fair tonight and probably thursday rising tape Rattre to no Girt and in East portion thursday. A new paper Fer family Home edition full Luied wire associated press report. Volume 38�?number 142.cedar rapids. Iowa wednesday june 23, 1920. Price. 2c in City 5c on trains Oregon got c00lidge in . Rag Wilson asks rail wage be fixed by David Lawrence. Copyright. 1520. By tin Valitie j Portland Ore., june 23.�? Harding and Lenroot was to have been Republican ticket and combination might have prevailed at Chicago but for interference of Wailace Mccamant Delegate from Oregon who spoiled Tuci plans of old Gottard by nominating gov Coolidge at psychological moment when entire con vent on was weary of balloting and name of Massachusetts governor seemed to offer a popular candidacy for vice p red Dent. Shortly after nomination of senator Harding relates or. Me Camano who has just returned Here from Chicago convention a word was passed around that senator Lenny to of Wisconsin wag to be his running mate. In common with other members of Oregon delegation i not receive suggestion with enthusiasm for several reason. In first place or. I in Root had a prominent part some years ago in fight to depose John c. Spooney one of Strong eat and Best political figures Wisconsin Ever had in favor of Robert m. Lafollette. Further than that his War record was none too Good. I Felt that we must look for leaders from those whoa americanism rang True during great test. Together with other members of Oregon delegation we talked matter Over during few minutes that we had and judge Carey of Oregon suggested that i nominate gov Coolidge As Oregon s Choice. Quot during this time some one had nominated Lenroot and when i jumped on top of a chair with idea of nominating Massachusetts governor i think chairman thought i wanted to second Lenroot e nomination. At any rate he recognized me readily in spite of uproar Hall was to and Ujj i bad time to say was merely that citizens of Oregon had instructed Oregon delegation to nominate one of great citizens of Mas a Chusett senator Lodge for vice president but inasmuch As that statesman had ask eel that his name not be used we desired to place in nomination name of another or Massachusetts great leaders gov cooler age. When Massachusetts members heard name they went wild jumped on chairs and shouted name of Coolidge hit popular Choice. Quot from Many Points throughout that Hall came seconds to my nomination and when Roll was called it vow soon evidenced that i had touched a popular chord. The action was entirely spontaneous and ten minutes before i jumped to my sent nothing was further from my mind or from minds of other members of Oregon delegation. Quot while i had not met gov Cool Ido Personalty i obtained it great Deal of information about him and became convinced that he possessed qualification which is perhaps above ail else in this time Coal exports grow while 0. S. Pays Piper Best goes abroad lower grades and a High Price is result Here. Editor s note coat invest go ton already live act calf Prospect to Lvi �a.000.000.000 profiteering in Coal and Tea famine threatening partly Early for . Tomorrow3 report will touch another vital spot ear congestion causing it All special to Gazette. Hampton roads june 23.�? practically entire output of Pocahontas West Virginia splint and Kentucky Block cola la flowing East for Export through Hampton roads and other Atlantic ports. The movement is so great that these three highest grades of american Domestic coals have Var to ally disappeared from Domestic Market and cannot be bought by americans at a Price within reason. No matter How Hig american retailer bids exporter goes him a Dollar better and gets Cool. The Export Drain is particularly Strong around Fairmont and new River w. A to get this Cream of am Eric a in Coal exporters Are paying As High As $11.50 a net ton with correspondingly higher prices for Pennsylvania Anthracite. Coal jobbers say that if this Price were Cut in half operators would still be getting a fair Price. The heavy Export demand sets Price Pace for american who buys in Domestic Market. Americans Pitnor pay Export a or Mhz acid Fth democrats want progressive and Cox of Ohio May suit them to Dot Price or Don t get their orders filled j Cantar. Hardin by Gunason Gardner. N. E. A. Staff correspondent. San Francisco Tuno 23.�? reactionary record of republicans at Chicago has left political Road wide open. The democrats have a Chance to win with a progressive candidate and platform. Quot will they take it that is question. The Chance to win has Given a now aspect at once to everything he re at Golden Gate. When party was looking for a Goat Mitchell Palmer s candidacy found no opposition. Mcadoo was genuinely uninterested and convention took on much character of a sparing match Between or. Bryan for dry league and everybody else for wets. Now democratic managers have started a Reil honest to Good search for j. Progressive candidate. And have begun sawing out planks for a sure enough progressive platform. At opposite poles All of which accounts logically for a sudden and almost unexpected prominence of Cox Boom. What about James m. Cox of Ohio what indeed hero is Lay out As presented by this fresh Young Boom. 1. He can carry Ohio in elec ton Over Harding having demonstrated fact by being elected governor three times and winning last time in spite of election of republicans to every other state office. 2. Hiing. As republicans Pride themselves on reactionary record of Harding so democrats Pride thorns moves on progressive record of Cox. 3. As Harding is certain to alienate th.? labor vote Cox has always polled labor vote. 4. Both Ore doily newspaper editors both were poor newsboys both been in Congress both Are Neap per proprietors and both Ara amp verdure speakers. 5. Cox has mood for personal Lih Erv. Including free speech Froe As right of labor to or booze boys to fight for lives at convention Bryan and Cochran to match wit in great showdown on floor. San Francisco Jane 23. A rumblings of democratic discord Over prohibition Issue became hourly More ominous today a delegates and party chiefs arrived in increasing numbers for National convention. Hope that gathering storm might spend itself behind closed doors of platform committee virtually was abandoned by leaders and they prepared to face an outbreak of tempestuous debate on floor of convention itself. Postmaster general Burleson a announcement for a modification of volstead act was accepted by Many As a warning of which Way wind of administration influence would blow. No one Here assumed to know with certainty How far sentiments of in tire Antithesis to hard a president Wilson might be in a at Minea for demand for Coal at Tidewater is now unlimited. Exporters Are taking every ton they can get. No matter How scarce Coal is. No matter How scarce Coal cars Are. The exporter s order is filled first. These Export shipments ils they flow East have clogged railroads so that new England Mills have run up an s. O. S. Signal. They want some of this Coal diverted from Hampton roads Cail Ollier ports and hauled into new England. Senator Walsh of Massachusetts is met Cpl unrest namely unquestioned Ameri j a demanding embargo of some form pan it to on Coal Export. He Points to in testimony of or. Mccou suit a a a a a Al ,c�. A. Tui Campeti squares indeed with what was it it it served from press Box in Chicago and Reveny a for first Lime what wits behind movement for Coolidge. A someone who had Noral rated Lenroot Quot. Was senator medial or tiling la who wag further disturbed when Alexander Moore of Pittsburg jumped to his feet and a wonder nomination of Coolidge in behalf of Pennsylvania this caused Mccormick to Rush Over to Pennsylvania delegation to find out what was Thoj on lid by limiting Coal exports to 10 percent of her Tota production though in 1313-1914 England exported 34 out of every 100 tons of Coal from her mined. Exports double. England according to Walsh is keeping her Coal it Home then buying american annl and using it Jas a medium of Exchange for acquiring cuban sugar Argentine beef and raw materials from Mediterranean countries. Walsh a to complied figures show inf that about ,000.000 tons of intr rms of Republican party on . Cox has it Kuat Efein Orn. Cox hns a Toner record of log Fla ton which he helped to pars favourable to labor Farmers and business is win As Well known Ohio constitutional convention which he i no a to liberalize. Finally it is urged in behalf of or a that insure As Between re Quot a a not a Tvr policies and reaction. Cd Ltd i a form in better emphasized than by nomination of Odaie from a he same state a Republican , making Ohio storm Center of in vacs Rind iii inf bom3 records of candidates text of debate. Mitchell Palmer will show most votes on first Roll Catl. White his manners claim More than 500 he. Bus pledged about half that number. This Means nothing for reasons previously stated will ghost of Mcadoo stay Lake that s one thing that worries them Ell. No matter How emphatic Ive Mokes his repudiation there is a. Secret fear in hearts of All Ether managers that he is Only Holny Coy. But anyhow Cox pen Cord with those of or Burleson. After Many conferences in an Effort to Lay a basis for Harmony Homer s. Cummings National chairman said today it seemed to be a a fair bet Quot that question would be taken to convention floor for a settlement regardless of what decision was made to platform committee. Closely intertwined with prohibition question is problem of selecting a nominee in Accord with platform As finally agreed on and among Many of practice politicians there is a feeling that two decisions must be settled virtually at Ona Strpka. A. A a. Among most of Leaden it is agreed that whatever trouble develops Over treaty will be Only a drop in bucket compared to prohibition fight. Drle a confident leaders of Bone dry forces were confident today that they would command a Good majority in committee. Where each state has Only one member and could keep out of committee report any declaration for a change in present Law. With this View most of opposing managers privately agreed but they declared that when an Appeal wag taken to convention itself vote would Tell a much different Story. The Large states it was pointed out while having Only one vote apiece in committee will have a much greater voice in whole body of delegates who make up final court of appeals. And most of largest delegations Are counted on for support by advocates of a Beer Plank. A complicating feature of a convention floor fight would to under which Many estate Humboldt sends every druggist to i convention talk revised Law with Tine Hundred per cent attendance Humboldt la., came to fore today leading All other places in state in Point of attendance at Fortieth annual convention of Iowa. State pharmaceutical association now in session Here. There Are three druggists in Humboldt and All three Are Here. When president a. C. Phillip pounded his Gavel at opening of today s session at chamber of Commerce rooms number of visiting druggists showed a considerable increase. The principal address this morning was made by o. Fatten adviser Cor code re renew riots in one Man killed Catholic College is attacked attempt to assassinate an inspector. Unit Rule. Trouble. He asked gov. Sproul. Who a were shipped out of United porn i a Vav i us i a i a. P5� Are now going after nor i. ,. The Mcadoo Driega ions axe instructed to vote was chairman of delegation what it All meant since senator Penrose was understood to have agreed o nomination of Len Root. But seconding had Alre Triy been done and or. Moore s prestige in a pen Syku Anta delegation was such that his colleagues stood Buck of him for evidently word about j would to exported. Lenroot had not let on passed to tie it americans who want this Coal Pennsylvania delegation 5�on Lut can t bid against Export enough one arson taken was Price Point Cut that of Coal states during april. His information from Coal men la that by Midsummer Export shipment May to a it High of 4,000,000 tons a month. This would be at a yearly rat of 43.000.000 tons. In Ether words out of a very eleven tons of Coal mined in . United states Orre spontaneous. Sli Oruie gets More acute every ton quote i i?�lj�ii_l92r? a to in from Domestic Market. A a a a shipped abroad a an Iner Reasing greater Drain. And gov. Sprout Hud finished talking movement for was in full swing and could not be i topped so leaders accepted Coo Lidge after ail they had no objection to Massachusetts governor in first instance. Their idea in advancing Lenroot was to put a Western progressive on Tickel who would contribute strength from my Isis Oisin and states West of Mississippi. It Vag believe that two conservatives would not make n Strong ticket. On other hand now that it is All Over Many republicans fee that it might have been a mistake to put two United states senators on ticket As it might have Lent color to charge that a handful of men in states Senate controlled Republican National convention. Indeed in Many parts of West Coolidge is better known than hard i ing and some republicans say Frank by that convention a put cart before but in Oregon a ticket is popular enough to i carry state without much i trouble. That s Outlook in june a even before democrats have named their candidates. Canada is a big Factor in our Coal Export Market her mines Eup ply Only 41 per cent of her Coal needs and m 1320 she will probably buy about 22.030,0&0 tons of american Coal. Canada has thousands of american Coal cards. Which she is holding As hostages until american railroads locate and Send Home Founty no with both hands. Bryan to a candidate too. Tlynn of Chursr is going to have a lot to say. Incidentally hot has an trounced that he is opposed to Cox Bec Riiho Cox is wet. I it were not for this dry and wet Issue Cox would probably be. An almost unopposed candidate. And of course. Bryan is really a candidate himself All More so since Chicago named Harding. Speaking of progressives word has been received Here that Bainbridge Colby recently named by Wilson As Secretary of state is to come Here As a Delegate from District of Columbia though he is a citizen of new York state and that he is favored by administration As a candidate for permanent chairman of convention and is groomed As a dark Hor amp a candidate though he is a Bull Moose by his last political Aff Fli in Ion which simply goes to show How Oiher cars that belong in Canada a a people Are trying Kcf take Bur Havant to Ore pr0��r63s. Attempts to get these Gondola _ and Hopper Coal cars Back to 4 Katf we apparently be in 1 escaping Gas set i actual until our Railroad congestion is unravelled and an Exchange can be made. Set election Days in Mexico August 1-5 fire by burning Gas caused blowup Des monies. Jun�.,23,�? is Losion at Dos Moines Gas Plant several weeks ago. Which caused death of five workmen and City s Gas Supply being shut off for about urges priority Coal shipments to Avert famine a a fico City. June 23 a a Call for National elections issued by Secretary of Interior today fixes a two weeks was caused by escaping Date for congressional elec j Gas being ignited by burning Gas j oppose Titi tons on sunday. Augustl while a. A jets according to verdict of ministration Jav. New president will be chosen on i coroners jury made Public late yes a abandoned Hope Quot however that they As a body it was suggested today however that there might be a general agreement to let each Delegate he counted according to has own convictions when prohibition Issue came to its final showdown. On that basis both sides were predicting Victory and Many of these in a position to know Wero declaring outcome would be close. Some of oldest leaders declared in fart that division might be close enough to make argument and oratory on convention floor deciding Factor. Bryan to Lead fight. William j. Bryan would he expected to Lead Bone Drys and he probably would find pitted against him strategists and orators of first rank. Vision committee appointed by last session of legislature to revise All pharmacy Laws of Iowa asked if be had a copy of his speech for publication. Or. Patton said Quot copy 3 Haven t even got original. I prepared my speech coming Over on in ter Urban this morning from Iowa to consolidate boards. He nevertheless delivered a rattling Good speech. He explained that code revision committee of which he is advisor had been appointed by last session of legislature to revise pharmacy Laws of Iowa code revision committee he said has proposed a Bill that will consolidate pharmacy and All other boards having to do with Public health into one commission. Or. Patton explained Bill to convention. The Only woman visitor who he to to missed a session of Conven Tion thus far is Zada m. Cooper professor of pharmacy at Iowa state University. She has been a a regular attendant at every meeting. A prof. Cooper said this iti Oming that there Are at present twelve women a students of pharmacy at state University. She is not Only woj Man teaching pharmacy there Are fifteen or Twenty others in United states she said Dean Teeter Here. Doan w. J. Teeter of College of pharmacy Iowa state University is also attending convention. Dean Teeter this morning pointed out an exhibit of drug plants from a Quot drug Garden at state iii versus which Are now being displayed at chamber cd Commerce rooms. By raising these plants students at University become familiar with their appearance use and method of compounding into drugs. The state College of pm armary Dean to amp Eter said has charge of drug dispensary for Hospital at unit Erst to and supplies More drugs than fifteen Ordinary phar Mii cies. Another exhibit from state of pharmacy is a set of United states from 1s20 to 1317. The Pharmon Pooia is revived every ten years. There is also a copy of in use before United states had any and which was introduced by Massachusetts medical society from abroad and published in 13ds. Has old certificate another interesting exhibit is a certificate granted in. 1ss8 to Rudolph Famer of Quot Wilton Junction near Muscatine certifying that he had passed Hig examinations and become a a registered assistant or. Famer explained that he had come from Switzerland but a year before and that he Wax never More proud of anything in his life certificate is looked on a a curiosity because Only a few of them were issued and for a. Long time there has been Tio such thing to this slate As a registered assistant pharma Clur. A. J. Kilmer of Mason City former president of association arrived in time for today a session he and his wife driving through in their automobile. Others who came today by Auto route were Joseph Cochran of Minneapolis and his family. W. R. A no will Iam w. It atre of fort Dodg. Last night s principal a a Urac Tion of course was dance held at chamber of Commerce which was Well attended and which All Londonderry june 23�?there was no cessation today in Battle Between unionist and nationalist factions which has kept Londonderry in a. Terror stricken state for some Days. During night rival factions erected additional barricades from which they kept up a continuous fire. At times shooting reached intensity of volleys malcontents today were in entire charge of most of City and it even was impossible to learn number of casualties from authorities. Reports were in circulation that several bodies had been seen lying in Bishop Street but it was Worth one a life to attempt to get to Bishop Street to verify reports. The military remained passive troops watching bodies of armed men pass through Side streets to their Battle positions. Considerable fighting occurred on water front which was Cut off from rest of town. The Central police station was isolated from other station find police virtually were be Sci ged. To was rumoured that a Force of sinn seiners was gathering outside City and also that Irish volunteers were about to take a hand. No More troops had arrived in Londonderry up to this afternoon. It was reported however that an additional battalion had detained at col Eraine about thirty Miles Northeast of this City and was marching in to escape danger of its train being wrecked As Many persons a Are finding it Prim Halo heaving Londonderry. A a w. Bourke Cochran of new York visitors seemed to enjoy. But what will be september was mentioned As one of those who might be asked to match wits and eloquence with nebraskan in convention debate. Although or. Bryan is expected to make a fight also against administration treaty plonk general belief of his friends Here is that1 he will Reserve his greatest Effort for prohibition problem. He is expected to reach son Francisco late in week though treaty fire works May Start with arrival late today of senator Carter Glass of Virginia who is credited with holding president Quot Wilson s commission to write administration league of nations Plank. Senator Glass is leading Sadat Date for chairman of Pii Torrn committee info general prediction today was that he would be chosen to that position with Little some of anti and managers had not sundays up temper a. J Lemay. J i Arhat Combine their forces to elect a. Quot a a some one else. Cd Mon let s go out and Root that it was still an open question whether adoption of plot for Home team looks Good j would come first on convention 1 program. The Prospect of a pro Washington june 23.-�?a priority order for transportation of cd Al by in and water tor use of Public utilities in new York 5t\ie. Was requested of interstate Commerce commission today by James b. Walker and Morgan Donnelly Public service commissioners of new York. Assistance of commit Sion would be Neo amp sary they said to relieve fuel situation in new York which wag described As rapidly Beoo gulag alarming a with record of seven victories in last ten games played Cedar rapids three Eye league baseball club has. To All appearances struck a Pace Thal will soon place it among leading teams of league. It faces its first danger of reversal today when Peoria which is leading league and which yesterday won two games from Rockford plays Here. The Peoria a a air. Will also play a double header at local ten usow to Lemoon two game being offered for Price of a single admission. The first game Rill begin at 2 p. M. Slapnicka and Clink who won a double Heifer sunday Are expected to pitch for locals. The rooting of a Large delegation of fans helps to win bail frames. Support is needed for local team financially As Well As morally. Help pock Park for double header tomorrow take advantage of a bargain and see bunnies win. Longed fight in committee ours prohibition and perhaps some other subjects hated to mov test to go ahead with while committee sits. The usual a Der is to a repose of platform first however. And general feeling seemed to be that custom would be followed. Deadlock seen such to flt As there was today regarding candidates seemed to strengthen prospects of a deadlock for several ballots. Some of those in inner Circle of plans said Cranfi Otid happened in rooms numbered 622624-626628 at Montrose is what furnished most Causo for gossip today. There were whispers this morning of galloping dominoes. Edelweiss galore and a veritable flood of Green River. The travelling men connected with convention know something of this if they would Only Tell Moore speak. Although Lieut. Gov. Ernest r. Moore was expected to address druggists this morning he found it impossible to do so a Stoard meeting keeping him away. Or. Moore wag not Down on official program for a speech but promised arrangement committee that if he could pos Sibly arrange it he would appear at convention for a Short time. He May appear later. Shortly after noon s he druggists piled out of chamber of Commerce building and posed for official photograph of convention a bleacher like arrangements of seats had been built in front of . Building on which visitors perched precariously for photograph. Many of them wore red and Blue feathers in their hats. After photograph Barf been taken visiting women went to they w. C. A. For luncheon and later attended a theater party this after Moon a session was marked principally by a Brief business session and by an address by or w. S. Conkling of United states health Bureau on Sale of quack remedies. The afternoon session was Cut Short so that visitors could get out to Ball grounds and watch bunnies cavort around Diamond. An entertainment will be bold for visitors this evening and tomorrow win be but Day of Coo shoot of. Catholic school London june 23.1�?civil War continues in. Londonderry there being fierce fighting in. The streets Ever wide area of City last night according to a Central news dispatch. St. Columb kills collage a Catholic institution was attacked by Rifle fire and a Catholic named Mckenna was shot dead to Bishop Street on which College is located. Numerous other casualties Are reported. Great apprehension has teen caused in Dublin by attack on assistant inspector general Roberts yesterday which recalls recent attempt to assassinate Field marshal Viscount French say a Dublin dispatch to London times correspondent says Roberts spent night at his Home at Button a few Miles out of City and returned by train by 10 a a. He was met there by an automobile containing police officers and when it started for Dublin Castle other policemen fell a behind. As car neared railway Bridge at Beresford flac a party of men stepped from behind pillars of Bridge Drew revolver and opened fire. The occupants of be instantly replied and shooting on both sides was almost continuous of Long As car wag in sight of attacking party bomb throwers Busy during height of firing two bombs were thrown explosion being heard Over a Large part of City. Apparently neither attack ers nor police officers were Majuree by to tabs. Roberts was shot through head at first Volley and fell against chauffeur who although shot through both Lega kept Hla grip on wheel and drove car at furious Speed out of danger. It is said that beyond doubt Roberts Owen his j life to chauffeurs presence of j mind. The whole incident lasted j Only a couple of minutes but during j this time it is declared acc least fifty j shots were fired Roberts and chauffeur whose a name is path were conveyed to a military Hospital from Cootie and were doing Well. No arrests 1 have been made and it is not known a whether any of assailants of i assistant inspector general were j wounded. Roberts was appointed to office a few months ago in Succes Jolon to inspector Redmond who was skilled by assailants january 20 last. Official count of state primary shows several close c contests Des Moines june 23.�?further results of official canvass of Republican vote at state primary june 7, were announced late 3�?Tester Day. They included for attorney general Evans 64,802 Hadley 63,436 and Gibson 69 -117, for auditor Haynes 63,345 me Lei and 45,430 Albers 40,451 and Gose 37,634.candidates for both those offices will Liao to be chosen at Republican state convention. Official canvass of primary vote for Republican candidates for Railroad commissioner announced today showed. E. P. Woodruff 63,262 f. J. Bradley 50,273 or. Thomas Vaud 37,174 c. E. Doak 30,386. Woodruff lacked 121 votes of being nominated at primary his total being that much below required 15 per cent. Tho Republican state convention will have to name candidate for Railroad commissioner. 207 profiteering charges against Gimbel Brothers rail unions in threat to Aid outlaw strike expect wage adjustment soon or May not oppose men walking out. Washington. June Pretol Dent Wilson sent a message today to Railroad labor Board at Chi Cago urging that it make an immediate award of wage Contro my. Tho text of my a age was not made Public at Whit House. Announcement of Preah vat it action was Mode after w. N. Doak vice president of trainmen s brotherhood had called at White bulletin new York Juno 23.�?glmbiil Brothers of new York operators of a Large department store Here and controlled by interest which own similar establishments in other cities today were indicated on 307 counts for profiteering in clothing Frederick Gimbel vice president of Corpora ton Joseph a Dowdell a merchandise manager and Charlea d. Slawter clothing buyer were indicated on same charges. The Gimbel indictment today supersedes complaints on which Dowdell and sly water were arrested saturday and All three men now will have to appear in Federal court for pleading to it. New quake Shock in los Angeles los Angeles Juno 23.�?a slight earthquake at 4 a m. Today was Felt chiefly in Southern Section of lob Angeles and at Inglewood which sustained heaviest damage in a Hock of monday night tremor today rattled buildings but caused no damage. House and conferred with Secretary Tumulty. Or. Doak to a statement issued after he had conferred with or. Tumulty and with Secretary Payne head of Railroad administration said a cafe of Railroad Brotsch Rhoods hoped there would be a settlement of wage question Tilia week and that if not Quot probably situation will be much worse than at a appeals have gone up from adj parts of amp country to Labon Board/1 said or. Doak Quot and we de a sire Public to know that Blaj much heralded and advocated menu i of of adjusting questions of this character according to present indications is a rank and hopeless a information prepared for iubmlft4 Slop to Secretary Payne today Lodi i rated that unless assurances Werff Given immediately to railway work Era that a wage adjustment might bal expected soon unauthorized strike of trainmen at Philadelphia. Baltimore and Many other Points might not be opposed further by . Brotherhoods a w. N. Doak vice president of brotherhood of railway try tame expected to discuss Titu Atlo with or. Payne who is director Gen Jeral of Railroad and minis Tatlo lie also plans to leave Tbs week Fot Chicago where Railroad Tabor Board is meeting. Reports to Tabor Headquarters them today indicated no improvement w situation and pointed to let creased unrest among men. Len Bor leaders said that since be a ginning of unauthorized strikes 30,000 men had been dismissed fro i unions but that feeling Wom growing that to continue Long men was bandits Cut rail line in Chihuahua state Al Fabo Tena june 23.�?vfl-li&tas again have Cut Railroad Between Jiminez and Parral Chihuahua according to information received Here. Several american mining men Enro Ute Parral have been forced to wait at Jim amp be for reopening of . Itoe. Charles Murphy democratic Boss under indictment owls invade Kansas town Peck Many a Eye Girard has.,. June 23 Man has suffered probable loss of eight in one Eye and numerous other persons Bear scratches As inc result of an invasion of belligerent screech owls that have terrorized Girard and Vicinity for More than a week. Manager Tighe resigns from Rock Island club Rock Island di., june 33-�? Jack Tighe Veteran of Many years of baseball resigned last night of manager of Rock Island three Eye league club. He said in his resignation that toe believed finances of dub demanded a playing manager. A Chicago wan in being sought a a rue be amp Sor Elmer Benam second base Man was placed to temporary charge of club before it deputed far a last a Tishye bulletin new York june 23.�?charlee f Murphy tammany Leader was one of six Roen secretly indicted yesterday by extraordinary grand jury which has been investigating alleged attempts of or Murphy to intimidate Louis a Hartogs a manufacturer into returning $125.000 which to invested with. Harton company during War. With or. Murphy were indicted assistant District attorney James a Smith John a. Mccarthy former business partner of John Murphy brother of Charles f. Murphy a Thiis a Baldwin a lawyer Ernest b. Walden vice president of Corn products company and com products company itself. The it was Learned today charged that defendants conspired to coerce Hartog to Settle a suit for $10,000,000 damages which he brought against Murphy after latter is alleged to have Hia a inapt Fontin Hartnup n drawn Hia support from Hartogs company. Ball for each defendant was fixed at $1,000 insists my ado s name goes before convention Kansas City june 23�?in a Telegram sent from Pueblo Colo from train bearing Missouri delegates to democratic notional convention Burrus a. Jenkins Kansas City Clergyman and publisher announced that be has definitely decided to place name of we Liam g. Mcadoo before democratic National convention for Preed Enklat nomination. Or Jenkins said be was led to decision by Dibo Overy that half to two thirds of Missouri delegates were strongly in favor of Mcadoo a name being placed before convention. Texas Fob Meadoo Dalas june 22.�?declaring their intention. To. Cast Texas forty votes on first ballot for William of Mcadoo. For presidential nomination Texas Delegate to democratic National convention left Bare last no Jet or. . Wage decision Bradt in about two weeks. Chicago june 2$. A Wilson a message asking that to railway wage Board give an imm Aai. Ate decision in wage controversy has not yet been received Beard announced at l p. A railway labor Board s deed foe revising wages of All it food Ena Joyce probably win to handed Desra within two weeks it was indicated. Judge a m. Barton chairman of Board said impatience of Railroad men to get a decision Only delaying cose he declared Board s deliberations were being interrupted scores of times doily by Cele Gatins of Railroad men asking that a Date for decision be set. As Many As 300 Calta have been received in a single Day toe said. 1 Board s publicity department declared that delay in reaching a decision bad soothing to do with present Railroad strikes and that Board believed strikes would continue even after wage com is settled. The strikes it was raid Arm prompted by on internal fight fori control of railway unions Andl not primarily by dissatisfaction wet it wages. The wage question has Beuic injected it was intimated to Decey a Public. The labor Hoard declined to con Sider Glatma of strikers railroads announced that men s places were vacant and that they1 Bod lost All seniority rights and brotherhood Are supporting railroads and labor Hoard in their Bland. Attitude of strikers. The strikers however have notified labor Board and president. Wilson that they will accept no decision which does not include re Tori ton of their positions with Fuith seniority rights j officials of fifteen ran room unions Are to meet Here Friday fms consultation and to less if Porjai blow when Board will decide wag Case. Friday night a Maze meeting w0fc a be held by Chicago Yard men association and United Angl be menus association two striking unions to Lay their cose before Public. The strike which have broken out in half dozen or More cities during1 lost week spread to Savannah 111�, today with fifty Chicago. Burlington and Quincy Aid Chicago Mir Waul Cee and st. Paul employee it situation elsewhere in a Liq Central state showed improvement according to reports to b rot Hern. Hood of Radway trainmen officers Here. Burlington where c. B. Ondy q. Switchman struck lost week to number of men were reported it have returned to work vhf a enough outsider have been sent in by tto a brotherhood to restore conditions to Normal at Benld 111., where chill Cago and Northwestern Man Bav teen on strike Normal and Felon have been restored. John Grunt our or widest of Chicago Yard men i a

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