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Cedar Rapids Evening Gazette (Newspaper) - January 17, 1919, Cedar Rapids, IowaPlan summer Camp for r. 0. T. C. Men Iowa men go to Dodge 51k week training for col legs students is War department plan. By a it o. Dougherty. or cd a Jan. It ate Sfer military Man Guyera in which that in Tho Reserve Ofelt Hurtt tray alas a Oren a the sixteen Iowa Iriti minions military course will participate Are to he heart fat of Ernp Talase Hirl nof Tho att Utmer Vail Stanaj it Eru it it i for six Reelta if the plans of Tho War de a part nent a Oriun Lymie on education and special training Are carried of the twit schools that Havo no ready Orsa lard units of Tho vat Turve off Lehr f rain Las corp or have applied for i in which will no a ranted s a if Lui Hull this following i sly a. Redar Kali la r a Rnell Euil offs in Vernon a jes Moines put Llema is Moines tii Ako unt Voi atty a a Mullies nub College and finh Wiinie coi iese and Sam Lam y. Rhinnie Hunnell cult Njoto Iowa a trite t , Arnos Iowa slate ten tiers Folly Isi Miar Rulli Iowa we. Leyna College. It. F Lea i i fugue University of Iowa town a Luither Cut Tese a Worah of a nuns to these a mix Olty per a Foj is Toliese. Thmpson comes. Fief pianola Don tent a Tilleson a Ana i Ullin Vorih Tollese. Own i1 ill i no like National guard the plan far the summer Maneu vers which will a it effect the mun1 a the am time Encampment of the old town National Fram a provide for the of sufficient from to Sohons top who Llyia Sionil Field work and . To title it is exp iii Tod that to notice of the appointment of executor. Slate of town Mutt county notice a hit Rev Keven that tha under shined has Imen pm this filth la fit of Jant utry it ii. Duly appointed to nil Finith licit As Xinu Noil of Tho of with Frank nor Ciocon Lato of Runty Iva to ceased. All per wms it Index Itcik a. Naid estate Aio to histed in to lie immediate pay. A Al he a a a a claims the same will present them �i�hai�11 la in h Tett to Tho under a v of f,atn7< s Byorak a Flynn Kun attorney 3shedi,n Tho Gazette Jap. In no re students will predominate if i the intention of the War department s committee to have Siena corps students and other auxiliary units participate in the general Maneu vers. Six weeks intensive Field work for. The a cortege both would to sufficient it is maintained to top or the technical and Quot Book Quot military study they would have had Dur Long Tho first five months of the course at school. It likewise would give the students a touch of greater military discipline than they will rin<3 in the schools because every movement and action we be under Tho watchful scrutiny of army off Cora thoroughly conversant with the movement and handling of Lar Etc oodles of troops. The scheme of the War. Department is to select Tho first six weeks of the a Cote an period or the last six weeks just preceding the resumption of the fail a term Quot of school. This would por Mac the students to pursue civilian jobs or work a hiring a majority of the vacation a period to gain recompense necessary to meet the incidental expenses of school Ulfo. The plan also involves the payment of transportation of i Tuo rats Fhon their Colloq of town to Tho Chimp and return and Aub so Stone while in.1 Camp with payment of a private s salary of 30 a 1 month during the six weeks training f Erlot. Wait for appropriation while authority to hold the big in nop vers already has. Boon procured by the department it remain for Congress to appropriate Juir Rilent Money to take care of the transportation subsistence and Pav of Tho student Sollors. This has a a Quot w&Quot.1. And War deportment Olf Lylath Hal eve that the fund will to Tho department already has Al in Tod to the committee sufficient arms ammunition and personal a a Page to outfit 100,000 students. Adequate artillery ordnance signal supplies and other War materials also has been made Avn Llanto to properly carry on the military work at Tho schools. Summer Campaign of the Rene i to off cars training corps As outlined by the committee also pros of a th0. So Noii in of technical students now in units at the schools of Mohnn lab. Such As Ames to a sinus for further instruction during the vacation period. Iowa Stu a tit Tofu bal Claih of course thou Ltd i Hortik Island Arsenal As that is the most convenient in Iowa Llu a a a pursuing studios in or Tilory they May to sent to the in Tillory Camps at a oils Volle by. H it a majority of them will be de Slinn cd to go to Camp Dodge students trim Dakota schools end from Nehr ska and Minnesota also to sent to Camp Dodge if provision can not be made at Camp i Amston and Grant to care Cor them the Cedar rapids evening Gazette Friday. January 17, gig. Feed a Hen and Shell food you Cutny Erting table scraps into egg. There a no trick about feeding ekk-3fl Yingfu Heidia i Xii Era Are Aoma ample rules ave sch a child . The feed Effir Lay tier hens food product Egga. Table scrap Yoiiro own and neighbors if you can set them furnish an. Ideal ration for hens. A Little Grain should , a the Grifiin be scale red in the., scratchings hed litter will compel he is t6 excer else. Niort Means Skol did to served in plenty and in a cold weather should he placed so it can be to quickly. Eaten. A a a a plenty of fresh a Ltd ter Tiet Quot be within reach All Day drinking fountains which keep the water free of litter and Unfrozen a nay be made a purchased at Low Price. Do not allow food. To freeze and. Don t let food stand in Tho Yard Over night. Take out what they. Jeave hons Wake up Nasiy a Urt should spend the morning hours scratching for food a., mixed Chicken fixed May be purchased and this will round out. The fond which a otherwise would go into the Gra Renfre can. Cirn May be fed spam fifty. In v cold weather Corn does t produce eggs three fourths of is water therefore plenty it inter. Quot Hehs will not Lay in Winter tin less they Are fed Green food. Cab Figa leaves anti leftovers of lettuce Skiens. Etc., Are Tine or Oliea May be sprouted and fed to. The liens when the a Reen shoots Are from one to three inches Long. Cats. Is sprouted in a a Somons by soaking it a Day in water then Paclin it about an in Ltd thick on several pieces of. Wet paper. Quot tri week s time it will Lesin to Shont out Green leaves by Start in e a tray of Oats every few flays you Wlla have Green food ail Ilbrink the cold weather a in warmer weather Lawn clippings May be fed. In Spring anti fall hens la let out for an hour or so eve Ping. And will forage their greens tomorrow sin ssh will Teil you How to Hatch Chii Cubi a we move to our new store at 213 2nd ave. East we wish to hold local men pledged to fraternities at Iowa special to the Gazette Iowa City a Jan. 17.-the Iowa University greek letter Trater nit Lea have announced their pledges for 19lp among the Young men to be initiated duly Ere the following from Cedar Hap Dav Ben lurid a agma Alpha email in Lloyd Knolk Theta a and Robert Lostal Theta was. 67-years of age au3 a Pioneer of Solon. employee of that rack Island railway company More than thirty two years. A. Joseph Wei Dell and John Gates of la to Are Brothers. Mrs. George Wolf of Mol Toshi minn., is a Foster daughter 6f mrs Gates. Or. Charles Moore returns from abroad Daniel Gates Dies was injured in 1914 special to the Kaz bite. 1 Iowa City la., Jan. Gates who never recovered fully after being struck by Rook Island train in april 1914, in dead in an Iowa City Hospital. A by a stratum coincidence the same train Hud injured him in a collision in 1sb1, thirty three years before. Or Gates Independence if Jan. 17.�? or Charles a Moore Canfall in he red Cross made a Brief visit Here at the he of his aunt mrs. Nelson Randyn or Moore has just returned from Europe where wifi spent eighteen months in red Cross service. When he volunteered he a was a practising physician at pot land Ore. He went Over As a specialist for children less than. Is years of age and his a s Evice was mainly Upong the refugees. Near the close of this service he was previously gassed arid spent six weeks a dark room air a Hospital. His sight is Perju Anent a injured. Big removal Sale notice of probate of Wilu Fiehl to town Tenn county sir in Ihrl of the tract court \ it Tiluy con Stirni is i Ven that in a a a at Iury a. To it it 10id, a sgt i or Tik a m., an Laai Rumeau 1? Quot i a a will a cml Tel tam eat of to. , late 0f anti it i Quot d Foo Avert will tame on for he kilns in Ftp the la that Canu t til pro Tiati i Quot it it enl Fml in of Sai Noor inn la we a. To Quot 1c. A a r. O. ,clerk of Hurlet court a a Atto Fow. Jutte Ciao Otto Jun Buchanan county boy is killed in action spell no to the Gazette tkdkprcnnenc.13, 7a, Jan. 17.�? or. Oacar to inf Berg has Rece Lvoff it Stolfi Arram from the War depart rant informing her that her brother. Ser try Trorman heft was killed in action in a Vance sept. 12. A Tel cd from received nov. 3 stated that her brother was Niles los in notion. Herman heft was born in West horse township anti practically nil lire has Boon spent in Buchan Hie Fil 23 Vars of Aeo to ousted in Tho regular Arviv soon Notor Tho War broke out and trained at Camp Forrest. Ga., Ancl Camp Morritt n. A he was sent in moly with Tho Elev re a nth acted h9 had Boen i Ai Ettori in uly inst he was promoted to sergeant. He la survived by his father John i Toft of Glidden and four Sis Cora. Genuine Bayer tablets of aspirin when your at stake its a poor time to take chances a with substitutes and imitation is. Loot for the Bayer Cross on aspirin tablets. Marked with the Bayer mss for Bur additional Protection. Ttra7uvfis�?T07dt��?~f� the most talked of Sale is the Max january furniture Sale very sharply reduced to $16.50 the Price of every article reduced from tags that were never marked up a Sale of real bargains. A we will sell every ladies and misses cloth coat in Stock at on half off. A. Quot All Plush Coats will go at one fourth off. A a a. Ladies silk and Wool dresses at one half ladies skirts at one fourth off. trimmed hats to sell at one half off. Ladies sweater Coats at one fourth off. Menus and boys suits and overcoats to be sold at one fourth off. _ menus and. Boys. Mackinaw shoes and sweaters All must go. Every one of the above items will positively be sold As advertised. We would rather sell this merchandise at a big discount to make room for an Doh Sis be at 218 Send a two dignified credit terms to suit each individual. Successors to Farley. Amp asked 20s first ave. E. Never again will this chair sell for the same Money when these Are gone. Per set of 6 $18.50 furniture is not going up. Its going Down at. This Sale. A same value per set of 6, $16.50 confidential convenient dignified credit to the responsible solid Oak Plank top 48 Inch quite a bargain at. $22.50 a cup of water Flunt Jemima Pamucak Efio re tac in town. Honest if All commodities were a Low priced a May Quality furniture you woul All la both ends meet. A real Reed baby Carriage at a a substantial saving to you for $19.50,. Worth looking at after you get it for $15.00max furniture store223 third Street Max Hasa a Eart men Fie Marks tie Selling prices a minute Quot the breakfast everyone loves and so economical tool the Sweet milk is already in the aunt Jemima flour and its so Rich you need no eggs. A Brig let 1911, ant Jura last Hixa can fit pc mph Lii Wirf women swear i fair prices

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