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Cedar Rapids Evening Gazette, The (Newspaper) - January 10, 1905, Cedar Rapids, IowaThe Cedar rapids evening Gazette tit Bedat january 19o5 Brothers meet i after150 years children when parted Are now old men. Reunion Here of James and George Rose clears mystery of half Century and son go to Spring for water and never return. After a separation lasting Over half a Century embracing a period extend ing from Happy Golden Days of child Hood to sedate iconoclastic epoch of life s declining two Brothers James and George Rose were reunited last night clasping hands and calling one the other by name for the first time since they were parted one summer morning some fifty years ago. Mutual recognition. Whiling away the Leaden hours by nervously pacing to and fro the length of the Union station waiting room James Rose prosperous Farmer and Man of affairs in Routt county Colo Rado awaited impatiently the arrival of Tho Rock Island passenger train from the North. The clock hands Pace of snails travelled imperceptibly to the Twenty minutes past six but finally from afar came echoes of whistle blasts on the wintry night air soon followed by the rumbling of a train rolling into the station. Tho very moment the vestibules Hud been opened an excitable Little Man in a Gray travelling Ulster alighted ii jul ran Square into the arms of a by Stander who had been eagerly scan Ning tilt faces of the hurrying crowd As if in search of some one expected to arrive on this train. Recognition was intuitive and Mutual. The names alone were but the expression conveyed a whole i Virld of meaning. Fifty years ago. In a picturesque Valley. Along the Banks of the Ohio River dwelt Abner Rose with family some fifty years ago. An honest hard working Farmer he tilled the soil working Early and cultivating acres Fortune re warded labors and the tidily sum Laid away in the Bank in anticipation of the proverbial Rainy Day grew ind grew until one Clay Rose awoke to the realization that he was wealthy and that dark Days of struggle and poverty were forever ended. The Rose family was regarded with Inin Glod Awe and respect by country Folk thereabouts. While neighbourly and Friendly enough surely none extended Hospital Ity and even Charity More freely and with More becoming Hose family kept aloof from the Petty affairs of humdrum country life and for the most part lived within them selves. Village gossips averred that it Murtha Rose s Sovereign right to hold High pretty head in Pride. Was not her husband the wealthiest and most influential citizen the town ship Over and what Mother was there among them blessed with More hand some or precocious sons family ties broken. From the Fields Sweet with the scent of the new mown Hay one perfect morn in Midsummer Abner Rose came walk ing up the Lane and through the open door curled a Martha fetch me the bucket and i la fill it Down at the old Spring in the then addressing the youngster play ing on the door step George do you i want to go with the child leaped to feet with a 7 Happy cry of assent. For an excursion r to the Spring with dad meant a ramble and a Romp through the Fields Ami perchance a ride on shoulder before returning Home. Hand in hand Abner Rose and child disappeared Over the Crest of the Meadow. They never returned. The Linht in the window. The country Side was aroused and a thorough systematic search instituted but As the Days passed by and no Clew was developed the Aid of detectives was invoked. Weeks rolled into months and months were merged into Vears but Abner Rose and Little George had disappeared As completely As if the Earth had swallowed them. The bucket found near the Spring was the Only Trace left of the husband and son. As went on the funds in the i Bank were exhausted by continuance of the search for some revelation that might solve the mystery and return the loved ones to the fold. While she lived Martha Eose never abandoned Hope that some Day her husband and Little baby would come i Back to her. One Day they Laid her Al rest in the churchyard and Jim Rose now a Stalwart Young Chap was left alone in tie world. I. Promise me you will never give up i looking for them be seethed Mother on her death bed. Keep the lamp burning in the window that they i n my see the Way and when Jim promised she closed her eyes and slept. Solution of mystery. Although Over fifty years have elapsed since that fateful morning Jin j remember it As Well As it it were remarked George Rose in reminiscent Confidence to brother. When we came to the Spring fat Liei suggested that we go play in the yield beyond. After a Romp he said George i reckon we had better go on to Towl Spring we Are this far from Home my infantile mind was impressed a sense that something was Radi Cally wrong and 1 endeavoured Suade from this decision. Promises of Candy and an Early return Home to Mother won my acquiescence. Choosing a devious route through the Timber we skirted the edges of the Village and from passing country folks. Night found us near a Railroad crossing and a passing freight afforded us transportation under concealment the train Crew to new York lather began drinking and i was thrown out on the streets to beg for Money to buy whisky. When 1 cried for Home and Mother and Jim he beat me with fists most cruelly and brutally. When cold and hungry i came one to the miserable attic we called Liotine i found dead. Since that time i have been but letter about but by hard work and Economy have made a name for myself As an honorable Man and earned a fail competence. And Best of All Jim i be found you again or rather you found search rewarded. Jim Rose remembered the Promise he made Mother and through All the years never relented in the search for brother and father or for some revelation that would solve the mys Tery of their disappearance. Disc our led to redoubled efforts and last one Day about a month ago a letter addressed to James Rose was received in the Post office at county trembling by Jim opened the letter message from one calling to rom the dim last and the Hope of fears was realized the Promise to nother had been fulfilled. George Rose merchant in a Minne Sota town read a personal in a City daily asking information concerning a arty bearing name. When he noted the signature he knew that he lad found the brother from whom he had been separated. Correspondence that followed resulted in the Brothers meeting Here for George Rose has disposed of inter ests in Minnesota and will make cold Home that he May end Days with brother Jim whom he had for Over half a Century. James and George Rose left Early morning for Colorado. Off ints tonight. In View of the present War complications Between Russia and Japan the splendid revival of that most excellent Lay darkest comes As a Welcome visitor to Greene s this even no and those who have not had time read up about some of the phases of russian life and character Are afforded Ine opportunities for study in this remarkably Clever creation which has been subjected to much Labora Ion this season and has been provided with an exceptionally Strong cast embracing miss Eva Montford or. Elmer Grandin miss Mai Estelle and others whose appearance is a Safe guarantee of intelligent acting. George Ade the celebrated humorist ind author of Peggy prom Hough a Young Man has attained re Rural schools Are shy in attendance state superintendent Riggs says that eighty five schools have average attendance of three pupils. Farm life and farm children have grown so unfashionable that Iowa has eighty five schools with an aver age attendance of but three pupils Twenty eight schools with an average daily attendance of two and three with an average of one or less. J. F. Riggs state superintendent of Public instruction has compiled a series of figures along the foregoing line that is startling. He proposes to Issue them in pamphlet form in a Short time in support of an argument for school consolidation. The centralized school with free transportation facilities Are much Superior in Estima Tion. Instructors of better Quality Nan Only be employed by the schools thai Are Well attended and in the Small Rural school the element of education resulting from social Contact observation and absorption of knowledge not found in books is lost. Carrying Bis figures farther superintendent Riggs shows that 145 Iowa schools have an average daily attend Ance of four 293 have in average of but lives in have an average of but six and so on up. To an average of fifteen per school there being but i m 5 in the latter City life has an irresistible attraction for parents and youth. Many a Par ent who has t moved to sends children to the City schools and pays tuition for thu in education Ramlu r than entrust their education to the in president w. W. Marsh of Waterloo Chancellor Maclean of Iowa City prof. Ott of Chicago. The association was organized largely for the purpose of advertising Iowa made goods for Iowa and a paper along this line will be Fead by or. Cownie. The exhibit of manufactured articles in connection with the convention will also be along those lines. The exhibit is for the purpose of giving the people a Chance to see Iowa made goods. Quite a number of local have applied for space As Well As those throughout the state who will be Well represented. A plat of the perfection manufacturing build ing in which the exhibit will be held May be seen at the office of m. H. Runkle the local representative of the association the commercial club. There will be a meeting of the local manufacturers this week which plans for the coining convention will be discussed. New Telephone numbers Gazette phones changed and patrons Are asked to Correct their Tele phone directories. Through Tho Courtesy of the Man agers of the local Telephone exchanges the Gazette s Calls have been changed and All patrons who subscribe to either phone Are requested to change the Calls in their Telephone directories As follows. Gazette business phone no. 152 la. New phone no. 152, White. Gazette editorial phone no. Ina l-3. New phone no. 1b2, red. If patrons will kindly make the Nee Emiry change in their phone lists it will assist the Centra operators in giving prompter service and will to a matter of very great convenience to the Gazette. Reverie. Niar Kable Success and he has scored heavily not alone in books and and newspaper writings but has attained even greater distinction As a dramatist. Or. Ade wrote hot Only the successful musical play from which is to be presented at Greene s next wednesday but to is the author As Well of the Multan of the county the Sho gun and the College Peggy Kroin Paris was so Success Ful that it ran for an entire year in new York Boston and Chicago. Or. Charles b. I Sanford s company As organized for this season s tour will surpass any that to Lias previously provided. He has engaged players with tie purpose of carrying out the pictorial As Well As the dramatic possibilities of Fht various scenes. Years of experience have equipped or. Han font for the task of adequately presenting such plays Don Caesar de and he regards present Enterprise As the Climax of eminently successful career As a producer. Or. Stanford will appear at Greene s on thursday january 1-. People s theatre. The Bill this week is one of the strongest Ever presented in the line of vaudeville in Cedar rapids. There Are most excellent musical features the vocal work rarely being excelled on the vaudeville stage. The jokes Are not bowed Down by the weight of years and the gags Are not tottering on their last journey to the grave. Many of the stunts have a Long and useful life be fore them. The dancing is of the Cleverest order and the ventriloquist does a stunt that is acceptable for the reason that some time has elapsed since the crowd has had that of entertainment. School a am found in the Rural schools. The number of farms has rapidly decreased in the past decade and the size of the farms has correspondingly increased. The disposition to Combine has extended to the Farmer at the expense of the Rural school. of the Rich men today Laid the foundation of wealth by depositing their earnings in a savings Bank. Cannot you do likewise by open ing an account with the people s Sav Ings Bank of Cedar rapids 117 third Avenue West from 10 to 20 per cent discount on All fall and Winter suiting partings or Over coatings at Miller tailoring co. The Book committee of the Manches Ter Carnegie Library have barred Tom Sawyer Huck two vol Umes written by Mark Twain. The books were in that they could hot be kept covered and rather than invest in new bindings they took the books put of circulation. Prominent speakers to gome will address manufacturers Conven Tion in this City january 24-26. Iowa made broods for Iowa people is the motto of the Iowa state convention which convener in Cedar rapids january 2-1-26. Great interest is a ninth manifested in All the Manur alluring elites of the state and already Moat the exhibit has been taken. _ the program Lias not been entirely completed the following Well known men by Iowa gov. A. B. Cummins sex gov. Larrabec judge French Milliner of Sioux City Hon. James cow or Ijes wines Goe students resume work the students or Coe College begun flicking Back to the City yesterday preparations for work which began this morning. Quite a number of the students have been Here for some time. Bot i the teams on the prelim Inary debates have been working hard for the rom ing contests. Coe is to meet two colleges in debate for the first and Iowa Wes Leyan University. Tho question for the Coe Mon Mouth debate is resolved that Congress should provide by Law for the arbitration of disputes Between labor and in the , which will be held Jan. 20, the Olios represented by c. Knight d. A. Wigner and Arthur Ija Rimer will affirm and we. H. Phelps David d. Todd Una i e. 13. Etc coils deny for the Nus. Coe Lias the negative in the i nals which will be held at Mon Mouth hi., March 3j. A general Coal strike in Germany seems probable some miners having already Nult work. At least men will i probably be involved. The Broad View of education by Charles w. Dab by president Cincinnati University Oder St democracy realizing the menace of Igno ratico to her very existence has resolved that every child within her Bounds Rich or poor White or coloured shall have an Opportunity to get All the Educa Tion it can take. Nothing less than this will meet Tho requirements arid fulfil the ideals of a government of tie people by the people and for the schoolhouses and schoolmasters Are cheaper than jails and soldiers but we do not found the Public school on any such ground As this. Such arguments for free schools Are Little less than an insult to a tree people. The democracy establishes its Publ schools to train new citizens and fit them for self government and when it shall have done its full duty in this respect there1 will to no need of policemen and soldiers. There is no class no aristocracy in education. Edu cation is for All. Current events. The current events1 department of the woman s club will meet tomorrow afternoon o clock. Business and social. A business meeting of tile Christian Bode avoid society of the first lutheran Church will be held this evening in. The Church Parlours. Tourists. The regular fortnightly meeting of the tourist club will be held tomorrow afternoon at the Home of mrs. H. S. Josselyn. The midwinter Wiiest Day has been deferred until later in the year. Church reception. A reception will held thursday evening at the borne of the senior War Den of Grace Church James l. Bever in Honor of the Rev. John Arthur of Oneida n. Y. Members of the Parish and their friends Are cordially invited. Installation of officers. An occasion to the g. A. R. And a. R. And their families was the installation of the recently elected officers of the woman s Relief corps held saturday evening last. Mrs. Jen Nie i. Berry acted As installing officer. When the ceremony of installation was Over mrs. Elinor Slocum conducted u , the audience joined in singing a couple of songs. Mrs. Lane then made some fitting remarks and presented to the retiring president mrs. Goodwin a Beautiful ring As a Token of appreciation from the corps. The following officers were Lucy harrier. Senior vice Clara Moorhead. Junior vice Sarah Slocum. Mary Conn. Mary Lane. Jennie Laird. Edith Yanecek. Laura Comfort. Assistant Matlie Coggshall. Assistant . Patriot Kate for Dyce. Press Marge rite Kelley. Color Laura Walker i s. Anna mrs. Jennie my mrs. Rachel Hromatko. Woman s club. The most enjoyable and successful Celebration of its birthday Ever Given by the woman s club was the party of last evening. According to annual custom tie husbands of the members were the very pleasant event began with a generous supper at half past six o clock. Long tables were arranged Down the sides and across one end of the main room. After an abundant picnic feast had been served there were toasts and responses. The president of the club mrs. Jennie i. Berry acted As toastmaster , did so with Honor to her club and All club women. Mrs. Berry s remarks introducing the toasts and All the responses had the agreeable spice of Brevity. The whole program was Over by 9 o clock and the remainder of the evening was passed socially with a Little dancing followed by cards. The toasts very appropriately were All on the subject of woman. The speakers therefore had a wide Range for ideas and very line ones were pre the first Toast was. .to., have been Given by mrs. G. A Skinner Bill As she was unable to appear or. W. K. Holmes yielded to the Appeal made to while at supper acted As substitute thus completing the inter Esting symposium. A group of songs by mrs. Watson gave the needed Chaim of music and concluded the program which was Given in the following or Der the working woman w. E. Holmes. The College woman miss Whitmore. The Domestic woman mrs. A. T. Wilson. The society woman mrs. James l. Bever. The club woman mrs. Loomis. The american woman where she succeeds and where she fails col. C., a. Clark. Songs. Obst Nalion Devontai Riebdeau. The Moo ship Grace Watson. If i but knew Pratt mrs. Frank r. Watson. S i j i j a still greater reduction on All Winter overcoats we Are determined to close out All surplus Stock Jln this line. Overcoats now reduced overcoats now reduced to overcoats now reduced to overcoats now reduced to overcoats now reduced to Jap Rose women and blues. When a woman has the blues she adopts various methods of self Afflic Tion. One gets out the mending Basket and settles Down with a countenance of awful darning stockings. Another retires to the Sanctuary i of her room and proceeds to turn Bureau drawers upside Down under pretence of straightening this is an unfailing Refuge for the troubled soul of woman. It is True that the spasm of Clearing up generally leaves her by the time the contents of the top drawer dumped in a hopeless Heap on the bed and that said contents Are often pitched Back indiscriminately when action arrives so that their last state is worse than their Glrst. Nevertheless where is there a woman who does riot Fly to this proceeding in the Hope of finding some Relief from a melancholy state of mind. Another will drag herself to tier 1 desk and set to work on duty letters which have been accumulating for months. Woe unto the recipient., of epistles inscribed under these Circum stances they Are Likely to prove cheer less Reading. A fourth will attack some abstruse and Meu Nicholy Book which Only., heightens her gloom. And a fifth May be will retire into Solitude to meditate on her miseries and wish she were dead. Some women can provocation than a bad spell of. Blues. The methods by which a sixth Parri pers herself Back to most agreeable. She takes a congenial Friend off for a Long drive. Or she sets out on a Lone walk with a definite goal in View. Or she Hunts out the most exciting novel she can find and gives herself up to it. Or she flies piano which is not Only a trusty safety valve but often helps her to play herself in tune again. Or she the most amusing show she knots of anything to put her out of the Oral nary Dull Loutine and make her forget herself. Hers is a Wise method. For the blues is most often due to sameness routine the dullness of doing the same thing Over and Over. To break the routine to do some of the things have been scolding yourself into thinking you Haven t line Short to turn Yow Back for a while on All Stern duties and Belonje an irresponsible pleasure seeker for an hour or two is one of the Best meth ods to banish blues. It is just As much of a duty to. Get yourself into a cheerful Fri Irrie of As it is merely to do Rily know Nas even ing bulletin. Save your discounts. Water rents Are due and payable january 15th, and must tie paid on or before that time in order to get Dis counts. Is moderate in Price but unsurpassed in Quality. With the perfume of Nat ural Flowers there is no trans Parent soap so agreeable and delightful for toilet and Bath. Its maker s reputation is a guarantee of its High Quality m James s. Kirk company Hawkeye collecting Bureau collectors of All kinds of accounts give us your accounts. Satisfactory results always shown. Best of references. E. S. Holt manager our 228 first Cebirt Asp Luis id i 211 1st Avenue ladies fleeced Union suits 75c value colors Ecru and Gray at suit value ladies All Wool Union suits Oneita colors Grey and Black sizes 3, 4 and 5 As Long As they last at suit. Boy s heavy fleeced shirts and draw ers All sizes each. 19c 29c value ladies ribbed fleece lined f drawers Only sizes 4 and 5, the pair. Men s heavy fleeced lined shirts Only a Good 49c value per to

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