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Cedar Rapids Evening Gazette Newspaper Archives Jan 6 1891, Page 1

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Cedar Rapids Evening Gazette, The (Newspaper) - January 6, 1891, Cedar Rapids, IowaVol.8-no. 307 rapids Iowa tuesday 6, 1891, Filce 3 cents great Clearing overcoats heavy underwear Caps gloves mittens and All fall and Winter goods is in Progress Call and see the greatest the Indian trouble. General Miles telegraphs that there is a possibility the Hostiles surrendering. Details yesterday s troops notified to hold them selves in readiness. Gov. Hill s message to the new York As will not be a candidate for re election. The financial Bill receives the attention the Senate con Gressional matters. Under oath Stevens and Mcpherson Cor respondents the St. Louis Globe Democrat with reference to the charge published in heir paper senators and representatives enter Eatch in the Silver Pool. The correspondents declined to give any information. Vittino Bull s death to by . The House military affaire committee today ordered a favourable report made the Mcadoo Resolution calling for the correspond ence with reference to the killing sitting Bull. A tobacco firm Goei under. , Jan. Nathan Uch lox to Mcco company has assigned a Ltd liabilities another failure. Pitts who Jan. Sell wkly Dairy company has assigned for the Benefit credit capital Stock the company is 000. Bargains the season at the Golden Eagle one Price clothing House 31 and first Avenue Corner second Street Cedar rapids. Rubbers rubbers any kind you want at lowest prices at Ottmars no. So first Avenue. T. I Cook Lorance. The Hostiles May surrender. Washington Jan. School old a received the following Telegram from genl Miles dated pm i Ridge s. Jan. 5th in answer to a communication i sent to the hostile Camp yesterday five men could come in and learn what i expected them to do the following came in big Road be dog Little Hawk Jack red Cloud and big Hawk. The prospects at present Are that the whole Camp May surrender but i do not anticipate it. There Are no changes in the condition the troops. Moke Thool-3 . San Francisco Jan. Gibbons hat received orders from Washington to Bave two companies fifty artillery and two companies fourth cavalry to hold themselves in readiness to Start at once for the seat Indian troubles id Dakota. Yeste Dav s 3kikm13h. St. Louis Jan. Special from a Camp near wounded knee Creek 8. D., gives the particulars another engagement which took place at that Point yesterday Mon ing. A detachment thirty men were sent out to meet a Wagon train with supplies for the Camp and when ten Miles out the wagons were found besieged by a band one Hundred indians attacked the detachment. A courier was sent Back to the Camp for reinforcements but in the meantime an incessant fire was kept up by both sides resulting in the wounding one Soldier and be killing and wounding several indians the number f which could not be ascertained. About three hours after the couriers depart in troops came to the Rescue and the Wagon train was escorted to the Camp. Him Oval col. Forsytte cd Elf ici3ed. Washington Jan. Schofield says in regard to the removal col. Forsythe it has been suggested by a person whom i in not mention that it would be Well to look into the matter the Light wounded Creek the other Day inasmuch is re ports state several Indian women and children Wen killed. Accordingly general Miles at suggestion from Here relieved colonel for Stybe his command1, pending an investigation the circumstances that Light which investigation probably now being concluded by general Miles. The general management the fight la also to be looked into but the particular Point in question is the death the women and children. Considerable criticism against colonel for Styb s suspension is heard in the War depart ment. It seems to be directed against the policy relieving an officer during the pro Kress a Campaign instead waiting until after the trouble is settled. As to the charge that colonel Forsythe allowed his men to kill women and children it is stated that it would be impossible in the hurry and confusion an unexpected fight and a subsequent Stara Pede and Pursuit to detect such Slaughters an officer said at this rate the Loui troubles will grow to he just at bad As the events the first three years the War when every officer with an Independent com Rand had not Only an enemy in front him but a a Couit martial behind still another officer said it was a grave error to relieve colonel Forsythe at this stage proceedings and thus hold up a warning linger to Ever colonel in the Little army around Pine Ridge to Tell them that the death each Sioux Mun be explained. Wallace s Brave Batu strut que. Leavenworth kan., Ian. Letter Pine Ridge Agency details some unknown facts concerning the death capt. Wallace at wounded knee. After the fight the letter states capt. Wallace was found at the Entrance an Indian Lodge with five dead warriors lying near him each Corpse showing a Bullet Wou d. Five Chambers the Cap Tain s revolver were empty and it is presumed Wallace killed five indians before he was overcome. Wholesale milliners fail. Moltke Al Jan. Wholesale Mil Luery House j. A. Patterson co., has is signed. Liabilities estimated at amount assets not yet known. The cred torn Are mostly foreign firms. Resumed business. New York Jan Howell a co. Resumed business today. The Assignee Ald the claims creditors in full when pc a lamp explodes. St. Louis Jan. Lamp exploded late last night in a building occupied by the St. Louis toy company causing the death rank etcher and damage to the amount a Boarder cremated. Allentown cowl a warder in a House at Lizard Creek Junction which burned Early this morning perished. The other boarders Esca tied but lost their clothing. Call for convention. Columbus Ohio Jan. Call was issued today by the United mine workers America for the annual National convention that organization to be held in Columbus feb. 10th, next. The River receding. Cincinnati Jan. Ohio River had fallen at noon four inches and was steadily reclining both lore and at All Points above. No damage was done Here except the flooding a few cellars. Does it mean War the Behring sea controversy with ene land continues to assume a More serious tone. Blaine firm in his papers think the English Fleet should be strengthened. A terrible Story suffering in Kansas the Oregon improvement company mortgage to be foreclosed the Illinois senators Bip ures fires and other matters interest. Condensed telegrams. His life s work about finished. Dublin Jan. Express this City publishes a statement to the effect that glad Stone writing to a Eald he furs his end has Cote co far As Public life and Politi Cal work is concerned. Weather predictions. Washington Jan. Iowa fair weather except local snows in Northern por Tion with southwesterly winds and warmer. For Nebraska fair weather in Southeast and local snows id Northwest portion with southerly winds and stationary temperature. Riotous strikers. Glashow Clown Ridge nine Miles from Here the Oil Vbk in stormed a dormitory occupied by non Guiou and pelted the building with stones. The police who finally repulsed them were also pelted with stones. Many both Side were injured. Sir the ringleaders were arrested. Good Good Fiirst governor Hill s message. Albany n. V., Jan. Assembly was called to order this morning and immediately elected its officers. For the first time in Many years the democrats controlled the body. After preliminary business was trans acted governor Hill s message Wae read. He said in entering upon the seventh and last year my service As chief executive the state i will not affect to conceal my gratification the fact that for the first time during the past seven years the popular Branch the legis lature is in political Accord with the exec the Pura Grah if quoted As an official announcement that he will not be a candidate for a third term. The governor Calls upon the legislature to provide for an enumeration the people the state in order Liat a fair found guilty conspiracy. Macon gs., Jan. Jury in the for Cythe murder trial rendered a verdict finding Luther a Hall Chas Clements and Wright Lancaster guilty conspiracy murder Longs Knight and John k. Clark guilty conspiracy Jamee More was found not guilty. The jury recommended the first three defendant be imprisoned for life. Illness Rev. Fawcett. Chicago Jan. Kev. We. Fawcett Paster the first . Church this City is dangerously 111, and the physicians enter Tain no Hope Hli recovery. He suffered Lait i prong from a severe attack the la Grippe and never fully recovered. He was taken suddenly 111 last wednesday and last evening wat in an unconscious condition. The Nebraska legislature. Lincoln Jan. Legislature organized at noon today. The Alliance having a Clear majority elected temporary officers without trouble. C. H. Siertle Secretary the hate Central committee the Independent party was elected Secretary pro Tern the Senate 8. M. Elder was elected temporary speaker the Bouse and Eric Johnson Secretary. The temporary speaker is without education experience. Gov. Beaver favo s pure elections. Harrisburg Jan. Beaver in Hie annual message to the legislature advocates the passage such Laws in regard to the ballot As will secure to every Poller Freedom from dictation in casting his vote and absolute certainty As to its being counted As cast. He Calls upon the legislature to organize a commission to supervise the part which Penn Sylvania shall take in the world s fair and asks that Liberal appropriations be made for the erection suitable buildings. Will foreclose the mortgage. I attic wash., Jan. Attorney the Farmers loan Trust company new York has filed a Bond in the United stages states District court to foreclose the mortgage my aim shall be to carry in Stock those makes goods that have been tested and not found want ing. The prices shall be satisfactory will you not examine c. B. Weeks. And just apportionment May follow in due in a portion the message devoted to the interests labor the governor advocates compulsory arbitration disputes Between and their employees. He Calls the attention the legislature to the fact that there is at present no Law regulating the employment plan Bertou detectives during labor strikes and the advisability framing a statute either to prohibit the employ ment to define the functions and regulate the duties and restrict the Powers such detective organizations. The governor denounces Lithe election Bill ays that the United states Senate is a Orang pressing legislative business in order to push through this revolutionary measure. He urges the legislature so i a press emphatically its condemnation the proposed legislation that the United voice new York s representatives in Congress May be secured to from state and country the evil effects so unwise a he recommends such legislation and Liberal action As will enable the state to make u proper exhibit the states resources at the coming world s fair. Held by that company against the Oregon improvement co., for four and a half million dollars. Parnell at Boulogne. Boulogne Jan. Parnell party arrived Here and immediately drove to the hotel they were joined by John j. Clancy and John Redmond. Does it mean War with England Washington Jan. President yesterday presented to the House further correspondence the subject the Behring sea controversy. The correspondence cons total a letter from lord Salisbury to sir Julian Faunce Foote and one from Secretary Blaine to the same person. Salisbury claims that Blaine has misinterpreted Adam s position and says his government 18 ready to the matter Blaine s letter begins with instance upon the correctness the position assumed by the United Sluice. He believes the controversy turns upon the phrase Pacific Ocean used in the treaties 1824 and 1s25 includes Behring sea As contended by great Britain. If the United states can prove the Coli Rary her Case in Complete and undeniable. Therefore Blaine enter into an exclusive argument based Bancroft s history and inapt to show Adams and Bis contemporaries had a distinct understanding that the phrase Pacific Ocean excluded the Waters bin Riig sea then known in All the world he the sea Kani Chutka. The Secretary to the Large wealth the russian american com Pany which no would have been car Lessly thrown away by russian nobility in the phranc which merged Behring sea in the Pacific Ocean. He cites Long years abstinence from the Seal Waters by the adventurous people the United states Ami great Baltian As presumption their Lack to enter. A a stronger Evi Dence f his correctness he cites other Points the old negotiations. He pc Ukel the enormous injury by vessels under the British Flag upon the United states fisheries and Uggen Ted that she Send an intelligent com inst Lottor to the Seal islands. Again he objects to the form f the proposed arbitration Anil fays it will amount to something tangible if great Brit Ian Cou Eutuk to arbitrate the real questions do Scurf d for the lust four years. What it it the rights exercised by Russia in fit s How far were they conceded by great Britain f was Bohr inc a included in tin 1 cull la Ocean i did not the United state acquire All Russia s rep tits what Are present rights the United suites and if occurrences great Britain 16 found Neces , then what shall be the protected limits and closed season 1 Secretary Blaine in conclusion ill iils thut the United stated Ever claimed by a plug sea to be a closed sea and minister in 1ss3, where be says the not to the present ease. What tue i3nki.i3h i keys says. London Jan. St. James today asks Why the United Navy is being massed in the Pae Fli unless it be to make Behring a Mare Cla usum. Officers the american Navy do nol act upon rumours Prin cd in Amer ican papers. The pall mall Gazette says Blaine Evi Dently Means to try More Bounce for the Sake mailing political capital. We Are convinced however the americans will not support Blaine. It is imperative to arbitrate matters in Dot jute. The Globe attributes the friction to Blaine s bragging spread Eagle ism and is the opinion that in View the possible though unlikely american display Force in Behring sea great Baltian ought instantly to strengthen her Pacific the Globe also advocates a Settle fluent All matters Dis Pute by Means a jul ration. The Telegraph says no arbiter would listen for a moment to America s claim. American statesmen Are liable to excessively swagger when in dealing with British rights because America has practically no history apart from connections conflicts with England. Blaine s eloquence acuteness and party Craft Are absolutely unrivalled but he has not even been suspected having any fixed principals to guide him while in Power. In fact the bulk americans Admire rather than Trust him. The Eha nees Are therefore that although he to Titi the lion s tall and flirts it with free Trade in order to catch the Irish and Southern votes he will lose the presidency because the people will not confide Theli destinies to a Mere partisan however Brilliant. Thi re arc americans who Are not Irish and with them common Ponse is King. No information at Ottawa. Ottawa out., Jan. Is stated the beet auth Orlly that no official information has reached Here As to whether not Blaine has replied to lord Salisbury s offi r to submit the Behring sea question to arbitration As to expected nature his reply. Neither is there buy information in the dispatches recently received respecting the probable action the British Fleet in the Behr lug sea next Susun. Exo Lasi taking sch tue action. London Jan. Press association announces that Salisbury is engaged in the consideration a forty Page dispatch received from brine dec. 30th. The press association also Static that no preparations have been made to augment the British Fleet in the Pacific Ocean an such a step might be regarded As a menace. A Minneapolis tailor has fallen heir to postal clerks at London arc preparing for a big strike. H. Rider Haggard the novel list has bailed for this country. An ice boat regatta. Is being arranged for Minnetonka. Minn. C. H. Davis was killed in a Railroad acc Dent at Minneapolis. Go. W. Peck was inaugurated As governor Waco Oil yesterday. An Appeal has been issued for Irish suffer ers by Secretary Balfour. Four miners at Brazil ind., were seriously injured by a fall slate. People along the lower Mississippi fear a repetition last year s flood. Fire at Stillwater mlon., caused a loss insurance about halt. There is much suffering among the families the scotch railway strikers. Rev. T. O. Lucas Brownsville tenn., fell into a Well and was killed. Edward Curtin a Chicago millionaire was yesterday fined for getting drunk. The people in some portions Alaska Are said to be the verge starvation. Two person were seriously injured in a collision in a Cable car Tunnel at Chicago. Hon. B. Wadleigh sex senator from new Hampshire is dangerously 111 at Boston. The Coffee crop in Java is estimated at Only about 16 per cent former annual averages. Samuel j. Tilden s will is to be taken to the new York court appeals for adjudication. Henry b. Brown was yesterday sworn in As associate Justice the United states supreme court. United mine workers have issued an Appeal in behalf the striking Coal miners in Ala Bama. August Zlotek co., dealers in yarns Bosler and fancy goods at St. Louis have failed. Davis bros., music dealers at Savannah ga., Bave failed. Liabilities assets bargains for the next so Days Good honest reliable clothing at greatly reduced prices. From from from i from t1.75ib. From 11. From i. .10 invitations Are out for a grand social masquerade Ball to be Given under the auspices the Concordia club at the k. Of p. Hall tuesday eur Enung Jan. 13, the committee arrangements consists the following named gentlemen Karl Koch de aun Slerk Eker f. J. Flach we. E. Ste neck and Rob Ert Melster. Congressional. Washington Jan. Seven Ere present at 10 clock when the Senate called to order after a lapse three quarters an hour a quorum appeared. A communication from the Secretary the Treasury asking for an appropriation Iso 000 for the repair the government Bill Dong at Chicago was Laid before the Senate. Referred. The morning bus Ioen having concluded the Senate resumed consideration the Finan Cial Bill and addressed by Teller. The Indian question Conrd bed. The Cabinet meeting today considered the Indian quest Loc especially with reference to Gen. Proposition to relieve Indian agent the charge agencies near the scenes the trouble and replace them with off Cera the. Army. Secretary Noble u known to be earnestly opposed to such a plan and in accomplishment i therefore a matter doubt. Rat Pool exam Nunah. The committee today j a Chicago paper says that one Peter Hardy la fined f 10 and costs by Justice Pron Dvalle for impersonating a reporter. Hardy s scheme was to gain Entrance to the olympic theatre by exhibiting a reporter s badge and he worked it successfully until he acted rudely in the theatre monday night. An usher put Hardy out and called a police officer. His badge was taken from him. This served the fellow right. In fact his Fine should hive Hern 1100 instead to. It is too frequently the care that Young fellow impose the Public a being members the press. They arc Nula Aneta and often cause regular reporters to be placed in unpleasant Litu talons and to suffer Dis courtesies from people who have been imposed by them. A terrible tale starvation. Stockton kan., Jan. From fart log to a in the Worthi re Purl thin county comes a tule starvation and death. John Clifton died several years ago and left his widow with Levi children to carry the fight. Successive failures crops left her penniless and when thu recent came it found the with neither food nor fuel. Yesterday a neighbor passing the place and seeing no Sivirn life entered the House where be found mrs. Clifton lying dead with three the children while the Otic two were in the last agonies the struggle. The Illinois senators Bip question. Springfield iii., Jan. Al representative James Cockrell the Farmers Mutual Bene fit association was seen this morning. Have you three Farmers Mutu 1 Benefit association members been invited to join the asked the reporter. Yea we were invited to join but Tor my part i will not attend and i do not think the others will. There i understand seventeen the family Benjamin Tours Luray a were poisoned by eating pumpkin pie supposed to contain rough rate. Mrs. Tours and one child be dead. An express train the Delaware Lacka Western Road was wrecked near West Patterson n. Ice covered switch and three ram were injured. Jocinda aunt Frank Braun the Chicago Saloon keeper found dead sunday Bat confessed to killing him. She says they quarrelled and the killed him in Telf defence. The fifth Avonne theatre at Mew York burned last night shortly after the close the performance Cleopatra by the Fanny Davenport Flom Piniy. Property Tat to and eight republicans in the House who Are members the f. M. B. A. We Hope to get All these Twenty five members together and be Able to decide upon some plan upon which we can All act harmoniously toward securing legislation that will be Benefit to . The May also come in. We probably will not be Able to get this meeting for medals yet the democratic state Central committee met this morning and appointed a committee to remain in Springfield during the United states senatorial contest. A better selection than Ever the celebrated a Boninger piano at f. W. Map Nockas no. W , i. The firm Decker Howell co., new York who suspended recently will resume business. Fire in the la Belle Wagon company a Plant at West Superior wls., caused a loss seven persons were bitten by a mad dog at Belle Center o., saturday and great Exdee a tent prevails. Randolph Coyle assistant United states District attorney died at Washington sunday pneumonia. The brotherhood carpenters and Johnf a St. Louis will demand an increase wages after May 1. David Montgomery Snohomish wash., shot and fatally wounded Oscar had assaulted him. William Hamilton lumped from a live Story window to escape arrest and was fatally injured. The mail Tlle Iron works at mall Volle a have closed indefinitely. Soo men Are thrown out employment. A freight train ran into a disabled Pawn Ter train at Linden City Mich. Two train men were seriously injured. J. Wolleon and co., umber Dalors at much ind., have failed with the Waterford Lam crack Ift in Ireland Nas collapsed. The company re fuses to employ any the strikers. William Weed Oro Praetor the Farmers advocate at London out., fell into a water tank at his residence and drowned. Edwin Solomon Salt Lake City while cleaning hl6 gun before going Hunting Acci dentally discharged it and killed himself. At Sumner 111., Andrew j. Lackey a wealthy Farmer was struck by mall Pouch thrown from a train and fatally injured. Custom officers at new York yesterday arrested a passenger a Steamer who was try ing to smuggle Worth jewelry. Immense tracts land have been purchased by the mormon Church in Mexico and Canada and will be colonized by mormons. N. G. La Vinson it co., wholesale jewellers Chicago made an assignment yesterday. Liabilities nominal assets John Rooney Plattsburg n. Y., while intoxicated went into his barn smoking set the barn fire and was burned to a Crisp. A brutal five round prize flight occurred at North St. Paul sunday Between Joe fanning and Charles Melchinger with fanning the Victor. Three workmen were seriously and perhaps fatally burned by an explosion molten Metal at Farnum Richardson s foundry Chicago two Brothers and a sister named Bell Medicine Lodge kan., while returning from a meeting were lost in a blizzard and froze to death. Go error elect Boyd . Lying to the attack his citizenship says that be has been a citizen for Many years and expects to be seated. Ellen j. Mccabe has brought suit against John f. Franks at Findlay 6., for for breach Promise. The parties Are prominent people. At Atlanta ga., Doc Low Cut Louis mat thews Throat killing him info tartly. Buth were coloured and a woman was at the Bottom the trouble. At los Angeles cal., Frank h. Mandy Volle Bot at mrs. Millie Shaw three without effect and Theu killed himself. It was a love affair. Herbert Warren the 10-year-old boy who shot and killed his father who was Healing his Mother was acquitted at Elmira n. Y., after an exciting trial. At Missoula mont., while intoxicated Louis Simon shot policeman Houtchens and was Alt Rwanda killed by sheriff thou Stern. Houtchens will rec yer. Canada is stirred up Over a report that lepers at Cape Breton conceal their affliction and with the outside world. Many leprous families it is said make butter which is sold abroad. The Dauber watch co., Cincinnati and Canton has made an assignment. Liabilities nominal assets 000. The Stringency the Money Market caused the failure. The French monarchists Are endeavouring to persuade the Vatican to put a Stop to the growing movement the French clergy toward the Republic but the Pope refuses to take any it spa in the matter. Colonel Cody Buffalo Bill Lefi this morn ing an important Mission among the indians being sent by governor Thayer from Lincoln neb. The latter declines at present to make known the nature the Mission. The total Gross exchanges for last week As shown by dispatches from leading Clearing Bouses the United states and Canada is a decrease 19.5 per cent As compared with the corresponding week last year. Young Dow the millionaire s son who Cre ated such a sensation at Denver by marrying an actress after two Days son Day attempted to kill his wife and himself. It is supposed they quarrelled Over Money matters. Salt has been began by the wife pen Sion commissioner Raam and her brother John Fields to secure Possession the whole River front Golconda 111, the property it valued at and title i claimed Hal roof Green , who founded largest assortment Caps and Winter underwear to be found in the City. Come Early and secure some these bar gains before they Are broken in sizes. Remember the place Oscar Solomon 27 and 29 first Avenue Cedar rapids Iowa. Foot form shoes at c. T. Smith s Fink shoe parlor 19, third Street Kimball building. we expect our january sales to show the same increase Over last year s january sales that our december sales show Over last december. In order that they May we have prepared some surprises in the Way prices goods we Are anxious to move. We Are getting to the front rapidly As our strictly honorable Busi Ness methods Are becoming More widely known. We want your Trade. We offer for it Good goods Best makes honest representation Low prices. Can you ask More s. B. Dix. Opposite grand hotel. One Block from depot

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