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Cedar Rapids Evening Gazette Newspaper Archives Aug 5 1908, Page 18

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Cedar Rapids Evening Gazette, The (Newspaper) - August 5, 1908, Cedar Rapids, IowaVar Cedar Bapis Jey eking Gaz walk. Wednesday August 5. 1308. 9 Long decline death ifs Ellison for two years under con Stant medical care. Clone friends of distinguished Iowa statesman Long cognizant of Seri f Rusness of his condition. Messages of regret and tributes of esteem from men of All parties follow upon news of death. J f continued from Page 1. Of mrs. Fanlo Stout a few Miles from the City to escape the torrid heat mid secure the benefits of country air and he remained at the Homo mrs. Stout until lust saturday morning when to was removed Back to his City Homo. During inst week nurses wore employed to care for the senator for the pm time since his illness nud the first intimation anyone Hud to change for the worse in his condition. The senator lost consciousness did not recover his mental i of ult Les up to the time of his with. He had been under the constant surveillance of physicians tile last few Dilys. Story of his illness. Senator Allison was removed a few ago to tile country Home of mrs. Fannie Stout where it was Jive the fresh country air and the mul etude would Conduce to. Betterment in his condition. Three weeks before time or. Arthur Little of Chicago Hud recommended an operation us the one Means of affording Relief to the distinguished patient but it was feared that the knife would followed filial results and so the thought of operation was . On saturday morning senator Alli son was removed Back to his Elty Home where he died. His condition grew rapidly worse his mental vigor was wholly spent and his condition was one of absolute dependence. Two nurses were in constant attendance upon him and efforts to maintain secrecy As to his condition were re doubled while every Means was adopt Oil to insure him rest. Senator Allison suffered from the worst form of enlarged prostration and what made Relief difficult to afford was a kidney involvement. As is usual in such cases the senator Sut Damour s grocery this is the week for Canning Cal. Bartlett pears they Are now at their very Best and will scarcer and higher in Price alter this week. 1 Bushel boxes California plums Are Fine for Canning. Now is the time. 4 Basket crates to egg Green Gage. Purple Duah Burbank and tragedy i fresh car of Missouri watermelons just in. They Are running Fine. Muscatine cantaloupes Indiana and Arizona Rocky ords. J country carriages have to Well and strongly built otherwise the bad reads would try them severely. The vehicles we sell Are All tested at the. Factory Tore no offered for Sale. They Are built in All Vic Tobias Brougham a. Wagons and Phaeton. can meet your needs in the was of a suitable conveyance for a comparatively Small outlay Hamilton Bros. 410 to 411 s. Street phone 78. Chambers 1s6.rrstave try this for dessert. Ono pc Lingo of any Flavoured jell-0 in Ono pint of Boll no or tar. Whon partly con Loald boat until Light Hiwing one Cap whipped prof in and Kex a wished Jiw croons. Whip ill to or bowl. When Cool it will mollify und May to with Whit Siml or Nam or any roil pud unc Wii a. Tim Jim of 10c. Piu Ink Lidnin Feri d from periods of faint Ness and weakness arid while these continued he. Lost Possession these spells have frequently recurred of late and the last of them had its Kunnin of Friday suiting in death. Long a sufferer. Senator Allison had been a sufferer for a number of years.1 last two years he re Nutry d. Relief twice Dally and was regularly visited a physician. He stilted the Best authorities Repard lip his affliction but. Hii. Was the strongest argument against an operation which might have corrected the defect. The senator fell Nway in flesh rap idly and friends noted upon his return from Washington following his attendance upon the inst session of Congress Liat his mental were not so keen As they had been. They knew that it was but a question of time when death should claim him but a chivalrous sense of loyalty to the need Man sealed their lips with the result that the state it Large has not been advised regarding his condition. Assessment of railways Chicago and Northwestern is assessed most on its mileage. Its assessed valuation in Linn county is placed at per press companies divorce cases filed for next term. The mileage value of the Chicago and Northwestern is greater than that of any other Road passing through Linn county being per mile. The Chicago Milwaukee and. St. Paul is second with a value of the Cedar rapids and Towa City with a mileage of in the country is Low est at but even then it is but Little lower than the Chicago Anamosa und Northern mileage of. 1-.5u and is assessed at . These figures have just been returned to county auditor Cleveland the Secretary of the executive Council. The assessed values per mile the differ ent roads in the county Are As follows Chicago Anamosa and North Ern Cedar rapids and Iowa City electric 2.goo R. N., main line. B., A n., Decorah division Dubuque and Sioux City Illinois Central W., main line. C., m. St. P., Chicago and Council Bluffs division c., m. St. A. Kansas City division . C., m. St. P., Dubuque and southwestern division Cedar rapids and Marion elec tric to assessment of b., R. N., main line Cedar rapids 5s2 per mile and from Cedar rapids North per mile on account of sleep ing cars. To assessment of. Chicago and Northwestern main line. From. Dar rapids East. Per and. From Cedar rapids East per mile on account of sleeping cars. Mileage in Linn county. The mileage of the different roads in Linn county is. Us follows Chicago Anamosa and Northern. .12.07. A. R. I. C., electric. 9.31 b., R. N., main .21.67 b., R. N., Decorah division. .21.29 do Bucie Sioux City .27.7s. Chicago and Northwestern .29.3s a. M. St. P., Chicago and could cil Bluffs division 25.85 a. M. St. A. Kansas City division .17.54 c., m. It St. A. Do Bucie and southwestern division Cedar rapids and i Farion. .15.65 express companies assessed. The United states express with R. A. M. St. A and c., a. N., has 107 Miles in the county at per mile or an aggregate assessment of the american express company with the do Bucie and Sioux City Illinois Central and the Chicago and North has 57.1c Milos with an a get Gate assessment of pays its share of primary auditor Cleveland has received from pcs Moines. The state s half of Tho expenses incurred the june primary election. Or. Cleveland sent in. A bin showing the total Cost of the election to but the state Cut out one item malting the amount Given the county the item Cut out was a part of the Bill for publishing the notices in the news papers. New divorce cases filed. Chas. K. Long has sued Belle Long for divorce the petition having been fluid with clerk ring yesterday. In the petition he states that he was mar ried to the defendant in 1888. And that on november 2, 1007. Defendant deserted him and eloped with one Harry and Lias since been living with said Harry in adultery and that prior thereto she had committed adultery with him in Marion. Pearl Wayland has sued Frank Way land for divorce. She states in her petition that they were married in Galva iii., May 17. 1904, und lived together until july i. 1907, when the plaintiff left the defendant. She charges cruel and inhuman treatment claiming that he on several occasions struck and beat Lior and at one time gave her a dose of Poison thus fire atly endangering her life. She asks absolute divorce and the restoration of her Maiden name Pearl Lyndsley. Jane Grtggs has sued Harvey Griggs for divorce on the drunk enness and cruel and inhuman treat ment. In her petition she states that they were married in Iowa City june in. 1s97, and lived together until de Comber. 190g. Weinma Carson has sued fount car son for divorce on the desertion. They were married in Butler mo., May 7, lived together until May .1905. Bessie spin apr has sued Adolph. Spinner for divorce on grounds. They were married in Cedar rapids on february 27, 1904, and lived together until july 6. 1906 defendant demented her. For an absolute divorce and the custody. Of their minor child aged sixteen., months. William Rook the Man who was sent to jail from this City a. Few weeks ago for abusing his wife has been sued for1 divorce mrs. Gwen Rooks. In her petition she states that they were married in Cedar rapids april 1s98, and that beginning about two years ago he formed a habit of excessive drinking of spirituous and from said Date up to the present time he has made it a1 habit to to his family in a deplorable Drunken condition on ave Gerof at least two or Arcto times a Wook and on Suc h of Ofa Loiis ims abused and cursed tier Anil Senate record of Allison was beyond equal served state for unprecedented period in body. Acknowledged for morn than Genera Tion As Leader among most Bril. Giant men of . Review of. Work accomplished for Commonwealth and nation Iowa s senior senator. Washington dc., aug. Tor Allison More especially than to any other Roan who Ever occupied a seat in that body belongs the title of father of the he was not Only one of. The oldest men in that body but he held the record beyond All. Others1 for length of service there. More import ant still his service in the Senate was such that his title to position depended not alone upon his advanced age or extended service. Senator Allison -.vas, at the time of his death and had been for a third of u Century a Leader in tact As Well As in name having been in Congress during the administration of president Lincoln Johnson Grant Hayes Cleveland Harrison and Mckinley and almost All that of Roose velt. Or Allison entered the Senate March 4, had served continuously aver since making the longest period As a member of that body Ever covered any individual when he died yesterday he had just completed the fifth month of the thirty sixth year of his occupancy of this important Post thus excelling almost three years and a halt the thirty one years nine months and Twenty four Days service the late senator Morrill who held the rec Ord for continuous service previous to senator Allison and the thirty one years eleven months and fourteen Days of service of senator Sherman of. Ohio who previous to or. Allison had served the longest time in the Senate Al though not without interruption. While senator Sherman s in the Senate was broken two terms in the neither senator Allison nor senator Morril suffered from such interruption. Or. Allison first entered the Senate election the successor of senator. Harlan of Iowa. He entered upon his first elective term in 1s73 and was successively chosen the legislature of Iowa for the terms beginning 1s.07, 1303. And recently was endorsed at inc state wide primaries in Iowa Tor a. Seventh term thus if death had not interferred., his service in the Senate was assured until March 4, 1015. If he had lived in. Til that Date he would have just com pieced his fiftieth year in the Congress. In addition to his service in the Senate or Allison had Given eight years of life to the House of served with famous men. Senator Allison took his sent in the Senate March among the prom. men then serving in the Senate were the venerable Hannibal Hamlin Henry Anthony Oliver p. John a. Logan Roscoe Conkling John. Carpenter of Wisconsin judge Edmunds a Civati Andley Simon Caine Ron and a dozen others who were equally Strong and Well known1 in National not. A member sits in the Senate chamber today who greeted or. Allison him in 1s73. Nor on the other Side of the Capitol is there a Man who witnessed the entry of Iowa s do s to anguished representative in 18c3. James a. Blaine Voorhees Brutus j. Clay James a Garfield John. A. Kasson and other men of sub sequent Eminence entered the lower House with or. Allison. Scores of other Brien several of whom have become presidents entered later were called to. Other Fields and have passed. So in the last to go being senator Mitchell Oregon and senator Jones of. Nevada who were last of the members that greeted welcomed Jowas representative when he entered the. Upper . Us doors. John a. Logan John Sherman will Lam Mckinley James a. Garfield Ben Jamin Harrison Oliver p. Morton John a. Hannibal Hamlin. Charles. In Mike a Jucick Chandler. William win Dom cart Schurz Roscoe Mark Hanna Allen g. Thurman Simon calling the Roll of the distinguished names in National history to recall the list of those with whom Iowa s distinguished representative served in the most impressive legislative Assembly in the world. Iowa s delegation then. Under the census of 1850 Iowa had been entitled to but two members of the House in Congress. The census or shown a gain in population of Over and the new apportionment had been made giving the state six members. The s voting in september had Cone overwhelmingly against the president. The extent of the reaction threatened to to. Greater than it finally proved and at one time it involved three of the Iowa districts Allison s among the number. It was at this crisis he called on governor Kirk Wood whom he had known in Ohio and proposed an extra session to pass a Law to allow the soldiers at the front to vote in the Iowa election. Senator Grimes endorsed the idea and the extra session was called. As a result the soldiers were enabled to cast votes for with but against the threatened to kill her and has even at tempted to kill her. That through All this time the plaintiff has lived in fear of her life and the lives of her three minor children. During the time men Tion de he has used his Dally wages in riotous living and has failed to prop Erly support his family. That Many times during said period the household plaintiff and defendant have been set out in the street1 because of the defendant s pay the rent and nearly All of said children have been want of the necessities of life. That he has Many times struck her. Called her Volo names has choked her. And accused her of unfaithfulness. On or about june 1, 1908, the a defend i ant was jail having been incarcerated therein on being found guilty of striking and abusing1 the plaintiff anal was released on his prom ise to Justice Sloan that he would re. Main away from the not molest her in any Way. On the same dayhe1 went Back to the Home of. The plaintiff and abused her called her All manner names and assaulted her and threatened her Lite with a Butcher. The police were called the neighbors and Hooks was sentenced to thirty Days in jail she states that -1 he is an Able bodied Man employed the Hubbard ice company. And is capable of. Earning. To a and asks that an order .urt.be1 made upon1 the defendant sum of s200 for plaintiff to prosecute this action and that she have a judgment Gal not. Him for the sum it temporary Alimony per moist i per manent Lai monju Iii Wolfli two thirds of towns 16000 majority and he entered Congress. Broken do legation of a Oune men every one of . Wilson from the. First himself. From the third a w Hubbard from the fourth whose son. Represents the eleventh. Do str it Iri 3. Grinnell from the fifth and John a.? Kasso from the sixth and who two years later of urte estates had allowed to vote Lincoln receiving a majority the ballots an endorsement of tremendous significance All As the result of this stroke of statecraft. Among his associates the House in the thirty eighth Congress to which president Lincoln made his a peal for the passage of the thirteenth amendment prohibiting slavery on. American soil also were Many Young men destined to play a conspicuous part. James g. Blaine James a. Gar-1 Field Samuel a. William a. Morrison. Georges t3outwell others who have attained Eminence. Were there for the first time. In a letter written to Garfield years later when hews president urging him to select Allison in Hla Cabinet referred touchingly t o this coincidences of their appearance in Congress and to. The unbroken Friendship then begun lie tween the three Voith you. As president taking your two chief .ad1, vesers from the friends of your Man All entered Congress the same Day All of the same nearly and All . Unbroken Harmony of Friendship for eighteen " would presented a picture without a Well As Politi Blaine on Allison. Although he joined with All his energies in the mighty enthusiasm which swept opposition to the thir Teeth amendment. Before at the second session of his first term and thereafter unto the issues of the year were settled was a Tower of strength to the Radical friends of the Northern cause the natural Bent of Liis mind led. Him to devote his special attention to those matters of legislation involving the National finances and soon he had As Blaine says in. Speaking. In the thirty years in Congress of Elevation to the Senate established unenviable reputation for Industry Good judgment and Strong common during his second term he was appointed on he ways and Means then As now. The most important in Congress and when in 1870, after eight years service in the House he declined a Renoul Natlyn. He was second on the list on that committee. When the Issue that divided presi Dent Johnson s administration from Congress arose he stood unflinchingly the plan of military reconstruct a proposed Thaddeus Stevens soy ing speech on the floor of the House believing As i do that Liln measure is essential to the preserve the Union men of the South a living that their lives property and Liberty cannot secured except through military Law i am for this when the question later of Una Versal suffrage arose with the same vigor he stated his convictions no., Means then so popular As they Havo since become. I want property he declared in Thi House no qualification of Intelli gence in the enjoyment of the elective franchise i Hope of restoration of Republican governments in those states rests in the masses of the people the poor and now powerless masses. There fore i believe that to. Stop Short of manhood suffrage in our legislation is. To trifle with the great subject a and. Render us ridiculous. In the eyes of All those who respect popular government based on the will and judgment of the James Hamilton goes to state reformatory plead guilty yesterday to indictment. Charging h Mcwith complicity in robbing Morris Rosenberg Here. In company Wilh a Man named robbed a peddle tuned Morris Roson Bei s of about. In this City list Winter appeared before judge Smith in the District a our yesterday plead guilty to the indictment apr Lek him with hav ing aided in the robbery and was sent to the Anamosa reformatory Cor. definite term. The Dittimus was Marie nut at once and sheriff Coquillette left for Anamosa with the prisoner this moral off. It was along. Last Winter that an Apple a follow the name of Rosenberg drifted into Cedar trip Luln. Coming Here from Davenport Haven of Only a Short time and go Tiff to that cloy from with Liim wus James e. Hamilton a fellow from St. And Joe Smith or Nemec. Hamilton had bean with bos Enber Ger for some time while had been with him but few Days they peddled apples Cej a. Rapids for some time. While it was i Stormy and and not suitable for driving about the City the three men started to. Drink. According to the Best evidence to is became badly intoxicated a and. When he started to drive to the barn. On. Side where to kept has Tea i he almost fell out of. The he refused assistance How Ever drove to the barn put up his then went upstairs and Oay Down on and went to sleep. When he awoke h is pocketbook Ami Money bag the two containing about both missing. Rosenberg reported the matter to the police and Tol d Trio m that he suspected Hamilton and Smith of turn Jpn the trick both had left the City. On investigation it was found that Hamilton and his wife had Given up their room and the t they liafl1 left Tho City. It was also discovered thatt lire. Tickets had been bought that even Lar for Burli Nerlon. The Burlah irton.police-. Notified and soon1. Wired Back that the Lia d proceeded on to. St. A Osoli to. The police there were wired and twelve hours after1 their arrival in that City they were arrested they Back Here where both men made a. Conics sign. Smith or Nemec confessed to crawl into the barn and taking the Money said so at the Sugges Tion of Hamilton and. That he Prave Hamilton half the Hamilton declared he knew idiot hip about the robbery until they. Had started Back told Tilini that he touched and rave him some Money. The authorities have. Always both men were guilty. Nemec had a term. The for and .vlriv1. This Case states evidence and. Was sent to Ananias a Hamilton held out and got his Case continued but finally decided to plead guilty. Influences upon attorney him to consent to a Jali sentence 1 or ham.-. I were. Y Tjio Rosnelt 1 talk with me about clothing the Success of Many a summer engagement will depend upon clothes cupid Andony swell clot ties make an invincible combination. Whether Cool and Dressy or cooler flannels or Wool j crashes or White Duck. The Battle is half won in these winning garments my arid summer ties will do excellent work when ready for the attack. The Cost of equipping ones self for a struggle is moderate. Choice of All Straw hats in eluding Stetson i7s South second Street Choice of All Straw hats including Stetson Energy is Well nourished Muscles plus Well nourished nerve. Uneeda biscuit arc the greatest Energy maker of All the wheat foods. In dust tight moisture proof pack att. 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