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Cedar Rapids Evening Gazette Newspaper Archives Aug 5 1908, Page 16

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Cedar Rapids Evening Gazette (Newspaper) - August 05, 1908, Cedar Rapids, IowaThe Cedar Jaems a storm j wednesday August 5 ,1908., a in. Vii y w to be general will1 not touch of Concrete topics of controversy. Sav a Dou icon of trusts a tariffs labor arc Othor subjects for Lator and Saparato talks. Alik a Lincoln neb., aug. ,?william j. A Biyu a today outlined the subjects to 1 will also tvs in his Forth omens speech a. Of acceptance. A tic . Tie con fined practically to the questions a shall the per Plo Tho me a sure of it a Ford Quot Quot other issues of Tho Cam Palgon. An c h As a Tho g Saran Teo a of Bank i treated in several ape Othea Hub expects to make in Tho nest Tail try Daya. A a my a Nola Mcnunn Apo Cen Quot said by will Deal with but . Haven go i letter of acc pounce to write later Langli several updo Croatto make Ion important Topica Suo Loa to Tarlit the a trusts paths a Ben Kizik quo Salon the Tabor question ,.,.etc., it la not. Nec Haary it to include. Them Tsi this speech. Anal i could not Jivu duno.jus-. question i i treat la Ofa number our plate orm Doclar cd the overshadowing question a to be shall the people Rulo a this. 3peechi. Trike Ait to conditions an Endeavor a to How what Theav Coit a it ions a and How a Thoy can a be remap loud. Ancu Koto Boj put into control of their a the Only either Aub .0qt dismissed is Quot be measure of rewards a. The Aid of Jam government a a being to. Reward to which. Huh Tvorik entitles,him.&Quot-. Quot i , the present Mouth sin Tho a Tariff the crust question and guaranty of blink deposits. The speech on trusts will be delivered at Indianapolis at the time of Korn s notification August -25. The one pm guru Nonty of Bank deposits will be delivered at Topo Knut cow . The Day and Pluck for the one on the i Rita question is not vet la cd. At Chicago in Ljubor Wytt Snail discuss the labor question and a it Peoria on the 9tli of to Cpl Othber the subject will be state and a a Waterloo 6aily dressed to Welcome the elks City to Tolondo to with colors of order a Dubuque and Keokuk in it a a i to for next convention. The Blanto convention of elks a Jet litre today with a Verity thousand a Jilke und Otbo a visitors Prescio. Tint Civ la gorgeously Decoi Stod with col ors of the order a my a to a in Arch was today erected Over Tira by Edge on main a tie it t or the 11 o clock Toast. Special trains Sully decorated brought in visitors Iron of the state also bringing. Nine bands. Do Butiro and Keokuk want the not convention Atul Thyl race for president lies Between Jerry b. of pcs Xvi Jones Imd Phil j. Mucky of Muscatine. River carnival is the talk of the town today unique event planned for Friday afternoon and evening promises a glittering Success. 3f Vuu Haven t decided to attend the Quot River carnival Quot Friday afternoon and evening you Are Tho exception. This unique event planned by the W. C. A., promises to be a glittering Success and the patronage and Meneou rougement of everyone. All 1-Yldoy afternoon and evening Tho passenger launches Oil tile Cedar will be run from the East and West Side bout houses to Ellis Park and return a and a rate of 20 cents for the round Iron has been made. The East Side boat House is at the head or North third Street Tho weat Side just above the Northwestern Bridge. At the Park refresh Moats will to served in Tito up Villon by the Young ladles of the Quot a. who have planned some Beautiful decorations and who will themselves be gloriously adorned. A the Cedar in plus. Motor boat club to 111 have All the launches on the River out in the evening each decorated and minuted in Honor of the Quot a. Illta Alnuti girls. If Vou Haven t Hrcan up too River in a a launch after night. Just go once and re be tin1 most Beautiful sight that Iowa Tift ords. A Smyth adjudged insane but May stay in Marion Han who has Boon writing a amatory letters. Will be taken a care Hift Aho Tol fortunes. Entin Smith of Marlon who Lias a. Mired considerable notoriety in recent rears on in cd to nth of his writing of cent and defamatory letters to Nat oncoming Many prowl amp it Pursons. Sas before judge Smith lit the District Toui t for tile last two Days in the tharge of insanity. Miv Smyth had teen adjudged a Sunn by the com Maisil owners of insanity.-, or. Four yours Igo acid bad appealed to the Street Sttuart. But the Appeal Lino tpmalucd.tin-. Disposed of in the thou might be a Onie improvement in its mental condition. Recently however ills Conyl Loii by cum nov so aim is a a Ulstro Varv eff a Aloha More num Crouch. Eur Riloux and Dai amatory. Than. ,., raft lung in the Appeal being hindu kit on by county attorney Haas Lor hearing the evidence showed Tim or Smith Hus been. Suffer lab b of a Type a of Dulus Lonal it sanity induced but hit Fiolic excesses and a paralytic cop i Tion. Actis deaf and n or or Jaq a j1.1 notwithstanding the tact that his Tel a Tifis Havu a been up porting blk and contributing liberally and bountifully to Lila Comfort he conc lived a violent i Nulty toys nerds them of robbing him Atul despoiling him or is property. _. The Oil dance showed that or. Smyth had about jj7.000 turned Uver to him from his rather s estate at the time to attained his majority and tha on a ovum of Drutt Kenoss gambling Ana Dubau Cluvy he had dissipated Hus in to Rev Fortune in u few years Sincu we Loti Totne he has been dependent upon the Founty of his relatives. The Long period of debauchery left its a infects. Spoti Lilby a mind to such an extent that he be--c4md�?T.wu victim of various delusions n in Al Lwy conceived , to Lolly with out foundation or Caus that to was being by a huh 1 old Tive. Who in reality were his Bone factors. And that the lugos of who District court and county officer and even senators Al Uscott and by Luxor incl entered into a this is equally True of dollars Only in these Days of Universal Prosperity in Cedar rapids not much thought is Given , although n great big round Silver Dollar never looks any less in site no matter How much Rooney one haste biggest Dollar you Ever saw. In your life is the. Gazette s. Wont and. Dollar. Beginning last saturday evening the Gazette is going to go a away one Dollar every Day for several weeks absolutely give to away without any strings on it. And living human being has it who is going to get these dollars. Each Day rep.ejent.,t, of the Gaiotto will take Down Ona of tha Gazette s fice d., Echo. Cd open a Page at random and with eyes shut stick the of a pen i Down on some name., person a male or a old will by entitled to the in Zitte. Want and. Dollar on theol Lomg Day. A selection made Ona Day will be announced thu nose and my noun Emente will be made in the want far Sale for rent a. Otic. Classified advertising columns of this paper. Anno Cement will read something like Quot this a a v. Quot lost miss Isabelle Hanson of 137. Twenty ninth avenues entitled to Tho Gazette s want and Dollar and. Can have same by calling at the counting room of this office?�. But the Gazette imposes to son condition. or. A son to whom each Dollar is to is a attn ust bring to tiny copy of the paper containing the advertisement. The Gazette proposes to to perfectly How to a. Afford to give away a . Doll a. It ply because the interest that is Gourd to result coupled with the slight task of looking through.theadvertisement.= Gong to Mke. Thousands of people read its a want columns a and other classified advertisements Evon More carefully than they now . Don t you know that it is almost Quot impossible for any person to read through i those advertisements without Fin cling something to inter est hint if you now thl s just try.,it and. See. It is no exam. Aeration to say that Many hundreds of thousands of dollars Worth of. Property in Codar rapids and Vicinity. Have been., sold through the Gazette s Quot for Satow columns thousands of a lost and of iinds Art. Cles have been restored to their owners numberless thousands of Homes have been rented As Well As thousands of furnished and unfurnished rooms thousands of people have found employment and thousands Moro have found help they needed a. Various Les scores of people have been put with anxious relatives or friends through Tho medium of these advertise mints millions Boon loaned on real estate of All kinds especially Cedar rapids Hornea machinery diamonds typewriters bicycles shot Una article that it would take columns to enumerate have changed hands As a result of these inexpensive Nittlo ads. That s Why Tho Gazette wants its readers to watch these Cpd urns a Little More closely next few weeks. It wants them to a get the habit?�. ,. Today a announcement is contained in the columns in which each subsequent announcement will a Ppck try la Okafor it. It will tag. Only a minute of your time. Rand it tray to Worth a Dollar . It the Lucky person �3 one of new but a phone or in person Quot a no one ban Hoar such Good news too Many times. Us a chairman Lulack Arran, 311ntr�ry? Vytill atcornpany., Bryan part of ttm.flr., Burf Colo n a a Uez no William j. Bryan Vejl Nisaky Sevara a a Ca Nijiu i. A ours embrace us Kiriy Quot Iii parts ol1 the. Cos Union most if the q a or Ltd Ujj it i b jts is Liiri Lcy and a a a Cati dlr v aate a jmc.>ttifp�?�jo.txtilhoeri75tciso. J tip in a by. Chi Ili Ina fi1 of the Dpi mocha to a Lii a to la nil committed who a ride kno a. Today it tentative a a a Riel plan Tours John. We 1 a Dan to cratic vice presidential candidate a a iw5in v a Lik a in Oil a Vii it of to the -.-trip. Macc it Hopes Quot to we amp ii amp a to have korn1 with to makes a vis if to new york1 Tutor 1 a a. Conspiracy to prevent t.-. A blk 1 eighth. He wrote the most Bucu is and Dottini Tuii in Eirv ult of a a Cove a. Acc Uijun to Ilijin i All pc imaginary i Cuil to a cflmlna.1 so bundt Vlf of we. Of but. A Pendl pfc x a tupe i 0 Abune upon. N.11 of the Wuu it % Arul Musty other Peri tons Olio in i Tlly a time night to no Vincnt. In Pouv Ociell llc0. Quot. �?��5 recently lie has Boon especially a Ciu Strous. of Post Tal cards containing writing of -the,.meat Sci full Oun attacking , persons. Oil be even een until he had become Groat a a Luau no a in ugh t.7-rat.,.�. Tho trial lasted a Day and a. Half unit a number of , three a Husk were a. Judge sri tit at i us ing l e Idon t Al 1 that he had Wasti Ssuie but that if to was a but Dick he is a dangerous criminal a who ought til. A Conanon in the Pend Muir a. J he Tudic Coreil the Polo Fulco department for term lilting -.mr, Smyth of the Mulla and be nuanced . to a. A was Brit lored finding Smyth to Stone and a Brdar Quot &Quot-auejttimcc/mtntti.-ea&Quot. Uto Hosp Itoi at. In i Snoe it appeared in evly Crick to at. Smyth fpeucucm�,pa1mlstiw. Otto i adm Trail Fth is a Totie a to Humbug ibid that he a a ids a who. By tvs a been Vii find it Jet a Ian to to e enlist the neuf to tto Hli �?Tui0so-tjtd.jtnowt-aiim��a.vsi a the a moult it unto a. A crazy mania or not so cra2ya-ass- Tost im66ll bbliev0 in tic .humbuggery�ihls.oilent�a. Be Leverin a we Fri such Ltd in Ioe a As a to . Hug a readings. To inc Iii is Vlf air. -.13�?m at Tiu of Poutie uti a it i tip torpor a i ily a a tracked �1 l, today it a Lyle a Lilia it a. 3mryin ring Stu Bryan y,-1rti a if Len Colin to tue of Quot he cepl�mcf5 of a Bryn Iti will he fifi Ven to the Prus is Opiat Zoriy acts Rongon for upon or the pm a in of Dor May he Quot in of pc i Oady for a a plication -1 als Oon a is delivered. A thaw resists experts Bili ind Cados his Sari Ity by a refusing to pee. Apo Effii Klepsic in a y.,. Aug1. .?harry k. Thaw we is mtg Iken =-h.is quarters in the . Comity jail to Cir by to to Depp i i before ref Irmo Airl Pond Iii t in a suit Bra a fruit Aff ii i Nat Stirn by of Quot John p. Wilson for i j00vi�?Tor or i Hal Ray Ltd in of Perth Ivy Teaa 1 111 the til n i . This Ril purr it the amount of the Bill but will Pav about. $ 0u. To lift and i t my 1 he at Ted r n receiver for a failed firm liabilities far exceed Alt estimates of. Concerns assets. Inc innate. Ohio. Aug. . Ii a bumps nor Luda up Pontod Wlla a r the 11 i lir by Oker i t n l be Bultman. In Ujj at so it to a ii Nyunt i Petewon and,3100,00 1 a the Quot liabilities re estimated from ,3l00.000, t�-13t� lf0it 00�&Quot&Quot a a a a killed. Do r. Town aug of a for find i i in was struck g i st. Pan train ten Miles North of Here Mill i mod. Hli Skull was crushed. Quot funeral of mrs. F0llen grief in a st Union for woman who. -. Died in Cedar rapids. A 1 w tilt a lmon.1 a Iowa. Aug us l lie r to. I r. Ii i a id t i 1 o f l a ? s nov is Neq Jast. Wii hell Frum lho?Tcutli-6behiuv.h of a West at y o Fiuek to maj morn a Coli ducted Ivy tin resident priest the eve. Faith i Quot 1-nitiu.ii, Ned the remain Al Yerg Jhc Errod in the tronsor Raiteri a hot Fiolic cemetery tips a Iran Triy us Here Dulier members or thu a Lemily lie aide pillar to acc Tiev nut i Iii m c i 0 i i 1 with i t to c n 1 i to in a it much to tic Par amp nth. Or. This lib Dir Vourn Nury it is Avis i the Chi Bower to a 1. Was a st Felt earthquake Arab populace of algerian towns a a state of panic a con sum Tine. Algona aug. Ii a. Violent Eiser this Sitka was experience nere Vul Aberday. Morning. lasted Tenner umps Ana Din ghz str damage. No per souk were killer Here Bur at Kurshel a. Silil icing collapsed Eris Llang live per7 a . Talk be urn the Only casualties a result of a to disturbance a a a a a the f Penolo Rushold out of tlieji1 houses which were swaying with Tho. Riso and Curtis in a panic. Wydr fissures opened in the ground near tho1 military Hospital which Wos evacuated. A the the. Bank the Totel and Tho a we i v . The Arab Ciu Arlov >vtt��badly.damaged. A the ter a Illeda . Together in the etre ots Jund in Juares. And the recur a nce intermittently of a tar lighter . S up to x of clock a Only increased Llu or panic. Finally they returned to their . Ind them shattered and in 1 is of stones and pilaster. At Roii Titch a and Conde Moudon-, dwellings of to destroyed. I inn Rindt of Jamla. Ware demolished in the a or i a to scan Tine and a great a Revlon 1-t trip Earth has appeared in i . The Quot Khoi a were Felt at Guoling Ronor Nuhrah. Philllp Orvllle. A and Smartt and �riz�n.-�?. Had a miraculous escape Auto party .caught in a tree Quot. New Yor t. Aug. Reunited states. . Limit or it to Ashing ton months and two Fri Emp who were1. Thorn had a marvelous. Escapa from death a Verstr Drav. White the Auto Mablle in which Bev. Wore travelling was run. Nine Down. I rail of a b111 Oil Quot Walnut Cal i party n. A the. Mui plunge to Over a pc la Lupico hourly aug in height. A a a a a to pm . A dig covered car turned three. Complete somersaults in then a a pm the boughs thirty feet below the Brink of the precipice.  , Down word. Wit the a Urikh tuned occupants a a he a prisoners 111 -the.-�nclosccl, top i. The in Chi a. All wore Hadjy bruised and. Fright non. But lir. Only , in win Inin Ped was. The haul Junr. Hie. Skill was. Fractured one of a mis two. Was Tarn he a sustained other in i s a this Quot the car with or. Baker and his wit Quot were dry 1c, in eni t who to t Al in the to a v trim and m. Mangan of. Wiist Lugton a of Astl to Gay exc Rose 1 f re in Tolu suspended a a a the Fame drat _ a uni Pur Symbol of Freedom. Fri eur Raoufi custom is observed a tha England k Hen the Volfe of a trades Holida to the a Eosin a Ohr two a j a pert ?pittti�?Tt3 ii sced Vitt Midi Amirto the in of of the House and insert Niaj into Only a few the i it his ners a a a the ot-thv�house�has1herstiper- a yet act theft Omeste i to i in audit ten to his Ord Nara work those Odds and ends that we. Offered at almost any old Price to get rid of them immediately. A folks got Busy the Day a had came out announcing our Sale of. Odds and ends and every Day they seem to get busier get Bussjr yourself. Icy Sci a via Quot o dds and ends of Al i our $10-and�12.50 suits Only. Egg Odds and ends of All our�15.00 arid�16.50 suits Only a. Odds and ends of our our�1.25 and�1.50 Negligee shirts. Odds and ends of our 50c and 75c shirts Only. Itji Odds and ends of our 25c and 35c fancy Lisle Hose a. Watch windows Are you a victim of the forceps a. ,. Ijara Soma dentist ignorant. Of the Modem a ways. Of inserting Quot Teeth pro failed on you to have All Youri Taten. Extracted ? after1 waiting Tord months for your Quot Mouth to heal and Yahr Gumis a to absorb .iy�h Al no a hot you Ibave. A difficulty in keeping a your paper plate -. In place does your dentist Jill Yon that the plate Uta you All right.1 but your Mouth 1s too Flat and Quot that you. A can never Wear your plats Quot or. Make it stay la place a a now if your dentist has told Yon any thine stated above. A a a listen to me v. _ if you have a a it All your lower Tel Tali and a Plale around in your Outh no in i he a cred pm Bali you. Buly it your upper plate keeps Rau Iliff Down and Tjit Lall Lafr Down is caused Jas your dentist 3ays, by 3, Flat in oath Bri Short stubby Vijums or soft ,�?T1 coff i to . Win insert you a set that will slay in Plitch no matter what All the dentists in Christendom say. A but Tbs Best Way is not to lose your Teeth. Before you let All your Teeter Call and have a talk with me. A talle1 you notbins1,i will Teeth. A .1 will give you Good honest advice and show you and explain to you Many things in dentistry that a a you never dreamed of. A or. W. R. Harmon dentist German spoken Over Taft so Cannon Brino full of snap Rich in flavor and Aroma perfect in their original coming to you in Soa cd packages., tone Bros. Spices Combine full strength and absolute purity a he unsurpassed oneness cd flavor. Bach variety is selected by experts and comes from the bust producing cedi tors Ulicy arc the Best before sve Rind them the Best when you get them the Only kind to use for Fine seasoning. Ga-5�tffc else want Adfield Tai Ere arc two kinds of spa cd a a tones and Quot off mtg grocers Leo tone bins. Dts my Jmdej Towa. chm Amow Ginger allspice cloves kist Hub so Zette lbs. Are the Best a ?.&Quot&Quot&Quot a we a the natural drink of America John tales leg. He famous founder of methodism Wasp re eminently Man of a heroic a a acid humanitarian ideals whose personal piety Bine licence and High moral teachings deserve the. He most popular Beer in the world. There is less profit to the dealer who Sells because it costs More Money at hebrew Ery than any other Beer made. A Royal brew of malt and hops whose absolute sovereignty has never been _ _ never challenged. Unquestionably approbation of All . In one of his sermons he declare Quot without bread and wine the strongest bodies decay. Bread and wine keep up a our natural life and again when criticising a it Hook a published by or. Cado. Gan he. Praises the use of fermented liquor As a one of the noblest cordials of i the King of All bottled Beers in a pamphlet entitled a primitive a physics he advises his followers As follows a a Dunk water Only when it a agrees with your stomach a if not Good Small Beer?�. Dunn his lifetime he travelled into islands crossed the Ocean to America preached 40,000 sermons and drank Good Matt Beer and ,.from��.youth.-to old age dying at Over 80, a Marvel of Noble fortitude physical in Dirance and mental Power. Bottled Only at Luc. Anheuser a discs brewery st. Duls �5j. S. A. Corked or with Crown Capit. Gtd hrs Quot i y act Woof a referee ices a 6ilbs a .�,-pl�w0�a.churcli.h Atti he 0 vol ?p 111 b 0"2 w. Zalesky mar Anheuser each Brake la Cedar rapids Iowa 91

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