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Cedar Rapids Citizen (Newspaper) - September 3, 1954, Cedar Rapids, IowaComb tum Zajc Tok a Fofi f. Us Farmers can Gat rid of excess Corn How much does it Cost to of rat a Home Freezer a study Des Koines Farmer who made in Indiana in cooperation Juk Over planted their Corn acreage allotments and now want to get Back in line for government Price supports still have another Chance. They can plow under their excess acres before sept. 15 and be eligible to Seal their Zient of the new Rule was made thursday at a meet ing of More than 400 county ask committeemen in pcs Moines. The meeting was called by Dwight w. �1eyer, state ask chairman to help new county committeemen learn about their jobs. Turnover in newty commit tees a usually heavy this year with about third of the members new u the Job. Mejer Sam 4 county ask thai raw Are new Gael that 11 of them never before have served on a county farm pro Gram committee. The by shift in committee membership was stimulated by a ruling by Secretary of agriculture Benson line tiny the number of terms that committee men May serve. Congress expressly Prehl few lift the Rule in the new am Law and Benson s ralling waa revoked before the Zeuty ask elections last Meilay. Hut us effect still seemed Evi Dent the outcome of the elections. Dewey Cornell in charge of production adjustment for the state ask committee said Corn planted in excess of the acreage allotment will not be regarded Ai com acreage if it is not har vested for Grain silage or fodder and is not left standing in the Field after sept. 15, he be isted that Tamera the have oat Bertoul data ated by Dreith Fleet Hall or Ether canes buy find it advantageous to Plew Snider their poorest Corn u Gallfy fee the Price support Isam. Cornell said Farmers who have seeded fall wheat in excess of their marketing quota limit must dispose of the excess acres in some Way by sept. So. The county ask committees also were reminded that the Neu formula Ifor pricing government Corn now is in effect. Corn out of acc bins now is priced at 10 percent Over the support Price in the county tractor tvs and Burns Star air. Vernon mount Vernon to Zin Kula Farmer Southwest of Vernon narrowly escaped with his life when the tractor he a using with Power lift to fill some email ditches o v e r t u r n e wednesday afternoon. The trac tor caught fire and although the Franklin township fire truck re bonded it was total loss. Was covered by insurance. Tudy shows Cost 3f operating a Home freeze unit Ith Home Freezer owners end Lecarie Power plants brought out facts. The average amount of current used per month for each cubic x t of storage space was greater w Small than for Large freezers. This Means that the larger Freezer provided storage at 4 lower of rating Cost per cubic foot How or the total operating Cost was greater for the larger Freezer. Freezers located in heated areas used 12.23 to 17.is percent More dec Trinity than those in unheard real. And the smaller Freezer had a greater increase in amount f electricity used arms by of frees by the amount of food Frozen using storage season did not ready affect the amount of elec Rocity used. Probably less than 0 percent of the electricity securing the year was needed to freeze enough food to fill the Reezer twice. In Short says miss Flora Carl Missouri University Extension no i zionist the total amount o electricity used to freeze the Ood was Small even if the mount of food Frozen was twice he capacity of the Freezer. Normal opening and closing o he Freezer had no significant effect on the amount of electricity used. The Small Quantity of warm in which entered the Freezer when opened did not add notice Bly to the amount of electricity used. The Type and thicknesses of in elation used in freezers did not offer enough to appreciably affect the amount of electricity use age of Freezer. The age of the Freezer did no eem to affect the amount of electricity used. This indicates tha present types of Home freezers Etain their efficiency and can be expected to give reliable service or Many years with Only periodic Hecks by qualified servicemen. The total annual Cost of operating a is to 20 cubic foot Freezer around $06. This estimate is ased on the following figures annual depreciation $30 on $451 Freezer with expected vie of 1 can interest on investment percent half the interest for Ines then costs $11.25 service Ealr and maintenance i per ent of initial Cost and of rating Cost $1.50 per month o 18 per year. Trace elements. Us a scientists at the Florid Experiment station say recen application of Boron Coppe the Type of crop and soil show requirement for minor elements iry cows Cut August average in Linn Mas Avex ate production of the 4m Era t4 dry on test Dunn Tufu at in unn Dhia no. 1 was 1 pounds of milk and mods of butterfat supervisor Louis Taber reported this week. Two of the utter herds. Wayside Arm with to cows and the al Bert Martin and Sot Herd of 26 is averaged 40.1 pounds of utter at for the month. Wayside farm Tad two ref. Tired holsteins comp Letiff 305 by ree Ordi of 529 and 514 pounds butterfat. The Martins had a pad Holstein making a record of 916 for the lactation. Supervisor Cecil Haworth re ports an August average of 5 pounds ested in Linn Dhia no. Eighty five of the cows were dry using the month. On Hundred sixteen of the 828 cows on test in Linn Dhia no. J january july period this year. Were dry during August. Average induction for a cows Inelus " we 7j8 Pound of milk and 27.1 pounds of fat according to supervisor dal Karri monthly report. Six cow in no. 2 and on in no. 3 association during August completed 309-Day l a c t a t i o n records of mor than 400 pounds f butterfat California boosts butter one of to Dairy digits Tik California state fair will a Hii i Itomi Dairy meld sculptural in butter by arts to cell bar of san fran. It co. The Model is Marl a Klou Sacramento county s Candi. Dat in the maid of California Cental so on 4-h girl lose two Angus in truck mishap Marengo a Freak truck mishap thursday near Marengo Cost in nth Ann Griffin 17, Ohnson county 4-h Girt two of or three purebred Aberdeen Angus heifers. Mary Ann was Enro Ute to the state fair with her parents or. And mrs. Linus Griffin of near get t sum Wara Hout truck dropped out the two Ani Mals stepped backwards out of the truck and were strangled. The heifers were valued $400 each and were scheduled to be shown Friday in the 4-h pure. Red Angus Competition at the experiments show that additional state fair. The 16-month-old heifers were registered As Black. Manganese and Zinc to crops Cap Belinda 48 of Kab and artion in Fayette Dhia no s Dur should not be recommended As Bee August was 559 pounds a general practice. They say that Mary Ann showed the Reserve milk and 30.8 pounds of fat. A minor nutrient element Applina Champion Angus Heifer at tons should Only be made where Johnson county fair and All Iowa fair. Or Grain lost Washington the u us h h Memphis term., Federal Cour or damages arising from a 195 Grain storage contract. The Justice department did de Pendant in the $166,798 action re James Floyd tips and Ken Neth Connatser both of Memphis and both former officials of the now defunct Southern Grain company inc., of Arka t also seeks recovery Solon when the end Ste of their $80,000 of the total from the a a. A tonal surety corporation of new York City. The complaint alleged that the storage company officials Gav fait information about the Stor age facilities which resulted j i loss of the Fayett Dhia no. 2. Maynard average produce Georg ,. Youmans. Of the 689 cows among the winners at the recent test j14 were dry during to a1l_tfmblb Aali. U424 Tob of other has hats. F.2 torn of pert be ruins a 4 72.ih Toa of it tray Vertu users. Sales of nitrogen Fermi uitus More than doubled this year according to the department of agriculture figures. Bulk of this gain is due to the expanded use of anhydrous ammonia and Nitro gen solutions. Sales of anhydrous ammonia jumped from 1,500 tons the first half of 1953 to 19,000 tons the first six months of this year. Pacific Northwest Grain and Grain products by 11.1 Centt per Loo funds. The reductions etto Tiv Fri Day will apply on Northwest grains and products shipped to Central territory milling Points in quantities of at least 80,000 pounds and destined for further in piment by rail beyond the Mill ing cities. The reductions a on the Northwest shipments to Atchison. Kansas City and Leavenworth Kan. St. To and Kansas City to. Council Bluffs and Sioux City la. Duluth min Neapolis Minnesota Transfer and _. St. Paul Minn. Omeha neb., and Washington a the Superior wis. Agriculture department has authorized local conservation officials to dip into 1955 Early f necessary to help Farmers Niti Ato drouth emergency practices on parched land. Fred g. Ritchie agricultural conservation program chief said however that he sees nothing. At this stage to indicate the need i Ament of Grade a butter for mor total funds for either standards in Iowa believed to be Grade a butter program in Lowa gains momentum Des Moines a Stab u r i j ��msei7, s b uhe . Department of Agricula ure to set up More rigid rules for classifying soybeans As to Quality. Jake Hartz jr., Stuttgart ark., was re elected president us a sees beef consumption Rise Washington ins with huge quantities of beef overhang ing the Market Federal farm planners expect consumption this year to be Abov last year aver age of 76 and one half pounds per person. Consequently Home economists in the agriculture department Are boosting beet As a major buy for the coming fall months. They Point out that Many of the 1954 or 1b55 act programs. But he said he expects cover planting to tie Down dry soil e a major act practice used by drouth area Farmers in coming months. Congress appropriated 195 Mil lion dollars for 1954 act Aid and has authorized but not yet appropriated 250 million for 1955. Stewart Heifer is Junior Champ at Holstein show Des Moines ins i. F Stewart of Maynard thursday showed the Junior grand Cham b on female in the open class obtain show at the Iowa state fair. Bristol farm of Bristol Sta be pass fed and from the Range. These animals Are More lean than priced cattle from the first in the United states is gaining support in the state Iowa Zigri culture department officials say. L. B. Liddy Ketoff the department Dairy Aat Del a Toto Atad Tiam Day that la talks with operator of 28 creameries in i is Abt three of Tertha of them to Hight h waa a set add he said Grad a milk la universally recognized but no regulatory Agency in the country has established standards for Grad a Arric Alture Secretary Clito Spry old we re an to lag to to to eventually. A u have to if we Reg la to Maln Tala the Iowa legislator Stab Lihtz a Grade a milk program. Afif atm Barship St mid tor Ftp Ford Chicago paid up memberships for 1854 totalling 1,303, 912 on july 31 set a new record for that Date the american farm Bureau federation reported this week. This compare with 1,300,381 on july 31, 1993. Total member ship in the National farm o Patlon at the end of the the higher feed lots. Cellenti for hamburgers and Ether dishes requiring round beef in addition it is food for beef stews and pot roasts. They explain to Psi Rani fiscal that it i. Nott t it is t. I i r a the Lent Cut for grinding because sets a family membership the farm Bureau emphasized. Nonet Ituau Anaam to Yancus Mot a it theism u now ans did. Reading nil first article in o the Artl Clit Anslow a president mar provide for and i assistant treasurers it secretaries tin it and treasurer the same person. A treasurer same person and assistant Ona and the san corporation u new mended Iii ii u it Cunt of til a Firin a pull Cotlon or two j Etu Kuun tins % no of Otic he kit uni 9ot treasurer May be held i arson and to offices of the Board of directors the Board of direct rom their number an executive com boar shall be " president a or any two Aach Specula o l aboard or w uld Lotof consist of Dows and c. E ally to postage prepaid or sent by or usual place of least three 3 dais before the meetings of the Board May be he oration to the Copti atop. In Case of h eath. Resignation retirement or remove rom office of All boots tapers voucher property of whatever under his Contr . Poor or a and an. Assurer. Shall he Ani a Lector in in c of Tny Metal no. Thi sonar drafts acceptances change and promissory notes .r9 .1wn,.ht lined in such directed juiciness and Good flavor. Rio noon. U not a Leril Boll Dua Inal Colldar Tatien at the in hour on Thi next Hollar Dai tint annual meet uni Sihau u Bild on said Day Lithe Nar nil. If for any reason the said Annua meet inc Thill not be Lulu at the time the. Same May be Helli g provided. At any time thereafter upon the same notice being Given As is herein provide for special meetings. Special meetings of the stockholder for any purpose or purposes unless other Wise prescribed by statute mar be Callei tor the president and shall a called b to president or Secretary upon a Reque in writing by two directors or stockholder owning one fourth % of the entire capital Stock of the corporation ism Ana outstanding and entitled to tote subjects i upon any sublet in the notice of said meet such request Sha. Or purposes of sue. Business transacted a shall be confined to thing to upon set Forth the purpose 4 meeting and the Auch an 5--s", subject stated in the request and notice b. Woodward. Of tha holding of such meeting. May elect any officer fee regular annual meeting the Ald general off Lai stockholders shall by Resolution fix to number of directors to serve during thy ear next ensuing and until their Succes tors shall be elected and qualified but the number so fixed shall not be less Tathree 3. And at Rich annual meeting the stockholders shall elect the directors we need not be stockholders to serve to the year next ensuing and until the censors Are elected and qualified. Flyers of the corporation shall their reports at each annual meeting an such other business May be transacted Jaball be determined by the stockholder except As otherwise provided in thei and the same ended so that read and be As follows articles. Be is hereby changed and Othen am said article it Shau assist notice of the annual meeting of the stockholders than be Given by pull Carlo once each week for two 2 Conse Cutty. .0 More than forty Roper to be done or executed by the Preiti it ii it lev Dent Secretary or treasurer by any vie place until a quorum shall be president assistant Secretary or assist .0mevs, i is 8sk.1&rjcnvuon. A now amended read time such tace preside it. Assistant gee showed the grand Champion and the butter plan would be aim Reserve grand Champion females liar. Creameries which would Bristol also was named Premier voluntarily meet the Quality breeder and exhibitor. Standards could use the Grad Burto Lane farms of Lake a Label on their butter. Irest m., exhibited the grand Liddy said several Creamery of Champion and Reserve grand Waters stated t h e y believed Champion Guernsey females in housewives would be willing to the thursday show. Pay a few cents extra for Grad a butter. Hou Selvea sir very al.,. To said Liddy. Ai soils Laboratory Ean Tell the different Between the number of soil samples and score received at the Iowa state col scoring of butter is Dona beg Branch toll testing Labora expert tasters on the basis of in the Cedar rapids Cham taste texture and odor. Standards for the proposed to 1,831 in August. Grade a butter have not bean to farms in Morel a Vicinity Martelle or. And mrs Glenn Strother have purchased from Henry Weideman the 130 Foracre farm 2% Miles South of Martelle formerly known As the _ j John Lacock place. The reported in tutors Price is $375 per acre. Their new farm lies just across the Road i from the South tide of the Stroth is ers Home . And mrs. Charles White j have sold their 40-acre place 3%miles Northwest of Martelle to a or. And mrs. Frank Calvert. The Whites have bought a House in Springville. August. 1953, Otal of 2,304 samples William f. Bennett area agronomist in charge of the Laboratory pointed it Friday. Bennett urged Farmers to met their samples soon to insure Early returns on the tests. He within four to samples an received but the al fall Rush of business prob ably will extend that period later on he said. Mil Good is can Elsar peace of Hind wlm a of mind fro worries us Hall you arrange a ply it Sahi Iule you can afford Call 34229 the budget Pun Stom hours 8a.m. To s . Monday lira saturday to Liponi 4- 701 Center Point Road be open All Day saturday now match any color see the fabulous new paint invention color Cir Ora Odir Eccl. The Secretary or an of any meeting Foll rectors. The proceedings Shan be recorded by n non As May be appointed for that Telephone company a c. S. Wood fart As Secretary of the Central Lowa Telephone helps Yob Over Cost false Teeth loosen ass and worry to looter a armoured or f met co in i it Tan / a choose your Coliori new color vision selector Wib help you match and harmonize. Mae than 500 take Home chips to choose from we set the dials. Push a Button and Presto your color s mind in seconds buy Only what you need. You can get the exact same Shade again not week or next year your guarantee of of Jhuty 1 color Carousel b latest aeon vement of Sta Darov toe. Since 184s creators of Tine fun Llam for Industry. Any Type Painti color Carousel paints flow on smoothly cover densely. They re durable lasting washable. No pataty7 odor. Wall Colon have smooth China like finish easy n Dean. House faint give gleam ing Long lasting Protection. Now Carousel paints make decorating a Joy. 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