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Cedar Rapids Citizen Newspaper Archives Nov 30 1953, Page 1

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Cedar Rapids Citizen (Newspaper) - November 30, 1953, Cedar Rapids, IowaWeather Cundy Tut with Carljr lot Ait a inc of Light or rain by Evenow. City final1 5cints volume 71number 325 Cedar rapids Iowa. Monday. November 30, 1953. Associated press United press International new Lodge atrocity toll interview vetoed by Guzenko sex soviet cods clerk in Canada says he chooses safety. _ Toronto a Igor Guzenko in an interview copyrighted by the Toronto Telegram said monday that he has decided not to be interviewed by the Jenner sub committee of the u. S. Senate Guzenko the former rus Sian code clerk whose disclosures sparked the Canadian spy trials in 1946. The Senate internal Security subcommittee headed by sen. Pc incr Rind twice for warded requests to interview him after he was quoted say ing he had valuable information last week the Canadian government agreed that such questioning would be permitted by with restrictions including one that Guzenko testimony be subject to censorship by Canada assumed name. Gouze to now a Canadian citizen and lives in an Ontario Village under an assumed name he said monday he had read the statement made last week by Lester b. Pearson Canadian for eign Secretary. He added i noted the words it his Guzenko responsibility to determine the effect of any such discussions on the preservation of his new identity and consequently on i safety it Clear therefore that the ror apr of the interview i now a to i mid the Balc before me it either the Eon View visa with . Official or the Futty of my family and met Elf. I choose safety not because to do otherwise would be foolish courage in some cases such the defense of one Honor even foolish courage excusable but because i consider the safety of my family not just a Persona matter. Canadian and . Secur Ity also White aide called. Washington ins Senate probes announced monday thai they have subpoenaed William Ludwig Ullman an accused aide to the late Harry Dexter White to testify wednesday. The Senate internal Security subcommittee said Ullman at one time worked in White monetary division of the Treasury depart ment and Wai one of White aides at the Britton Woods International monetary conference. Ullman was listed in a 1945 Security memorandum of the Fri haying been named by Eliza Beth Bentley a member of the soviet espionage ring which she said was headed by Nathan Gregory Silvermaster. The Fri memo said Ullman then a major in the air Force stationed at the Pentagon was according to miss Bentley responsible for obtaining and photo graphing of classified information regarding . Government War plans and also reports of the Fri copies of which had been furnished g-2 intelligence of the army at the Oil inadequate for War Mckay Washington ins Interior Secretary Mckay told a Senate subcommittee m o n d a y that u. S. Petroleum supplies Are inadequate for All out War and that imports therefore must continue. He testified before an Interior subcommittee headed by sen. Clone a Nev. Malone a k e d Mckay if he would approve Federal stimulation. Of construction of plants to produce Oil from shale but Mckay snid this a policy for Congress to after Malone said this policy would Aid in establishing wartime reserves of Oil Mckay said he would approve it so Long the technical people on my staff approve but he added i Don t think we should build a Plant to produce Petroleum that costs than it costs to get hot Furnace pipes Start store fire St Ocul to the Curette. Columbus Junction fir burned through the Richie an Orr furniture and hardware Stor monday and destroyed stocks o furniture. The fire was brought d e control about 11 hour after it. Started after it a swept through most of the two Story Brick building. There als was heavy smoke and w a t e damage. The flames started in the base Merit about 9 . And spread upward in the two Story Brick building. Firemen said the flame apparently were caused by to Furnace pipes in the basement. The store in the Middle of business District Block. Grand theater gutted by fire Des Moines a Damag estimated at More than $80,00 resulted from a fire which gut cd the grand theater at was sixth and grand Here monday. Ten fire companies were Caile o fight the Blaze which apparently started in the basement o he theater. No one was in the theater Anc occupants of apartments Abov he theater and an adjoining building escaped without injury fire chief Charles Slade mad a preliminary estimate of $75,00 o the theater itself. The operate of a cleaner shop in the theatre building said damage t h c r would approximate $8,000. Firemen fought the Blaze of nearly two hours before seen any flame. Most of the theater first floor dropped into the base ment. A heavy pall of smoke Cove acc part of the East Side business Dos Del for four hours and traffic was snarled for a time. 3read prices up 2 cents in c. R crier Kipf Newt the Price of bread went u to cents a loaf monday in Ceda cupids and other principal Low i tics. Major bakeries in Cedar rap announced a lv4-cent increase n the wholesale Price of bread sampling of grocers showed hat the increase in the form o a 2-Ccnt boost would be passed on to the consumer. The increase brings the real Price to 21 or 22 cents for id ounce loaf. Spokesmen for the Akerle Aid increased costs of flour oth. R ingredients labor and Dos rib ution have forced bakeries t aise prices. Among other cities announcing Price increase Are pcs Moines linux City Council Bluffs ant Omaha. .,., of Rougny outer pro Petroleum out of the ground. I d 6oil conservation agencies by like to look at that pretty care cartoonist Milt Gross dead Beverly Hills up Milt Gross 58, who started a cartoonist at 12 and Rose to National Fame died of a coronary occlusion aboard the liner Lurline in route Home from a vacation in Hawaii his son reported monday. Nit baby was Jamrog Gros works i loads improved by warmer trend , tip lid be a Brief warming trend monday moved the remaining ice on Owa highways but the weather urea reported there would be older air in the state during e night. The forecast Calls for f a i r weather or partly Cloudy skies through tuesday. The tempera ures will be Back in the then during the night according 3 the forecaster but they Are of expected to get Low unday night readings. The overnight Low in Cedar aids was 13 degrees following High sunday of 35. The temper Ture in the City at 2 30 monday was 33 degrees. Some precipitation expected move through the Northern Art of the state late tuesday. Soil conservation Rise asked by Ike Washington up presi Dent Eisenhower said monday that he thinks the government to spend More Money on soil conservation. He asked Secretary of Agri culture Benson to see if he could use some of the Money he Hopes to save elsewhere in the sericulture department for the Soli conservation program. He made the statement after inspecting an agriculture depart ment display on what happens to farm land where conservation practices Are not followed and what improvements can be made. Benson reorganization plan Rought bitter protests from some cause it abolished seven regional offices of Jar conservation set. and other experts in the regional offices were transferred to state pcs of ices or to Headquarters her and Benson i n i t e d the program would be strengthened rather than weakened. Jon Lindbergh body brought from Mountain the body of Swiss Mountaineer Edgar wer Ner Hopf 30, pulled on a to Boggan by a Forest service employee and three few climbers the first Meadow reached in the descent from the Heights of it. Shasta background. Hopf was fatally injured on the California Mountain. From left Morvin Adams of the Forest service Fletcher Hoyt Jon Lindbergh Leader of the climb ing and Ion of the famed Fayert -. And fellow climber named Wyatt. Phots by Ray win Iii of tip Oakland trib. Jno. The icy incline which brought death to Hopf directly above the body in the picture. Associated Arran were photo. Werner Hopf Dulles vows no yielding of principle Washington a score Ary of state Dulles said Mon Day that the u. S. Would Wail ome opportunities to Settle Spe Ifju disputes with Russia but Jon Lindbergh. Edgar Werner Hopf 30, Nephew of prof. Max Daehler of Coc col lege was fatally injured Satur Day while climbing my. Shasta in sic conference table should not considered a where we surrender our we approach a possible insect in with the representatives of the Oviet Union he said. I can of ure you that we Welcome oppor unities to Settle specific disputes a tween to end the race in armament particularly atomic armament and to reduce the risks f let me also assure you o Lis we do not look on the con Terence table a place where we surrender our principles but Ather a place for making our principles British await talks. London a foreign Sec Daehler Nephew Dies on climb with Jon Lindbergh Mountainside to Flat ground on the Shore of Lake Helen. At. 1 45 p.m.," no ule said Hopf a p p a r e n t l y stopped breathing and artificial respire teary Eden said monday that research staff for several years 3ritain looked Forward to an arly meeting of the big four foreign ministers and was conf ent the . Shared this Hope. Eden told the House of com on the russian note of nov. 26 neans the soviet government prepared to meet with the ., retain end France without con labovites quickly pressed the Secretary on whether Washington hared his View or whether the a. State department had taken discouraging Eden replied i have naturally had communications from the . And. Have every reason to believe lit the answer i have just Given ill be endorsed by the . Gov Hughes confident of negotiations Omaha ins president Hughes of the order of rail a conductors of America isun rident the conductors will successful in negotiations with the a Ricks conference committee this Eek for a graduated rate of pay. Hughes a Milwaukee Railroad Crerar. From Cedar rapids told n Omaha meeting of conductors at negotiations will he resumed Chicago in wednesday. If the carriers reject the Radii cd pay demand Hughes sad his wife a native of Spain. They were married a year ago prof. Daehler plans to go to Palo Alto later this week Lindbergh son of the famous new York to Paris flyer and others in the party brought Down the body sunday afternoon. They declined to discuss the tragedy with anyone except Coroner Lloyd Noble. Noble said Hopf Lindbergh seven other men and eight Wom mall members of the Stanford University Alpine club arrived thursday too it Muntain climb no Over Sie thanksgiving week end. They pitched their tents at horse Camp 7,500 feet up the Mountain. At 4 . Saturday six of the men including Lind Herlih started on skis to try to reach the 14,162-foot Summit. The temperature was below freezing und a hard crust of ice covered inc Snow by 8 30 . He party had worked its Way up o n Point just below an Arra mown the red Banks 1,000 get up. Makeshift utter. Hopf an experienced climber engaged in television research at Stanford was leading the Way in an almost vertical icy slope. In was still wearing skis al hol go the others had abandoned heirs in favor of crampons ice pikes buckled Over the soles of climbing boots. Continued for until it was about 11 hours realized nothing More could be Hopf companions took turns artificial respiration and built a crude Igloo to shelter him from the icy winds. California with a party a by lion was started and this was Lindbergh. Hopf died Early sunday in a hastily built Igloo on the ,500 foot level of the Mountain. The Accident happened on an slope. Hopf slipped and rolled 800 feet suffering head and internal injuries. The youth had visited in Cedar rapids several times. He spen last Christmas and new year Here with the Dahl cars. His Mother mrs. Herman Hopf the former Ella Daehler sister of prof. Daehler. Widow of an x Ray specialist she resides in Berne Switzerland. On Stanford staff. Hopf was graduated from a Zurich technical school and has been on the Stanford University Nixon arrives for Nehru visit new Delhi a vice president Nixon arrived monday for informal talks with prime minister Nehru. Questioners in parliament tried in vain to pin Down Nehru on whether he would take up with Nixon the hot Issue of possible american military Aid to Pakistan. The official attitude of the in Dian government toward Nixon appeared Cool but Correct. Cabi net ministers made no secret of their Lack of enthusiasm for the visit from the Globe girdling vice president. India p r e mirrored the ministers attitude. Nixon his wife and their party came by plane from Bangalore in Southern India. Nixon arrival in Madras sunday was the first prominence Given him by Indian a Cusp Parr. On his tour. Much of the Indian attitude toward Nixon due to recent talk of possible . Military assistance to India rival neighbor Pakistan. Though american and pakistani officials have denied an Aid for bases pact under consideration Indian officials probably will question Nixon closely about the reports. Fugitive named Auto Slayer los Angeles ins sheriff Eugene Biscailuz a n n o c e d monday that the girl Friend of Andrew j. A Macc has identified an Ohio fugitive the insurance Salesman murderer. Biscailuz said the fugitive Anthony Barr alias Anthony 3a ier. Millbauer and Gil Bauer 52, it convert. From Cleveland. Kmiec was shot in the rear scat of his car on a lonely Road eight nights ago. E or. Lam probably a i. Be Ore suddenly Hopf slipped and Biscailuz said Barr was Ridenti today chuckle when you re too Busy to smile then you re too Busy. A cd to an arbitration Board. Down & deadly slide arbitration fails the head of a known the ice Chute conductors added my committee has the Power to Call a by the time he stopped fall ing his skis had been wrenched in Omaha to hear Hughes Nineteen divisions of the order off. His companions formed a of railway conductors gathered makeshift litter of four skis and pulled him 500 feet Down the fled from fingerprints taken when he filled out a pistol Pur Chase from feb. 1\ in Hunting ton Park gun shop. The sheriff said the Finger prints match those found on the jury Case at Denver stirs fuss judge claims Brownell tid hands of Fri Senatt scrutiny. Washington chairman Langer . Announced monday that the Senate judiciary committee will investigate a jury tampering use at Denver which has ticked off a new political Row. The Case involves two Denver amblers. A democratic official sunday night challenged attorney general Brownell to answer a claim by a Federal judge thai 3rownoll tied the hands of the ?b1" in the . Langer said his committee very much interested in the Edge charges and among other hings wants to find out whether the . Attorney was fired be cause he secured these convict hearings will begin to Denver dec. 12. Three democratic Leaden Sun Day assailed Brownell and the administration for setting off the Harry Dexter White fireworks. Clayton Fritchy Deputy chair Man of the democratic Natrona committee said on television tha1 Brownell launched the Contro no Versy to divert attention from Many things including a serious situation within the Justice department the program ended before f r l t c h e y could explain Thi charge but cited the Colorado pm in explaining Xitalli to newsman afterwards. The Colorado cast involved Eugene and Clyde Sam done legend Kingpins of a ill lion Dol Lar rambling Racket who were sentenced last week to 60-Yoa Lorms for tampering with a jury that ii card in income tax evasion Case against Eugene. Woman firm against Fine stays in jail Carlsbad M. A a stubborn Little woman with a belief in her own rights has finished her fifth month in a jail cell. And i la t a y Here says Frances Supina until i get jus mrs. Supina absolutely refuses to pay a $1,000 Fine for contempt of court. Her neighbors on Riverside drive Here complained that she was renting a garage apartment n violation of a restrictive covenant in her deed. She was or dered to Stop by the District court. She refused contending she was letting a displaced couple use he apartment in return for work and was charging no rent. A Fine if $1,000 was levied for contempt. On july 6 she entered the county jail refusing to pay. After a few Days in jail seven rinds came Forward with the Money. But she again refused. Justice what i want. To Clear my name she said. Embarrassed local o f f i c i a l did t know what to do. She has stay in jail until the Fine Laid or the judge overruled. Friends appealed to the governor. Smiling grimly mrs. Supina i Romisch that if he did t act the d take it to a higher court. Mrs. Supina 51. She appears o be in Good health although she Eft jail for three weeks when with a stomach ail ment. When i first went to jail i weighed 138," she said but now Down to 14a." she complains that jail food does t agree with her and that she recently had a Case of Trench Louth. My time in jail has been Well spent though she sol Len. I m rereading the Bible and pm getting quite an education talking to my fellow charge by judge. In sentencing the Brothers to Cral judge Willis hitter e Democrat charged that Browne i refused to let the Fri help the ocal District attorney with the investigation. The District a t t o r n e y was Charles. Vigil a democratic appointee who was fired by president Eisenhower when he refused to resign in favor of a Republican successor. Vigil told reporters he twice sought Fri ild but was told that ton off gals had ordered the Fri to seep hands off the Case. Justice department sources Salh Brownell prepared a reply last week but refrained from issuing t because he did not wish to do car to be conducting a pubic feud with a Federal judge. Fritchey i immediate Superior democratic National chairman Lephan a. Mitchell a Ici a ib52 aspirant Averill har Iman similarly let Loose blasts al . Handling of the White Case. Mitchell told a democratic rally St. Albans vt., that the . S neglecting the main Battle against communism while they spend their energies chasing dead we will never have National Unity or world leadership he Aid Long the Republican parly Speaks one Day with the voice of president Eisenhower one Day with the voice of sen. My Jarthy and one Day with the no ions o attorney general Brown Central Mitchell raid communism undoubtedly will be one of the Cen ral issues of the 1954 Congo ional election Campaign. In this in agreed with Mccarthy al ,.s Hough or. Eisenhower told his Denof. 18 new conference he hoped lie whole reds in government be would be history by election ime. Of Mccarthy my Tami said say he the republicans prob pm not ours. He has openly Chal caged the president for the Lead ship of the Republican far roman Aid he believes or Arley Iliin and by will Boomerang against the . Asked if former president Tiu nan decision not to fire White despite reports White was a spy Esul cd from fear of disrupting relations with Russia Harriman lid i Don t think that and anything o do with it. Truman was Lert and alive to the difficulties be were going to have with rus a before Many other americans were.1 Candy preferred. San Juan puerto Rico _ a two Zoyb 7 and 12, breaking into a restaurant Sun Lay. They opened a bag contain r Jung 11,696 but rejected it in favor car in which Kolec was lain. Of four Candy bars Man out of Jai by error held for Iowa slaying Des Moines a a Man who was released from Polk county jail by error Satur Day was being held monday for in connection with he mutilation slaying of a 42 ear old Des Moines woman Here sunday night. He was identified by police Ames Robert Byrd 23. Byrd was arrested shortly after the body of mrs. Mildred inn on was found by police no 8 30 . Sunday in a clump of weeds n a vacant lot adjoining a Home at 776 tenth Street. Police said mrs. Hanson whose Tody was fiendishly mutilated till was alive when they arrived iut she died Croutc to a Hospital. Police said Byrd was arrested tier witnesses named him he person seen currying the woman body into the vacant lot shortly before she was found. Witnesses told police mrs. Lanson and Byrd both had been Cen together earlier. Sheriff Thomas l. A Cully sold Byrd was released saturday Afier even Days in jail because a commitment order did not Specif hat two minor terms to Welcl sentenced were to be of cried consecutively. If the con Cut Ivy terms would Hove been served specified by the judge he would have been kept in Jai until tuesday. Judges named to hear disbarment proceedings Des Moines ins the Iowa tale supreme court monday appointed a panel of three judges o hear the disbarment proceed nos brought against two Carrol attorneys. Named to preside Over the Case if m. R. Tan Crete were judges Jarry e. Narey of spirit Lake r re. Yoder of Sigourney and c. Edwin Moore of Des Moines. Hear no in that action will be held dec. 14 at Carroll. In the Case of attorney Ralph Crane the supreme court a loin cd judges William p. Butler f Mason City George Sackett of Crry and Edward l. Simmons of Canter Villa. Crane Case will be Icard dec. 17. The disbarment Ere brought by Combs. Proceedings Bernard j Index today a mics 13 courthouse 2 crossword 14 Dally record 2 deaths 2 editor if urea e from 10 Foto facts 3 Inez Rob 15 Imide to 9 Marlon 14 Moln 7 radio and to 9 society or sport 11,1z state 4 want Adi 15-17 women ? feature 5 Delegate of u. S. Blasts soviet role ays russian officers headed responsible Camp commands. A. T. Goldberg. United nations Y. A Henry Cabot Lodge r., chief u. 3. Delegate to the n., charged monday that Owlet officers headed North korean prison Camp com ands responsible for thou ands of atrocity torture ases and deaths. He told the . General Embly that world communism consciously used atrocities policy weapon against its foes. Lodge made the accusations at in Assembly launched debate on he american demand that red Hanii and communist North Koca be condemned tor this at Roc . But the u. S. Vejr Javion head wept �1 the Kremlin commute following into i indictment. He revealed thai the loll in Korea from red mass Mur Dera death March and tor. Ures now a Eitl noted at Ner y 28,000lmo�t 11,000 More Ihn shown in door Meta distributed saturday Liht to Del Eta tee. An aide said the defense depart nent authorized the new figure n the basis of studies since june 3. That period was covered by in earlier Survey. Lodge said world communism was a single political movement Wuh worldwide activities and Imp talons. There was n Clear record of Tkv Holawka. Violation in Korea of Geneva rules on prisoners of War continued adding the Viola ions occurred on such a scale nil cute Irres stably that they Cal cited n conscious policy. Political authority. That these atrocities were due a conscious policy strongly ugg std by the following facts the mass executions of Koenn civilians in some cases in in same groups with american and other prisoners of Ai Verc one by authority of a purely to tical Agency the North korean Olla local Security police. Many of our prisoners were subject cd immediately after Cap ire to the usual communist Jar n of violent hatred and abuse and in not a few cases were exe Utcy in cold blood shortly after Ned. These atrocious killings were Osely connected with the inces ant political probing and a pulsation of the very same Pris ners in prisoner of War Camps both in Seoul Early in the War and later on a Murii larger scale the prison Camps of North Ore. Soviet Cut Lens. Nor can we ignore these facts that the leading men of the North korean regime and the North korean army were for the most part soviet citizens that the North korean poli tical Security police carried out Many of the mass murders that soviet officers were at the top of the command Struc Ture Over the prison Camps in North Korea. These facts indicate a sort of common dedication to wholesale brutality which it utterly repulsive to Lodge citing facts and figures from affidavits of survivors and eyewitnesses said about 27 per cent of Battle atrocities were committed by chinese communist military units where military and political training went hand in hand. Chinese took Over. When the North korean army guilty of most of the Battle atrocities fell apart the chinese communists took Over prisoner Camps and political pressure Lodge said. He said the atrocities inspired horror and revulsion in any civilized mind adding this loss of respect for inter National standards of conduct not simply forgetfulness or inefficiency. Or personal cruelty. Expressing sadism of some individual p r i o n commander. These atrocities Are for the most part deliberate. They reflect a conscious. Sys tem which actively rejects sub verts and destroys decent stand Ards of conduct and the whole Structure of humane values from which they derive a system which denies that All men Are created equal and Are made in the image of god. Sui in quoted. It a system which says Stalin said terror the supreme argument of any Power continued on Page 2, coi. 2.

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