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Cedar Rapids Citizen Newspaper Archives Nov 29 1953, Page 1

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Cedar Rapids Citizen (Newspaper) - November 29, 1953, Cedar Rapids, IowaWeather Iowa pm ukr Cloudy Sun Day Wanner North and Cut Hlib 1s-4 rut 40-45 West. Fair and Hutu colder Mitti but and weit san Iii Jui. Monday partly Eloida Little tense radar Chance. City final 10 cents volume 71number 324 Cedar rapids Iowa sunday november 29, 1953. Associated press United press International news . Gets Ity evidence morale of . Flyers imperilled air Force faces serious problem growing out of torture cases. Washington a a service wide morale problem is developing for the air Force out of the cases of flyers who were captured and tor tured by the reds in Korea to compel false i one salons. Although air Force officials a reluctant to talk openly yet about the difficult and delicate problem it was Learned saturday that there is profound concern about the Impact of the cases on Usan personnel in general As Well As on the former prisoners of War. Many airmen Are reported wondering what would happen to their careers in the air Force if in a future War they were Cap tured and were unable to hold out against torture. _ air Crews particularly in the strategic air command which in Long Range to l i t i c i ans peril Freedom Truman says Chicago up former president Harry s. Truman said saturday night that the nation s freedoms Are under attack by unprincipled politicians and called on americans to oppose those who would coerce us. Or. Truman made the charge at an israeli Bond Selling rally at Chicago stadium attended by a estimated 22,000 persons. Earlier in the Day he told news conference that he intended to say nothing More about the Harry Dexter White spy Case or sen. Joseph Mccarthy. Harsh things said in his speech he mentioned neither by name. But in an obvious reference to the White Case he said for the last few weeks some pretty harsh things have been said about me. But i have also drawn great Comfort and support from the thousands of telegrams and letters written to me by men and women Young and old from All Over the nation people who Are deeply concerned about the attacks that Are being wage against our democratic or. Truman urged his listeners to resist those who would spread panic and fear among fears loss of Battle. If we do not oppose those who would coerce us if we do no fight thought control and Book communists wrung false Confes Sions to the use of germ warfare. B. Whether there will be by Basic change of policy relating to the rules and advice Given men who May be captured. Benediet proposed. Among the proposals being considered but on which top officials have not decided yet Are Lyhl make 11 known not Only to Usan airmen but the world in general that Crews of american bombers and fighters Are in pos session of no information of real military use to an enemy. Any statements or false confessions wrung from them thus would be Patent propaganda. 2 provide Crew of planes which would Fly Over enemy territory Only the Bare essential in formation needed for a particular keep from them All information relating to future operational or strategic plans or any detailed technical data other than the relatively simple procedure for getting to a target releasing bombs and having them hit the target. This is especially import Tant now with the Advent of atomic weapons.3. Amend the ancient Regula Tion which has its source in the International rules of land War fare that a prisoner shall give even under compulsion Only his name rank and serial number. Would guard information. The theory is that if a Man has no information of value to an enemy he should not be bound by a Rule which can be Sec upon said. Or. Truman said the people must preserve truth decency am Freedom against the reckless As saults of unprincipled politicians. We must strive to preserve against the insidious onslaught of fear and hysteria which a being manipulated in this coun iry for purely political purposes tic said. Too Many silent. The former president said to Many people maintain Silenc for fear of being accused o continued on Page 4, col. 6. P thus no airman who fell into enemy hands would be bigoted a designation probably Deriv ing from a code word used in world War 11, for officers who had knowledge of vital information and who thus should not be assigned to missions in w h i c h capture was possible. Although aware of the mount ing morale problem among air Crews and the uncertainty t h a t vat in the minds of former prisoners about the future of of tax their military careers air Force stopped shirted wearing thin Dulles turns Down third bid for quiz refuses to Send Jenner request for Guzenko talk to Canada Washington a Secretary of state Dulles turned Down saturday night a re quest by sen. Jenner Rind that Canada be asked to per Mit senatorial spy inv stiga ors to question Igor Gou Enko without any Canadian Urb on publication of Gou Onko s testimony. Jenner head of the by nuts in e r n a 1 Security subcommittee anted to Send representatives to anada to question the former russian diplomatic code clerk bout possible ramifications of in Harry Dexter White soviet a Case in this country. Guzenko broke with comm ism in 1946 and exposed a big Oviet spy plot in Canada. Third request asked. Canada reluctantly agreed to How the Senate subcommittee to Ulz Guzenko but Laid Down the Ondl Tion that Canada must have now sleet create new Road hazards fie final say so As to what parts sanded. Of his testimony should be made Public. Jenner rejected this condition laying he could not commit him Leif to withhold information Frorer Ron Gross if it was deemed Vita to give it to Congress in the interests of National Security. Jenner asked Dulles to Send lbs Moines a Snow sleet and freezing rain created hazardous Road conditions in Northwest Iowa late saturday As weak storm system similar to that of thanksgiving Day moved eastward across the state. The Iowa Highway patrol in a report on Road conditions late saturday said the highways were icy in an area North of a line from Sioux City to fort Dodge. The area below that line West of Carroll had Light rain during the afternoon. In the Northeast part of Iowa which bore the Brunt of thursday s storm High ways continued Snow packed in varying degrees. Intermittent Snow and Slee was reported by the Highway patrol around the Mason City area and there was More Snow West of and in the Vicinity of Waterloo and Cedar enids. Although the Snow pack on highways in the Dubuque area began to break up Lute saturday there wus Little Prospect of immediate improvement in the extreme northeastern sections. The Bureau predicted thai weather creating hazardous Road conditions would prevail during the Luht eastward of a line from fort in Din to Spencer. The fort Dodge area and fairly heavy Snow during the Day the Mars Hilltown area had Ligh Snow late in the afternoon will visibility reduced to on fourth if a mile and in the bronc a inlay Hills and curves War eyewitness stories Tell of horrors document option precedes Edge s hour Long talk in . Monday. Minor head wave in Cedar rapids dry Lualta new a minor heat wove proc Dii a cold front boosted the temper Turc in Cedar rapids n couple = boy playing with matches is severely burned up lid Newt six year old Scott Bapty 1329 urges elimination of stale and . Tax duplications Washington ins member of the House ways an Means committee proposed sat urday that slate governments abolish their income taxes and leave this Revenue Field entirely to the Federal government. Rep. Noah m. Mason r-i11. Included the proposal in a plan he will present to a presidential commission studying Means of eliminating overlapping and duplicating functions of state and Federal governments. Mason a member of the com Mission also urged that the states give up their liquor and tobacco taxes likewise leaving this Field exclusively to the fed eral a verment. On the other hand he suggested that the Federal govern ment should turn Over to the states sole rights to estate and gift taxes gasoline taxes retail sales levies end admission taxes. Mason also recommended that the Federal government end its financial Aid to Stales for High Way construction and get entirely out of Road Mason added business and individuals have been forced into burdensome and quite unnecessary record keeping. As a practical matter the present diffusion second Avenue be suffered Sec Ond and third degree Burns on his Chest saturday afternoon when he set fire to his clothing while playing with matches. He was taken to St. Luke s hos Pital where his condition was reported As Good saturday night. Police said the youngster s shirt caught fire while he was playing on the second floor of his Home. He screamed and ran for the stairs. A baby Sitter Carmelita Moore 16 who lives on old Marion Road be met the child on the stairs and brushed out the flame. She then summoned an ambulance. An older sister Susan 8, was playing outside at the time. Mrs. Bapty was not Home. Payments should be even though the total Royal couple visit Panama Panama a Queen Ellza Cly ii is rounding out the first week of her Commonwealth tour sunday with a visit to lands out Ide the British family the he Public of Panama and the . In Panama canal zone. A Day packed with military donors sightseeing Tours and receptions awaits the Young Mon Arch and her husband the Duke of Edinburgh. They arc cruising southward across the Caribbean Oward Panama from Jamaica aboard a luxuriously outfitted cargo passenger liner the gothic. That glistening White ship is scheduled to Dock at Cristobal he Atlantic terminal of the puerto Rico to stick with . A Ashington a puerto Rico can have Independence any time it likes so far As president Eisenhower is concerned but the word saturday from the carib bean Island bastion is we Don t the president s pledge was delivered through Henry Cabot Lodge jr., u. Delegate to the United nations. He said Eisen Hower would support puerto Rico s full Independence whenever its legislature asks for it. Gov. Louis Munoz m a r i n promptly replied the position of the majority of our people and also mine is in favor of continued association with the Union with a dynamic growth of this until Midnight. The Royal couple will be guests of United states authorities in the canal zone � 500-Squarc-Milc strip of territory under the stars and Nti Ira and to the highest officials of Panama a nation of 800,000. The gothic will sail monday for Australia and new zealand i ice the Royal couple will plunge into another round of Mili Lary honors sightseeing Tours and receptions. Marshall sails. New York up g e n George c. Marshall sailed Europe saturday to accept for 5 believe they Shou 1 a payment of taxes May be the Nobel peace prize which he said full develop porn it of air same As at present the costs and he won because of the bipartisan before changing Basic poll worries of bookkeeping will be foreign policy fostered by the late officials await facts before changing cies or deciding the cases of for greatly decreased mer prisoners. Trie problem confronting the air Force is without precedent. Not until the korean conflict did the world learn that the communist policy is to ignore utterly the longstanding Tenet of the rules of War prohibiting torture of Cap tured soldiers. Isen. Arthur h. Vandenberg. . Proposes secret talks by Powers on arms slashes United nations n. those countries. These ideas a the . Genera Asscm-1 contributed by France in to Lay off 3,100bly called on its 12-nation i i fill i armament commission Saturn slay to intensify efforts to slash Detroit a the Fordi Amonis an j proposed secret big motor co. Will Lay off 3,100p0wer Tai is to Speed up the pro. Before the 54-0 vote Henry during shifting of Plant t. Ill l n Powe hourly employees when it shifts Gram. Automobile engine making from of its River Rouge to its Dearborn Plant shortly. Ford said it expects to absorb 450 of those Laid off in other operations later. To Day s chuckle c o l l e g e s Are institutions which sometimes lower in trance requirements with an and in View not to mention promising tackles and backs. Cabot Lodge jr., chief u. Dele Gate said the commission could make Progress provided that the soviet Union de tires to make Progress. The United states will do everything in its Power. Dia and Yugoslavia. The subcommittee would be Cape Elfid to hold such meetings in Washington Paris London Moscow Ottawa perhaps in Istanbul. Russia s Andrei Vishinsky tried vainly to get the Assembly Plen Ary to write into the Resolution soviet amendments calling for immediate prohibition of atomic and Hydrogen weapons to Brand those using them first As War criminals and to draft cuts in the five soviet bloc countries the armaments in the big four abstained in the final tally and and red China by next March 1 Ransom Cash Hunt reported turned on new Orleans new Orleans up the new Orleans item said in a copy righted s t o r y saturday that search for the missing $300,000 n the Kidnap murder Cense of 8 year old Bobby Greenlease has moved to new Orleans. The newspaper said it had Learned thai an Fiji a genl named Kennedy questioned two inmates of Parish prison about the missing Ransom Money. The two Are held for trial on a series of Safe robberies and con Nires. Two men named. They were identified As Thorn new note to Canada laying this d u yet saturday. flannel inn in u T. _. I canal at 8 55 . Sunday. There Bordelon and Victor link let be a Bigi i then ter. A i r l Ess honors steel Union head asks cooperation Pittsburgh up u. Steel corporation chairman Ben Jamin f. Fairless keynote a i am Biru Quay Celebration for Cio United steelworkers president David j. Mcdonald saturday night with a Call for cooperation not conflict Between manage ment and labor. In a speech prepared for de Carl Austin Hall a one time Playboy and his girl Friend mrs. Jonnic Brown Heady Are in a can Row at the Missouri slate prison awaiting death in the Gas chamber dec. 18 for the Kidnap murder. The two extracted $600,000 in Ransom from Bobby s father after they had killed the youngster. Prisoner s Story. The item said it Learned that when Hall was in the Kansas City jail m an adjoining cell was a Man named Rasmussen. Hall reportedly told a Asmussen that Bordelon and Linkletter had portion of the missing Money. The Fri obtained this inform y lion. Further checking indicated that the Money had been Pur chased by a Detroit Syndicate that deals in hot Money. The Syndicate had paid 25 cents on the Dollar for the Money. The Syndi Cate then distributed the Money throughout the country a n d i Mexico and some of the Money had been sent Bordelon Anc Linkletter. In Kansas City the Jackson county sheriff s office saturday livery at a Mcdonald Day ban confirmed that a Man reportedly Quet honouring the Union Leader named Rasmussen was in jail Fairless head of the nation s largest steel firm warned unless we can improve our collective bargaining methods Here with Hall. No appeals. Jefferson City to. A he and wipe out this endless and a saturday marked t last Day senseless succession of strikes a t attorneys for the Kidnap senseless is righteous in r g e o Wrath of Publ cities of lit tie Bobby Greenlease opinion will some Day descend. A uld take Legal Steps to appear with crushing Force upon both of the the sentence. Youth shot in 51slhunting mishap Nur in ii " but no 8uch Steps fairies was among 3,300 per and the attorneys said there Wil sons including civic Industrial,i00 no up. Labor and government leaders three downtown hotels to pay homage to Mcdonald on his 51st birthday anniversary. " y the u. Steel executive a or , or muted Mcdonald for his great a 16-year-old contribution to the prestige and the Ai organized fal Lesa said the one Over shadowing task that confronts All of us today is finding a Road leading to Industrial peace. In dignity the Smith suffered a wound advancement of i afternoon in a Hunt Ini we cannot afford to fail in that task nor do i believe that we will fail As Long As the Ameri can labor movement continue to produce leaders like your guest of one country was not listed As vet because the fun assert by Here he said voted them Down As the political the newest Clement in the res-1 committee had done before sat solution was the idea of secret Luray s voting Vishinsky and Pope returns to Vatican. Cedar rapids saturday g mishap on a farm near South Amana. He was Richard Hartson 3029 Schwac for drive so. Attendants at mercy Hospital said he had suffered a Scalp wound on the right Side of his head and Wouch be hospitalized for several Days. The youth was shot when i stumbled Over a Vine and his .22 Caliper automatic Rifle acc Dently discharged. He narrowly escaped a fatal wound. The youth was Hunting with v.8. Be so to Canadian a Thorl Les. If it were reversed. But Dulles wrote Jenner Satur Lay night that if the United states government were in a Sam Lar position with respect to in formation under its control he i Cleved it would place on that a formation the kind of res Lilc Lon which Canada imposed. I know Dulles wrote Jenner that it is your intention to exer Cise the right to publicize Only when your subcommittee consid ers that United stoics intercut Ilone Are concerned. But 1 be Lieve that the Canadian govern Nunt is on solid ground in insist ing that it should be the Fina Edge of whether or not its in trusts Are involved. I would under similar circumstances take the same Posi Tion on behalf of the United states i believe you would want me to do although Dulles flatly rejected Erncr s request for further a Ion by the United states govern ment to change Canada s position Lis letter to the senator was couched in very polite terms. Anti red asian meeting proposed Taipei sunday ins a meeting of free asian nations pledged to smash communist a in cession loomed today As the major result of talks Between Generalissimo Chiang Kai Shek and president syn Man Itchco South Korea. Filec said an anti communist conference of asian nations wll e called at an As yet unnamed Date in a of acc convenient so till of the leaders of National China and the Republic of Korea issued a joint communique lasting Russia s communist at Gre Sion in Asia and pledging an All out Light against Ihu la us. The statement summed up the viewpoint1 of Boh Chiang and Rhee after two Days of conferences on Formosa the Island capital of nationalist China. The Asiatic leaders in their statement made a Strong Appeal to the United states and other Western nations for moral and material support in a fight for Freedom. The Caa communications o fire at municipal Airport report that the highest temperature r corded saturday was jut Sefc Midnight Whon uie Mercury h 31 degrees. It had risen slowly All any from an overnight Low of 14. But there was no reason to toss the overcoat aside the weather Man said. A cold front due to move through the stale Early Sun Day was expected to hold the Mercury in the thirties and Low optics. Shock not cause of Burton baby s death doctor Orange Texas up a physician denied saturday t h a t he Stillbirth of pretty mrs. Elizabeth Burton s first baby was caused by the Shock of learning hat her father is Thomas c. 3untln, who abandoned a Fortune and another family in Nashville tonn., 22 years ago to run Orf with his Secretary. Huntin for the lust 22 years has culled himself Thomas d. Pal mer the Secretary the former Hetty Mccuddy of Hussell Lluc ky., is mrs. Burton s Mother and the Moli Irr of five other children. When the real identity of the palmers was disclosed thurs Day mrs. Palmer s first thought was of her daughter who was expecting a baby. She was afraid the Shock would i l l the baby. The baby was stillborn Friday night. But the physician announced through a Friend of the family saturday that the baby died be fore birth lick Mim of n Hemor rage. He said it was a very rare Case. This resulted from a separa Tion of the Placenta Between the Mother and child he said. There is no reason to believe that the circumstances of the past few Iii is and anything to do with the baby s but mrs. Palmer was grief stricken As was her daughter. The ked Cross cabled the news to mrs. Burton s husband Cpl. Will in Burton of the Nir Force who is in Korea. The family Doc tor also requested that Burton be sent Home for the Mother s catholics map $8 million drive to Complete shrine Washington up Theu s. Catholic Hierarchy Wil launch a drive dec. 6 for eight million dollars to Complete the National shrine of the immaculate Conception Here and provide american catholics with a Church ranking with some of the greatest religious edifices in the world. The Appeal will be for funds to Complete the upper Church of uie shrine work on which was started in 1020 but was delayed by the depression. World Var ii and Post War Relief programs. The Campaign will be a cited he Joh p Noll an year dec. 8 marking the Cen Tenary of the promulgation by Pope Pius in in 1854 of Tho Cath Olic Dogma of the immaculate Conception. The massive foundations of the shrine were completed Many years ago and now embrace a crypt Church Over which the up per Church will be built. The shrine when finished Vil rank among the world s most magnificent religious edifices according to the architects is Fin is & Walsh of Boston. It will seat 3,000 and have a capacity of . Pierre j. Hubs. United nations n. Y. Is the United states resented to the . As imply saturday a shocker oct mint of eyewitness a ounts of death marches Anton murder and torture chinese and North Koenn communists of 29,815 a. Soldiers and civilians. A m b a s s a d o r Henry Cabot for tic Laid Down the Inch thick Rocity evidence in preparation in his one hour address monday i the 60-Natlon global forum. He is seeking a . Indictment f the communists after full con ult Allon Over past weeks with her korean allies. Anticipate al Shinsky move. Soviet Delegate Andrei Vish sky and his satellite cohorts Are Nown to be preparing heavy to smokescreen he Savage cruelty against . Or Honnol in Korea by communist soldiers and officials. Vols Hlatky will Light the indict ment in full realization that such a Black Mark on Assembly books will become in Tho future an in surmountable Block to red Chi a s seating in the . Lodge accompanied the Docu ment with a Resolution calling on . To condemn the inhumane practices and to express its grave concern Over the rampant communist violations of the Geneva conventions dealing with War prisoner treatment. The Resolution skips any de Mand for a . Investigation of fir i rr.5i on the grounds that the communists will lower the Bamboo curtain anal not Sut ii a probe. Those who signed tic Resolution were the u. S., Britain France Australia and Turkey. incidents. The document included a letter from u. Deputy defense sir i by Roger m. Kyes detailing some of the atrocities. The evidence is based on eight Jirise atrocity incidents which occurred in the Battle zone and were compiled by a War crimes division of the u. Eighth army. There also arc statements by 13 . Soldiers repatriated after he armistice and selected from hundreds of similar atrocity accounts behind the in talc zone. In his letter Kucs says All d o c u m e n t s involve atrocities commuted by the North korean army the North korean Security police and the chinese communist forces. The prisoners were shot Down in cold blood were burned alive in prison build Ings were beaten to death All in total disregard of rules of War or of an elementary sense of common decency. In Oiler instances evidence demonstrates a deliberate attempt a the communists to dispose of prisoners through forced marches n Zero weather under conditions in which they would die either by malnutrition or disease. Finally there were atrocities committed fur behind the Battle zone in pm collection Points in permanent and Semi permanent prisoner of War Camps and on the March Between these by hand the Len acts. The document disclosed for the first time some behind the line atrocities. Excerpts from some of Vatican City ins Pope his brother Archie j2, who Riec Tings of the big Power Ardithe soviet satellites said they Pius Xii returned to the Vatican farms in the area. Atomic weapon countries in the Rould not vote for the majority saturday night from me summer brother drove Richard to Cedar various is Commin. To he held in capitals plan. Residence outside Rome. I rapids after the Accident. Bishop of fort Wayne ind., who the exterior will he of Granite Heads a committee composed of and limes nor. The Interior will -.i, four american cardinals and 10 he cover. With imported Marble the older Olivcr sid.bisr. in Fri. The floors to great domes i to Cedar various parts of the country. And vaults that will make a the the Appeal will Stai uhe mail ceiling. He a accounts Are St. John r. Worley Home own not Given while in Camp t fuck Dong about 1,700 men continued on Page 4, col. 5. Sunday s Index late twi l Fly Edl Lorili . G lle Section to n. Yon Avillo Notti. Mirlon. Of Morley a record it Var old. And in suction i arund the town new to flab Roll dlr Section i Storll want Arf Cro Tiwari 1mh is

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