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Cedar Rapids Citizen Newspaper Archives Feb 5 1964, Page 21

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Cedar Rapids Citizen, The (Newspaper) - February 5, 1964, Cedar Rapids, Iowa E d i Toria 1 p age the Cedar rapids citizen a Grantjr and Thkun Clowers editor Kuncl managing editor Grantjr feature editor James Brooks advertising director Kay Springer advertising layout Iames Kopecky contributing editors citizens viewpoint William Rexroad cooking Cue Christy Grant entertainment photography w Grant or farm and Labo Rethan Akin financial Roy l Green fish and game Stan Kuta published weekly by citizen publications inc 218 Ltd Avenue South West Cedar rapid s Iowa second class postage paid at Cedar rapids Iowa the Cedar rapids citizen feb 5 1964 Page 5 a citizens viewpoint William Rexroad fight to finish for space Center it was announced this past weekend that the National aeronautics and space administration has recommended to Congress for the second time the Boston area As the location for nasal electronics research Center Dis appointing As it was the announcement did not come As great Surprise what was surprising were comments made by leaders of the Effort to have the Center located in the Iowa City Cedar rapids area or Van Allen was quoted As saying that there is a possibility of a controversy devel Oping in Congress Over the recommendation if and when that time comes he went on the advantages of locating the Center in this Are a could once More be stressed such a course of action seems sound enough As far As it goes but Why wait hoping that someone else will Start the controversy and even if someone did jumping on the band Wagon at that time would not be an effect Ive Way of Selling Eastern Iowa when the Boston area was first mentioned there were at that time Many reasons to question the Choice those reasons still remain in add or Van Allen has emphasized that the feels the Boston area was chosen for political rather than practical reasons we should not there fore wait until someone else questions the Choice and then chime in with a me too we should instead Lead the Way by arousing that con it must be called plead for a truly objective Choice of location for the Center the other surprising state ment came from congressman Bromwell who said with the of budgeted research expenditures going into coastal states the Midwest cannot be neglected longer in the Nat ional interest the figures quoted in that statement Are not surprising the impression it leaves is though it seems to imply that if we sit around Here in the Midwest Long enough somebody up there in Washington is bound to notice us the fact is that with the Choice of the Boston area for the enter the mid West was once again neglected the Only Way this sort of neglect will Ever Beaver come is to continue to prom ote the advantages of this area there is still time to act before Congress makes the final decision those who have worked so hard to present the Case for Eastern Iowa should not yet throw in the Towel congressman Fred Schwengle set a Good example when he wrote a rather strongly worded letter to Nasa administrator Webb voicing his opinion on the subject lets try to follow that example and carry the fight right out to the bitter end because the Winner does indeed take All Happy birthday Scouters one of americas finest organizations will celebrate its fifty i fourth anniversary a this k the boy scouts of America has set countless millions of boys around the world on the paths of adventure Good citizenship and Christian manhood in the thousands of Flicker ing campfires of Rich memories old Scouters pause to recall Days of Young comradery t w Vav new Scouters discover the magic of a Day in the Woods Arida song around the glowing embers Happy birthday to the boy scouts of America and Many returns of the Day red Cedar shavings Coy Valentine More and More signs in the wind that the november con Gressional race will find John Culver pitted against incumbent Jim Bromwell state and local demo leaders with rare exceptions have nearly Pede to endorse Culver amid the juror Culver has said neither yes or no but we would be More than amazed if he didst make the race his announcement As a candidate will please us but not trampled each other in a Stam Surprise us Adieu or Hoeven guest editorial from the Omaha Sun we were intrigued by the observations of Charles e i Hoeven the Republican congressman from Iowa who is quitting Washington after the current session to return to the Green and rolling Hills of his native state looking Back apparently a characteristic stance or Hoeven sees Little to cheer about he is disturbed by what he sees As a trend toward a welfare state without any apparent desire for fiscal responsibility he says this c can try continues to equiv Cate and accommodate and appease the communists a criticism weve heard often enough before and without As in this Case any specifics to Back it up or alternatives propounded but what really hit us so to speak where we live was or hoeven8s tribute to his Iown tribute which some might think is touched or etched by just a hint of smug provincialism the Midwest in my judge ment he declared is the last Core of real americanism left in this country come come or Hoeven things surely cant be quite that bad Here and there scattered throughout America there must exist a few bits and pieces of real american couple of Square blocks in St Petersburg a county or two perhaps in Arizona an Island off the Rock bound coast of Maine a Cave in upper new York state a cellar in Chicago we love this Section too but we dont think it Necess Ary to try proving it by insulting the United states t it remains a mystery to us Why the Cedar rapids Public Library locks its doors on the one Day of the week when Many who dont ordinarily get the Chance could use it weve heard a few arguments put Forward All unofficial about the Cost being too much and that no one would use it and that other cities dont open on sunday and neither should we none so far have convinced us we have editorialized on the subject twice in the past and weve still never heard a rational rebuttal wed like to offer Here and now space in a future edit Oft to anyone at the Library who is willing to present the Case for a closed Library on sunday wed be interested in hearing the official Point of View and Are sure that our readers would be also consider the Gauntlet Flung lets see who picks it up to comply under Ordinary scare tactics Are subjected to further campaigns that imply the merchant is unpatriotic because he stocks the products this particular grocer has told the Warners to go to hell and is taking the matter to the courts recently a local merchant told us about being annoyed by a customer he had never seen before for having polish hams on his counter it seems to us that Trade with every nation that has accepted the Trie Sis of co existence is hip full Trade Between nations keeps c v open and broaden the Hope for an ultimate settlement of International differences history is Rife with examples of the damaging results of a policy of isolation in an Ever shrinking world most people j feel the same Way but unfortunately Are lethargic l the results a frantic and vocal handful has managed r to promote their insular views v to the extent that eight communities in the United now require that goods made in communist countries or products that include communist produced ingredients have special labels affixed to them proclaiming their origin a Florida grocer plagued by the wild eyed madmen who want to save this country by destroying it has had a belly full and is doing something about it the grocer and the Community he lives in has been hounded by the Birch sapling committee to warn of the arrival of communist goods a qua a patriotic group that harasses merchants into taking products made in communist countries off their shelves retailers who fail there not Worth a plugged Nickel More than the old ones but the new Dollar Bills being issued by the u s Treasury have been the object of local curiosity since they began showing up in this area last month the Basic difference is that the new Dollar Bills like the fives tens twenties and hundreds Are now Federal Reserve notes rather than Sil Iver certificates As they have been in the past the trans formation from Silver certify notes represents switch in monetary backing by the Treasury formerly Dollar were backed by Silver set aside by the government and payable to the bearer on demand shortages of Silver for minting coins prompted Congress to pass a Law this summer allowing the Treasury department to replace the certificates with Federal re served notes and release the Silver to alleviate the National Coin shortage the old Silver certificates will

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