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Cedar Rapids Citizen Newspaper Archives Dec 14 1953, Page 1

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Cedar Rapids Citizen (Newspaper) - December 14, 1953, Cedar Rapids, IowaWeather i a Tow us. Late i a partly tl9�ir tit my Sta Wint ugh my. City final scuffs volume 71number 339 Cedar rapids Iowa monday. December 14. 1�s3. Scio cited press a kitted press. Int Bratic captive yank spurns Mot lands vt1allied get warning from Dulles europeans May have to commit suicide alone he says. Paris Secretary of state Dulles warned a North at lactic treaty organization Council session monday that if european nations decide to commit suicide by Blunder ing into another War they May have to commit it City budget gets two readings Bau a routine move to earmark $4,956,363 for running the City n 1954 was started monday by Cedar rapids City Council. The record breaking f i g u r e came out of an appropriation ordinance set in motion annually at this time of year As a formal blueprint for City spending in the 12 months ahead. Finance commissioner l. D. 3urgus said the appropriation Fol own last summer s 1954 budget estimate in almost every detail. The Only change he ind cited. Was a Cut of in the total and in the Public safety fund s flood control allocation. Levee Trentt Henling work done this year instead of next reduced the carryover balance and the pared 1954 s Over ail Outlook by j5.m. Burgus explained. Even so the new approx Ria Usu. His statement was made As he Uon stands roughly half a million outlined the attitude of America Duars Jimboye the corresponding in event the european army treaty is not ratified and ger Many and France fail to Settle their age old aka win . A j ,1 i he said it was the of the disposal outlays As a result of european defense Community to rate boosts enacted this year bring Germany and France to a " $4,460,692 for 1953. Much of the looming increase officials explained will be caused a jumps in the water and sewage Gether and prevent further fight failure to ratify the treaty he said will require America to make an agonizing reappraisal of its polices toward Europe. Warning on Kissia if the european nations de cide to commit suicide he said they May have to commit it alone Dulles also warned that Russia is changing its tactics but not its policies in an attempt to get the allies to drop their guard. He said the nato nations mus. Continue to build strength. Force he added is the Only Means of inducing Russia to negotiate for Pecce on a realistic basis. He repeated his frequent a peal for Quick ratification of the european defense Community project by which 500,000 ger Man troop wow by the nato. Armies. ,.v. Yet the tax Levy for municipal purposes alone is slated for a drop despite a bigger budget for 1954, according to figures released his fall by the county auditor s office. City functions will require a Levy of 26.hj Mills in the com ing year instead of the 27.j86 prevailing for 1953. That a a saving of roughly $1.38 in taxes far every of assessed valuation of taxable property. The Over All Cedar r a p i d s Levy including school and county costs along \ with municipal however has jumped from the current 74.908 Mills to 78.292 for next year s budgets. Final passage of the appropriation ordinance is expected coax talks shunned by go captives Panmunjom Twenty two american prisoners of the communists refused monday to at tend come Home interviews and their Indian custodian voiced fears they May never attend the writes her he will not leave reds settlement reached in planet Eup North american peace on company terms other accords. By Lack Mclaughlin. Los Angeles ins an it. Gen. K. S. Thimayya chief a Cic car. Nou Cement of settlement of 0 India s guard forces in the american m o t h e r sobbed the 52 Day old strife at demilitarized zone said the in monday after learning from North american a 1 a to n is is her son that he will not leave views obvious Joe communists and return Lay As Douglas and Lockheed tog them into the tents. Home. Scotched the threat of walk Thimayya expressed his fears tears Weffing in her eyes outs with new labor cons res a Bers Stoep Howe 43 Alden Minn tracts. Neutral n a t i o n s repatriation eld in her Lap a two Page letter the settlement at no r t h commission. From her Soldier son one of the american where production ofT., of to 22 americans in the pro comm iabreje&s&oTedto8a if they persist in their de a Camp at Panmunjom trickle by the strike of 33,000 mands it looks to me like we i know that you want to take Cio United Auto workers came will never get to them he said me Home with you. But i have View in a in ,.tj c.,.-. At made up my mind and i am not a going pfc. Richard a Tenneson to 20, wrote his Mother who flew talks. The americans staged a sym Pathy strike because pro communist South korean prisoners have refused to hear explant ions in an apparent attempt to scuttle the interview program. Heaps scorn on u. S. Sobbing Parent is not giving up. Tokyo where did i fail of where did i fail w re u u i w it a. A j to at the end of a Marathon Nego Thimayya said saturday that made up my mind and j am not tation session that lasted until he had conferred with the Amer going pfc. Main no and he Hart sept spa Otazu. To i3 30 . The settlement which till about Jan. 2. Monday s action gave it two of the three re a quire formal readings. Y fund by fund Here it How the to Row Jac Twe shape is must be ratified by vote of Nylon members was a Clear Cut Victory for the company. It tails for a 4 percent pay in crease the same offer made by the company Back in octo ber. The agreement brought an end to a walkout at los Angeles Fresno and Columbus Ohio that began oct. 23 when the Union struck for e " a raise. Bat French foreign Bidault served notice in open ing a three Day nato meeting that France will require guarantees from the . And great Britain As the Price of its ratification. Welcomes be flan. Bidault addressing the 600 delegates packed into the Dilapi dated Palace de Chaillot also welcomed president Eisenhowe or s plan for an atomic Energy Pool As offering new Hope to a strife torn world. The plan Bidault said owners a Chance to establish cooperation and association in a Field where lie both the greatest prospects for Progress and also the most powerful Means of Anni hilation.". Bidault made it Plain t h a t France still fears a resurgent Germany. A Oral $361,700. 399,015.a Nita ton jm4,. Municipal Enterprise $400, 420. Recreation $287,800, utilities $780,600. Debt service $253,383. Trust and Agency pensions $295,200. State Road me tax $285,000. Humane society $6,000. Liquor profit $81,000. Parking lot $150,000. Parking meter $30,000. State agricultural land tax $885. Good reason to Hope for Success of polio vaccine by Bruce Fishwild. Research workers have very before the session began in Good reason to think that the formed sources said the . Was polio vaccine to be tested next prepared to insist on immediate year will w formation of the european army u american military Aid was to continue. On congressional approval and us diplomats were reported anxious to have the Edc in be ing As soon As possible to per Suade Congress not to Cut appropriations Foi Western defense. Informed sources said that if Edc is created soon the . Is willing to help Supply Germany s 12-division contribution by pro Viding new weapons., As fast As they Are available. Lord Lumar Secretary general of nato disclosed that the treaty group has about met its ground Force goals for is?3T has about twice As Many airfields functioning As it had last year. This new strength he said does not give the West sufficient Power to withstand All out rus Sian attack but is sufficient to discourage with Airpower acknowledged As the chief weakness of the West Ismay disclosed that nato will have 220 airfields available for use by the end of this year. On the ground it was reported that nato had a ground army of about 56 divisions combat ready or available for mobilization within 30 Days in Northern Central and Southern Europe exclusive of Greece and Turkey. But one of the researchers pointed out monday in Cedar rapids if the outcome of the american Aid depends test were Sqq percent sure there envoy walks out ing with communist n on Laving the a Stenneth Young halted Preu photo. Arthur den has walked out of a Long meet gators at Panmunjom breaking of preliminary talks for a Korea face. A fas of j us. Pc movie m Lea s t by d agreed to n attend the first interviews Mon 7,000 Miles in Hope of persuading Day but they backed Down be him to come Back cause of the South koreans Rel beam store. Fugal to leave their stockade. I his letter renounced life in the heaped scorn on his deeply devout a new Testa ment in her hand the Mother makeup of 22. Seoul ins reports on the 22 american pcs indicate that 12 showed definite leftist leanings before they were Cap tured. Sue others committed spoke bitterly of Crim nudism i want his letter re the Public. I think leased to should prison Camp crimes against know How vicious a thing com Fet Loui East roes and to out have Imu ism is. If it can destroy a to face courts martial. The re Home it can disintegrate a a mating free Ore reported munition. " tend explanations. And turning to her Bibl " Dom Loam of a child in to Way hand Jim Ltd Jar new what Ald lie would go to the should go and when he is a president Calls for joint civil defense Effort Washington president Eisenhower told some 175 mayors and City managers monday that All Levels of government must oin in reasonable civil defense reparations against Surprise at ack. Speaking informally to the opening session of a special National Security conference of mayors the president said his concern stems from the tact that cities have become principal targets for any enemy seeking to conquer our the City has moved from a position of support in the rear in said. It has moved out in a very distinct Way into the front line. Would be no need to conduct the test. The researcher is or. Theo Dore e. Boyd of new York City assistant director of re search for the National foun Dation for infantile paralysis. He is in Cedar rapids to speak at a monday afternoon Public meeting on poliomyelitis fas infantile paralysis is More properly known and to attend a monday night meeting of March of dimes workers. Or. Boyd said he does t know where the vaccine will be tested that the final decision has not yet been made. But. He added in can say that the test will be conducted in county units200 of them. One Iowa county. Today s Index comics 1 courthouse 2 crossword 12 daily record 2 deaths % 2 editorial features farm Foto Facto u inside to is Ines lube 3 Marion 26 Movia 15 radio and to is society k sports 13-14 state � want ads 2s women s features 18 the counties will be chosen on the basis of the prevalence of polio during the last five years its tendency to reach Epi Demic proportions Between june and september the polio rate among second Grade children the age group where the vaccine Wil be tested availability of facilities for a follow up study and a distribution which will give Tuth a Good geographical and economic Cross Section. It is quite Likely he said that at least one Iowa county Wil be included in the test but he re treated that the decision has not yet been made. On die basis of tests. Or. Boyd said it is hoped that the vaccine will imm Nelre a person against a of the three major types of polio and that it will at least prevent paralytic polio. Recently he pointed out two groups of workers were Able for he first time to Sec polio viruses with he Aid of Electron Micro at the moment he said this is principally a matter of satisfaction since there had been other indirect but still dependable ways continued on Page 2, col. 5. Won t interfere. He promised that the Federal government would not interfere n the preparatory period of civil defense planning by states and cities but would do everything that is reasonable decent Anc prop in supporting the cities in meeting their own while pointing out the need to be ready because the value of Surprise in warfare had gone up tremendously the p r e s i d e n added we can t be an armed Camp. We Are not going to Transfer ourselves into Militarist. We Are not going to be in uniform going around Yelling hell any thing. We Are simply going to do our Job but do it Intelli or. Eisenhower said he a not trying to frighten anyone. All i am trying to do is to a peal to the common sense o America to do what is necessary not to lose our freedoms not t be a people that walk constant in the Shadow of he said the. S. Can make adequate defense preparations without resort to hysteria and in Inch a Way As to very greatly add to the reluctance of anybody to attack he warned that the most important aspect of civil defense order and discipline. Ordered haste will save Yound panic will destroy you h said so it is first of All against the incidence of panic that w must be prepared. In othe words there must be under standing produced by leadership y Lames Morrissey. I Panmunjom up if the 22jnerican prisoners in the Little ullage West of Panmunjom were worried about whether or. Not by Ever would attend explant on they did t show it Mon y. They sat quietly inside an United wooden Shack with Blue oors most of the Day. What was ing on outside did t seem to ther them. The 104 koreans 22 americans and one briton passed the time much the same Way they have r the last four months. It was , Clear Day. The americans sat inside the build is they were moved into a Eek ago. They Seldom came Kutck ugh. of a to the Small dirt compound surrounded by a High barbed ire Fence on which their laundry Ling. Play pint Pong. Outside their korean friends played Ping Pong. They used to Lay volleyball but their Active is Are restricted in the new smaller compound. Tables had been set up Between buildings. Another game was Gong on near the Gate of the com Pound the Gate through which any of them could walk to free inspired leadership that is leaders. Seven Hurt in mishap As greek rulers Bac Athens a seven wer injured monday when a viewing platform collapsed just As Kin Paul and Queen Frederika reached Home from their u. S. Tour. Premier Alexander Papag and his Cabinet were at the qua. Side As the greek destroyer Bea ing the Royal couple reached Piraeus. Non repatriate gis pass time in nonchalant quiet re in 10 Tetter. Tennen Only 11 when he left the vs., jeered at country and said . Author afraid to Mother 3 percent approval of a lock it & very difficult to ten what yes it him. � am Birnn want in Addy where korean Farmer work their Muddy Rice land from time to time an Ameri can would walk out of his hot to talk with his korean bad Dies. One carried sheets of White and red paper into a neighbouring but. It could have been for Christmas decorations. The americans had shed the heavy quilted jackets. Most wore weat shirts and no hats. Korean prisoners hustled b the huts carrying buckets of water from the mess Hali Wber Cooks were preparing their Ric and vegetables. Heavy Yellowish smoke curled out of the Kitche one of the gis pfc. Claude Batchelor Kermit Texas w celebrating his 24th birthday monday. He May have had a Little extra food or a quiet party. The re encouraged the prisoners who they were in North Korea celebrate birthdays and Holiday in t meet these 22 american prison. Will not meet with . Exp leed offer of a six cent Basic wage increase and raises of 11 10 18 cents to 13 Job class Ifica sons. Lodge 1578 of the 1am took Cenis per Nuur Wiki to Norean prisoners Nav cents in 17 jobs. The raises Are of their explanations of 9. Tom. A am Jan. 22 they car ask to for workers e returned Home any time be re that Date. On Jan. 22 they become civil is free to go anywhere t h e y ant and apparently t h e i r Nal irrevocable Choice will be fused to the american. Diff Only to ten Vune n 10 ice. He Eric ans ant to do he defense department has Thimayya said. They promised banned visits by relatives to the me honestly they would come out 22 americans lest it create n thu 1tamnn lit 41.m la Ftnat t. Retroactive to n. The agreement at n o r t h american called also for in creased group insurance bennets six guaranteed paid holidays three weeks vacation allowance return from global trip Washington ins vice resident Nixon returned from is 10-week far Eastern t o u r monday with a statement that Sia despite communist inroads As tremendous Goodwill a n d Ien ship for the vice president and mrs. Xon ended their 45,539-mile Iqbal trip where it began on oct. 6washington inter nation 1 terminal. They flew in from der domination of corf 17. The that some Day my son will come Back to me. I have not Faith to ged nor 2s-cent hourly later the Union scaled Down its demands to 10 to 20 cents out with Christmas approaching and strikers returning to work steadily the company held out Thimayya said he would talk a i for its original offer w h i h to the american and make diehard. Sooner Laterre will amounted to eight to 20 cents very Effort to get them to at r hourly. R l to. T r i t r i be she machinist salons at Cheed. TTn8 � � and Douglas m i Trio Nimzik 8tlnd4jfcvq s air n e one tear contracts by big a explanation and then Jori ties. His mind Thimayya Gaid. 93 percent approval. _ the soft spoken general Lodge 727 of the International association of machinists gave f m t f t Mem Mim a Mcva it my a old he changed a Fol not depart from .1,4 . .-.,. Plications in the already tangled reviews Usu a in then they sent the petition prisoner explanations. It appeared no american Ever Over the same Hall four hours telling me they had not been 11 get a Chance to talk to the later and by a 92 percent vote aware when they made the t i tonne on Lett go Ste backs. The former accepted a Douglas offer of five Promise of the reason Why South text � tenness letter soldiers probably we Dis t Hoth an extra live kor h e broken Pear again behind the Iron 4 " the curtain within a few weeks per is never to be heard from Ain. The Choice is up to them. They will be held in their Nely Little prison compound u1x i Jcu Capiau Aua. They became aware of it after thwart afraid Tenneson r i a left them and by wanted wrote. They have probably told certain clarifications before they you i was framed doped brain " Wouly leave the americans complained that washed or some other horse manure that they use to slander and go Foster Parent ice and other considerations. The negotiation Lessien which ended the strike began Friday night and representatives of the Union and com Pany recessed Only for meals and sleep. Law vice president John Livingston flew from Detroit where he had conferred with president Walter Reuther to. Mum. I 111e. A us. Personally take command of the Stepfather of pfc. Richard Tenne it would be Nice for be if he talks son said monday that he was was tailed by Gestapo Fri agents at the time of the agreement shocked to learn Tenneson had every time he went out to de the company claimed 50 percent written his Mother that he refused liver chickens he wrote of the strikers had returned to to come iome. Tenneson said one of his Fel the Job. E. K. Howe a poultry Farmer Low americans in. The stockade said he believed his wife should Claude Batchelor wanted her to do what she likes about staying see his wife Kyoko Arabi who n Japan in an Effort to see ten lives in Tokyo. Neson " you can get there by taxi he he said there s still time and wrote. He also asks that you she should do what she can. I ask her to come Over Here to see two die and 13 injured in crash Norwich Conn. Ins two High school girls 14, were killed and 13 people were injured five critically when a poultry truck smashed into a school bus Mon Day state police said the Accident Ive hours by head winds which forced them to halt also at ber Luda. Nixon left the Airport for the White House to report to presi ent Eisenhower. The party which included Tiree newsmen made f o r m a l visits to 19 countries and two British Crown colonies with other stops at Hawaii Okinawa and Tanton Island. They were seen during the 70 Day trip by upward of 10,000,000 people. Nixon was greeted on his re turn by assistant secretaries of state Robert d. Murphy and Walter s. Robertson. Ai t r i Arney be i Iru of i i w Tiu m our. Tripoli via the azores delayed occurred on a bad curve in Ai t a __jv Neavy ram the left Side of the jus was torn off and several of the 20 children aboard were thrown onto the Road. The explanation sessions were too defile people like myself who Short we Jan j up or his own rights this was an apparent refer and1 rights of ence to demands that red tinged Tenneson advised us Mother prisoners Ibe allowed time to question their interviewers and make propaganda speeches. To go to army Headquarters immediately after Reading his note and take a loyalty oath or a Are liable to be arraigned be fore the House on Amerie a activities in Tarl uhf i o4"tar he made Only one reference Tojo Irea of i Etter Jame,., e. K. Be Howe Alden Minn up the a poultry Farmer. Don t feel it s a lost cause yet. Howe listened to the letter Tenneson sent mrs. Howe and commented Only part of it did t sound like Richard. He was much More Frank than the letter ii o Jium a. Ambassadors and representatives from almost every country the vice president visited were remarked also on ambassador with a smile As he watched Nix on leave his plane he did a mighty Fine Job on his trip. I think everything went off better than some of us could even pleads innocent. Winchester England ins i pm bandits routed by Box of Salt Memphis a a grocer faced by two masked and armed Holdup men sunday night beat one of the two would be madmen with a Box of Salt and a Telephone directory. Come on Man let s get out of Here one of the Young eggs said despairingly As w. H. Mil or 47, busily pounded his con federate on the head. Miller stayed right behind them on their Way out he picked up a Shotgun on the Way but before he could let a Shell in the chamber the gunmen vanished into the night one wore a White handkerchief mask and the other a Black halloween mask. Day. The trial is expected to Lart three Day. Cellophane Case won by Dupont Wilmington Del a u. S. District judge Paul Leahy ruled monday that the cellophane operations of the Dupont com Pany Are not a monopoly or conspiracy in restraint of Trade As charged by the government. Leahy dismissed the complaint filed six years ago under the anti Trust Laws by the Justice department he said the e. I. Dupont de Nemours and company s largest chemical making firm should not be punished for its specifically the government accused Dupont of controlling manufacture and in n something like this just makes me boiling mad said Miller. Metallurgist Dies. Chicago a Emanuel j Janitzky 72, retired metallurgis1 widely known in his Field died sunday. Lim or write him a mrs. Howe said the was pre pared for the Shock of her son s Rebuff after the 22 americans re used to attend explanations Sun it was perfectly obvious to me it was going to be a negative reply if there was to be a reply at All i was not asked if she thought the let ter a True expression of Rich Ard s feelings she said i think he thinks it represents his True feelings. This terrible thing has happened to him in a prison Camp under what conditions i Don t know and under circumstances i do not understand. But i think the communist i Are capable of doing the same think under other conditions. K they can destroy the Home they can disintegrate the a analysing her son s letter she read a passage from it during life i have witnessed both peace and War in the u. Sale of cellophane limiting pro j love auction excluding Competition fixing prices retaining tight hold on patents. The government asked that of Pont be required to divest itself of some plants and factories and establish a competitive Indus try in cellophane and Caps and bands. Dupont denied the charges f judge Leahy said the facts destroy the peace. I love Mankind enough to fight for is what i am doing continued on Page i col. 2. Is counting to ten the Stuie that represses. Cotejr Fht

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