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Cedar Rapids Citizen (Newspaper) - December 13, 1953, Cedar Rapids, IowaThe a dab Kahus gazettes my. 1j. 13 there la be much action 1 on Cedar rapids movie j screens this week and it will be handled by such gentle a men As Dan Duryea and Rob Ert Taylor. Sky commando with Dan Duryea in the starring role and Frances Gifford and touch con Neis heading the support will open at the Iowa thursday. Picture has Duryea a com Mander of a Jet Squadron Ana Conners his co Pilot. Co feature will be the 5,000, fingers of or. To technicolor red musical and fantasy with Peter Lind Hayes and Mary Healy in the starring roles and Hans con Ned and Young Tommy Rettig featured. I,T,.,.,currently at the Iowa China venture with Edmond o Brien. Barry Sullivan and Jocelyn Brando and combat squad with John Ireland and Lon Mccallister. All the Brothers were Vali j ant based on the Ben Ames Williams Story will come to the Paramount thursday. Robert Taylor Stewart Granger and Ann Blyth Star with Betta St. John Keenan Wynn and James Whitmore also prominent. Picture is of whale bunts a lost treasure a ship s Mutiny and Romance in the tropics. It was filmed in Jamaica. Now at the Paramount Bot any Bay with Alan Ladd and Patricia Medina. Vleko suspense drama Star Jeanne Crain and the leading players of sky commando opening at the Iowa thursday. Left to right they re Dan Duryea. Fran Ces Gifford and touch Conner. Robert Taylor and Stewart Granger Are the handsome heroes of All the Brothers were valiant. The film lation of the Ben Ames Williams Story come to the Paramount thursday. On Broadway with Walter Winchell Peters win open at the state based on a novel by Steve fish or this centers on a waitress who is built into a night club Singer by a super press agent and then suddenly found murdered. Elliott Reid is also in the cast. Co feature will be miss Robin Crusoe with Amanda Blake and George Nader. ,.currently at the state a lion is in the streets technicolor red drama with James Cagney and fighter with Richard Conte and Vanessa Brown. The film version of Charles Dickens Oliver twist will come to the times wednesday. U is a British picture with Robert Newton heading the cast with it will be a return show ing of my pal Gus comedy drama with Richer Wilmart and George foghorn Winslow at second run houses Mapa Kettle on vacation with Marjorie main and Percy Kil Bride and because of you with Loretta Young will show a the strand today and monday the Kettle picture and a czech feature will be there wednesday so this is love technical ored Story of Grace Moore Star ring Kathryn Grayson and a slight Case of larceny will show at the Palace today through tues Day. White Witch doctor Afri can adventure and Romance in technicolor and starring Susan Hayward and Robert Mitchum will be at the Marion today and monday. Desperate search Witt Howard keel and Jane Greer will be co feature. Mosees Are still Loyal to radio Hollywood a Fibbe Mcgee and Molly vow radio still Good enough for them even though the pay is less than half what it used to be in the pre television Days. It s Well known in the trad that Many a sponsor would to to convert the Saga of Wist Vista from radio to television Ever a format were ready a for to the Story of the bungle Fibber and his practical Moll is it. Well probably do to one these Days promises fib on our Las the Street of dreams celebs about town Greta Garbo in the Saks 5th Avenue u Negligee dept. Inspecting frilly things. Van Johnson who wears red sox with his dinner attire. Spencer Tracy winging Back to movie town after one of his two Day visits. Clarence 3rown one of Hollywood s greatest director who made $16 million on the Side via realty. Janice Rule the leading lady of picnic who finds eight performances a week no picnic. By saturday night finale time she actually goes Limp. Perle Mesta the hostess with the mos test who picks up another 2-million in Bonds. Dick Haymes who has signed with Doubleday to write about his adventures. Tommy Dorsey now at the state who is seeking a new Thrush with vocal lure. George it and fran Keegan digging Nat thing Cole s Minst eloquence la vie in Rose. Celeste Holm the Little to Pip Broad a s blondes blonde. Midtown Short Short Eilee Heckert and Arthur o con 11 Are two of the expert cast in picnic the prize winning played at the Corner drug store saturday morning she stayed in her cell writing letters. Tha saved buying breakfast. Malted milk and a tuna fish Sandwich Coffee for dinner ,. Then Bac. They make love to each other for lunch. A hamburger a of curtain to curtain. Sim y maa Aad about each other. Hey wind up getting married offstage they Don t even speak to Ach other. Memo of a mind lighter head happens tomorrow and it prob for the inevitable Light launder ing. Sunday she splurge on juice eggs Toast and Java then Church. A walk along 5th and then to bed or the Hills men the followup itty to goodnight Irene is tied Wake up Hank Hompson waxed it for Capitol records. Stan Freberg the. Creator of the dragnet parodies ably won Shell be leaving our town for Home next week seems sorta sad does t it the Orchid Garden the pay son re Crew at the Stork an As a new one on Eartha Kitt s Peter Rotundo s Rumba. Joyi version of a est Sibon. Lou ostello s weight is Down to 168 because of his illness. Fifteen f Abc s guide staff were ush red into a sour Deal. They in ested dough As a group in the of show trip to Bountiful. You had invested $3,000 in Oklahoma ten years goof d now have $100,000. Director Alt Hitchcock will film take off on time life Luce. Ith very Little disguise. If nothing Bryant s Waffle of love for Sale. The Way lorry Raine toy with i m in love with a go. Bing s declaration of "y1/ come his Best in years. Kis met at the Ziegfeld. R. Dahl new Book someone like Yoi Knopf. The Best Short Stori since o. Henry Runyon and to � the Broadway owl m a r i o Marlowe and g. Jessel now us code telegrams for their grog. I talc Helene Thompson Broadway confetti Piosa cos Romes mrs e1uott Lawrence de Ello who played bloody Mary in 27. Arleen Whelan and Ca South Pacific has another a Neubert a four alarm in arrive role in Rita Hayworth s miss hompson1. Tommy Lyman in Torch song Pioneer is at Casa via. Lopez who was Boss of he velvet rope at the copa is maitre d at leones Miami. A wild Rumor had Martha Raye a victim of leukaemia. The ailment. _ A big recording strike is feared after new years s anaemia unless or. Petrillo wins j. Jeanne Crain and Jean Peters Are cast As Sisters in Vicki. Suspense drama opening at the state tuesday. Young John Howard Davis and Robert Newton have the leading roles in Charles Dickens Oliver Twitt. Com ing to the times wednesday. Matinee along Park and 54th. Hollywood Star male told us room regulars i m not Plas ered but a flying Saucer came own at maroc Field. Had a Man n it. No heart. His skin was Blue. The pretty lady at Bob Olin s Moking a Cigar after her feast rfcs designer Jeanne Perkins. Tow come none of the reviewers we read noted that the actor who plays Schmeling in the Joe Louis Story is buddy Thorpe on of the famed Indian athlete Jim Gladys Shelley s new song i just w a n n a make wends is one of the Catchy ones in Little Jessie James. Marjorie Roberts a Lovely red head just quit her waitress Job at the georgian for a h Wood screen contract. Movie stage Star Paul Douglas reports that Medicos d e c i d e c against surgery. His agony forced him to drop out of replacing holidaying torn Ewell at seven year itch. New York has a youngster with a wealthy father who wears $150 suits and custom made boots and arrives in a hirer Carey limousine for his Job at � third Avenue Saloon where he i works As a barkeeper. Celeste theater time for sunday times an those announced tor the theater management. Ice Ossett not responsible for late matinee Are different at the rat Boot. Iowa or it Fate tomorrow Amelr schedules Are also Usta Paramount botany bay1 1 30, 3 35, 5 40, 7 45, 950 ihorts1, 3 05, 5 10, 7 15, 9 20. Iowa China v e n t u r e " 1 15, 4 10, 7 10, 10 10 Comba squad"2 55, 5 55, 8 55. State lion is in the streets 4, 7, 9 45 "fighter1 2 35, 5 35, 8 30. Town lost in Alaska 2-15 6 10, 10 10 Don t bother to knock"1, 4 55, 8 50. Palace so this is love 2 25, 5 30, 8 35 a slight Cas of larceny 4 05, 7 10, 10 1 times you can t take with you"1 35, 4 05, 6 30, 8 5 shorts1 20, 3 45, 6 10, 8 35. Strand because of you 1 40, 5, 8 15 a and Pake tie on vacation"3 25, 6 45, 10 Marion White Witch do jute Terhaar Dway s Fhy Llu Battelle. W e w York ins shake Richard Iii was As Speare s Vil a monster As Ever guided the be in London Tower and Jose Errer is As facile an actor ver gilded the stage on Broad Ray but when the two got to Ether at City Center wednes a night something was slightly mixed up. Possibly it was Shakespeare it s say it was Shakespeare any Ray because Ferrer generously shipped together this tradition ally High powered and elusive Shakespeare play for the Good f the theater and no personal return and Richard Iii who knocked off seven men women and Junior princes before get Ting his is not to be quibble with even mordant. The mixed of feel inc which we Felt came from Ferrer s interpretation of the Royal fifteenth Een Tarj Batcher. It began with sinister shadings s the hunchbacked Richard Tood in the Shadow of the Tower f London bitterly proclaiming Lis ugliness vowing to get the throne admitting he had killed and would kill again with shrewdness and cunning to usurp two scenes later Ferrer Richard appeared to lose i cynicism altogether. He was Shakespeare s lines seem to indicate putting on a beguiling front i but with Ferrer probably the supreme scene stealing comedia of Modem drama the charade gradually turned into a Ham Bone. Subtle Holm s Uncle or. Krohn Holm is tor"1-05 4 10, 7 05, 10 10 de shortly Sefc a famed norwegian scientist Andi pirate search"3, 5 55, 9. Twp might add. But the rest of the cast an it was one of the most Cost casts in theater history most o them donating their talents to the City Center played it mor soberly. This included Florenc Reed brilliantly grim As the widow of Henry i killed b Richard Jessie Hoyce Landis Queen Elizabeth wife of Edwar in Maureen Stapleton As Ann widow of Henry s ivs son and Vincent Price who slipped into Ferrer s playful mood in the first act but sobered up later. Shortly before he was killed y Bob cons done. Jew York ins John Mur Ray Anderson s almanac hich opened thursday night at in Imperial a theater which Houdini would have had trouble etting out of in a hurry is Early industrious Ribald Beau relatives into the act on television by Jack o Brun. New York ins used to a in Hollywood the theory of relativity was no Einstein Puzzle so but Only How to keep a Nephew employed. Television at the moment in burgeoning expansion is loading to the lenses with relatives. A must say quiz Kiy Here there u i less Nephew ism and More addition of families because Talent frequently follows tribal patterns in adept parents pass along latent leanings to sons and daughters a brother Likely will apr chem an put similar to a brother and yes we have examples i the carry Brothers. Art be in Jackie a Cason s a a saturday Fred director with Kraft theatre a cd Jack the a realize Crew of the Arthur Godfrey fun. On the top brass Side. Gen. David Carnot f of Ria and Abc a Man whose size and respect m the in Trade is roughly fantastic s entitled to have a hired hand r two from his own family it hey pass his personal Muster at o value. Son Bob does. Ergo Bob now is Abc s executive v. P. Vith considerable accomplishment already to his executive credit. Or. Ind mrs. Husband wife combinations Art frequent and not always to be deplored. Worthington Miner s w i f Frances Fuller gets no role she is not entitled to and mighty Lew anyway from her Man studio one Etc. Miner. No Stone Rhine or paving 11 hurled at Hubbell Robinson jr., veep in charge of lbs to be Ful and Long. Cause his wife happens to be or. Anderson whose last Vivienne Segal. More s the pity Roadway show was Ringling she in t on to More for the legit r o t h e r s and Barnum and theater steals too much of her Bailey a found a fourth ring and expert time from our to tubes. Related this one. He put every Hing he could find into al manac and his search was gen rally successful. He struck pure Gold in a Lon on night club when he unearthed an astonishing woman lamed Hermione Gingold who is review in herself. If you can Maglone a Cross Between Marie Ressler and Beatrice Lillie with u the memorable comeliness of he former and the blazing wit ind pantomime of the latter Well of can imagine miss Gingold it she is better seen than imag Ned. Billy de Wolfe a True professional is perfect with her. U Hollywood does t Trab the pair 5 i team of lovable roustabout movies just will not be better than Ever. There Are not Many lovelier singers in the world than Polly 3ergen and Only the masters o he musical comedy world can produce better music and Lyric than Richard Adler and Jerry Ross. Nor Are there Many Drolle wits than Orson bean nor Mon exquisite ballerinas than inc Crompton. Nor handier All around men about the stage than Carleton Carpenter a refugee from Holly Wood. The show was first stopped and for a time it seemed permanently by an enormously talented Young negro named Harry Bela Fonte a new York boy who spent much of his youth in Jamaica. John Murray Anderson a Hardy explorer has found a big ger show than the biggest show on Earth. Dob Hope s brother Jack u Bob s to producer but he s vaudeville vet even if brother Hood helps. Example without undue ado Kathryn and Arthur Murray sat spied partners on and off to. Margaret Hayes. Lovely Margaret Hayes Turni up with great frequency on show nudged into the to air by her husband producer director her Bert Bayard Swope or. Jacqueline Sussann manages to wangle her Way onto the panel of this ii show business in repeated doses despite her husband. Irving Mansfield being producer of same. Producer director f l e t c h e r Markle s wife Mercedes Mccarn Bridge turns up on his to with frequency annoying mostly to the ral actresses in the to crowd. Bill Dozier executive dramm producer at lbs to undoubtedly has had some Finger in the frequency of wife Ann Ruther Ford s dunking but not positively. Sally Forrest gets among be because or despite the presence of her husband Milo Frank Ai lbs casting Boss. Harry Ackerman is West coast head of lbs to and his wife ii the pretty Calm foil for my Friend Irma a lbs chattel. John Gibbs of the Robert Montgomery shows has his wife Michaels on that Abc us. And lest we forget Robert Cameron Swayze s diet counsel watch your food. Eon t eat it. Just watch it Broadway bios Raphy by Tom weather. The apprentice the Midwest. She s piquant rather than pretty. But her figure s Good and her eyes makes Cornflower seem Pale. Been in . Since sept. 1haunting the theatre but we found out ii trip to Peoria that a lot of people a. In i _., 4 .n/4n " Cal offices in vain her sex still listen to radio.1 hints that he will not try for any sock belly laughs. It makes you too hard to watch unless you re red Skelton ice consists of starring in school plays. And two walk on and eight weeks of v Yit to. Div Ukia Tui c in to Vithen that time comes Fibber painting in summer Stock. ,. _.,now the Little sheaf of travel or s checks from her father has i army Laze. St. Louis Collums ins movie Star Elaine Stewart is that Way Over disk jockey Curt Ray but we hear her heart thro Blem is named j o h n Grant Wanda Hendrix s secret admirer sends her six buckets of roses every noon. The kid Gavilan have joined the infantry. Intimates hear Dick Haymes will be ordered deported regardless. Margie Needham formerly with Godfrey s chord ettes became a Bride last weekend. The new mrs. Milton Berle s last Job was universe sex wife. Russia now blames Mari in Monroe for All the american propaganda. That s the Sillie statement since Adam accused eve. Four people in front o the embers had to hold producer d. O. Selznick from slugging a Punk who tried to make like Romeo with Jennifer Jones. Inventor who has introduced an adaptation of the hyperbolic Prin Ciple to create a new kind of con a tool for conveyor belts Thaddee a 7 ? Montgomery s Elizabeth As pretty As a pop could wish she got aboard dad s program All last dwindled Down to one last or Abbott and costello. I hate situation comedies that keep push ing too hard for the his favorite television show is or. Peepers. That show will last because it s easy to watch he says. Dance and books l Indeman band the Bobby Lindeman orches tra featuring the Maestro on his Hammond Organ will present its music at danceland wednesday night. The unit s music is Sweet styled. It is one of the few in the nation that carries a Large Organ on the Road. Strange words come from Jerry Lewis Hollywood Jerry Lewis is Dicker than most people think Here s what he told a reported during a Lull in living it up Mem and Hearst will continue to girls like Marilyn Monroe share control of the newsreel Ava Gardner Mamie Van Doren news of the Day. Lana Turner do nothing for me i go for women like Claudett Margaret Truman s m o t h e r Colbert Loretta Young and the thing like this Friday night she walks unrecognized in our town elder ones. They have class Anc had an leg Sandwich and a malt featured a red Chappo the other thais what i look for in a girl. Today Ope 1 00 Ted a 35c til 3 Cem Hsien child. 20c Africa aflame with adventure Witch co bit Siu Pense packed desperate search my Hir Moiha a Mace the Story of Grace Moore ends onite 2 big hits 50 til a slight Case of larceny Tooney Bracken i Stewart Dis nit cartoon m m voodoo . Dec. 14-15-16 mat. Wed. Dec. U on the stage 2nd big hit i combat squad 8taeung John Leet and. Ion Meca Luste ii starts thursday 2 top features Paramount Box office seat Sale now the National company Ikumi Mike � ecu imme Kubi m h Ono autism writ my by Oka Hamm Stan pm t Joshua Logan a it Ira James a. Moff Nurs Nasr prawn mib tales of the South a ofic prices main floor$4.88 $4.27loge$4.27 first Balcony $3.662nd Balcony$2.44 $1.8j matinee main floor o d lose pm. 1st Balcony j3.0s, $2.44 second Jal cont $1.13 tax included. Good seats for All performances still available. Get your tickets now starts today an Academy Winner that is the Academy Winner of All the pictures that have won that coveted award the times is proud to bring Back Kkt Tattum for Yow you cant me it with you my my Gigantic technicolor adventure All the Brothers were valiant Awat month chime mile

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