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Cedar Rapids Citizen Newspaper Archives Dec 9 1953, Page 1

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Cedar Rapids Citizen (Newspaper) - December 9, 1953, Cedar Rapids, IowaWeaker gradual c l e a r i n g and Tad. Few 11-h Thoday Raj Emty Aad Eam. Us volume 71number 334 City final scots Cedar rapids Iowa. Wednesday. December 9, 1953, associated press hosted press. . Howg . Cracking Down on spies Ike atomic plan put up to russians proposal of Pool sets stage for decision on cooperation. United nations president Eisenhower s bold new proposal tuesday for an International atomic Energy Pool put squarely up to rus Sia a fateful decision on co operation with the West. Andrei Vishinsky chief soviet Delegate to the un., said it is to study the presi necessary Dent s proposal. Soviet response could greatly and Vance prospects for eventual con . Paper strike ends after 1 1 Days new York the City s big Gest newspapers resumed publication wednesday bringing news and ads to millions of readers after the worst strike in the his tory of new York journalism. Al photo engravers and the publishers agreed tuesday Lith Day of the strike to a federa. Mediation proposal providing the strikers with a $3.75 weekly package increase and setting up a fact ii Ding Board to study Union demands for a higher boost. Under the agreement the 400 photo engravers involved will get a $3 weekly wage increase plus 75 cents Worth of other benefits the same package which the pub Lishers stood on All along even while proposing arbitration. The Union sought originally a $15 package and scaled this Down to 57.50. Wages Are now $120 a week or Day work $135 for night. Hours after the Accord the l f struck morning papers the . Diplomats said a favourable times. Daily news and daily. A a had Edi. Tion on the streets. The Herald tool of the atom while a reject Tribune the City s Lone major Tion would further Harden the East West deadlock on this Issue. Photo on picture with full knowledge of prime minister Churchill and French Premier Laniel the president pro posed the governments principally involved to the extent permit Ted by elementary prudence to fee tin now and continue to daily which was not struck car ried its first ads in nine Days in an 88-Page paper. Afternoon papers. Meanwhile the three afternoon newspapers struck the journal american Post and world Telegram and Sun worked to put out their first Post strike editions wednesday. So did another metropolitan area paper the Long Island Star journal which closed last week make joint contributions from a a dispute related to the strike. Their stockpiles of Normal Era new yorkers crowded eagerly Niue and fissionable materials ground Newsstands. To an International atomic in the times published a 16-Page Erly Agency. We would expect paper without ads. A front Page that such an Pateney would be announcement said it was Devot set ii wider the Aegis of the ing its entire mechanical facilities United nations. Today to presenting As full a re the atomic Energy Agency port of the news Cou a be made blowing of City streets begins at 6 tilt to Snow removal work on Cedar rapids residential streets is to get under Way in full Force by s ?. M. Today on the heels of Iowa s Snow storm so far this season. S t r e e t s department officials urged residents to refrain from leaving cars parked in streets this evening to give Street Clearing news their Best Chance for a lean sweep. Says gov t rules Don t meet needs to fire admitted reds spies suspend any dodging queries. New York up the by 2 30 ., about four inches general electric company announced wednesday that ime said the storm would prob it will discharge any of its ably pass Over Cedar rapids in another hour or two. Some streets department plows started working in Early afternoon. Streets commissioner w. W. Stolba said the department s full Crew of work ers and 2 pieces of equipment would be sent out about 6 into residential districts. 250,000 employees who admit being communists or spies. It said it will suspend pending clearance any who refuse to answer such charges or claim constitutional immunity before con Gressional or other authority. Employees of several be plants Are under investigation by sen. With temperatures due to drop Mccarthy a wis. Sharply ton kit the department is. In a statement of policy Over the signature of be president r. J. Cordiner the firm also urged the impounding the chm of the contributed fission Able and other materials. The ingenuity of Otar scientists flu provide special Safe conditions under which such a Bank of fissionable materials could be made essentially immune to Surprise for peaceful uses. But of even More importance to world welfare than control of the explosive qualities of the atom. Aug Clatt Prthu War photo. Newspaper famine ends news hungry customers buy Early editions of new York morning papers at a times Square stand following the and of the 11 Day photo engravers strike which halted product sharply tonight the depart ent is anxious to get at the Job before Jie streets become ice covered. Stolba said. The drop started to that the government set up an make itself Felt by 2 30 ., when i n d e p e n d e n t Security gency the Reading was one degree lower which would give suspended pm than the Noonday 30. Ploys an Opportunity to be he said work on Loop streets cleared of suspicion and rein can be delayed because they have stated. Been chemically treated to Ward essential to be off freezing. The company said it believed it the Des Moines weather Bureau essential that All general reported in Early afternoon that e1 w employees should be free visibility in that City had in real question of disloyalty creased from about Hall a mile to cause in event of National four Miles since noon. From that emergency practically All com Linfor ration the Bureau said be Dany giants would become Essen Dar rapids could expect the Snow tial instruments of National de to end in late afternoon. meanwhile however open the statement said the com Highway driving conditions will Pany believed present govern the new and Mirror froth tabloids appeared with editions including regular new and pc a lire pages and Many pages of Christmas advertising. They car ried summaries of important news events that occurred during the time their publication was suspended. The times included two columns of Brief obituaries of prominent people who died during the strike. Mauiu Sivc my the news and Mirror Embel the president pointed out the i shed their comic strips with summaries of plot development responsibility of such to Agency would be to devise methods whereby this fissionable material would be allocated to serve the peaceful pursuits of Mankind. The president in urging sup port of Russia for his program said he would promptly submit such an agreement to the u. S. Congress and said he had every expectation that it would be approved. The dire alternative he said. Would be that two atomic colossi Are doomed Salevo gently to Eye each other indefinitely across a trembling president Eisenhower saved his momentous proposal for the Windup of his 3,000-word speech televised and broadcast Over a record breaking worldwide net work. He said it had been on his mini and heart for a great Many months and that o r i g i n a l l y he had planned to outline it primarily to the american people. But. He added. What appropriate audience could there be than the members of the gen eral Assembly of the United nations Lanir Are of atomic or. He Felt impelled he said to speak to them in a language he would have preferred never to have that new language he said is the language of atomic briefly d r a m a t i c a l l y he touched the milestones of atomic development beginning with the first explosion july 16. 1945. Since that first test the United states has conducted 43 atomic test explosions he revealed. Atomic bombs today Are More than 25 times As Power Ful As the weapon with which the atomic axe dawned White Hydrogen weapons Are in the ranges of millions of tons of int equivalent today the United states stockpile of atomic weapons which of course increases daily exceeds by Matey times the explosive equivalent of the total of All bombs and All shells that came from every plane and every gun in every theater of War through All the years of world War he added but the dread secrets and continued on Page 8 col. 7. Since publication was suspended. Creation of a fact finding Board was a Compromise Between the publishers proposal to sub Mit the dispute to binding arbitration and the strikers refusal to do so. The engravers voted to return to work Only after being assured they can strike again if the fact finders decision docs not suit them. The decision May be ready next week. It is not binding an either Side. Ike is slightly ahead on wires Washington up presidential press Secretary James c. Hagerty said wednesday that the Between the White House and sen. Mccarthy. Having said that Hagerty an traffic toll tops 1952 total three weeks yet to go by to Ameter tit. Iowa s 1953 motor vehicle fatal Ity toll passed the toll for All of 1952 wednesday with 21 Days still remaining in the year. There were 561 motor vehicle deaths in Iowa for All of 1952. The death Early wednesday of Nicholas j. Stoffel 23, Remsen brought Iowa s 1953 motor vehicle toll to 562. A year ago on dec. 9 the Iowa toll stood at 532. The 561st death of 1953 occurred tuesday night when Larry Dean Smith 16, of Luverne was fatally injured. Stoffel was killed when his car collided with a truck driven by Brown a. Waters 50, of Havelock. Waters was unhurt. Stoffel was alone. The Smith boy was killed when the car he was driving went out of control three Miles North of Livermore while he and a com Panion were returning Home from a basketball game. The car Well into a ditch and Smith was pinned a Cath the vehicle. Smith s companion m e r l i n Schneider escaped injury. Crossing fatality. Des Moines a a train car crash witnessed by a patrol of Baity of apes is applauded by new yorkers peal by Mccarthy last thursday that people who feel As he does wire or write president Eisen Hagerty said about 25,000 Tele Grams and the same number of letters had been received. Mccarthy is running ahead in the broadside and pushed it about two Ai " = Ulm tel of c4,n4v in lir Mac the Secretary was the first time uie under uie train engine. White House claimed a majority new y o r k a new yorkers gave their daily news papers a Long lost buddy s Wel come Home wednesday. You never know How you miss something until it s gone just about summed up comment As newsmen took an informal Public opinion poll. The run on Newsstands was Early and heavy As All morn ing papers appeared alter the 11-Day blackout caused by a strike of photo engravers. You become accustomed to the regular things in life the usual things in your favorite paper the things you see every morning said Robert Cavanaugh a refrigerator Man As he stood on a subway plat form. It s Good to have them at Penn station f rank z i k a plumber grinned broadly As he tucked a tabloid under his Arm. It s wonderful he said. "1 never realised until the strike How much the paper meant to me. It s like All things i chess you never Realise How much they mean until they Aren t Here any another Man put in i could t get interested in magazines " who kept suspected army ?1 Washington ins Sena tor Mccarthy wednesday called on president Eisenhower to per Mccarthy said the Security situation at the army signal corps Laboratory at fort Monmouth Usu Luis w i a u. A j. Parallels the Harry Dexter ant High of 43 tuesday it was at times Square a Well White Case where a suspected 30 degrees at the lowest tuesday no a Fra inert on the Federal night. A 22-m.p.h. Wind with dressed Man hurried up to a Vendor picked up his favorite paper. You have no comprehension of How much i missed the Dailly papers he said. It was utterly impossible to keep abreast of the latest develop he opened the paper and turned to the racing Page. It was that Way All around town folks turning the pages to read first their favorite at traction. Bounced that the White House Man resulted in death tuesday had issued its last word on the for Mike Otis Stout 50, of Des subject of the Mccarthy Tell the contest stems from an a said he had stopped his patrol visiting nurses oppose f fiction from City Hal Ercy gets idea across to girls Milwaukee a patrol Ian Percy Frank is an obliging Cedar kids new car at the crossing and saw Stout s car approaching. He said he by ked the car lights and Hower protesting u. S. Aid to honked the Norn in an a Success Cipal court use cooperate win allies who Trade with red China Ful Effort to halt Stout s Automo the memorial commission in find of _u-., in and Tola Holt. In Kalinin Cranor i of tile. The diesel engine of the North Western freight struck the car blocks. Stout s body was found tabulation. Roy b. Jamison of Clinton the deaths reach 32. Vicksburg miss. Ins the death toll in the Vicksburg Tornado reached 32 wednesday when h. B. Bloch 60, business Man died of injuries. Today s Chekle now said be professor cheerfully please pass All your test papers to the Side of the room and kindly insert Carbon Sheet under each paper so that i can Correct All the errors at of eelgrass m � favor. As of Engineer told officers he did not saturday when 4,300 telegrams " views were leading by More than he thought the car had been 2-1 according to a White House thrown Clear. He said the train Olluis Wiur was trav Eung about 14 Miles an hour at the time of the crash. Lawmaker did t need to worry Toledo Ohio a last summer state rep. Richard w Taylor of Toledo argued in vain against a Law requiring police to Post warning signs at their radar Speed traps. He said the Law would kill the value of the radar device in catching speeders who would slow Down just to fool the recently rep. Taylor paid a Fine of $s.70 in Ottawa Hills police court on a charge of driving 52 Miles an hour through a 35 mile zone of that suburb. Police took him Back and showed him the required warning signs had been posted. Marshall in Oslo. Oslo a gen. Marshall Winner of the 1953 Nobel peace prize arrived wednesday by plane. He will receive the award thursday. No office and clinic space for he nurses elsewhere in the me Morial building. The Resolution pointed out that 10 funds Are provided in the cur ent budget for rental expenses in Jiuu i us Usu a. Apply the emergency brakes but and that promises were made Only the service brakes because before the court elec directors of the Public health nursing association today passed Resolution asking that the City Council if it takes the Assoc a Ion s City Hall quarters for municipal court use cooperate with three teen age girls Ellow. When. Sked him tuesday to explain a ire alarm Box he ran through be proper procedure without Oue Hing the levers. Of done like this huh one f the girls said pulling a lever. Frank rushed for a Telephone wailing. Police decided it was All an Accident. Less tempting. Toronto up legislature tuesday suggested a return to Hon that Little if any added expense would be necessitated by he change in the court setup. U the visiting nurses Are forced to find quarters else where rent will have to be paid by the citizens. The no rant Bureau is supported by the Community Chest by the City and county tax levies. The Resolution also said tha the nursing association was one of the agencies originally Spon Soring action on erection of the memorial building after world War i. It pointed to the fact that if a City county health unit eventually is established on the municipal Island the nursing set up will be a part of it. A centralized location available to al dus lines is desired for the convenience of mothers and children attending the nurses clinics. Lard work and bread and water though the card was not Classi killed Over 30 cents. New York up Robert Jones 32, fleeing from a shoe shop where he refused to pay 3 cents for repair of a woman purse was shot and killed tues Day night when he ignored policeman s warning to halt remain h a z a r d o tonight throughout part i Law. A i Warwar atom a Rne 8me reads in Central and Eastern part won reported in per cent Snow packed and Slippery. Wednesday about 1 A Louse trailer skidded out of control and blocked Highway 218 about a mile South of Hunter air patrolmen were still work o Clear the Road about an hour after the mishap. Greyhound l i n e s reported buses running about an hour be schedules in some areas some delays Ivil an employees to keep their 3 Obs despite Fri warnings. Storm. Wednesday morning Sioux City was bathed in Sunshine. Today s storm followed a pleas was ret i de t f r l i t. I. . The Settlor said there Fri reports on certain fort Mon Mouth employees but som place someone was tying someone s hands and those accused were retained and promoted. Mccarthy made his statement after army counsel John Adams said he could give the senator the names of loyalty Board members but not those of specific panels which heard certain cases As Mccarthy demanded. Adams said the identity of a escaped the uses up to 28 m.pji., was push no the Snow storm today. Soviets now have Chance to prove real Aims Hick cry re lid nun . Senator Bourke b. Hick onlooker a Iowa vice chair Man of the House Senate atomic Specic panel must be withheld committee lauded president i under an old presidential direct .--.-. Tive. Mccarthy exclaimed that it is ridiculous beyond words to Fol Low the old Truman order in this connection. The Issue arose during a hear ing in which Andrew j. Reid intelligence chief at fort Mon Benhower s speech before the . Tuesday. I feel certain that the joint committee and the Congress will Tion. Espionage or sabotage or of stand ready to encourage and support the Good Faith develop Mouth testified that his agents said found More than 40 documents some secret in the Home of radar Export Aaron h. Coleman. Reid said Coleman initially denied he had the documents. Coleman himself denied he Vio lated the espionage act. He Testi fied maybe i violated army Ould ease the rash of minor of lenses in order to spend the win or in jail any he told Mccarthy that the Rea son he was picked up by a guard at the signal corps Post was that. _ _ _ on one occasion he was leaving moral eyes of the world the gite with a Pink registration card from the Brooklyn polytechnic Institute. He said that al fied it aroused the guard s suspicions earlier Story on Page 20. Lord Beaverbrook paper urges Britain quit . London a lord Bea relied on for support by Brit nent Security regulations were not tif Alteta a press ent Ron flab worm under these regulations. It said the firm is notified that certain individuals must not be employed of secret work because they Are classified As Security risks. The firm Sau the govern ment did not however advise the company which individuals were so classified because of suspected subversive intent and which were so classified for reason not indicative of Dis loyalty such As a tendency to drug. Or be Over talkative or a possible threat to relatives behind the Iron curtain. The policy statement effective immediately provides for Dis charge of any employee who As a matter of Public record after the Date Hereof admits being a communist or admits being engaged in any form of espionage or Sabo Tage or makes such admissions to the interim measure. It provides As an interim measure pending development of a More adequate one by the government for suspension with pay for 90 Days of any employee who having been identified As a communist y testimony Given under oath in a Public hearing of a congressional committee or other govern ment authority declines to accept an Opportunity offered my of testify under oath before such committee or authority concern ing his alleged communist Affifa ment of this great proposal he any employee who in a Public hearing of a congressional com Mittee or other government authority invokes the fifth Amend said he w a s ment in refusing to testify con great la impressed by president Kerning communist affiliations espionage or sabotage on the ground that his testimony would tend to incriminate Hickenlooper Eisenhower s speech. Russia on trial. He said it May Well be one of the greatest contributions to the future of a free and peaceful he called Russia the main stumbling Block to the presi Dent s proposal and added rus Sia is now on trial before the Overbrook s daily e x p r e s s wednesday advised great Brit Ain to quit the . It said . Activities Are damaging to the prospects of world peace and ruinous for the the express claims a circulation of More than four Mil lion. It follows an Independent political line but is pro Empire. In an editorial the paper said what can Britain expect to get from membership of the . Except trouble and abuse Britain and the dominions have Only six votes Between them and one of those goes to South Africa which takes no part in . Affairs. But How Many votes Are there from South America Twenty. And nearly All can be Ain s the paper levelled its severest criticism at mrs. Lakshmi n. Menon Delegate to the . Trusteeship committee. It said mrs. Menon urged by prime minister Nehru was leading an attack to destroy the British Empire. This was being done it stated by her requests for de Bates of african problems. At the moment Britain has its hands full of african woes. It is still fighting Mau Mau anti White terrorism in Kenya. Recently it was faced with a new crisis when it deposed the King of Uganda largest prov Ince in Uganda for failing to cooperate with the British administration. I am sure that All nations seeking peace will applaud the president Hickenlooper said. The soviets now have the Opportunity to prove whether they want peace and human Progress in the world or confusion fear and Ike Points Way. The president s outline of his program gives full Opportunity for the establishment of arrange ments and with Ade quate safeguards against violations. It would of course require the agreement of nations on de tails and Good Faith by All would be the first Hickenlooper said the president has taken the leadership and pointed the Way for the use of atomic Energy for Universal humanitarian development while at the same time suggesting How re liable controls could be set up to safeguard against warfare and destruction. If Russia would cooperate in Good Faith a secure program could be worked out he declared. I can Only Hope that the spiritual and moral forces of the res of the world will be so Strong As to finally bring the Kremlin to the Side of peace Hickenlooper said. Nixon arrival in Tehran Tehran up vice presi Dent Nixon arrived wednesday for a three Day visit to Iran. Heavy s e c u r i t y precautions were taken against a threatened communist demonstration. The route from the Airport to the Palace of Prince Abdolreza Here Nixon and his wife will a was lined with troops and plane carrying the vice resident from Pakistan flew on Only three of its four engines for Art of the five hour trip when he Crew feathered one propeller Lear an air Block in the fuel today s Index comics 31 courthouse i crossword 23 daily record s deaths editorial features farm 3� Foto facts 1� net Robb s inside to � Marion 32 movies 22 radio and to 21 society 2-� Sporta 25-27 state m want ads silk women s features 2-z

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