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Cedar Rapids Citizen Newspaper Archives Dec 7 1953, Page 1

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Cedar Rapids Citizen (Newspaper) - December 7, 1953, Cedar Rapids, IowaWeather fart Candy t h r o u g h to Cir. Us Imti u 24-tt. Cemer to car with kick 41. City final scents volume 71number 332 Cedar rapids Iowa monday. December 7. 1953. Associated press. United press. Arr Btu Nokia. Saws seek hello charlie1 bandits Ike Speaks tuesday on atom peril will Fly to new York serve Challenge on Russia at . By John m. Hichtower. Tucker s town Bermuda a president Eisen Snyder told reporters the tel Hower flies direct to new York Grams have come in so fast it tuesday to deliver a dramatic Bie to a Ami Llanora fat Nuccio to a _ a k in 14. I telegrams to White House put at 17,629 by Jack Bill. Washington a the White House said shortly before noon monday that 17,629 Tele Grams and an uncounted volume of mail Nad come in As a result of the Appeal of sen. Mccarthy a wis that the Public ask president Eisenhower to halt Aid to free world nations which Trade with red China. Assistant White House press Secretary Murray Snyder said he understood Western Union has a backlog of telegrams pos Sibly totalling 1,700 or More. E new Challenge to Russia to join in working out a plan of disarmament and atomic control for a world per led by the Hydrogen bomb threat. With the backing of prime m i n i s t e r Churchill and the French leaders Here for the big three conference or. Eisenhower in a major address to the u ice on to president Eisenhower s address to the United nations general Assembly will be seen in Eastern Iowa via television. It will be telecast by both Kari. On Channel 9, and wet. On Channel 2, at 3 . Tues Day. Kari will carry it also on radio same time. Wet will rebroadcast at 10 30 . N. General Assembly is expected to suggest a fresh Appio acl to the knotty International Atomi problem which has been caught in the Vise of a soviet Western deadlock for seven years. The announced subject for the speech is perils that confront the world in this atomic age. Major radio and television net works in the u. S. Made plans to carry the address scheduled or Mccarthy s China Trade de Mand and those which support the president s stand. Colleagues silent. Meanwhile Republican con Gressional l e a d e r s maintained discreet silence in the Contro Versy some of Mccarthy s most influential . Colleagues obviously agreed with him. But at the same time they did t want to be linked with i Public Challenge of the position taken by or. Eisenhower and Secretary of state Dulles that this nation has no right to dictate Trade policies to countries it helps. Monday s total of 17,629 Tele Grams represents an increase of 3,783 Ove the figure of 7,846 telegrams which the White House had announced it received up to 11 . Saturday. Rate stepped up. Snyder said monday that telegrams have been coming in at an average rate of 275 an hour to bargains by Sam Dawson. New York a pity the poor bargain Hunter in new York she s As frustrated As the merchant with a store full it Christmas goods and no newspapers in which to advertise his lures. Stores report traffic through their aisles is holding up Well despite a newspaper strike s choking off of advertising. But bargains Are going begging. The shoppers Don t know about them or where to find them. The just traipse around from store to store in Hopes of lighting on one with All the Delight of a Balboa on his Peak glimpsing the Pacific Ocean. The woman who has decided it la have to be another Necktie this year for Uncle George will come to anyway. But the shopper the mer chants Ernnt heavily on Tattini this time of year is the one lore into a particular shop by having read of a bargain. Shoot and Rob Lowan Way into House get $1,300 in Cash $100,000 in Bonds. Ocheyedan la. A two armed thugs robbed a wealthy Ocheyedan insurance Man of More than $100, 000 in government Bonds and about $1,300 in Cash after forcing their into his Home sunday night sheriff Fred Huisman said. A state agent was Enro Ute to Ocheyedan monday to Check _ available clues in the Case. A while there she usually does thormities indicated e v i d e e Aoel Lenl Pihs War photo. Flee Czechoslovakia in freight car the Cech family pose in Vienna after fleeing red ruled Czechoslovakia in a six foot Square apartment they built inside lumber loaded on an open freight car. They lived seven Days in the cramped quarters before finally evading red police. From left Cech. 4 Marian 30 his wife Drahomira 24 his father Bedrich 52 Vlasta. 2. Bench s daughter marked to a former i lives in Adel la. For 3 . Cost. The s u d d e n announcement since saturday morning. Previously he Seid the rate was about 100 or 150. Further questioning by news men developed that four Telef. Printers Are in use at the note House to handle the Mccarthy inspired telegrams As Weil As Normal traffic. Two nor Mally Are used. Snyder said mail has been very heavy heavier in fact than at any time in recent weeks. Jobless benefits and wage floor increases sought �raTs3 to _ _ _ hat the ministration w i l l recommend increased unemployment benefits and a higher mini mum wage at the next session of Congress. He gave this Assurance to 1,000 sunday night that or. Eisenhower would address the u. N. Caused a sensation dominating the Clos ing rounds of the big three meetings. Shift to far East. The development overshadowed shift of the talks monday to far Eastern problems including France s War in indo China an negotiations for a korean peace conference and continuing Brit ish american efforts to press the French for Early approval of re armament of West Germany the talks were to close late monday. French India and West agree on plan of . Recess United n a t i o n in. Y. A India and the Western Dowers agreed monday on a plan for an indefinite recess of the u known dead Rise to 30 in Vicksburg Tornado n. General Assembly this week weather monday to a Hunt tor r l l us m r mum jul. Dull 12 debate on to the Tare peace conference. Under the Compromise plan the president would be authorized to reconvene the Assembly with concurrence of a majority of the 60 members when it was Fel korean developments warranted action. The plan drops any reference to a specific dots for reconvening City Hall will close for Kohout funeral tuesday photos on picture Page Vicksburg miss. A Rescue Crews worked in freezing disaster Tornado that took at least 30 lives. The to sir Zitur Droppa f3i in the heartless City and Frost Cov ered lawns and other open ground in outlying areas. National guardsmen built fires from the debris that littered the streets. The two latest victims died in hospitals monday and authorities a shivering night for the 28,000 French Premier Laniel still members of the Cio United Auto confined to bed with a lung in workers attending a special continues his talks with action will Fly Home tuesday Tendon a joists at Panmunjom ii 31 1c.j j an Indian Resolution submitted said at East eight others re last week called for resumption mame j on the critical list. O the session feb. 9 or there about. The korean question is the Las item of business before the 60 of a nation political committee. India s chief Delegate v. K. Krishna Menon has indicated Hel might want to make a statement about the prisoner of War ques Tion but has agreed there should be no general debate on the peace conference while . Special ambassador Arthur Dean con to s his talks with the comm Churchill will take off London late Iola " Tuii a. Or Eisenhower and Churchill along with Secretary of state Dulles British for i industries. Mitchell said the administration convinced substantial in Secre prove ments arc needed in the unemployment insurance system to tort Eden and French foreign make it a better shield against minister Bidault. Sunday com economic reversals. J5s15 of a note to bus-1 he said the benefits and the in d3n on injured total 230. Seventy to 75 of the 230 injured were crowded into Vicksburg s our main hospitals. They were warmed by blankets and electric Leaters from Homes. Civil defense and military Lead ers estimated damage at 25 Mil Ion dollars. An undetermined number were left homeless As the twister destroyed 275 Homes and damaged about the same number. In Addil to Uinci . Plated drafting of a note to rus Sia reportedly agreeing to a big four foreign ministers meeting in Berlin possibly in Early Jan uary. Adenauer approves. The draft of the note was sent immediately to Bonn where West German Chancellor Kon Rad Adenauer approved it Mon or Eisenhower and Churchill reportedly heard a plea sunday from Bidault for new assurances they will maintain their military strength in Europe and will Back France s demands for continued close economic Union with the length of time during which they Are paid should be increased and that the administration intends to make recommendations along this some More shopping in other lines. And there s How Christ Mas profit Are born. The strike of new York s major newspapers May not affect National retail figures noticeably but it s causing new York mer chants to revise their Early fall predictions that this year would he their Best Christmas sales sea son. They re still hoping to break even with last year which was a record. But Many Are saying the Fra figures May now show a considerable and unanticipated drop unless an Early end to the strike lets them flood the news papers with ads aimed at the last minute Holiday shopper. Clubs civic buildings damaged 8 none destroyed. President Eisenhower sunday night declared the historic City a Cedar rapids City Hall will be closed from 1 to 3 . Tuesday for the funeral of fire Chiei e. P. Kohout Bouses level fld. Torn Christmas decorations dangled from lamp posts monday. 3ne-fifth of the City was without electricity. There was no natural Gas the Only heating and Cook ing fuel for most Homes. The broken Gas main was repaired late sunday but City officials feared to turn it on because some one might have left a Jet open. Groceries donated bread to make sandwiches. Garages and the strike hurts the More be cause december is the outstand no sales month in most me chants Vear. They count on it make or break their year f Thuoi announcement monday As the City Hali s Flag Riew at half staff and officials made plans to at tend the services together at 1 30 . In the Turner Chapel. Council members also officially named asst. Chief Melvln a % retail tales As a whle Are run Ning ahead of this rime last Yea the Commerce department r ports. Department store Sal have been Hurt by mild weath in Many sections the Federal re serve Board notes but never the Good pointed in the direction of to 1 Talent As perpetrators of the Dup. The two masked men entered e House of Charles Strayer 77, port edit one of the wealthiest. Zens of Osceola county while e and Nis wife were playing Imi noes at a Kitchen table. Strayer said one Bandit ii eted him. Sajtar. Hello. Charlie. This is a St Kip. Ive be done business with Yon before. Where is the Money the sheriff said when Strayer started to Rise from a chair one f the Bandit s guns discharged. The Bullet grazed the elderly Man s head knocking him unconscious. After ransacking the House Huisman said the men forced mrs Strayer to open the. Salt in the dining ram which contained the Bonds and Between $800 and Thompson to serve As acting chief until a permanent appointment is made. Tinea on the Chucai uni. In prospects tor con nun pros a a Ini la. Vul. 19s4 al. Goodine hour to dateless damsels informants said or. Eisen said although there might be calling themselves the City Hower and Churchill pledged some weak spots. Wide escort service they Hope at this time they have Rhi Ari ministration 15 their business venture will for Hiss asked Washington a rep. St. George . Said Mon Day that she will introduce legis lation to prevent payment of a Federal pension to Alger Hiss former state department official now serving a prison sentence for perjury. Collegians Oft fee of 70 Stillwater . A chivalry dead for years has been pushed about six feet deeper into the ground by four i Oklahoma a. And m. College r undergraduates who decided to i Trade the sir Lancelot idea for a fast Dollar. They Are Selling Good looks Ana social poise for 70 cents an Tion 29 apartment buildings or multiple houses were destroyed. The red Cross gave this break Down on other destruction industries Mills plants destroyed 17 damaged 12. President acts. Businesses stores destroyed 76 damaged 189. Churches destroyed two dam aged 189. Or dates at cents an hour the boys Gaylord Ort Ryan. Hennessey ., soph Omore Joe Perry al Reno , senior Dave Bergdahl Junior from Skandia. Mich., and Jerry Herrin Meno ., freshman. Guarantee the Young women a Date they will be proud of. Well mannered Well dressed Well read Well they re available at a to Many Mississippi to is headed or the City on a Bluff Overlook ing the Mississippi River. Theater i rated. Debris in the streets was being cleared away quickly Rescue workers digging out the dead. The twister roared out of the West Cut through the heart of the City then faded out. Ten youngsters Between the Ages of 2 and 10 were among the dead. Five were at the Saenger theater watching a children s pro Gram when the Black Funne truck collapsing the Walls and toppling the roof. Two children both 3. Were killed when the Tornado struck i the Happyland Nursery. Yanks occupying l the most Public spirited and anti Rizik servants the City Ever has had. He came up through the ranks Sedlacek noted and gave All his efforts to build and maintain the Santa is going to turn in a poo report card this year even though he has a particularly High mar of last year to shoot at. Tribunal voids Federal seizure of state Slot ii Ria la Washington ins the fire department through 35 years supreme court ruled 5 to 4 Monin i fwu. A _ a if Chin of duty and 21 years in Theida that the Federal government chiefs position. Does not have the Power to Seiz As the City Hall closes tuesday yer require registration of so for a two hour period the policy machines used Only within on funeral time off for other City state employees will be determined by each department head. Monday s appointment of asst chief Thompson to run the fire department temporarily came on the recommendation of safety commissioner Edward a. Pro Prochaska did not personally participate in the Council meet Rel. The decision struck Down ii Stice department Assumption o which Large numbers of Teder anti gambling raids and prose i ions have Beer based. The a sumption was t h a t int Rasta gambling devices must be re estered because they might to in interstate Commerce. The majority opinion was writ boo in Cash. The thieves also took about 500 from strayed a Billfold. The nol negotiable. Sheriff said the exact amount of Bonds has not been determined. The Bonds Are not negotiable he added. Both or. And mrs. Strayer vere locked in a closet Strayer old the sheriff that after regain no consciousness he kicked Down he door and called police. Strayer said his wife then Gnadt a Telephone Call and when be tried to place another Call he found the phone was dead. The two men were described As 35 years old. One wore a piece of Gauze Uver his face the other had a handkerchief covering his. Not Neil Bors. The men drove to the Strayer Louse and parked their car in he drive Vay. Strayer told of ices when he heard someone enter the House he thought neighbors were coming to visit Ocheyedan is located in North Eastern Osceola county about 18 Miles West of spirit Lake in Northwest Iowa. Ing. It was reported that he has ten by Justice Jackson who said Deen Connner Lum ecu of no i me . Tvs Ca Tui us with a Back ailment for a week constitutional Powers and invade i. A ,. A e j the Domain of the states in enforcing gambling Laws. Jackson cited seizure of Slot machines at the Grasmere coun be i d to his bed at Home i _ i on the orders of his Doc Cambridge England us the o rement has exceeded its . Fitted to the use of every use Ful measure Public and private. On the to Foster economic stability and rising l i v i n g standards he no intention of reducing com Bat effectiveness of american and British forces european continent. But both reportedly refused to i added commit any fixed number of troops to Continental duty or to say How Long they would keep. Troops on Europe s Mainland. P iv., a Nman nor would they commit them by using woman fought off selves to choose sides in the Saar dispute it was said. Record flight. Tampa a a b-47 strato Jet bomber flew nonstop from England to Macdill air Force base Here sunday in eight hours 53 minutes clipping 14 minutes off the old record for the 4,480 Miles today s chuckle it s too late. The five cent Cigar is Back but this in t the tame country. Co Ruht. Prove the answer to a Desper ate coed s prayer. They Are available at the prevailing rates for dances Bridge cof fee or Tea drinking or any other social gathering. Staley . A an aged woman believed dying of cancer still resisted efforts monday to set her and her mentally retarded Lephew out of their one room j Shack. I the widow Mary mines 75.1 has locked herself in and refused All offers of medical Aid. W. L. Lednum police chief says die has threatened to shoot anyone who tries to enter. With her is George Fox. 36, who Lednum says is unable to feed or dress himself. Mayor John Stacy says mrs. Mines promised Fox Mother on her deathbed that she would take care of him ill her life. Ment s notice to fill in for a Gill whose Date has suddenly come Down with double pneumonia. They believe these emergencies will constitute the bulk of their business which a Well. Most of them Are quite Derent a voice from the crowd asked if you like Russia so Well Why Don t you go live there or. Soper replied because there Are plenty of sinners Here for me to work sneak raid Date marked by Navy service commission first must set up examinations and qualifications for anyone on the fire department interested in holding the chiefs Job. From the resulting list of Eli Giles the City Council then will appoint a new chief after the safety commissioner has made a recommendation. State Law provides that if any men on the list hold veterans preference one of them must gel by club in said Here it was the Fri which entered a country club and seized Slot machines not shown Ever to have any connection with inter state Commerce. If this is not substituting fed eral for state enforcement it is difficult to know How it would at map it it the promotion ahead of any non has t been booming yet but Hurt Ness As usual at Pear Veteran regardless of test rank proves promising \ a Jou a

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