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Cedar Rapids Citizen Newspaper Archives Dec 5 1953, Page 1

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Cedar Rapids Citizen (Newspaper) - December 5, 1953, Cedar Rapids, IowaVolume 71-number 330 Cedar rapids Iowa saturday december 5, 1853. Associated mess Iran. Britain resume ties wires run 2 to 1 for Mccarthy White House reports it got 4,346 telegrams heeding Appeal. W a s h i n g t o n the White House said saturday that it has received 4,346 telegrams in response to sen. Mccarthy s write the presi Dent Appeal. It said they were running a Little stronger than two to one in support of the Wisconsin Republican s stand. Murray Snyder assistant press Secretary said that As of 11 . The count showed 2,992 favourable to Mccarthy s demand for crackdown on allies trading with red China and 1,354 opposed. In addition Snyder said the White House had received approximately 1,500 letters but there had been no breakdown yet on the letters. A Ecklor of 3,500. Snyder also reported tha Western Union had informed the White House it had a backlog o 3,500 messages yet to deliver a 11 . These Are sent Over the teletype to White House receiving machines and Snyder said the telegrams Are moving to Luke used i i win photo. Big three in Friendly mood Premier Laniel of France president Eisenhower and prime minister Churchill pose outside the mid Ocean club in Bermuda just before their first conference. Eisenhower s Posi Tion in the Center represents a Victory for Churchill. The president had told the prime minister you being Host we will put you in the but Churchill insisted that Eisenhower have the seat of Honor. Here As fast available to do manpower is plea to Ike backers. Washington up rep. Frelin Shusen al Najj Satur Day urged All people it port Inu president Eisenhower in the Mccarthy controversy to Turtle or Telegraph the presi Dent. He said no furrier figures would be Given out until Mon Day As the White House usually closes its offices around noon saturdays. M c c a r t h y challenged the White House figures saying they Don t jibe at All with a tally he received from other sources. He said that according to his figures obtained from a combination of places the White House received 8,427 telegrams by 11 30 . At that time he added there was a backlog of 4,000 to 6,000 telegrams await ing delivery. He said he was sure that if there s any mistake it s an honest seeks persons quiz. He added that he Hopes to question major gen. Wilton b. Persons White House Liaison with Congress next week to de Termine the reasons for the discrepancy. ,._.,. If it continues Mccarthy said i would like to see the White House h a v e Western Union give out the he refused to identify the combination of places f r o m which he got his figures. But he said any number of persons both in the White House and the Western Union office c o u l d Check the number of messages. Asked How he knows All the telegrams he enumerated related to the China Trade Issue he said the White House receives an average of 50 telegrams daily. Which might be subtracted from the figures he gave. Blade deluged. Photo on picture Page Toledo Ohio a after frantic seven hour deluge of Tele phone Calls the Toledo Blade cd off its switchboard at Midnight Friday and sent Home 40 exhausted men and women who had been trying to keep up with the Over whelming response to a phone your letter suggestion made on the front Page of Friday s Blade More than 10,000 responded to the suggestion that since sen Mccarthy did not ask those who agree with the president to write the Blade will make that request in keeping with its independen position in politics the Blade offered to Forward also any Mes sages approving Mccarthy s stand the final score at Midnight was 9 870 signature for Ike 32 for Mccarthy for a total of 10,194. East coast Dock strike expected w a s h i n g t o n a a presidential Board reported to the White House saturday that East coast longshoremen Are expected to walk out at the expiration of no strike court injunction dec. 24. Four die in fire. Chicago up a Mother 28 and her three Small children died in a fire that Swep a apartment saturday. Weather Cloudy and warmer tonight. Occasional Light rain beginning ate afternoon or evening con inuit a tool the c h a n g i n g to Tiht Snow sunday mild tonight with Low 36-40 temperature Fallini sunday with High 36-40. Center Point and Alo schools Are burglarized of $200 thieves who broke into two r Linn county schools Friday night 1 got about $200 for their efforts school authorities said saturday. Supt. Carl r. Mccalley of Palo r said thieves took $149 plus a few r Odd cents Friday night when they broke into his school. Supt. Herald p. Main said up e wards of $50 was taken from his. School. B coincidentally the two schools1 had played basketball against each other Friday night at Palo. Deputy sheriff Larry Condon said saturday that it was too t Early to Tell for sure whether the breaking were c o n n e c t e d and whether they were connected with the Ball game. 1 at Palo where the loot was greatest the thieves entered0 the building by forcing open in East window in the North " Balcony of the gymnasium. The lock was found broken off the window saturday morning. I they apparently used a Skele ton key to get through the inside doors of the school n the Money came from a Safe e in the office which the thieves i either found unlocked or had e known How to open. The Safe was d not damaged. The Money taken was from the e school s picture fund and to d lunch fund. The thieves passed d Over $74 of school paper Money in a Box and missed the Basket a Ball Gate receipts because the n superintendent had take that Money Home with him. Nothing else was missing. The burglars apparently walked out the North door of the school a at Center Point there was no indication How the burglars in it tired the building. Once in. It they raised an inside window to enter the superintendent s office. " they knocked the lock off o e a Cabinet Type Safe there and n took the Money from a Coin Box had the burglars broken in a night earlier they would hav found an additional $1.000 which0 had been banked Friday. F Spanish Airliner Ujj crack up kills 22 Somo Sierra Spain up 4 r e s c u e teams returned from it. Caballero la Nueva saturday with eight survivors of the eras of a Spanish Airliner in which. 22 of the 33 aboard were killed 1 Friday. The survivors included Paul j & Douglass West Roxbury. Mass. Only american on the plane Anc t Jose Orio Spanish millionaire Douglass was critically injured i but Orio suffered Only minor in juries the three other s u r v i v o r struggled Down the Mountainside Renaay Zigni m rep ii me 111311 r Douglass a state depart Mena in u a 4m 5r Madrid embassy Ai we Urne 01 the crash. # a is Loo we conferences by John . Tucker s town Bermuda a prime minister Churchill resident Eisenhower and French remier Laniel have indicated agreement that the Western Powers must accept any oppor Unity Lor sincere talks with the soviet Union on great issues authoritative sources said Satur Lay. Outlining positions taken by the Western big three at their initial Bermuda session Friday night in Ormed Plomas said differences expressed principally involved questions of emphasis. Churchill reportedly told his colleagues the West should seek every Opportunity to open up More contacts with the new rulers of Russia at every level. American View. Or. Eisenhower was understood o have described the Basic american View As while tactics of the Kremlin have changed since Stalin s death Russia s a or Iii of communist world inquest remain unchanged under Premier Maien Kov. In the spirit of Basic agree ment that toe interests of world peace demand willingness to talk Over important questions with the russians the big three approached consideration of a re july to a big four foreign min sters meeting in Berlin. A draft of the note has been completed for initial action by Secretary of state Dulles British foreign Secretary Eden and French foreign minister Bidault. In addition to the russian note or. Eisenhower Churchill and Laniel May consider far Eastern issues among w h i c h future policies toward red China the korean peace Situa Tion and recent red hints at peace possibilities in indo China stand out. Draft of reply. The draft of the reply to rus Sia s thanksgiving Day bid for a conference at Berlin was understood to agree to the idea of a meeting. The question of whether the reply should specify a Date was reported still under discussion. The draft rejects russian arguments that the european de sense Community is an aggressive move by the West. The Edc scheme Calls for formation of a six nation european army including German troops. The draft also emphasizes that the of the West is to discuss unification of Germany and an austrian Independence treaty. Informed sources said t h e r e was no intention of abandoning the Western position that free elections in both East and West Germany must come before for i today s Index daily record 2 movies radio and to 8 state 8 want ads 9-11 mation of an All Germant government. It is Uncertain when the reply will be sent to Moscow. Rebuff by Russia. Berlin up Russia has resected a Western Allied Reques o restore Telephone Communia ions Between East and Wes Berlin an american spokesman lid saturday. Western observers considering he timing significant because Russia has called for a four Power conference in Berlin said he action indicates the Kremlin Oes not wish to normalize life in this divided City. Hugo Holthoefer West Berlin postal chief said it would Eim k Syible to hold the proposed Lon Ferenee in Berlin without Tele Ihone communications Between sectors. The american spokesman said he allies intend to ask the soviets again to restore the lines hey Cut May 27, 1952, As part of heir Campaign to isolate West Berlin. Satellite release Only in upheaval Hoover believes new York up former resident Hoover implied Satur Day that he believed communist satellite countries Cau regain their Freedom Only through revolution Ary political changes in the world or Hoover head of american Relief efforts in Russia and the Baltic area following world War said Freedom for soviet dominated countries can come Only rom some great world cataclysm from which those people May Ris that is the Only Hope i see i said. At House or. Hoover made a rare Public appearance at a crowded Hearin of a special House committee investigating seizure of the Balti countries of Estonia Latvia Ani Lithuania by Russia in 1940. The former president 79, look ing fit and healthy in a Plain Gra suit told the committee that free ing the satellite countries b agreement with Russia was Vir j tally impossible. No one can read the speech of Malenkos Stalin or Moloto and believe that any agreement with the russians can have mor than temporary value he said he said there is a possibility the . And Russia might hav some areas of Mutual agreement but any real agreement can last Only As Long As it satisfies the by Tea tic he said the russians Pavec the Way to seizing the Balti states in the Stalin Hitler pact since he said the russians a undertaken systematic Migra Tion of Baltic Peoples to Siberia and in turn have resettled rus sians along the Baltic sea. They Are trying to extinguish any racial spark that might be alive in those Peoples he said or. Hoovers id he talked in 1946 to refugees from Helsinki to Budapest and found that their greatest Hope was Lor some great convulsion out of which they can i state police raid five night spots in East Dubuque Dubuque a six Deputy sheriffs raided the aquarium ivern Here late Friday night new hours before 22 Illinois stat lice raided ii night spots a Sast Dubuque 111. Sheriff Leo Martin Laid the Dubuque raid followed numer Ous recent complaints that the tavern has been open after hours Jartin said the raiders seized bottle of liquor and ordered the proprietor. Earl Dunbar to Apar in District Cotrit monday afternoon. East Dubuque police said they were taken by Surprise by the Tate raiders. The state police locked the places and then proceeded to search for gambling devices. The places hit were the sports rain of club 6,. I to Schnees and the Hilltop Joe Davis county state s at Orney Harold Nagel Aud Sherif Lawrence Greener of that county accompanied the state police. Nagel said the raiders broke up Dice games at All of the places and seized a Roulette wheel at the sportsman s. No Slot machines were found. The proprietors wer taken to Galena m., where the posted Bonds and were free lending further action. Yugoslav and italian troop exit charted Rome up Italy and Yugo Slavia have agreed to withdraw from the Trieste Border the rein forcing troops they sent during Jie recent crisis the foreign ministry announced saturday. Under the agreement Italy will end its ban on Export of strategic materials to Yugoslavia As soon As the withdrawal is complied. It was reported that the agree ment was reached in a conference saturday Between italian Premier Giuseppe Fella and yugoslav minister to Home Pavle Gregoric a crisis developed after the . And great Britain announced oct. 8 that they intended to turn Over the Northern half of the Trieste territory zone a which their troops occupy to Italy. Marshal Tito retorted by mov ing troop reinforcements into the Southern part zone a which Yugoslavia occupies. Tito warned he would not accept the decision. Pella threat ened to resign if the decision were reversed. Then Italy started m o v i n g troops to the Border of zone a. Bloody rioting broke out in the to of Trieste Early in novem fhe u. S., Britain and France ave made urgent attempts to each some Compromise and there expectation a five Power con Terence ., Britain France Taly and Yugoslavia May be announced within a few Days to Ake up the Issue. Allies Block pm tactics Panmunjom a Allied explainer saturday whipped an speedy Oil Accord to be sought is children face Piggy Bank raids Heidelberg up army european Headquarters sat urday asked its personnel t break open their children s Pigg Banks. A serious shortage of Pennis has developed in military oper ated stores. Officials believe a to of one cent pieces Are piling u in Piggy Banks. American servicemen and thei families m Europe Are give army scrip for Nickels dimes an quarters but use the genuine article for the one cent denomination. Apparent Man Euver by 40 pro red prisoners to disrupt the Jjck. Interview timetable but failed tor the fourth straight Day to win Back a single one of the converts to communism. South Korea army officers blocked slowdown tactics by Fel Low countrymen who refused return Hoine and talked with 4 prisoners before the 4 30 deadline. De f i a n t prisoners demanded longer explanations and refused a leave interview tents when Sok officers wound up attempts to woo them Home. The explainer solved the at tempted slowdown by s i m p l y walking out of the tents and moving on to talk with other prisoners awaiting interviews Eft alone the prisoners quickly made up their minds and Walker out the door leading Back to communist Rule. Meanwhile negotiations to arrange a political conference were in recess while american envoy Arthur Dean conferred in Seoul with South korean president syn Man Rhee. Two will Trade envoys after rift of More than 13 months. Tehran Britain and Iran announced resumption of diplomatic relations saturday following a break of More than 13 months As a result of the dispute Over iranian nationalization of properties of the British owned Anglo iranian Oil company. First announcement of the Ove was made by an iranian Lokeman. A communique issued shortly fee award in London said that Ith Exchange of ambassadors retain and Iran will proceed the earliest mutually agreed Loment to negotiate a settlement the Oil dispute which has re entry clouded internal opposition. The iranian acceptance came despite Strong internal opposition particularly on the part of Aya Mullah Kashani powerful mos pm religious Leader. British in oys were ousted in october 952, by former Premier Moham med Mossadegh. The sex dictator was kicked out f the premiership in a royalist our last August. He is now be Vicki Ley resigns farm Council Posl Mason City a Harold l. Mckinley firmed Here has resigned As chairman of the National Republican farm coun cil. He said i m too Busy to be he Job done the Way it should be Mckinley said he had handed in his resignation last july Bule was asked to stay on for Sev eral months. Recently Rod Kre ger former Secretary to a South Dakota congressman was appointed to take charge of farm activities of the party s National committee. Kreger is entitled to have a farm Council chairman who can give the proper time to the Job Mckinley commented saturday. He added the activities and objectives of the farm Council Are still expanding. It certainly has the Opportunity for an even greater contribution to no tried on treason charges by an iranian army court martial. Renewal of relations climaxes weeks of secret negotiations be tween Iran s Premier Failollah Zahedi and British foreign Secretary Anthony e4en. A key figure in the closed door talks was Herbert Beaver,jr., who shuttled b e t w e e n Washington London and Teh ran As Secretary of state Dulles personal Oil adviser. Announcement of resumption of relations had been expected since a group of leading Irani ans including former Cabinet ministers senators and top businessmen approved the move at a meeting this week. Oil not mentioned. Zahedi was expected to make a radio speech to the nation Sun Day or monday explaining his government s reasons for the love. The iranian spokesman did not specifically mention the Oil problem but informed sources Aid Iran had agreed to resume relations in Hope the British would get Down quickly to a brass tacks discussion of any disputes in the past Kashani Long a bitter foe of Britain said thursday that the Oil dispute should be settled first final by parliament before British envoys were allowed to enter the country. Indicted Val r. Lorwin former state department official has been indicted on a charge of falsely denying communist membership. He denied the charge at wholly false and Taid he welcomes a hear ing in open weather Bureau warns of Snow curb urn a Light rain or Snow was the weekend Outlook saturday for Iowa s weather. With h i g h w a y s still Slick from a previous snowfall in the Northwest part of the state the weather Bureau in Des Moines issued this forecast Light rain is expected to Start tailing Over Northwest Iowa by late saturday afternoon. Occasional Light rain May reach the Southeast Section by this eve Ning. The rain should change to Snow in the Southeast late tonight land Snow possibly two to five inches is Likely to become gen eral Over All the state sunday. On top of that the weather Bureau said another disturb Ance is due to hit the state late sunday or monday. The fore cast called for saturday night lows around 40 with sunday readings colder than saturday s in Cedar rapids some morning Sunshine gave Way to Clouds at mid Day and produced a 2 30 temperature of 42. The overnight Low was 24 after a High Reading Friday of 46. Prisoner shuns escape to help injured officers Dee Trail Colo. A a handcuffed prisoner who shunned n escape attempt to help two in ured Law enforcement officers s Back in jail. A car carrying undersheriff a e. Wofford 49, Roland okla., my Oklahoma Public safety investigator Leonard Ferris 49, overturned near Here. The Man in their custody be no taken to Oklahoma from a Denver jail to face burglary charges was Frank Trotter 42, Sallisaw okla. Trotter handcuffed and suffer no minor injuries to his and Houlder attempted to raise the a off the officers after he had Reed himself from the wreck age. Failing in this he covered the two with blankets and flagged Down passing motorists including several truck Drivers. To Gether they lifted the car off Wofford and Ferris. The fatally injured Wofford died before an ambulance arrived but he told his rescuers take the Handcuffs off that Man. He s All the prisoner Back in a den ver jail and awaiting new escorts to Oklahoma explained he had no reason to take advantage of his Freedom and escape. I had nothing to do with any burglary he said. I just want to go Back there and Clear it today s chuckle work hard and save your Money and when you Are 65 you can retire and have the things that Only Young people can enjoy. Corr Tomt

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