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Cedar Rapids Citizen Newspaper Archives Dec 4 1953, Page 1

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Cedar Rapids Citizen (Newspaper) - December 4, 1953, Cedar Rapids, IowaWeather cur foe Fht with Dir rate ule Ulch sat Fey m City final 5 chits volume 71number 32� Cedar rapids Iowa Friday december 4. 1953. Associated press United press International nxw8 indict sex state dept. Official Ike arrives in Bermuda for Farley Churchill and Laniel on hand chief of dec with president. By Stanley Johnson. Tucker s town her Muda a president Eisen Hower arrived Friday for the Start of a big three Confer ence with prime minister Churchill and French Premier Laniel. Waiting to Greet or. Eisenhower As he stepped from the presidential plane were Churchill and Laniel with British foreign Secretary Eden and French foreign minister Bidault. A crowd of about 2,000 was on hand to Welcome or. Eisenhower. Also present was a colourful Honor _ guard of Royal Welsh Fusiliers Central Nebraska and Northeast Bermuda militia and u. S. Airmen. Or. Eisenhower was greeted by rain Bermuda gov. Sir Alexander Hood and mrs. Hood followed by Kansas passengers on a bus the commanders of the military units drawn up to receive him. Atom Chirman. The president walked Steps and was met by Churchill who gave him a Hearty hand shake. In the presidential party were blizzards. Secretary of state Dulles and Lewis Strauss chairman of the u. S. Atomic Energy commission Strauss was added to the party at the last minute Friday. Britain s top nuclear expert lord Cherwell arrived wednes Day with Churchir position is that fee question of exchanging atomic information conference. Churchill has been added to the crowded Agenda. Somber questions. The colourful reception Cere monies contrasted sharply with the somber questions facing the had been believed eager to press his pet scheme for a Quick meeting with Premier Malenkos. By Friday however it seemed obvious that the Amer ican desire to give priority to pressuring the French for ratification of the european army treaty now dominates. Laniel who arrived thursday let it be known through aides that he is just As eager As or. Eisenhower to tackle this prob Lem in Hopes of gaining from Britain and the u. S. Assurances of Protection from the reared German units which the projected International army would in clude. The exact form of the promises the French want was not made Public. Reliable reports earlier this Wes a said or. Eisenhower was prepared to offer France his strongest personal Assurance that the u. S. Would maintain the combat effectiveness of its forces in Europe if not the total num ber of american troops there. Eden statements. British sources pointed to repeated statements by Eden to the House of commons outlining Brit Ain s intention to keep troops on the continent. Biu auit and Ehen had a hush hush two hour meeting thursday night during which it was Reli ably reported they discussed a new joint approach to Italy and Yugoslavia on the question of disputed Trieste. No details were announced but it was understood they outlined an Appeal for both nations to modify territorial claims. The French acc let it be known they intend to Tell or. Eisenhower and Churchill that Britain and the v. S. Must approve the French economic Union with the Saar Basin. The French say they will not ratify the Edc pact without prior agreement on the Saar. This Coal Stee area now autonomous but closely tied economically to France is also claimed by ger Many. Note to Moscow. While the principals discuss these and such other problems As indo China the future of Korea relations with red China and Russia s intentions technicians Are expected to draft a note to Moscow replying to Russia s acceptance of a proposal for a big four foreign ministers meeting Early next year. W three nations apparently favor the meeting although the u. S. Reportedly would like to specify that the German and austrian question be discussed. In Moscow the newspaper pravda charged that or. Eisen Hower was preparing to demand pre conditions that would make the proposed four Power talks impossible. The newspaper said aggressive american circles were trying to create around the proposed con Ference an atmosphere or pessimism ind hopelessness. Snow ranges to 14 inches in Midwest Minneapolis a a Stoin that dumped More than a foot of Snow in some sections of mid America buffeted the Dakotas and Minnesota Friday As it swept North into Canada. Nebraska Kansas and Eastern Colorado also were hit but the Snow had All but ended in these states. Schools were closed motorists vere stranded and communications were out in some areas. International Falls minn., re i cited 14 inches of Snow. A foot Ell in the Eastern half of South Jakota. In North Central Nebraska Lexington had 12 inches. No Large scale traffic tie were reported in the Dakotas and Minnesota but some Telephone incs Wera severed and driving was hazardous. In Eastern South Dakota Many schools w e r e closed. Northwesterly winds caused near Bliz Zaixin conditions in parts of Colorado. Nebraska and Kan Sas thursday. Winds up to. 53 Miles an hour leu Ted Snow in Central Nebraska. A Chicago and North Western Raia was reported stalled at at Tinson in the North Central Sec Ion of the state but there were no hards lip cases. Communications were out in Nebraska which got freezing at Colby in extreme Northwest traded in the town were taken o a hot i hotels arid motels in Colby net were filled by motorists unable to continue drive few ing. Along the Eastern Colorado Border visibility at some Points Vas Zero because of ground Owa is missed by worst storm winds dumped to in tsp in Owa thursday night making Jig ways treacherous and pc Nick no out communications. The largest part of Iowa missed the storm however As a deep storm Center passed to the West t the state cutting across tue Northwest Corner before Joving into Southern Minnesota Friday morning. Freezing rain rain mixed with now and just Plain rain fell Over most of the state during the night but Only in Western Iowa vere conditions bad at noon Fri Day. The Iowa Highway commis Sion reported that highways were. Generally Slippery wit Frozen rain and Snow West of a line through Creston Ames and Mason City. In the extreme Northwest Loose Snow Over ice made the highways dangerous. Northwestern Bell Telephone All officers named for new court clerk s Post goes to Maude Krebs in name Cedar a Nodi Newt the City Council solved its no. 1 municipal court prob Friday by appointing miss Krebs whose resignation had been hinted earlier if that were to happen said she will accept the added Post. With Cotmil approval she also agreed to appoint Deputy City clerk h. H. Bill wage to the Post of first Deputy clerk of court o handle actual business of the new office. A further stipulation was thai at a salary of $3,600. Cherry Bailiff. In a related action at Friday s official Council meeting after More than an hour of informal talk Constable e. D. Cherry was appointed Bailiff of the new court aug Clatt pro War photo. Atrocity witness Breaks Down Roy p. Manring 21. New al Bany ind., weeps on the witness stand before senators Jug to fl�un3. A he described the infamous hit 303 massacre in Korea. He sobbed in telling How he saw my buddies getting of ordered a Fth in a i Tiffi by nah their worm Fey enters contest for Iowa attorney general lbs Moines a asst atty. Gen. Henry w. Wormley 55 Friday announced his candidacy or the Republican nomination Foi attorney general in the 1954 Pri Mary election. Wormley has been an assistant attorney general assigned to the Owa tax commission for eight years. Prior to that time he eyed in the Iowa House in the legislative sessions of 1943 and 945. Company in pcs Moines reported i earlier he served on the count in. 1.1 1 to 1 a i la ref Hie Homo Tatum ref Tom Cyl Friday that 179 Long distance circuits in Northwest Iowa were out of service because of ice and Snow breaking Down the lines. Sioux City had four inches of Snow and 20-mile-an-hour winds caused some Drifting but no highways were reported blocked. A near cloudburst erupted in Owa City about 9 15 . Thurs Day. High winds whipped Hail and heavy rain in Gusty blasts during the storm. In Cedar rapids .06 of an Inch of rain fell Between 6 30 . And Midnight thursday with a Trace of Snow Early Friday. Cold air pushed by Stroni win is u expected to hold temperature below the freezing Point Friday night the 2 30 temperature in Cedar rapids was 29 degrees which was lower than the Over night Low of 34 degrees. The High thursday had been 53. A Strong wind was blowing in Cedar rapids at 2 30. It was from the West at 25 Miles per Lour with gusts up to 30 . As the storm moves into can Ada weather men said partly Cloudy skies will accompany the colder Iowa temperatures Friday night. Although most of Iowa missed real wintry weather with the last storm a new blast developing in Jie Northwestern states May bring More general Snow to most of the state Over the weekend forecaster said. Cil of his to Etown of Kingsley in Plymouth county for 10 years and was mayor of Kingsley 1 years. Wormley is a Law graduate of the University of Iowa a world War i Veteran and is married and has two sons. As an assistant attorney gen eral Wormley has assisted in drafting tax legislation and has advised the tax commission Anc tried its cases in courts. Previously announced for the Republican nomination for attorney general is Chester c. Yea Man 44, of Sioux City. Yeaman unsuccessfully sought the Nomina Tion in 1952. Atty. Gen. Leo a. Hoegh has said he would not be a candidate for the office in 1954. Corpus Christi Texas ins a Sailor 20, was credited with preventing a panic of 500 people when fire swept the Palace theater thursday night. James c. Lester of Lewisville ark., a Meta Ismith assigned to the Corpus Christ naval air station calmed the audience and led them to safety before the Blaze destroyed the theater. Lester left the flaming build ing Only after making certain All had been evacuated. Then he quietly disappeared. No injuries or deaths were reported. The audience was watching the feature film blueprint for murder when the fire broke out apparently in a switch Board behind the screen and ignited a curtain. Several women screamed and and told Senate investigators he would like to Call soviet diploma Andrei Vishinsky a b a direct to his Frederick c. Herrman a for ind., said he heard that Vishinsky had called u. S. Charges of communist atrocities in Korea a Bunch of Herman identified a North rain or Snow is expected to korean propaganda poster taken Legin in West and Central Iowa from the room where communists saturday afternoon and in the opened fire on other. American extreme East saturday night. Prisoners killing seven and wounding him in the leg. Sen. Potter a Mich said the poster was stained with blood splashed today s Index comics 27 courthouse 8 crossword 20 Dally record t deaths 8 editorial features farm 26 Foto facts 14 Inez Robb 3 Marlon 28 movies 16 radio and to 18,19 society 24, 25 snorts 21-23 Sute 10 want ads 29-31 women s features 24. 25 on it during the massacre. Pistol display Nicks Ike hand Tucker s town Bermuda up president Eisenhower arrived saturday wearing a band age on his left hand. Staff members said the presi Dent was showing mrs. Eisen Hower How old time heroes of Young Sailor averts panic when fire sweeps theater the audience rushed for the exits. Ii Ester jumped on his seat and shouted everyone remain others took up the cry and the audience began moving out the emergency exits quietly when order was restored. City firemen units from the air station and sailors in the audience fought the Blaze and kept it confined to the Block Long theater. Residents of the adjoining nieces hotel were evacuated to the lobby. A comic touch was. Added by the Corpus Christ chess club which was engaged in matches on the second floor of the hotel at the time of the lire. Members refused to be evacuated and continued their games throughout the Blaze. Vet would Call Vishinsky a liar1 Washington up a for Mergi Friday fingered a com. Junist propaganda poster stained As the 7,255-ton Albion owned by Ith the blood of his comrades the new York shipping firm of suspected tumor proves an infant Akron Ohio a on a physician s advice Juanita fur Bee entered a Hospital to have x rays taken for a suspected tumor. Six hours later the suspected embassy announced Friday that tumor turned out to be a baby american freighter repo Teci bco1. . Vessel under fire from Egypt Cairo a the american egyptian Shore batteries fired on her As she tried to deliver 9,600 tons of wheat to Jordan for Arab refugees from Palestine. The embassy identified the ship dry trans inc. Lloyd s Register lists her Home port As Wilming ton Del the attack reportedly occurred thursday in the Gulf of Aqaba mer Corporal from Evansville East of Egypt s Sinai Peninsula the Albion was bound for the Jordan port of Aqaba at the head of the Gulf. There were damage. No casualties or the West .44s. It appeared Likely the egyptian gunners believed the ship was destined for Elath. Israeli port also at the head of the Gulf to which considerable traffic is r o u t e d to circumvent Arab Egypt s ban on Israel bound ship Ping through the Suez canal. The Albion reported she had made urgent representations to he egyptian government and hat president Naguib s regime lad Given assurances that a Ion would be taken to facilitate the ship s passage through Aqaba at Aqaba meanwhile a ceremonial Welcome was being pre pared for the Albion and its Load of american gift wheat. A Dis Patch from Amman Jordan Cap fanned their ancient ital said u. G. Ambassador Les ter Mallroy accompanied by pm he hit the Hammer of his tar get pistol vigorously they said. Bassy. Point four and Jordan officials would Fly to the ports to and Nick id the Palm of his for the unloading. This is the nicest Surprise i Ever had in my life said mrs. Furbee. 31. Said the doctor she was just As surprised As i paper halted in Queens As strike sequel new York a the Long land Star journal halted publication Friday when its stereo Ypres refused to handle news and comics of struck newspapers in Manhattan which were to be printed in the form of paid advertisements. No material from advertisers of he struck papers was involved. Stephen Rogers editor of the Queens afternoon paper said the stereotypes who make casts for he advertisements refused to Landle them contending it was pm Ity serve court clerk Maude Krebs to As clerk of the in name new Mollie Linville be named second crowds. Ypres Union in violation of our contract destroys a vital link in the newspaper s production line preventing us from p l a c i n g printed pages on the presses Togers said. Harvard Steps in. New York up a group of Ager Harvard students rushed into new York s newspaper vacuum Friday with 10,000 copies of in Harvard Crimson their undergraduate daily. They planned to hand out the newspapers free to Rush hour Deputy clerk of court and Secre tary to the two municipal judges son was loaded into automobiles using the night at Cambridge lass., for distribution at strategic Manhattan Corners. An editorial in the Crimson said those interested in the intellectual Well being of the u. A viewed the Lack of newspapers in hew York with unrest. The Crimson in its Small Way effective Jan. 2. The understanding was thai Cherry with Council approval such a situation will appoint Constable Marvin editorial said. Fatka As Deputy Bailiff. Appointment of miss Krebs a clerk of court in addition to her City clerk s Post meant the court position will remain under appointive control of the Council. Come elective along with Ather Eitra atom i the next Munei pal Ete Ettea. In november 1 j53. Friday s action on the bailiffs of meant the Post will be filled by Public .955. Election beginning in in appointing miss Kreb the Council assured her that As clerk f court she will have no Apreci ble duties not already connected Vith her office. Wan to head it. Deputy clerk wage will head Ine new court s office operation Vith Council members holding us Fate responsibility for its functioning spokesmen indicated. The court Deputy s office also will be separated physically from lat of the City clerk As soon As Ity Hall space becomes available joining the present fourth floor courtroom. Council members commended Liss Krebs for accepting the new Itle in a spirit of Public service. Five worked on this and even prayed about u and my prayers have been answered mayor Sedlacek said. Miss Krebs is food Citi irn and servant. She a joined us in trying to save the people some Money. The other Way making the clerk ship elective Russu be More with Early january still the Date for opening municipal ourt Council members took an ther step Friday to solve pro Edural problems. They Sut Bari de four officials o spend three Days in Waterloo studying the municipal court duration there with a View to ending useful Points for the local routine. Struck tuis action by the stereo an extra press run of the Crim Ould no longer sit by and watch continue the Union stand hit. New York up the trad journal editor and publisher charged in an editorial Frida that there is a tacit agreement ha4 �. A rite of he. Among to Union leaders Mak the Job would liter hate be tag. Possible concerted action Luch Board. Harge lie in denial of Rolein reds Val Lorwin accused of false statements in loyalty hearings. Washington a Federal grand jury indicted a former Tate department official Fri a on charges he falsely ended communist member hip. Attorney general Brownell an ounces the three count indict ment against Val r. Lorwin 46, ormer chief of the european Section of the division of internal onal labor social and health of airs in the state department. The grand jury charged that Orwin made false statements using loyalty hearings in Decem ber 1950. He was specifically acied of falsely saying 1. Be never was a communist arty member. 2. He never carried a comm list party card. 3. He never held a communist arty meeting in his Home. Security probes. A state department spokesman Aid Lorwin underwent a series f Security investigations by the apartment loyalty Board begin Ning in 1948. He was suspended feb. 5, 1951, while new charges and in formation were being investigated and was returned to duty in March 1952. In june 1952, he was notified that he was cleared but that this decision was subject to review by the president s loyalty review As in the new York newspaper strike. It said Tiivi threatens the Constitution and free press. The editorial said the news Aper unions of new York City have proved themselves com Ile Cly it said less ban 400 men because of an understanding of a few Union Lead is and the stupid obeisance of Union men to a picket line have taken the Law into their own ands and done what no govern ment of the u. S. Could they have thrown More than 0,000 newspaper employees out of Rork they have deprived the peole of the nation s largest City of heir right to a free press they ave suppressed a free press they ave torn up the Constitution,1 editorial said. Trip personnel. Making the trip at. City expense will be finance commissioner elect Stewart Shank. Municipal continued on Page 8. Col. 6. Engine trouble foils i stowaway flight to . Shannon Ireland up trouble in an Airliner engine Friday smashed the Hopes of a . Air Force recruit who tried to stretch his first overnight pass in Europe into a flying trip Home. Airman 3/c Donald Karr. 20, Decatur 111., stowed away aboard a pan american air ways Strat Cruiser e n r o u t e from London to new York. He was not discovered until the plane reached Here and airline officials and immigration authorities agreed to let him continue. Bui one of the four engines failed on the flight from Here to Gander nfld., and the Pilot had to turn Back. By the time it landed Here a second time the authorities had changed their minds they took Kan off the plane to be sent Back to England. The airline announced How Ever a would return in style he will be the Only passenger aboard a luxurious Strat Cruis or being ferried to London. He has been stationed in England Only since wednesday. He started on his travels thursday after getting a pass authorizing him to be absent from his base until 8 30 . Friday. The Young airman was in the Airport administration building Here at that hour which automatically made him . An air Force spokesman said he would receive Only Token punishment if he returned to base without delay. When the Strat Cruiser Crew discovered they were carrying an unlisted passenger Karr said he was trying to reach the bedside of his ailing Mother. Mother s comment. Decatur 111. Up Esta Karr. 54, said Friday that per haps concern Over her health prompted her son to Stow away on a transatlantic plane. I Haven t been so very Well for so Long perhaps that was what is worrying him she said. The judge said it is apparent to me that the own is Only supported by son of the fact that it is so shaped Era. O take fullest advantage of the bust. It must seem to anyone tha such support is precarious. It i meant to attract men and a woman who selects such a dress must be prepared to put up with a considerable amount of discomfort. She must even be prepare to support the bodice by hand if necessary. It is sufficient for me to say that it is n dress which left to bust As fully exposed As decency would permit. Mrs. Bonstein has said that the bodice was left unlined thus causing chafing of the skin which showed the figure was expected to support the dress the support of the dress by the bust would cause considerable irritation except to the most hard ened of wearers. He said he could see no ground r complaint and ruled in favor of the dressmaker. Today s chuckle three men were in a boat they had four Cigar ets but no matches. So they threw out one cig Aret and made the boat a cig Aret lighter. . Shortly after Thi notification and before the review got under Way Lorwin resigned voluntarily. In Chicago a spokesman for the Juivers Ity of Chicago said Lorwin has been a member of the univer Ity staff since sept 15 this year s an assistant professor of social sciences and Industrial relations. Statute involved. Although Lorwin a native of new York City was under oath t the time of his testimony the indictment was returned under the acute barring false statements a government representative and not under the Laws relating i perjury. Lorwin first entered govern Lent service As an associate econ Mist in the old National recovery administration in 1935. The Justice department said he ans erred to the department of a culture in 1937 and to the la or department As a labor stand ids analyst in 1939. From 1941 until 1943 he served is an economist dealing with i Ilian requirements in the office production management and be War production Board. Lorwin entered the army in 943 and served As a lieutenant overseas. In 1944 and 1945 he was connected with the top secret office of strategic services. He As transferred to the state de Arment oct. 1, 1945. College instructor. Lorwin was graduated from Cornell University in 1927. He received a master s degree from Ohio state University two years later. Then according to the depart ment he returned to comic and did graduate work from 1930 to 1932. He then transferred to the american friends service in France working with them from 1932 until 1933. He returned to the u. S. And strapless gown buyer acts at own risk judge London a a judge Nur Day ruled that a woman who exposed herself in Low Cut strapless evening gown must a ept the hazards and pay the dressmaker. What s More. Judge Wilfrid Lother ruled in Lambeth county ourt the buyer must be prepared o put up with a considerable mount of discomfort and even support the bodice by hand necessary. The judge made his observe on in ruling against two worn n who had strapless gowns made or them to Wear at a wedding where they were matrons of Hon or. The dressmaker sued for pay ment. The two women counter claimed for damages contending the gowns were not proper. Made. After seeing one of the gowns served As history instructor at Brooklyn College from 1933 to 1934 and did private research work until he entered the new Deal the Justice department said that if convicted Lorwin could receive a possible maximum pen Alty of $10,000 Fine and five years imprisonment on each of the three counts. The office of sen. Mccarthy a wis said Lorwin was Case no. 54" among 81 cases the sen Ator cited feb. 20,1950, in charges of communist infiltration of the state department. Mccarthy told the Senate then this individual has been connected with a number of communist front organization and was Active in attempting to secure issuance of a non immigration visa to a French communist Weaver named Abc president new York ins the National broadcasting company an. Bounced Friday that Sylvester l. Weaver jr., has been elected pres ident of the network. Brig. Gen. David Sarnoff who made the announcement also Dis closed election of his son Robert Sarnoff As executive vice presi Dent

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