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Cedar Rapids Citizen Newspaper Archives Dec 3 1953, Page 1

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Cedar Rapids Citizen (Newspaper) - December 3, 1953, Cedar Rapids, IowaWeather Utu rate in flu Tew Lam. Cute with t City Nal a Clits volume 71number 328 Cedar rapids Iowa. Thursday december 3. 1953. Associated press muted press. Interra Tohal mew8 czechs flee by train hideout Mccarthy denies challenging president asks Dulles reappraise China stand appeals to sharers of his View to let Ike know of feelings. By William l. Umstead. Washington ins senator Mccarthy a wis thursday branded ridiculous and untrue any Sugges Tion that by criticizing administration foreign policy he was challenging. Presi Dent Eisenhower s p a r t y Mccarthy replying to the re m Section by the president and flurry Secretary of state Dulles of the with senator s criticism said he is in Complete disagreement with Dulles on the . Attitude toward Allied trading with red China. He said he respects Dulles honesty and sincerity of Pur pc a but called for a reappraisal of the policy to which he objects. Ike honorable.1 Mccarthy charged that Politi Cal enemies have suggested he is challenging or. Eisenhower s leadership of the Republican party. He said that suggestion is both ridiculous and he pledged his support to All congressional candidates in 1954 the senator added this state ment to his prepared text " think president Eisenhower is Ai honorable Man. I think he Wil follow the will of the people if that will is made known to him i would like to urge each and every one of them who feels As strongly Ai i do about this blood Trade with our mortal enemy that they write or wire the president of the United states and let him know How they feel so that he May be properly guided in this matter Mccarthy said his conviction on the error of condoning the blood Traaen were so deep tha he would speak out on the Issue at every Opportunity. He said and i urge Secretary Dulles to reappraise our whole policy in this the senator promised his utmost support to the rep Wiran party now and in the future but warned that this does not mean that i will refrain from criticizing my party when i think it is making foulest he explained that he therefore Felt called on in his radio Tele vision address last week to Dis cuss our failure to clean up one of the foulest situations which we inherited from the Democrat and Mccarthy said the situation he referred to was the continued imprisonment by red China of hundreds of american airmen shot Down Over Manchuria during the korean War. He said i pointed out that my party was not responsible for this situation that we had inherited it from the corrupt communist Ridden Truman Acheson regime but that it is now our duty prop Erly to protect those Young men the course Ai action which i recommended was that we re fuse to give any american Dol Lars to any nation shipping any goods to communist China so Long As a single american remained in a communist blood stained Dungeon. On this matter be teary dul Les and i Are in Complete Dis agreement. In a Republic such As ours there must be room for honest difference of opinion. I respect the honesty and sincerity of purpose of Secretary Dulles. However i have such deep convictions on this subject that i shall continue to discuss the matter at every Opportunity and i urge Secretary Dulles to reap Praise our whole policy in this regard. All kinds of weather in state today Iowa without any weather to Peak of for nearly five months was getting a Little of everything thursday. There was rain freezing rain and a touch of Snow in the state. The state s weather was divided into two parts thursday by a stationary front which Cut across Owa from its Southwest Corner o its northeas1 Corner. Northwest of the front temperatures were mostly in the 30s during the night. Southeast of it readings were about 10 de Grees higher. Sibley received the snowfall More than an Inch and Spencer the freezing rain. The rest of the state received rain. The rain and mild tempera ures Are expected to continue n the Eastern two thirds of Iowa thursday night weather men said with some Snow or freezing rain in the extreme Northwestern Section. Forecasters said it will be Cloudy Friday with rain or Snow Flur ies North and extreme was South. Temperatures More rain was the Southeast and Snow in the North West is expected saturday. An intensifying storm Cen ter at the lower end of Iowa s front is expected to move through n o r t h w e s t i o w a thursday night weather men said bringing the cooler temperatures to South and East Iowa Friday. Cedar rapids has received .38 of an Inch since the rain began Early wednesday. A Trace of rain fell up until 12 30 . Wednesday from 12 30 until 6 30 pea. Wednesday another 11 of an Inch fell and from 6 30 until Midnight .03 of an Inch fell. Only a Trace was recorded from mid night until 6 30 . Thursday but another .25 fell Between 6 30 and 12 30 . Thursday. The High temperature wednes Day in Cedar rapids was 51, Fol Lowed by an overnight Low of 45. The 2 30 temperature was 48 de Grees thursday. Other precipitation amounts re corded in the state Are Amoco Ted presi were photo. Goat gits into Churchill Welcome act prime minister Churchill strides across Bermuda s Kindley Field for his inspection of the Honor guard of Royal Welsh Fusiliers after arriving from London for the big three conference. The Fusiliers Goat Mascot. Billy also stands at attention for the inspection. Following Churchill is sir Alexander Hood governor of Bermuda. Council Bluffs Washington. Burlington. Sioux City. Ottumwa Dubuque 0.85 e.680.54 0.45 b.35 0.26 Mason City 0.09 Mcgregor 0.2b Willard colons rent House to move in sunday los Angeles a it May lot be thanksgiving sunday but t s going to feel like it at the iome of the Willard Colson fam ily. The colons who came Here free and a half weeks ago from Cedar rapids will be reunited in a three bedroom Home by that Day. Things Haven t been so Bright or the colons and their six children lately. They be been living i two hotel rooms Here while they searched for a More permanent Home. Earlier this week they offered o place the children for adoption because the hotel was threaten no eviction and they had no Ilace to four of the children were Aken in by hospitable families who had read plight. Appraisal May result in a change of policy in this Mccarthy said he spent per haps As much Tine As any other Man last fall urging the american continued on Pace 2, col. 3. Today s chuckle the speaker at a big rally thundered you Are living under the highest tax Load in our a bewildered taxpayer in uie rear asked this is Liv ing copy Liht Orville Herrick a 78, Center Point killed in crash Orville w. Herrick 78, retired mail clerk and a resident of Cen ter Point was fatally injured about 5 15 . Wednesday when his Auto plunged off the Road. Flo i Erfe bed. Two a fit of Center Point. The car ran off Highway 150 at the Nelson Creek Bridge. The Accident was first Dis covered by a passing Motorist r. G. Demory 3308 Carlisle Street be Cedar rapids about 5 45 . Demory spotted what appeared to be a flashlight blinking from the Creek bed. After stopping he was joined by two other Drivers Gene an Derson living South of Center Point and Dexter Wolfe of Urban a. The three men located the wrecked 1953 car in the Creek bed. The Driver appeared to be dead when found but a lighted flashlight was found on the ground just outside the Driver s window. Highway patrolman Cal wag Ner said that apparently the Dri ver was signalling for help from the Creek bed just before he died or. Herrick resided at 1306 Highland Avenue Janesville wis., until september when he came 0 Center Point to live. His wife s ill in a Hospital at Janesville. The body was taken to the Teahen funeral Home. Surviving besides his wife son Ralph of Houston Texas or. Herrick was a member of he knights of pythias and of sewer Bonds bring highest f i f f v i la ii Toio Lui in last year and half flexible supports the masonic Point. Plan missing in dive Mark try Miami ins a daring Miami Siant twister. Awyer was reported lost in Thi Leavy seas of the Gulf Stream thursday during an attempt to dive 410 feet beneath the Ocean s Urf acc. Of the colons wednesday however mrs. Col son announced she had arranged o rent a three bedroom House. She and her husband together with All the children can move n sunday. Willard Colson a partially disabled War Veteran has a Job in an aircraft Plant Here. Mccarthy gets a Canadian present Washington a senator Mccarthy thursday received a Ift of a crate of Canadian apples of the North spy variety with note saying Here s something you am it is my nope that such a re your committee can get your Ceth into. The Woods up Here Are full of it was signed Lodge at Center Owa farm Bureau votes for medium Cebu c�pl6� Kevi ten Bond buying syndicates g battled it out thursday Lor $800, 000 Worth of sewer Bonds offered or Sale by Cedar rapids City Council. A spokesman for the winning Bido tit National teak of Chicago said the interest rate would rank As the Best anywhere on this Type of Bonds in to year and a half. First National bought the Bonds by agreeing to charge 1% per cent interest and to pay a Premium of $3,001. The Cash payment will in effect Cut the actual interest to be paid Over a 15-year period to about 1.70 percent officials said. Money received from the Bonds will pay for sanitary sewer projects now in the Mill in Cedar rapids. Two interceptor lines on the Southeast Side and another on the West will be the main ones. Storm sewer work also May be financed by the Bond Money. This is the cheapest interest the Best interest rate to come out Tornado rips Louisiana at least 9 dead Alexandria la. Up a Tornado spawned by an Early Winter Squall carved a Crescent shaped path through Central Louisiana thursday killing at least nine and injuring 20. Police were receiving Only sparse reports from the hit communities Rural areas along a keep .1 100-mile Zigzag path taken by the Telephone lines were Down. The new Orleans weather Bureau warned that the Hurricane producing conditions moving East i night produce Small twisters in Hope Root 52, entered the Mississippi before the Day is Over Frothy Atlantic with enough oxygen to last him approximately 23 minutes. There was no sign of him More than an hour later. Root a Veteran Aqua lung enthusiast entered the sea Clad Only la trunks and weighted with cad around his Waist. He wore a double tank Aqua lung. Alcoholic version of boy Dike tale Vienna up a boy 12, hos warning borne out. Within two hours of that warn ing it was borne out. A Tornado ripped through the Mississippi River levee Village o filler leaving several reported dead and at least two injured. A Hospital at rolling Forks 25 Miles North of the tiny Community reported a Mother and her son 2, injured the Mother seriously. More injured Are on the Way the Hospital an attendant said Friend s cellar a forbidden news staff of the Toronto Globe and mail. Mccarthy said he was grateful for the gift. Sample from a wine keg. The spigot jammed. In a desperate attempt to pre vent a Tell tale flooding of the floor the boy put his Mouth to the outlet and just kept gulping. Lesson does t take for Driver Atlanta a Oliree hours after being Given a ticket for speeding Grover c. Forts was killed wednesday when his car travelling at a Speed estimated by police at 75 Miles an hour crashed into a Utility pole. In the Remote Himalayas were invited to see a film in the first movie theater Ever opened in Gangtok the capital. They promptly introduced a Resolution in the legislature Call ing for the theater to be closed in some time said bidder John amp of Chicago s first National Bank. The Bond Market took a big jump with this today. It was the Best bid on this Type of Bond in roughly the last year and ,. .,.,. Wastes then. We knew these Bonds would be High priced " Camon added and built two devices for pulling in air and taking it out. Circle with dogs. They reached the Border nov. With dogs. Two hours later they reached the soviet zone of aus general Arthur. 885,457, Morehead Martinez Calif. Up president Eisenhower who has Easi As the winds roared Down out of inky Black Clouds. Texas Squall line. The severe weather the Bureau said was the result of a line that ripped into the Stai does and Stormy two and injured nine. Leander with a Post office and combination store and service iding whose own son 3. Was the 33rd drowning victim of a government irrigation canal. Warren Anderson the father wrote a letter to the pres ident recently asking help in Ca legislators just Don t like films Calcutta up members of the legislature of Sikkim state said the twister seemed to hit station As its chief business District was hit hardest. State police Texas where Tornal having the Contra Costa a tor y weather killed i Nal fenced to prevent future tragedies. The plea touched off repercussions from Cali fornia to Washington. Or. Eisenhower replied to the letter nov. 28, it was Dis closed. In it he spoke As one father to another who had suffered the loss of an infant son. Or. Eisenhower wrote in part rarely have i been touched by any letter a by yours of the 20th. Mrs. Eisenhower and i lost our first and then Only their work trailer Ion when he was 3u, year the Center and rip it there in t much left standing a policeman said. It really took a the wind ripped Northeast near Paradise it injured four members of a Highway depart for 10 years As a menace to in Merit Crew when it demolished Nocent Himalayan " sense of total loss that must engulf you. To provide some answer for you concerning the Haz Ards presented by unfenced canals to the children of our country i am sending your letter to the department of Interior. I know that no words of mine can diminish the pair you feel in the loss of your son even though i assure you that you have my deep and sincere sympathy. Certainly i Hope that through some proper Way Steps can be taken to see that this kind of tragedy is not repeated in the future. Sincerely Dwight d. the Anderson family moved to Portland last week to Start a new life. Before leaving mrs. Anderson s a i d she knew the canal would be fenced As a result of their tragedy. Ids. Plumbing heating and Tilting $20,675, j. W. Dar h inc. Of Cedar rapids. Elec al�5,945. Cedar rapids elec Contin on Page 2, col. 5. Us scientists use Frozen cells to father child Iowa City up University of Iowa scientists said thursday hat the first child Ever conceive Day insemination with deep Frozen male sperm cells should be de ered in less than three months. A rays of t h e unidentified Mother show the foetal Skeleton is developing normally and the child s expected to be absolutely nor Mal in every Way. Two other Iowa women Are now carrying children conceived by the Frozen sperm cells but their pregnancies Are not As advanced according to drs. R. G. Bunge and j. K. Sherman of the department of urology at the University of Iowa medical College Here. A spokesman for the University said we won t give out any More i n f o r m a t i o n for about three Bunge and Sherman did not identify the women who submitted to the Experiment arid would disclose no details. Bunge said revelations about the marital status of the women or about who furnished the male cells and other related information would disclose the women s identity and affect their per Sonal artificial insemination of human beings has been successfully completed in the past but never with Frozen semen according to an officer of the american medi Cal association in Chicago. We were overjoyed said Cech. There was no need to con serve our food. We ate and drank heartily to celebrate. The freight car waited for 12 hours then suddenly began going in the wrong direction. We were horrified. We went right Back into they spent three Days in the ear at the Border town of horni Doriste. Their food and water were gone. The children were fed a few lumps of sugar moistened with Plum Brandy the Only liquid left. Cech was driven to desperation by the cries of the children. Grandpa water water please give us he decided to give up and the family almost too weak to stand emerged from the den in the freight car. But refreshed by water from a nearby Stream thoughts of sur Render were set aside. They re turned to the lumber car compartment. Decide on Gamble. On the morning of nov. 25 the men decided on a bold Gamble. They put their tools in a kit and marched to the station master. Marion said they had been sent to repair the now Loose Load on continued on Page 2, col. 8. Today s Index comics 35 courthouse crossword 35 daily record z deaths 2 editorial features. C farm 34 Foto facts 32 Inez Robb 1 Marion is movies ii radio and to it society 16,17 sports 11-Zi Stamps 1j state i want ads 31-31 women s features

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