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Cedar Rapids Citizen Newspaper Archives Dec 2 1953, Page 1

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Cedar Rapids Citizen (Newspaper) - December 2, 1953, Cedar Rapids, IowaWeather tarty Witk Heckt no u blk it us than Lair few u Imbt elder with fall toe temperature thu Day. City final 5 cents volume 71number 327 Cedar rapids Iowa wednesday december 2, 1953. Associated press United press International a bib Ike backs slap Mccarthy Ike dashes talk of red Chin Antry Iowa City Man Dies in crash of fuel truck says subject of . Admission not open to negotiation. Washington president Eisenhower said wednesday that the question of admit Ting red China to the . Is not a question open to negotiation with anybody at present. His news conference comment came in reply to a question whether the matter might be Dis cussed at the big three Bermuda conference. The president said he doubts whether taxes next year can or should be railed above the present level. He said that what the administration can do to bring the budget near to balance is to eliminate duplication and improve efficiency generally. He said his officials a taking a number of Steps toward this pm and he is prepared to take Credi in Advance for them. Meeting with Russia or. Eisenhower also 1. Declined to speculate on the prospects for a meeting of the Western Powers with representatives of the soviet Union. Asked about such prospects on the Basi of the latest russian note he re plied that it is a matter which needs much study and one on which he would t want to make a real guess. 2. Said reports reaching him on vice president Nixon s tour of the far East have been most encouraging. He said it has helped to bring into closer concert the u. S. And the countries Nixon has visited. 3. Voiced Complete Confidence in attorney general brow cell and announced that the Justice department plans to make Public a Complete report on events in Ontl Yine cities. 4. Pledged that any cuts in american troop strength made possible through economies would not affect units closest to hostile positions. He said such a reduction " to Only considerations make them pos sible. Bermuda Opportunity. The president said he looked toward the Bermuda meeting As an Opportunity to prevent mis understandings by reaching Posi Tive and cooperative basis of agreement wherever possible. He said the meeting would seek to coordinate Allied actions on u Lair basis and avoid Cla he. He said to a on one Point a connection with any big four meeting he hoped the . Would be Adamant. This Point he said is the right of ourselves to have a government of our own Choos ing and that that principle should likewise pertain to other coun tries. Churchill arrives for Allied talks Tucker s town Bermuda up prime minister Churchill arrived from London wednesday for a big three conference which Anglo american diplomatic quarters believe May make or break the european defense comm the 79-year-old prime minis ter s big Silver Strat Cruiser canopus came Down from an Over cast into a sunny Bermuda after flying through an Atlantic Gale Low new an Iowa City Man was burned o death about 3 . Wednesday when the fuel Oil transport he Vas driving crashed into a Bridge bout a mile North of Center Point on Highway 150. He was a. D. Born trailer 28, a River for Eldon Miller inc., of Owa City. He was the father of in children the youngest of whom was born about a month body was found photos on picture Page Igo. Borntrager s of american troops could be attained when political pinned in the wreckage of the Railer of Iii Semi outfit. His body j was so badly burned that it was not positively identified until in hours after the Accident. Highway patrolman Charles Els said Borntrager s northbound tractor hit the railing on the left Side of the Bridge. Highway blocked. The tractor ran part Way up the railing then crashed Back onto the floor of the Bridge in flames caused by a shattered gasoline tank. The Impact knocked the tractor and trailer apart Fels said Adjie trailer landed upside Down on the floor of the Bridge Block ing the Highway. The tractor skidded on another 30 feet past the Bridge. Officials believe Borntrager s body was covered with gasoline the moment the tractor hit the Bridge. The Impact shattered the tractor s left fuel tank. The initial Impact also threw Borntrager from the cab of tractor patrolmen said. Borntrager s body was four beneath the trailer part of the outfit. Investigators thought one leg might have been pinned under the trailer. The Center Point fire depart ment we credited with pre Vetiac t More serious fire by controlling the fuel Oil which drained from the t r a i l e r through punctures. A gasoline tank on the tractor was punctured and the cab of the outfit was badly burned. Fels who investigated crash with patrolman James Gildroy. Said Borntrager reported for work in to . Tuesday. One witness. The Bridge was damaged by the crash and the tractor and trailer were demolished. Fels said there was damage to the Black Toj surface of the Highway. Fels said there was Only one witness to the Accident lie is Clifford Dirks of Marion who was headed South on Highway 15g and saw the crash from All 30 pcs shun Allied persuasion . Interviews open first South koreans won t quit reds. By Howard k. Janis. Go narrates massacre by korean reds Washington an army sergeant told a Senate subcommittee wednesday How he sur Vived being shot and buried alive by North koreans in a massacre a hich took the lives of some 99 comrades. Says Unity of free is Only Hope in the whole group i was in there was not a Man who Panmunjom ins All begged for merry and not a 30 South korean prisoners Man cracked ont Man was interviewed in the opening around of the a l l i e d Side of o p e r a t i o n persuasion wednesday r e f e d to re in warns against Power scribed his grim adventure at Ai Public hearing conducted by sen. Potter a Mich. Weinel lost composure Only aft he Sid Washington president i Eisenhower backing up Sec abuse coercion of other countries. Ounce communism and re turn Home. Allied explainer received the and he asked for another iat or the heretofore Cool witness wednesday that Unity among Lema Rily but regained free nations is out Only Troffer ovtcigaret""8 Hope for Weinel. A career Soldier with like Dulles. Or. Eisenhower ii years army service said he was shot and left for dead by his captors less than two months i percent setback in Man "1jfcusi Day of talks with Balky pcs de i spite Gentie Well rehearsed a gen. La "11. �. In first after hear Ved in Korea in aug in nisi.0,n, Matthew b. R i d w a y associated press War photo. Parents need room for them county adoption officials in los Angeles said tuesday that the parents of these six children or. And mrs. Mil lard Colson formerly of Cedar rapids have dropped plans to offer them tor adoption. The parents facing eviction from their hotel and unable to find hous ing made the adoption proposal but officials talked them out of it. The children Are from left Phillip 4 David 6 Jerry 9 Warren 15 months Miliard 11 Milissa 2. Colson is the son of mrs. H. J. Colson 1519 thirty fourth Street be. J family of eleven woman gone Black top roads was left homeless tuesday homeless after Hopkinton fire room House two Miles North of Hopkinton. and mrs. Francis Kirby and their nine children lost All 010 of their possessions except the clothing they were wearing. No one was at Home when the i a City about 11 20 fire w3s discovered by a neigh Bor who saw flames shooting not planned Nowr n j Mot n Nonea in Wansom bid by Linn county Columbus. A. Api the _ a. E of an Attric g blonde Mother was re Fels said Dirks was too upset to talk about the Accident. They really Don / look much alike new York a Harry Truman is used to a lot of greetings f r o m bystanders when he Steps out for his morning stroll on visits to new York but wednesday he got an unexpected one. Good morning or. Hoo ver a Doorman called As or. Truman stepped briskly by. Or. Truman looked startled then quipped i la have to apologize to or. Herbert Hoover Only other living former president lives in the Waldorf Astoria hotel where or. Truman also stays on visits. Through the roof. Or. And mrs. Kirby Are employed in a factory at m onticello eight of the Chil Dren were at school in Hopkin ton and the ninth also was absent. The neighbor ran about a half mile to the nearest Tele phone and called the Hopkinton fire department when firemen arrived the House was ablaze from cellar to roof. There Are five boys in the fam 1 ranging in age from 5 to 16 ind four girls whose Ages Range from 6 to 17, the family was cared for by relatives in Hopkinton tuesday night said a drive was started for donations of clothing bedding and other necessities. The red Ross also was contacted. Kirby said he carried some in Urance. Origin of the fire Hasi nut been determined. W. F. Tuggle county police chief identified her As mrs. A thur Weaver 22. He said she vanished from her Home tuesday night while her husband was downtown on Busi Ness. Wednesday Weaver said he received a phone Call from a Man demanding $15,000 for his wife s return. Weaver a building contractor said he and his wife were at their Home tuesday night when he received a business Call and went downtown. He said that when he returned the lights were burning but his wife was gone. The i ple s year old son was out of town visiting relatives. Jobs Good eals promising pardons military promotions and Are. Republic of Korea explanation ams prepared to make a Sec and try thursday with another atch of 30 of the 328 non Repa Riate South koreans. Explanations to 22 americans and one briton who have report Day chosen to stay with comm ism Are dec. 15. Rok office due to begin about playing tape re corded patriotic and Folk music launched the Allied phase of operation persuasion in Korea s Ruce zone amid a tense but or Derly atmosphere. Women included All 30 interviewed on the firs Day appeared to have been we. Hat defense department Fig res show 13,239 soldiers sailors Irmen and marines were sub acted to inhuman treatment. Of hese he said Only 4,631 have seen repatriated. This tragic void Ridgway Aid solemnly can be directly attributed to communist mis treatment of first witness. It will be a Long time before captors. They included three and Black top roads Are built by Young women who joined the,2 Linn Tonty. Men to rejecting repatriation William Hart publisher of theft graph. Hopkinton Leader and mrs. Ger police said he was picked up Aid Schoon operator of a cafe when he appeared at the general at Manchester have offered to delivery window of the Down to build a Black top Road As Long accept and store donations the Kirby family. Warm trend seen through thursday a Mem new weather observers could report on its Way from Gander new-1 no Low temperature for Cedar i rapids wednesday morning Urnise. Adjuster slaying suspect nabbed St. Louis ins St. Irmis a us police wednesday no he and j Koa Tola i t t. This was made Clear tuesday when a five Man group from the Northern part of the county Dis cussed the possibility of Black top with the Board of supervisors. The five representatives were the Rev. Otis Mcquary and w. R. Dudley both of Coggon Dale Foster and Paul Wilson both of Troy Mills and w. J. Baty of Walker. They asked the Board about the possibility of building a Biack top Road from Walker to Coggon via Troy Mills. Need conceded. The supervisors agreed that a hard surface Road of some kind was needed along that route but discouraged the possibility of building one in the foreseeable future. We would like very much to build some Black top roads in Linn co qty supervisor Henry a was inv or i Wuu Essitt w Siu T a indoctrinated by their communist to a three Day series of hearings esses of negotiation Azov adjust Art re to nov mrm Hnin in i m � a i. T " =_ a ftms4 Frient in to after listening to the Rok explanations. One 22. Told the Hok officer interviewing her that she wanted to stay with the communists ii order to fight to the death t drive the last american out o Korea escorted by Indian guards tin non repatriates Sang communist songs and shouted red slogans As they Rode into the explanation area. But they stopped singing and shouting when they entered the five interview tents when they listened quietly to the explainer. The explanations opened wit playing of the. Tape recorded Rok National Anthem followed by Folk airs after which the explaining officer read from a prepared statement saying now you have to choose you future very carefully. One Doo leads to darkness dictators suffering. The other Doo leads to Freedom for which peo third District representative and be by fingerprints and a Pho difference cited. The Board does t feel that we should spend the Money it takes for Morris Gould of Manchester lome service chairman of the Delaware county red Cross Chap or also was seeing what could his car. Town Post office. Kmiec 33, an insurance adjuster was shot to death nov. 21 in non Alk calif., by a Man who i used As a prospective buyer of done to give o the family. Immediate Aid found land. Roya Tweh Fusilier and & i a about because the food Price Index continues climb new York a wholesale food prices As measured by the Dun and Bradstreet Index Rose 1.4 percent this week to the High est level since late september. The Index reached $6.62 As it Rose for the fourth week in a Row. That compared with s6.53 a week ago and s6.22 a year ago. A to the shooting told police that Kmiec advertised his 1953 convertible for Sale and re i Cei Ved a Telephone Call from a. Man who said he was interested in buying the car. J the woman witness said theman pulled a gun and shot Kmiec As they proceeded to where the prospective buyer s wife was supposedly located. As there Are still some roads in the county that Haven t any kind of surface at Board chairman Martin Wiley said a Black top Road costs about $22,000 per mile to build. Rock surface roads the kind the county is now building Cost about $3,000 a mile. De sense minister Admiral Soh won n. He promised Protection of their fundamental h u m a rights in event they would Chang their minds and return Home. The statement also offered Mil itary promotions and rewards a Well As pardons for those we committee crimes during imprisonment. Explaining pm think about your family South Korea. They May be cry ing. How Happy they would be t see you again officers told each by the time a Road was prop and this year we have the continued on Page 8, col. 8. Ibert Harvest in 50 air Force and Navy men provided i Mercury started at 29 degrees at of t 1 i a guard of Honor at the tuesday and has been to fico i noon 4i Atlo Tery practical Vidnes it pid Newi pret Dent Eisenhower is to arrive reached 48 degrees by noon Frida for the which Edness and St was Bermuda s governor it. Gen. I skies remained Cloudy Widnes. Sir Alexander Hood and a crowd Day noon. A Trace of Tain had of about 400 welcomed Churchill. Today s Index comics 2j courthouse j crossword j daily record deaths editorial features 6 farm a Facto Inex Robb inside to Marlon movies radio and to society sports state want ads women s feature .26. 20. 7. 24. .28. .24. 25 16-18 21-23 10 29-31 18-18 fallen red a South wind of eight Miles per hour was blowing tuesday s High temperature read ing was 38 degrees. The weather Bureau said a j Low pressure system moving to a Ward Iowa from the Southwest would insure continuing cloudiness and Light rain but that the rain might be mixed with Snow. The temperature is expected to remain above freezing in most of the state through thursday. Overcast skies were accompanied by fog in Many areas of the state wednesday. Heaviest rainfall was .32 of an Inch at Lamoni. Farther to the West the weather Bureau forecast that the storm would bring four to six inches of Snow to Kansas Nebraska the Texas Panhandle and okla Jhoma. Delores Pierson s practical joke had an expensive finale tuesday night mrs. Pierson of 1217 k Street so police said called 2 bartender Friend at Bardo s tavern shortly after 10 ., and told him she had just shot herself accidentally. When she had hung up. The bartender Tom Mcdonald told the operator to get help. Three squad cars and an ambulance were dispatched. The first officers to arrive at the scene found the House locked and fearful that a seriously injured person was in Side they promptly broke the front door Down. It was All a mistake mrs. Pierson told them As she Rue fully surveyed the damaged door. Police i dolt think it was much of a joke. Council of . Slaps red China United nations. N. A ins the new York City coun cil wednesday Deli ered a Reso Lution to . Declaring any Dele sates of red China will never a Welcome to reside in Man Hattan or walk its streets. The Resolution adopted unanimously was presented to Secre tary general Hammarskjold and u. S. Ambassador Lodge. Copies were sent also to president Eisen Hower and Secretary of state Dulles. Buck Deer nectar Mcgregor must have real sore head proposal of reds called filibuster Panmunjom up u. S. Envoy Arthur h. Dean wednes Day accused the communists of wanting to invite Russia to the korean peace conference As a Neutral so the soviets can talk the conference to death. He described As a built in Fili Buster the red proposal that Neutral russian delegates be Given unrestricted right to talk without the responsibility to vote or adhere to decisions of the con Ference. Charged at the hearing that com unit armies in Korea carried on i program of brutality and examination against prisoners of did not mention Mccarthy by name. But he told a news con Ference he is in full Accord with Dulles statement tuesday. Dulles asserted criticism such As that by Mccarthy attacks the very heart of u. S. Foreign policy. Prepared in writing. Or. Eisenhower had anticipate modern he said the communists failed return 8,608 american Pris a that probably has no parallel eel questioning about the matter. And announced he had prepared his views in writing because they ,. U Would be toe Only ord5. He ners known to have been vie would have to say on the subject is of red atrocities. He then read the statement. It the army chief of staff said Aid was the first itunes self to i am in full Accord with the statements made tuesday by Sec teary Dulles in his press con Terence. I would like to add this comment to what he said the easiest thing to do with that Power is to Bute it to me it to excess. This most powerful of the free nations must not permit it weary of the pro although several television cameras recorded the testimony there was no live to As originally announced. The former . Commander in he far East read to the sub Ommittee a staggering list of atrocities he said were proved beyond question. It included ment that Are fundamental to Freedom. If it should turn impatiently to coercion of other free nations our Brand of coercion so far As cur friends Are concerned would do a Mark of the imperialist rather than of the the president look Sharp Issue d e l i b e r a t e shooting of with Mccarthy on another sub founded prisoners because they sect repeating that he believes could t March fast enough brutal mutilation of dead and Voun cited cruel tortures for minor Iii fractions of prison rules and serving of Maggot food which the reds knew would iring illness or death. Would Welcome that More americans did not perish from this Barbaric treat ment Ridgway attributed to the native courage of our Gallant and he noted the Awe some fact 1 that in hundreds of instances death would have Beenave scorned by the victims of atrocities. Ridgway said it can now be roved that the communists Vio ated every recognized Rule of humanity and he said the Only reason the reds Ever curbed maltreatment of prisoners was their Realiza Tion that some living prisoners womb be valuable during peace negotiations. Col. Claudius o. Wolfe who de the on the spot investigation of atrocities in kor a described the communists in government Issue will be out of the picture by the time the congressional elections occur next year. Long before then he said this administration will have made such Progress in routing them out i user the Security pro Gram developed by attorney general Brownell that this can no longer be considered a Seri Ous Mccarthy told a nationwide Arimo and television audience last week that communism would a an Issue and that the question of continuing his Hunt for subversives would be the main Issue in election of a Republican Congress. It was in the same speech that Mccarthy took cracks at administration for in Poi by. The Gist of his criticism was that this country be tougher in dealing with its allies. Handed copy. Mccarthy was handed a copy of the president s statement of wednesday in the Senate office building. He read it carefully. News conference thursday. Holding the copy he said he wanted to go Over this care fully and also to spend More time going Over Dulles state ment. After Dulles statement tues How his staff about Docu hen old newsmen he would hold menting the atrocity charges. He said to i of be cases were based on confess on of communist prisoners. Wolfe said a total of 20,000 cases of atrocities committed against u. N. Troops and 35,000 against civilians in Korea were Jav Mccarth y hat . Investigators venom. You think he Coli a fied 11,622 military and 17,354h.ive Deen referring to me civilian cases he said. Vishinsky Potter said soviet u. N. Dele the president wednesday said u. S. Military and economic Aid is by Florence Clark. Gazette correspondent. Mcgregor a Buck Deer smashed to bits a statue of a Buck Deer in the Yard of the Harry Siegele farm Home a Mue we.-,t of Mcgregor Satur Day night. The statue a painstaking Hobby achievement by or. Is Pele. Was made of Cement plaster of Paris and Sand. It looks just like a Deer or Siegele had proudly said a kindly family had agreed As dad s Deer became a fix Ture near the doorway. Meantime a Buck Deer had been visiting in the Siegele pastures al summer and fall. Members of the family said the Deer apparently made friends with the cattle and particularly Ith a Lamb. Saturday the siege Les Pul the cattle Lamb in the barn for the Winter. Sunday morning they looked o u t of see dad s Deer smashed to bits. Tracks of Deer were All about indicating that e big Buck had come in the night and finished off this potential Back tracks indicated the deep had had to Back up and take a run at the statue several times before he knocked it Over and pounded it to pieces i h Antlers and feet. The Oie Geles Are certain it was the Deer they had noticed in tile pasture. They suppose that he came saturday night to be with his friends the cattle and Lamb and finding them Nhung s p i e d the statue. Thinking another Buck had invaded his territory he apparently attacked in a rage. He won the fight but i bet he has a sore Siegele said As he gazed on the wreck age of his Handiwork. At any rate Siegele has the consoling thought that his work of Art had been lifelike enough to deceive a real Deer. Gate Andrei Vishinsky lied tues Jas much 2 part of this nation s Day when he denied the u. A Security program As its defense charges. Efforts Ai Home and such Aid will when a red chinese nurse be continued As Long As our in cuts off the toes of a i with lighten Delf interest requires a pair of Garden shears without it even though there May be Benefit of anaesthesia and wraps differences i of opinion Between the wounds in a newspaper this this a t Ion and those receiving makes a liar out of Vishinsky Aid. Potter said. We do this because Unity Ridgwa testified that he be j among free nations is our Only lives the conduct of communist Hope for survival Iti the face of armies on korean battlefields was the worldwide soviet conspiracy the most brutal and ruthless in backers by the weight of soviet the history of modern Power he said. He said that is established be of cos str sri. Dominates All Yon measure of a doubt by in the considerations of our formation now in Allied hands. He accused the communists of a studied and calculated course of criminal misconduct extending Over a period of three he commented that wartime brutality can sometimes be accounted for by the violence of conflict. But the korean record shows a design on the part of the communists that is not to be expected or he said. Today s Check la two ants were running along at a great rate across a Cracker Box. Why Are we going so fast asked one of the ants. Can t you see said the other. It says tear along the dotted line " continued on Page 8, col 5. Russia lifts ban on marrying foreigners Moscow up the official bulletin of the supreme soviet announced that so Viet citizens will be permitted to marry foreigners. Such marriages were banned in Russia in 1947. Stores open tonight tonight will be the second of six nights during which Cedar rapids retail stores will remain open until 9 For the convenience of Christmas shoppers. Extra City buses will be operating to carry shoppers to the downtown area and the usual 9 Departure will be delayed 01 extra buses will be added to carry shoppers and store employees Home. The stores also will remain open the other three wednesday nights b e t w c s n now and Chri trans and on the Satur Day night before Christmas

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