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Cedar Rapids Citizen Newspaper Archives Dec 1 1953, Page 1

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Cedar Rapids Citizen (Newspaper) - December 1, 1953, Cedar Rapids, IowaWeather Kef Muff might meat with new it wednesday. A u City it Hal scents volume 71number 32t Cedar rafid6. Iowa. Tuesday december 1. 1953. Associated press. United pabs8. Mew Mccarthy rebuked by Dulles last major . Paper shuts Down Herald Tribune halts in sympathy with those struck. New York a news couple held for hours by Bank bandits jasonv1lle, ind. Up three bandits robbed a Bank of about $40,000 tuesday after kid Naping a cashier and his wife and terrorizing them for 11 hours. John w. Pope elderly official of the people s Trust company was knocked unconscious As he to tired his hotel apartment at b . Monday and was held at gunpoint All night. He wears artificial legs. His wife f Tella was seized As she came Home from a Church meeting. They believed taken in hungry new yorkers were separate automobiles and driven without a major City news around the co tride durin paper tuesday As the Herald Tribune suspended Publica Tion in sympathy with the six big dailies closed by a photo engravers strike. The shutdown fall principal newspapers was the first in the City s history. Representatives of the al photo engravers and of the pub Lishers of the six struck news papers scheduled resumption of negotiations. When negotiations were recessed monday night a Federal mediator said there was no change in efforts to Settle the dispute Over wages and other issues. Union and publisher representatives had no comment on the course of the talks. Why net struck. Photo engravers on the six newspapers walked out Early saturday but the Herald Tribune was not struck because it has its photo engraving done by a com Mercial Plant. The six dailies were closed because members of other news Pap unions honoured the picket lines of the 400 photo engravers. More than 20,000 employees were idled. The Herald Tribune which published a streamlined eight Page edition monday announced monday night that it was sus pending until further notice. The newspaper str announce he night. Pope was forced to open the Bank and a vault at 7 . The bandits took the Money in Bills of Small denomination and fled after warning Pope not to Call olice. Shortly before 8 ., or. And mrs. Joe Croft proprietors of the h o t e l where the Popes lived found mrs. Pope tied to her bed. They called police chief Oscar Suthard who found Pope sitting alone and badly frightened n the Bank fearful of leaving because the men had threatened to harm his wife if he did. Suthard said the Popes were held in their room about seven hours. The men apparently took Jie couple to separate cars about 3 an. One drove mrs. Pope and he other two forced Pope into he second and blindfolded Lim. Pope told sat hard the men walked into his unlocked room while he was in the Obby and hit Iun on the head with a gun when he entered the room. He regained consciousness As mrs. Pope entered a few minutes later. Tire blazes on truck carrying tons of dynamite up caul to the Duett. Iowa City explosion of would not let itself be an instrument to Force a strike settlement on the other news papers read in part we take tiflis action because it u Clear that the continued Pabli Estloa of the Herald trib Une b being used As an instrument to obstruct Normal collective bargaining. In this connection a responsible Union official involved in the current strike was quoted As saying if the Herald Tribune is publishing and the times is closed it won t stay closed Long. This newspaper. Feels thai the other publishers have done everything possible to reach a fair agreement including two offers to submit the issues to an impartial arbitrator or Board of arbitrators. All members of the Herald Tribune organization Are expected to report at their usual hours and to handle their regular work so that it will be possible to resume publication v to out de attributed to Eure. The Herald Tribune did not identify the Union official it quoted. However the times saturday attributed the same quote to Denis m. Burke presi Dent of striking local 1 of the photo engravers. The times and Herald Tribune Are close competitors in the morning newspaper Field. The photo engravers who make the Metal plates from which newspaper pictures and illustrations Are reproduced struck in support of their demand for a package increase of $15 a week including wages pensions and welfare benefits. The publishers represented by the publishers association o new York City offered a $3.75 a week package. Current wages Are $120 a week for Day work and sij1 for night work. Averted Here tuesday morning by the Quick thinking of the truck s Driver Ard Quick action by the Iowa City tire department the right rear inside dual Tir on the truck loaded with 30,000 pounds of dynamite caught fire alongside the University of Iowa Campus. The Driver Mike Nolan of Fremont neb., tried to fight the fire with a hand extinguisher and at the same time warned passers by and motorists to stay Clear of the truck. He told one of the motorists to Call the fire depart ment. The tire was still burning when the fire department arrived bu1 it took Only a Short time to put the fire out. Fire department officials said they thought the fire tarted from friction of the Dua ires rubbing together when the Side Otic tired to go Flat. The truck belonging to the Baggitt transportation compan 5f Birmingham ala., was headed or Wyoming where the Dyna mite is to be use. For blasting. Ight rain or Snow forecast wet twi december should be off to a Damp Start the weather Bureau come mixed with Snow is in store Iowa during the next 2 hours the forecasters said. � Rontal system approaching from he West will brine in moisture torn the Gulf of Mexico and tha ight rain will begin in the West part of the state late tuesday. The rain is expected to spread Isia be invited to the conference slowly Over All of Iowa changing Las a full participant either on he West by wednesday morning party bound by any decisions and in the East by wednesday made during the Parley. Night. For lonely russians. Hong Kong up the rung Sheung daily hews reported tuesday that the sino soviet Friendship association is con ducting a lonely hearts service for russian technicians in communist China. Take the wheat family Christmas shopping wednesday. Dec. 2all leading stores in Cedar rapids will be fit it read it Vii in the ghz off a find Giffi Valori for Vernon in your lilt. Then shop in my fint Storti in Lupidi from 9 30 . To 9 00 . Wind a Aid tuesday. More Light rain which May be they would never accept As a korean War Neutral. Phone Cable to be Laid in Atlantic ions for construction told these groups sign agreement. New York a the m e r i c a n Telephone and Telegraph company tuesday announced plans to construct he first Telephone Cable sys pm across the Atlantic Ai a Ost of 35 million dollars. It will be by far the longest nde seas voice Cable in the world and the first Laid at Epths found in mid Ocean. The Long lines department of. ,. T. And t. Said developmental Back s pocket included a the and research work on such a Cable orderlies and one nurse in build As been going on 25 years. The reject will take three years to Complete. Associated frs War photo truck too much for Bridge a Section of the 80-year-old Brook Lyn Bridge Over the Kentucky River near Harrodsburg by is. Iten after it As Detell is san 26, suffmd., Back injury. Of Csc u nor the truck Lom with mar Garine went into the water which is about 20 feet deep. Warning signs on the Bridge limited loads to six tons and provided for a five mile Speed limit and a 206-foot interval Between vehicles. a Pui Ncik bring in Russia As a Neutral which would not be bound by any agreements reached and naming new Delhi As the con Ference site. The u. General Assembly in new York Defeated a Resolution which would allow neutrals to attend the conference and the allies have since made i tear allies left cold by commie plan of korean talks Panmunjom up Allied sources tuesday regarded prospects for holding a korean to _ Lotical conference As fairly Dis j0 his office tuesday after a two appointing because the reds in Sist on seating Russia As a Privi mayor Back faces Tough court Puzzle vandals damage heavy equipment at Rock Quarry Cedar it is new in the Concrete materials Quarry microwave radio relay system mayor Milo Sedlacek returned month absence. The first thing he wrestled with u. Representatives made no question How to organize the secret of the fact a detailed pro new municipal court postal submitted by the communists monday was Only a very Small step agreement. Main obstacles in the communist blueprint for the conference Wert the Section which would Maude Krebs apparently hanging photo on picture Page with the future of City clerk in the balance Council members met informally in Sedlacek s of ice to weigh two choices i. Should the City clerk be appointed clerk of municipal court o Kevii in office under Council Octroi ". Or should an Salsieder be appointed clerk of court thus growing the Job open to Public election two years from now new Delhi was ruled of tues Day by South korean minister Pyun Yung Tae govern ment considers India a pro communist nation. The u. N., in a major Compro Mise now is proposing that rus Matins which ran for nearly two a final answer. To a mixture of rain and Snow in the communist Side or As a third tuesday s d i l e m m a featured statute a the remainder of the loss hese key elements majority opinion on the Council seemed to hold that the City s Best interests would be served by com Bining the City clerk s office with preliminary talks which have it is expected to be slightly been held since oct. 26 were in Wanner tonight too weather said but colder again wednes 2 30 temperature tuesday was 33 degrees in Cedar t kids following an overnight Low of 13 degrees. Rain on dec. 1 or not the month of november was much Wetter than october in Cedar rapids. Drouth bending Rains totalled .82 of an Inch. That does t seem like much until it is compared to of Tobe s total precipitation a Mere .16 of an Inch. The Normal precipitation for november is 1.71 2.37. Cue Day recess tuesday to per Mit the 17 Allied nations to study be red proposal. Special u. Envoy Arthur h. Jean conferred with South to Ean president Rhee for several ours monday following Publica Ion of the communist plan. Tons of the state Westher men said. The precipitation deficiency in Cedar rapids for the year is 5.17 inches As of dec. 1. To Date there has been 25.20 inches of rain in Cedar rapids this year. The Normal through dec. 1 is 30.37 and the Normal for the year is 31.87 inches. Dose of own Medicine. W \7erly, neb. Up site police monday ticketed the state s test truck which checks other trucks for overloading. The truck carrying weights for Scales was overloaded. Former . Residents drop plans to give up children million pledged College by pair Medford mass. A Tufts ollege has received a pledge of 1,086,000 from a Medford Indus. _ realist and his wife in part pay inches and the october Normal is ment of the debt we owe this37. Extremely dry conditions still and of the gift was pledged by Harry persist in the South and cast Sec Posner president of the Worces or paper Box corporation and is wife. Hannah. Posner became a u. S. Citizen Oon after coming from Russia t the turn of the Century. His life was born in grand Forks today s chuckle t1� if tel a Muteli i Tomk the inc drink of u. Or treble to Mack a nuts my i to Taktak a n. Con Rutht sabotage of heavy equipment on River read so has caused a loss estimated at More than 500, police said tuesday. Detective inspector John Han a said All of the damage was in was the City s toughest current fucked by Rifle fire apparently rom the rim of the Quarry. I in mistaken identity Case Detroit or. Edward d. Spalding 60, a noted heart specialist left his office monday and stepped into the Rush of people hurrying Home from routine Day at work. A few minutes liter he Lay on the pavement shot dead police said by a former mental patient who got the wrong Man. Barely half an hour later two Rookie patrolmen grabbed John Sherback 51, a few blocks away. In Sterback s pocket was a us of people he had Ronde Mcd to death they said. Up sliding s name was not included. Sherback had waited in the lobby monday. When or. Spalding left a witness Madelaine Robinson 49, said Sherback walked up behind him and fired one shot. The doctor fell. Or. Spa inc was considered be o the six tap heart specialists in the country. Police said the list in Sher arrogant. Blustering tactics hit ing at Eloise a mental Hospital. Sherback looked dazed when id the Man he killed was scald the Cable will not carry a wide liner enough band of frequencies for television. An agreement has been signed or construction by a. T. And t. The British Post office which pro he said he meant to kill or. William t. Mcalonan who he claimed had mistreated him. Of Mcalonan was still in his of fice at the time of the shoot Vides Telephone service in great of. ,.,.Britain, Aid the Canadian Over u a Catogan asked How could was telecommunication Corpora he get us mixed up Spaldi Geas telecommunication Corpora Tion. The Cable will be owned jointly by these three organizations. Gateway cities. The system will c o n t a i n a Toup of Telephone circuits be Ween new York and London and another Gro m Between Montreal and London. At the Gateway cities the circuits will connect Vas a Little Guy and i m Over a get and weigh a lot Mcalonan said a Anitress had Oid Hirr. A drunk was waiting near his office and wanted to see in his office. Mcalonan Aid the Man a finally run out Sherback was held on a Mur der charge. Police quoted him As saying he was seeking Rev Skye again with the Telephone systems of the certain doctors because they re respective countries. Fused to give me a clean Bill o until new transatlantic and health so could get married rans Pacific Telephone service has eight years ago Jeri bisect wave the Lor zest underwater Tela hone Oab Leta Date to a. T. And to Between key West and Havana using special Long l i f e vacuum tube repeaters. The portion of the new system with its Many vacuum tube repeaters will be 2,00 nautical Miles in length and will be Laid in Depths to three Miles on the Ocean floor Between Scot and and Newfoundland another Cable. It will then connect with an other submarine Cable extending 300 Miles West to Nova Scotia trom there a 350-mile-Overland will be built to carry the trans Atlantic circuits to the u. S. Bor burlesque be on its Way out in Chicago by Alfred Latch. Chicago up Minsky is Osing his Lese and we time Bur esque May fads from the Chicago we. The Rialto the ter Long a show business landmark will be torn Down Early next year to Mak room for a one Story Structure that will House shops and stores Harold Mirsky scion of her esque s first family said he i Locking for another theater to der where connections will be House his shapely showgirls. Made with system net work. Many technical problems hat to be solved before construction sky s burlesque will stage its fare get of attack by some re pub said his officers believed it was Couo begin. For example ample the work of a couple of boys. I fit re had to be developed which for four years. He said the closing the damage was done while the Quarry was Idle sunday. Enough heavy equipment was knocked out of commission by the unknown saboteurs to throw 25 men out of work Mon Day. The company also lost an Esti mated 1,400 tons of production because the Macknin by Vas not m operating co Cutic said Rule to could be Laid successfully from a Cable ship and which would operate satisfactorily without at Tention under the great pressures existing on the Atlantic floor. No decision came out of the tured. Jred into two Large p c e r shovels a drilling machine and a Crusher. Tires radiators cab win Dows and controls were Punk. Had been repeaters on the trans. Company o f f i c i a l s estimate 10u-. Of finials set another Parley de damage at nearly $400, and or wednesday Mcming to try for said loss of production arid Sal to Idle workers con choosy thief. Loran Ohio up a thief broke into a Market and took several Cartons of Cigar ets and hat of the clerk of court. A chief s8 the Cigar ets were All one continued on Page 8, col. 4. Brand and the Cash was All dimes. Such devices were developed his uncles Willie and Herb whose ence with his statement replying several years ago and have undergone successful trial since 1950 Between Florida and Cuba coax i conductors. There will be More than 100 in Antic segment voice current will travel Alan coaxial conductors which to Tell be insulated by a solid layer of polyethylene. Power to operate the vacuum tubes on the Ocean bed will be fed in from both ends of the Cable along the same coaxial conductor the Cable will be protected by a wrapping of Copper fail Ove which there will be a heavy cover of jute and steel wires. The system will handle 36 Simul nexus conversations. It is expected it will be used to supplement present overseas radio program service. Crib tin a former Cedar rapids Man and his wife who have run into a string of bad Luck tuesday were dropping plans to offer heir six children for adoption in los Angeles. They arc or. And mrs. Millard Colson who left Cedar rapids for los Angeles last july. Colson 30, s the son of Mit h. J. Colson 1519 thirty fourth Trecet be. An adoption officer in the los Angeles county clerk s office said he co on were unable to find housing for their Large family and that they proposed to offer their children Foi adoption. We Don t need Money Bat we do need housing mrs. Col ton 23, said. However los Angeles officials talked the colons out of then plan. Colson s Mother said in Cedar rapids tuesday that she did t want her grandchildren to leave their parents. Wen Hod mow Way to take unpaid official takes revenge Cincinnati a irked be cause he did t receive his bimonthly paycheck Lor $136 Mon Day Jerome Morris 42, water works superintendent in nearby Cleves turned on fire hydrants. Early tuesday and drained the town s 183,000 gallon Supply Colson s Mother said her son tank. Lad experienced a run of bad Morris was arrested or. A d e orderly conduct charge. His health has t been Good she said. While in the service he contracted a lung ailment. The doctors said he had a fungus in one lung. Care of the older mrs. Col on told the Gazette. If we can find a Way to get them Back to Iowa Well take care of Millard had a couple of operations for his sickness in Cedar rapids and it was t easy for him to work. They just picked up and left Iowa last july. I Haven t heard from them Inre they Colson is employed by an air Craft manufacturer in los an Geles. Officials there said the family hs-1 been living in a hotel where they a five two rooms. The hotel manager has Given them notice to leave officials said and that notice prompted the plan to offer the children for adoption. Today s Index comics s5 courthouse 8 crossword 35 daily record 8 deaths � editorial features g farm 34 Foto facts 3 Ines Robb 4 Marion. 3 6 Milci 31 radio amt to society sports state 33 28-30 25-z7 11 want Ada 37-39 women s features z8-30 Secretary says he it Aren t throwing away Allied cooperation. Washington a Secretary of state Dulles in an evident retort to sen. Mcarthy a wis said tues a that president Elsen Ower and Dulles do not propose to throw away the assets of Allied cooperation by blustering and Doin Ineer no Dulles did not mention Mccarthy by name but said he was commenting on widely publicized criticism to the effect that the j. S. Speaks in too kindly a Man or to its allies and has sent them perfumed notes instead of is no threats and intimidation to opel them to do our Mccarthy used the words per fumed notes in criticizing administration foreign policy in his nationwide radio to address nov. 25. At a nem conference Delta said the administration rejected arrogant method and Nae of demands which the d. S. Wild Tarn Down if Inch were on it but unless he finds one min Well performance new year be. Minsky has operated the rial would have no effect on his othe Burle Cue venture in Newark Minsky an affable Young impresario chose to follow in the footsteps of his father Abe an names were synonymous with the old time Girlie shows. In an Era of Competition from nightclubs and nexis to entertain ment Media Minsk has kept i family s tradition alive. After Sll he said it s on form enter to intent you can1 put in he said it is bases shared with allies which make possible the peace keeping threat of atomic retaliation by the u. S. Against the vitals of the secr�4ty said he to Post with the support of the president who was aware of the statement he Side. R Dalles had a Ebonite no with ing newsmen. Set tar talking of u. S. Bases abroad Dulles said that without them sad Allied warning systems such centers As Detroi Cleveland Chicago and Milwaukee would be sitting ducks for atomic bombs in event of another aspect of Mccarthy s speech Dulles announced that career Diplomat John Paton Davies whose continued employment under the administration was attacked by Mccar thy is undergoing a new Security investigation which will be completed in about a month. Davies is a Long standing tar Laicans for his connections with policy Durini world War ii and More recently because he allegedly recommended that the Central intelligence Agency make use of certain communists. Attacks policy Dulles opened his news Confer to Mccarthy. He said he welcomed constructive criticism but that t be criticise was refer in ring to attacks the very heart of is. Foreign it is the Clear and firm Pur pose of this administration dul Les said to treat other free Naous As s o v e r e i g n equals nether they be la or Small Strong or he quoted his , John w. Foster Secretary of state in an earlier c a As spying . Policy toward other a muons had been from the beginning marked Model tells role Lor Fri Washington ins the by a spirit of Justice forebear daughter of movie Tough Guy Ance and Dulles Barton Maclane revealed tuesday added i do not intend myself that she served As a secret Fri informant in the communist party for three years. Marland Maclane Kowall 27, Ajet haired Model and dancer told of her role in testimony before the subversive activities control Board. The Board is conducting hear Ings to determine if the Jefferson to mar that american assistance to other countries he went on does not live the right to take them Over to dictate their Trade policies and to make them our Mccarthy had that the u. S. Deny Aid to Allied coun links la u i t 11 Pic Ulii Ciauri t j n school of social science in new tries he specified.Britain particularly unless they Cut off York is a communist front. Mrs. Kowall said her father will be surprised to learn she had joined the party out of patriotic motives. She said she had tried to con Vince him she served As an unpaid Fri informant but was Suci t Ful. She said her father first clashed with her when she participated in a Hollywood studio strike. Huntress finally finds right spot Deer Paek a. A for 27 years mrs. Steve Vacula had gone Deer on the opening Day of Pennsylvania s season. For 27 years Aie had never shot a Deer. Monday she stayed Home while her husband went out on open ing Day with five male friends. While he was deep in the for est she spotted a five Point Buck from her Back porch. Mrs. Vacula Jot her Deer. Steve got none. Trade with communist China. Dulles asserted Thi America s allies Are dependable just be cause they Are unwilling to be anyone s won t be subservient they will freely sacrifice much in 8 common Effort he said but they will no More be subservient to the u. S. Than they will be subservient to Russia. Let us be thankful that they Are that Way and that there still survives so much rugged determination to be free. If that were not so we would be isolated in the world and in mortal a reporter asked Dulles whether his statement was an answer to Mccarthy s broadcast. Dulles said he reporter could draw his own inferences. Nationalist notice. Taipei. Formosa up nationalist China warned tuday that it would not recognize a decision made it the Benarta conference pertaining to the to East unless asian Govan Moli were first consulted

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