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Cedar Rapid Republican Newspaper Archives Jan 21 1902, Page 6

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Cedar Rapid Republican, The (Newspaper) - January 21, 1902, Cedar Rapids, Iowa What j9m eat Kodol dyspepsia cure Tou All kinds of Rood to maintain Ibe body. Curtail this variety and Organ ii underfed. It is for this reason . If you cannot digest Good food your stomach ii out of order and rest. You cannot go without food for that would mean starvation. Kodol dyspepsia cure will digest what you eat without the stomach s Aid. Take it Tod you Caa rest your stomach without interrupting digestion. It ii remedy. Never fails. Anderson Lane tex., says i was troubled with indigestion ten years find tried Many things and spent much Money until i tried Kodol dyspepsia cure. I am now feeling better than in five years and Mon like Aboy than in cures All stomach troubles. By e. C. Dawlett co. Chicago. Theta. To Kiln Catalna jilt limes the . When you need a soothing and Healing application for piles sores and skin use Yawitt s Witch Hazel Salve. Beware of counterfeits. More room is needed Ever present problem which confronts school Board. In 1s31 that is but one vacant room in Ilie building m. The present time and it will be but a Short time until this will be needed for class work. Praise for Evans and Kibbee. Of the Dis report of the grand jury strict court. After Visi Lins the county jail seeking a location on Vernon Avenue. It. Old Polk building May be located there soon. Postal clerks Union employees in the local office organize. Post to affiliate with the United National association. Jacob p. Montillon is president. Elected request sent to the National association for z hours one of the objects. Tion for some time by the men. The carriers have to work but eight hours Day while Many of the men work several hours daily More than thai. Perhaps it is not generally known that even if the nos Toffice employees do work overtime they get nothing for their overtime. Jis their salary of of much per month is allowed by the government and there is no fund to pay them More than their regular wages. More pay for mail service. Railway postal service order affect ing the c. N. W. Copies of the following orders from Iho superintendent of the railway Muil service have been received in this City Chicago 111., to u. P. Travisi . Chicago Hyrtl Northwestern hallway company. 4s9.0 Miles. Authorize the establishment of two half lines of r. I o. Cars co feet in length inside measurement Over that part of this route Between Chicago and Cedar Al apis. 219.4 Miles in lieu of one half line of such cars fifty feet in Jenlih and one sunday afternoon the employees in the Ione forty feet in length. More room urgently needed in the Van Buren in crease in attendance at the Polk school building. And local Post office held n reeling at which was organized a Union of the men employed in the Oil ice which will be affiliated with the United states association of Posto Viire employees. A request will be sen to Tho National association soon for a . And the whole Force will then to unionized the mail carriers having been of a Union for Home time. The following officers were Elecie ii p. Jlon Tillon. Ii. Murphy. L. Mic inlay. Clifford. This move has been under Contemplo. Authorize the establishment of one and one half lines of r. A o Nix to feet in length inside measurement Over that part of this route Between Cedar lipids and the Union Pacific Transfer 270. 5 Miles. In lieu of one and one half lines of such cars nifty feet in length. These orders do not mean that new cars Are to be built the cars Are Al ready running but. Hereafter there will be it substantial increase in the amount paid to the railway company by government the problem of sufficient school room is an Ever present problem in Cedar rapids and it is again pressing to the front in several places in the ing the school Board studious As 10 How to solve it satisfactorily. A committee of the Board have recently been look ing or a new site for a now school building on the Jit. Vernon Road beyond a Pton Avenue. They have not decided yet. Where the new school ground shall be located but it is thought that a building be placed in unit neighbourhood at a very carry Date. Xot All of the grades will be for in such a building at first probably Only the first three. The suggestion has been made that the of Polk building which has bar a doing duty As an Annex to the Tyler build ing be moved to this location and serve As the basis for what will eventually be the Buchanan building. Another building where the need of More room is Felt with much emphasis is the Van Buren building on third Street and fourteenth Avenue West. This is the largest Ward school build ing in the City. It has sixteen rooms while none of the other Ward school buildings have More than fourteen. At the present time there is an enrolment of about 700 at this building. The sixth Grade has readied such a Large number that it has been found Neces sary to Divide it Rind a part of it has taken Possession of the recitation room so that recitations have been crowded out into the Hall. The attendance at the Polk building is also increasing with remarkable rapidity. Last year the enrolment was 350 at the present time it is 4so with the certainty of passing the 500 Mark before the end of the year. Notwithstanding the spacious addition erected county poor farm the grand jury the District court made the following re Marion. Iowa january is. 1002. To the honorable court of the eighteenth judicial District of Iowa m and Linn county the grand jury of the District court of Lii i county. Iowa for he Jan uary term. 1002. Would respectfully re port to your Honor that we have visited the co my jail and find the same kept a i lean and sanitary condition and we inc fully satisfied that under the folic in i i management of sheriff Evans there is no cause for complaint from the prisoners confined therein Ami that no complaints were made. Ave further report that we visited the county Home thoroughly inspected the Samo from basement to attic and found everything in first class condition there being some one Hundred and eighteen inmates under or. Kibbee s control and As Happy As such unfortunates could be expected to be. We were Boih Suruj rid and pleased to the vegetable Collar contained a variety and abundance of vegetables All of which raised on the farm. The new Orchard seemed to be in a Thrifty condition. The Stock were in especially line condition showing care and attend Ance on the part of the manager and his assistants. We the members of the grand jury individually and As i body Are proud of the Linn county Home and find nothing to complain of and nothing to suggest except that for the safety of the inmates and the building we think the same should be equipped with an Elc Tiric lighting Plant. We also visited the jail at Cedar rapids and found the same in Good sanitary condition with the exception of the Means of ventilation which we thin is not the Beckt. O. F. Lamb. Foreman. Was kidnapped last Wijaya president of Junior class of High school taken. Six or eight senior boys the rash act. Did he viewed sever Parks by Moonlight till ten o clock. Juniors held a meeting Friday evening and the president was prevented from attending by action of seniors. Real estate transfers. Lewis Psoma Sis Salt Check ache a great Otto diseases of like character Are classed As skin when they could jut m properly be called blood diseases for they undoubtedly originate in the Wood like cancer Catarrh scr Fula rheumatism contagious blood Poison Etc. Tie Ouy real difference being in the intensity and nature of the Poi Joa. The Cerimi diseases cancer Catarrh Etc., Are caused by some Specic Poon or which is either inherited or in other ways gets into the blood and attacks certain vital organs or appears its. The Formi of terrible sores and ulcers while the Milder and less dangerous skin diseases Are caused by blood Humours or an Over acid condition of that fluid. These acid poisons As they ooze ont through the pores of the Ukia cause great irritation with intense itching and burning. The eruption May be of a Pustular kind with excessive discharge of thick Gummy of Tom May be hot dry and feverish swollen and fissured. Skin diseases whether they appear As sores blotches or i can cheerfully and your a Pacific m a for eczema Knott irritating and annoying , that Lmh if to. I waa with it for and tried Many with no Rood after Uaine your Medicine a Short i am Tou can any. Publicity you May a it voluntarily bade for Ullom than notoriety for my Ulf very Rupec fully we. Campbell. 818 Wert Central. Wichita furnished the Republican by the Linn county abstract co., Marion. J. F. Seymour to c. Stanton lots 5 and a blk ti2, Marion 425.00 m. Jones and husband to h Groat pan lots 11 and 12. Blk jeans held s 1st add to Cedar lipids. 1ko.oo j. F. Dean wife 1.0 s. H. Hartley lots 10 and 11. Blk a Dean s 1st add to Cedar is 1000.00 f. F. Bunker and Inife to e. Thompson lot a blk a Cedar rapids. 2200.00 family it is pare. It is gentle. It is pleasant. It is efficacious. It is not expensive. It is Good for children. It is excellent for ladies. It is convenient for business men it is perfectly Safe under All circumstances. It is used by millions of families the world Over. It stands highest As 2. Laxative with physicians. If you use it you have the Best laxative the world its component parts Are All wholesome. It acts gently without unpleasant after effects. It is wholly free from objectionable substances. It contains the laxative principles of plants it contains the Carminative principles of plants. It contains wholesome aromatic liquids which Are agreeable and refreshing to the taste. All Are pure. All Are delicately blended. All Are skilfully and scientifically compounded. Its value is due to our method of manufacture and to the originality and simplicity of the combination. To get its beneficial effects buy the genuine. Manufactured by san. , Cal Louisville. By. New York. N. Y. Xgo dkcgg1sts. Omen every physician of Large practice has had the experience of being called on to attend women who imagined that they were in the last stages of some dire female malady when upon examination the fact was revealed that obstructed physiology of the stomach or bowels was the whole cause of the trouble. The physician however who has not had experience May fall into the error of diagnosing grave diseases of the female system when they do not exist because disorders of the bowels May be neglected until they give Many of the appearances of female disease. The bowels have been known to become so clogged with hardened contents As to produce a condition closely resembling uterine displacement uterine prolapse falling of the womb and the sick headache which is often attributed to female diseases is most often actually due to some trouble in the digestive machinery involving the liver stomach bowels or the great solar which is the Central Telegraph station from which nervous messages Are transmitted to and from All the organs in the abdominal cavity. Or. Caldwell s syrup pepsin and Herb laxative compound quickly corrects the congested conditions referred to above headache constipation Sallow complexions disappear and the glow of health is upon you. Or. Gal dwell s syrup pepsin has done More to relieve suffering women than any preparation Ever sold in the same length of time it has been eight years. Thousands of letters from ail parts of the country testify to this. Your Druer fist Sells it in 50 cent arid is bottles it is to buy the size or if postal will brir.? free Froin As a very Bock. Acid by a and a Sample pepsin syrup company Tomicello. Ills. Kidnapped in the most approved University style Charles Penfield the president of the Junior class of the High school viewed the beauties of Bever Park under the Protection of half dozen Stalwart seniors last Friday night. It was the occasion of the first evening meeting of the Junior society and the seniors having read of the Way class officers Are kidnapped in colleges and universities on similar occasions they resolved to try the same thing at High school and it was a glorious Suc Cess from the senior s so far. The faculty held a meeting last evening and it May not be so much of a Success when the results of the con Ference of the teachers Are known. Not Only the president but also the vice president was absent from that Junior society meeting last Friday. They both fully pipe Cert to come but the members of the i Odets waited and j waited and they Eanie not. Finally one the teachers who has supervision of e took the chair and con acted the exercises in a dignified Anne r. It was however not Neces sary to Kidnap the vice president miss Argaret Albright. She was Lel Ephon 1 that the boiler in the school had urst and there would be no meeting hat evening that being All necessary. There seems to have been some inti lation that there we re plans afoot in in ranks of the seniors for Early in he evening the Story goes ent to the High talked Vath janitor Fowler a Short time and expressed the wish that the seniors be but out of the High school that even in and forgot to cigars head when he entered the building he president having disposed of Art of the evening s business then Artud toward the Home of a umbel with the avowed purpose in is heart of showing her the Way to in High school building that evening us he reckoned without the seniors or before he had gone Many blocks x or Eig it senior boys surrounded in bound him and carried him. To a Wagon. Struggles were of no Avail and the recession of one Wagon one Junior and the seniors went up the Avenue to he ill. Vernon Road. Out this Road lies went telling appropriate stories a they passed Oak Hill. They turn d Down a Cross Oad some distance Urther it. Vernon and d Bever Avenue the boys moved slowly for there was plenty of time. Through the Woods they went at a Snail s Pace till they reached the Park. Here the prisoner was the tights rom the Vantage of the Wagon. Every an of the Ivas explored to the entire satisfaction of every one concerned and the return was made by Moon Light about 10 o clock. By that time the society had met and adjourned and the prisoner was Given his Liberty. Now the boys Are wonder ing what if any action the faculty took ast evening. Become More deeply rooted and intractable the Laager neglected the Skia in time having a thick hard rough and unsightly appearance. You con hide tie ble Nichet for a time with cosmetics and washes Loti Oai and powders May relieve temporarily the Tichier mid burning but eventually pores of the skin become to clogged up by this treatment that the poisonous matter thrown off by the blood cannot pass out of the system and settles on the lungs heart or Tome other vital Organ and endangers life. To purify Aud build up the polluted blood is the right treatment for Skia diseases and for this purpose no other Medicine is so deservedly popular As s. S. S. It is a perfect antidote for All blood Humours and when taken into the circulation gently tit thoroughly eliminates All impurities and puts the blood in a healthy Normal state. The skin can t remain in an irritated diseased condition when nourished with Rich new blood. S. S. S. Is the Only guaranteed purely vegetable remedy and the safest and Best skin Beautifier. Write our physicians if you have blood or Skia disease and they will cheerfully advise you without c the Swift specific company Atlanta of. Offered for two Days Only. This tract lies 300 feet from the Boulevard. On the East Side adjoining Midway will make a Fine fruit farm Wili make an elegant Home if subdivided will make 40 City lots. Greene Union Block. In is f established 1s60. Incorporated r manufacturers of All grades of no Ink for letter press and Altro graph in Printine. Oldest largest Houze in the West. For prices. The Queen City printing Ink company Etc innate. Ohio. Tonight. Papa s baby plays a. Return engagement at Greene s tonight and the Clever comedy should be greeted by packed House. Watson Hutchings and Edwards head All the Star cast and Are supported by the Nichols John Roland. The Gebest Sisters Geon and others. An entire new Musi Cal program will be Given and i few new specialities will be introduced. Indications Point to j. Large audience to witness this brightest Best and fun Niest. Of musical comedies. Bargains in real estate. Cottage Watt full size lot on third ave. East modern dwelling in Good repair full lot third ave. Two Story House six rooms lot 71x120, never failing Well and fruit Trees. South first Street West lots in Central Hill and Kenwood. New modern 10 room ave for rent. House 5 rooms South seventh Street near tenth new cottage modern improvements. Ninth Avenue near fifth Street two blocks from Street cars Cedar rapids savings Bank building. Henry b. Soutter Allen Hazeltine the Only exclusive Aud first class paint and will paper store in the county. Call and see us. Good goods and Low prices. Security savings Bank second Avenue and second Street. Interest on deposits. 6. F. Van Vechten. Pres. Call or write far e. M. Cosmer Faust. Lewis Morrison s new Spe Lacula version of Faust comes to Greene wednesday Jan. With us View Chor no. Musical and Scenic effects. The newly written prologue with its choral music and vocal solos is said to be splendidly dramatic owning1 to the play. Armbruster and Seavey have painted seventeen scenes representing Cloud and Sunrise effects which Erad rally disappear. They Are worked in conjunction with shaded and coloured lights until the culminating epo Tacic is reached the Host of Ang Els surrounding the archangel ant sle Phis to Are revealed with a. Perspective of the heavenly erics in a Ray of pure Hite Light. For sa1e-4enwood Phi lots 60 Large and elegant lots in Hart s 1st addition to Kenwood Park Street cars every 20 minutes of fare which Hare just been placed on the Market prices reasonable. Terms to suit purchasers for further particulars Call on or write us. For Sale in Minnesota North and South. Dakota Kansas and Florida fire insurance solicited. Hart Bros. Co. Room no. 509 Cedar rapids savings Bank building. _ minstrels. The Date for the Barlow magnificent instr cos at Greene s is definitely taxed or thursday night. This organization s without exception the finest of the and now travelling. It is especially Wolfl sent in the comedy Clement but its a priority musically has gained for de organization the name of in Gnu it contains nearly a score of excellent vocalists Many of the voices being phenomenal while us orchestra undoubtedly the Best Ever seen with i minstrel company. A grand Parade -111 be Given at noon on the Day of the and a band concert at m. In front of the theatre. on Friday night at Greene s local Heathc goers vill receive a treat of the very first Quality for on that Date the Amous musical comedy the 1 Urgo Raster will be presented Here. Production of this character can live runs of 100 nights each in Rev York r Elln Delphia and Boston and a unprecedented record of Perfo manics in Chicago All question As t its value either literary or musical vanishes into Ihlen nor and becomes a Nia Lity. Such is status of the easily the Monarch nil musical each of its 13 entrancing numbers is Ren and it is with Prodip. Liberality and costumed like a Roy court fancy dress reception to a nothing of its Interi rotation by a ens of Dirtat excellence Hamilton Bros. Corner first Street and fourth Avenue deliver fresh mined Hocking Illinois and Iowa Lump also hard Coal of All sizes. They Are the Pioneer dealers. Phone no. 78. We want your orders. Williams a Hunting co. Store fixtures Bank counters prescription cases Brug fixtures Snow cases dental cases Tabus of svs Johnf . pie Etc. Frits

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