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Cedar Rapid Republican Newspaper Archives Jan 21 1902, Page 4

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Cedar Rapid Republican, The (Newspaper) - January 21, 1902, Cedar Rapids, Iowa I cd Uljak ka1j1ds a Jallard i t the Republican rapids published by goih1y. Tax payers at the polls to vote out of office every Man who has been of violating state Laws. Guilty m. O. M Millan. By rents Cole. Luther a. Brawer ass bus. W. K. Boyaj associate editor terms of subscription daily by Carrier City or country jew i year 50 cents a Mouth or 12 cents a Dali. By mail City or co entry j5.w year. 4s cents a Mouth or 12 cents a a bundt alone by Carrier a year r by a year in ordering change of address give in Vail the old and new addresses. Anonymous communications will not the noticed. Entered at the it Cedar Jav rapids Iowa As second class Mailer. I Telephone number 3s, old and new. As to Tariff Reform. Whatever views we May have on Lvii Reform there is hardly a Busl Man whose judgment would not i be against a general overturning of tiie Tariff Laws of the country at the pres j time. This is a time when it is enough to let Well enough alone except with such modifications As can v be. Made with no appreciable disturb Ance of existing business relations. There is not a Continental country except France perhaps that is not financial and Lahore Trou Bies at the present time. La Germany the number of unemployed is the greatest. There thousands Are i and the wages of those fortunate Jfe enough to have work have Heen Low i ered. There is always the possibility of such disturbances affecting other f countries. European premonitions Are historic. The chances Are Good for United states not Hsiug affected by these influences because the Condi r. Tons in this country Are rather favor Able than unfavourable for continued Prosperity. Rut it is a Good time in which to avoid experiments. In 1s93. Of the eve of the hard times the Cleveland administration attempted to revise the Tariff. One can deny that those v efforts helped in the general business Jip catastrophe that resulted. It May be f the Tariff is not in. All respects j 5v equitable. No form of taxation equitable. It can not be made Equita by anything that Congress May do i. Winter. A few modifications Are Likely to be made and a few rec proc a. H Ity treaties will , be adopted further than that the Good Busi Ziess sense of the country ought t against. a in the meantime the free list is Al ready including Proba of Foj nearly co per cent of the import of the present impeachment and recovery. It the Republican yesterday received intimation that a number of to i payers Are willing to begin suit again Jishe aldermen of this Council we flagrantly and persistently Viola Eil paragraph 1-i of Section pcs of the of Iowa which declares that member of any Council shall be Inte espied directly or Indirc-ctl1- in any con tracts or Job of work or the Profil r. F a thereof or services to be perform i 1 v for the or City. This language is As the nos on a Man s face. That it has Bee t openly violated is known of every on Cedar rapids. To attempt has Bee Spade to conceal these transaction statutes of Iowa. Violated in this City. The state la has been set at naught and that v a Public who have voted cac other pay on contracts and jobs an services rendered the City. A the Fri code of Iowa prescribes j peach mint for the violation of the so t Trion that is an Ald Craan into i rested. Directly or indirectly in us jobs or profits can be ousted from o lice. The Law is As Plain As any la y can be. The majority of the members of the i present Council can be ousted from office if any tax payers took the pains to go after them. They arc in office f simply Beans no one has sought to enforce the statin is of the state. The Money that has been paid to Al i Dunnen. Directly or indirectly for i y such work can All be recon Ord. For it was paid illegally. The i o. Council has paid illegal Bills Anri has been doing it steadily. They have vol f cf5 Money to each other which is made i a Misdemeanour by the Laws of Iowa. R t the amount that might be recovered i is something like s12.000. Of which i More than one half Lias been paid to a single Alderman namely pc won i Huston. The intent of the Law is Plain and so 5s us purpose. It not be said that when aldermen Are in the profits of work for a Riby. They Are Likely to provide More . For in stance much of the excessive litigation by this City May have been inspired by the desire 10 print More let the impeachment be at the polls Stead of in the courts. Judgments inst the chief offenders would Kionut to nothing even alter they Ere secured. But in the meantime for the rest of air terms the aldermen who have in violating the Laws ought to been inc from collecting any move such Cal Bills from the City. Let the or uitime of tax payers watch the pay 11s for the rest of the terms of these Dermen. Low and the fanatics. Our Roble Seth Lov is having More double with some of the men who a led to elect him Thun he is with the orcs of vice and corruption Isa Ilist his candidacy Dirac cd. Desc latter of acc a know when they Are p Agli inst a Man who inc ans and they yield doggedly and sullenly Ign Sotu times but Atill they yield the time a tint and wait Tor the ext election. In the meath line mayor love is Havig to sustain a Cross fire. Men of the Akhurst Typo Art after him already because they say he is Comproni is no compromising with in is a Catchy phrase and Csap lied by fanatics is very often a mis one. In Many cases this term reproach is directed against men who Are not Only doing the Best they an but the very Best that it is pos Tor anyone to do under the Cir u instances. It is of in this Case. Mayor love in lives that in a City like new York he liquor traffic can not be wholly pro Ibi Tecl on banday. Recognizing his it. He believes Best policy d pursue is to minimize the evil As Tiuch As Jos Silzle rather than to try to prohibit it for he knows full Well that Uch an attempt will bar abortive and would support an acting along the lines from it. One of the first things a prudent investor docs is to look after fixed charges. One item never a Sci it from fixed charges is taxes. What is your tax base and is one of the first questions asked. If the answer Ever becomes thirteen Mills on a full valuation and at least another ten Mills and a Quarter on the same basis Foi state arid county Pur and no a Dollar of additional capital will be invested in this town. The tax eaters Are bold. They have fooled the people Ryea idly they have played them Lor suckers and won a Good Many times Anil they think Thoy can keep ii. They laugh at criticism. They arc sure of a. Victory. Will they have not if self interest s still a. Potent Force to the tax payers 01 Cedar rapids. This All matter will to up to the voters in a very few weeks slaps at the mayor Plant Trees in the Spring. Iowa is still More or less treeless in certain places. A Man who recently travelled through Northern Iowa said lie was surprised to see so May towns with so few Trees. He said that he noticed one town where whole streets did not have a tree on them. He made inquiries and found the town was one of the older ones in that Section and the Street had been Laid out Many years ago. The property owners had simply neglected what ought to be both a pleasure and a Plant Trees. There is not a town in Iowa that ought not to have every Street lined with Trees. Every residence lot ought to lie ornamented and protected in that Way. It is almost impossible to account for the carelessness of some pungent paragraphs in Brief on sewer Bond Case. Omes up in the supreme court at this term. Some peculiarities in the Cord printed out. Re name of one Legal firm covered with a Paster and another sub of collusion. And we arc also treated to the delectable spectacle of the mayor of the City appearing As the attorney of a City contractor in a controversy with a lax payer involving the Validity of a City this is a Nart of our of the Many pungent paragraphs in the Brief and argument of the attorneys for Nancy intervenor and none Plant in the storm water sewer Case the Case hav been appealed to the i preme court. The full file of the Case is w. J. Grunewald plaintiff and Nancy Reed. Inte Velior appellants is. The of Cedar rapids and Ford and de Hunt defendants and Appellee. Some facts in the Case. The recites there Are St eral undisputed facts in the Case and among these Ive cited that the constitutional indebted in is Cedar rap ids is less than s1so.ooo. That the pres ent indebtedness of the City is approximately thus exceeding the constitutional indebtedness by about 000. That there is no Money belong in to or available for either the District or the City sewer funds. That the Cost of the prot Josed sewer be approximately that the limits of sewer District no. 1. Are co extensive and co inc do with he corporate Lim its of cedai1 rapids. And All the property included in the sewer District constitutes All the real included hat Many inon mini Straton. Which he proposes 10 follow provided it s reasonable in some of those other mailers would join the enemy 1f fanaticism Ivas allo Ved to dictate and j lius insure another vicious tammany in the very near future. So lie Levins. Mayor Low is engaged 5n try is to have sonic of the present i for Laws modified Oas to serve the purposes he Lias in mind and because in is this a perfect torrent of is being he aped upon him by Akhurst and some of his followers. I will be a thousand years perhaps More before there will be a single moment of time in it will be pos sible for a City like York to have administration such As Parkhurst would approve. Parkhurst and his Fol owing probably novy this As Well As anybody else. Yet they belong of that is of fanatics who would Ruther see the us Vil in Power All the than to have anyone administer the affairs of tie City their approval who unwilling to do the impractical impossible things which they de Mand shall be done before in administration can be designated As it is this Type of men that gives rogues the Long lease of Lite they enjoy in municipalities. They constantly count Tipon two Fortes which in theory Are diametrically opposed each other those who Are naturally criminals and those Ivhon will make no Compromise with any situation. Tam Many is counting upon Parkhurst an ally in the next municipal Campaign. In ail probability tammany not people in this respect. City councils nit might make the planting of Trees Obj a City. That it is the invention to Gator just As it is obligatory on prop erty owners to build sidewalks. Trees also Are part of the convenience to which the Public is entitled. Think of the discomforts on a Sua Deless Street in the heat of summer. The planting of Trees ought to be Given a great impetus this year National department of agriculture has issued a. Pamphlet on the subject which will be placed in the bands of Many Farmers. Plant Trees if after wards you find they Are in the Way they can be easily removed. Pay for said sewer s by issuing Bonds of District to. 1 to the contractor one tenth of the amount of such Issue Boins payable each year the whole to be paid in ten years. The whole Cost is to be levied at one time As an assessment upon All the taxable real property within said District same As entire City subject to special Taxa Tion. That there is property abutting j upon and adjacent to Trio proposed sew i lie ors that will receive Large special Bene fits from their construction and that said special benefits to abutting and adjacent property is not to be ascertained or especially levied against the la Hunt were . The statute requires a competitive bid. It is argued that the evidence clearly shows a. Corrupt and. Secret arrange ment whereby the successful contract ors were to be paid in Bonds at a Premium netting them about addition Al to their bid. The contractor himself testified we took into consideration in making the bids that the Bonds might bring a slight Premium and that was in Clement of our mayor Redmond who appeared for Ford the contractor As the record shows personally conducted the. Trial for him also Tes Tilic a. It is the intent to turn Over the sewer Bonds referred to in the Tes Timony to the contractors All to be offered him at Par. With accrued inter s. L. Rows testified i should think from my knowledge that these sewer Bonds to sell on a basis of four per cent but there is one objection Are serial Bonds and that might make a difference of one half per cent. When i say four and one half per cent mean that the investment should net the buyer that rate of Ralph Van vet Chen testified i should say that these proposed Bonds to the extent of subject to legality ought to sell on the present Market at four and one halt per cent basis. Figure about seven Points Premium on four and one half per cent or about ten Points Premium it four per cent. I should think that they could be sold at 107, subject to this evidence is a Folly unc Ontra diced and the Point was conceded by or. Ford in his testimony. The wit Nesses also testified that if the Bonds wore subject to be called on demand that would reduce the Premium. These Bonds could not be so subject because the Only funds of the City to meet them would be the ten annual payments of the proposed tax. The unfair Advant age which sir. Ford enjoyed by reason of having the mayor of the City who was to approve execute and carry out this contract privately retained As his attorney is apparent. He knew that he was to get the Bonds. Undoubtedly other contractors with a keen scent for such illicit deals knew they could not get the Bonds and refrained from bid Ding. In any event the evidence clearly establishes a nominal bid at one Price when the actual consideration wholly outside of the contract by the contractor and the mayor his attorney was much larger. Is not an insignificant sum to i City involved beyond its constitutional limit of indebtedness. An ordinance which is so worded As to Grant this Bonus to one con tractor and withhold it from another is inhere by corrupt and unreasonable. It is void for indefiniteness. We be Lieve the court should and will enforce the constitutional limit of indebtedness in this Case. It is past belief however that tiie Cotrit will a the same time open wide the door for municipal Trava Gant municipal expenditure and shut its eyes to the avenues of corruption which were designedly left open through this ordinance and which has been openly and Unble Shingle. Travelled by the contractor and City approved governor of Sale we have Given every piece of clothing in Wiir store a ticket of leave and if they Don t go it is your fault. For the Price that has been put upon their Heads is so absurd edly Low that they will leave 011 their own Accord almost if you Don t take them. No old timers. They Are All serving their first term arid we cannot say enough of their Good behaviour. All strictly new and up to Date and warranted not to give offence. Below we numer 1 ate a few of the trusty that we know will serve you Well. Stylish made out of a Fri Quality of Vina. Comprising three styles of the latest effects Olive Oxford arid Black very highly tailored Early season Price ?12.00, Cut Price men s Yoke Coats Nobby styles and Long lengths vertical pockets and narrow cuffs in Plain oxfords and fancy mixtures. Early season Price Cut Larrow cuffs in men s Fine Yoke Coats a hade out of a very Fine Quality of Vicuna in the new Oxford effect. I very stylish perfect fitting with the new Broad shoulders Early season Price Cut Price. Men s extra Fine Yoke overcoats made from the most select Over coatings in All the popular shades any style you May select have swell Broad shoulders hand padded equal to made to order garment perfect qom a fitting Early season Price Cut a Wolf clothing co. A 115-117 South second Sheet. When j. P. Morgan called Down or. John Gates for Public gambling or. Gates said if i gambled behind Rural free delivery. More extensions of the systems in this state. Chief clerk Wilson of tiie railway mail service has received notification of the following additions to the Rural property to be benefited in accordance Rili c. 25, acts is g. A. That the intervenor is the owner of a Large amount of real estate in the City that no Benefit will accrue especially to i pc delivery system her real estate byline construction of i Maquoketa. Jackson car said sewers and that said assessment riders length of routes s3 1-2 Miles of the costs of said sewer and five Mill j area covered 104 Square Miles popu i Levy will be in attempt to create a Lien lation served at Cedar rapids a feb. 24th 1902. Upon her property and place a Cloud closed doors i would be a. Hypocrite j on her title. But nothing would to said about i or. Morgan simply replied. Is the argument follows what doors Are Gates and Schwab Are bringing grief to the Llor ans and the Carn Sifes. The City of Cedar a lipids is a most extensive litigant. It has eight cases Monn Iouli. Jackson county two Ikra. Length of routes 51 Wiles area one of the interesting paragraphs in covered 31 Square population served. 1.025. New Market Taylor county., one car Rier length of route. Miles area covered. 20 Square Miles population served 513. Orient this action was for the term beginning july 1. 1001. Plaintiff filed his petition on june 21, the defendants Ford and tila Hunt filed a fourteen Page answer made up of technicalities within three Days hereafter and eight Days before the time required under the Rule and in in the supreme court this term. No spirit offered to consent that an rimmed taxes and fast present prospective. For the four years prior to the and vent of this administration the average wonder the City has not Heen Koeplin its streets cleaned or its sewers flushed. In Kansas City the auditorium com Pany made Clear out of the election guessing contest. It have Beon possible to have made at least hero if that guessing contest had not been grossly mismanaged or rather not managed at All. The auditorium company went into the bad name of gambling but without any adequate monetary compensation. The j Only decent thing about the whole their attorneys Reco sues sins contest the Winner of the first prize divided the proceeds am off the worthy charities of the City compensated for much that wrongly or badly done in connection with the scheme. Lar. has entered upon his work As governor under auspicious con helpful interest Republican officials. In dts Moines icy have hardly seated like new governor before they Are taking of the work of making the nominees for the convention next year. How would it do for the politicians just for a change to leave the Uri Nina entirely to the people s own Mak ing when they hic i in caucuses and primaries All factions unite in leave for thing for the people for a change. Rii briefs at a pasc. Lotions. There is not a paper in the state for instance has not wished him godspeed and a Good Adi ministration. Valuation of property in this City j republicanism in Loiva is Strong j was in numbers. That Ever the democratic press the average tas Levy was eight Mills. During this administration the average valuation has been 5h.ooo.ooo and the Levy has been ten Mills. This is what a confiding Public has had handed out to them As a result of having a Cigar rapids assessed on a full valuation. While the other cities of the state Are assessed at one fourth. When the full value in Reform was brought Forward a tax eating gang was in ambitions to spend More Money. They were up to the limit under the old basis. So they looked around for some plan to set More Money. They hit upon the full valuation As the Best possible method to accomplish their ends. It goes without saying that they did not Tell the people what they were after. They told the people their object was 10 reach some men who were escaping their full Hare of taxation. They promised that the poor should be Jet alone and Lii Rich Only brought of time. Their Stock promised to everybody Liat Foo Levy Sho ild not lie Over Nix Ami one half Mills. Tiie Jcj Opelc Sustaric ii the full value and the six and Ono half lasted one your. K Ihn present plans of the Presont Are car the prevail cd out. A Levy of j Mills is in Ianc. Full and final hearing be had the first week in july. Who paid the freight. The plaintiff appeals from the decision of the trial court the Linn of Ford and do la Hunt appears to be still suffering from that same obliging and not Only ordered the transcript for t in plaintiff but pay the re Porter the transcript fee of is a. Asap pears from her receipt and not Satis fied that the plaintiff could abstract the testimony so As to perfect his a Aud properly present his Case. A of heart had re for the firm Redmond and Stewart make the abstract All of which is conclusively shown by the that the abstract originally printed was certified to by that firm and the names of the attorneys for the plaintiff Only appear by virtue of Paster ilm when removed exposes the truth in nil its galling nakedness. We arc also treated to the Spect Ucli. Of the mayor of the City appearing As Trio attorney of n. City Tont Ractor in a. Controversy Wii i a taxpayer involving the Validity of i City contract. Charges of collusion. Into Vonor believes that the above facts which Are by the re cords and tiles in this court conclusively prove her charges of bad and that the was hired to commence the Case by the firm Fortl and do Lei Hunt so As to confront Iny taxpayer with the Lwi of lies adjudicate. Who might have the temerity to question the legality of a Mast illegal and Maui Unous Bond is another interesting paragraph is he while the mayor is thus engaged in the practice of Fin honorable profession Tho aldermen Are not standing1 ill Tho Day Viilo there be printers who print re cords and Coal dealt is. and real estate Hooi nors who will locate very sewers and there is bread Adair county two carriers length of routes. So Miles area covered c3 Square Miles population served 1.000. Santon Montgomery county two carriers length of routes -57 1--j Miles Are covered co Square Miles population served. Walnut Potta Kattamis county one Carrier length of route Twenty six Miles area covered Square Miles population served ii25. Tvs Rueoma. Fayette county three carriers length of routes to 3-4 covered. Is Square Miles population served. 1.62it. The Iowa Man in politics. Sioux City Tribune they say that the Owji Jan is getting to the front at a rate which worries i hts Ohio but Iowa does t seem to work up such Good things As the Ohio people have All the time in their politics. Ian. Kubelik the celebrated Bohemian violinist tickets 91.oo and at Miles music store Only 220 South third St. Choice seats must b e secured in Advance. The t2 seat Sale will open wednesday Jan. 22, at 9 a. M. Mail orders must be accompanied by draft or Money order. And Iress Niles music store 220 so third Street. In France when wine if cheap they use wine to saturate bran for feeding horses. I is estimated that wine and i enough and to spare Oats arc alike in Tsitir effects Pound As to the Bonds. For Poumal. U is also Tjie contract Mioi ill be pronounced void because of More than truth. Pm Iuno Ami corrupt conditions Anri i considerations whereby Ford and d a democratic View. Davenport Democrat As a whole the address is Marker by the recognized ability of the governor. It reads More like a political speech than i state but it reads Well. Gover nor Cummins hns been Ruther sparing with new suggestions. He has few re forms to Mark the incoming of his administration. Oil fuel for British battleships. Hit Apo inter British admiralty after a Long series experiments with fuel Oil in their torpedo boat destroyers has decided to try in in two Battle and Glrst class cruisers of the Channel Squadron. A fuel consisting of Coal timid Oil Max cart will be tried on the other ships of the Squadron. W to m a s to w. K. Taylor co. I Good dry goods new arrivals. Embroideries Gingham 1 Percale j Flannelette French novelties in Wool Haistings. A Winter goods at closing prices. Skirts made to order. Ena Meline eng Price for such work is from 15 just double the limit pledged by 20 per cent less. The men who inaugurated this to Bat it Runny be that the City has not n-1 make tax citing easier. 15 to gain by getting Jud morits a very citi7.cn of Cei a to apart vitally interested this Matier. Tiie Ian ser Point has been already reached. One step More and to Oruc Toca will come. Demagogues May talk As they please but. Business is business. People of not invest Money for fun. They invest it with a Hope. These alter Man and by oust ing them from office that their Terras arc to nearly expired. Under Tho circumstances the pc not inclined to Fin course the commencement of the or Oppici. Suits. Is better is for the people the at thai they will get returns u Ali a Slit Ottri to licit . Or o the modern stove polish bigger Box , same Price squid better yet nearing the goal i our total capitalization of this was subscribed attire we incorporated leaving. 4s.ooo we soon gave you notice we Hart left for Sale a Little later we gave you duo notice that the unsold balance was Only 7 now there remains Only. Deposit your Money in your own Bank until a Gusher with All Oil and Mineral rights on acres of land is ready for delivery. You take no chances whatsoever. Lulia of Nikor does t care for Ohio legislature Lakeley bet today shares 10 cts full paid non assessable. Write or Call quickly for full particulars upon Iowa Nebraska Beaumont Oil co., 216 younger Man building pcs Moines Iowa. N. Cut is from a photograph of the Oil Wells at which have been flowing 20 years. The Steamer is one of the Many now carrying the Beaumont Oil to Home and foreign ports

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