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Cedar Rapid Republican Newspaper Archives Jan 21 1902, Page 3

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Cedar Rapid Republican, The (Newspaper) - January 21, 1902, Cedar Rapids, Iowa Tue8day january 21 return engagement a Feeon erf wards presenting their latest laughing Success suggestions Are All endorsed of the favorite Nichols suters and a Host of others. Am new sew specialities prices-25, 35, 50 and 75c. Wednesday january 22. Fare Well of the great Lewis Morrison s Complete production of special prices this engagement Only entire lower floor Balcony 2d. Balcony 35c gallery 25 cents. Seats on Sale monday. Executive Council considers railway taxation. Railroads through state will be interrogated. Forms nearly identical with those of governor. Wheel attached to the end of the Axle. On the same Side Are three perpendicular cylinders and pistons and these revolve a horizontal Shaft provided with Small cogs which connect with the cog wheels on the trucks. The engine was recently completed by the Lima Loco motive and machine company at Lima Ohio and is on its West where it will run on it. E. T. Branch of the Oregon Short line railway. The engine attracted considerable attention yesterday not Only from the railway men about the Transfer station hut from the casual visitors As Well tragedy beneath an outer Calm Young Bride takes morphine. Lonely life of Man who has lost his loved ones. Fort Dodge Man works labourer to keep sane. As companies will be told that Gross earnings Are to apply to Road As whole without regard to branches thursday january 23 the Tat i minstrels 30.artists-30 grand Street Parade 50c special bargain prices Friday january 24 the coming craze the great and Only Burgo master 80 people in laugh from Start to finish prices 75c and seats on Sale tuesday morning. The Flo Bart m. Cable pianos. They possess All the qualities that a peal to the Best musicians Aud the Price is reasonable. Easy payments if de sired. Sold Only by c. R. Sav. Bank bldg. Osteopathy is constantly gaining friends among the people of rapids if you Are interested Call on or write drs. Dorman flew phone. 1003. Him Bali Block. Examination free. Des Loines Jan. Executive Council at a meeting saturday look up the questions submitted by governor Cummins for the purpose of bringing out from the railroads Fuller information As to Gross and net earnings. The questions with slight modifications Kverne adopted by unanimous veto. The modifications were in the wording of the questions rather than in the sense and in the addition of one question re lating to the method of computation of Gross earnings. This which appears in the list As the last question on Gross earnings was prepared by governor Cummins. Prefixed to the questions Are instructions to the effect the supplement Al questions Are not to be substituted for the regular annual report but to be considered additional thereto. Instruction in o. 2 says the questions relating to Gross earnings Are intended to apply As a whole to your Road in this state without regard to divisions or the modified questions in their com plete form follow a As to Gross earnings your books or records show your Gross earnings upon Busi Ness originating and terminating with in this state distinct from other earn Ings so state the amount in detail using the form shown in sched ule hereto attached. Your books or records show your Gross earnings upon Busi Ness originating in this state and terminating elsewhere and upon business origin rating elsewhere terminating in this state distinct from other earn Ings so. State the amount in detail using the for shown in schedule hereto attached. Also the Gross earnings of the Iowa lines upon the business mentioned in question of computed upon the basis of the length of haul in Iowa As compared with the haul elsewhere using the form shown in schedule at ached. Your books or records show your Gross earnings upon Busi Ness neither originating nor terminating in this state but passing Over your Iowa line or some part of it distinct from other earnings so state thu amount in detail using the form shown in schedule hereto attached. Also the Gross earnings of the Iowa lines upon the business mentioned in question to. I computed upon the basis of the length of haul in Iowa As compared with the haul else where using the form shown in uie hereto attached. Your books or records do not show definitely or specifically the information requested in the preceding interrogatories from what source did you secure the information upon which you based your answers Given in schedule no. 6 of your annual report to the executive Council for the year 1301, and upon what basis were your computations made As to the expenses of operation and maintenance fully the basis used in arriving at the several amounts stated under the headings 33, cd a Young woman formerly of Grinnell almost Dies in Sioux City. Sioux City. Jan. Clint o. Johnson took a dose of morphine Here late saturday night and nearly died although she said she took the drug for the purpose of quieting her nerves and did not intend to suicide. She is out of danger. The woman who is 19 years of age is a Bride of five weeks and her Hus band has been missing four Days. She was with the Redmond comedy com Pany. She was formerly an actress and played at vaudeville houses in Omaha. She attended a salvation army meet ing at Muscat inc fell in Jove with the Captain and married him. Her father is a lawyer in Grinnell Iowa. Cannot Bear Brood Over tragic family. Man whose wife and boys were drowned at Johnstown spends time trying to forget past cattle have rabies thought to have started from bites of strange dog. Iowa Falls Jan is playing havoc among the cattle North of this City in Franklin county. Nine head have died from this unusual Dis ease and grave apprehensions Are Felt that further losses will follow. The rabies Are thought to have started from the bites of a strange dog that visited the neighbourhood about two months ago. The dog was of the Shep Herd Breed and was taken into the yield by Thomas Thorpe a Well known Farmer of this Section to drive up the cows. The dog nipped at the heels of the cattle but this being i trait of the Shep Herd dog nothing was thought of it. For several Days the dog acted Queerly and refused to eat or drink and finally disappeared from the neighbor Hood. The supposition is that the dog had the rabies and inoculated the cattle when he bit their heels. The cattle that have died Haxe shown every symptom of hydrophobia and it is so pronounced by veterinarians. A child that was scratched by the dog has shown no symptoms of the disease but will be taken of Chicago on medical id vice As a precaution against is development. Lying the foundation for Bowel trouble. Iny sex soldiers have Gator re of the Gail it phrenic this annoying and weakening disorder Hay be remedy thai is site cheap thorough lasting Ana satisfactory. Tobacco spot and w your Seaway you can be cored of and pc roof tobacco usic Etsile. Be made Well Strong magnetic Fuli new life and vigor by taking to to that weak men Siraj. Man ten pounds in t ten Dart. Over cured. All druggies. Cure let advice Kruhe add is remedy co Coic Aeo or nov York. The Mother s favorite. Chamberlain s cough remedy is the Mother s favorite. It is pleasant and Safe for children to take and always cures. It is intended specially for coughs colds croup and whooping cough and is the Best Medicine made for these diseases. There is not the least danger in giving it to children for it contains no opium or other injurious drug and May be Given As confidently to a babe As to an adult. For Sale by druggists. Fort Dodge Jan. Few who saw Abe Smitz nmn police court on saturday morning amused the bystanders with his exhibitions of ventriloquism and the officers realized the Depths of tragedy Over which the Jocose manner was Laid like a veneer. In the awful flood at Johnstown penn., when thousands were swept to their death in the Bil lows of the flood Abe Smitzel lost All that his heart held dear his wife and two boys who were snatched away from him before his very sind since that time All that was then Bright to him Haa gone out. He has lived a quiet hard working life skis messed of property but not caring to use it owning Good clothes but pre Ferring to Wear the overalls of a la Borer and working with his hands except when the brooding Force of his sorrow came Over him and drove him to the wine Glass for Comfort. Years ago in his Young manhood Abe Smitzel lived in fort Dodge but later went to Pennsylvania where he married. Two children were born to him named Pearlie and Charlie. The family resided at Johnstown. On the Day of the great blood the husband and father was at work on the Mountain Side out of danger when he saw the great wave of death approaching. He ran with All Speed toward town and As he approached saw his wife and children hastening toward him. Just As they were Only a rods Distant and almost As he Tiegan to rejoice at their Rescue the tidal wave seized them and bore them away to death. After that Smitzel came Back to fort Dodge and settled Down quietly to hard work in which he found forgetfulness. He is reported to be Worth at Sevastopol. Ind., but although he Al ways has Money he takes no pleasure in a life of Leisure. He takes great Delight in the society of children and his greatest pleasure is when he is Able to use his Powers As a ventriloquist for their amusement. Did not reach counc1l.Bluffs. Forgot where he lived. Council Bluffs tailor gets into wrong Flat scaring occupants. Council Bluffs John son a. Tailor employed by i firm on Broadway imbibed enough liquor yesterday to make him forget where he lived and when he fell upstairs Over Baker s Barber shop on upper Broad Way about 1 o clock this morning there were cries for help sent up by the women occupants of the Ilat that attracted sex Ery policeman within a radius of several blocks. Detective de Smith. Captain Denney and officer Wilson responded to the Herl Rendin cries murder and the unfortunate tailor was carted Oft 10 jail. Digap i and a in schedule of Timberman in mine pears while on journey. Denver. Colo. Jan. Police of this City have been searching for Wal Ter Russell a Timberman employed on the Portland mine at Colo who disappeared from a Denver hotel Sev eral Days ago. Having on his person s2.000 in s50 Bills. Kussell possesses considerable mining property at Victor. He came to Denver on his Way to Council Bluffs to visit relatives there. It can not be found that he left the. City by any Railroad and the police Are in a quandary As to his whereabouts. It is feared lie met with foul play at Tec hands of some one who knew he had the Money in his Possession. Russell has a. Wife in the East. The bowels Are lined with run Culous membrane that is very much like the lining membrane of the nose. Frequently Catarrh attacks this mucous membrane lining the bowels and a Dis charge results that As chronic diarrhoea. Intestinal Catarrh or Catarrh of the lining membrane of the in Wels is finite a prevalent disease being especially common among men who have keen Active service in Tho army where the Many changes of drinking water the food and the frequently bad Condi Tion of both together with exposure incident to the varying conditions of Camp and March bring about repeated attacks of acute diarrhoea that leave the lining of the bowels weak irritable and predisposed of us repeated colds in the head predispose the chronic nasal Catarrh. Catarrh is n constitutional disease it is in the system but finds vent or expression through a. Skin. In the nut Side or covering skin it is known As eczema which disease is simply Ca Tarrh in the outside skin. When Ca Tarrh finds vent through the mucous membrane or lining skin of the Var Ous cavities and passages of the head t is most commonly called Catarrh. Sven Catarrh affects the mucous Nern Rane or lining skin of the air tubes Reading to the lungs it is usually Najeed bronchitis. When Catarrh gets vent from the lining skin of the female Pelvic organs it is spoken of As leu co Rhea. Whites and. Female weakness and so on. When the lining skin of other organs Are affected a distinctive name May be Given to the Iii ment but it is just systemic Catarrh finding l local expression and vent and a systemic remedy that will cure in one part and under one name win cure it in any other part under some other name Stuart s Catarrh tablets will cure systematic Catarrh they cure the blood therefore they cure its local vent or expression anywhere and every where. Eczema Catarrh in the rhinitis Catarrh in the Bronchi tin in the air gastritis Catarrh in the diarrhoea Catarrh of the cystitis Ca Tarrh of the Leuco Rhea Ca Tarrh of the female Pelvic and the body Are cured by this Sovereign remedy for systemic Cut off the Fountain head and All streams it feeds go dry. Cure Catarrh in the blood and there will be no local vent expression or manifestation the reason Stuart s Catarrh tablets Are credited with curing so Many variously Najeed diseases is because "All., these diseases Are pimply o up res Sions or vents for eat Iruh. Stuart s Catarrh tablets Are a reliable for Catarrh under names and a parts they Are h of t cure in Fri j a disease cured by them inst expression of or Catarrh. I chronic diarrhoea. Being vent for Catarrh through the mucous membrane or lining skin of the bowels is readily cured by stuarts Catarrh tablets be cause they cure the Catarrh in the yes tem. And there is nothing to Vinci vent through some skin or mucous Mem Brane. Catarrh tablets Are sold at All drug stores for. 50 cents a Box. In. You Haw Catarrh of any part in any form it will be prudent wipe and advantageous to make it your first duty All other Catarrh of whatever distinct i to buy and take they cure live name or wherever located about Catarrh anywhere and everywhere. I i be pooled take the it meat Kocev Mountain 7e. Com Muhmud we. It you Ucli. Our Miric cot of each padre 35 spot los 5 town Tab i the spotted town. The furl gut for it Enid. Set Imit Light of Trot am can reflect from polished had am so be mys Mck Tow me some oae most direct the affairs of Tho City. Equally important is the cleanliness of the smallest Homo in that City. If this can be accomplish cd by Small exertion at Small expense so much Tho better. A cake of your annual report to the executive Council for the year idol in the items under the heading1 a in schedule 7 of your an Nual report to the executive Council for the year 1301. Have you charged the entire Cost of renewals or the excess of Cost Over former construction what has been the Cost of the renewals included in heading a schedule 7, in excess of the Cost of for Mer construction state hour much you have included in schedule 7 for new nid inns and for raisins or lowering the Racks above or below Crossings at Rade in cities or towns. As to betterment not included in is in pcs of operation or maintenance How much did you expend for betterment from your Gross earnings using the year ending december 31, Soi How much did you expend n All for betterment during the year ending december 31, j501. And How was he excess Over the amount paid from mings procured As to interest and dividends what has been the average it Ernst charge per mile on the boiled left of your entire system. A Wing each of the three years last pre ceding this report what has been the average dividend upon capital Stock per mile of your entire system during each of the three years last preceding this re port As to comparative value first is the average value tier mile of your line in this state As Preat. Greater or less than the average value a prominent Chicago woman Speaks. Prof. Rosa Tyler of Chicago. Vice president Illinois woman s Alliance in speaking of chamberlains cough Rem Edy says i suffered with a severe cold this Winter which threatened to run into pneumonia. I tried different remedies but i seemed to grow worse and the medicines upset my stomach. A Friend advised me to try chamber Iain s cough remedy and i found it was pleasant to take and it relieved me at once. I am now entirely recovered sax de a doctor s Bill Lime and suffering and i will never be without this Arlen did Medicine for Sale by druggists. Death of aged resident. Fore a congregation of the Plymouth Church which is now using the opera House while the new Chunsuh is being made ready for use. Monday evening he Speaks in the Central Christian Church and later will continue deliver ing a series of addresses in the City intending to give the movement for the Allied party great impetus. It is expected that the new party will have a candidate for mayor before the City election next Spring and thus secure a footing in and finally spread out till Over Iowa. Resolutions of spiritualists. Sustained fall of Many feet. And in the hands of a Bright Active Vroman till veep n House clean enough for the mayor to live in. Creston Man Feli from Bridge struck hard Roadway. Creston. Jan. Fred Hockett. Of this City who in one of the Bridge gangs on the c. B. It q., fell yesterday from a Wagon Bridge onto the Roadway beneath a distance of thirty feet. The fall was caused by the breaking of the lashings of his support and. Although he fell upon a hard Road Way he sustained no serious injuries although his right leg and his left Arm were badly bruised and lacerated. Brief bits from Blairstown. Man who has voted for every presi Dent since j. Q. Adams. Iowa Falls. Jan. Death is re ported of Asher Kersey a Man who voted for j. Q. Adams for president and for every presidential candidate of the whig abolition and Republican parties. Or. Kersey lived in the Touth Ern part of this county for a great Many years and died this week it his Home near now Providence at the advanced age of 95 years. Lie was born in Guilford county. North Carolina. April re 1s07. And moved to Wayne county Indiana in 1s23. Up to with in a Short Ime of his death he was in full Possession of his faculties and took a deep interest in politics. He was for a number of years a prominent Cit Izen the South part of the county and was Well known in this and Story counties a Large family of descendants Are scattered Over Central Iowa. Per mile of your entire of fully your reus on for in. State Many see curious locomotive. Benton county people glad Smith As sets Are to be divided. Blairstown Jan. Some of the creditors of William a. Smith of the Mystic Creamery at Cedar rapids. Reside at or near Watkins. Norway and Van Home in this county and will be glad that the assets of his estate Are Iowa pensions granted. Mrs. Reedie c. Ayers of East Avenue granted pension. Washington. D. A. Jan. Fol lowing Lowans have been granted pen Sions increased. Restored. Heis phed. Milton j. Guth. Cotter. S10 William c. Hill. Carlisle. Is John Wunderlich. Do Purjue. Free love Turner. Glen nod 512 David w. Pelt. . Is spen cer m. Lecky. Clinto to. Is George ii Roy Jefferson ?1 Arvin d. Witherell. Columbus City. Austin d. Cable. Dos Moines. Joseph Mash. Soldiers Home Marshall oxen Moses t. Deupree. Glenwood. Is. Iowa state spiritualists association passes Oskaloosa Jan. The Iowa state spiritualists association today elected the following officers g. A. Hinton. Oska Loosa. D. Vail. Marsh . A. Fisk Keokuk. Saturday morning was occupied with the reports of the committees and the report of the committee on resolutions came in for considerable attention. Tha following resolutions were adopted whereas. Modern spiritualism is the recognition of Universal principles operative in nature immortality and a fact in nature that spirits return and communicate through the Avenue by which immortality is demonstrated and the Basic principle of All religions that exist on Earth we submit the following resolutions As embodying our position touching topics in progressive spiritualism and progressive thought generally resolved. That Tho National spiritualists association has our Hearty sup port in its late movement along educational lines and providing Homes for its helpless ones. Resolved. That spiritualism stands for life not death love not hate Good not bad right not wrong strength not weakness and that it teaches that the event called death is not disastrous nor a penalty for ins committed in the body but is natural As breath and Al ways because the spirit cannot longer Manifest through the physical body and to let us into a world of greater and grander that 50 per cent of the heat produced by the Coal in your Furnace or stove goes up the Chimney do you know there is a simple device costing Little that can be put on your smoke pipe Aud save most of this waste do you know about the Rochester Radiator if you Don to we think it to your interest to Leani. Learn now a Little Money invested and you won t heed an extra stove during cold Sii aps. Norri8 Loring hardware co. 225-227 2d. Avenue. 207-209 3d. Street rheumatism Omeda Oil if a Man keeps both hands and both eyes faithful to his own business he knows Littie about his neighbor s of to be distributed by the proceedings in born. Pamuel to Gorman. Batavia. Mexican Carl. Blacken i fairs and if to Ingu arly takes or. Bury. David f. Of. Chrisman. j Crane s Quaker tonic tablets he will the involuntary bankruptcy Case in the United states District court. The revival meetings held Here by or. D. S. Mccaslyn of Cedar . Presbyterian evangelist. Well attended. Much religious in Terest is manifested in Community. The petition of John jul. Smith of Stelle Paine to adjudged a bankrupt has been referred Chas. S. Vail re Feree in bankruptcy. Or Smith was formerly a partner in the firm of Smith of Cedar . At the annual meeting of Lincoln locomotive without drive wheels exhibited at Council Bluffs. Council muffs. Jan. One of the sidetracks at the Union Transfer Sta Tion stands a locomotive of a Typo that Xmas exhibited at the Chicago world s fair but which outside of such expositions is never seen in this part of the country the engine is

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