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Cedar Rapid Republican, The (Newspaper) - January 21, 1902, Cedar Rapids, Iowa Rapids Republican. Vol. 31 Cedar rapids Iowa tuesday. Morning january 2j, 1902.-8 pages. No. 278 ii mtg. It. Wjt by commission will not change Bill report Isthmian commis Sion Little effect. Will not affect status Hepburn Bill. Panama Bill will be left entirely to Senate. Debate philippine Tariff Bill begin in United states Senate today. Will the confederates by the North being j cited Chamberlain said i am willing to parallel. While the e jives the. Soldiers were spared no political conditions were Given the confederates while their property was confiscated a. Tremendous scale. I see 110 reason whatever believe that an unconditional sur Render would permanently alienate a conquered people. It did not in the Case the United states although it did not Lead to immediate Harmony. But after a period which is a Mere trifle in the history a. Nation it did Lead to a. Complete Dillon s amendment to omit the clause providing for nods to carry the War and add a clause denouncing concentration Camps was Defeated by a vote to 64. Second biennial report out. Desperate men make Good escape eleven desperate convicts dig out prison. Escape sunday afternoon and Are still at Large. Baldwin reported to the Board at their i ast meeting wednesday evening that the extra had been raised thus making up the required the guarantee signed by forty five business men the City had no restrictions embodied therein but provided for a straight franchise. The Board wished to place certain restrictions upon the franchise and suggested that these provisions be incorporated into the guarantee and the signers should approval. The committee had but three Days to do this work in and in View the fact that there were forty five guarantors Many whom were out the City and several out the state they could not men Are Island which is secure the approval in the time allow now surrounded. . The main reason however that the proposition was not carried through was the change sentiment among brigands agree about hansom brigands will accept amount raised by subscription. Lace payment Only ques Tion yet unsettled. Copie. Of report state con Dur dinner hour tool distributed. H a Many the signers. Des Molnes Jan. First copies the second biennial report. Of i he i Board control came from the Binder yesterday to be distributed to Mem Bers the legislature. The report Lias through Hole in Brick Are desperate men. The House says the he Jet t f .1 in favo in Ilfin canal Panama route v j t change the Les a Stative status v a canal Bill. Undoubtedly the report will influence individual opinion said Hepburn but it will not Lead to any abandonment the efforts in behalf the Nicaragua route by the friends that the Panama measure in the House say that there will be no move to recall the canal Bill and that it remains for the Senate to meet the new Tacoma avash., Jan. Of most desperate prisoners in the c United states Penitentiary Mcneil s Island made their Between 1 and 2 clock sunday afternoon and up to standing i late hour tonight were still at lib conditions presented by the report. The debate the philippine Tariff will be Iii in the Senate tomorrow. On behalf the majority the commit tee the Philippines Lodge today re ported the measure and gave notice that he would Call it up at 2 clock to Morrow. Rawlins Utah acting for the minority the committee offered a substitute and announced that he told submit some remarks it at the conclusion Lodge s statement in support the majority report. Dur ing the greater part today s session the measure providing for the. Establishment a department Commerce was under consideration. An Effort was i m Adeby Nelson. Minnesota to secure a vote but the opposition to Many its provisions became so Strong the Effort had to be abandoned. The time the House was occupied today in a general debate the urgent deficiency appropriation Bill. An item in the Bill carrying for a Mili tary Post at Manila precipitated a Long debate in which some 6c. The Ablest de Baters both sides took part. A Semi humorous speech by Clark Missouri elided a reply from Cannon Illinois which in return Drew the fire dear mond Missouri. The. Others who participated Vav Ere Richardson ten Nessee Grosvenor Ohio. Alexander pc sir York grow Penn Slyvania in Williams. Of Illinois and Underwood Alabama food commissioner Wisconsin was before committee agriculture today in advocacy re strict inns Ole Margarine and Kin l senator Gallinger from the committee i reported appropriation Bill As it came from the House without any i amendment. J the frequency in Coal mines led to a fiction today the House committee mines and mining the Bill Lacey. Of Iowa regulating the ventilation mines. The. Republican members the ways and Means committee today decided to begin consideration the Bill reducing the War Revenue taxes and monday next will hear arguments the Tea and Beer taxes. Senator Vest introduced a substitute for the ship subsidy Bill his Bill the last Congress repealing the Law prohibiting the Purchase foreign built ships. He also gave notice his intention to offer an amendment to. The ship Bill As reported by Frye. During the discussion the do i i Cincy Bill in the House it developed that the for the state depart ment emergency fund was for the in Prince Henry Missouri though favouring the proper entertainment the Prince thought if the United states paid the expense England should pay the Jense the american representatives at the Coronation. Cannon Illinois warmly Champ Ion de the cause the English speaking people and favored the policy any foreign nation that proved itself the Friend America. De Armond Missouri sarcastically replied. After remarks by Grosven Ohio. Grow Pennsylvania evil Liams Illinois. Alexander new York and Underwood Alabama the House adjourned. In the Senate the proposed depart ment Commerce was discussed and number amendments. The debate for the Day was closed by Allison who made an extended speech dealing principally with the formation under the department Commerce to great Bureau statistics he favored ices to abolishment the proposed depart ment but did not think it was bos to transact such Large and important business without the most careful consideration. The Bill was then said aside and the Senate went into executive session and at adjourned. And the Board. Chapter two the report state farms contains much interesting mat Ter relating to state farms. Attention is called to the fact that the amount land owned by the state in connection with its institutions is very Small. This leads the Board 10 say but evidently those upon whom evolved the duty securing land for state institutions did not realize the possibilities the future and in this respect they were not different from others for who could have foretold forty fifty years ago land then subject to entry at per acre would be at tie opening the twentieth Century be in erty it was the most daring escape from jail Ever attempted in this state and the character the men implicated makes it doubtful whether they will be retaken without loss life the men at Large Are d. Snyder sent up from Idaho r Campbell Nome pickpocket Thomas Norton Nome burglary Frank Ains a Orth Nome larceny Mike Williams Spokane counterfeiter Harry Davis Nome. Alaska and Frank Moran True name de Spokane counterfeit ers James Moriarity Spokane counterfeiter Bruce Kenwright Nome demand at prices ranging from to j manslaughter James Carroll Alaska ?50, and even More per murder. A Ledger reporter who visited the Island last night brings the following particulars . The escape a Hole in the Brick Wall cell no. Severe storm in Wisconsin. La Cross wis., Jan. Severe storm has been raging during the past Twenty four hours. Six inches Enow have fallen. Traffic is delayed world s fair plans revised has International character South Dakota divorce Case stopped by Secretary state. Aberdeen. S. D., Jan. Divorce Case Arnes am Tsen Mary Arnesen has assumed an International character. Arnesen after residing Here the required time filed a petition for a divorce and was supposed to have Plain sailing until judge a Telegram from Secretary state Hay asking for a postponement request the danish authorities in Copen hag rebellions in China. More room provided for Sev eral industries. Revision names and times buildings. Des 10. Occupied by convicts Snyder and Davis reveals the method escape. Tie Wall is about i foot in thickness and the floor the cell is. Of Hick net a. Covered with Concrete. The Tunnel was dug at the Junction the Vail and the floor. Sloping outwardly until it formed a connection with the lir chamber about two feet below and i foot outwardly from the corridor Wall f the cell. Through this air chamber he prisoners crawled about forty feet where it opened into the boiler room. He opening being covered by an Iron rating. This obstacle was overcome y the use saws and the prisoners lad then Only to walk out the Back Loor the boiler room across the Yard Mai received from flowery kingdom tells tales insurrection. Victoria b. C., Jan. Of More rebellions in China was received by the Steamer Victoria today. There is a Story from Korea that thousand chinese have crossed the Tumen and raided Ham Hue and in a Korea. The japanese mail says i would seem that there is a serious insurrection at Ping Luj Lien. In Kiang us where the fatal a missionary and a number Christian con two buildings taken from main exposition grounds. Grounds and buildings Washington University added to original site for world s fair Gold engaged for Export. Three Hundred and fifty thousand dollars to go abroad. New Tork. Jan. Week s de pressing factors in the Stock Marke were fortified today by the engage Soso cow in Gold for Export. Thi practically the Only Xiv in the Stock Market which continued St. Louis. Jan. A Gen ral revision the destinies and names f the exhibit buildings which form the Nain picture the Louisiana Purchase was decided at n. Confer nce Between president Francis i Ector Taylor and director exhibits Skiff held recently in the offices the department works in the 3dd Fellows building. These changes have been recommended to the Secu Ive committee for adoption. The names the big Bui Klingb upon the present have Beon merely ten Active. They were Marks Ihlen Tifilca Ion for the architects rather than care Uley digested allotments space to addition then Vas confusion in the nomenclature from the fact that one building a. Called Liberal arts and another and Liberal the addition to the world s sit the grounds and buildings Washngton University with the relation sus Larned by these buildings to the Nib it the department cd cation caused a further revision plans is to rom Tive the education Imi Din the social Economy building the main picture the exposition t the grounds the University. The pics ent plan is to place the education an soc Isil Economy building to one Side and the forestry and fishery s building to the other Side the main Avenue leading up to the admin station build ing the University. A result these considerations the department works has been designating the buildings by numbers and by thu names architects engaged in designing them. This will be changed new. The changes in the names the buildings Are As follows former name dimensions. Mines and metallurgy 750 social arts. 750 a Cral textiles manufactures and Liberal arts electricity electricity and machinery .600x525 mines and industries Soo .700xcooc horticulture education social Economy a Tenet the architects in the artistic development in Council welcomes Schley. Ity Council Chicago Welcome him to their City. Chicago 111. Jan. City coun in tonight took Iclal notice the Isit Schley. Resolutions War adopted welcoming comr end him As a naval hero. And scale the Board Fence. A few Yards rom the prison grounds and the dense growth Timber afforded them tem lorry Safe Retreat. The prisoners took advantage the latitude allowed them during the dinner hour to consummate their plans which had been carefully designed and boldly executed the guards with the exception two who were duty the Wall overlooking the corridor were eating dinner in the dining room. The tables were spread in the corridor for the prisoners dinner it being Cus Tomary to serve them immediately the conclusion the guards repast. A dinner gang was at work putting the tables in order and the other convicts had the privilege the corridors. One by one the men slipped into Tell no la and crawled through the Hole unnoticed. When the guards came out and lined the prisoners up for dinner eleven were missing. A Brief search resulted in finding the Hole in the Wall and the guards at once ran to the boiler room where the Steil door swung its hinges showing that the men had Al ready flown. Warden Palmer does not think it possible the prisoners secured More than fifteen Twenty minutes the Start them. He at once sent a guards in Pursuit and made a tour the Island notifying the Farmers the escape and instructing them to Gunc their boats carefully so that no Opportunity would be allowed for escape marshal Ide and Warden Palmer exerting All their efforts to establish a. Perfect cordon around the Island by boats believing that if they can pre vent the prisoners Frum leaving Thi Island under cover darkness the will be Able to retake them today. With two launches three Row boat and thirty men guarding the Shore line t is believed by the officers that if the men were still the Island at 9 clock last night their escape would Warden Palmer in speaking the escape said the work jn1ted states minister sends communication. United states minister Leishman re ports satisfactory Progress to department. Handling and storing and shipping Grain products from tin. Missouri River Casi. Bank cashier under arrest. Member City Council great Falls said to be embezzler. Grent Falls mont., h. I Gueson. A member the City Council and cashier the first National Bank has been arrested As a defaulter. His alleged shortage is Between and senator Hanna Given statute him friends in Cleveland present with statue peace. Cleveland o., Jan. Han a. Was today prescribed with a magnificent full Steo Marble state peace by a number friends in this City. The movement to present Hanna with the statue a As shortly after the conference last year Between the represents lives labor and capital in new York in which he took a prominent Parkin the interest peace. Will Appeal to president. Will elect new president. Be professor Leland Stanford May new president it Consin. Milwaukee wis. Jan. Re gents the state University will to Morrow elect a new president. It is understood that . Wheeler Leland Stanford University can have the place f he will take it. Colorado Coal mine fire. Explosion yesterday killing six men and wounding ten More. Walsenburg. Cour Ier Troisi Pictou. Is Coal mining Camp three Miles from Walsenburg brings the news a. Terrible explosion which occurred in one the Colorado fuel and Iron company s mines this Rooming in which Sis men were killed and ten More wounded Many perhaps fatal the immediately caught lire and is now a Seething Furnace. Committee asks Observance. Constantinople Jan. 20. States minister Leishman says the brigands who abducted miss Stone and Madame to Sylka agreed to accept the amount Ransom raised by subscription. The place payment is the Only question unsettled. New York. Jan. Anticipation hand the the Early release miss Ellen m. Nedai Stone the state department has been Thering facts which will be the basis claims for reparation. The evidence transmitted to the department from the american legation in constantinople is been most conflicting in character and while the most it established Bulgaria s principal responsibility it is not at All certain that Turkey May not be compiled to share the blame. Spencer Eddy the Secretary the legation who up to recently has been charge d affaires in constant Noble. Is now his Way to Washington. When he arrives he will report to Secretary Hay the facts in his Possession in re Gard to the responsibility Bulgaria Turkey for the conditions which ii tabled the seizure miss Stone. It is considered somewhat significant that As the negotiations for miss Stone s release Are caring a Success Ful conclusion the european Squadron j j under the command rear Admiral b. F. Cromwell shone re been route to the Levant. The Squadron sailed yesterday for Piraeus and it is said at the Navy department touch at other Points probably calling in turkish Waters. Respect to the collection an indemnity from Bulgaria great difficulty is anticipated. Diplomatic representations Only can be made. Russia aided the United states materially in inducing Bulgaria to refrain from dras tic measures against the brigands Hiil ing miss Stone this gov Emaneul fear ing that an attack upon the brigands Isador Rayner finishes draft Appeal for Admiral Schley. Baltimore md., Jan. Rayner the counsel Schley has finished a draft Appeal from the find Ings the court inquiry and will to Washington tomorrow for a con fierce fighting around Panama Leneral Alban governor Panama is killed. Naval Battle began Early yesterday morning. Government vessel Lautaro destroyed by fire. Three insurgent and two government vessels said to have been sunk besides vessel destroyed by fire. De that the Admiral will he ready to hand the Appeal to the president aved son minister arrested. National memorial committee issues address about birthday. Cleveland. Jan. Executive committee the National. Memorial association today issued in address calling attention to the Observance Mckinley s birthday anniversary Washington Jan. State department has received the i cunning cablegram from Consul Oneal Conger dated Panama today Ference with the Admiral. It is expect fighting in Bay. Governor fab an killed. Excitement great the Secretary the Navy has received the following cablegram from Captain a Earle. Commander the Philadelphia dated monday the i surant stammer Madilin. Tacked the Lattavo morning at quarters. The Crew deserted her. It is now fire and Colon. Colombia. Jan. 20. Via Gal Veslin naval Battle which began at c clock this a morning. A in Progress in the Harbor Panama the revolutionary Fleet consists he steamers i Adilla. A Hen and Gal ten. They Are trying to Force a land ing off Daoana. The government ships Are Tho Chil Ean line Stea Inci i Itu Arn the Pacific navigation company s Steamer c Ricuito and the Panama canal com. Steamer Eoy Aoa. The first Nam Steamer was seized by general Al and the had been tired by the colombian Sove Mem. A this dispatch has in sent out have just Over the Chick Iii. And has we shots. They close in the Ella. is it. Be retiring. The guns at Lar. Rovedas Arell Ilso fir ing at the rebel ships. The government forces Are throwing up the Santos Cruiser Philip Fitl is close to the Svene Oil the fight. Young Man from Wisconsin arrested at Mineral Point s. Dead Wood s. A. Jan. Hardcastle a son a Baptist minis Ter at Mineral Point was arrested Here today. Hardcastle is wanted for shooting John Wei i Man a. Farmer at j Platter the. Wis., Jan. 1. After the Sault he disappeared. The shooting the outcome a dispute Over Grain. Billy Stift knocked out. Louisvill. Ky., Jan. Of Louisville knocked out Billy Stift Chicago in the third round a Twenty round contest tonight. Owa Guy woman is found dead working woman found dead in deserted House. I j venezuelan ride does received Here to 1 Day say the forces the formerly had been slave to the Light from last Al morph1ne ha3it. Iowa City Bridge not to be for electric line. Would be followed by the death the captive and it is b e lie cd that Russia will not re fuse 10 apply pressure by Force Bulgaria s compliance with the indemnity demanded the United states. Captives Are Well. Constantinople. Jan. News has neen received Here that miss Stone. Mine. Tsi Ilca. Her and the latter s Siby Csoti actions which it is expected will result in the Early and Safe return the captives Are in Progress. Will not speak court. Companion Are Well. President Hamilton club corrects erroneous statement. Chicago. Iii. Jan. Mun Gor the Hamilton club which will Jan. 23. And urging a Liberal response j entertain pc Ley in Ohi Caso to the Appeal for contributions that out Tajc following France strongly for Boers. Thing preventing representations is fear National complications. Paris. Jan. The deputies to Day Strong Friendship for the boors developed. It was also shown that All that prevent a representations by France was the Strong probability their leading to International complications. Succumbs to consumption. Exposition in Abou mus have occupied several Days anal Hov they could have concealed the brie and dirt which Thuiy took from the Wall until they reached the air Cham Ber is More than i can the plan which is said to be favored by the convicts would be to raid some farm House the Island secure runs. Clothes and a boat and then Row to the Mainland. Among the encamped prisoners Are Many desperate Mon who would not hesitate at murder to accomplish their purpose. With so Many at Large the Farmers would be at their mercy and should they once pet posses Sion .weapons it is believed by the officers the prison they Ilij Light to the death before they Are lured. An exciting Hunt for ten the eleven who escaped to Lac eral a Penitentiary at Mcneil s Slart. Is foreign freight Rater Marquette system passes Over. Warsaw. Ill. Jan. M. Lynch Holland. freight Rater the a Arquiette system died today at the Home his father. Rev. A. Lynch consumption. Board supervisors Telegraph construction company to proceed according to original plans. Archbishop Kain is sued. St. Members Catholic Church at Louis ask for injunction. St. Louis. To. Jan. In the Cir Cuit court judge hods today he pan Hoard is the suit the numbers the Catholic the i Mincu Lowa City. Jan. John Smith was found dead sunday afternoon at. X clock in an otherwise deserted House Church was a hard work ing woman almost destitute and a slave to the habit. She was Well known about the City. Ind for some. Time has been partially supported by the county. On tuesday rented n. Room Joseph in a vacant House be longing to him Church Street. Yesterday . Unash went to the House and found her dead he. Immediately notified marshal Scott Wilson nerf the body was taker to the undertakers. There is no basis for the report that the room where the woman was Admiral Schley will take occasion at found was entirely Hare nothing i sept a Blanket the floor. Neighbors had heard pounding in the were around the room Ami the dead woman had a bottle cat sup most which was smeared Over her face. In her demented condition she must have beat the floor with the bottle and spill id the contents her person. The poor unfortunate woman is paid to have a daughter living in Spring Valley. Iii., and efforts Are being made to find her when funeral arrangements will be made. Her Little son was taken away from her about a week ago and sent to a. Home in Ottumwa he Mother being in capable providing a Home for the child. The whole affair is a very sad one. But the poor woman a at last found the rest and peace which was denied her while living. She was about years old. The banquet to lie riven him saut Day to make x. Statement Congo mini the re cent court inquiry. No other speaker will mention the in an interview Manger said i saw the Admiral in reference to visit in Chicago he said to me Munger i la shoot any one who mentions san Tiago that should show How he feels about the will obey their subpoenas. Harri Mart and kill will appear before inter state commission. Chicago. 111. Jan. J. Hill and k. S. Harriman decided to obey the subpoena the in Tor state Commerce and by present it the hearing which will begin bore Friday with a View Asl Taining effect the Community interests is upon th6 commission sprang a Surprise to Day by Issue list subpoenas directed against the traffic ill Grain men. Friday. This Are expected to testify As to the program for Prince Henry. Late Conception Church archbishop Kain from restrain cuing their Church and attic proceeds to the build in a new Cathedral. Toombs indicted for murder. Must answer for murder Minnie i 1 a its Rule dullness and profession prices Are generally lower Tho Sel Fonh Al lost harmonize with though not so Low As they were during 1 the Llasos to the building i building is that the decorative features i Frank alias nei1. Larson girl found in ice. I Iron Apoi Yane Lor Cornier i Favio i 71 Iti at i lit such As groups statu.10. Was Aholt j was 0r Taco sentenced from for counter-1 the session. The strength Satur Day s Bank statement had As Jale in fluence today As bad its publication saturday. Bankers generally Are Dis posed to keep their reserves Well in hand and wait for foreign requests to define themselves better. Debate in House commons. Tham Bertain announces that Kitch terms Are withdrawn. London. Jan. Glrst important debate the session began in the Riouse commons tonight and called out Chamberlain who a poke vigorously in defense the Boer War. He made the significant statement that . As Rosebery r speech intimated the Boers believed they could at any time secure the repetition Kitchener s terms to inform them that they were a eat mint put. It will be entirely possible for the architects to follow this Tenet in their designs for he buildings under their new names. The work none the buildings except perhaps the transportation building has progressed As far us the decorative details. The general form the structures was shown in Tho preliminary sketch plans in these drawings the entrances and their development the roof lines and the facades were fixed. The i drawings buildings in the hands the craftsmen in director Taylor s have to do Only with the construction details which will put in. In truss and Benm and Rafter the details shown in the preliminary plans. The decorative details the groups . The mouldings and the inscriptions will come inter and Thosa will be adapted to the uses to which the build in i to put. When about to swi to the Mainland. Thirty armed deputies Are now scour ing the Island and two launches arc patrolling the shores. A launch from the United states Revenue Cutter Manning has to the with ten heavily armed marines who will take part in the. Hunt. Quit planning for Railroad. Supervisors Johnson county have brige built for vehicles. Iowa City. Jan. New county Bride will not he built for the accommodation an electric Railroad. The committee the commercial club was Given until today to report to the Board supervisors in regard to the matter. Tho chairman Tho Board today graphed to the american Bridge com Pany to proceed with the work Accord ing to the original plans. Tho committee be tors. Iad Minnie i arson. Whose Boily was in the Ico in Tho River several weeks so. Prince Wales selected. London. Jan. Announces that the Prince Wales will represent King Edward re the approaching Coronation King Alfonso steamship arrivals. At new Vader land from Antwerp. At new Tork for Hilj Ardaki and proceeded. At he from Liverpool the Buenos ayrian from Glasgow Liverpool. At Minneapolis from new York at new from i Serpool the Kovic from Liverpool. The Zea Lanol srom new contents today s paper. Age commission will not change Bill. Desperate men make Good escape. World s fair plans revised. Brigands agree about Ransom. Iowa City woman is found dead. Fierce fighting around Panama. Twas six years old. Gary club in session. Canal commission favors Panama. Additional Telegraph. Suggestions Are All endorsed. Tragedy beneath an outer Calm. Additional Iowa news. Editorial slaps at the mayor. Personal. People paid All it. Was hardly a Success. Postal Union. More room is needed. Was kidnapped last Friday. Long drouth broken. Taxpayer wants to sue aldermen. Brief stories the City j Charles Smith kilted. Weather for Iowa. Fair and Collier tuesday preceded by Snow n Eastern portion we net northerly. T Royal party from Germany will visit several american cities. Berlin. Jan. Henry while i the United states will visit go. Milwaukee. Niagara Falls and bos ton. This program was approved by the emperor today. The general out line is feb. At new York. Feb. In loonie. Feb. The yacht inner by Prince. Fob. And dinner by the new York. Feb. To Washington Exchange Calls with the president Ami dinner at the White House. Feb. Reception dinner at the German embassy. Feb. For Chicago. The apportionment the Prince s time tween Chicago. Milwaukee. Falls and Boston has not yet been precisely made. Thru Irh col. Ii Oyal. And government troops these advices add. Fifty men seriously injured. Tho pursuing the revolutionists. On her say Tivit the revolt lion is dining ground in the is j yid Tara. J the whereabouts to the Steamer list i tons at Rand Cut Anas say they cannot understand general Malo s plans. For a fortnight men in the e Vicinity those towns have. Been awaiting arraignment and ammunition n order to take the yield against pres ident Castro s forces. The ii jul is pronounced to he hopeless. The reply the Yenez a Elan government to the requirements for a Seti lenient Tho trouble arising from the revolution will be sub Iii Ted to the next Congress Venezuela which will meet in new Panama rail Way company today received a Cable Gram that Ihre insure unit and two government vessels had Beer sunk in the naval engagement in Panama Haf Bor. The Cable came i rom colonel a r. Thalner. General at Colon Lor the Panama Railroad com Pany. Washington. C., Jan. Leager details the fighting Between the vessels the colombian govern ment and those the insurgents in Panama Bay have been received in circles today. They consisted a dispatch from Consul general Gaderer at Panama and another j Rorn Cap Tain Mead commander the Cruiser Philadelphia which is lying in Panama Bay. Top to 10 clock no addition vices had come. The officials the state and Navajr department Are watching the outcomes the contest with considerable inter est. It is believed that Fuller reports will be received tomorrow morning. At the colombian legation great regret was expressed at the death general Alban. Governor he had proved a very successful Pilicer. And in the recent operations incident to the capture and surrender Colon by the rebels he had played a conspicuous part. Panama Jan. Government vessel Lautaro caught fire and despite the efforts the View the United suites ship Philadelphia to extinguish t. The vessel sunk. It is rumoured that the tiring the was the re sult treason. Tho government gunboat Boyac just moored brings troops from Cal Dinul she reports that the revolutionary steamers . Darian and oat Ian Drew off when they became aware her presence. The Darien is now reported in a. Sink ing condition. President Mitchell reports. Saves life Little boy. Domestic in Home City physician does Brave deed. Mason City. Jan. Domestic a the Home . Guy Sun toy proved herself a heroine and saved the foot the doctor s Young son by her bravery. The child had been with matches and its clothes became ignited from a lighted match. She Tore the a Lozins cloth lip from his person and wrapped him in a heavy coat her bands were severely burned As was the child s face and hands. President United mine workers makes two recommendations. Indianapolis. Incl. . In the convention ii via president Mitchell Suhn Fittim his annual upon. He reviews the situation during Tho Pas and right hour Day and recognition the Union be made Paramount . Tho were appointed. The elec Tion officers comes tomorrow. Presi Dent Mitchell. Lows and score tary treasurer will la elected Asaju i without opposition _ Iowa postmasters appointed. Washington. A. Jan. The Fol lowing Tox a postmasters were Nomin ated today James p. Davis roman c. Glen Wixx Frank h. cube. James t. Kills John k. Carlson. Essex. Wisconsin Joel l. Stewart. Clinton Ville John f. Cole. In Manning. Colunious George j. Kis Nert. Jefferson Joseph j. Schultz be Minnesota John p. Waste. View s. A Johnson

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