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Cedar Rapid Republican, The (Newspaper) - January 18, 1902, Cedar Rapids, Iowa Cedar rapids daily Republican , Greene s opera saturday january 18. Music Briguet yet costumes troyt s a Day and a night none better girls prettiest Ever 35, 50, 75c. Iowa mothers will meet soon meeting temporary truce Between the electric company my the its Council and the lights have since All been turned on Imd temporarily at least matters go merry As a wedding Bell. What the next turn will be it is difficult to say. Ii0any prominent women will be delegates. Congress is serious Effort to raise standards. Monday january 2o. Elaborated production of the successful musical comedy a runaway girl with Flor. Arthur Bunn and 60-Peopie in the a fast by parquet dress Circle Balcony 75c, second Balcony 50c, Gal Lery 25c. Judge Bishop. Will speak on urges its adoption As latest and Best method of dealing with dependent children. Bids for county printing. Three Waterloo and three Cedar Falls papers after work. Waterloo Jan. The Board of supervisors have set tomorrow As the Day for receiving the lists of the various papers of the county who wish to secure the printing 1 or the ensuing year. Three papers from this City and the same number from Cedar Falls in the race and As there Are Only five awards to be made some one disappointed. The fight was a Good Deal of a race last year some of the publishers going into the Field with ten cent subscriptions in or Der to increase their lists. Burlington Man almost shot was walking calmly along when Bullet whistled by. Crowd quickly t o lots extend into streets tuesday Evem january 21 1 return engagement Watson hatching Edwards presenting their latest laughing Success papa s baby return. Of the favorite Nichols Sisters and a Host of others. A new music new specialities prices-25, 35, 50 and 75c. Burlington Jan. Women from every Section of be in attendance at the state Ess As delegates. Indications Are attendance will be Large and that the Aims the Congress of mothers have appealed to the interest of most thoughtful Earnest women. The re ports Given during the morning ses Sions of work accomplished during the past two years will convince the most wednesday january 22. Farewell of the great Morrison s Complete production of City engineers of Clinton makes Peculiar discovery. Clinton Jan. Engineer Chase while making a Survey a Day or two ago made a surprising discovery. He Learned that every person along okie certain Street thickly populated is a although Uliey purchased their Homes a number of years ago and supposed they had Clear titles. The City Engineer says their lots extend Twenty six feet into the Street and that some of the houses Are ten feet in. The Street. The mistake he says was made Many years ago when the South portion of the City was platted and on found Bullet had never been in any weapon. Teamster explained that his Wagon had run Over Cartridge and bul let went through Fence. Them off the place. Instead of leaving they pushed their Way into the front room. Cassman Orde Rod them out. Hai Vry said he had a. Seach warrant and would like to read it. Read the warrant All the Way through and just As he finished Crissman stabbed at him. Harvey jumped to one Side and swung his right Arm and caught Cassman full in the jaw with his fist putting him out of business. Cassman was hauled to police head quarters and his hearing on a charge of disturbing the peace will come up this morning. His House was searched but Nom of the stolen goods at Ste Ink Oenig s Tiace was found. At the station Cassman resisted the searching process and his hands had to be held. A very precarious condition. House mover at Audubon struck by broken Doubletree. Audubon Jan. I. P. Raker a Hoyse mover of this City was seriously injured this morning. Or. Baker was walking behind a team used in winding up the rope attached to the House which he was moving when the Doubletree broke my struck him just above the knee. He was knocked Down by the blow and before medical Aid could be summoned it was feared that death would result from the loss of blood. He is in a precarious condition but his physician says there is Hope of recovery. Sceptical that the Congress is no fad but a serious Effort on the part of mothers and teachers to raise Standard of living in the Homes and for the children of Iowa. The legislative committee of Tho con Gress is made up of a. Splendid body of Able Earnest women mrs. Sidney a. Foster of Des Moines is Trie ethic sent account of the wide Street eighty feet the error was not noticed. There Are Cordi to show that the original lat was Ever altered and some Exten Sive litigation is promised. Special prices this engagement Only entire lower floor Balcony 2d. Balcony 35c gallery 25 cents. On Sale monday. Chairman. Committee consists of one woman from each congressional District and is As follows mrs. Ore. J. Gould first Lington. Mrs Maria Peck second District Davenport. Mrs Maria ii. Newcomb third District Waterloo. Lies. James Blythe fourth District. Mason City. Mrs. S. P. shall town. Mrs. Rose Jewell sixth District Oskaloosa. . B. Pilarsh seventh District pcs mines. j. B. Roc fellow. Ninth District Atlantic Dolliver tenth Dis Dodge. I is. J. Cory Spencer. Associate members of this com Mit Are by request appointed fron the s Moines Ivity federations clubs and Fruto the def passenger train taken off. Burlington takes off train from it. Madison to Ott Unhwa. Jan. Is today much dissatisfaction in Ottumwa on account of the decision of j. H. Dug ran superintendent Burlington at Burlington to the effect it. Madison passenger train which has been running Between this City and Madison for several years is to be discontinued after saturday of this week. This fact was announced last evening and already there is of a petition for the purpose of tie Truin. To take it off will work a hardship upon Ottumwa and Wil prove a great inconvenience to the peo ple living in the towns along the line East of this City. We thought that the people tvo ulc begin Riding. On this train if we Kep it on Long said the Iowa superintendent. It has. Been Losin Money right along but we though that it would pick up business. How Ever that does not seem possible after trying it As Long u practice by clubs and Are As Fol we have decided to take it off. Asfa the Hob try i. Cable pianos. They possess All the qualities that a peal to the Best musicians and the Price treasonable easy payments if Csc sired. Sold Only by c. R. Sav. Bank 3idg. Lows mrs. A b. Shaw. Mrs. Lenry Sabin mrs. Freda Abeles. From the federation mrs. J. Read Ami mrs. C. E. Kisser from the club. This committee expect to urge the legislature to pass Laws punishing the kidnapping of children the restriction of child labor the juvenile court and compulsory education. Wednesday evening. January -5 be especially de voted to the child Sav ing problem and will take the form of n. Symposium on is Iowa doing for its dependent and delinquent Chil judge Kinne will preside. Prac tical talks will by. Three superintendents of. Stat institutions on the incorrigible boy. The wayward girl and the defective child. Julge Charles a Bishop of the Cir Cuit court. Pcs Moines will discuss the juvenile is the latest and Best solution of How to prevent this class of children from becoming criminals or dependents. As i know this decision is permanent. Last act of governor Shaw. New depot at Des Moines. Osteopathy is constantly gaining friends among the people o Cedar rapids. If you arc interested Call on or while North Western will open new depot it state capital sunday. Des Moines. . To the exceptionally Fine weather of january this year the workmen on the new de pot of the Chicago Northwestern Railroad in Des Moines have been Able to Complete it and have it ready for occupancy before the time expected. Titi de pot Wail be occupied for the first time next the Denot is of the finest in the occupied by .1 single Railroad company. The Cost is about . Mrs. Foster paroled and joins Hus band whom she tried to kill. Algona. Jan. Is what it hoped will be the last chapter in the Foster shooting Case. H will be remembered that mrs. Lucy Foster was convicted last May of complicity in the Burlington Jan. Sudden explosion on North main Street yesterday afternoon caused considerable excite ment. It was about 4 o clock and the Street was unusually quiet but there Ere a number of people passing up and Down the Street Between the court ouse and court Street. Suddenly there was a loud report Ither of a revolver or a Large Caliper and Lheu a who brought Hareas Corpus proceedings rank e. Thompson who had just Leil. Marshan of cas3 county he court House stopped Short and o secure from the county fails to enjoy release. Culprit from Atlantic again arrested in court House. Council Bluffs Jan. J. Conrad. Dyspepsia curs the medical profession is one of the most conservative in the world. It is Well that it should be so. We Grant no experimenting with out lives or health. The physician is naturally and justifiably careful to prescribe no remedy until Well satisfied of its merits. So it is no Small testimonial to the Worth of Kodol dyspepsia cure that it is coming a to general use among physicians of All classes. They appreciate even More readily than the Layman that it gives weak the rest they need and ure prescribing it freely with wonderfully successful re Isordi Rudgis necessary. Eat All you want. While you fire strength a Nice the. Body with wholesome foot Kodol dyspepsia cure is restoring tic stomach to perfect health by relieving it of its work. Don t be satisfied with merely temporary Relief when this remedy offers a Complete cure. I have used in Ray practice quite of Kodol dyspepsia cure with no failures but Relief in Ahu outfall writes or. . lace of Kingstree. K. C. After a Active practice of this is the first time i have Ever had occasion to publicly advise All dyspeptic that they have 2. Certain remedy in Kodol Gaines fill stomach . Prepared by e. C. Pewitt co. Chicago. The con lairs in times thc50c. Size. Whf a you Suiter from or constipation use the fam pills known As Browitt s Eakly risers. The famous Little liver never shooting of her husband. Fred Foster and sent to Anamosa Penitentiary for three years. Word now comes that then he broke into a run across lie Street toward the Gross junk Yards. Others followed him. Unterkircher s table was soon emptied for there was a general Rush toward the place from vetch the sound came. At first it was thought that the shot iad been fired in the Alley and thither he searchers the Ball did Norm less me very announced , but i Don t think it came from the Alley it came rom some Point farther Vest the junk Yard thoughts of a. Murder or at least a suicide ran through people s Heads ind some cried for the Coroner while others called for doctors and an the Little party made their Way to Ward the j Unk Yarda Little cautiously for fear of a second shot. From the noise made by the first it was Evi Dent that the Man doing the shooting was using a Bis gun and no one de sired to come within Range of and More stray or. Thompson was the first the Gate of the junk Yard. Here he encountered two horses trembling am Paw ins the i Earth in nervous excite menu there was the smell of Burn powder and the that the were on the right to Neil the horses were hitched to a Wagon heavily loaded with Iron Ami a mar was crouching behind the Wagon ii seemed to to scratching the dirt 10 something. That s the whispered one the party. At the same time Charle Unterkircher and others rushed int the Yard through another Gate an they closed in upon the crouching Man Here what s the matter what going demand or. Thompson. The Man straightened up. He looke at the crowd in astonishment and an governor Shaw has paroled mrs. Fos swered Why my. Wagon ran Ove a big. Cartridge and i was _ a Rig. Wiiri Nuti Anu. I was Tor. Coupled this is the last that exploded or Foster has sold a his possessions Over my trying 1 when to in Alsona and with his two children has gone to Iroquois county Illinois where he will encase in business. The presumption is warranted that mrs. Foster will join him there and that the family will be reunited. It is known that he has been More than once to see his wife since her not much Surprise i expressed Here at the outcome. In View of the part which Foster took in the prosecution and conviction of his wife no one Here is failing Over himself in an escort to extend him either sympathy or congratulations though perhaps the end reached is the Best for those most concerned. Says he a foreign count. Went through the in at Atlantic enjoyed a Brief spell f Liberty yesterday but before he Hud me to leave the court room hear ested on another charge and was sorted Back to Atlantic last evening in custody of the sheriff. Conrad had been commit by a jus ice of the peace to the county jail on charge of adultery preferred against in by Edgar Harrow with whose wife Conrad was alleged to have been found. Conrad brought his Hareas Corpus pro dec things on the grounds that in the preferment of the charge the wife of he defendant must be the complain in fitness. He to the court that the prosecution was neither at the request Lor the. Solicitation of his wife. Jud Thornell sustained the application and ranted the writ of Hareas Corpus directed against the sheriff and Conrad Vas accordingly released. Conrad s face was illumined yith a smile of Triumph As he started to leave the court room under the impression hat he was once More a free Man. He my but gained the corridor outside the court room when site rift Marshall tap Ped him on the shoulder read to him j l warrant for his arrest on the Hearse j of lewd Ness. And informed him that he was once More his prisoner. Th-3 in formation on which the second warrant was issued was Likel by Howard the 1 alleged wronged husband in thi1 Case. When the warrant was read to him the i smile that had brightened Conrad s face disappeared As ii realized he was now called unon to face a charge i i i which Hareas Corpus proceedings were j out of the question. J that 50 per cent of the heat produced by the Coal in your Furnace or stove goes up the Chimney do you there is a simple device costing Little that can be put on your smoke pipe and save most of this waste do you know about the Rochester Radiator if you Don to we think it to your interest to learn. Learn now a Little Motiey invested and you won t need an extra stove during cold snaps. Norris Loring hardware 225-227 2d. Avenue. Good 207-209 3d. Street v a t City lots Price lots 29 and 30, Block 29, Greene s addition. Each lot is 100 by. 330 feet. They ii together one piece of g round Large enough to make a living from. Some clan Thev can be Sii divided so beat out of a his pension. Of j j excursion to be postponed. Members of legislature will not visit at present. Des Jan. Excursion to the town state College at Ames will j not take place until most of the i excursions to the other institutions on account of the fact the College is not now in the state agriculture co Tepie still a mexican War Veteran and prominent editor writes seeing the ii Dver j of Chamberlain s Colic. Chol Era. And diarrhoea. Remedy. I am re minded that As a Soldier in Mexico in 47 and 4s, 1 contracted mexican diarrhoea and this remedy has kept me from getting an increase in Rny pension for on every renewal of a Doss of it re stores me. It is Zunec Ualk Das n. Quick cure for diarrhoea and is Plen Sunru and Safe to take. For by druggists. A series of debates. Sioux City. Jan. 17. To minor Side is determined to arrange a series of de j Bates with other institutions of its standing and s. Committee of j two students has been appointed at the j request of president s. Lewis to j contests for this and next Samuel Knoer. Of the i society. And e. B. Richards of the oth onion society the other. Mos sri. Knoer and Ilic hards will visit four wifi Orent colleges the trip. These two lots i can sell for Cash for 39oo.oo. Flu Union Block. T when the store was by or. Seek a at 10 o clock exploded. Irom some unknown cause and Jiuu Toiuo onuu8.u ome in Allown Rausti i 8 i to a Snitch air. See by s desk which Sioco us fill i u in 19 h next to the Safe. It was the work of Oulu u. Moment for papers under the Newton has Honor of producing honest Man. Maintains ils Winter vacation and it will be some time in March before the Spring term is Well started. The authorities of the College do not desire to have the members of the legislature visit Ames when the Cou Eface is not in session and therefore they have delay j which will be taken Ai once. They will Call on the authorities of the South j Dakota University at Mitchell. 1 a. Wesleyan University Lincoln j German resigns position Pape j Roll top of the desk to become and As a. Result the Interior of the under the top. Was thoroughly gutted. Several valuable papers burned but they can be replaced without much inconvenience. The dog. Which began to set up on Simpson College to Indianapolis. La. And Hamlin Nuiver sky it Ianc Apolis. All Are methodist colleges. It is believe Fol Marshalltown receives guest from Waterloo with Large pretensions. Man named Tierce came to this City from water Noc Normam i in Daviau there act no Ollick of any kind in the i Mai dr5. Dorman dorm an dispatchers and others be Loo and undertook to pass Oft new phone. 1003. Kimball Block. Ins in Tho freight depot of the same As a count from some foreign clime. De the excursions until Ter president that these personal debates a be states a excursion j u1.ore effectively secured than by Means will be run. However and that every correspondence Effort will be made to rive them an j idea of the College and its work. Examination _ t13 Persia or. Kline s great i nerve restorer company a Biot a ions next to sender depot. The passenger depot of Brick beautifully finished with nil death of Morris Rosebaum. His first sit was to n Street _ Urchin on whom he showers his affect death in of prominent Gram lion and his Coin. He also proposed k k. s 931 Arch Street. Rinc Teie the Crige Rocky Mountain to mite by i Diwi Doe co. Arts. Yow veil. Oor Cut on Orch 33 cents. Katir the Best conveniences for the ticket agents and the travelling pub ii the h he a h h trains will Sto in. Front of n. Tram . A shed 3s feet Anil at both ends of the there Are handsome Stone Arches facing Street and Walnut Street the principal streets of the City. Street car lines pass on both streets. In Tho building of the depot additional Yard room was secured. The old depot will be torn Down immediately. This the fair renown j to find a speck when he the Roach Wool j to pc 3 pair of or two. And her employment if i slow. Ever since there have been Homos cab Ami has been considered the hardest part of the Day s work. Company to pay insurance. Supreme court at Washington decides in favor of Clinton Man. Clinton. Jan. Cense of Long Iran litigation extending Over a per and of four years in which or. La n Gran of this City was plaintiff and the Aetna i dealer from Iowa. Cedar Falls. Jan. The Chicago papers this learning gave an account of the death in that City of Morris Rosenbaum. Of the Grain com Hission firm of Rosen Buim Bros. The news was sail to Many residents Here As or. Kose Notum was Well known having started his business Carrer in to it is thought the Man is1, this City in 1s.t7. He was a native of Germany where he was Imron at sch Bach. January "0, 1s37. He came to America when a boy. And began work As a clerk in a grocery store at Dubuque. While there he became a to Start a. Mining Exchange stating Narket at once Una that in connection with his mining business he would do few turns in real estate that would make people s eyes open in this City. He claimed to have recently fallen heir demented. Board of supervisors. Found he was not capable of taking care of it. Tonight. One of the season s prominent farce comedy productions is Loyt s a Day a which comes to us to i with a company which is Sakai and he nest enough to to have been carefully selected from unions the prominent Farco fax j orites on the stave. Thi Story told is of a passer by who at once Noti red j Deputy Marsha Eurt Cochin. The. Allicer burst open the front door and the Aid of the had first discovered the ire. Put out the Blaze with ii few buckets of water for that happen Ings around Lown. Thi interesting kill the Dandruff germ. Or tour hair will fall out till you become Unold. Modern science has discovered that quaint cd with a. Mularky of this City who became so impressed by the Busi Ness ability of the Young Man he an appeals to All fun lovers by its Crisp and Snappy dialogue its Many Ludi Crous situations and and the interpolated vaudeville Ana musical features combined with elegant costuming and expert Stase Amft. The a runaway girl. Management of a runaway Newton. Jan. An unparalleled incident in to i Licois history of this county. Perhaps of most counties of the . Happened Here yesterday. At fall s election William Deutsch. A German was nominated for the position of a member of the Boal of county supervisors. Be ii Aii a Light in order to be elected and spent several weeks girl company at Greene s monday in a hard Campaign u secure the much january 2 x Promise if anything a Andruff is caused by a germ that digs i 5lim his lire of take any Security or Cash Lor Tho Bill. Up the Scalp in Scales us it Jarrows Down to the roots of the hair where it insurance company the defendant has Mies troys the hair s vitality causing been brought to i head by the supreme court at Washington by the refusal to a motion for a re hearing made by the defendant. In 1s9s fire destroyed the residence of or. I Ingan. On which there was insurance to the amount or s22.000. The Aetna and three other companies holding the the companies refused to pay the full amount of the policies not withstanding the _ fart that the House was a total inns. The doctor would no crypt no Compromise and sued for the full amount. The Case was first heard in the United states Federal court at which a i if in for the Troin Tiff. Was then Appe Lorl to the a United state circuit court it us and the decision of the lower court was sustained. A motion was made the for n hearing before the Ling hair and ultimately baldness. After from. Unna. Of Hamburg Ger Many discovered the Dandruff germ All efforts to find a remedy failed until the great Laboratory discovery was made which resulted in Newbro s Herpicle. It alone of All other hair preparations kills the Dandruff germ. With out Dandruff hair grows luxuriantly. Destroy the cause you remove the of coach at Ames resigns. Or. Roso Haiim Rose steadily in Tho financial warm from that time until at the time of his death he Hart Large hold Ings in Chicago and was looked on As ago in 1s74 to engage in the Grain Busi stronger company than last year. I whilst the scenery and wardrobe Are entirely new and even More elaborate. One fail to Rem Embt the Bright laughter the rippling Masic. The droll wit and comedy Anil the very place. He took his new position on the first of the year by found Many difficult tasks connected with the Placo and realized that the voters had not found out that he Unitt for Sorce. As conscientious of lace Holder should do under the same circumstances he in cled in his Resigna poetry of motion As the i Tion an.1 said gentlemen. I am unfit performance of the exquisite dances j to fill this position As a member of the that were witnessed and will he re i Hoard and feel that i am unable to give what should be required and tender my Coleridge said that when a Man i not rising to be an Angel he i sinking downward to the and s score of United states senators endorse or. Nine s Quaker tonic Tab lets for indigestion. No cure so Sun. For kidney liver stomach and bowels All drug stores fifty cents. Showed wonderful strength incas. During his successes in this Rity he did not Forcet those who had befriended him in the time of need. His former Dubuque employer who had taken him in As a Green Cark had met with Finan Cial reverses and or. Made him a present of a one third interest constances state College secures Sams coach As in his v last year. N attics. Jan. M. Clinton the1 football coach and director of four United states supreme court but the motion was the plaintiff position. R. G. Clapp. Who coach will receive the full amount of Tho pol a track team last Spring has a i Loirs interest for four years and Aiex j re ass of litigation. Trouble with Light company. Electric company at Eagle shuts off Light Over City. Has Chan pc to Day sir fact. From Tho Kitchen i Ixia to the j t Ost delicate paint in the parlor be kept perfectly clean by bal Olic j Nib eid lightly on Frith a Brush or a cloth Aad rinsed of with Clear a Ater. Kopje Grove. Jan. City coun cil and the Kaple Grove electric com have Wii it swords for Tho past thirty Days or More. Tho rom to turn Al and foil breaking Throe ribs and part of the City. This Iho com Pany d5ii. And the inconvenience to the Public was thought by the merchants to damage Trade. So the merchants at sustaining severe the favour it. Chamberlain s Coush is the Mother s favorite. It is pious ant and Safe for children to take and always cures h i.3 intended specially rot crib she. Coins. Croup and Whon Punj cough is the Best made for diseases. Thore is not the least danger in rival no it to chief Iron it contains no opium or other injury tried to Stab detective. Sioux City Man objects strenuously to having Home searched in City. Jan. I iss Annn. Of West seventh Stroot. A Jaboor to Stensny of portion his a inf a for Stolon kools. With a liner Wai Lort. Knife he Sinaik i at Frank . Only Tho officer s ability in to on Aldo Savoil him from injury. Papa s baby. Tho theatre going Public of Cedar lipids can prepare for a fun fast on tuesday ovo Ning. Jan. 21st. Want Hutchings Edwards their Corpany v ays a in our s a Cienna Cist it Vvs he in Roi irs of laughter from to ginning to i Rij. Several now and Catchy musical have Aimoto. And if numerous for seats in Ai Ivanco is a criterion it Livi iks As if All Cedar rapids had in witness i to Rovt a comedy Aro now on Salo. Vacancy and has Tho Nual plications the other Man knew he lacked. Arrested for forgery. Efforts of four policemen required to put her on train. Do Bucie. Jan. Required Thi combined strength of four Des Moines policemen to get mrs. Francis Wagner of this City into the train at Des Loine last night to take her to the Asylum for the insane at Independence. Shout. Ing and screaming like a commanche Indian she res Stod All attempts to carry into effect the order of. The Dea Moines commissioners of the insane and it was not until brute Force Vraa used that she was placed in the coach that was to take her to the Asylum. As the two policemen carried her from the Carriage to Tho train the demented woman called Down the Wrath of heaven and wished her tormentors All the ill Luck that heaven or hell might be Stow. Her actions showed clearly that reason had left her Sway and that an ill spent life had wrought her ruin. The shouting of the woman caused a big crowd to congregate and Lewis Morrison s Lewis version of goo Tho s Faust comos Tifis season with the most elaborate Schnir. Mochan Cal and at o clock naming Tho production Over in in cities whore a sue 00 had Boon Roh Rwal. The. Had ont Rotl Nihro Iirth Tho Roar window. Which had bin Jvn. A Largo Bullo of cloth off . Tho police thought they reason to Holove that a by ortion of Tho was stored at search warrant was for Harvey and Surott House. Harvey and Surott a Lous Dpi or and May be Given its con the Honse fat 4 Cassman a tide Niy to a babe As to an adult for in. Asho opened Tho Recos Consior. Of Small audiences have caused depletion of Tho Loon re Niager s son to fluid Morrison s Faust Ami the Beauty of this new production Haft been magnetic to draw crop rvs which i Torossi lated Iho display of that ions room which will probably he visible at Growne s wednesday. Jan Hampton Man placed behind bars for forging name to notes. Vcra they. Too. Hampton. Jan. Yesterday officer on and pitied the Spe Rancle their t c j. i Larod arrest John for or ring Tho name of to a Sis i note at the and merchants Hank at Hampton. Harms maintained his innocence until Pia Oil behind bars when he bras in. to the of these spectators miss Fanny declared. With frenzy that the officer to steal her property and that they were dissolute men. More Over she declared that she sect out of the Asylum and Rol vengeance. When she was to the train miss fan Mado a confession. It was found also that he had forced is father s name to a at the citizens Bank and obtained about j1c-0. Harmes was he Mart of or to appear before the Krone jury. Pet dog saved his store. Store Sale by Dru Sisu. Inf cd detectives 22, when appears Gull terrier in Marshalltown gives alarm of fire. Marshalltown. Jan. Of c. A. Pelc s Bull terrier Andy and the scratching of the animal aural not Tho door calling Atten Tion to a sissors by something undoubtedly pro vented a a night lamp which. Left on the Safe is. Star that by became More and grave Tho officers no More trouble. A prominent Chicago Speaks. Prof. Roxa Tyler of Chicago. Vice president Illinois woman s Alliance. In speak in of chamberlains cough Edy says i suffered with a severe com this Winter Vrzich to run into pneumonia. I tried different remedies but i seemed to Crow worse and the medicines upset my stomach. A Friend advised me to try chamber Ijen s cough remedy and i found it was Elf a sent to take and it relieved to at once i am now entirely recovered. Doctor s Bill time and i will never be without this spleen

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