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Cedar Rapid Republican Newspaper Archives Jan 15 1902, Page 4

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Cedar Rapid Republican, The (Newspaper) - January 15, 1902, Cedar Rapids, Iowa Cedar rapids daily Republican wednesday morning january i Soai is. Rapids town. 1. M Millam. Cole. Brewer asst. Bus. Mfr associate add to our population. Every such business will be advised of this two Mill extra us Levy which it is proposed to put upon the people for an indefinite number of years. They will also find out that that two Mill Levy will mean four times More Here than it Means anywhere else and that one fact will so Handicap Cedar rapids that future growth will be impossible. Municipal ownership is a delusion ind a snare. It Means nothing but More opportunities to waste Money and tint up jobs. In this Case it Means an unbearable Burden of taxation. It Means the fixing of a Handicap that cannot be overcome. This Council has mocked at the people of cellar rapids or two years. It committed fraud in tie name of the people and now it for the redemption of our Silver issues Wlinich Are fifty per rent Fiat. In of Confidence and pros Miv almost anything will serve As Money just As almost any kind of a Crai t will float on a smooth sea. But when storm and stress Cuoio everything must be on a solid foundation. There must be no and no weak places. The Silver issues became a menace in the last panic and Pliny would have Leen used Alons with inc demand iotes. To take Gold our of inc Treasury Bat for the positive declaration or Secretary Carlisle that if it became necessary lie would sell Bonus in order to set Gold where leu to redeem these Silver issues. So Long As have any Money in air i curation in at is not of itself As Good As of subscription City or country is a. Month or 12 cents a lil City or country s5.co a a month or 12 cents a. E. By Carrier s. Year Loo a year change of address give s distributing the surplus More As can be produced Vogue for. The state trill hardly be increased. Newspaper reports it a . Cummins is Economy. He has strenuous Stefl on it that the usual esp Endi of the gov -.increased, in his surrounded with guardians or tors. The average legislator i roundly denounced not consistent arc they or it they i think the people arc idols. A searching question. Washington Post is it that the of the people who lecture write books and Nii Lizo prominence in other ways to increase their i Len pcs Ira never known to give to Charity or Public enterprises such contrib nylons in variably come from Siluio crivits who Are governor Shaw has had in other Dis the lady from Boston transcript since mrs. The new Cabin i has announced a Allison s brother in Law. Washington d. C., dispatch two senators were today discussing the proposition for the kale of the Panama canal and reference was made to the Well known fact Walker the chairman of the Isthmian canal commission would have recon Mandog. The selection of the pan Amii route Hao the proposition for the Sale been submitted to the commission before the re port was handed to the president. Then the senators fell to discussing the personality of Admiral a Valtr and one of them said he is a remarkable Man. He a. Great ability and in addition he has very Larse influence with the Powers that be in Congress and out. 1. Can t account for it. He always got Gooc commands a sea and when he was chief the navigation Bureau his word was Law. He is one of the most influential men in Washington and his opinions have great weight in Congress. When he makes a recommendation t is generally acted upon favourably and i d like to find out the secret of it said his i Isle so with a pitying smile Don t you to i Don t. What is Well nothing except that he is Al Lison s no further explanations were needed or asked. Mem Money t a Stock reducing Sale. A Sale out a parallel. Every suit and Over coat in our store is of this season s make and every one is warranted and All remaining Winter goods must be sold regardless of Cost or value. Men s serviceable Black overcoats. 3.45 810 men s reliable overcoats men s stylish overcoats .7.95 men s Yoke overcoats .8.95 men s Fine Okeover 820 men s extra Fine Yoke men s stylish suits .6.95 men s business suits .7.95 513.50 men s Fine suits 8.85 men s very Fine suits v direct comes from honest people and he re pc Scius honest people. He has neither n club j nor a. Stiletto for any vested interests j of Hie Iowa legislature. To out j Jer Oil Ati Kilili the Oiher in her a Honor thrust upon Liim. Yes Fow Otu r convict oils. Well is some to his he has no desire to itar up any Oins governor has been accorded that panic la. Class Slio Zurbe Sivins some lit tie Lime Iii emulation to whether her _ More Sun Chi Rev vk1-rs. It is he time Lolo whether her Road nor to waylay my Railroad t o is to be re enforcing in its men. All that they need is to be let m in we 1 Lle in Lunce upon established . Or if custom. I it is counter so Many of Ihm that an alone and they will do about what right. To Railroad Man has any i Johi. To be directing legislation. No Railroad Man has any inherent i Juht to be heard except when there is actually pending Anil Grumpy counties have signally honoured by six intr Kaion. Furry is placed at the head of the com Mittee on redistricting or. At the head of the commit ton i j will be set i Lwen j within the Cabinet. A fear thai mrs. Air j Shiw will us Riv cold water on some a Munts of in seems to exist. Bin we opine int rhe lady from . Has too much regard for the wishes of others to attempt this course. 0 it is unprecedented that such in Onie Alejj isolation in which his Road is have Kohl to two i a Glass bottomed pleasure launch. Interested and then the legislators can j Cou Rutjes in the same District Lynn get information enough to direct their feet Arighi it they will sum icon the it has Remar cd that Florida times to Nina Anil i Zizon h. E. Mcinis manager of tiie i Cion and colonial hotels belonging to the Hast j 12.5o .12.50 2oc Quality .i----15c 1 40c .v.25c 50 arid Goc for.39c 85c Quality for.----s8c Quality natural color for 69c o5c boy s fleeced for.----18c 8am Wolf clothing co. 115-117 South second Street. Go in stones to prevent the friction set negro in society one sees also in France Ling fire to the Wood and the mixture and throughout continent but it of ground Wood and water which Hows does not appear so strange As in eng away from the Grinders As a Lanil the most socially conservative Gruel like fluid runs Over cams and i country on the face of the Earth. In through screens ail drying r Aris for example one May frequent King Edward revolutionary trousers. I Chicago american for the swagger set Are setting the Pace Here in attempts to copy the latest out ing suit fashion set by the Prince of Wales. In the world of dress the Prince of Wales is. Of course the arbiter As his father. Edward Vii was before him. The new fashion has taken the town by the ears it is so distinctly English comfortable and sensible. The Outing suit is composed of a Large Loose fitting sack coat with generously deep pockets a. Waistcoat that his trim and High in front just a slight glimpse of the Cravat and High double fold Collar. The trousers tre a revolution baggy and full in generous Tivey pro iwo counties broke from Harriman coast Hole company at Nassau is liar portions almost to the calf of the leg. Facial As knows that particular por Tion of the affairs of the Road the same reasoning applies to other corporations in their relations to the legislature. Mill tax Means Mill tax to pay for i City of be ajl the citizens there sem son10 people two Mills is two depends one thing thei. Two Mill tax in Cedar Hap times As much taxes As in any other City in Mill tax in Cedar to an eight Mill tax in Why for the reason rapids is assessed upon a while pcs All other Iowa cities arc weather in Iowa. They have figured it out that it Tould have been cheaper t or the to Rutish treasurer to have Pai l every British Soldier his 1 Way for the Touri Sii to eee the wonders of Marine Plant life was through Piuck arts with Glass Bottoms ind Kinsall Row boats with Small glasses Lar. Demis conceive Al the idea of Al Large boat with Corr Power and a space with plate weight in sold Ihan to so to War with j Glass Bottom we Iii would enable the for lunatics him alld is no cni1 i tourists to put n. Better View of Plant 1 life which is very rare in Many of the a Man known As general a. B. President Roos Iveli is on cleaning i Bays surrounding the Island. This is or said to be a self styled first class out custom House frauds in new York to a Only Hoat of Ever built. Lunatic is about to establish in Chan eco. 111., a. Monthly Magazine edited for lunatics and with lunatics As its Only contributors. In Ivill be the Lunatic Herald. Ano at the head or the editorial columns it will be designated is the Olli Cial Organ of most unfortunate class of human be Ings who Are re ally insane. The no less fortunate chess whom the sup Poe edit sane consider the projector of this Enterprise claims to have boor misrepresented where Large mercantile arms have lion apparently guilty of bribing the officials of the government. It is Safe to say that the president will Croce of with the needed work in spite of the Ful influences brought to Bear against it. Why Dill i a co Trio in the City Council Neil fior it. in Tho Liim re of i Iii it. My in Oti in ii Rit Ortize a Var Nih a. Work to him. The Willie of Musci Tinc. citizens can ill i Wilc fir try other Pic City s Inick tiny Lias been intelligently the malarial fir it a Alicr my j whirling radial knives. Attack i in Vlier. Writer of to to in Wood an pensions for employees. 1 i Wilh a w i a Virit Ati and Iri company .1 run if ins arc i y the a who i duty. Inv n tin puns ii Ich in no of w. H Trif k. Wili is the in w. K. Taylor co. Good dry goods a All this week of la. J arc in Ihn Hrict. The h Kiln Nerti it of other Worcester. Mapf., and Kan Francisco. As an to use fund rom Milton and of Arhl Minn n com Luoc from each Mill will in appointed which is to of any part of the i a Riols Chain conveyor Orink so Trio boiler room where i is led Ilie fires. Another conveyor. The Trot Lor at Paris inc i Cli an lops to Tho grinding room where n lose line of monsters is j waiting for Uitz. . In yid we Loti men in Prinios. Trio Mountain torrents Rushing Down to tin grind Luff loom of Forest 10 in err at they h Ivo an to no. A Ilhan Iron of the Are prints Iii -1? of a special Vern by the turbines. Tho horns nov Hydraulic Force the Lliam thus the a arc und to it Oating away three of ii our. The in ringer loll that More than ten thousand of Oiw Rpy Are to one con of i Pruce into pulp shift the Mills us o More or than a manufacturing City in new England. Cold water flows continuously on pie Gei s2.75 Box Box Box Box Coate. White and coloured silk bonnets 50c for.25c for.63c 9sc for.49c for.88c excursion rates on att railroads this week on account tie poultry Shew. 9

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