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Cedar Rapid Republican Newspaper Archives Jan 15 1902, Page 2

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Cedar Rapid Republican, The (Newspaper) - January 15, 1902, Cedar Rapids, Iowa Cedar rapids daily Republican wednesday 1902. Ujj. V 4 opening Sale Phillips goes to Wall carpets if Peries lace Mains ail largest Stock Ever shown in Cedar rapids. I former Corn King forced i close out All deals. To excursion rates on All railroads to poultry show january Jwa Slong million and half bushels of Rye. To 18th. Good ingrain. All woo filling. All Wool ingrain Lowell s heavy extra men whom he had worsted get Sweet revenge. Super. Tapestry attorney of sex Corn King states that Phillips is practically wiped off financial slate. Smith s Axminster. Easy payments. Chicago. 111., Jan. Notice was of i or Closi is former Corn a heavy Call 1 or extra margins is Sai Trade today Tailin oar says he has been taunted refers to letter written by Lawson before death. what he believes Law son really said. Spanish american War. Or. Krown represented his society l year on preliminary debate and would undoubtedly have be on chosen for interstate contest but his absence from University. He was Ora Tor on freshman coins is two years and Woi thin place ii University oratorical contest. The Wisconsin thelmere submit Ted following question shall National Banks be allowed to have Iowa debaters have until Jan. 2o to choose sides. 3iffers Grealy from letter received by Barrett. Sex minister to slam received letter saying if he were shot by i Ipi noes to would really be by americans. By to us cause of posting of notice. The Call made yes i in Rjay afro noon and Phillips and ills Siau worked All night in trouble is said to have Beer Educ to a drop in Rye yester Phillips is credited with handling a line of bushels of i be mostly in cry options. The break yesterday caused by a Sale of Only bushels. Phillips is said to Nave on ii .Jo oks also from four to live million bushels of May wheat and about Bui hels of May Corn. It is said that tic valor into Resis would take Over Phillips entire line of Rye at a figure close to Market. The effect of notice posted by Fec Alary Stone instantaneous whole list opening off sharply. Wheat in pay. Opened 1 to Lac lower Corn be to pc Nader of if is ii scr wiil be pleased to Icard thai is it one dreaded dist ask that science has Able to in All its 340.000 and since receiver has paid s3.000 in dividends so pending of or is Tiisha a than first of or. If offer is acc opted credit a will till about 57 per cent if to Weir Clavins. The Lii Ilure of Bank five years .Jo was a Leavy one and was follow Oil a quickly by he Elos no of other Banks in this City. J great revival at West Bend. Many sinners being brought to see evil of their ways. West in jail a Union revival Nice Injo or i Resby Torian Ami Ilotti Wolst to Horchos conducted by Lvov. Or. Barclay of Davenport has to ii d in Many conversions and a if to tin meetings have Boon i in powerful Ever con Ducick in this Over thirty sons sunday and monday Milany of Chi loading you if people of town Havo Tuci Miu Christian life in past ten . Or. Barclay to Clarion last of to Vic re Liore. The pastors will Pru bibly continue Mec Tinga Here. like. Steel Clear eyes Active brain strength health and Hap piness comes to these who Lake Kocky now is time to buy a suit of clothes at i -2 regular Price Mountain Tea., them 2.11 away made by Madison j. F Whelihan. Evidence of Prosperity. St. Louis woman Mother of six Chil Dren at age of Twenty one. St. Jan. Mrs. Susanna pen Nock. Who is i l yours old i nil is no in a patient at City Hospital has Given birth to three of irs of twins in for Brief life. Mrs. I Knock s Mother bore four children of whom twelve came to couplets. Mrs. I Edinock says thai one of her Sisters now living in Georgia Lias Irne live pair of twins and another four. There Are third ii More children. a total or Lii in Seveiri sets in this family. 114 a Biljon in All. Mrs. Siwinna pc i Joek Ivas born in Sweden whence her Mottier came to this co Nuiry. The sad feature of this remarkable family is fact that All but first set of twins of grandmother. A Lio is now a years. Old and is still Halo and Hearty have been afflicted Wii i Eye Dou a and Oats nearly a cent depressed. Or. Phillips could not be follow info announcement of closing of his , but members of his Stan mated that lie was still in Good financial condition. H Hulbert. Phillips Ollice manager declared that it Ivas Sudec Nofs of Call for extra ten per Nar wins which had embarrassed to stated that Phillip had traded but ii Aii um.-1-Uaiiy. Acuna to stated that i a Iii Liau but Mac Cir car mucous Etc Iii thereby distr ovens tic Llull on his amount Grain Lor pm Iem strength most part belonging to hey tie Consin Tentio n and assisting Cli Urc in Doia pirs wort. The proprietors hav to much Faith in its curative Powers that o3eroaeeaadrcfi dollars for Casu Titi fails to care. Send Forlis lol testimonials. Address f. J. Cheney co., . Fly solder tsp. Nail s Sicily pills arc beet. Phillips opened negotiations a it Cle Vator men before opening of tit Board in an to dispose of 3us negotiations which closed Rye Oul fido Pic. Tic through and May Rye Jan. His address be Ore tie Senate today on philippine Hoar said he bail been taunted by for past three or four years with a statement attributed to general la Tor. To effect that i cer Tain people at Home would hold their tongues there would not lie any difficulty with islands. Cut Liat general is under stood to have said was that we should Stop accursed it is time for diplomacy time for Mutual under is no Hoar declared who Iii Lell whether i Ilton said that or whether it. Is a Forsty or whether he said tie other or. Whether it. Is a Jor Jan. Etter referred to in Senate Hoar written to John Barrett sex minister to Siam under Date of Omro e r 6, .1s33. In it said you arc Ifft some of us have modified Wiir since we first came and if these to called anti imperialists of Boston a Quad honestly Ai Burlair. The truth on a round Here and not in Distant America. H by whom i dislike to believe to Beddick than honest m a misinformed . Convinced of error of their gaffs rated statement and conclusions cruel and unfortunate effect of their publications Here. Is kind of you to caution me about is a sure under lire but if i am Shol by Bullet it As Well come firm one of my own Mun. These Are Trong words and yet i say them because know from my own observation con Irma by stories of captured filipino i prisoners amt. The continuous is Hilly due to sent from America and these ignorant a Ives by leaders who know inf a finn. State debaters Are Ghosen yesterday at sales from cd Cen of. W pm cents. The whole Phillips line was dumped Niar into Euch life some itkins must fall Wise people Don t sit Down and bawl Only fools suicide or Tike to slight. Smart people take Jocky Mountain Tea at to Welihan. Lumber Trade prosperous. This is our clean up we Are fore ing merchandise at ridiculously Low prices. No Odds and ends and broken lines will remain so be one of Many to get a bargain. A men s suits about 100 men s very Nob Biest cuts and up to Date materials military and Dearborn Serges clays Cheviot cassimere and fancy former prices were and your Choice about200 men s or away Good business or dress garments dark stripes fancy Cheviot Cassimeris. Suits which formerly sold for and your Choice of lot for youn6 men s Ages 14 to 20. Aii assortment of Dressy garments handsome materials tailored and trimmed in most approved fashion and suits placed All together and will in. This Sale at City s savings Banks Are highly prosperous. Gratifying reports made by Cashiers at annual meetings tuesday afternoon. Funston Calls them traitors Armour co. Says educated filipinos Are mostly schemers and agitators. San Francisco Cal. An in Erslev Bri Radier general Funston Natle tie following commons on Iho situation in Philippines i do not believe that this so Itji Tion 01" natives can be brought under absolute control of a civil government. However bought nearly All of it and Market in consequence rallied sharply to c5 loiter Jacob Einger Anceney for or. Phillips gave Otu a saying that his client had been practically win jct of slate. He is said or. Whom he worsted in former deals went aft him and they Yot Phillip s save out a statement in annual meeting of Northwestern Lum Bermen s association . A Lii. Jan. The annual meeting of Northwestern lumbermen s association today Trade was report in by president Searles to be in a condition of unexampled Prosperity. Secretary holds re ported membership in Minnesota Wisconsin. The Dakotas to be record. Only forty dint complaints have been made against wholesalers and manufacturers a third of proved to be excusable if Youngr ladies sores pimples and Rod noses look Well with u bridal that savings Banks of this City have had a most prosperous year is shown by following facts and Fig ures submitted at annual meeting hold tuesday annual meeting of Stockhold it will be necessary to keep a Strong f0ijowp military Force on islands for Many .th., in my Toubl veil and Orange blog yet Rocky them All. . 35c. Coins. Its ill right. N Tea will drive j. F. Whelihan. Was held at its Banks rooms at o clock. Tuesday january m. The reports made by showed a year s business with fair profits and that deposits had in creased during year nearly million dollars. In fact ther he in half has month luring year but if not you want to find it out quickly. Potjer interests will fight. Years. Nearly All educated filipinos wealthy land owners and professional Nien Are Sci emers and political Agit Ryors. They would Jiosi 3iesi Tate to embroil United states with Philippines for an indefinite period if they could secure it Independence of islands and control government especially finances in order to then selves an Opportunity to steal. In my opinion greatest possible mistake that could tie made by United states in dealing with filipinos would to five them any form of elective legislative Assembly com posed of poo pc of their own race. A filipino legislature would int tuly Lifavi for a number pestilential o keep country up and in a of turmoil by Federal judge appoints special examiner in. His ii Tuluii in Tiu Uii. . Jan. Oiler iof today is about . My to i isomers j was issued by Fei Lanil has shown an increased business. This found it necessary to increase its sur plus to comply with requirements of Law. The directors therefore added to surplus reported last january sufficient to make jts surplus an increase of for ear and making capital and surplus of tie old directors were re elected As allows j. T. Hamilton a m. Dinwidie Kobert Palmer Charles b. Soul or George a. Goodell Lobert s. Sin Lair Lawson Daniels Ernest h. All heating stoves Are going at greatly reduced prices is your Chance. M have. A foil assortment left. Your Chance for you better not wait too Long. At Ilten Bros. Tae6e. Had their trades Well Marginet and minting a. Owa and Wisconsin will debate ques Tion concerning Banks. Holding out Hope a vain m ultimate . All slicers. In my opinion except municipal nil by Lutr governor of islands instead of be Init Elk it Cal by people. For i reason that if people a Ere allowed i to clod their ukr. Officers agitators resulted in unusually heavy Lor margins. 1 was for moment untre to c of. Out. I have a Csc a to offer to oat meal Mill closes Down. What r bushels of wheat and i is inst i Stock of Bushes of Corn an a Oats. Saturday a i or Forred nitwit Shtaml member of Board interested inline of temporary in breaking Rye Market sent notices Junction. Calling for extra margin of 10 per cent on Rye. This naturally caused Init orders monday and representative of Nie instr mentioned finding Market Bare of orders forced Market Down this was done in a moment aim news hashed All Over country caused conster nation holders of Ryo contracts Many of whom sold on weak Market a decline of 1 cent in coupled with rumours on my strength every50dy going to Chicago Only for round trip via b. R. N. Try tickets on Sale Jan. 16, 17 and 18, Good to return until in including Jan. 20. Branch houses. Are closed. All possible deals of Phillips have been closed out. Omaha. -.ian. Branches of George ii Phillips House Here Anil at Council us Monics in j Sioux City closed today ii Resil of of Chicago Harrison if debit of. Hails from Adair. Be has figured in in mry Ani social circles Ever since his first year when he represented his of icy on contest he was one of he preliminary Ile 3aters. And a Crest nieu m debate with he University of Linn Esola. Charles t. Act Smerer. Of Tiddo e. Is a graduate of Davenport last he Repi Visente of aty on Junior stand at bin titling stand said told Diirr. Neely array i who r if Nurnie in cd fraud . Not if he was willing to swear to this lie Longs to he c real comp ii is n valued Plant. For time Pasi Twenty live men invt Lityn Sinai they som to think close is Milf of Mill nol in any Way to do Ino Mill company of Falls nor ilk she any in it what Var. of Ihrl Mill , at directors meeting immediately blowing stockholders Jne eting old of Licurs were re elected. As x allows t. Hamilton. E Soutter. Vice Daniels. Dinwiddie. At fourth annual meeting of stockholders of american Trust and savings Bank held yesterday Ollo Wini directors were re elected James l. Bettr h. E. Penney , George w Ilc Vor Robert Williams James ii. Douglas t. C Munger John b. Bever. And Joseph Woitishek. The Ollices of this Bank Are As follows Goose. W. Bever. E. Pinney. Braun. T. Forbes. Assistant Sikora owing to absence of a quorum not Limo Board of directors no action was taken relative to re election of of ricers. Which will occur at meet ins of Board of directors called for next thursday january 16, at o clock p m. The report cashier shows a continued and remarkable growth for this institution. The gain in deposits for past year was gain for tic previous year skiing j1g5. . And total Deposit account be ing stw.-l-s.s-. The total assets now amount to sum of was added to its surplus fund now making i hat fund sum of was set aside As a Reserve for rhe payment of us pcs. And balance credited to profit and loss account be ing neat sum. The Security savings Bank its annual Muttini at 4 o clock tuesday afternoon acc a acting its old Lioanel of Ami Ollices. During year of Bank increased c1.7 per cent Ami Avera etl for year being larger than average for one. Thi in Iverc 1.10s tits accounts open v--01 and at close of year Irre were Active accounts with no rage of profit i Touni was satisfactory and president Mac lean arrange for Cere monies on january 23. Iowa . Presi Dent Maclean Lias announced that Jan. -3 will probably Date for dedication of new of Liberal of University. The entire state governor re gents und senators Bolliver and Alli son will be present. Senator Dolliver Ivhon delivered address at Jay is of Corner Stone will speak to students and friends of University. Dedication Date announced. See variety of fancy pigeons auditor in. Inauguration ceremonies. Short sketch of ceremonies to take place thursday afternoon. Pcs Monics Jan. B. Cura governor of arrangements for reception two american battleships will escort Prince Henry on arrival. Washington d. C., Jan. Advices German embassy indicate that Prince Henry will arrive off York about feb. Is. The president is polio Winf great interest in arrangements for Prince s reception and he himself. Called matter up in Cabinet today. It was too Early to map out any definite pro Gram but to secretaries Hay and Long were left.arrangement of de tails. It is probable to Hohenzy Odiern takes. Prince Henry from liner she will be i escorted from lower Bay to Sandy Dewey s old flagship Olympia and san Francisco which has been flagship of european-squadron.-. It. Was suggested that Captain of either ship did not have sufficient rank to meet German Admiral Itear Admiral Evans May. Be appointed special Niles will of Ina Gunilde Iowa thursday afternoon. The will Cyin at 2-.jo in . In Oriter to carry out this Prog Nimme it will be necessary to have uie Parade Start As a silly represented United states Navy on in afternoon As possible. An Effort will in made to have Parade move it but it is that it will be representative he is known personally to Prince Henry who was in command at treat fatal Demosi titration at nearer of clock before Start is made. The procession will form on kist Brand Avenue right resting on East tract. The following will be tic order of March sublet to change if necessary Stuart of police. Iowa state military Liand. Company a forty ninth regiment. I. K. G. Of Dubu Juc. Company a fiftieth regiment i. G. X. Of Davenport. Company fifty second regiment i. X. G. Of Sioux City. Company of fifty first regiment i. Pc. G. Oskin Coosa. Company a. Fifty Glrst regiment i. X. G. Of pcs loins. Fifty carriages will follow. The order is Klvan below Ali acc carriages containing joint u Gisla Lvii committee. Carrin tre containing governor Shaw governor elect chief Justice Lado adjutant general Ever.---. Of governor Shaw s stall in car Rigos. I Cut cant governor . nil governor elect John Horroll. Eaton Chick clerk Benedict of House. The chaplain of Iho tar favo rhe proc rip Anil your . I have Lavon Lea both let a Aii. 6vr of pct Civ a Row trap air Davisi two Ven a. And sratcrcv1. With n head jct. I of Kerrtu a Coc id Sot Ca or in cup. Now 1 thank for Wiy or. Pierce s Rica Sant pellets cure to Saess for sign i it of f rates Anil .1 Morrison Ivill As rap Lin aril will ,-in.l of a Joity . Kiick Rex of. Was rail will sworn in Riim of this Irv h a m of it. In ii Iho Shaw Tell St in or. Cum who will hrs in normor. Will Fol Low him inc not Jross. Taif Grant club club will or Moor i motion to to nor from anal All jurors were tin til i o clock i tiny morning. In division Sinif Vanl o Troy is. Powell. Slops cough an4 works cold. Bromo Quinino tablets cure a coid in one Day. To cure no pay. Price 25 will i treat no ill lir son. Will Call Fil on to Thon ii this will lie incline nine to a Poparod pro poultry show is attraction of year. Doors open from s a. M., to 10 p. To. Auditorium. Drc in Mouth and with stomach dip St it comp Ely in orc it has Lime to . Decay and Sony. On Cipr Rinien Onn Grain of Stuart s dyspepsia tablets will digest to ill and Prkins of re eat a Grond similar wholesome foods. It is Safe to say. If this known by people it would he a National was slip. As we i on of Dysep Thor Ort run to imperfect dare Salon and i Trioa. Stuart s arc not a so cart Patent Randi inc but a fifty cent a Cocace will of More real Cood weak so Macli than u Dol Lar Worth of Patent medicines and a prion has s Owine Jitt what he i s into is stomach re blah to docs not Konoir

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