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Cedar Rapid Republican, The (Newspaper) - January 7, 1902, Cedar Rapids, Iowa Cedar rapids Republican tuesday morning five Hundred Yards. China silk. Fine Quality in All colors regular 60c per cd. Value to close out at 25c per cd. City Council has Busy night takes Back the property Given to Sisters of mercy. Holds meetings wednesday night to discuss water. Tables Alderman Buck s motion to buy a fire engine. Rejects the ordinance providing for a division of the sixth Ward several interesting discussions. Carpet co. Mrs Harry Linter is married again wedded on december 23 to an pkg Burlington hears a very sin Gular Rumor. Fearful Accident narrowly averted Central. Park. Electric car 1njo passenger train. Several Hurt but none seriously. Girl who caused a murder and a suicide Long ago. Some people in Burlington Are try i ing to make it appear that she and mrs. Linter Are the Burlington Jan. Tord reached Here today that mrs. Harry r Linter widow of the Man murdered on Locust Street in this City on thanks night 1mx has again mar sled this time to court weight at Pendleton Oregon the wedding took place december 23. The murder Case subsequent suicide of George Anderson in a Ceil at the jail Justus the jury returned a of guilty created considerable j now comes a Story of stil More interest. It is a Mere Rumor am could not verified tonight. About Twenty years ago Burin Torl was up Over a strange murder and brakes on the car said have failed to work. To with Only one vote in the negative the City Council last night took Back a Resolution the properly they once gave the Sisters of mercy an Ordi Nance for the purpose of helping them build the new mercy Hospital. A Small recompense for taking away this property once Given and which is valued at Between and the Council on motion of Alderman Hus ton voted to set aside the sum of Sio a month for the year 1902, or a total of in return for which the Sisters Are to care for such patients As the City chooses to Send to mercy Hospital Dur ing the 1902. It Ivas pointed out mayor Redmond that the City ought to do something for the Sisters Inas much As Many patients have been cared for during the past year at mercy hos Pital being sent there the City and cared for the Sisters in carrying out of t in terms of the ordinance giving the old Home for the friendless property to the Sisters. This action on the part of the Council led to considerable discussion in fact the meeting held last night was Gener ally taken up with discussions on Var ious topics most of them Good natured and All of them interesting. Perhaps car run Down the first Avenue Hill at a Good rate of Speed and collided with a moving train. A we St bound Central Park electric car heavily Laden with passengers ran into a moving passenger train at first Avenue and fourth Street at s o clock monday Van is a guest at the Home 01" or. . J m. Dinwiddie was severely Hurt ing thrown under one of the seats and a Coal Box falling upon her Back. Mrs. Dinwiddie was Cut about the lace failing Glass As was 3iiss Caroline put Nam. Several of the other passengers were shaken and bruised but none of them badly injured. The bystanders who saw the Accident expected that Many would killed and in View of the circumstances the fact that Alles caped death is remarkable. The cause of the Accident his not been definitely fixed but it was due to the most important action taken was he adoption of a Resolution to meet in secret s session in mayor Ledmond s of fice at 1 o clock wednesday evening to discuss the whole water fire ques Ion. This meeting is to followed is in open meeting in the Council chamber beginning at 8 o clock. The Council tried to pass the Ordi Nance dividing the sixth Ward into two cards but it failed. Five votes were cast in the Ifil Irmatine and two in the negative. Mayor Redmond declared it adopted but then two questions were raised. One was raised Alderman Hedges who made the Point of order thai it took Sis votes to pass any Ordi Nance. The other was Alderman Wallace who contended that there was no registration for the proposed ninth Ward now and that no Board of registration could sit until the nest ejection. The mayor then thought that the easiest Way out of it a cult to declare the ordinance lost and this he did. Alderman Buck offered a Resolution Price. The latter wus Turman James Flaherty and conduct won a. Alsey mar .q1. Hendrickson. Rich but in or. not hippy and Tlle car Jet Central Park it Imd was As full As it could crowded la Dies and children Jilling the scats and men standing in the aisles and on the rear platform. It was just before the lecture Given professor Patrick in the University Extension course in the rec the Young Bride rift her husband and again West to live with the Vood this greatly angered her Hus band who alleged Jim Woodward it As the cause of the desertion and a rec eting him in front of the Thul build ,i2g of Knirr Street struck him. A fight ensued Young Woodward swore vengeance. The next any he met Price la a Barbershop situated where the Odd Fellows buildings now stands and he Drew a revolver shooting Price in the of the head. Looking to see that the Man was dead he threw some papers into the Stora and shot himself dying almost instantly. The woman Rumore of her came from Chicago but she was never seen Here again and the incident was Force ugh in the years that went . Noi those who knew the woman who caused the first murder and death declare that she and mrs. Linter whose husband was shot Here on thanksgiving night and i Hoss supposed murderer committed suicide in the jail 5s the same Delia Woodward form Erly of this City. They Point to the words used the wounded woman Harry. I did not think it would a time to this and say that it was some one both parties that did the shooting. Sisters and secure care for the City s sick in accordance with of the original ordinance Alderman that the property owners were opposed to allowing the property to sold for commercial Pur poses though they had no objection or at least not much objection to its ing used for Hospital purposes. The land had been donated to the City for a Park and those who donated it should have something to say As to the disposal of it. Mayor Redmond pointed out that the land had not been donated for Park purposes but Only for Public purposes Alderman said that the City should hold the land Lor ten years at the end time it would have doubled Iii aide and would then Worth pay the of erecting a City Hospital something which would have to come in the future. Mayor Redmond said that it possible some contract with the sister s the care i or the City s sick. Zuj done for the City had sent to mercy Hospital Sev eral patients during the past year patients which could have been cared for in no other Way and who had been cared for Sisters in the carry ing out of Zijic in agreement with the City. He said that while the Sisters would like to to sell the property and devote the proceeds to the building fund yet they did not de sire to do so if it would create any controversy or ill feeling on he passage of the Resolution All the aldermen but Alderman Wallace voted Aye. Alderman Huston then moved that the sum of ?40 a month set aside during the year 1902, to recompense the Sisters for the care of the sick sent to the Hospital the City. This was passed the same vote. A fire engine. Uderman Buck then introduced Resolution that the City Purchase a Are engine and pay for it out of the Genera fund. Believed that the cite should have a fire engine. The bus Ness men had come to him As chairman of the fire committee and seemed to 3a the blame of him because no action was taken he moved the committee of fire permitted to Purchase a fire engine As in the report. Alderman Haskell seconded the motion and said that the business men had demanded a fire engine and should have one. But the pressure in the Busi clothing reductions Odds and ends in our men a boy s and children s clothing wit i placed on Sale at one half one third and in some cases one fourth their former Selling Price. Men s and two of a kind dark worsted and Cassimeris Cheviot and scotch mixtures former prices and Choice of the Bunch. Men s and stripes Gray mixtures Cheviot and Home spurs splendid Busi Ness and dress suits formerly sold for 10, Choice now for Young men s suits Ages 14 to 20 lots made up in the very latest military shoulder form fitting Back in All the latest including Serges and Clay worsted sold at a Choice Childs 4 to 8 in Restees Sailor suits and rus Sian blouses. A few Are slightly Soi led former prices and Choice now Ness District was fairly Good now and. A nov sub station on the West guide was needed More than 2. Lire engine. With the that would needed in the Purchase of a lir-5 engine he would erect another sub station on the West Side and enlarge the present sub Sta Tion on the West Side which sit present was a. Lovel. Alderman fuck Elid not think or. Haskell in the West Side sub station recently. It had been fixed up and and comfortable Alderman Haskell in t the water matters the committee desired to look into pretty Bat he intimated that none of them had As yet been looked into. Alderman Huston said the matter h and been dragging for three months i without action and the company must know whether it shall improve its Plant minis City or quit. Alderman Wallace moved that the committee to bring in a report at the next regular meeting and this motion carried. Alderman Huston theri called up the ordinance dividing the sixth Ward Alderman haste1. Said it was too late to Row because it would impossible to secure registration. Alderman Huston said that the people of the sixth Ward were practically unanimous in favor of the division. It was Well nigh impossible for All the voters of the Ward to cast their bal lots at an election now. J. An interesting controversy de i Veloney As to the Power of the Council for the Purchase of a taking the Money necessary out of the general fund the fire fund being about exhausted. This Resolution met opposition and ended the agreement for i secret meeting to discuss the question of water and fire Protection. Opening was quiet. The opening of the Council session last night was quiet As usual with the allowance of Bills and other routine matter. It was not till the of the Hospital came up that the Dis Cussion became animated. Alderman has Kelt presented the following Resolution Resolution amount equal to the inter engine too Ami to maintain it w of High school auditorium and Many of the passengers expected to Stop at fifth Street and walk the remainder of the Way to the High school. Among these were or. . Dinwit uric r. Hiss Vanboskirk. It was seen that the Motorman was not going to Stoi Ai fifth Street or. Dan Wudte pulled the Cord but still there was no indication of a there fore gave the emergency signal three Sharp pulls o the Bell Cord but the car went on without any appreciable slackening of its Pace and before the Der Mun Haskell said that when the Sis passengers could fully realize Dan ters were Given the above described Ger it had crashed into the rear coach property the City they purchased the of the b., c. E. X. Davenport Pas buildings thereon from the Home for resolved that the mayor and recorder authorized to drava warrants in favor of mercy Hospital for the amount of and deliver the same to the mercy Hospital authorities on receipt of a Bill of Sale for All buildings of nil said Hospital on Block 64. Original town and on receipt of the proper conveyance to this City of any inter est of said Hospital or the Sisters of mercy in and to snid Block g4." in explanation of this Resolution Al pressure Good now in the business District Alderman Buck the pressure is pretty Good for Ordinary purposes but we can no Othrow the water so far As we did in years gone . Alderman Huston did not believe the present time Good one to buy a fire engine or even to talk fire engine at All. To Purchase it would require an the interest on id Cost so Joo a year Money he thought might used to Tutte r advantage in connecting up the dead ends of the present water Mains. A secret meeting. Mayor Redmond Cut the discussion Short suggesting a meeting of the Council wednesday evening to discuss the whole matter fire and water the meeting to held As a. Secret meet ing in his Ollices for an hour and to Convene in formal at his office at s o clock. This suggestion was adopted. Alderman Hedges asked what had become of the Cedar rapids and mar Ion Telephone ordinance. It Lead been found impossible to get the matter out of the hands of the . The ordinance passed to its second Reading an option had been Sengpr which was just going up into the Yards having left All its passengers at the Union station. A was confusion in the car or some minutes nearly everyone being thrown from their feet the Force of the collision. Then there was a scramble or the rear door and Heads and feet were in painful proximity in Many cases. Alfi or than Haskell was one of the Pas sengers and he was thrown to the floor of the car and prevented from rising for a moment the weight of another Man s foot or the Back of his neck. Cured on a suitable building necessary. Lot for the new this option had just expired and in the meantime the owners had been Given another Opportunity to sevits property and the a to pass the ordinance at this time. Al a Tamari Wallace argued that it would impossible to the voters now. The matter must deferred until the sitting the boards of registration at the next general election. The mayor finally thought Best to de Clare the ordinance lost and the Council adjourned. Kindles anew the fires of youth balances up the Joys and sorrows of life. It s vain and foolish not to use Rocky Mountain Tea made Madison Medicine co. 35c. J. F. The Liam. If not you want to find it out All heating stoves Are going at greatly reduced prices wait now is your Chance we have Al flu iott1kkt left. Your Chance for. You. Better too Long. At Ilten Bros. Tae6e. My m thursday night at Greene s. Or. J. H. Stoddart in the Bonnie Brier Bush is the attraction booked for presentation at Greene s thurs Day Jan. 9. This play and this actor have from the critics and clergy new York City such. Voluntary accorded a. Praise As theatrical is Seldom production. Or. Soil Dart is already one the oldest and Best known actors up on the american stage and according to the critics of new York in his present role of Lachlan Campbell he has won the drowning Triumph of a Long career. Despite the genuine the Opin pathos and Romance of the piece of consensus of new York s critical Opi t Ion is that the Bonnie Brier Bush l j Lull he i h us jul i. V Lili i f i j Ter must quickly settled also the is altogether the most successful and the friendless for the the pass age of the Resolution the City would re fund to the Sisters the Money they a invested and would then the buildings and the lots Alderman Wallace that it was not fair for the City to take away this property from the Sisters after having Given it to them ordinance. We gave Ihm this he said under contract that they would take care of the City s sick and i am not going to a party to inking ii Back. I want company must order its material if it completed the work before nest Winter. Aldarman Huston said there had been one meeting with the officers and directors of the company which was very pleasant but aside from this no action had been taken the commit tee. He stated that there were several a work when is suffering with piles. Dost laughable comedy of the season s successes. Mother did t want it but some others did. Peculiar struggle for the Possession of Little Henry Jay with or. . Kenyon. Death at spr1ngville causes sorrow to can t sleep can t get Comfort i to cure a Colo in one Day take laxative Eromo quinine tablets. All druggists refund the Money if it fails to cure. E. A. Grove s signature is on each Box. Shakespeare s Best comedy. To those who have read the Tam ing of the shrew the coming revival at Greene s Friday Jan 10. Will a. Miss Lulu Shafer yesterday afternoon signed adoption. Papers which or. Ind. Jars. Charles Keniyon became the parents of son Henry action was taken after a. Day of fishing for the Possession the struggle is probably not All Over even. Yet it is reported that the child s heir to considerable property and that this was the real cause of the controversy which yesterday kept police Matron Schmidt and several others very Busy. The Mother of the child gives a Peculiar reason for allowing him to go out of her. Care and custody represent ing that she is about to married to a clerk in the b., c. It. And x. Offices and that he while willing to take her for better or worse would rather not take the child As Well. Whether or cot this is True is problematical. The real Fric Tion seems to have been Over the pro Perty which will come to the boy when he is of age. It appears that there Are certain interests who Are desirous that Home persons other other than the Ken Yons shall care for the lad and ultimately manage the lived. However that or. . Kenyon a genuine affection for their Little Nephew and were ear Csuy desirous of adopting it aside from the property consideration. The matter was settled last evening before judge i Leonley of the District court and or. . Kenyon took any Way but Pite cure will cure him give Relief at never known to fail. Ult a Little pain maj distract a maa s mind the City to carry out its part of the con . 7.t uncommon mistake Bui Aii were Able to walk is counted . Any i away with Tow exception of miss Van in of the mucous membrane wherever located to stir s. By abnormal is a Ilarra the front end of the car was com Mittee in that it had not presented with tit report some plan of i coping the Racks the nerve a pc vents Ilcin prevents con Cocci rate and i takes a Man lose Cesli As Istas he would with n. Virulent fever. yet upon As lies Aro Tran in from month to Montij Aad year to year. By and a opt Tjoa. Maybe i it Kiil there is Only one sure Safe and crore for plies. 11 is the Pynsia id Pik 1 is a Rector discovery and its properties arc such that i cleanses soothes and heals the Llic Isola creation at once Ami try in Coo term Merit ii Culici and .11 race of the it Puls the membranes in a Calth Active Coonc Rioz and cures completely Ani permanently. c. F. Parent i claim Cacco a sync the Pyramid cure and my was so tvs i to Honcho to remily was to fail in use. Big before i used Sisro lords of one Bejasa to bolter ind pm r Sny i am Coli rely it is the and sur Cit race i have Ever tried o heard of. From Moslah Roberts port Oram x. Jew one-qi72tter of a of the Pyramid Tik cur com wonders for Moira i i ave Tost no a rom Miil Lale. . On Ivic maps of Tarald owe incl pc More than Ita Welcome announce men or. Charles Sanford one of the most accomplished of shakespearian artists will seen As Petrucho and miss Helen Grantly. A Young and handsome eng Lish actress As Katheri Jie. The rest of the company includes a number of Well known ladies and gentlemen who have won their spurs in shakespearian Corcey. The following Are included the cast 3forie Dro nah Emma Kayner William j. Shea Irving Knight p. A. Vannary. Harold Fiske Paul anderson., r. 0. Mech l. W. Browning and John c. Davis. The child to their Home. A cure for piles. It Banff. Blind bleeding or Proi Rud is piles. To cure no pay. All gusts Are authorized the manufactures of Pazo pile ointment to refund the Money where it fails to cure any cases of piles no matter of How Long standing. Cures Ordinary cases in Sli Days the worst cases in fourteen Days. Have a round pitiful Nock neck Wipple your Haj from Side to Side and take Florky Mountain it s a Short Cut to .1 Graceful orm. J. F. Ore is som drapes or Noi ally. Ii yours does t Kurp it. Be will pet it of you if you is t. That. Hook on Ewe acis euro e son re one application gives ease and rest. Relieves itching instantly. This is new discovery and it is the Only pile remedy sold on a. Positive guarantee no cure no pay. Price 50c. If your drug Gist flon t keep it la Stock Send us 50c n postage Stamps and we will Forward

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