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Cedar Rapid Republican, The (Newspaper) - January 7, 1902, Cedar Rapids, Iowa I 1 f the Cedar rapids vol31 Cedar rapids Iowa. Tuesday morning. January 7, 1902.-8 pages. No. 266 yimt0h the scene of two Grimes burglars enter residence of Rev. Frank i Loveland. Hethod1st pastor felled by instrument. Jiddle aged German resident shoots himself. Late saturday night d kept fact until sunday morning was Certai f f via 8. The Home so. V Al burglars in Frank it. Love attacked him when time during the burglars effected an Entrance window Here and apparently ave served under him. The Choice of n officer naturally fell upon or. Fun on the ranking first lieutenant. Sev nil papers throughout the state have Cen misinformed by their correspondents misrepresenting. The facts stat that or. Funson was appointed the Heads of the captains. It is Rue that or. Fun Sou was to have been made Captain of company a in which Case company d would have become ranking company. In the regular army n which Captain Burnett has for Many years held a commission the. Captain fixes the rank of tie company but the company does not fix the rank of the Captain. If a subaltern is promoted to captaincy of the ranking company that company loses its former rank. The mistake was due to the misinformation and ignorance of1 the local correspondents and not to any fault of the part of Captain Burnett. 4unter names guards. Two Young men of Vinton appointed i guards at Anamosa. Vinton Jan. Warden a. A. Hunter has appointed Frank Smock and f. E. Boyden both of this place. As guards at Anamosa. Both these Young men Are thoroughly reliable and trustworthy boys and will make Good officers. Cummins to speak at Normal. Bryan Speaks about Jackson endeavours to draw Consola Tion from old says democrats need to earn steadfastness. Still considers imperialism Paramount Issue. Sex candidate for president dramatically if we Mutt join i shout for blood and ask in a Kitchen As people returned to Home night train which at about 5 o clock Lakeland awakened and do server from reflections that1 there was a burning downstairs and awakened who and went Kitchen and turned supposing that it had been for when retiring for the night and by reception Hall on ins return to their sleeping apartments he was struck Over the right Eye burglary some Blunt instrument will deliver address at dedication of new Normal building. Cedar Falls Jan. Hon. A. B. Cummins on invitation of the Board Neasure the mighty great certs know that the sturdy dutchmen of South Africa have already conferred upon the world a. Benefit that can not be measured by Money their valor has brought greater Security to Oil the republics of the Earth the bodies of their dead have built a bulwark behind vhf a the friends of Liberty will fight for centuries. The fact that England has been compelled to employ. More than soldiers to subjugate less than men in fact that England has expended More than per per capita wealth of the United has neither been Able to Purchase then nor kill these facts Are immeasurably valuable to people every where who want free government for themselves and Are Content that others should Enjo y it also. So the democratic in Power or out of Power is two Vang Man kind when it stands steadfastly for constitutional government and insists that government shall be administered according to the Jefter Sonnah Maxim. Equal rights to All and special privileges to none their first cars. Triple tragedy at West Union i this City and under their management it has been very prosperous. Miss Falb was a most estimable Young lady 33 years of age. Born in Switzerland and coming to this county at an Early age. Homer Neff kills Sweet and wounds rival. Another Bill to Honor Schley officers receive punishment. Maryland representative United states officer. Heavily fined wishes medals struck and imprisoned. San Francisco oa.1., Jan. The i United states circuit Coli t of appeals today judge Morrow fined judge Isoye then went to his own rooms Cape Nome conspiracy and blew his brains out. Terrible fit of jealousy doubt edly the cause. In Case. United states District attorney Woods was sentenced to four months imprisonment and assistant United states District attorney front to twelve month imprisonment. Approves of our shipyards. Would commemorate 6jx great naval victories. List to be ended with of Santiago. Former county clerk found sweetheart and rival together and triple tragedy ensued. Wooster Ohio Jan. William j. Bryan of Lincoln neb., spoke Here tonight at the Jackson Day banquet held this evening at his suggestion in order that keep Bis engage ments a thew Haven and Boston later Welt his subject and he Faid in part the traits of character which distinguished Andrew Jackson no trait was More prominent or More helpful to _ his country than his steadfastness. Of trustees of the Iowa. State. Normal j Vohen he believed a thing he believed school has accepted the invitation to it. Followed with deliver the address at the dedication of j out questioning. When he decided that the new Normal school building on anything ought to do did thursday january 30, at 2 o clock. The i no Power could overage him. He did first exercises will occur on wednesday not have in his veins a. Single drop of evening january 29, when Hon. J. J. Anything to win blood when Nicho Mcduffie chairman of the building Las Buddle declared that through the committee of the trustees will give the National Bank he could make and in Pron Copal address. Following the even make congresses Jackson replied that ing exercises the five. Literary society that was More Power than any one Halls will be thrown open to the Public Man ought country and Friday afternoon the lit he then began aghast by Codle Pinr used which Cut a deep Gash and j Rar. Will give special pro and his which rms on a turd a evening the men s overthrow of that great financier and societies will give special programs. On the institution which he so autocratic he school under the direction of prof ally controlled. Others were that Fullerton will Render a concert Biddle s influence if antagonized would that before he could re burglar own a sold and about it in inon that has been discovered As Takeriu or Loveland however bad a i narrow escape As the physician who dressed the wound Over states that had the blow been dealt an Inch higher it would have Skull been an Inch lower would destroyed . The receptacle Money taken was found Bouse. Fatal -1n j u by secret. Shot himself and John c. A. Which the ered. V Empress dowager and son thank of of Railroad. Brussels. Jan. Director general of the Belgium Railroad in conveyed the Royal train from Cheris Ulris to telegraphed that he has been personally thanked by heir majesties who expressed them selves pleased and interested by their first experience in Railroad travel. Mrs. Lentz receives dam Ages Turku government for Murde by officers. Pittsburg pa., Jan. Famous in International diplomacy. Reposed to Day by the payment of. Damage to mrs. Lentz the mob Jar of Frank g. Lenz. The american wheelman killed by turkish1 officials. The Money was turned depart ment to an attorney of this City who i connection with the l. Through president was j securing president i Ckinley s Persona interest claim and having it pushed to final payment. Union Jan. German expert report to government on ship building. Berlin Jan. Schwarts the German naval constructor recently sent to the United. States to investigate ship building has reports. Schwarts goes into the details of Des building As conducted in a xer i i. Rible tragedy occurred Here last night. The West Union Gazette extra today n speaking of it says i America shaking most favourable com ments acid showing that while wages Are greatly id excess of any. Other coun at o Dock evening Homer try the difference is More than compel m. Neff rapped at the door of the room sated by the labor . Of miss Rose Falb. At the commercial hotel. Emmet Sullivan was visiting her j at the time and they agreed Between themselves that it was Neff who Knock j base Ball men Confer. Presidents of american and Western organizations meet de. Sullivan stepped to the door to pre vent his Entrance and a struggle in finally saying to Lemur in. Hockey of Omaha neb., Jan. President Asne so entered he g association n presiden of the Western Commodore Winfield Scott Froin session of Cong rom. Washington d. A Jae. Schley Resolution was introduced House today by representative Schirm of Maryland which provides that a appropriation of i or Bronze Tab. Lets commemorating the six Al victories beginning with John Paul Jones in 1797 . The Battle of Santiago Bay Moore Scott o in Isis. A. Bill restricting immigration introduced today. By representative Dalzell of Pennsylvania. It . It directly in Sullivan s face the Ball i striking him upper jaw lodging . Check. In the Melee an other shot was fired the. Ball passing i gang nations. Through Sullivan s coat across the s. Conference but the result was not Given put. Both spoke confidentially of the future of their or shoulders and lodging East Wall of the room. By this time Sullivan was Able to escape from Eek s clutch and government of got out of the room. Now bringing Back troops. To be turned Over to civil authorities. Were heard office of the hotel and Ken Otley Zhe clerk. C., Jan. In accordance with the recommendation m govern and Sullivan meet. Will be Ren defeat the democratic party but Jack son saw in it a menace to his country and he did hot Stop to consider what effect an attack on the Bank would have on himself or on his party. He round Mill in Louisville. New. York. Jan. Twenty round bout Between Terry Mcgovern Dave Sullivan will take place the Southern athletic club of Vine k in reviewing Jackson s said that As Cicero overthrew rushed up the stairs meeting the bleed general Wood. Secretary Root has increases the disabilities of alien Immi Grants. It persons who. Have been engaged la any plot against any government any of its officers or who Are anarchists polygamists nihilists or Bers of any secret society _. Stit ution or compact is contrary Constitution of the representative Grosvenor of Ohio Day introduced an it is similar except that death is penalty to that provided for assaults on an officer of the further financial troubles for Ever Ett Moore Syndicate Toledo o., Jan financial Bles of the Everette-Iloore-7 Syndicate have resulted appointment of receivers for the Toledo and Detroit ing Sullivan East and West Cor directed the third Squadron the afternoon of february and saved America we shall observe this Day in vain if we do not gather e of Jackson inspiration und 22ud. The conditions of the Malch Are 23 rounds at ,125 pounds to weigh in at of r the work which lies ten o clock feb. 22. The purse agreed democratic party upon is sixty per cent of the Gross re-1 to learn from the hero of seipts per cent to the win-1 Orleans Ine lesson of steadfastness it to learn from him stipulated that if Bob r Igat is. More important than to Fitzsimmons should not Gorto Louis-1 but that right is i Given no Chance who sure supreme court decisions. And Kentucky sustained faster. I matted that this is practically the Ber they then went to miss Falb s room ginning of the general withdrawal of where the full Force of the fearful the United states troops preparatory tragedy fell upon them for there they i to the Transfer the control of the at four id the innocent victim of Neff s in san jealousy sweltering in her blood stalled during the coming summer. So two bullets in her brain and one known there will be no Lurther breast. Which would have withdrawals of troops until the Una proved also found her arrangements Are made Lor the Ormal clothes on fire from the the Transfer of the government to the new last shot supposed to have been fired by elected officials of be after she had fallen to the a Eslyn cases riot caused by lived without gaining consciousness tin Copper shows Good gain. of the it also this morning. Sustained the the full account of the terrible Stock Market Short Good volume of manufacture and Sale crime is Argo s extra As follows Ville. The contest Tim Hurst is to act As referee. Little Tome but be refused e matter and would. Court will re enter today. R to Call for assistance or a physician until about 11 esterday at which the first news of the rash act was. Known a pm a Sci pm hastily summoned but to Render and Lufi about morning. That his attempt at self de had he told e had done stating that great preparations being made Pekin for procession. Pekin Jan. For. The Way to insure Success. Full details of death of Ger a party must have principles or it j Man student can have no claim upon How can it command. Its principles better than by standing by in i them have Faith Reed of a party if the party stands ready to barter away its Creed n sex army officers compelled him to use itry. Of the Royal court tomorrow change for Promise continued on a scale of grander shots into his breast but rebounded and he then shot . In exam Inauen of the premises show mkt one shot had apparently been ,.red through and another through a Couch entering the bide wan the House. army to capture kill and rather than be captured Boas described. Came Here from Germany about ago and by the strictest had bought him a couple of erected a. comforts he had paid All out the Money to which he had hand at the time of the tragedy. It to his wife he requested her the mortgage. A baiting vacillating coi there is some friction Over the failure i fails to invite recruits but it aliens of the foreign soldiers to. Keep off the and drives away veterans. Streets decorated and cleaned for the another reason for. Stead fastness is Royal procession. Found fact that can Tell Railroad Iraq Lac Pekin Antl until the attempt is made court s cles courage can overcome. The bom graph lines and postal service to j tins fun. I there Cut his Throat with knife. Found philosophy As Well As a religious troth words. That Saveth his life shall lose it the party that has no higher purpose was fighting with Best shot in entire regiment. Opponents were to Exchange six shots thus giving him practically no Chance for life. Berlin Jan. Of the it to lift than to save its own life will die bed Jel last thursday at Jena. In which Trade through Day. Kew York Jan Stock Market one of the most appalling and cruel j air wakened into some show of est tragedies has Ever occurred r strength and animation today after of e lost opening i to that end Tiad proved futile for a West Union took. Place sunday shortly after s o clock when h. Is Keff shot and wounded Emmet Sullivan shot Rose Falb so that she died a few hours later and then killed himself. The events leading up to the dreadful tragedy Are. Briefly narrated As follows for some years or. Neff and miss Ine. Vav it also sustained the Provo ice for an inheritance tax b the greater part of Market generally stocks and Bende Kentucky the session. The company Basel its contest on recovered smartly allegation that the Long and Short Falb had been keeping company had been engaged the wedding and Day Wisconsin Man found in cellar with cause it deserves to die. If need be i or lieutenant Thieme of the 2fi his Throat Cut. The Sake of a great cause will live be regiment killed a strident of Minneapolis. Minn. Jan.6.-John Wil i cause it to live. Halle Una Versire by shoot Liams of Somerset wis. Committed who says that the Money Power is in him through the heart arc or Educ sol code by Throat cutting today. He omnipotent and that the democratic a a cup so nation throughout Ger her not to spend to. No was found by the police. In hand party must Compromise with it or Kur in his basement. The motive for suicide Render to it not until human nature is not known. Thieme the Best pistol shot in v a poor per posts. He was in Inaus to jobs frugal German living almost in absolute retirement on the outskirts tyls and there is no doubt but he was temporarily deranged when thit. He was temporarily de w committed the rash act which ended life this morning miss co Lor a do state fails. Is entirely changed can the financiers pistols were selected he entrusted with the guardianship of l the producers of wealth not until becomes just can the Money no statement of assets and liabilities made Public. Grand Junction Colo. Jan. Colorado state Bank in this City closed today. An assign is in charge. No p can be balanced upon when it is in rapid motion and great financial Structure designed Vall Street for the Benefit of Wail of Honor composed exclusively of army officers notwithstanding the fact that the Eti ident societies proposed the use of court stipulated Corset Lent held having been set several times but for some reason the marriage was regularly put off by or. Neff. Finally the girl tired of this and several weeks ago the told him that it was All up Between them. In the meantime she had been receiving attentions from or. Sullivan. Sunday afternoon or. Was with miss Falb at the commercial hotel where she had been working for years and Asha complained of not feeling very Well she took his supper to his room but he did not eat soon after this he left for his rooms Stam Block a few moments after s o clock in Cama Down from his moms me nigh watch Colburn on the Musser Corner and in answer to his greeting said Good and walked directly North to the hotel. He entered the East door and went up the Back stairs directly to miss Falb s room. Here he found or. Sullivan and mis. Falb. Emmett attempted to keep the door closed but he forced it open grabbed or. Sullivan by the Collar pushed his revolver into his face and lived. The Ball entered one his nostrils and ranged along the Cheek Bone. From its Early depression but few stocks showed any. Material gains Over saturday. Amalgamated Copper was an exception and after Early weakness on the further decline Price of raw. Copper it Rose 1 3-s Points Over sat urday. The financial trouble rubber Trade following upon the developments concerning the trolley promoting Syndicate caused some Reserve Specula Tion. The Rise in United states steel extended to 7-s preferred to 1 5-s. The Market closed firm and Active. He statement of assets and liabilities has Street Tju stand upright Only so private Secretary of president u Back. Cedar Jan. Who was a one time Secretary to Hon. Henry Sabin was s ate superintendent and Secretary office of the president i. Tace formal school for three years. Past Tavvo years a student Ann Arbor has been elected to the position of bookkeeper at the formal a. New position created at the Board meeting. She will enter upon duties in fcb Hinry. Miss Maude for the past two a cars an instructor in geography has resigned and has by Mica Bertha Marsh Xandra. Bowman has been assistant Lac major is appointed. Yet been made Public Solon merchant passes Over. R. J. Grissel formerly of Iowa City Dies after Short illness. Solon Jan. This after Oon at 2 o clock occurred the of r. J. Grissel one of Solon s most prom University battalion will be commanded by him. City. Jan. The battalion will in me future in Teton handed by a Cadet major. In of rial orders recently Pablo shed Leo Jyz Burnett command font of the appoints William Cont t toe office of major or. Coast is a sen Tor in. The College of Liberal arts an we Captain in command of compan if the battalion. H. S. Fanson bos promoted to Captain and placed in of company c. The creation of of Cadet major was due to disabilities of Captain of Comett old for net permit the activity necessary for Cornn Nelns the battalion. Or. The Choice of or. Coast heartily Lindy Nunt citizens business men. His illness was very Short and was not con dered dangerous until sunday his brother and other friends were called from City. Or. Grissel has been a resident of Solon Only since last summer when the gris sol company of which he chief member the general inter hand so Stock of Fisher Keck. And As since conducted a successful and business. The funeral will to pc place wednes Day at the Catholic Church in Solon the body will be interred Iowa City cemetery or. Grissel a former resident of City. As it can be kept whirling the col lapse will come when the Speed is slackened. Who says that be can not afford to measure strength with great monopolies which now arrogantly assume to control the Domain of politics is Well As the Field of Industry not until in can gather Good fruit from an evil tree and figs from thistles can we expect a private monopoly to bring Forth Public blessings. The water that inns been poured into the stocks of the Duel resulted from a party of Stu dents having been jostled by some army officers Street held was with the students and he slapped the provisions of the s of the Law Are in v Teeth amendment to the of the United states Tate Constitution and violation of the s his opinion today said the will be traffic manager. Duties of Darius Miller Wilt fall to lot Challenge its of Blabon. This was a question of state policy. he said the citizens of Kea a Tucky voluntarily seek and Grant from the state of a charter j build and maintain a Public form of a Railroad it would Jex Dent that they take hold and ate their Road subject to the cons Titu. Ton and the inhibition we Are Clasid v ering and Are without the Power Chicago. Jan. Circular Lias been issued under James j. Hill s signature to the effect that vice president Blabon will have charge of the traffic of the Northern and will be assigned to duties under Darius Miller formerly second vice president of the great Northern who resigned to accept ser vice with the Chicago. Burlington and Quincy by. Company y happenings at v or Washington Jan. For postmasters Ash. Pointed Beebetown Harrison coun to f. Ii Beebe. Vies John d. Resigned Edna. Lyon mock. Vice Alfred Ross removed Kendallville. Winneshiek county wred a. R. Goddard. Vice. S. M. Terrible crime of half Breed. Signed Osterdock. John Moser. Vice Clayton Bounty. B. Flenniken a wife bums her with red hot Iron and hits her with ass. Marie. Mich. Jan. Where we understand. It still remains. Kuz Enaw a half Breed Indian at har he is not dangerously Hurt. Or sul Den River became crazy drunk today i Ivan broke away from him and ran anal horror Izanc the Village went Down stairs the blood gushing from is i q has Home Xiv Here no Sive his wife a face of Thieme who was in clothes. Plain six hangings in one Day. Wound in streams the hotel and others office heard the shot and started up Nieting or coming n. Bet orc pounds nor and burned one Sloe a raid hot Iron woman crawled out of the House us claw follow lip her attempt governor of North Carolina sanctions wholesale hangings. Kaleigh. X. Jan. A cock today named wednesday feb. 25 for the hanging of six such a wholesale execution in one. Day being without precedent in this state. Four Are to bans at ashes the for a burglary at emm. X. A one at Wilson. X. A. For assassination being the first since the War. And Mac at Tjw Rolston for a salary 5" which a Horri Bly Cut was seen on his Way to the Down the he returned Home and turned at the head of the office made an attempt to Cut his to so to miss Falb a room Throat with wife knife. Ruzena finally Rural mall delivery service will established on february town. App noose carriers length 40 1-2 Miles 230 carriers. B. B. Vermilya c Stanley. Post office at Black Hawk to. R be discontinued the comptroller curency has ap-1" proved the Hanover National Bank of new York As a Reserve agent for tha. Coon rapids. National Bank Coon rapids Iowa. Iowa pen Sious. Of w. Haigler Malcolm. Presla. Jr., a Riu Oketo Samuel Walter i Hill. Durham h. Ferguson Correctionville Richard Harwood. Greenfield. J10. Mexican Dike. Or. Malvern avid want taxes removed. Committees of National business league pass resolutions. Cynic no. . The kit a Nilve. Commerce and manufactures commit 1-Ccn Tes of the National business Point meeting today and in voted in favor of the repeal of the War Revenue saxes. The resolutions ire to be Cut con Annj the commercial organization and business men the without the coun try. Requesting tic or co operation in securing favourable action. Weather for Iowa. Fajr tuesday and wednesday coi Cje in North and killed by former employee. Our Groat corporations has for the most a Nam Ken drawn from the agricultural regions and the drought that is a nire to follow Wilt teach the Farmer the mean ins of the Trust system. Must we Nondon the self evident truth that poor Ruments derive their just for 1171 Jhc consent of the governed must we accept As an accomplished fact and join a he for blood and Conquest on Republic rests solid Rock and while to principles Are Rover we it can not Law overthrown from within or from with out but f All parties toothed o erect an Empire upon american soil. Hey would build upon the the edifice could not endure. It 5s n Law divine in its origin. Irrol Sublon in us Force Tim eternal in its duration that Wron s ultimately destroys the no nation or Combina Tion of nations is Strong enough evade or resist retributive Justice. No one should assume and what no one can a Rovt that steadfast to democratic principles would result in repeated de feat is there any reason Why we hour abandon those principles and adopt or have none at those who j dividend declared. A Corr prison fare or a Servile f subject s j Wash Aston. D. C., Jan. Lot to the dangers of the Battlefield com Troner to recur May condemn the Boers for i cd a fifth dividend of two per cent i what Tome describe at a Hope Rass Stnic-1 favor of creditors of the i employee recently discharged shoots superintendent. Sprint Field. Ill Jan. G. Dad her. Superintendent and Poneros Man r of the Spring old Koun try c Pany and the Indin Napolis from and switch company was shot find Al this afternoon by John w. Kenny an employee recently disc Barso. The Roar was arrested. Elgin butter Market Kos Reno. I. Jan. Sales the Market was declared firm 2 l-2c. The week s output was Pou Nils went directly to his rooms took off escaped across the River to sugar is is overcoat coat and hat threw the hand. His wife will die. Be empty shells from his Sun. Re Loath d uie weapon placed it against the two Illinois appointments Emple on right Side of head pulled he tripper and dropped dead. He was card to come hastily up the stairs 31ns

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