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Acton Free Press

May 1, 1958, Page 6

Acton, Ontario, CA

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OCR Text

Cazenovia Republican (Newspaper) - September 24, 1862, Cazenovia, New York In. A a a it a a a Cazenovia 1 Max isun county ,.wednesday,v september 24, 1862&Quot a aus a a. . No. 21. L a Buff list a it if a an it in cum Horpe Tijerna remained six night at one ,7exploring on horse event y a it cd a Hundred a of three lie menant colonels two Back in Tolje tempi t an the it rain a Rich a Siuy Hka a Vuk a a a web sad amp. _ Dot do la Job a a hubs. a the soon Story of Tilp Post off co ,r4i.b i in stress cafe Nevis a ptts Poa Pepa match was dead two divisional i _ v. 1 fifth apis a he sixth we re destroyed. \ i Rerat st �?�1 a amp a so but Ribera having to Kwh pm pm is left it �l-76,. A 1.25 per year Invar Bijj in add Jice t Tomei $4.60 wow a a Lor it the Boncea fixed by Low. 1 of str Kansas John Browh Echo. Amotio to most Bari King bongs Wiloh the War has brought Forth we must class that grim Pori Tanto Al Myrlo a Tho Kansas John Brown which appeared originally in the Kansas Herald and Bioh is As we Aro informed extensively Sang in the army that Orda Are As follows old Tohn frown a body lies a Moulder if in Aba Grava while the Bondmen All Are weeping whom a Venta red for to save though he list his life flight my for the slave his Soult marching on. Glory glory Hauel Jahl. Glory glory hallelujah i glory glory hallelujah i his Sony is marching on. John Brown my Bernann daunted True and Brave a Quot a Kansas knew his valor when he fought her rights to love and now though the grass grows Green above his grave. Hip soul is marching a captured harpers forty with his Nineteen men so Fow Quot and frightened old Virginia till she trembled through and through i 7hay Hung him for a traitor themselves s traitor . But Hie Sony is marching on. Upha Brown was John the Baptist of the Christ we 5> a to see list. Who of the Bondmen shall the Liberator to a a and soon through Oil the South the stares shall All to free for Hia Sony goes marching on. I John Brown he was a soldiers a Soldier of to lord i John Brown he was a martyrs a Martyr to to a word and be made the Gallows holy when he perished by the Oord for his Sony goes marching on. The Battle that John Brown began to looks from heaven to View on the army of the u Nion we la its Flag red White and Blue. A and the an gelt thatt it ing hmm Over tie deeds of Man to do f at toe go marching Chi hold a a of Jesus then strike intr Hill Yon May the death blow of oppression in a better time and Way for the d4wa of old John Brown is a brightening into Day. And his soul is marching on. Glory Story hallelujah i Olor glory. Hallelujah glory glory hallelujah i Liia Sony is in arching on. There i if the soldiers of Cromwell and of ire top had apy Lyric to he amp to that should Liko to see it a Pong jts rough and rude rhymes a fleas Oft a fiercer fire which we supposed Quot waa Tong Sloe verily old father Puritan 4 not a find yet neither docs to sleep and to judge from what we Hare Beard of the effect of Biong among Tho soldiers we should say old John Brown himself far from perishing is Eren now terribly a ure there in Somech tag fearful in the inspiration which can inspire monthly. Lay 5n the grow Uhde Hamilton wounded a Bertrandt in Billa Noar Rossomme and ther killed. Pm Hobby Bact Falcon pierced 1 gratified to seethe Long lined of the Etc with seven thrusts of a Lance Gordon tras. The a a a a Gogi ont yielding la Jhai ,f3aiute taken there was but one knot,,.ih.e Den tree that still Hela. reinforced it. La a called thither so 1l.hj 0_ Merbe b , and Chasse who was at braise 1�?Talleuu�?. Centra of thai English army Slighly concave vary dense and very compact a a Aid a Strong position. A a copied the i Leteau of Mont Saint Jean with the Vil a age Tia find it and in conv the Declivity a bib at that Lime waa stoop. At Tho rear it rested on this Strong stood infuse then an outlying property a of Nivel Lea which Marks the intersection of the roads a sixteenth Century pile so solid that the balls Rico oseted against it without in Jung All about the plateau the English bad Cut away the Hedges bore and there made pm Bra Aurea in the hawthorns thrust the Mouth of a Cauthon Between two branches made loopholes in the thickets. Their artillery was in ambush under the so rubbery. This Punio labor a undoubtedly fair in War which allows snares waa so Well done that Haxo sent by the emperor at nine of clock in the Moro id to reconnoitre the enemy a batteries saw nothing of it and returned to Tell Napoleon that there was no obstacle except the two barricades across the Niv Ellerf and Gen Appe roads. It waa the season a Raff Llu rate of % dug. From it Sosotte a a the 2d part of Thi celebrated new French novel a a Les the Battle of Waterloo. By Victor Htoo. tour of clock in the am Kook. Quot towards tout of look the situation of the a English army waa serious. The Prince of Orange commanded the Centre. Hill the right Wing Piotta the left Wing Pfaff Prince of Pange desperate and intrepid cried to the Hollands belgians r Jef mme 1 runs Wick / never Retreat t Hiu exha at. De had faired Buhek upon Wellington Pio Tou waa dead. At the very moment that Tito English had taken from the French the colors of the Forth of the line the French bad killed Piotta by a Ball through the Bead. For Wellington the had two Poi amp Sof support Houg Montand la Haie Sai Rte Doug Mont Atill held out. Bub was burning la had been taken. Of the German battalion which defended it forty own men Only survived All the of fit Ira except five were dead or three thousand combatants were massacred in that Grange. A sergeant of the English guards the beat Boxer i England reputed Invulnerable by Hia Oom Radea had been killed by a Little Freach drummer. Bang bad but Een dislodged Alten put co the sword several colors had been lost one belonging to aliens division and one to the Luna big battalion Brno by a punch of the family of Deus Point at the scotch Gray Midei a Cedar Pompeius Clebit said there no More Ponsonby a heavy dragoons Lego Aires of the and been out to pieces. That valiant Cav Pompey at this time was not to weep but. Dry had. Given Way before the Lancer of a is Oer tata that Cesar laughed o and Tho Chi Rassier of travers of their i from the previous evening and in the when gain is at its the Vorgo emperor was speaking. Of the plateau a battalion of Kempto a bri a or Gado the d6th, armed with carbines was lying in the tall wheat. Thus supported and protected the Centre of the Anglo Dulch army was Well situated. The danger of this position was the Forest of signes then contiguous to the Battle Field and separated by the Ponds of Roe Vandael Aud Bott fort. To Zarovy would not a heat there without being routed regiments would have been dissolved immediately artillery would have been lost in the swamps. A Retreat according to the opinion of Many military men a contested by others it is True would have been an utter rout. Wellington Lem forced this Centre by one of Basso s brigades taken from the right Wing and one of win Oke from the left cd addition to Clinton s division. To his English to Halkett s regiments to Mitchells brigade to Maitland s guards he gave As supports Itie of entry of Brunswick the contingent Kielmann Egger Silano be rians and opted a a germans. The rtt he Tsyn a its Charras says was Bent Bach behind the Centre. An enormous Battery was laced with Aandy bags at the Placo Sheffi now stands what is called a the Waterloo Wellington had besides in a Little depression of the grounds Somerset a horse guards fourteen Hundred this was the other half of that English cavalry so justly celebrated. Ponsonby destroyed Somerset left. The Battery which finished would have been almost a redoubt Wai disposed behind a very Low Garden Wall hastily covered Virth Sand of Cha and a Broad sloping Bank of Earth. This work was not finished they had not time to took adopt. Wellington anxious but impassible was on horseback and remained there the whole Day in the same attitude a Little id front of the old Mill of moot st. Jenn which is still standing under an Elm a Boob an englishman an enthusiastic Vandal has since bought for two Hundred francs out Down and earned away. Wellington was rigidly heroin. The balls rained Down. His Aid de lamp Gordon had just fallen at Hia Side. Lord Hill showing him a burning Shell said i my lord what Ore Lions and what orders do you leave As if you allow Youni Elf to be killed a to follow my example answered to Clinton he a hold this spot to the last Man. The Day was Olea july going badly. Wellington one to his 01? companions of Talavera Vittoria and a Hoys / Tor must not be beat a illuminating All the horizon from to brain Ojik ileum it had a by a med to him that destiny for who a he had made an appointment for a certain Day upon the Fiela of Waterloo was punctual be stopped his horse and remained some time motionless wat Ohio the lightning and listening to the Thunder and this a to list waa Beard to utter in the darkness these mysterious words a a we Are in to Napoleon waa deceived. They were no longer in Accord. A he had not taken a moments sleep every if staff of that night and brought him a new Joy. He passed along the whole me of the advanced guards Stop pm Here and there to speak to the pickets. At half past two near the Wood of Hougo Mont be heard the tread of a column in March Quot Fae thought for a moment that Wellington was falling Back. He said it in the English rear guard starting to get away i shall take the six thousand in Ghr men who have just arrived at Hylend prisoners. He chatted freely he had re covered that animation of the disembarkation of the first of March when he show fid to the grand marshal the enthusiastic pea aant of Gulf Juan crying Well Bertrand there to a reinforcement already a on the night of the 17th june be made attn of Wellington this Little englishman must have his lesson said Napoleon. The rain redoubled it thundered while the Lamarca what would they say of us m England 1 handed the Centre to Ili "1 Aizint four of clock the English line Picton Tho loft Wing to staggered backwards. All at once Only the artillery and the Sharp shooters were seen on the Erbil of the plateau tbs rest disappeared the regiments driven by the shells and bullets of the French fell Back into the Valley now crossed by Tho cow path of the farm of Mont st. Jean a retrograde movement took place the Battle fool of the English was slipping away Wellington gave ground. Beginning Retreat one Napoleon. Is polio in Good huh or. The emperor although sick and Hurt in Bis Saddle by a local Amic Tiao bad never been in so Good hum or As on that since morning his impenetrable countenance bad worn a smile. On the 18th of june 1815, that profound Oul masked in Marble shone obscurely Forth. The dark bowed Man of Austerlitz was Gay at Waterloo. To greatest when forego died present these top traditions. Our Joys Are a haded. The perfect smile belongs to god alone at half past three in the morning one illusion was gone officers sent out on a announced to him that the enemy was making no movement. Nothing was stirring not a by ouzo fire was extinguished. The English army was deep silence was non the Earth there was no noise save in the sky. At for of Clook a peasant was brought to him by the of outs this peasant had acted As guide to a brigade of eng Libb cavalry probably Vivian s brigade on its Way of take position at the Village of Obain at the extreme left. At five o clock two belgian deserters re ported to him that they bad just left their regiment and that the English army was expecting n Battle. So much the better exclaimed Nepoleon i would much rather Cut them to pieces than repulse them. Tri the morning be alight of in the mad upon the High Bank at the Corner of the Road from Plano Benoit bad a Kitchen table and a peasant s chair brought farm of Rossomme sat Down with a Bueb of Straw for a carpet and spread out Pou the table the plan of the Battle Field saying to Soult pretty Chequer Board p in consequence of the night a rain the convoys of provisions mired in the softened roads had not arrived it Dawn the soldiers bad not slept and were wet and fasting but for Oil this Napoleon cried out joyfully to nay we have ninety chances in a Hundred at eight o clock the emperors breakfast was brought. He had id item several generals. While breakfasting it wa9 related that on the mgt but one before Wellington was at a Ball in Brus. Sets Given by the a Duchess of Somerset and Soult rude Soldier As be was with Bis archbishops face said the Ball is to Day the emperor tested with Ney who said a Wellington Wilt not be so simple As to wait for your majesty. This was his manner usually. He was fond of joking says Fleury de Cha Boulon his character at Bottom was a playful humor says Gour Gaud. He abounded in pleasantries of Tener grotesque than a Tufty says Benjamin constant these Gai ties of a giant Are worthy of remembrance. He called Bis Grera adlers a the growlers he would Pinch their ears and would pull their moustaches. The sniper or did nothing but play tricks on us so one of them said. During the mysterious voyage from the Island of Elba to France on the 27th of february cd the opem sea the Fredo h Brig of War Zephyr having met to Brig inconstant on a Boob Napoleon was concealed and Baring asked the inconstant for news of Napoleon the emperor who still bad on Bis hat the White and Amaranth cockade sprinkled with bees adopted by him on the Island of Elba took the speaking trumpet with a laugh and answered himself the emperor is get Tiyon finely he who laughs in this Wayng Ramnar or rules of composition. If we e . Or. Can get news to print a a hair be very glad wednesday sepi. 24, 1�62. Tufa we propose so do. We have not Utu now found time to say Tho few words about ourselves and our plans Bioh custom allows us to say on assuming charge of the rerun Oak. We Hare vary clearly defined notions As to what a weekly Village newspaper Ghoul do be. It should be first of All what if purports to be a newspaper it should print the news. I Anju the Quot a or Myrix Hera Quot if Tho is of familiar terms with events Napoleon bad several of these bursts of laughter during his Waterloo breakfast. After breakfast for a Quarter of an hour to collected his thoughts then two generals were eat de on the bundle of Straw pen in hand and paper on knee and the emperor dictated the order of Battle. At nine of clock at the instant Beff the French army drawn up and set in motion in five columns was deployed the divisions upon two Lipes the artillery Between the brigades Musio at the Bead playing marches with the rolling of Drums Aud the found it is evident that one Small Folio Sheet per week cannot contain a much matter As six Blanket quartos like those of the new Yolk dailies but this need not operate so greatly to the disadvantage of the smaller publication. Nine tenths of the War news published by the daily journals is the merest rubbish flying a Mots purposely falsified reports Street gossip. Off Loffl flt pre .specula.-Lions, and panic expanded stories. Half the space of tuesdays daily it oco upion in correcting Tho blunders and the falsifications of monday and wednesday s Issue is Only a copy of Tho Day before. A Well digested weekly abstract of the nows is More entertaining Reading and much More Likely to be Oor Reot in Ita statements. The weekly writer has Lime to eliminate the exaggeration and wilful misstatement and he avoids the wonderful prolixity of detail in which Tho i amp Wals of our time indulge. Why the York Herald contains every Day about five times As much matter As Tho Rapanu can does every week. It must be a very Idle Man indeed who can find time to read the Herald thoroughly every Day. No Farmer 0? Mechanic or professional Man cd do it if he has anything to do at his own business. What to know to ought to do and what we shall try to do in the department of general nows is to give in each number a Olear and sufficiently of pious review of the leading events of Tho week so that even those of our readers who do not take any other Papor shall have a Conne oled and truthful narrative of the War and of the general course of events on this continent without the omission of Ody great material fast. It shall be our business to winnow the mass of chaff thrown from the nor Hudt Ous presses of the land and present to our readers the grains of truth that remain. But the general news is not the speciality of the Village newspaper. The great events of the Day May to found recorded elsewhere. Not so with the local history of our town and county. The material Inch would be required if a history of Cazenovia and Madison county were to be written can be found in no publication if not in our own. It is our ambition to print pub a newspaper that the Antoro historian of our Village or our county May Fiad plentiful information in a file of the Ricu Dijah alone. Very Likely we shall not succeed so perfectly in chronicling every interesting Sircum stance As we desire but the higher we set our Standard the better will be our performance. We invite the Active co operation of every one of our subscribers in our endeavours to make the Best local newspaper id to Loyal we hereby deputized every subscriber to not As our a a special correspondent and reporter Quot from this time henceforth. If any ods of oar readers bears or sees anything which interests him or her be or she May be sore it will interest others. We urge every one to Send or bring is information concerning an such interesting thing. We do not insist upon any exam toes in regard to w Fth us. While we shall insist off thinking for ourselves to shall not attempt opinions upon others. We mean to a on equate honest Independent Good terms with everybody. This is pretty much All we shall have to say about Outt Olves. Strong personal allusions. The Utica evening Telegraph has the following of Zenobia Crandall Bros have assumed the management of this largely circulated paper. A a a to take the trouble of preparing it for Tho press. If our readers will Aid us in this matter we do not hesitate to Promise them the Best journal Ever published in Cazeno via. Nor do we pretend to generosity in doing so. That is the a Jay to make our business pay. There is Money 16 to Mado Here by printing a Good newspaper and we Are Gong to make it. Perhaps it will be misconstrued if we neglect to say a word about polities Aud ing of trumpets mighty vast joyous a a Isea of basques sabres and bayonets in the 0 matters on which people differ. We horizon the emperor excited cried out do hot think that because a newspaper is a magnificent 1 magnificent a i published in the country it most therefore to to continued i. Be Content to put up with second banded editor. Of course the Republican is a largely circulated a but to have made special arrangements by Bioh we Are enabled to announce that a few subscribers will be received if application is made soon. At Only n Dollar and a Quarter a year in of Vance a a our handsome and hospitable old Friend and co labourer Ira d. Brown esq., of the daily Oswego commercial times turns aside Long enough from Bis grown persons work of making Ellhu Saatio War speeches with one band and editing a live daily with to other to give us Tot How ing the Cazenovia Republican ibis week comes out under now auspices. Its Lute editor and Propri Tor Senoca Lake patriotically forsakes the pen for the sword and goos to the Froid As a Captain in the 114th regiment. His successors Are messes. P. A Crandall and e b. Crandall the former taking the editorial management of the paper. To Are Well acquainted with to editor inasmuch As he was our associate through Many Days and nights of hard editorial service on the Ultra morning Herald. He is a gentleman of much ability As a writer and journalist and is withal Ono of a a natures noblemen Friendly a and Frank a a Man Tvito his it a a a a a in ins under Bis Naoa Gemot the Republican cannot Well fail of being one of the Best weeklies in the slate. Sucoos9 attend u 1 a Bailey of the Utica daily observer delights to Snygg Nice tilings of his friends. As witness the following Frank a. Crandall recently connected with Tho Ulicny Herald has with ins brother assumed the proprietorship and Mau gement of the Cazenovia or. Crandall is a Young Man of uncommon ability Tot. Aud Industry and will be missed from the Volumna of our oily Potempo tary. A the do Ruy ter weekly news compliments us in the following paragraph this exc Ellent paper which for eight years past has been so ably conducted by capt. Seneca Lake has now Pusod into the lands of messes. F. A it pc e. B Crandall whom we doubt not will make the paper As acceptable to a patrons As it has heretofore Beon. The appearance of the Republican last week Speaks Well for the ability of its now proprietors. We ought before this to have noticed the Davoul of the news which is now five a Seks old we consider it n very remarkable newspaper and its editor a very remarkable Man. Naw Yore after the return of the new York militia regiments from their Ebreo months service the National War committee again tendered their services to the Dover month Bioh scorned at the moment to be in great need of Gen. Halleck responded that to reg�-1 Hergt Georgo k. Ilon do Hospital blew Raen is had refused to stay when there was i Ard Ebenezer Mcclintock. Greater need of Ibero and that they would a at to following Are the Georgetown not again to called upon. This was untrue men in capt. Smith a company a 167th As All of the regiments Whigob had been re regiment. Town and county. Set the following is Tho Muster Roll of the Fine company raised in Sullivan for col. Browne a 157th regiment oapt., we. Bellinger 1st Lieutenan Thurlow w. Priest 2d do., William h. Snyder first sergeant Robert e. Grant 2d do., Randall lower 3d do., Peter p. Carl 4th do., Harlow d. Wells 5th do., Asahel l. Porter. A first Corporal Nathan w. Meeker 2d do., John Brazee 8d do., Henry solver 4th do., Chas. W. Cook 6th do., Matthew Moochler flt i do., Nelson l. West 7th do., John h. Walters fifth do., Henry l. Wenton. I1 privates Alfred Adams Charles Gray Geo. H Adams Quot Albert w. Greeh Hofto anguish h. Hardimon Albert Alkins Albert Hatch Jobo austra Edward Hubbard Jonas Bonney William h. Harrison o. V. Boar Druan Adam vol Wink Augustus Bra it it Zee guns. Holfoth Hailey Brazee mob Al Kinney Bradford Butler John Kealoh John Butler Luoius b. Kolo Mahlon Barm John Kelley George Carpenter Samuel n. Marks Cassius Carman Edwd. Moore Ransom u. Coon win. 11. Moore Poter Conrad f r. Norton John a. Cole Harvey Ornduff we. H Colgrove Patrick per Dien Ira w Darling g 8. . Devoo we. Pierce David Draper Jonathan pin of we. Draper we. Post Edw. G. Dunham we. Ii. Plank we. O. Eastman James t Sutok John Fai Robold Oscar w. Roberts we. Fairchild Richard Sart Wiljos. Farrington Matthew Shiple Clark Fuller John w. Spencer we. H. Foote Martin Snyder John p Fonda we. Tegg John p Fox John Webber William Fox Ilion. Welch Michael Gallagher Nelson l. W Loitney Paul Gifford Charles we i Tolan Samuel Gleason Chas. Young Warren Wright. Of car co. A of the 167th regiment is organized is follows. Captains a. Smith Hamilton 1st Lieut., it to r. Seaton do. 2d do Julius d. Palmer Madison. Fust set Oanio do Witt Van Hoven Bergh georgetown2j do., major l. Hunt a Railton 3j do Henry c. Smith do4th do Henry p Moor do., 5tb do., Chas. W. Dudley Madison. First corporals Conroy w. Miner Eaton 2d do Maniuel Quot or Carpenter do ruyter3d do Monroe Al. Bronson brookfield4tli do a Fredk. Benjamin Madison 6lh do John u Vickery s Hamilton oth do Warren w. Long Madison 7th do Curtis a Burdick Georgetown 8th do. Jamos a. Kelley Hamilton. Musicians Charles a Loyloy lie Suytar. Xoa Malcre Sidney t. Mcquinn Hamilton. A st to Potor Boro company of Tho l&7th regiment is organized of follows n captains a Riley Stone 1st lieutenant William a a juco2d do Samuel Wick wire or first sergeant Joel l. Jaques 2d do Thomas c Barnott 3j do Lafay Olte to Milliaras 4tli do Richard l. Hall 5lh do. Nelson r. Smith first Corporal a we s. Earlindalo2d do Benjamin p turks 3d do John a. Campbell 4ill do Henry 8. Montgomery 6th do Edward s Hazel line oth do Ira g. Elm wood7th do Frank l. Hays 8th do. Jay e. Berry sup the Field and staff officers of Tho 114th regiment so far As announced Aro As follows. Colono a b Smith Lieut. Colonel Samuel r per Lee major Henry b. Morse adjutant Jamos f Fitts quartermaster James f Thompso surgeon Lew p Wagner asst it surgeons Leary o Beardsley Harris ii. Ile Oche chaplain 11 o 11 r y Callahan. Non commissioned san of regt major vacant quartermaster Sergt Augustus 1�?T Clarke commissary Quested to slay after the expiration of la Muir term of service bad done so and some had voluntarily remained without so much As a hint fro in the government. Tho sixty ninth Twenty second seventh Imd others rushed into print with indignant protests and Gen. in Ali quarters Ace sad of in Justice. He now acknowledges that he did do the regiments injustice through the receipt of erroneous information. adapted a a not for a Day but for All who that Bas listened spell bound to the tragedy of Richard Iii does not recognise a apropos 4o things immediate Tho remarkable exclamation a a Richmond is on the seize i Quot sided views and these views to May Sorne Traft state in pretty decided but we do not intend to quarrel with those who differ with us nor do we intend to let Abraham Odell Lansing Nicholi Augustus r Perry Harmon m Hill Lorenzo Van Horn Ira Cady Cyrus Cady Nelson Fairbanks Roswell Barber Geo. H Davis win 11 Dutin opt risk it a Hax the from 1 to buy ter Lacavelle j Curtis Leonard w Perry partly l. Haskins Albert Randall James it. Baker Oren Holmos Merrill c Wood Stephen m Man in of Nelson is also in capt. Smith s of Tipady Asp on sunday morning 7lh instant a. Hop Kiln on the farm of Isaac Talob at the Salve ,1pi ook fir0 and w8s entirely Oon. The Wila of to country Are cracking b jokes it to expense of the postage stamp li0f i a no Prem wa5 a1 hat was Atco Era an Era which we Hope soon to sea of t in burning building the farm was ended by the Advent of the new and neat j in the Possession and occupancy of or postage Bill our Ronny. Van Vleck of the i we 1 biker. Kind Crook rough notes a a goes on after set the l Lerald Oneida Sachem this fashion i0 report the Cazan Ovia pair As coming opinions. There Aro few matters of Public he that steals our Purso a i pot Rioh a Hayo been slaved to thousands and when teals postage on to e 7th and 8th jays of oct Beroth a my my is Correct. Quot a Turca Al pref twixt Send Sis a Al of Fine Western now York peaches. He they get dirty will do nobody any Good a but be that appropriates to self our Quot them to any Ono who a Rood name two \ a to would Liko to l fee get the specie on. I would appreciate the gift More highly ;