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Castlemaine Mount Alexander Mail (Newspaper) - November 17, 1854, Castlemaine, Victoria National Library of Australia l. C lat fir English news. F tie Arrivi Ifon thursday morning of the p. And o. Co s steam ship Norn a under 1 the command of opt. Down places it Possession of dates from England to the of sept. With respect to the Progress f of the War although no actual attack had j been made upon Sebastopol. The intention j of the Allied troops to fight for the occupy i Tion of the Crimea was openly stated and j vast preparations were being made at Varna the attacking Force was to number 30,000 1 frenchmen 25,000 englishmen & 20,000 turks. The French commander. General 1 St. Arnaud had issued a flowery address to his troops describing the greatness of j the Enterprise and the heroism of every one j. Who was to Aid in it while lord Raglan in the less poetical style of j our More practical nation had contented j a himself with directing air. Commissary i general Fidler to take Steps to ensure that the troops shall All be provided with ration of Porter for the next few Days. In the Baltic the intelligence. Received. Is of Little interest excepting indeed the de j tails furnished of the taking of Bomar Sund l. Which appear to impress English naval and j military men with a belief that the russian i Granite and Iron fortresses Are. Not so in preg Nable As was supposed. I cholera was making great ravages in England and also in the West indies. It. Has proved very fatal also among the Allied Rit forces in the East. V the Baltic. Capture of Bomar Sund. L Dantzic saturday aug. 19. Her majesty s steam frigate basilisk Hon. Captain i Egerton arrived Here Early this morning with i lieutenant Agnew Flag lieutenant to sir c. I. Napier. Lie menant Agnew has charge of the despatches which announce to her majesty s government the Success of the operations against Bomar Sund. The principal fort sir. Rendered on wednesday the 16th the rus Sian general whose name is Bodisco and wards of 2000 men were made prisoners. I a Short summary of the proceedings which led to this result May be acceptable on monday 7th August Admiral sir c. Napier hoisted his Flag in . S steam frigate ,.3uldog, Captain Hall and went to Bomar 1 Send. On tuesday 8th. The troops landed nil the boats of the division before Bomar Sund s were employed in this service. The operation i commenced at Daybreak and was successfully \. Conducted. No opposition was offered by the russian troops not Noah the locality was very favourable As a position for riflemen. H m. Amphion Captain key attacked and destroyed a Small Battery mounting six guns the guns were destroyed by the fire of the frigate and j the russians retreated to the principal fort j on the same Day the bulldog Captain Halli with the Admiral on Board and the Stromboli tried the Range of their guns on the round Tower. While thus employed the bulldog got \ on Shore she off in about four hours j by the assistance of the Amphion and vulture. I on wednesday the 9th August stores were l were landed. In the evening a detachment of russian soldiers was observed in Presto Chan Nel. Some to its endeavoured to. Take them. The russians made their escape leaving five or six Small boats in the hands of the English the bulldog and Gladiator hearing the firing ran Down but did not arrive in time to attack the russians. In passing Bomar Sund the steamers were fired at by the forts. The same Day the English marines were landed. Thursday 10th. Guys and heavy stores j were landed. On this Day her majesty s ship Penelope Captain Ciffo ran into a Rock within Range of the guns of Bomar Sund. The Hecla Gladiator and Piggy went in to her assist Ance and opened fire on Bomar Sund. In the Penelope three killed three wounded. In the v Hecla three wounded. Two frenchmen were killed in boats alongside. The Penelope threw her guns overboard and after two hours and a half got off with considerable damage. The forts fired red hot shot. One of these passed through the midshipmen s berth. Friday 11th, and saturday 1 2th. Setting guns into position and erecting batteries on 12th. The French gains com " Jeroen ced firing at Tzee fort 4 a.m.,. And at 4 the fort showed a Flag of Trace. Firing ceased. Monday morning. The fort surrendered to the French. The Joamber of killed and. Wounded is estimated at about thirty but has not been ascertained. In the English Camp a Marine who was lying Down in a tent was struck by a Cannon Hall which fell upon his Chest crushed and killed one Marine severely wounded. There were Many very narrow escapes. The ground was ploughed . In All directions by shot and shells and it a � pears almost miraculous that so few casualties occurred among the English and French. The Rifle practice of the French Chasseur was admirable. After the Tzee fort had surrendered t it was the object of great curiosity. The sides of the Embra sures and the opposite Walls were thickly dotted with Marks made by the Rifle balls which struck so closely and so quickly that it had been impossible for a russian to show himself and escape a wound. Tuesday. The English fluid and breaching batteries opened fire at Zottich fort which was breached by a.., and it surrendered in the evening. During the attack lieutenant Wrotte Sley r e., was killed. He was stoop ing Down in obedience to signal when a shot after striking the Trunnion of one of the guns bounded against inflating a dreadful wound. His Side was Cru hed and his hands which were folded together at the time were. Torn to pieces he died very soon afterwards. In this Lort were five killed and six or seven wounded and 125 prisoners. Captain Ramsay was slightly wounded. The English ships Edinburgh Ajax am prion bulldog valorous Lecla and Driver and the French ships , Trident Darien Asmodeo and ple Gethon continuing firing at the sea face of the principal fort of Bomar Sund while at the same time the French Field and mortar batteries poured an incessant fire on the rear and an English 8-Iuch gun on the captured six gun Battery maintained an Excel. Lent flanking lire. The captured fort of Tzee blew about 1 . Some doubt api cars to exist whether the explosion wus caused by the French or the russians. On wednesday itch the French batteries advanced on considerably nearer to the land face of the fort and kept an incessant fire the heavy gun s n 1 6 gun Battery served by the English under Captain Welliam did great execution the Large blocks of Yrol n i t c. That f. Roped the face of the fort and which in appearance formed an immense resistance fell oat in masses and t rubble with which the Wall a filled in tumbled out in heaps. 1 he twin by go the Ajax and the steamers fired at Long Range on the Bomar Sund fortress while at the same time the Leopold attacked the fort of Presto on the other Side of the narrow Channel. At half past twelve a Flag of truce was held out at an Embr asure towards the Fleet a boat with an officer was sent on Shore and about half past twelve the governor sur rendered. General Bodisco is an old Man. Apparently eighty years of age. He was very anxious that the French general in chief hould certify that he had done his duty. General Paraguay d Hilliers returned the russian general s sword arid at the same time extolled the valour with which he had defended his Trust and the prudence with which he had surrendered it when further resistance con d have done no More than cause a useless loss of life. The russian general then sent a priest to the officer in command of Presto fort with orders to surrender. The order was obeyed. Thus the four forts of Bomar Sund fell into Possession of the allies. A Gallant exploit is told of lieutenant by Tykeson. . Arrogant. This officer having been informed that the russian mail with despatches bom St. Petersburg to the com Lander at Bomar Sund would pass in a parti Cular direction deter med to intercept it. He disguised himself and with an interpreter concealed himself in a House by the Roadside after their night s watch they perceived four men with the letter bags. He com Mariion. Armed each with a revolver sauced out upon the four russians and summoned them to surrender. The russians gave them selves . No Public despatch however was found. Only private letters were in the bags. I lieutenant Bond of the Royal George is 3 accidentally shot while examining a revolver. Captain Anderson of the Cressy is dead. La Reine Hortense the yacht of the emperor of the French arrived Here about half past eleven last n get. It appears that lieu tenant Agnew by desire of Admiral Napier requested a passage to l Antic in this Steamer. He was informed that la Reine Hortense was proceeding to Copenhagen. He then requested a passage to Copenhagen and was told that la Reine Hortense was a i Imperial yacht and could not take a passenger. Admiral Napier then despatched the basilisk. Great Surprise was Felt by the English officers when upon their arrival Here they found la heme Hortense at Anchor in the Bay of Dant Zic. The r.fficer3 in charge of the despatches in la Reine Hortense refused to give the slight est information even As to to a at Mari rank attn i m a or Mant i Navo a. Signed h. D. Chaos rear Admiral. News from the East. Alexandria 1 8t"h sept. The embark Ion of tie Allied troops with their artillery munitions of War and commissariat took place at Varna on the 30th and 31st of August and they joined the French and English fleets at Biltchik on the 2nd of this month. On the 4th the English and French generals command ing also left Varna so that by the Goth the expedition was Complete at Biltchik and on the 7th they put to sea steering North cast. The departure of the expedition had been delayed and deferred several times in consequence of the prevalence of the cholera and the difficulties that had to be surmounted in making the necessary preparations for so Large a Force. T he Landing was to have been effected in a spacious Bay about eight Miles to the South of Sebastopol and it is to he hoped that our troops at present occupy that stronghold. Any further delay would now be disastrous As the Tine season for operating in the Black sea is f is coming to a close and any attempts made in the Winter months when the weather is proverbially tempestuous in that Quarter would be attended with very great risk. Owing to the numerous deaths from cholera the spirits of the troops had been failing and the French in particular had lost almost All their natural vivacity but change of scene and Active work would undoubtedly bring them Hack to their Ordinary site of mind. On the 25th August before the embarkation of the troops at Varna the French commander in chief marshal St. Arnaud is Ned to the French a stirring proclamation in which he said " soldiers you have just show n no ble examples of calmness perseverance sad Energy under trying circumstances cholera which we must Ifni forget. The hour is come to fight mid to conquer. The enemy would not wait f r on the Banks of the a snub. Their disorganised armies decimated by sick Ness have retreated from and it is per haps Providence that spares the trials of those unwholesome climes. It is also provi Dence that now Calls to the Crimea a coun try As salubrious As our own. And to Sebastopol. Ithe Centre of russian Power in the a seas i where we go to seek the Earnest of peace and of our return to our Homes. The Allied fleets with their 3000 Cannon and 25,000 Brave sea men your companions in will also con vey to the Crimea an English the High character of which your fathers had Learned to respect and a picked division of turkish sol users. Very soon we shall Salute the three United flags on the battlements of Sebastopol with our National cry of Vive the expert Stion consists of 35,000 French 20000 Engli hand 10,000 turkish soldiers the ships of War Are manned by 25,000 sailors and marines there Are 500 transports of All sizes for the conveyance of the to be towed by one Hundred steamers. The View of this imme be. Force advancing Towar is the Cri Mea must have been grand. The disembark meat was to have been effected in the course of one Day at the rate of -7000 men per hour and the marines of the Fleet adred and obtained leave to take part in the assault on Sebastopol. Thus it was confidently expected that before the end of september All the influence and Power of Russia in the Black sea would he annihilated and contractors for provisions at constantinople had received orders to deliver their supplies to the fleets off Sebastopol the vessels Are divided into three divisions As follows the screw line of Battle ships form the first division and will guard the in trance to the port of 8eba=Topol. The second division i3 composed of sailing ships and Tran a sports and will be taken in Tow i a steam Fri Gates and co vettes. The turkish Fleet will form the third division. J the artillery of the two and three Deckers is sufficient to destroy the strongest Walls of Granite. 1 he main object of the attack will be to Force the Entrance to the port. They will try everything to Burn the russian Fleet and to destroy the town. The go ates enthusiasm prevail amongst the troops and marines. The correspondent of the Straits times says the defence of Bomar Sund goes far to wards strengthening the general belief thai an attack on Sebastopol will not be attended with anything like the Boss of life anticipated or that the russians will offer much resistance. It is Well known that very great dissatisfaction exists in the russian that the troops fight with great Reluct Ance and it May be Slid without the slightest Hope of Success. Further reports afloat state that More than one Balf of. The garrisons of Ronstadt and Sebastopol Are favourable to and ready to join the allies. Had a Welington. A Napier or a sir Edward Lyods been at the head of the Allied forces the Flagstaff of Sebastopol would no doubt Long ago had the Honor of displaying the " Flag that s braved a thousand years the Bat the and the and should such a distinction still be in store for it of which there is Little doubt to sir Edmund Lyons be the Honor. England. France and Turkey in tact the whole of Europe May thank arid alone for humbling the Pride of the re Sian autocrat preserving the ottoman Empire from his grasp annihilating for another Century russian supremacy in the Euxine. At Sebastopol the. Russians have made the greatest preparations for a most energetic de Fence and Prince Menshikoff was in co Rimand of the place. Sixty thousand men Are encamped beyond the town and forts have been erected to the distance of four Miles. Fire ships in great numbers were also in readiness to be detached against the allies. At the beginning of the present month the French and English generals arid admirals proceeded to Sebastopol on a reconnaissance and took with them so As to do the thing effectually several line of Battle ships. Each a powerful Steamer. This recon neitring Squadron went so close into the month of the Hambor that they got within Range of the enemy s guns several shots passing Over the Steamer arid one right through the fury having gone in at one part and come out at the opposite but providentially without touching a Man. The commanders having completed their reconnaissance returned to. Varna and imme Diate orders were Given to Victual the trans ports for six weeks far As Many men sis they could carry. The following particulars of this naval Ope ration Are supplied by the Malta correspondent of the m orning chronicle from the observations taken it appears pretty Clear that an might be landed either at Cape i Ouk Oul which is i Teea Miles to the northward of Sebastopol or it the Katschan River which is not More than six Miles therefrom. At each of there Points there is a break in the very. Perpendicular Cliff which forms the coast line and is about sixty feet. High. The land immediately inside of this is Flat and almost unbroken from Cape Lon Koril where its breadth May be about seven Miles Down to the n a Hern Shore of the Harbour where it is not More than four Miles. About Midway Between the two there is the Little winding Valley made by the Katschan River towards the Harbor there Are Trees scattered Here end there. On this Flat ground i in would get plenty of water from the Katschan and their Advance could be materially assisted by the steamers which could go to within a Quarter of a mile of the Shore and might keep a terrific fire on anything on the Plain within Range of their guns. The country Inland beyond this Plain does not Rise very steeply until near the Harbor but there seem to be other More elevated p Bateaux. The fort on the Northern Shore of the port about a mile the Entrance is the Only difficulty f a tie troops for that once carried the artillery would destroy the ships and town on the Southern shorn with out difficulty. This important fortress seems regularly built has guns mounted and a ditch surrounding it. Tie forts at the Entrance to the Harbor Are most formidable. The land near Cape Kherson is so Low and the ground Between it and the town inside the Bays so easy for the troops to March Over that the russians have sen the necessity of placing no less than four encampments there to prevent an attack of that Quarter the number of troops under Canvas must be full 25,000, and is in fact the Only Large body of troops visible. The fortifications of the town appear unimportant there is it Wall running. Round it which is loophole but has no Dit ii and it seems to have Only one round Battery on it. is a Good port of the Hill. On which the town stands unoccupied and if this were. Gained the Arsenal forts ships of War &c., below would be easily destroyed. N Kuritar and Austria. " advicri3 from Vienna in the Fremd Cri blasts state that a greek con piracy to Assas Sinate lord Ruglan the Duke of Burnbridge a d Prince Napoleon had been discovered in Galata. The ringleaders had been arrested. Vienna 9tli september. The forces by which Russia i attacked in Europe Asia and on the Borders of the Black sea Are the turkish of the Danube of 120,000 men the Anglo French of 30,000 men the Anglo gallic Turki a Fleet composed of 40 vessels of the line and Many other men of War with 3000 guns and 60.000 marines the turkish a Asia of 100.000 men a l to Gether 380,000 men then in the Baltic the combined fleets composed of 20 vessels of the line and 40 other ships of different size with 3,500 guns and 50,000 sailors the. Division of Paraguay d Hilliers numbering 11,000, and s 000 English marines the total strength of the Allied Powers amounts to 425,000 men and nearly 8,000 guns. On the 29th of August the inhabitants of constantinople had an imposing View which they have not had for 659 years to see More than 300 transport vessels pass the bosporus which were Laden with pro i Ioos and stores for the expedition and towed by steamers. Vienna september 10. The russians in to rely evacuated Braila and Gaatz the 1st september. The Commerce on the Danube is free. The austrians entered Bukarest on the 6th, in the morning and were received with enthusiasm. A letter from constantinople states " one thing much to be regretted is the Scarcity of provisions and the ill feeling displayed by the natives to their allies. This is carried on to such an extent that not Only Are our men continually subject to attacks from these Banditt when strolling from the Camp unarmed but they find it impossible to induce the turks to sell them anything even by offer ing three or four times its value they Are consequently obliged to be Content with their i rations which from All reports Are none of the Best in tact the whole of the commissariat arrangements Are As they usually Are very bad it is needless to comment further on this subject As no one but an Eye witness would credit the report. It would appear that the turks slowly and cautiously followed the retreating russians in two columns one from Olte Nitza the other from i Urgero. The wasted country and the broken roads As Well As a desire to keep his men in hand caused Omar Pacha to move with Delibera Ion. However his advanced guard under Iskender Bey kept close on the heels of the cossacks taking a few Here and there. On the -7th he Ente de Bucharest and the forces from the right Bank of the Aluta which had moved Forward in Pursuit of the retreating columns of Liprandi shortly afterwards appeared on the Northern Side of the town. It seems that when Omar Pacha found that i Urgero had been taken he resolved that it should be secured by intern Chenis and Captain Sim Mons under his orders Laid Down a Chain of it doubts closed at the Gorge supporting each other and connected by parapets open at the flanks. These redoubts have been armed with Field pieces and heavy Cannon and form an admirable defence. The British sailors and French Pontoon cars have been engaged in constructing a Bridge from the Island of Mokan to Gur Gevel and it has been secured by a Strong Tete due Pont on the Wallachia Side. Omar Pacha rigidly enforced discipline and three Soldier who had. Plundered an unguarded Church if i Urgero were shot. The grand Logothety Kantak Zeno has Beer placed in a delicate position. He has publisher a russian proclamation warning the Wallachia not to show too much Devotion to the turks for the victorious legions of Prince Gotsha Koff would return shortly to Bucharest. Omar Pacha overlooks for the present the conduct of the grand Logothety but writing on the 1st of August Speaks to with significant Bre Vity grand Logothety Kantak Zeno we will not Square accounts with you in these serious times. The Sultan pardons All that Oij. Have been guilty of during the russian Sion because he thinks it advantageous to thy interests of. This unfortunate country so to do my previously communicated amnesty remain a in Force. My troops Are advancing upon Charest take care they be provided for. Prejs pare wholesome quarters for 12,000 men inside a the town and provisions for 20,000, who wih encamp i from Varsavia there Are telegraphic account that the russian general Prince be Butoff a entirely Defeated the Anatolian concern rated near the fortress of Kars. He took fron the mks fifteen guns the whole Camp an great quantities of Arras and ammunition mad prisoners s4 staff and Superior officers ant 2300 men. 3000 turks were killed. Tho turkish was 60,000 Strong. The Rej rna Inder fled to Kars. The austrian troop Ujj began their Entrance into Wallachia bet Ccu the 20tli and 22nd. It is said in Well informed circles that the answer of rus a to the propositions of Austria a is kept in a Cahn and conciliatory tone. The guarantees asked by the Western l Owers Art refused peremptorily. Y foreign miscellanies. F probable policy of Sweden. According to letters from Stockholm the capture of Bojaj. Farsund is Likely to remove All further hesitation on the part of the swedish government by who May now be expected to join the Western Powers. It is believed that nothing but the fear of an unsuccessful result in t a present Conte to has hitherto prevented the Cabinet from uniting with the Allied Powers in resisting the aggressions of Russia. The government possesses a reserved fund of four million dollars for extraordinary expenses which will prove exceedingly useful in Case of War being declared. Suicide of general Spinasse. The last news from the French troops inform of the death of general Spinasse by his own hand accounts vary As to the cause of this info Stu. N Ite occurrence some stating it to have been occasioned by a melancholy brought of at see ing his troops fall away from disease whilst others attribute it to an unexpected Rebuff received from the commander in chief marshal St Arnaud. Whatever May have been the cause we cannot help regretting the result As it has deprived the French array of one of its bravest and most experienced Ollices. Malta times.5 France. The visit of Prince Albert to the emperor of the French excites the greatest in Terest among the Good people of Paris and every detail of the meeting of the emperor and his Royal guest is eagerly 1-Stencd to and Dis cussed. The Frank and cordial bearing of the two principal personages is spoken of with great satisfaction and the feeling is beginning to gain ground that her majesty Queen Victoria maybe induced to visit fans during the Gratis exhibition of 1855 unfortunately the re tails of the proceedings at Boulogne Are but very imperfectly chronicled in the pans Jour nals and in general the London papers Are referred to for everything beyond a Mere outline of what is passing on the French Shore of the Channel. The parisians look on the visit of Prince Albert As a compliment paid not merely to the emperor hut to the mass of the French nation. In fact they look on this visit As the highest proof that can be Given of the cordial understanding now existing Between the two decree in the Moni eur of the -29th ult. Raised general Paraguay d Hilliers to the dig nity of marshal of France in consideration of the eminent services he has rendered at different periods of his military life. The Moni eur has announced that the governments of England and prance have resolved to destroy the fortifications of Aland and that Bomar Sund will be evacuated. Five Sisters of Charity have left Paris to join the French Hospital ship3 in the bal in. A French steam frigate arrived at Marseilles from Alexa Deretta with sixteen Beautiful Arab horses for the French emperor. They Are valued at �1000 each. The mormon governor Young Lias established Friendly relations with the indians at Utah. The Deseret news publishes some letters written by a Saint to her sister in new Hampshire in defence of polygamy on scripture ral rounds. I am Happy very Happy she writes and i live agreeably to the wiil of the lord. My husband has six other wives whom he loves equally Well and whom i esteem As Sisters Gur children United Are Twenty four in number. Peace is in the House sugar now costs at St. Petersburg is. 9d. Per lb., and Coffee Sells at an equally extravagant rate. The gossips and even the philosophers of Berlin have been thrown into great excitement by the extraordinary and Well verified fact of a married woman having Given birth to no less a creature than a Merman or Mermaid. The official report of the Case states that on the 15th the wife of a Painter in old Schonhaus Street brought into the world a most wonderful Abor Tion this was a child born Only a few weeks before the regular time which had the regular human form Down to the loins and thence downwards that of a fish but without Scales. Its fingers were webbed hut otherwise perfectly Well formed. It died half an hour after bit the in the presence of the midwife and or. Hoff Man. The russian , in default of having to record More glorious victories Over ship wrecked vessels and to cover the disgrace of russian fleets and countless shallow flotillas being pent behind Granite Walls and to compensate russian merchants for the utter destruction of their maritime Commerce announces a Long string of Doggerel effusions setting Forth the invincibility invulnerability and Triumph of Russia by land and by sea. One of the choicest of these contains a diatribe against sir Charles Napier under the head of he came but came not on the Only answer to give to this trash is that whether he be or be not mid Myu Udo Vuu crr �ivfc5 Ufa Tilc Luule to me before the lodgers owning it to he mine he restored �49, and owned to redeeming t watch with part of the remainder it was in Stormy night when i hid it the Gold liar Fullen Down from Over the stable . Fitzgerald he did not pull out the mone3 and say i might have found it had i Looker among the Hay he did not give the Monef voluntarily i never said he was entitled to and Reward can swear positively to those two notes. James Bigman landlord of the Hote on Barker s Creek corroborated the last wit. Ness and swore positively to the two notes we. Blackburn is a Digger on Forest Creek was in Smith s House at the time when he sen. For the police prisoner gave to me the � 19 he said that was All he also gave the watch and admitted having loosed i with part of the Money. By or. Fitzgerald prisoner had been about ten minutes in the House when the Money turned prisoner by not say he had found it he pulled it out of he pocket laughing. Committed for trial. Friday november 10. A before or. Arnold a David Jones who had been remanded sch Ter Lay was charged with obtaining Money utter Der false pretences. The deposition of Willia i Walferd was read Over to the following effector the 1st of april the prisoner a loom i line seen before came into my store with a Nugget to sell. The Nugget now produced i Bough off believing it to he As he represent it pure Gold. He told me that his mate found it on the surface in dog leg Gully Moore Light Flat. I paid to and his mat. �24 of. 6d. For it by weight. On the 3r f april i discovered it to be spurious but Nevite saw the prisoner any More until wednesday when to came into our store. He introduces himself As the person who sold Rao a Nugget some time Back. I produced it prisoner to. Knowledge it immediately. I told it to. Not Gold and that to was my prisoner. He made no attempt to escape. He did not sen me any other Gold either before or after of with that Nugget. The Nugget was produced and handed round it had a Coppery tinge an was partly very much blackened hut mild have deceived some. W. E. Venson of cast i Maine Miner sworn knows the prisoner Sag Liim on wednesday the 8th instant in Myrin and i Salford s store said his mate not he i i be suoj�3iiieu pc. Of a lust week. We reprint it As it contains items not included in the foregoing sum Mary. The Melbourne Herald correspondent under Date London september 9, 1854, says my last to you was dated the 25th Ultimo per Constance from live Pool one of Baines s Clipper ships of 2500 tons. We had at that time just Learnt the fall of Bomar Sund the for Tress on the Aland islands built of Granite and Iron and reported of course impregnable. Since that time the official despatches of the English and French commanders have been published and though these documents do not in any Way add to the facts of the capture previously known they express opinions As to the defensible qualities of those russian fortresses Well worthy of remembering. Our generals and admirals after a trial of 32-Pounders on Shore batteries against the Gra Nite Walls of Bomar Sund have no hesitation in believing that their s4-Pounders, if near enough Are capable of levelling any works in the pos session of the russians. Not the least remarkable feature in the whole affair is our very trifling loss As compared with that of the enemy who were shut within their avails whilst our marines s tailors were quite exposed. Yet we lost but three killed during the five Days operations with under a score of wounded. The French loss was rather worse than our own. The prisoners numbering 200 sent off in English and French Shim Annj a fortress itself levelled with the ground order to save the trouble of Garrison w whilst the Baltic remains open oar Shn sufficient Protection to the islands which declared Independent and when that Frozen Over which it usually ii " a u., v s m Esver. I Winters a powerful Force could at time Cross from the finnish coast and of Helm any Garrison that we could leave the now the russians cannot Hope to re Estabon themselves there without fortifications. Immediately after the surrender of bom Sand a considerable portion of the Allied f1 left for Seaborg. Which place having been r Conn Mitred by military men it is thought Jii be the next Point of attack. On the approach of our ships the Garrison of fort inn of att i Southern Point of the main land blew in the works and fell Hick upon Abo. A place of considerable strength and securely placed River. 0 it was hoped and expected that on the m of Bomar Sund we should have induced swede to take an Active part in the War hut this i not the Case. However Well inclined the swedes appear to stand in great dread of the Czar s Power. Certainly the Long inaction of our fleets and armies in the East is not such a course of policy As to inspire other nations with a very elevated respect for our abilities in want fare whatever our resources May be. F within the principalities Little Lias occurred during the past fori night. Omar Pasha Lias established himself at by. Charest and some of his advanced corps have been pushed. On in the direction of the Sereth but it is not expected that any farther Offen Sive operations against the enemy will fake place during the present season unless it be the investment and reduction of Galatz and some other of their Strong posts Alon the lower Danube. The rupture Between Nicholas and his late Friend Francis Joseph would appear to. Be comp Ete even Prussia seems at its wit Send the Czar refuses in no very conciliatory terms to Austria to consider any negotiations except such As Are based on his own terms. The re j suit of this haughty declaration is that the austrian ambassador withdraws from St. Be j Kersburg and her troops proceed in their March to Wallachia. J the military preparations at Varna still con i Tine on a Large scale so Large indeed that there can be utile doubt As to their destination Large quantities of All sorts of warlike stores boats and provisions have been placed on shipboard and the artillery and engineers Are daily exercised in shipping Landing and fixing their heavy siege guns whilst the troops Are likewise taught to embark and disembark with rapidity and order. All this be tokens a j determination to attempt something of moment i and there can be no room for doubting the Success of an attack on Sebastopol with such a powerful and Well disciplined Force As the Allied generals have under their command in Turkey. According to accounts from constantinople the artillery had embarked at Varna and the j troops were to embark on the 20tls. The spitfire acid Sidon had destroyed the barricades raised by the russians to impede the navigation of the Danube at Bulina and a Small Squadron Lay. Within tie bar ready for Active service the inconvenience has Bee Felt by the French troops in consequence of the incendiary ism at Varna which destroyed much of their commissariat. There is no doubt of it having been the act of greek agents of Russia Many of whom Wero shot whilst scattering the firs from one House to the other. Cholera is at length disappearing from the and Fleet but not until an immense loss i. Of life bos been incurred. Letters from constantinople to the 30fh All. Announce that the French siege train had arrived j in the Dardanelles. J All the turkish vessels of War on the Asiatic j coast have received orders to rendezvous a Varna. General Guyon succeeds Mustapha Pasha i in the command of the turkish forces in Asia j where the want of Success was entirely owing to the incapacity of the turkish commander. Russia is intriguing with Tho court of Rome though with what ulterior object does not appear. It is said that the Czar is about to erect Poland into a separate kingdom placing hit third son on the throne. In Austria the most Active preparations of War Are in Progress. Prussia remains quiet j cent profiting by its neutrality in the Adan tages of being the common negotiator for ret j Sian produce with England and France. The russians have succeeded in detaching Persia from her Alliance with the Sublime Porte the diplomatic relations Between the two latter Powers being now suspended. J the Bey of Tunis has recently sent to the j Sultan for the prosecution of the War 6000 j men and twelve pieces of artillery he Side �40,000 in Cash. J great anarchy still prevails in Greece to is no Security of life and property and j misery covers the country. I Racine Are a committed along the coasts of Asia minor a i the archipelago. The present ministry w Boi trained at Athens Only by the presence of 6� 7000 English and French troops who occur the country. Said Pasha the new Viceroy of Egypt turned to Alexandria on the 15th, from Stantin Ople where his highness received jew j the hands of the Sultan his formal inv cd j of Tho pashalis of Egypt and the rank of urto vizier. Tho Sultan has induced said rss to Send More troops to the sent of " 15,000 men composed of cavalry and Arti Etui arc preparing to embark for Turkey. Tjie so j expended by said Pasha at constantinople enormous and poor Egypt is made to 8for it. The railway Between Alexandria and mis now rapidly progressing. I the administration of Espartero has j ceded in restoring Tranquillity to Spain j manner which does infinite credit clubs have Given some trouble esp Cia j1 " Union barricades have been create t j streets and revolutionary Republican raised but in vain. The National guar parsed Tho mob and made Many prisoner. In order to satisfy the Public be cling t exists against Queen Christina and at Totime to cover her departure a decree was to he issued Sequest rating her proper suppressing her pension until the a. The Cortes has been taken on the matter the emperor Lou a Napoleon is copied with the great military 1 no Boulogne at which Prince Albert and 1c .1 of Portugal arc guests. The utmost Cou and Good feeling subsists Between the r .1 and the Prince and the reception Giyen Fronti or in Xmivasi-1 1

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