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Castlemaine Mount Alexander Mail (Newspaper) - November 17, 1854, Castlemaine, Victoria National Library of Australia Flom Tilford a thou Fazi i1bi.1 ,.flatter by the French people and army has been enthusiastic in the. Extreme and cannot fail to strengthen the present Friendly relations of the two nations. A sad. Accident on the Croydon railway has resulted in the loss of three lives solely from this neglect of proper signals. A Colliery explosion near Barnsley has sacrificed three lives and the loss of an Emigrant ship rom London to America though without any further fatality makes up our list of disasters for a fortnight. The tide of emigration to All parts is already slackening As May be seen by the monthly re turns. According to these documents it would seem that the total number of per sons who left this country in the month of july was Only 27,541 against 38,962 during the previous month the number for the australian colonies in july being 1,897 against 3,532 in june. The emigration commissioners have four ships taking in emigrants for the Colony to leave during this month viz.-, the Phoebe Dun bar for Melbourne the Covenanter for ice loner and the Birmingham and Derry Castle for part and Bay Many complaints Are being made in our journals As to the excessive rates of postage of Tom your Colony. The Long vacant see of Sydney has been at length filled by the Appici Marent of the Rev. F. F Barker ileum befit of Baslow Derbyshire. Or Barker was for Many years perpetual curate of Edge Hill Liverpool. Your chief Justice sir William a Beckett. Expects to return to Melbourne by the Steamer leaving Southampton on the 4th Proximo. Or. La trobe is at present in Switzerland. From Victoria we received letters in London f May Aud since then an interval of six week although merchants connected with in Dia arid China have received two Fesh mails from thence we whose business lie with the australian colonies have received no letters of any kind swinging dates later than those to hand on the 27th of july. English miscellanies. Prorogation of parliament. The ses Sion of 1853 4 was brought to a close on 12th August by the Queen in person. Her majesty was received by the Public with the most enthusiastic demonstrations of applause in a manner which showed How Strong a hold the Queen and her Royal Consort have upon the affections of her subjects. In the Interior the. Appearance of the House was Brilliant in the i extreme. There was a Large Muster of the v corps diploma Tique after the entry of the Queen the speaker entered followed by j. Russell and other members of the com tons and the speech having been handed to her majesty was read by her As follows a my lords and gentlemen i am enabled by if the state of Public business to release you from a i longer attendance in of the House of commons in is closing the session it of Fords me great pleasure to i express my sense of the Zeal and Energy you have shown in providing Means for the vigorous prose Cutten of the War in Whit a notwithstanding my Avert it we Are now engaged. This a liberality i granting the supplies for Tho Public to service demands my warmest thanks and although i lament the increased Burthen of my people i fully recognise your Wisdom in sacrificing considerations of present convenience and in providing for the immediate exigencies of the War without Jan addition being made to the permanent debt of i the country. My lords and gentlemen in cordial co operation with the emperor of the French my % Rietforts will be directed to the effectual repression of that ambitious and aggressive spirit on the part j of Russia which has compelled us to take up g. Arms in defence of an ally and to secure the Tran Quillicy of Europe. You will join with me in adj. Migration of the courage and perseverance Mani i tested by the troops of the Sultan in their defence of Silistria and in the various military operations on the Danube. The engrossing interest of mat s ters connected with the Progress of the War has i prevented the due consideration of some of those subjects which at the opening of the session i i bad recommended to your attention but i am i Happy to acknowledge the labor and Diligence with i j which you have perfected various important Mca sures Well calculated to prove of great Public up utile y. You have not Only passed an act for ripening the coasting Trade of the United King 5 Dom and for removing the last legislative restrict inn upon the use of foreign vessels but you have 6. Also revised and consolidated the whole statute i Law relating to merchant shipping. The act for if. Establishing. The direct control of the House of k commons Over the charges incurred in the collect Tion of the Revenue will give More Complete effect 1o an important principle of the Constitution and a. Will promote simplicity and regularity in our ays i Lem of Public accounts. I rejoice to perceive that $ amendments in the administration of the Lawson 1 i Tine to occupy your attentions and i anticipate f great Benefit from the improvements you have Norde in the forms of procedure in the. Superior courts of common Law. The Means you have. Adopted for the better government of the uni re varsity of Oxford and the improvement of its it " constitute on i Trust will Teml greatly to increase the usefulness and to extend the renown of this 1 a great Seminary of learning. I have willingly i t Gleen my assent to the measure you have passed i for the prevention of bribery and prac j times at. Elections and i Hope that it May prove effectual in the. Correction of an evil which if unchecked threatens to fix a deep stain upon our by representative system it is my Earnest desire j. That on returning to your respective counties you a spirit of Union and Concord. De Yaj part vet of the blessings of peace abroad it is More i a than Ever necessary that we should endeavour to i confirm and increase the advantages of our inter of tial. Situation. And it is with the greatest Satis fac in that i regard the Progress of Active Industry in be neral Prosperity which happily prevails throughout the country. Deeply sensible of these b advantages it is my Humble prayer that we May a. Continue to enjoy the favor of the almighty and & that under his gracious Protection we May be i enabled to bring the present contest to a just and a honorable ill Tea Chole iia the cholera Hob broken out in titans parts of the three kingdoms. In Lon m Don it has set in with intense Malignity its in Jwj crease from the period of its appearance about five weeks ago being in a far More appalling rage Tio than at the last visitation. Last year the in k create from week to week after the. I Semoc had set in was in the first month from 10 to 3 3, 52 end c2 it then jumped to 143, and within six weeks More it stood at 952. Since its present outbreak the weekly returns have been from 6 to 26, 133, 899, 644, and for the week ending last saturday it was 729 deaths. The disease has however prevailed with great irregularity Over London the ravages in Beveral places being very inconsiderable and it is a fact to be no tired that imperfect drainage proximity to the dirtiest parts of the thames bad water and p Verty Are still As Thoy were in 1849, the chief circumstances that make cholera fatal. On Tho Banks of the polluted thames in the lower Porta of London people Dio in Urga of Tabers. Ilhama broken out in. Millbank prison where a great Many of the inmates have died and it has been of Blind Nec Eairy to Transfer about 700 of them to Dorchester prison leaving 400 in Millbank. The epidemic has appeared in Essex where the deaths have been both numerous and sudden. Several vessels have been put into Sheerness in consequence of the Crews having been attacked by the disease. In Greenwich and Deptford it has made its appearance and has been attended with very fatal results. It has broken out also in Middlesborough Shields Sheffield Liverpool and other places. In Glas Gow it has prevailed for a considerable , making sad ravages among the humbler popu lation. Recent accounts speak of its being on the decrease but it is spreading into other parts of Scotland. Cholera has been raging for a considerable time in Belfast where the deaths have been very numerous. It appears to be spreading to the neighbouring localities. On the London train arriving at Warrington lately " a lady quite intoxicated called out for a Glass of water which when the Porter furnished he was offered a Sovereign to take payment for it this he refused Anil had the water Flung in his face accompanied by an oath. The Porter observing the Carriage floor covered with sovereigns called the station master but there being no time to wait the poor Drunken creature was locked in and orders Given to the guard to see to her at the nest station. A hand kerchief filled with sovereigns was observed on one of the seats. From enquiries it was found she had just returned from the the Fine ship Shandon of Glasgow Captain Greig which with her cargo was valued at �80,000 was totally destroyed by fire at sea on the 3rd instant. She was on Ber passage from Glasgow to Montreal and shortly after casting off the tug she ignited apparently from spontaneous combustion. She was 600 tons Burden and was considered one of the finest modelled vessels be longing to the Clyde. Including a limited number of passengers the Shandon had forty souls on Board when she left the Clyde but fortunately All have been saved. In a letter addressed by the Captain he states that after the fire was discovered Large quantities of water were thrown into where the fire was issuing from but without effect hut fortunately another ship the Glencairn was quite at hand and All hands on Board the burning ship were saved. " i have not yet observes the Cap Tain " said what my opinion is with regard to the origin of the fire but i am fully convinced that there must have been some combustible stuff among the cargo and whoever packed such stuff to be stowed in a ship s hold has much to answer for. I Trust however the guilty ones May be found out and that it will be a caution to an explosion took place at the government powder Mills at Herod foot Cornwall destroying upwards of five tons of Gunpowder and causing damage to the amount of �200o. The disaster arose from a Workman walking carelessly into the drying House with his trousers on fire caused by a spark from the fireplace. The Man discovering his position by the ignition of some Loose powder in the drying House which served As a sort of train to the bulk of the manufactured powder then in process of drying leaped into a Trench a Short distance from the premises and escaped with a few bruises. The drying and packing hours were entirely blown up the dressing House was a roofed the Glass of the windows in the Mana ger s House w As shivered to atoms and the windows of the houses in the Village adjoining were very much injured. The Magazine which is situated a Quarter of a mile from the Mill was shaken to the foundation by the Force of the explosion. Ready said cheers. In looking Over the last Ibl cation of the mail i saw an observation pm a lady whom i personally respect and who Divi dually has perhaps done much Good. I be nothing invidious to say about her but e has made one remark in which As a Man id As a Digger i cannot coincide. She says the diggers have great grievances but they 3 not competent to speak on the remedy Aughter and is that mrs. Chisholm ? she wishes you to constitute yourselves patients it does not allow you to recognise a physical. To is impossible she says for diggers to act Ith discretion and judgment Hudd de in fifties tuning to the evil agitator laughter. That s a i suppose. I am an agitator but Gen men and brother diggers i Appeal to you to y whether i am an evil or a Beneficent Agi Tor great cheering and cries of a Good in. If i am an evil one condemn me if Good one support me the meeting Here gave ree cheers. I am much obliged by your Timony in my favor. I acknowledge myself 1 agitator and i will live an agitator a Rich silesian voice shouted an Shure like the used o Connell be can die an Agit Athur lighter. As a Friend on my right says there n be no Good got without agitation no be fits obtained unless men speak their minds id until the legislative Assembly within feel in pressure from without they will never do Teir duty to the Digger cheers. Until we we a voice in the legislative Assembly As goers we shall not have the rights we Are titled to. No doubt we shall eventually assess them because no matter what form of government exists no matter what Power is in i Hority no matter what party is at the head f the government however much we might aspect him personally until we get these rights e shall not be satisfied cheers. There is a mouldering flame throughout the Colony and 1st As the match requires the slightest friction � cause it to ignite so May the s flame break it from the smallest spark. Let the govern tent take the caution in time. Let them now the danger and grapple with it while it we confine ourselves to moral reran Sloan 3 while we do not employ physical Force of a shape or kind cheers. While we offer tem Plain common sense let them give us lain dealing cheers and a voice they will Ive us bullets. In connection with this . Tin riot Manwa Castlemaine unclaimed letter list. October 1854. A Abbott John e Anderson George Ager Charles 2 Appleby Moses Alcus & co. Archer Valentine Alexander John Armstrong col Allen Alexander Jno Arthur Thos Amman w a Aston Vanderson win 2 Ayers Ambrose b Barley John Boyce a Baker Saml Boyd John Barfoot John Boyle John Barnes Thos Bradshaw r Barr Carl brew6ter, Edward Bateau Brien Watnes Bau Dalnes we Button George Bawden Thos Britton we 2 Bratton John Britton John Bellows Wal Brodrick or Bennett h Brown George Bingham George Brown Edward Birkett James Brown mrs Birken we Brunt j Birney t Biyani John Black Thos Buckley Hugh Blackburn Geo Burns John Bond Stephen Burris Thos Bond John bussed Edwd Bork car buteo John 2 bars i Batista 3 Butler Jumes 2 Bowen James Butler William Bowes John c Cable Robt Colvin John " Campbell Thos Connell John 2 Caperon Mons Coombs we car Keck John Cooper Why car Michiael Finlay Cope by John Carthew by Courtis Harry Cawood by Cox Fras by Chapman j w Cox r g Chegwin we c Craig Andrew Clarks Jas and Jose Creasy j h Clinch Thos Cree Thos h Coatee Isaac Creelman w Coen Mich or we Creelman Jas Campbell Cogswell g m Crockett Joshua Cohen Emanuel Cromarty James coding we Cronin Thos d Davidson Alex Delany James Davidson Thos 8 Devanny s Davics David 2 Ditton n Davis John Dodice Edwd Davis t t Douglas c in Day Kobe Dwyer Michael e Ednoma we Erskine pm Eddowes Charles Eswood r h Edgar John Eustich Richard e Lihr cart Evans William Emerson John. F Farrier we Foreman we Fairrie Peter Fortier Dardoise Fead James Fowler George Fedi Iek Jonathan Francis Peter Farrier win. Lee Freeman Jas Ferris or Freeman a r 2 Fitch James Furey Jean 2." fitches we g. Gale Mary Goss we Canning Peter. Tazrie we Gault Thomas a Cine James Gell or Gray j r George James Gray Francis George Edward 2 Green Saml a Gibson Thomas Green Geo r. Gillies Ewen Gresley fillip Nee Gordon f Gregg we h Hall Geo heart James Hail Alexander Hemenover Hackings Samuel Henderson Robert 2 Mannaro Cornelius Hendry we Hansen Fras e Henwood Jno s i Harding we. He bins by Harkness Robert Hill Nihon Harle and Hopper. _ Hind re Wheeler Harley Francis. Hockey Alfred Hamer Sandell Hoken Charles Harries Abrant Hole Robert 2 Harrise Jas f Holmes Benj Harrison Chas Horsley Josh Hartmeyer c n Hosking Mark t Hale Daniel Howard Pat Isleb James Hulme a Hawkins by i Hutchinson Alexander i Ink Ester Arthur Innes mrs in Kuschum and co. Irwin or j Jamieson j Joe and Charley Jeffcoat John Johnson j Jeffrey Henry Johnstone John Jenkins David j Johnstone f Jankins David Johnston Geo 1 Jennings mrs Jones and Cook Jerkin he Reich Jones John Butcher Jenkin John k Kelly Patrick Kerr John a Kelly Robt Kluse John i Kenyon Frederick Knox Geo 14 Lamprell James " Louis w Leith Harry Lowenthal c Jaq Letts Geo 2 Loy Nich Lewis John Ludnick Thos Coley Robert Lunn Henry of Lloyd Jas by Lyall George Syf a. J Marsh we Metcalfe Jno Marks and Reynolds Melville Alex Marshall or Meyer Volmar a marriage re Michell Francis pm Martin Jaa t Michell Frank d Martin Arthur Michell we t n Martin Jno Moody t and j Martin Edwd Morrow g w i Mason or Morris by Mathews w b Muirhead John Mathison Donald Murray Allan Matheson or. Myddleton Chas. 2 manager of theatre Muller Jotham e Miller mrs me m Caffray John m Killop a g m Cann Jas m Knight t f Ujj m Crory Jas m , Jno c n m Donald John m Mahon Martin m Donner Lluann m Naughton Nom web j m Namara Mary " m Kenzie Donald m Nab Archibald is m Kenzie h k m Taggart m a m Hintosh Geo. N n w Nan eat Row John Nicholson James Neelson g f Noble Thos a Newnham we Noble w to Newton John Nolan mat i Nicholls Jas omens a. Co cocoon r o Sullivan Jno " h Ogden f e Owen w. A t Osgood old. O Toole p ?. Palmer James 6 Petters Absolam Palmer a Petty we s Palmer t Phillips Jno t is Palmer George Pitie g h Parke m Pitcairn Thos Parker Josh Pitts e c Pann we Plummer Jos Pascoe Jno Poingdestre t a Pascoe Thos Poole Thos i Pearce j no pretty w r Pearce Charles Pritchard a j Perry b Preston w it Meskell or. Jas. Prescott j s b Peters John Pul a r d. Sonic Klev. Josh r rap ale Roberts Chas roasted or c Roberts Geo 2 Reed Hugh Robins Rich Reed Nicholas. Rogerson Thos Reeder we Rofe Chas Riley James Rowan Dennis Richardson Thos Rutter Josh re Milton. Mich Russell Fras Rogers we j. Rubs Josh s Sarensen t f Smith we Scholes John Smith Thomas Schmidt f c Smith r Schmidt or Smith t w r Scott win Smith or Scales mrs Smith John f Scurrah by Smith c Reid i Scaler or Sorlie Geo Shepherd Josh steel Frank Shepherd Rich Stevens e Shepherd John c Stewart a sicker c Stirling James b Simons Thos Stop re Simons John Stout g w. Simpson we Sutton Jno Skinner g m Sutton s Smith Jarales 3 t Taylor we Tho Borough f Taylor Geo Thynne Robt Taylor e Tinley we Thos Taylor w d Tippetts e w Taylor Thos g Tolbert we Teal mrs John e Tomlinson we tears Yohara took Jno Terri Thos s train g " i Terrell g Tracy. Jas Terrill Saml Treager we Terrill Thomas tre Tabath we Thompson we Truebridge or Thompson or Truebridge John Thompson Robt 2 Tiddy Rich 2 _ Thome r Turner g a us l. Unwin Dunkley c Vinsont Vine Saml Villa Ann Vincent n w Waite t White we. Wallace g a White Peny Wallis Saml Shellum John Wall mrs m e Whitman John Wall George Winkley w Walters by Wignall Geo Watkins Jas. Williamb John. Watkins Robt Williams Mathew Walsh Chas 2 Willins Jno or t Ward Thos wikis or were b Wilson John Ware w Wilson Josh Watson a Wilson Thos m Watson Thomas Winter d r Weatherly c w Ontrell j e wherland r s Woolrych f b w Wheeler Chas Woodcock Jas White Robert c Woodworth b White Edwd Wyley e Young by impounding. Impounded at the Forest Creek Pound Cain paste River 17th october 1854 1 yellow Bullock cock horns in near Rump or conjoined off Rump Brand near shoulder. 1 yellow Bullock cock horns in near Rump k in Circle off Rump 2 near shoulder. 1 Brindle Bullock White Back and belly Slit off ear o off shoulder indescribable Brand off Rump g and illegible Brand near Rump. 1 White and yellow spotted Bullock piece off off ear o near loin like o or it off Rump and thigh. 1 White and yellow spotted Bullock notch off ear like o under with 6 under off Rump Blotch Brand near ribs. I Black Bullock White belly piece off off ear gs3 off shoulder or conjoined off Rump is off thigh Dak near ribs. I red Bullock Little White on Back and belly broken hobbles on Job off Libs. I Strawberry Bullock White belly West off loin like re near ribs. 1 yellow Bullock White belly Blind near Eye piece out near ear like to near ribs illegible Brand and m off Rump. 1 Brown and White spotted Bullock writing r off Rump. 2 off thigh b near Rump Over do near shoulder is near ribs. I White and red Bullock cock horns Bard off loin j w off ribs like Vover is Over c near shoulder brands near Rump. 1 White Bull a off shoulder ribs and Rump 4 off thigh. If not claimed and expenses paid on or before 18th november 1854, will be sold according to act of Council. Jas. R. Connor Pound keeper. Impounded at Elphinstone Pound 18th october 1854 1 dark red Bullock White spotted Back and belly cock horns b off Rump ears split he conjoined 1 red Poley cow Dan neat ribs. 1 White and Brindle spotted cow. Dan near ribs 1 red cow White spots on Back and belly s co near Rump do of ribs. M 1 White cow red ears like be off Back like we near Rump. 1 White Heifer p off Rump p off shoulder. .1 Light Strawberry cow h off ribs like pc off Rump. 1 White and yellow Bullock off ear split a near neck a near Rump like Lyon near Back. 1 yellow and White spotted steer like s near Rump. "1 Light Strawberry Bullock like s or 2 reverted off ribs Ros near ribs off ear cropped. 5 1 White and red spotted steer do near Rump. 1 Brindle Bullock x near ump. 1 red and White spotted Bullock like 82 off ribs. 1 Strawberry Bullock supposed d near Rump. 1 Black horse White spots on Back sore Wither and Back near bind foot White c off shoulder c Star on forehead. 1 Bay Mare j near neck like c near shoulder not dark Points sore Back. 1 Bay Horsey dark Points sore Back no visible Brand. 1 Chesnut Mare Star on forehead near shoulder. It 1 Grey Mare Pigeon toed o off shoulder like o it near shoulder. If not claimed and expense paid on or before 15th november 1854, will be sold according to act of Council. Impounded on 25th october 1 Brown cow co near Ribb so near Rump Cross t in Circle off Rump l off shoulder. 1 red cow White Back and belly 2 sear shoulder Jujj off Rump. Cd 1 Strawberry cow cd off Rump s3 off ribs of 1 yellow and White Nobby cow he off ribs he off Rump 1 red cow White belly White spot on Rump Blotch Brand off ribs of near Rump 5 1 Brindle cow 2 near shoulder. Do off Rump 2 a\2 1 Brindle end White spotted cow a off Rump illegible Brand near ribs 1 red and White spotted cow near Hind leg broken 2 near shoulder do. Off Rump tip off off born av2 ears split 1 Brindle sided cow White Back and belly 2 near shoulder cd off ribs pm 1 Brindle cow lame near hip m. Are Rump j off jump ears Slit 1 Brown cow White belly of near ribs 2 near Rump Blotch Brand off ribs 1 red and White spotted cowed near ribs 2 Nek Rump 1 red cow White Back and belly like c near shoulder like to near Rump 63 1 red cow White spots we conjoined near ribs off Horn broken 1 red and White calf her progeny 1 Dun sided cow White Back and belly m near ribs with two red calves her progeny i red cow j in Square off ribs like pc off Rump with one White calf her progeny 1 red and White Heifer Jyh near Rump tip off off Horn 1 Black and White Bull no visible brands damages �2 1 Black and White Bull supposed jugs so near Horn damages �5 1 red steer Snail horns i a near ribs Jyh off Rump 1 Black Bullock mitc spots on Back and belly near Horn of like cd near ribs like s near Rump like an off Rump 8 of hip 1 Black Bullock rope round horns like j 3 near Rump pc off Rump 1 red Bullock White belly White spot on Rump off born topped like l off Rump t Rod Atid Vrh Ite Bullock cock Boros supposed o under Diamond near ribs i. Red Poley Bullock like m near Rump o off shoulder ear split 1 yellow Bullock Job near ribs i i off ribs h i White Bullock yellow spot hoop horns like we off shoulder like we off Rump or ear split id 1 red Bullock White Back and belly like air off i Rump pc off ribs illegible Brand near ribs 1 red and White spotted Bullock lame near fore leg go off Rump Blotch Brand in Circle off ribs cars split 1 White Budock yellow spots Chain and hide round neck Blotch g near Back like Blotch i near Rump d 1 red Bullock it near ribs 2 off ribs illegible Brand off Rump Blind off Eye 1 Black and White Bullock t off thigh Tow off Rump 1 Blue Magpie Bullock cock horns yellow cars t near ribs is near ribs t 1 dark Brown Bull illegible brands off ribs piece off both ears 1 Black horse Blaze Down face near fore and off Hind feet while Saddle and Collar marked sup posed thy the the conjoined near shoulder g bad Back 1 Bay Marot Black Points Star on forehead like t near shoulder Saddle marked to 1 Roan Mare f near shoulder like by off Back like o off neck 1 Bay Mare like o off neck Star on forehead 1 Black timor Mare w near shoulder i dark Chesnut Mare Blaze Down face near bind foot White is off shoulder 1 Iron Grey Marc like o off neck Star on forehead 1 Iron Grey horse like 4 near shoulder i o shoulder Star on forehead 03 i Grey coir draught Breed 77 near shoulder sup posed h in Circle near shoulder Bay draught horse k near shoulder supposed of conjoined near shoulder like f off shoulder Star on forehead 1 dark Bay horse supposed to off neck 77 near shoulder lame 1 Bay horse like pm off shoulder Black Points horse shoe near shoulder 1 Bay horse dark Points Jyh conjoined or shoulder 1 Brown horse like g near shoulder Kkt. Off shoulder if not claimed and expenses paid on or before 22nd november 1854, will be sold according to act of Council j. T. Patterson Pound keeper. Advertisements. London professional life Assurance company. Incorporated by act of parliament. Capital two Hundred and fifty thousand pounds with upwards of 1400 shareholders. Advantages scoured to the living not to be found in any former existing company. Policies when once issued indisputable. Melbourne boxed. Directors major Norman Campbell j p to ii Liam Locke Esq William Green Esq Jacob Montefiore Esq j p to f a Backer Esq George Smyth Esq manager. Medio a referees Jas b Motherwell my h w Campbell Esq solicitor t t a Ueo Koh Esq Bankers Bank of Victoria. Annual premiums for insuring l.1g0 ago 20 ,1 10 0 so 1 19 6 40 2 13 6 503 18 6 prospectuses with tables and further information of the Many advantages to be found in this company to to bad at the office of Jacob Montefiore Esq j a to Lizibeth St Lilii Denic London director in Australia or at or. Geo. Smyth a manager 74 Collins Street. 11 5g 33 City of Melbourne Sud Jean and a o b i cultural Fabek held Homb society. To be enrolled Pur Siut to act of Council ii vio., Cap 10. Pres ident the right worshipful the mayor of Melbourne John Hodges Esq a1 l c trustees j o Sana say Seq m l c John Goodman Esq m l 0 teas Bee Henry Cooke Esq. Offices 51, Swanston Street Corner of Collins Street East. Entrance fee la per share subscriptions 10s or 20s per week at Tho option of the shareholder of the objects of this society Ore the Purchase " and allotment to its members of land at wholesale Cost and to advancement to the Allottee of other land societies and All other classes on easy conditions of monies to Eualo them to elect houses thereon and in the Caso of agricultural land Euch fences and outbuildings As May to necessary to bring it into practical cultivation. The advantages of this society Are an unpaid directory rigid Economy in management non liability of shareholders beyond the amount of their subscription a certain and easy method of possessing a Freehold House a Safe investment for savings and the Possession of email Freehold allotments of land at wholesale Cost. 61 30 wow Olcott manager. Music i music 1 music Joseph Wilkie 1m"usic and pianoforte Saloon 15 Collins St., has now on Sale a Large Stook of Superior pianoforte by the Best makers English american danish and German which will be sold at the lowest possible prices and will be carefully packed in their original cases so that they can to safely sent to any part of the country 2000 violins from tis. Each wind instruments of All descriptions Concertinas English Aud German at greatly reduced prices banjos and tambourines musical boxes in great variety tutors for All instruments the newest music including Oong polkas Waltzes Galois quadrilles of. Teachers and schools supplied on the most Liberal terms. The following Are a few of to most popular songs and dances now on band pop roes the weasel. Leo polka spirit of Tho Ball Galop Belvoir Castle Derby Galop news from Home qua Irillis mandoline Waltzes Rose quadrilles Ben Bolt l Echo do Mont Blano polka Prima Donna Waltzes old folks at Homo Bride Eleoff Waltzes Alma quadrilles Tho Mistletoe Penelope at her task Macbeth quadrilles Hotaro gift songs my loved a ton the Short a Ida Lucian quadrilles Blue Bell Poka juvenile Ball quadrilles the last gift Mary Call Neok polka in the Devotion hear me Norma Eto. Pianoforte Lent on hire. Now or second hand pianoforte bought or taken in Joseph Wilkie anxious to cultivate an up country Trade guarantees Tho strictest attention to any country orders to May be favored with. Storp copers supplied on the most reasonable terms. Vall letters must to prepaid. S93 34 the of rfcs suffering from the present raging influence successfully treated. Johnyi Scambio veterinary surgeon Arcade Lone Melbourne. 1077 32 new Loots Essex surgeon dentist has received. From Homo a new full aug for stopping Deu Acri web. Tho Whito enat nol for filling Deen Jod Teeth How Over Large Tho cavity even if the tooth is broken Down to the Gums is Superior to anything Ever before used As it is placed in the tooth in a sole state with out any pressure or pain Aud in a Short time it be comes As Bard r s the enamel and will remain Firmin Tho tooth Jor Many years rendering extraction or necessary. It arrests All further Progress of decay and readers them Avaiu useful in mastication. All persons can use Tho Duamel themselves with ease As full directions Are enclosed. Prepared Only by Louis Eskell burgeon dentist opposite the Mechanic s Institute Melbourne. 770 35 tatty Salt s ii o it s a a z a a b. / Tattera ill and Carriage Bazaar 1. ,. Tatt Cri All s " r. Horse and Carriage v a most important Public notice. R \ Johno Sullivan news leave to inform All proprietors of Stock and the Public in general that having got up the Poi session of those magnificent premises bearing the above Ricamo the busing i 111 in future he carried on by hit self and under his own care and supervision and he respectfully solicits pulls support for the following reasons i 1st. The extent of the Buie Dongs and the Superior manner in which every department is fitted up both for the livery to bait of horses and also for its accommodation in All Weathers fire Hicls of every description Usu blocs hit to guarantee to his patrons entire satisfaction 2nd. The Days sight Viz messes. N. M. Rothschild and sons a " London. " de Rothschild Fredrea � mis. " m. A. Von Rothschild & sons. Frankfort " s. M. Von Rothschild. Vienna. / " Rte Tenberg Brussels. " Sandbach tinny & co. Liverpool. Jacob Montefiore & co. Elizabeth St. And Yarra St Geelong. 25 36 the undersigned will give the highest Cash Price for. Gold dust or make Liberal advances Oti same consigned to their agents messes. N. & m. Rothschild & sons London. Jacob Montefiore & co. Elizabeth Street Corner of Little Collins. St and , Geelong. .26 30 Dag e or not Vuks. Our Success As Daguerre an artists is without a parallel in the history of Tho australian colonies and apart from pecuniary considerations altogether it fill us with unspeakable m attic action to have been instrumental in dissemination to the four Cornes of the Earth so Many specimens of the wonderful Art discovered after Mcany yers of patient study by Tho philosophic Daguerre. Ithe munificent patronage accorded to us whilst it has far sex evened our most sanguine expectations has proved the utter in adequacy of our original gallery fur the requirements of our constantly increasing business we have in consequence it solved to meet he emergency by opening in auxiliary establishment and for this purpose have secured an elegant suite of a Tom anti in the magnificent premises recently erected at 0, great Collins Street West. The rooms having been arranged and lighted with Especial refer ence to their use Tor photographic purposes Kaiui completed with every regard to elegance and Comfort Are now thrown open for the reception of visitors. It is unnecessary that we should renew the promises made at the commencement of our career the Ever growing demand for stir productions proves that we have won the Public Runft Denic and we prize that Confidence too highly Ever to relax in our endeavours to serve shown us such marked preference fun slice it then to Ray that our Well known gallery next the Posno Fitce will to thoroughly refitted and that both establishments will be constantly under our United supervision and that we intend they shall be the most elegant and commo Dious our stuck the most ample and Recherche and our pictures the Best in Australasia. Duh Yea and Macdonald 3 great Bourke Street East 9 great Collini strict West and , Geelong 62 35 Alliance British and foreign life and fire insurance company. London. Established by act of parliament 1824. Capital five millions Sterling presidents. Bowel Curacy Esq. Sir Moses Montefiore bart., f r 8 directors George Henry Barrett Esq sir Edward North Buxton Barli m p sir George Carroll sir Robert Campbell Bart the right Hon George Robert Dawson. James Fletcher Esq Charles Gibbs Esq William Gladstone Esq 8arauel Gurnet jun., Esq % John living Esq Samson Lucas Esq m Thomas Masterman Esq Baron Lionel Nathon de Rothschild sir Anthony Nathan de Rothschild m p Oswald Smith. To Melvil Wilson Esq a Lek Duvant Mert policies Are now issued by the undersigned on healthy Hiwot the most favourable terns and claims arising therece Are settled in Melbourne. For further particulars apply to j b were sent and co., agents to the Alliance company Melbourne. \ so 87 to exhibitors for Ilie Paris Industrial exhibition. Parties requiring articles of Vertu sculpture paintings music plovers plants stub a. Carefully removed in Spring vacs Well protected from the Best or rain by capacious awnings can ire accommodated by Daniel Aud Geog i Ford carriers. Omoss. Blossoms Yard Queen St. Opposite to Union bask a of Lizabeth St. Near the railway station. It Uge St. East Melbourne near the Fust a Trad. Yarn St. Geelong furniture and goods removed to Al parts of the City or country and general merchandise fur wort de to All the Gold Fields. 1 1 27 Tattersall 3 a Fwy and bail stables. The liver and % bait of the above establishment is now Aud will be As follows Lively per wee. �4 4s. Do. Per night. 0 do per bait. 0 6a, Tat

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