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Castlemaine Mount Alexander Mail (Newspaper) - November 3, 1854, Castlemaine, Victoria National Library of Australia i \ i a roup from Glasgow. _ october 27. Merington ship from London Iota july. October 27. Amicus Schooner from Sines pore 29th ult. Cherish his Shroi her at once rival and rebel Depa tin Inthis from immemorial usage which dictated his murder As a Mere precaution. While the whole life of Nicholas has been de voted to advancing the nefarious hereditary policy or by simulated emancipation of the serfs to strengthening the Power of his House the less Stormy and imposing but More Noble " and useful career of Abdul Medjid has pre " rented a picture of personal integrity and poli " tical Wisdom in a Mussulman infinitely illustrious. In truth the Public Virtues of the sul Tan have caused the Public vices of the Czar. If the one had been Content to pass a life of sloth and sensuality while the institutions of his country ran to a Likness or decay theother would have been Content to see Liim thu3 pre paring the victim for the sacrifice and would not have hacked its members prematurely. But while the emperor of Russia has been Worsten Irig the despotic system of his Empire " the better to Wield it for Conquest the Sultan a of Turkey has pursued a policy of enlightened Wisdom a franchising the minds of his subjects " from political fanaticism and superstition and " increasing their Freedom by developing their material resources. His policy like that of r Aholas was inherited hut his personal Cha i taster has As much exalted it As the fell Energy Ond consistency of Nicholas have intensified " tie criminality of that of Russia. While the reputation of the emperor is stained by " Many acts of perfidy and cruel tyranny not one f crime i3 scored up against the name of the sul Tan of the contrary the whole heart of Europe throbbed in sympathy with his nobility of nature when he risked the anger of Liis Tsvor " irresistible neighbors rather than break ins " Faith with Kossuth or give up to them persecutors those who had tasted his hospitality. " these generous Virtues have in All Ages Ren 1 " dered illustrious the turkish character while the name of muscovite has Ever been almost synonymous with treachery and cunning the emperor of Russia pretends much Zeal for the christians if he could prove himself As Good. Man As the Sultan or his subjects As free Ana As prosperous As the Tiarks and the christians under their Sway his pretensions might have a better Chance with the common sense of Man kind in the present Sultan of the turks we 7 have indeed a worthy ally. Many times we have fou Glit the Battles and saved the fortunes of the worthless and ungrateful such is not nor will be Abdul Medjid. Tie has Given proofs of his honorable nature and if there were no reasons of state for supporting Hist cause it would he satisfactory to undertake it. The picture presented to the mind by the tur. Kish Sultan is a grateful contrast to that of the Czar. In espousing his cause we Are really taking the Side of civilisation against barbarism. If Russia could prevail against associated eur rope in this struggle she would have attained the permanent Triumph of principles opposed to those free forms of government which Are the Possession or the right of the european nations and which Are associated with the Progress of hanuman Freedom. In this sense whatever May As be the veneer of civilisation Over the coarse Tio bulk of russian society the Triumph of Russia m would be the Triumph of a species of the other hand whatever the past history of turkish mohammedanism it is incontestable of that it is at present into a species of civilisation. Its vices belong to the past its Virtues Advance into the future. Uprightness and Honor in Public and private dealings religious toleration and internal administration daily strengthening in health and integrity Brave troops inspired by loyalty and nationality and accomplished commanders devoted to the Sultan s interest though not his native Horn subjects by sympathy with his character and fortunes these Are the tendencies and characteristics of to Day Tif which the Sultan stands Forth As tie representative. The sympathies of Europe have been declared in and Vince on a balance of moral claims Between him and his Arch enemy. We gave Nicholas a Niche in our columns last week. The Czar in danger. From the times. A 5. " a Roan gets up in the morning on his own premises but Little knows where he May sleep at the Czar of All the russian has lately been within an Ace of offering in his own person a practical confirmation of this Well known saying. What would the British Public have thought what would Europe have thought what would the King of Prussia in his cups have thought what would Omar Pasha in his Fez Cap have thought what would the Allied troops have thought and finally what would the three per cents have thought if about this time the Czar of All the russian the Archduke Constantine and the archduchess and the russian Admiral in comma d at Ronstadt had been sent Home by sir Charles Napier in the Small Steamer which had captured them ? _ improbable As the tale May appear impossible the catastrophe it was fairly on the cards within the last few weeks. The facts Are these a Short while Back while the Allied fleets were lying before Cron Stadt an English yacht belonging to lords Lichfield and Euston with lord Clarence Paget in Board ventured somewhat too near the guns of the place. Suddenly a puff of steam was seen on the russian Side and a Small russian Steamer put out to sea with the evident intention of cutting off the English yacht. On Board of that Steamer were the Czar Nicholas his son the Archduke. Constantine the archduchess his wife and the russian Admiral who All went Forth to Frijey the satisfaction of an easy Triumph Over the poor Little yacht. She is in Point of fact stated to have been in the most imminent danger of capture. The Czar How Ever was destined to be foiled in his anticipated Little Triumph As he has already been foiled in his Hopes of Many a great one. An English War Steamer seeing the danger to which the yacht was exposed advanced with All Speed to her Relief. Shortly she attained such a Posi Tion that the f English yacht was Safe and the Only question that remained for discussion was one Between the two steamers the one under English the other under rus Ian colours. Could the English hut have known the valuable freight which that Little yacht contained could the Captain but have known that by capturing her or sending her to the Bottom peace would have been restored to Europe and probably a million of human lives first and last be saved we have no doubt that he would have carried one or other of these alternatives into effect even though Lis own destruction that of his ship and every soul on Board of her had been the inevitable consequence. As r was he saw nothing before him but a Little Trumper Steamer he had carried his purpose of relieving the English yacht into effect and remembered orders which certainly had been issued to the effect that no English ship upon the Mere heroic impulse of her commander should be thrust into the lion s Mouth. We have no doubt that this was so and that when the English Captain gave his orders for putting the head of his Steamer round he did so with the feeling that he had very satisfactorily discharged the duty with which he had been entrusted. Little did he suppose at the moment that he had lost probably the greatest Opportunity for obtaining personal distinction that had Ever been thrown in the Way of a single Man. The English nation generates the name of Nelson for the Sake of certain Little affairs in which he was engaged off Cape St. Vincent at the Nile at Copenhagen at Trafalgar and elsewhere but not All of these wonderful important and heroic achievements combined would Havo had such an important influence on the history of the world As the capture of that Little russian ship. It was Given to the Captain of a Small Steamer to change the face of Europe in ten minutes Well employed but in pure innocence lie missed the Chance. It is Seldom in modern warfare More rarely in naval warfare that monarchs themselves run any danger of capture. Napoleon to be sure at Arcia sur Aube was compelled to Cross swords with a squad of cossacks in the Twilight but lie was after All a general not a King by Trade. If we remember right upon one Occa Sion poor old George Iii. Wa3 in danger of capture from a French Privateer off Weymouth and was Only saved by some Marine Chance which has slipped from our recollection. In medieval history there Are of course the cases familiar to school boys of King John of France at Point ices and of Francis i. After Pavia. But what comparison would there have been Between the Case of the Black Prince waiting on a mediaeval King who went to Battle in a coat of mail and the grand Surprise of the rus Sian Czar Landing at Portsmouth no at new Haven while All Europe was in commotion on his account ? we Are of course speculating upon history of a very hypothetical character hut still the event did so nearly occur As to justify speculation upon its consequences. In our mind s Eye we see lords Aberdeen and j. Russell communicating the information to the houses in their own dry and cautious manner. What would messes. Cobden and Bright have said what would colonel Sibthorp have said ? the newsmen would have gone bellowing the information about the streets and their cries would have been regarded by the testy old gentlemen in Belgravia but As leasing for the Sake of deceiving the Liege and interfering with the digestive functions. What would we have done with the Czar when we had got him ? reckless unprincipled and merciless As he has shown himself to be we should have been anxious to treat him like a gentleman and make him comfortable during his sojourn among us. But at Berlin and at Potsdam 1 let us suppose the information to have been brought in while the glasses were Well charged with Champagne and the King and his russian friends were devising a fresh counter proposition to the counter proposition which had emanated from the Bambery conference. Tho Czar is taken he is in England he is in the Tower he is pretty Well after Hie voyage As easy in hi3 mind As can be expected but he was very sea sick. What would the Good folks in Wurtem Burg and Bavaria who have Bediz ened their courts with russian Ribbands and orders have made of the intelligence and a Mazzini and the italian reds ? there is the emperor of Austria too Busy with his levies and rejoicing at his loan which would have Given him still higher gratification when he came to reflect that the War being at an end he was at Liberty to to apply the proceeds to other purposes. There Are however two sets of people whose acts we should have been most desirous to behold As the fact of the capture forced itself upon their convictions. We should have liked to be in Ronstadt while the Czar was steamed away under the eyes of the Garrison. Next to this which would perhaps have been the most Inte resting Point of observation it would have been most peculiarly delightful to stroll through the Bazaar at constantinople and listen to the gos sip of the old turks when they were at last convinced that their old enemy the Czar was really within the grasp of the Allied Powers a prisoner of War on the political consequences of such an event we can scarcely venture to speculate. The imagination of the historian who is called upon to write the history of the events which did not occur May fairly recoil from the magnitude of the subject. Little Petty questions such As these connected with the Sulina Mouths of the Danube the navigation of the Black sea the Freedom of the circassian mountaineers the restoration of Finland to Sweden. A sink into comparative insignificance by the Side of the chapter which might have been written on the result of the Czar s yachting expedition off Ronstadt. The wonder of it is that All this time we Are not dealing with a fable nor with the result of a drunkard s inspiration but with sober and serious fact. The Czar of Russia the Archduke Constantine and the archduchess were the other Day As near capture and trans Mission to England As it is possible to be with out having actually incurred such a catastrophe. Such is life and history Sulci a strange mix Ture of chances and i probabilities what an end to the russian War and to think in All sober Ness of thought that it might really have come to pass had the Captain of a Little English Steamer known who were on Board the Little russian Steamer the other Day off Ronstadt 1 impounding. Impounded at the Forest Creek Pound Cam paste River 13th october 1854 1 yellow sided Bullock cock horns piece off both ears Boyd near Side neck d near shoulder. 1 red Bullock off Horn broke like h near Rump he or g near thigh la off Rump. 1 red and White Stag As off Rump it Jas Over and 2 under near rib3, w near Rump 1 yellow sided Bullock Blotch near Rump like t off neck indescribable Brand in Diamond off ribs. We conjoined off Rump. 1 yellow cow White belly piece off off ear we off Rump 22 Oft thigh. 1 yellow Bullock off car Cut off near ear Slit off Horn Down piece sawn off near Horn Blotch Brand near Rump and ribs do off ribs w b under off Rump like b and Blotch Over off Shoul Der. 1 Strawberry Bullock off Horn Down piece off near ear Blotch like to near Rump is with r under near shoulder. 1 red Bullock hoop horns dec or g off ribs Blotch off Rump. 1 red Bullock cock horns piece off both ears stump Tail White spot on Throat Little White on flank and belly like up off Rump indescribable Brand near Rump and shoulder. 1 yellow Bullock Cook horns White about head neck and belly he near ribs. 1 Brindle and White steer Gock horns piece out near ear a a under top j reversed near Rump and Ril 3. 1 red Bald face Bullock cock horns piece off near ear White Back and belly like to near Rump a yellow Bullock piece off near ear White about head Back and belly c off ribs like 55 off Rump to near Rump stump Tail. 1 yellow Bald face Bullock wide cock horns both ears Slit new Brand like do near ribs Blotch and like c near Rump pc off Rump. 1 red Rbrown sided Bullock writing m near ribs s p near Rump id near shoulder like Ca 2 under off shoulder Brand off ribs. 1 Bay Mac Saddle marked near fore foot and both hid feet White k and scar under mane. 1 Clie snut horse Star Long switch Tail White Hind feet s Over Blotch Brand near shoulder s near Cheek. 1 Bay filly a k under Mear shoulder. S near Cheek. F. If not claimed and tenses paid of 10th november .1854, will a sold according to act of Council. Jas. A. Connor . Impounded at the Forest Creek Pound Camp Aspe River 17th october 1854 1 yellow Bullock cock Horny in near Rump or conjoined off Rump Brand near shoulder. 1 yellow Bullock cock horns in near Rump k in Circle off Rump 2 near shoulder 1 Brindle Bullock White Back and belly Slit off ear o off shoulder indescribable Brand off Rump g and illegible Brand near Rump. 1 White and yellow spotted Bullock piece off off ear o near loin like o or it off Rump and thigh. 1 White and yellow. Spotted Bullock notch off ear like o under with 6 under off Rump Blotch Brand near ribs. 1 Black Bullock White belly piece off off car gs3 off shoulder or conjoined off Tump is off thigh Dak near ribs. 1 red Bullock Little White on Back and belly broken hobbles on Job off Libs. I Strawberry Bullock White belly West off loin like re near rib3. 1 yellow build eur White belly Blind near Eye piece out near ear like Wyo near ribs illegible Brand and m off Rump. 1 Brown and White spotted Bullock writing r off Rump 2 off thigh b near Rumps Over do near shoulder is near ribs. 1 White and red Bullock cock horns Bard Oil loin jew off ribs is Over c near shoulder brands near Rump t White Bull a off shoulder ribs and Rump 4 Oil to Leigh. If not claimed arid expenses paid on or before 18th november 1854, will to cold according to act of Council. Jas. Jr., Connor " . Castlemaine unclaimed letter september 1854. Abbott. Clark Asham John Allen j James a Book. Fashion Fredk Allen Ayers Ambrose Ujj Baird Fras j Board Joseph Baker Thos. Bond we Baldwin by Jos Boisseau jobs band Andrew Bradley Thos c 2. Baptiste Cha Jean brain Arron Bare Carl Brazier Geo 2 Baxter Jane Brinton we. Beaumont j Brewer d Beetham Thomas Broad we 2 Benwell John Brown mrs. Benkers a Bryce Samuel Bicksl James Burgan Robert Billy Thomas barrel j g St by Binney we & James Butler John f Blair Jno Cross. C Cairns we Clark John Calligan we Clay & then Stone Cameron or Chas Clum John Campbell Duncan cock o Campbell John Coe Krill Geo crab Joseph Oole Edwd we. Carpenter we. Cole Edward. Carten we Compton e j be ratty p h Connor Jas r Chalmers g c cod Way Thos champon Mons Cook Chas Thos Chaplin Newton Corbet 3 r chary Zulovich Coulthard Robert Charters we Coutanche Elias j no Chester Thos. Cox Geo Christie Saral h. Cree Thos h. R. Church j in Cross mrs Cliff we Cumming Janet Clague Thos Finlay Cumming miss Clark a a Cunningham or d Daniels Luke e Dickson Thos. Darne j Dockeray Anty Davies Geo. Felix Donelly James 2 Davison Charles Drury Thomas Dellar John Dunlevy John Desarmes Dormody Mathew Devinney John Dyer Henry e eager Jonathan Elliott Timothy Edwards Geo w Ellis we Davey Edwards Henry Ellis m Eggers Henry Ellis we Eibler Carl f fair or Fermer Luke Faithfull m Fick Fred fall Phillip Filmer John Fargue old Forbes John Fenwick John Freeman Skeeles Ferguson Archibald Friedlich Harris g Gallick r w Goodfellow James Gomel i e Gostick David Garland May Grant by King Geary a Grant we Gemra Ell d Gray we s George Saml Gray we 2 George Edward Grey h to Gerry Thomas Gribble Richard. Gillett Rich Griffith Joseph Givan we gotta nine Haines Michael Hawkins g r Zakariah k Hermann Fred Hardy John Higgins Austin Harper Thomas hockey a Harriott Geo Hocking we Harris Salathiel Hodson Robt & co Harriss Joshua Hogan John Haslam mrs Mary Howard mrs e Hatton James Howard Patrick Hay James Howe & Haslett Heathorn we Huckell if Heinreich f Gus Hughes Robert Hellberg j l Huhne a Hepburn John Hunter Thomas Howarth Giles Hunter James Hatton Edward j Jackson Thos Joey Michael James Alex Thos Johns Henry Jenkin Samuel Jones. Abrum " Jenkins David j k Kehn h tar n Kenyon. Clayton Kehn John Kerr Edwd Kelsall Saml Kunz we. Kennedy w l Lahn f Lewyne w Lamb Thos Retford Levett r Lambert m s c 2. Lobb. James Lam Ley w n loft j w Lang Ewd Luke Why be Borey d Lunn or h Lee f j Lyttle we Levetha Csc Rich Ludewick Thos m Maack John Mathews John Mackereth by Mitchell we Mahony Andrew Mitchell Samuel Manard Hugh Mongan Jno 2 Manning we Moody James .2 Manogue d Morgan e Manscill Thos Morgan w c Marsh we Mulrine Richard Martin John Mumford Julia Martin John h Murray p my m Ara we m Keay Donald m Caw s r m Kenny Jno n or m m Cann Edwd 2 m Kenna we b m clean mundane m Kenzie we m Closkey we m Leod James m Cormack chess m Lish George m Donald mrs 2 m Muniain John m Donald Alexander m Rony James m Hattie Thos m m Williatt Thos 2 m Hoy we n Neeley John Newton we Enelson Timothy. Nicholas James Nelson William Nicholson Saml Neilson we Ninacs Jas Cap Neil Thos 2 Nixon Edwin Newman Thos o. O Brien Patrick o Maro Francis o Connell John Olden Caroline Olton or Orri h a Eldero p Parish George. Pitts James Palmer. George polling Horne Samuel Peirce John port Man John Pebles Archibald Pottinger Alex Penberthy Rev j Power John Pori Man mrs c Pride Richard Perkins or Prideau mrs potters Absolam plane Louis Phillips John 2 Purnell by Pickering mrs Pullen j 1 Pope John Prout g r. Raisin John Robinson Leighton Ray e w r Robertson Josh Reid Saml Woden Patrick Richards Johnathan Robe Carsten riches Rottenberg Joh Roberts John r Rowe capt Saml Roberts William Rowe we Roberts we p Rowe John c Roberts John Russell m c Roberts Robert. Ryan James s Sanderson Thos Spittal mrs 2 sales Thomas Stafford e Sarr Good Jno Stann Pra h Sauter Fritz Standwick Josh Schmidt or steel Frank i Scallon. Pat pm. Stevenson John Schmidt c b e Stewart John Chollick a Stewart j b. Stewart via " Semmons John a. Stewart w a Serpell John Sterling a & a. Smith Andrew. Stodden Richard Smith Thos Stone r Chard Smith we s buhs Stanley d Smith Robert Sutcuffe John tall Peter . Teelen Moyer or f Tome Geo r Tate Benj Townsend John Thomas Aron Treweek. J h. Thomas t a. Ticket Charles Thomson Geo Turner Thomas Thome Turner by. Thorne Richard Turner Georga Thurston e Tyree we Tolaro by Tyrce Thomas toilet e Wagger met Whiteloke Thos. Walker Thos Wirland w Wallace we f White James Toab Chas 2 Wilkinson Geo. Warne Jomes Warren Richard Willis w Watkins we Willis Jane 2 Watson James Williea Jno w Walters John Williams fish Wibbler or Williams Thomas Whittaker d f 2 Williams c Weir Andrew Wiseman Robert Weston Geo. Wood we Welsh w Woodgate g wheal d Woolley John Wheeler John Wright Moses d by z. Veitch John Vass Salls l w vial John Zutz or. Vial j Young James . Prospectus per City of Melbourne suburban in Agrical turn Freehold Home society. \ yer Tia cum or verb von Haas Una Lana Eig Entrum j 2iir Nach genes 11 vict. A 10. A foams Gebur per Loos. Land subscription 10� und is per Loo Tochen tilth in flub ascription loan duper look Der Wabl Der Thecil Bayer ube Lusen. Prob ident John Hodgson Esq. Mayor von Melbourne. Henry Cooke Esq. John o Shanessy Esq. M. La. John Goodman Esq. . Add Toren a. Bonar Esq t. B. Total Esq. D t. U. Sen Iofi Esq. Flinders Street Tyft James Bell Esq. Collins Street r \. James Tucker Esq. Collies Strett w. Little Esq. Collins str feet f. A. Cox Esq. Coins Street Francis Cooke Esq. T. L. Bright Esq. A a Tot i Street e. H. Gregory Esq. Collins Street w s. Woolcott Esq. Richmond \ r. Shotton Esq. Collins. Street bbc&t9-Anwalt. J. M. Grant Esq. 41, Swanston Street architect und w. 8. Chauney Esq. 30, Queen Street Bank Hie Bank von Victoria Abb Waltus w. S. Woolcott Geich Afu local 50 great Collins Street Ost to Taglich Loose feb Gereben Werden. Her Zweck diesel Verein is a Knuf und Verthe Nung ton land on die Mit Gueder sum Etca an Laufs Preisse Ferner be Tang von Geld Vors Hussen an Alio die Jenigen Welche Durch Dien Verein Oder Durch Ander Verein. Oder in inv Aswege land or Worsen Haben Unter Billigen b did gunmen urn Alo in Den stand Xuy seen Dornuf. A Jessu Zvy b aus und Fence Sta Lungen Scheuner u. A. W. Auf so chem land Zug Errich ten Massich sum Bitri cedes Garten anlage Signet so Dass Der eign Thumer so fort Mit Kanpf Wanzung beginner Kann. Hieser Verein by Etc die folic Ndon Vout Deile Dar Hie vent Altira wird von an hire Toren unsent Weltlich und Mit g rooster Sparsam Cit a Eleiter die de theilhaber or Strecky such Nur auf ecu betray Ihrer resp sub script Oneo Der Era cry. Praet Hauses auf Eigene loud is in Dieser Art a Beano Leicht als Sicher ers Earnisse Laufen Keine Geo or und Tragen getting com tags Der Ein Ahlung und die Nieder Bossung Slier Yolks Klassen auf Freisem Eigen Thum in Stadt und land wage is dad urch gew Arleis tet. W. S. Woolcott ver Walter. 61 26 tatters All 3 horse Bazaar i i tatter Aali horse and Carriage Bazaar Tattersall s. J. Horse and Carriage Bazaar. Most important Public notice f Ohn t Sulla Van begs leave to inform All proprietors of Stock and the Public in general that having got up the pos sesion of those magnificent prom Isis bearing the above name the business will in future be carried on by himself and under is own care and supervision and he respectfully solicits Public support for the following reasons 1st. The extent of the buildings and the Superior manner in which every department is fitted up both for the livery and bait of horses and Ulso for its accommodation in All Weathers for vehicles of every description enables him to guarantee to his patrons entire satisfaction. 2nd. The daily sales of the establishment will be conducted by or. Balm Hoy Campbell whose extensive knowledge experience and integrity Are so generally known and appreciated 3rd. The livery and bait department will be carefully attended to by honest and sober grooms the provender wiil be of the sweetest and Best kinds and the charges will be moderate. 4th. The veterinary and shoeing department will be under the charge of highly competent parties whom he engages will afford full satisfaction 5th, and lastly. As no extensive establishment like Tattersall s can Ever Prosper without the full Confidence of the Public John o Sullivan pledges himself to use every exertion to obtain for it a character for integrity Comfort and Economy be Contd to none in the Colony. The first daily Sale took place on monday the 2nd of october at ii o clock. Tattersall s september 20, 1854. 63 35 on Sale at the stores of Tho undersigned a Superior 5 pull Beer engine with fittings one b pull ditto a Superior 12 tap mahogany spirit Fountain with fitting Metal ale and spirit measures a Superior water closet with basins and fittings Complete 2000 Zinc tiles 5300 feet Zinc guttering 1000 do Ridge Cap 8heet Zinc and galvanised Iron 3 feet galvanised fencing Wiro 4 do White Lead Superior -2 do Whiting. Wrought and Cut flooring Brans horse nails All sizes Walker s Zinc slate nails Barrow wheels Complete. Smith s Bellows English Hitto Vyce anvils and Filee House Bellows. Brooms and brushes All kinds american Spades and shovels. Hitto axes and picks Hitto clothes pegs. Ditto Lemon squeezers Hitto stoves a great variety ditto platform weighing. Machines 240 to 2000 lbs. Grinding stones Newcastle do spindles with multiplying wheels blasting powder and safety Fuze 8porting powder and shot Iron bedsteads a Large assortment. Bronzed fenders in great variety fire Irons ditto papier Machie Tea trays a splendid assortment Back lamps with Patent Rede tors. Measuring tapes c feet to 66 feet crosscut Frame and circular saws l leather head stalls with chains English and Manilla rope Black Lead half n ton j. 8. Cragg wholesale and retail Ironmonger 13 swans ton Street opposite St. Paul s Church. 39 o a 8 a 7., corrugated and Plain galvanised and tinned Iron no. 26 gift Sheet Lead 3, 4, 5 and c lbs Lead pipe from half Inch to 3 inches Zinc All gauges soft tinned Sheet Iron Block tin and strap tin cast lamp pillars spouting cast Iron Zinc. Beer engines vulcanized India rubber at Brisbane Brothers Coppersmith plumbers Putns makers a 33, Elizabeth Street 31 37 galvanised Iron tiles 2s. 3d. Each ditto guttering Strong go. Per foot Hitto Ridging do is. Hitto in sheets various lengths j�35 per ton Zinc nos. 10, 11, 13 and 13, Effii to in per ton horse shoes any sizes Well made being expressly for the colonies. Pownall & co. Yard 234 Elizabeth Street North and nearly opposite St. John s Church Melbourne. 32 37 the undersigned will give the highest Cash Price for Gold Duk Tho tooth for Many Yotaro rendering oxtraetinn1?111 necessary it Arr Oats All further or Orraca of s us and Rondo is them again insofar in Mastic tinn a persons can use Tho Namol Thomo Olics fall Diroso Trionfi Aro Ono Load. Prepared Only the 03 Sholl burgeon dentist opposite the a eahnnfifr1. To Lute Ondon profession ltn5s w Assurance company " Fri incorporated by act of parliament capital two Hundred and i Ftp of Louland in i with upwards of 1400 Sha Rohos 1 a advantaged Seo Rod to the living not to to found i ,.i ,._ any former existing company. M a policies when onco issued Indish utahn. Melbourne Babp director major Normah Campbell j p William Sooho Esq William Green Esq Jacob Montifiore Esq j p Dpi Ruoker Esq. George. Smyth Esq manager. Medical referees. Jna b Motherwell my jew Campbell Esq solicitor " t to a Prokott Esq Bankers o Vio pria. Annual premiums for f age20l in o � so a. 1 10 6 402 13 6 .50 8 18 0 Prospe tubes with tables and further information of Tho Many advantages to be found in this com name to to had at Tho office of Jacob Montifiore eco j p Elizabeth at resident London i Rotor in Australia or at or. Geo. Smyth a manager 74, Collins Street 1 1 e6 83 City of Melbourne suburban and Obi cultural fese Hom Home society. To to enrolled pursuant to not of Council ii Tio Cap 10. Pee9ident the right worshipful the mayor of Milb Orru. John Hodges Esq Mac trustees j o Sana say Esq Mlo John Goodman Esq Mlo teas Bee. Henry Cooke Esq. Of Fiona 51, Swanston Street Corner of Cellini. Street East. Ent Ranoo pee la per share. 9ubsoriptions, 10s or 20s por week at Tho option of. _ the shareholder of Juhe objects of this society Are the Purchase and allotment to its Mem Here of land it wholesale Cost and the advancement to Tho Allilea i of other Lahd soon ethics and All other classes on eur i conditions of monies to enable them to i elect houses i thereon and in Tho Case of agricultural Winnd such i Penoes and outbuildings As May to necessary to bring it into practical cultivation. The advantages of this society Are an unpaid directory rigid Economy in management nos liability of shareholders beyond Tho amount of theh subscription a certain and easy method of possessing a Freehold House a Safe investment for saving and the Possession of email Freehold allotments to land at wholesale Cost. 6130 is Woolcott manage music music 1 music 1 j Joseph Wilkie i Tusic and pianoforte Saloon 15 Coll int bt., has How on Sale a Largo Steak of Superior pianoforte by Tho Host makers English America danish and German which will be sold at Tho lose possible prices and will be carefully packed in their original cases so that they can to safely font to a part of the country. 2000 violins from 6s. Each wind instruments of All descriptions Concertinas English and German to Cordona and Plutina at greatly Redocto prices banjos and tambourines _ musical boxes in Groat variety Tutora for All instruments the newest music including songs polls Waltzes Galois quadrilles of. Toohers and schools supplied on the most i Bra terms. The following Aro a few of the most popular nip end dances now on hand pop goes the weasel it Leo polka it. Spirit of Tho Ball Galop to Avoir Castlo Derby Galop of to news from Home quadrilles it Mandolino Waltzes ? Rose quadrilles f. Ben Bolt l Echo in Mont Blano polka i Prima Donna Waltzes old polks at Home Bride elect Waltzes Alma quadrilles the Mistletoe. V Penelope at her task Macbeth quadrilles Home gift songs St. My loved Ooi on the Short so. Andalusian quadrilles Blue Bell polka juvenile Ball quadrilles 1 a regular Nusso Ramout of Woollen Olom by crr Viag in Blazka nud of antics of sup rj.0, Jyi. To Tho Slop Dopart Monts particular a is Vito s. S. And co. Fooling Troj p ,.jf vantages that Fow houses do Loik. Yjih Ono of Tho first Wool Lou manufacturer their Clops Aro Mado up from to boil to i. And under Tho personal on Erinton wifi. and Aro and ipod to Tuo ,.of the Ooley. Aii is potion Mph cow i

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