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Castlemaine Mount Alexander Mail Newspaper Archives Jun 2 1891, Page 1

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Castlemaine Mount Alexander Mail (Newspaper) - June 2, 1891, Castlemaine, Victoria National Library of Australia a h ent Lin e s p r 0 y mail i pm risk n sol e amers. a a. A., Orient anal Paci to ,1wihi. end s Pateuk Albuoy .wia., to Lomby Rutz a fair i?4 a of i ,on8hip Cost Nader 11 date.1 " i if Civila in 3877 my " Tusk i p Jimo 13 n 57"=7000 a. E Bavin ton jurie27 i or it 6306 Hoo on he i july ,25 i. Ana eur nightly i. A i i i a " not calling u,. Toi St loan allowed ii break their journey. I err try i Cabins it Mecye Loii Liberal i i orms. .1 i i o Ikuji 1 passage Jitney. 4ioon gym lvor1 ibo dirt so. Reto Chi w i 1 Bir Dittwe x32lbacli adult i a Jird four birth Cal iu8 l20 ech at ult a i 1/17 17 each adult i i i third Storiage 1 hit a include Bodd no i i Musil � & i " 1 1 j 1 b i1 no. I t our i n return i Chota at reduced .rates., ,.i i pri41 al4 ,, 015rjrji i up evil facilities Are now Aff Rod for bringing i out friends to Ativo by tha Pren my aution pais i Saire Noney he teat above rates. I neither owners. Nor Tho. Undersigned will to r e i Siblo for detention demurrage or loss of fairy Dassori Tiou arising from1 strikes or lock out.1" 1 manago of Green & an Dencine a Derain c so Burch in 11 on Anpelio Tiou to ino1 1 m. G. Anderson i ii i Knob manage or i 488iimcl 40d-cohi8treot, agent i Ijams Gib Slomia. A ,300,405311 a. Air i s s adj i a 5� steamers under id Deal Jon Trasti with its of Franco Yither of tb.,o Vau a Melbourne to London . From. v 8kiliies/ via Vars i 1,., j leave. 7 5 leave,., ,. St Amor b commander Sydney Melbourne Polvin Ysien. Boulard,27th Juno. Soth Judd 7arra. Fiascki25tb"july ."28th july just ration Gei dior /,.27tb aug. 30tb aug. Oca Inion a. Poy depot 25th scpt., 2sth sept i whoa of passage Money to Maravillos from Jajio 10 w5, Ino luding table Winoa bedding a i Maui Tea in All Olaa Aea. To Kvatum Ciokota issued at produced rates. Saloon passenger booked through to London via p Iris beat railway Toobin Madation lug Grige com be cd free a fortnight allowed from Sellei on route first Tolaas l70 Arcond Ola a li44i tha English language 13 spoken on board., upon arrival at Marseilles l Ehl retest meets the Steamer gives f passengers every assist Ance in disembarking passing their Luggage through the customs of. He also accompanies them in the train to Paris Calais. For further particulars apply to alget7 a company limited agents 129, my 7,92. Bourke Street West Melbourne Peninsular Oriental steam. Navigation company. Kite company s will to Dopa Thod the majesty s mails As follows Lor London i 1 Colombo a. " leave " leave Steamer tons. Ooin Manider. Melba be Glenelgnoon. Noon. Cartilage 6013 a de horne.,. 3unb 0 Julio 10 Victoria 6268. A bribe ljuno20 june24 Shannon 4139 or Edwards " july 2 july 8,. Arcadia 6262 . Andrews july 18 july 22 Lalla Arat 4748 e. Ashdown .1 aug. 1 aug. 5 Bonc Forward every alternate week ass angers will be conveyed alongside the Carthage by the t0j20 special express 11 . Ordinary i trains from. Sponsor Stroot Ito wat . Rates of pas8aak-m0hs. I to London in first Saloon. R. �60,to�70. To. Second �30 to �37. Return Tio Kots Loroni. L65 to �115.i in the Sorond Saloon the arrangements have Boon Thor highly reorganised an the accommodation. Which the company now offers is unsure. A of. I i Lagac Mousy can be paid at this end for Pas i to us from England Liberal Concession made to to Nilles. George Withers superintendent. D. Scotson agent Tor Castlemaine do strict assure your Lite with polio Mutual Assurance society of Victoria limited " Watabu Elliod . 1s70,. 171011 life ass Ranoo endowments Aii d an Riu 1 Iii us head Olfindo 406 Collins Street Mel Tongue. Uirkorobs., Hon. Thomas loader chairman sir Freier Iok m coyk.o.m.gala. So. Cd. Satal . Lux. I Lorrison m.a., Hon. Win. Bay Lea mosses we Siddeley we. Riggall. John 11. . And . A., actuary no Uuno ral manager., up soul Eka Tubbs age taken at Gal list Airt Hilay Pron Iiams unusually Low conditions i Larul Security undoubted claims Sott Lod pre Mitty Mem orb Divide nil protits Bonu sea allo cited annually in Oast of claim Sand , i menu rally Polie Iea kept in foray surrender value Tho Only australian society issuing double lice fit politics with mount assured payable twice with Ful Profita. ,. Rohi Drou a endowing its with payment of pro mini. Coast us upon death of Parent Una allure Hiu uis returnable if child Dio Bosforo i maturity. Alao in sued Iff i. Money to lend Bri mortgage. personal a county at current rates. " a Periat dist lbs i Aalst s soot son. Market Square Oast Maine. 1. .12 jal9,92_ i to Strait til Alliance Assurance .1 iloadoffioealdoand402collina-Atrcct, 1 i i i j Melbourne. Capital subscribed �250,000. Paid up �50000. Reserve fund �200,000. Life fund �262,000. In i Koobs r Quiam Smith Esq., chairman Hon. A John Ston Mamahon George Oban. Esq., . G. Napior tumor. S. Fms guaranty re risks too Ephod at lowest current rates of Premium. The revised Lin polio of that company Nas no endorsed Send lion it pm Birdoes All most Liberal Foat Terss of modern pro time. E. S. Watson manager. Agob for Tho District o. Plotr Tufi i nervousness Prostran Tion other doll stating effects positively cared by a treatment of Tho ambrosial i ill. P"00 5s per Box Post free room it Stamps. I11r Ara " a Dunn company Melbourne. 87 000 �1 in i a no 1 by p,oraos.1/1 in Oit Bor sox in their own localities it work for is. Now business All meet with wonderful Suomi is. Anyone can do Tho work. Spital not required. To will Start you. Ought Worth i mailed f Roo. Tho employ mint is particularly adapted to Tho Region in which tills Publica Tiomi i Rountos. Boys girls earn nearly ass Sli As Mon. Full particulars instruction willed free. Now is Tho time Don t delay but of to to us at onco. Address Stinson co., Malno in tried a Tuttoi 77� Fiqri Vagners savings ran Ira i Victoria 7 Ai l175.000 m 8 .l,,,,6f Cound a 0 by the Gomor Ini k Frodo rib j p Guie Esq. \ pm ? .qeorgo.ieapb, iebo., do t p0, a cot abyss s of weal trustees pro of Finith Van Ohos if Fitzroy North w re "?,?n a South Mel Burn of East. Gol Lingwood onw8hl0m a7�lbaurn0 liuittinbt0wn. Boots cd fun Ami 0rnk ?40. Market South Carlto Bhe Hubn n 1 ?0l1 b l1 1 by i new Mark Brighton Ong ppr land port fairy Cas ulema to Sandhurst. With Branch at. Eagle of Marybe Simgh Xvan Bible a Lou. I St a Eli Sal a duty Lesford a Urrih Dalo St Arnaud dec Luichai of libposltors1,1 j 77, Iso. /. J .s1v la tithes of Thedo t Gale Maine savings Bank 11 no Bull Esq j. P. Hovi or. A b. M ii James t. A. Newman a. M lines Esq up 1 Esq., j,. _ Jaa. S. Thompson Esq. _ actuary John Aitken. So hocs a Hargreave Street t.3opon daily 10 till 3. Wodea Days 10 till 12. Urday pings for deposits. Only 7.till 9i ins Castlemaine sayings Bank has now 13784 depositors with 1110,247. 3s 6d at their. Credit , lip to l260 cheques. Drafts i Post office orders postal notes re i ceivod.1i rosidehts1 in the Bountry unable to attend per Genii by wishing to become depositors can of in instructions on App cation to the actuary. All information sent Post proc account opened by i depositing. Onesi1 Illin g upwards. I it list january 1891. I j Timber to Gong Iron All kinds. Of eau Rug materials at i West Ratesi. Ai o j ii 7 of mining store san Bond j j. V i cheap lines of Yohoi nil Wio helium i Iii Tough. No a Prev 1. Era. I a. . r i i Balsam of Honey to f Price Jis ppr butt Lair v. A i of. Prev Jared by g. I Philpots a Helmst Mairl Ket Square. J ,?87 t b / for coughs colds i Bronchi asthma influenza consumption &o., of. Kay s compound essence of linseed aniseed Senega Squill,.tolu,&o. With Chloro Dyno. Kay s compound a Dumi Bloont Ope Storant for coughs colds Clist complaints Kay s compound for coughs colds is equally serviceable for horses cattle. Kay s tic pills a specific in neuralgia face ache of. Contain Quinino Kirori we Linum Cathart icum pills an agreeable ape Rient. 0oaguline. Cement for broken articles. I sold everywhere. Manufactory Stockport England i. .673pp26,f afr the blood is the l1fev world famed the great " blood purifier restorer. E or cleansing Loaring the blood from flu 1 impurities. It cannot be too highly room mended. S i i it ta7 fori scr Fula scurvy skin blood diseases Eez Eraa Korea of All. Kinds it is a. Never failing , A i in 1� it cares old sores cures vol Yew so oo.bh1? Heok. J curbs ulcerated sore legs a. or on the fad i 0u Rea Souryy Broa. A cures Ca Ecorous ulcers Curos blood skin Dia oases " 1 1 cures glandular swelling clears Tho blood from All Imparo Mattory i in i from whatever cause arising. I j Clarko a blood mixture is the Only real specific for. Gout . Rhou Mutio pains for it Zanab. From Tho blood nud As Liia mixture is pleasant to the Tayton i warranted Freo from anything injurious to Scheynost delicate Constitution of either sox the proprietors solicit strife res to give it a trial to teat its value i is ent Reiji free from any Poison does not contain any i. Injurious ingredient . Good a sai0i-0pdusefulmcd Bine. Ayr by Swain e Laylor. J mid. F.r.s1, lecturer in medical Jur Upu. 7 Deuce Hoh surge onto his Exee Eniy n Viceroy of India pros Vihos Clarke s Iliof ii mixture largely Speaks highly of Seifi Cacy in skin affections a. On the Bun 1 wrote asking if you could Supply e mix. Ture for dispensing letter from i join oq., druggists so., Agra Lud june5tli, 18s8. I i i " West Cowes Islo of Wight september .1888. Dear sirs through Tho merits of your i excellent Clarke s blood mixture the Large red. \ " pimples which of voted my face Are fast Digap earing. For a Long Iuie i put up with Tho ibo fort of these pimples thinking that i 1 nothing could do any Good. At last i was per Sua Dod to try your Medicino mud nov i Havo taken one bottle Thoy Aro rapidly vanishing. It cannot to too highly recommended i almost grateful. I will toll All my friends about it but they really do not require tolling Beaubo they can. See the difference for them selves. You May. Publish this if needful. I am 1up0n." thousands of testimonials. Clarke s blood mixture is sold in bottles.2s 9d pro in oases con Tuiying six times Tho Quan Tity. 11a sufficient to effect a permanent euro in the Groat majority of Long standing costs. By All chem ats Patent Modi Oino vendors throughout tha world. Proprietors the Lincoln . Mid land counties drug company a Moon England. Trado Mark blood mixture.",caution. Puro Haera of Clarke s blood mixture should see that they get Tho Genuino article. Worthless limitations Aro sometimes palmed off by unprincipled vendors. Tho words " Lincoln Midland coun Tina drug company Lincoln England Aroen craved on Tho Govor Mont stamp an Clarke a world famed blood mixture blown in Tho bottle a Vilhotti which kor Ark on link 1 a men made , suffer Ine from lost Vigour nervous Dob Luty Laok of Dovolo Mont premature decline of. Resu Tang from India motion of loss or overwork positively poured without stomach drugging by the " Duran Cocks Apoc earful whore All Olao fails in restoring Vigour health to Dobill Tantod Mon valuable Book sont sealed Post free Durant remedy co., ii 789jl 20 Renwu la if a s t hotel broker Aucon oneely valid be i ,iito.- lvxtletontstreet.,., a u3thmaine r"10 nervous sufferers. A marvellous discovery i Medicine i warranted to curb if curable at All or Money refunded. Mumford s vilifying purifying medicated pills a. I. The. Medicino. Is put up in Tho form of pills of Pic Condon Inco will keep for any length of Tii Iio in any climate. It is Iho most genuine remedy Ever Oll Rcd to the Public for Trio Coni plete ii up of All of weakness arising from secret causes vicious habits. Many suffer do not Kivow to lilt those practices Are the cause of All their Troubl of this extraordinary Medicine is Tho result of1 22 years careful study und experience in Tho treat ment of Tho above diseases some of which Lead off to consumption insanity suicide if ithe disease is hot arrested. As a proof of the wonder Ful Curativo Powers of this Marv Cliotis Medicine it is sold on a guarantee to cure any of the Buovo diseases providing the Medicine is taken Accord ing to. Instructions Bud. Coit Aiu rules faithfully carried Case of Nic Dicue contains four weeks Supply but do riot deceive yourself by sup posing that Oue Case is sufficient to effect a cure. Shell is. Impossible. Patients suffering from this d Foad Ful discas4"must riot expect to to cured in1 a month there Aro a hundreds of patients at Tho or e seut Timo who Havo been trying All sorts of Rome die s year after year Only to he disappointed in the Cid Jinn in Mimy instances have Given up All Hope. To such i say give this really genuine remedy a trial. Do not despair your cure is at hand. If you j Haye i Roii rage enough decision to embrace ins. Rare Opportunity you win hot Havo Long to wait takes place at Hooi immediately on oops me Hoing the treatment Lii Elf must h e cd Htiu de u Htit a coff Plesci euro is 1 effect cd That i h Livo 1 a cure is no w beyond a doubt i am of few offering a Pricopi within the Roach of All i should this notice most Tho Byo i of any poor feh Oivi Olio is a sufferer not in a position to pay write to to explain ing i will at onco. Forward any remedies to ,1dm Giro Hon Timp to ottlb1 this Well known Mceldin h he no we Boehs before this Public months do thug by Vicli Riiho a of p Ati orits Livo Hen restored to health1 strength after the Iii la to of All other Ohio " if Petik 20s.f per Oase i with i. Very Fuh in i to be adopted neatly packed i to forwarded by. Post to All ,.tsl6f.thq world Yum free Trio try confidential. All Lett org can Tail Iug. notel will to it tend a Tov Ana. Nipdipine1.ao., forwarded by return Post. ,. Address letters either. Plano it profess or. Mumford Spoo palist Aldica Eole Otic Stab Lis Limont 21 Bourke St acct East 00 Elgin Streetcar ton Melbourne. " 392 my 10,92 a a Rnold s Balsam of horehound in a Arnold s Balsam of horehound. Wonderful. Expectorant. A i Thorest remedy for shortness of breath.". Nothing so i sickly cubes coughs bronchitis asthma loss of voice influenza weak Chest As this Balsa in. children have whooping cough or Are Iahlo to croup always keep it in the House a single dose quieten gives instant Relief. A Small bottle often euros. This is Tho Best expectorant nov in use rapidly relieves the bronchial tubes by dissolving the congealed phlegm. Especially useful for children As Well As adults. Fit. � caution to the Public Many co Mph its Kayo reached the proprietor that imitations of this Standard Medicine Are can stantly living offered it is therefore requested that purchasers will insist on getting Arnold a Anil carefully observe name of proprietor Manu Fao. Inter on both wrapper Ana Label thus. James Brinsmead chemist i i i Viii a it Tiffi. St Kilda Melbourne. X this is Tho Best cough mixture expectorant Nowin so when other remedies fail Arnold a Balaam succeeds. In whooping Couglin bronchitis pain in the Sile Fey Eriah colds chills it is oboe la inn lit is in Abie. For. Ruger Best the world for preserving Mem oot poultry game fish butter. Ehajleng6 of 56igoo Rulo any. Other a Reserva Tiyo offered in Australia x for equal effects provided it contains no Sah lib avoid a very effective preservative. But a Phish bus Dong x6rbiddeh"in Franco germanyitaly." " Barmont Lori tabs he Saloio acid it is highly Reeb Miend de by the Fren of italian. Ulm Gernin governments to preserve food of r Tho. Arithy Navy. 1 Lind. Declared by All analysts As absolutely harmless this is guarantee for its Orr ,.-. Flu i Tim Menit . Award following lib Bufa a. Gold a Tedfil Poris exhibition18897/ Gold medial Cologne exhibition "1889 grand phed .colbgnev1889" Gold modal Nice in France il890 i1 1 " grud Gold Abdall Tunis 1890. Jim diploma Leipzig 1889. A r i grand prize . Gamin1889. I grand prize , , 18s9.it Gold medal Ghent Belgium .1889,. " grand , 1890.,. I i Huu redb of others., a ,. Fall other 1 which have clip Peter at i these exhibitions were set aside a either Poison Ouy or inferior. To. Menit. Oil i Ibar Intuit is every shop or household. A half Pound of a Armouc will pre serve 100 pounds of butter during the hot weather for i months As Freiji As new made. -.u,. J Barmor it Hiya astonished. Evor quo who has pro per Lye tried v. Of viot6bian from or Lily Secretary Vietoria railways from or Haro i police magistrate. " from m r Taylor inspector of the Central board1, of. Health a i i j from or Torry inspector. Ofalcat markets."1,also Ollie s Fromi All Piirto Side the world "if.,. I. I 111 i t Quarter of a Pound c03ting id will preserve. 40 pounds of beef. During Hie. Holt 8t weather for months a the Public should us no other preservative moot. So highly1 re Bommen do d id awarded prizes at All eni Opeai exhibitions as1 the Iii St 1 eff Ototivo non poisonous preservative known " All stores should Kop it for Sale to he h in 25 Pound cases. L pounce tins. J Pound Tius an d i Pound tins at a Largo discount for Cashat Wuhl bros., agents i. " ,179 Queen ,.1. Retail Price. One Pound tins 3s half Pound tins is 6d Quad Tor Pound tins Lod. Met Nowoy the track sole agent for All Tho colonies Fiji islands Java to Arl Wehl 7. I. Stawell. I 770fh l7. Att Ixia bronchitis try hoc k in s remedy for i. A Jujj Jay. �. 1 g. In i nil rots Custlow Manoj Hood & , Melbourne 1i the nigh All Modi Einn vendors. The Corn killer. The Corn killer ipod s j japanese magic drops. A sure cure for corns wart i agent re. P. Philpot8, Bohomist my Market Suwe i u an cheapest i i Unera. Establish nent 3 f in .in.gastiemaine,i, he spinal a hearses mourn aug i cd aches rid every funeral ,1 581 omd. A. Requisite ii hand .do t. Odgers & co. R r "i1" -"1 " v i � to w,.-. In i vat Hunt Uhira Hir Ila iriiri.wth i a " a. Campbe ild go., a " 1 3 Lynder Takukos j 7 etc., of. caste Mimpei Tia vile cont Kyj purchased a. First, i Udert taking of oho two Horbe us arcs a do Burn ing coaches &o., have succeeded ih"6ffeot ing a great reduction in tiie charges hitherto made in this District a for this Branol of our business we have secured the services of a e manager j arb ride pro Pard to dded butfdner.t is. In the Best Nunn Erand at Tho"1 lowest unites 1 telegrams will Reoe immediate m i attention. I a i ii iitn.,- Iii i a. Private address Camphell Street East. I ,.--. L in australian mining Standard.". I. T. If i ,0iir-ij,t r. The australian mining Standard 8is,Thoone a recognised Drain of Tebei . It throughout. Tho whole of the colonics Anditon Tainsh the Hest every new Field of Mineral ,. H Hajj j Tho 4sqbyqries vtz.,j,,Tasma Noiin Silver mines the mount. Wills tin mimics near Omeo. Gip Suhd Thor was Toni australian Gold diggings pro an acc Biving ii lib columns of them Iii chg Fon Dardi Thoa Etengoff which to Weir Limp Ortar Tod merits h a special Export reporting staff is engaged in addition Torresi Cunt. Agente of experience of in Oil subscription 63 6d p of q.nartcl", 260 Seriani Ojini , adv.crti8ors.trthoj mining standard5 touches Tho heart of every milling Centre i i Tho colonies Nuland Vertig i 8, can confidently rely .611, receiving enquiries for Alir of Trifi Midg requisites. Apply to. Fhe Anage a for i ates. Wild res � " " so Ardaith in to i ,1, .5 s n i u8 Castenia be agent i 11,1ii 18 Aadams Huhter Street. To Buff 1 buy Only English watches., j i a 1.3 1 i i .-ht a if ice to i the Purchase Possession of a Good wet he 1 Means Money Sayed 1 disappointment avoided a. Good w atch. In urea pleasure a. Goo9. A neb ment a Hail Loviei causes worry loss of time Money. ,. 11 a 1.d.i us in a Jintil Vij Tif i Stewart Daw sorb a to " ii-.-.v ill. W r i Ailt i i 5world famed Vil enjoy Tohl Cootie their superiority Fand value a scr Iirth ers find their in every Clinie is the bes proof of their time Kee Jiing a Sitira " spend Toi Oney Ely Securo the by purchasing from the i " Ufa cure Rev a remember Niji i a there Are no middlemen in a t. T a s syster a every tiling in at the priec., D. & co s system makes Tho watch a. D. Co s d. & cos system improves the o water " D. & cd system guaranteed Tho watch 1s. A & system goes direct to Tho be Era u so & co s system sour of a Dir Satisfaotioni i A co. S system saves retail profit 1/ is a co s system gives a week s trial1. J a i . & co s system appeals. To Denbo i i . Co s system leads. The. Van of Competition . -., i 5066ii?6sti�qbhial3 il1 from wearers in All the world in Praise of Stewar t. Dawson i co. S layer Pooi i s a f 1 ?. N ,3 l2s 6d., a co s Crys in co eng Hilli evors rec6nimeiided for cd Lounial Wear lasts a life time highest q Quality we in both old1 il3 i7s go . And co. A Hunting english1 Loer Gold Bola had ii latest improve meets Cheri up it l6 6s. I i3 i it "i"?-"1 la. I l4-178 6d- D. And coi Superb English Blunt ing levers three pairs extra jewels real Chr nov meter Balateo cheap atl7.-. 1in i. I 3x0sv.,Jdaiid,Ico. ,8, cent keyless. Blunt a.ovei, i goes Quality . Damp , Ijeh t Oasis Worth l8., v a. T l6 a 03r3, Daud co. A "5rp, late English Hunt ing levers full Jewelle compel Salish balance Tho Model watch. I to los co s Jip Lato Centre seconds. Lover thousands in Wear,1 cheap ato.-- i i 17 no n ivcetkl1l 10s 6di co s i Engliski double minute seconds Independent Chr Onogi Ziph every improve Nice t thebeatsporting., prov Ducor beware of. Foreign imitations j "., i i ,l1,7h , Sterling faced Defiance what ones. ,.thqa Cut Low priced in pitch in id Markot Huttera at la 15s, ladies gent a s Zes a d t a 6. Als6 invited special attention to their splendid a tick of ladies Uhd gents he Glibic Gold Loverd ii every variety Ahil it prices i map proach ahle. A i Ai a i " u j is. .d.iandvco. Fugua Rahce a saving of at least. 25 Peri cent to Oyer buyer on Thoy b0i i b i Hii jewellery ,jewtcliery.� jewellery i.1.1,1 i a a 1 a air .c.iiNo Nui we Aro. Receiving t of All fms ions by a cry. Ii Viaud ican. Quote prices in Many cases 60, cent Joinder. To Ciao usually Char Bidin diamonds acid precious stones we hold Ono of Tho largest stocks Iii m i la Uruo and1 being directly represented Iff the european Kots can soil at to we stratus. Comparison invited j Diamond. Itaas half hoop rings i or boo ones of. At Del prices. I t Domigos stones submitted. For approval estimates. mounting. And every other description of colonial work execute Don Ouy own premises. ,. .,.i a i. Electro plate. V now designs constantly arriving at lowest rices in Melbourne illustrated pump lot containing full particulars of i itches Many designs of All kinds of Juwei Lery free on application forwarded on food if of 2d Stamps Cost of postage. Stewart Dawson & g64j97.swa nst6n.streetrit. Melbourne., Centra do of 96 Mph duh re. " b Rii Nolies in a i "syd3sk3f, did ii Pkt . V a i s i imp6 Ortii sit t visa tip Piv Mil of Hub ppe qing of be Jiff furnishing . Now the largest . A est lighted in Motif submits if Stiv i Colling Wood t k the Turuc stand Furham Itcik i 7 the soul Hunt in Musiliu to . Inst us Orlof a Muir mini to maf6 a Clr own Facto Hev Hud f6 n o. R hew on Whiat amt a in fish Iulio Huit fable for All classes Rico Vii a i nun to vol Jayhu slow r rooms Vilf a to no Stock of Over Cuhra Vilita All Tho newest ii inc in up Orvii i in Lucions. Esd hateful Blip plan a free for Cuni plume furnishings for Cottec or mansion. To proprietors of cot face palaces Ilsc Telic co hand. Others Upccl. at Oliou to a forge. Shipment Juat landed now offered at exceptional Price. 1 _ j full Stazo French. Lie is. In. Posto with extended Foo Trail in All colors 25. , Bearc Woien ass to ,?l j3rid.s, 75? Kall Othic sire at Foch Gibson s specially lion u Tho a Vic Valuo. In the. Colonies. A i Audiline used Stoid with 2m taper posts hras3 Rau. ,..ot a heavy malic full us Sta a 1 1 the Emo in i if a a at 37s. Cd. Koy a a Gib Soji do bedsteads. ,00laliltcreut-8tyics, uni Kipf Fiona ialcdllo1iiiit Iron chair id Eteaua Complete with. Ret. Of. Cushions in Creyonne or. Leather. 20s. 3us., extra a Pil ,ior2i58.iidand.j 2�.-0dn if of vol j Difuro who of iome Yeddi for All of a a sold by. Liy Jiraud Ghusn factory a Ljusi Iii How Robinh purity of of of twid Tembria Sull in gig Adieu us it of i 1 i. A pure flock Mutt Ressea single Ato Luj. ,0d 12a. I Usi a f hrs a � .1j pure flock fat treason double. Sizes 12s, cd., .15a. Cd., i7s.cd. J " a Juilo bolsters 3s. ? tp4s.16di caulk Pirows / of. . 4. H Pliest Pinpok Dudding made f from Tab fun edit Java he t Ekpo a in belgian a tin Ticki ifs in lbo3c he is she ixlei2i 8, �. Do 7iattres3es lying a fiize8, 463.vfi /fi7s cd j of j j boat hair , uijf.,l10si Box Spring Iraq Tress in Kapok arid h air do Vihlo j iry aise m8.,7is./8q.f in bad Lioom fcrnitui�l3,.Foy Hud Gibson flow. bombelegtint1 Suban tial goods at remarkably Loir pro pcs. Nil our Wnm Ike. /. Tho Tkv lapse bidrooih1 Suttib of Serin i Fec he 1a , a door wardrobe e Iii let a Vlf cd tile by blk Vuk Lii a i stand Cathl cupboard Towe Joeand tyo f or any portion of. Suite at rate rate. In Tho Bacor Isfeld suite with Large in Creland miridr5f1 to door wardrobe .outside.drawers Complete Suito r/5 of to pieces / i in 7a. Ted. � j the Torquay. Suite with Secre Taire wardrobe nash., 1 Cedar or Walnut from �2 j 10. 1 � Dii in Otbo Yav or Lay suite a vory richlfini8hed suite i Ash. Whorry Cedar or a Niit " " j at trl e Varialy of artistic Dosu is in Suitca in ail Yii Awoods always of hand to select ,. J j to chests of Bru wars in i Olioli to Liht Vood or oed Tiri " found rarer size it5s. ,id., to . Five be.1 38s. 6d42. 0tiioeeupy x if their time honoured place for 8eric�ablo Wear. Eoy of Gihr n flu ply their own Nirk of Codath i in to cock s Best. Hair cloth Spring i " stuffed throng out 7 pieces d Piec a 1 Vij i ,�10 10s,. Carved Masivenils. R. Vienna suites 0 i fam Frh ihj5kiiihi-iwl Hpward 1 consisting of Nefee � chars 6 mifa in / better styles 1 s., x.7 15., or upholstered in real leather from ii of or suite. 5. F re t a suites of 0 pieces stuffed Book seat " Isreall " m Isi. To cry i a j specially. Dining room suite 9 pieces Walnut Morocco �19 10s. " j. I f. I the Stanley s Tite Savoj Frymet i Walnut Foj 1 \ i Etu fled Bock seat in real leather .12210a. W richly cd Ved suites. In Walnut Wicak an a t i r to Horgany the largest Stock in the colonies from �2s i -,j30ato�fl5. I j a Jn.Foy Gibson Hare always Orr Han for -.? Plant on the most improved Type Koy f.gilis6hefs now offering orb optional Valmic in Camj t Vond . r. Cedar Side Glass Hack 3ft. Cin., sgt vft., 1 100s 4ft. Tin1 be. Gift�0. 10j. Solid Walnut la ah1,4fl cin., whip Raul ill carved Idoo Reaud three. Bevelled plate., for �1u 5s. This is Tho i very Best value in the Colony. _ larger sizes in Girat variety of designs in All Woods v " f. From jcr2ji To ju70. T ,.dinner waggons three tier cedar5t. Massive " u Yra nut 77s dining tables 6ft., Extension 70s. 7ft. ,00i 8ft.", Milos. In Walnut or Cedar color i. Y i unit Vert mantels a Choice lot of new a terns i with Bevelled plate from c2s. C4l. To�c0. F i. In drawing Ooin furnishings a Beautiful Stock of make up styles in All the1 latest Iid Lehti s i Cove rings. Foy Gibson Haro opened another so pmed t of " \ inlaid Walnut occasional table sis huh. X.luin., j2s. a butt be Oval shape 19s. 0d. V m Corn 1 Walnut j Oil. I x f ? 22s. Rod. J Square Yah unot3, Lalni Walnut a ., ass. Of. Up. Upholstery material j acid of Alki Ussat lows Traci " Laycock s Best hair seating isl 1., 1?. 7d. 10in is of. 2linm ,1s. Alld. J31u., 2i. Sm1. 2�i i., 2s. J7dv win., 2$. 10 j. 20111., 3s. Z7in., 3s. 2d. 39in., is. Per said. \ 1or Ji �. 1 blood a Gnip to match Ltd. Per Gross. I r j in. Carpets linoleum.Foy g list Havo i now opened their new season s Shii Pic intr ii Sander very Fine we Toni rile Umi Bank Lis Curi to Ull. To new Decsi usand colourings. The baht full Jiu h i e. Frame by mils. Cafe cts 5s. Per Yard i. new. I Pat Torii Spurio ordinary1 five ame at 4.t Gil. Per " j i Yang 5 in tape try. it in \ for. .Ibedruiuu Kov .4 Gibson show a. Good carpet at ,1s ikt., Usu i 4 "2s. 1 in Bri Fella 1 a i. The new. China tight Worth seeing. Exipiiiuilcmrtimin Ait Utvic in j Jap Neilio Ware Sui cd for Deni a tied w re it " i rom Arkadly Low prices he i vases from 3s. , Worth is Mullica a lieu Tea pcs from livtfd., uhf Len be China ii dessert 15s.up. Are astonishingly Low prices " All should ecu. Thorn. ,., j in Ironmongery ,. Foy. Ail Gibs m Havo j Addedery ext i ively , Woi Lery ,.15.d.g. Test kor Otene with Patent taps is. Go. Or Case. A. Choice of orment of lamps for h All Cdr table \ in or Carridge always in . j Fin ,. I Garden Hhplemt-pts.All.kincl, steel Spades 2i.rd�.i the " Novelty " Auger Iii. Ruber cd. X2in. in .5. i galvanised tubs.ilflin., .20in.,.221n 24., ,2cin. I. �gin., 2s. Lot is. Isl k id 5s. Sd., id. A Wicker dibs stands 4�iui. " 1 clothes baskets in three a incs 8a, 2d., ,4s.,2 los. J. Id. ,. I Copper boilers Complete ugol 26s. " iid.278,ed3t�. Wisirij it in too Latte Stock is very Complete All Tho leading i new Kab Are kept dist dirt d 3 hands a 5s. Tod. " i of c Ron Tai d Uppin Cote axes Lis.,f j drips to a filters 2gai., 3gal.f 4gul, 5gtu., Losi 103, i "i9d. 22i. 2fls. " in spotting req Ull ten Cricket football Tern a. And All ,.the mock is cry Latoc acid sub Kyat show splendid value Jav " m i free " Oai App Ica Feio to i Smith Streep " � to. I. Cont Amin Anions of Tho. Blood Futor effect of cont or 1orfoiilaiattarj of any Vilcio in Tibia Are positively Curie of out of Tho system by Takingclarko s of b Dod mixture the great blood p in Frior rest brer for olo Misiong cloak Rig flip Blacio d from Allim purties it cannot to too highly recommended. For. Scr Fula to Arvry eczema. Akin a loot i Tomcsi sores of All Kiado it is a never failing or manent pure it is the Only real pay Ifica for Oliou. Patio pains for is removes the pacsb1, from the blood ondi Bones of Phiri Isusi aoihevet7wbere/ at 28 9d Tel stupor Saud Secl teat athon als. It. Caution i Furcy lasers of Olarah s blood mix Ture should that they gob the Gou Uius worthless Imite tins so am Timpa palmed is unprincipled vendors 1 i the Twords Liddil Niimd Fung company Linor Ilij England Ore. the govern mint Savold i famed Bloop mixture Blovin Iff to Flint ten with it i a lion Pon Are to Enlil in. Ii if j rabbit1 or not a 1i t Tir i a Tail i i ii Jure Stry Nino for Kinuno. Rabbits sold at or. The Yio Toria drug store Market Square j Inatsu Bibat Givel of. A. Or. Ail Liq Timi to is 1 to us Iii Nirla Vii ill / a to Mil amiic.ji a i i ring a. A j � i. No a i i Oil no Kilmit Lilot. .7 Yal Iii pm a ii ii f a. F./0 i of .-i via of Yilli .1,5 is Jinn 1 i. 1of i Iii. H i 5 or a i Joii id Ippe Ujj la disease be of Long standing or i. C. Iii by of 5 7t-,.- i in ,.ar. Iiio Iro Avilo i h a bor.sfwtot-Uyyjbfpi,?, a my i a ii null .mir.r. r to a in Ika i in i i ii Feir Peri Nollis excl � f k0 i. I is Najih t is lib of ii or of. To 1/0 c ,exv3lifi of a o Chi of Fig 2 chronic sufferers Shourd not . F j i /. I pm. J7. 1.li u .0"/.i .v., j to consult j ny it v.-.-, .77 Niewyk to r7rw.�.1 Iff j i i us to Liot it it r 5 5 of. at i j dec decl to of a off i Iun 1 2 Wiandt. I Arqn Melbourne i if i in i i of of a 7i" in inn 2,1 a Freeukr Mbriikljijjllp lit i in kult iof inferred assigned Tigre wifi e3t Glen Yii Clr pm Ovid Etc that to Cost is Iri erred a thai i Evdur 6f a cure inti Beisig offeeted.o2.1 Fwy m it. Kuge thann visits i Rogu Larl or he following towns May to consulted , on Tho Flat Rel Nammal Viz. " Cas Mem Kine a3.1i3. H at roofs cum Bottand hotel hours 10 . --tilli"pni/1ohlyi on i wednesdays 4uthvmay, 24th o Juno 22nds july to 19th August i16thsep Tern her i4lh october i 11th .nb.vember,/ .9tn Doe "iiberl-23rd december i to i Noyd at Ipar Jioji Sci to Clute hotel met hell Stree. Hours. La . Toff thursdays 28th Mayi 26thtunc 23iid july 20th" August "17tn september ,j15tli1 oct6beri2thi no veins. Boi1 to in december 24th december a i j 1 1.t in a Mil e Iri if Maryborough ill Anj ,1,?at. Mildrhotel hours "12 noon till 5 tuesdays 26th, May 23rd june. 21 St Era 18th August 1 5thseptember1 3th october .,7 pith november 8thj i to Ems a 22iid-Deoem of jifi1 to .ir/iutidjigiii i h it Nodi y Kj Ino-Tiii. I Rulu vol Iii i Imit la Sumiirt-ij in. It i i. -.-. I i Sioii, i ,c.-, ii 5ii7 Jiuji 1 " a Sio irad ?ipr6m,n or Obj air 1bare directed a " j i i -.-. Toi . Froin w High i suffered1 Hud Ever , recover but that be could. Case to Chloc due which Poison Only stupefied. Me. But did not Case my complaint in Tho least. I.theiefdi.atiai-doni.d teds tried othe Isi All of which proved to be Only b Grid expcrimbut.8, As ii Ono did Rae Cert 1good Iii this woe Thoi a Fob forced to asks Niue Zittra of or i tolled of Isth no j Rieny Iii Westt would Havo Bee n glad 1 had it Bech god s will to1 Havo died so ended Mimi very Asl never hoped to to Well again. Eventually however .1 thank god fog Iti. Saw your address in Tho paper arid Ibria Blip Iris mind a consult Alai immediately it Ibl i did--..ydu.ae6iftte told to Tho Correct nature of the disease Jand without Hesi tation i no copied your treatment jtnd., continued it for. A Good Many Mouths during which1 time a rapidly Ickov Rcd Havo been Complete cured 1 no for Over a which a Gbbdjndi cation of. r Clos would further1 say i than goal i wits Over induced to bome.you i i Ity you thai Tong by spared to dog of to"1 " Buffo Virnig humanity a ,h6pe that thru ugly read ing my Elasri that wit i supposed to to incurable will consult Yob ii rid Dis card the old fashioned doctors Antl their destructive drugs operations. Trusting that this Liviu do Good i remain dear sir yours very sincerely. Mrs. Elizabeth Lee. I Elizabeth Leb of Kew Victoria do solemnly Andi Siu Koroly declare the above written statement Aigi Jod by to. Isuji it of my knowledge belief Truo in , l a Kelbis. So Leann declaration conscientiously believing to byl., virtue of Aua it of Parlia unsent of re Klering per Sana making a false Della ration Forti Elf it Nind corrupt p i q t ju.maujlkk./cpmw/irtr Kew trip trod in Ebro Trie at key this 4th Day of sep1. Tebb rtt. T. Fervier Justice of the peace fo1 1 the 1111 1 11
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