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Castlemaine Mount Alexander Mail Newspaper Archives Jan 20 1891, Page 1

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Castlemaine Mount Alexander Mail (Newspaper) - January 20, 1891, Castlemaine, Victoria National Library of Australia Sfirri is i Lin e of Royal mafll1 figs dts firs Al Garthe following Royal mail storm ship Buloh Grig a "01 Orient arid Pacific Compario Esnil Leavo Melbourne twelve noon on Thunder 1 dates London Igia Adelaide / Albany a. Suez i Jia Ples . i v tons Menander. Date. J tit Cuzco. 77 3918. 4000 v j. F. Anderson Jan., 24" situs Itania. 3877 4000. H7 e. Inskip feb 7 i 7#roya �057.v.70dobe laying on feb. Ill$0rizaba \ 6077 7000 a. F. ,7\1marv77 Jeri edit j. 76365, 0000 1 i Darby Mari 21 hormuz6116. 8000wie whiter april ,4 Mph not calling i fortnightly thereafter i -7 v i Rio 1 ,8aloon passengers allowed to Breakish air Journer. 1 entire Cabins. Reserved con. Most Liberal Fern we a i i Odd u i Wrisk passage Money. Jef j x Saloon. Iil55, l63, .l70.r a. Second class. ,. L30. And w7third two berth Cabins l22"each Adit \ 7� this d four Borth Cabina l20i each adult Steerage Ope ii berths ei7,178 Bach o dolt i i a tic third ,1 Moss of tensile to .1. A i excursion return rates. % ? a i Hyz f to 5 fir by prepaid passages fro to Tyken. J % tit special facilities Are now afforded fo.t1 bringing 4, friends the prepay in of Paa Acta of. . � s Rilan Gersi up. Groen co. Arid Andreij nil a arson & Fenc Hurb Avenue in Idun. 1 70.7 7, 38 Fuji particulars on application to i i � 1 " Mig a Nderson " " 7 Branch manager 1 1 Rigi 488 490 Collins Street Melbourne local age Rit Aadams Castlemaine 1 i iwo do 319x s i " 1 a / ./1 Mil e Asa a Eki e so. A i Tom e a. Sub tamers under " Oswil contract with the cover Ament of France \ to London Overland via mabs Bills Iii Jeave i leave Steamer commander ? Sydney i i Melbourne �. I. I j i 11 i la Anit. A i i i. /i,.t. Loe Anion a Poy Denot \ 25 the Jan. 28th. A Iii r badly heaven p. Pellegrin. -r27th feb2nd.mar. R " Sarraya Boulard. 25th mar. ,. 28th mar. V f Sua Ralien g. Didier. 27th april. 30fch april. Sij Atea of passage Money to Mars eiue8� from jj20 �fl85, including table wines bedding re misites in All classes return tickets issued reduced rates a 1 " Saloon passengers booked through to Lon Dohi via f&ri8. Bos railway accommodation Luggage Conj to Ayed free . A fortnight allowed from mar in a fifi rat class l70 second cuss l44. 3 by a Perial arrangement an English inter Freer will attend on Board upon arrival of a a Amer Marseilles to give. Passengers every asst Noe in disembarking pass my their Luggage rough the customs of. 1 he will also to company Tuttem in the train Calais. J. 1 s. A i ,7 Lefor further Partio Lars apply 1. I company limited agents i h 7,91 Bourke Street w est Melbourne. Lrfbenin8ular. And Oriental steam Ift navigation company a the company s steamships will be despatched Fth her majesty s mails As follows for London b Colombo 1.leave. Leave i Steamer tons. Commander. Melba ,. Noon. Noon. Of phage 5013 m. Do i Lorna. ,.Jan. 31 feb. 4 Sesilia 4918 c. Fraser. Jan. 17. Jan. 21 l octoria.6268 g. . 14feb. 18 -5 Zwetta 4919 r.,f. Briscoe. Fob. 28 mar. 4 i a Acadia 6262 b. Andrews. Mar. 14 mar 20 Ballarat 4748 e. Ashdown. Mar. 28, april 1 %3ssana 6362 p. apri 11 april 15 Paramatta 4771 I Murray april 25 apr 29 j thenceforward every alter Nwe week. Passengers will be conveyed alongside. The Carthage by the 10.20 . Special express ii a no. Ordinary trains from Spencer Street Ike usual fares. F hates or pass Job Monk. To London in first Saloon. �60 to �70. \ second a �30 to �37. Return tickets from. �65 to �115. \4n the second Saloon the arrangements have been so roughly reorganised an the a commode. Won which the company now offers is unsure a Sage Money ban be paid this end for Pas Ikea from England. Liberal one session to i/,ue9, Withers superintendent. S. Scotson agent for Castlemaine District assure your life with Musial ass Rafice society of is Victoria limited established . 1570.ifft Assurance endowments Annu f uses he office 406 Collins Street Mel "heirobs.-Hon. Tibnam loader churn Frederick m Coy ic.c.m.g., m.a., so. D. 1 Dow. Do . . A f.i.a., Aolia is a Sas ohday premiums unusual in now Seral Security undoubted claim settled so aptly members Divide All roots Bon Uaea aug i Sod annually in Case of Olazima declared Tum polio 09 kept in Force. By Wand Tais Luo. The Only australian Sec Iota issuing double Vij Benefit policies issued Witoff amount assured pay so twice with full Pronto. No. A children s endowments with Premium ceasing Fen death of Parent All premiums returnable ills Tehua die before maturity also �mue.d? j j Saloney to lend personal Security current rates. Pm social di8twot agents 5e&r Scotson. Market Square cause male. Is 7" ".4pajft a or australian Alliance Assurance company. So head offices 400 402 Collins Street Ign Melbourne. Spital subscribed 0 00. . 4fflreserve fund �200,000. , �252.000. Nis books. _. William Smith esa., chairman Hon. I i a. John a. Ston sir Charles Macmahon George. Shaw,7 Esq., Lieut col. G. Napier Turner. _ Gibb Guaba Mth Roku accepted lowest 1 endorsed of edition embraces All the most Lral feature of manager. ?3i agent for the Dutoit a. Tolster tar she Corn killer. The Corn killer i if old s 4 aet8aflractflnuare men. Young old married or single buffering from Ervom Dobi Uty mature decay loss of manhood vital Power All Dis Wim of the Genito urinary organs Appi tog by Fetter to by � f " 5 Obins ioness a gigs Banks. In Victoria. A incorporated by not of accumulate fus by 30th Jame a 1890, to. L3457,525 14b 9dj including Reab Rve fund of -l175.000. J commissioners appointed by the governor in Council James Grico esq0.e.v chairman we. M Lea ii . Archibald Currier Esq Frede Rio Irv Godfrey Esq., George Meares . Of comptroller Seo rotary Jim Obj Moore . General inspector William Robin son. Accountant g. 11. Reeves. I sayings Banks Are open the following places under the management of local trustees Viz. Melb Burno with. Branches Aix Fitzroy Prahran Richmond South Melbourne Carlton North Melbourne . Kilda east1 Collingwood Brunswick port Melbourne Williamstown foots i Oray Hawthorn Victoria Mark South Carlto Clifton Hill North Fitzroy Newmarket i an Brighton g ,1 Portland port fairy Castlemaine Sandhurst with i Branch 7 Eingle Hawk Ballarat Maryborough Warrnambool kly Peton. Hamilton Stawell Sale. Daylesford Bairnsdale. S. Amiul a . , 177,189. 1 Castlemaine savings Bank a Buh Esq., up. I Rev or. A. R. B. M Cay James. A. Newman i a. M Innes Esq., , j Esq., . J Jas. S. Thompson Esq. J a i actuary John Aitken. Mot offices Hargreave Street. Open daily. To till 3 wednesdays. 10 till 12. Saturday evening for deposits Only 7jtill 9. Trecastle Maidic savings Bank has now 3784 depositors with lil6,247-3s 6d their credit inter stir percent. Allowed uptol250, cheques drafts Post office orders postal notes re a lived ". .1. S 1 ". Residents in the country unable to attend personally. And wishing to become depositors. Oan obtain full instructions on application to the actuary. All information sent Post free. Accounts opened by depositing one shilling upwards 1. Lbt january 1891. 1 a Idi Roi. Odgers & co. Timber bar roofing. Iron . All kinds of building materials lowest Rateb. Jav ,.1 All kinds of mining stores on hand furniture cheap lines of fencing wire " Tough no More. Tough no More. using. Balsam of Honey Tolu .1 Price is per bottle. Prepared by up Philpots chemist mar Ket Square.,. I 987 1 0 ,1 colds bronchitis asthma influenza consumption &c., of. J Kay s compound essence of linseed aniseed Senega Squill Tolu . Chlo Rodyne. Kay s compound a Demulcent expectorant for coughs colds Chest complaints. Kay s compound Lor coughs colds is. Equally serviceable for horses cattle. Ray s tic pills a specific in neuralgia face ache a. Contain quinine Iron a. T Winum Cathart icum pills an agreeable ape u Rient. " /"40aguline. Cement for broken everywhere i manufactory Stockport England. 573 up 26 f for the 6lq0a is the life v a world famed the great blood purifier restorer. For cleansing Clearing the blood from All. Impurities. cannot be too highly recommended. For scr Fula scurvy skin blood diseases eczema sores of All kinds is a never failing permanent cure. 1 cares old sore ,. .1 cures ulcerated sores on the Neok. He 1cures ulcerated sore legs. cures blackheads or pimples on the Aoe 7 Curea scurvy sores cures cancerous ulc orb. Cure s blood ski diseases. Cure glandular swellings. Clears the blood from All impure matter. From whatever cause arising. Clarke s blood mixture is the Only real specific for gout rheumatic pins for removes the of aus from the blood Bones. As this mixture is pleasant to Tho taste warranted free from anything injurious to the most delicate Constitution of either Box the proprietors solicit sufferers to give a trial to teat its value. is entirely free from any Poison or Metrillo impregnation does not contain any i injurious ingredient is a Good Safo i useful Medicine. Alfred Swaine Taylor " m.d., f.r.s., lecturer on medical jurisprudence " the Hon. Surgeon to his excellency a Viceroy of India prescribes Clarke s a Lief mixture largely Spe Alib highly oits eff Cacy. In " skin affections of on this coun to wrote asking if you could Supply e mix Ture for dispensing letter from. I John co druggists &c., Agra ind j. June 5th, 1888. " West Cowes Isle of Wight september 1888. " dear sirs through the merits of your excellent Clarke s blood mixture the Large red pimples which covered my face Are fast Digap soaring. For a Long time i put up with the discomfort of these pimples thinking that nothing could do any Good. last i was per i Eua Dod to try your Medicine now i have i taken one bottle they Are rapidly vanishing. cannot be too highly recommended i am most grateful. I will Tell All my menus i about but Thoy really do not require telling 1 because they can see the difference for them 1 selves. You May publish this if needful. I i i thousands of testimonials. Clarke s blood mixture is sold in bottles 2s 9d each in costs containing six times the Quan Tity 1 is sufficient to effect a permanent euro in the great majority of Long standing cases. By All chemists Patent Medicine vendors throughout the world. Proprietors the Lincoln land counties drug company Lincoln England Trade Mark blood o a u i o n. Purchasers of Clarko a blood mixture should see that they get Tho genuine article. Worthless l imitations Are sometimes palmed off by unprincipled Vendor. The words " Lincoln Midland coun ties drug company Lincoln England Are engraved on the government stamp Clarke s world famed blood mixture blown in the bottle without which none Abe genuine. Weak men. Made Strong. Men suffer ing from lost Vigour nervous debility look of development premature decline of resulting from indiscretion excess or overwork positively Mourod without stomach drugging by Tho " Dubant Cones successful where All else fails in restoring Vigour health to debilitated men. Valuable Book sent sealed Post free Durant remedy co.,48 e7,8s. 20 re Seu Iti Melbourne i 1 cheapest funeral establishment h in oae Hospital government co ii tractor. Hearses mourning coaches and1 every funeral i. 7 requisite on hand1, t. I 1 / t. Odgers & co.1, i. I i a Barker Floreet. I a funeral a. Campbell & co.,. Undertakers etc., 11 ,. Castlemaine having recently purchased a first. Class undertaking Plant consisting of one two horse hearses mourn ing coaches succeeded in effect. J ing a Ebbat reduction in the e charges hitherto in this District. For this Prancl of our business we have Sec Rod. The services of on experienced manager. J Are now prepared to. Conduct funerals1 7in the Best manner Tho lowest rates. Telegrams will receive immediate 1 y attention i v 1.i j v. Private address Camii poll Street East. " the australian mining Standar the Only mining newspaper in the i. Anstr Aliah colonies 1 null reports each week from every sold of in a j. I importance in Australasia,-., . Letters from London new York South Africa &c., dated list of daily quotations m Melbourne an Syd Ney exp hinges. Yields dividends i Calls fcb mines illustrated de scribed. Portraits Biog aplies of mining men published Cash week. Melbourne office 360 Collins Street. Subscription i 2s 6s 6d por Quarter in Advance-.-1 ,. Just official handbook of australian mines Price 2s 6d 3s posted containing a Complete his tory of the Industry from Tho earliest Days of Tho diggings a special notice of All Well known mines. Fol i a a ,., Castlemaine agent. J. Adams. Hunter Street. To in a J 4 buy Only English watches. 7 buy Only English. Watches. O the Purchase . Possession of a Good watch. Means Money saved . 1 disappointment avoided a Good watch ensures pleasure form a Good investment a bad one causes worry loss of time Mone Stewart Dawson & co s world famed English letees1 enjoy the Confidence of the world. Their superiority . Value Over All others their popularity in every1 clime is the Best proof of their excellence time keep my qualities. V spend your Money wisely secure the Best value by purchasing from the. " manufacturers remember there Are. No middlemen in s. D. And co s system everything is the least possible Price. S. D. & co s system makes the watch s. D. co s system Sella the watch s. 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One of Tho largest stocks in Melbourne / being directly represented in the european markets can sell lowest rates. Comparison. Invited. Diamond tiaras half hoop rings brooches &c., All design stones submitted for approval . Estimates Given. Diamond Moi Ting. And. Every other description of colonial work executed on our own premises. Electro plate. New designs constantly arriving lowest prices in Melbourne. Illustrated pamphlet containing full particulars of watches Many designs of All kinds of jewel Lery free on application forwarded on receipt of 2d Stamps Cost of Dawson & co.,97 Swanston Street Melbourne. Central depot 96 Newgate Street London . H Branc Nesin Sydney Dunedin auckland.442 do 31 a / of j1"- 1" ajl diseases Oflyng standing i completely a tired by. R. ? v i i h bridal magnetic x treatment 5rv7fl. 7 i 7i of i j 7 j chronic sufferers should not fail f to consult 1r , consulting g i Herb a let . R v. Eclectic of 1 Melba done i All consultations free. Jnotice.-r-. Prei Errea a is Gucci agr Cement Given which provides that no Bost is incurred in the event of a cure not being effected. I 1 or. Kublmann visits regularly the following towns Hay Ibex consulted free Tho places on the dates named Viz. 1 1 1 ,. Castlemaine m Grogor s Cumb re i 4hote hours 10 . I till 3 . On wednesdays 21st. January 18th i february 18tb marchi5th april i3th May 10th Juno. Sandhurst Parker s City club 1 hotel Mitchell Street hours la a i to 6 ., on saturday Decem 1 Bor 13th," on thursdays 22nd january 19th february 19th Maron 16 the april l 4th 7 / May 11th june i ii / v a Maryborough v a la m Lvov hotel hours j 2. Noon till 4 . Only on Wenc Belay 24thdecefnber, on to liars i 1 Days 8th january 5th february 5th March 2nd april 30th april 28th May 25th june i ? i a Viii ill i ,.i of "77 a .iivji-1 1 .1 / a " " a signed 1 agreement provides no Cost in cure not 7. Special notice. Is a to All sufferers unable to obtain a personal consultation. Please Send direct to us for j ing Chart Means Aleuse can be. Rapidly i Ora s i see our new pocket guide on diet Price is 1 a me. Kugelmann has successfully cured. The lowing diseases amongst Otheria cancer Blind Ness Cataract of Iii Eye 8crofula a Curry lupu8, eczema itch Pruritus asthma Hron chitin induration of the lungs bleeding from lunge lioai4 diet ipod in by mrw form i Hon of Elf fill Large spleen,1 congested liver ulcerated liver hypertrophy of the liver Nae Mise hysteria Impi i Lepsy cholera dyspepsia or indigestion in every form known dropsy palsy paralysis plaint gravel diabetes All kidney diseases baldness mania nervousness nervous debility withering loss of Igor. Impaired vision memory � Lapsus Uteri 7. Displacement 7 7 Irr Egu i Larity All female complaints gout rheumatism &c., a. A .7 " Kuge Leiann a treatment1 differs entirely from All others known a of j chronic disease than any ten medical men in aus a Thalia. Thousands of Sivori declarations of cases May be seen Send for pamphlet ecu " medical1 Despotis Nib or Liberty which ? " 56 page5, Post free. This Hook exposes completely the old style of Mineral drugging explains the methods of or Kugelmann s natural. Treatment. Read Tho Fol lowing testimonial a specimen of thousands Bro v 7 Cobden Street Kew. 7 1august 1 9tli, 1890 to . A aug Elsiann. 1 7 dear1 sir i1 feel that in Justice to you to let others know the great Benefit i have derived from your treatment should speak is with pleasure i do so. I hereby make oath Bay that about thirteen13 years ago i began to feel very unwell had Coutin Wand great pain from 1 an. Internal disease which Iny col attendant completely failed to Benefit or to per rectal i diagnose i continued his treatment form Bra than a year with great perseverance but instead of improving any i gradually became Avo so my. Doctor first pee scribing one drug / then another in endless Suc cession 1 without Relief. I i then consulted another eminent medical Man supposed to be Thoi nost skilled in i continued1 his treatment for a another Reyeur during which time i took an. Immense amount of drugs. Poisons minerals none of which did Nib the East Good i cop , lose Hesh daily the pain.l8ufferea.daya a Dwight was this doctor -then1 i blare d Riby 1 to be perfectly h Peless the Ati Itab Only a matter of time the disease would kill me Jii despair i the ii tried another be tar of vre put cd skill Tai id he declared the of Nysse of Tho disease from which1 1 suffered had known to recover but that lie coi ild ease Toad pre scribe d lilo Rodhe which Poison Only stupefied me hut did not ease my complaint in Tho least j in therefore Abar ironed Liis treatment \ tried others All of which proved to be Only j Blind experiments As me even temporary Good. Viilu uis state Wue there for forced to Liine years of wretched. Existence Many tiniest i. Would have Len glad had been goil e will to have died so ended my Misork As novel hoped to be weird gain eve mutually however an i 1 1 11-1 thank god for Iti saw 1 Yohr address in the i paper i Oriade up my mind to consult you in i mediately which l Didy y of once told me the Correct Maturo of the disease without Hesi tation i accepted your treatment continued j for a Good Many months during which time i Ruf Ruiyi in Vuew leu Usu w Usu Aumi x no 1 us no for year which Gori orally is a Good Wiuli i cation of suib is before i Bloss i would further say l thank god i save Ever induced to come o you i. Pray you May Long be spared to do Good to suffering humanity . I Bope that through read ing my Case that sufferers with chronic Dii cases supposed to to incurable you acid Dis card the old fashioned doctors to Weir destructive drugs operations trusting that this will do Good. I remain dear sir yours very sincerely " a. R. Mrs. Elizabeth Lee 7, i Elizabeth tree of Kew Victoria do solemnly Laud sincerely declare the Abb to written statement sighed. By to is to the my knowledge belief True in Overy particular i make this solemn declaration conscientiously " believing Tho same to to Truo. And by virtue of a not of Parlia ment of1 Victoria re Dering persons making a false declaration punishable for wilful corrupt por-7 Jirry i a Elizabeth Lee up Don Street Kew ". Declared before me Kew this 4tli Day of sep. Tombor. Rvy-.. Fervier Justito of Tho peace for tie Central Bailiwick. 7 w. Bailey. Irain product merchant Market build vat Ings -410 Flinders Lone Melbourne Sells on commission daily sex railway stations wharves. Groat care exercised to. Obtain highest prices.1 account Bales payments promptly 7 Rondo Rod charges moderate. 1 correspondence invited. Is table ipod 1852 note 1 on hand All kinds of Lish agricultural seeds Loans arranged on grazing end farming land 147 up 1791, the. Egg eggs eggs All. The year round. By using Bates mexican horse cattle an poultry spice. Composed of. Spices Toni roots aromatic herbs rapidly fatten pigs poultry. stimulates tie. Appetite prevents cures indigestion eradicates Worms improves maintains condition in All animals. 1 7,. Certificate from Graham Mitchell fellow member of the Royal College veterinary surgeons London. Pharmaceutical r chemist of Victoria quo England of to7,7. ,.7 Page nov 7 j. .,7 .77 l. Jorgensen i Market Square. T 9 grand Xmas carnival & fancy fair j Foy & Gibson i Smith Street Collingwood. J visitors to Melbourne should Nob fail to visit the grand Christmas fair now open in our immense premises in All classes of goods form ing the most magnificent display Ever attempted / 1 in the colonics. I the new fan of go ods depart ment -brilliantly7illuminated by Electrio 7"7light, a lending feature in this wonder Ful showy to fit a Mark the opening of the. " new department we Are offering fancy goods Bric a Brac Plush. Mirrors Rand screens japanese cab not Ane so goods of every kind with Nui Nerous other. Novelties never Belora shown in this Market . Prices calculated to. Startle oven the staid . We Liao Ojie cd Over 1,500 packages of goods specially imported for this great fair Ali Ich i. Form a pleasant sight for the Eye to feast on. I Xmas presents. Jlas presents. 7 1 / 500 -handsomely1 inlaid Wall cabinets in camphor Yood Sandal Wood -Ebony,1 &c., fto., richly ornamented a few beautifully lacquered. 7,1l 11- / 1, 2,000 4-fold japanese draught screens --5ft./ i Gin. High in a endless assortment of artistic colors a Flat 7s. Cd eacli.1 i. -5,000 Firo scr cons every conceivable style i from is. Lip. 3,000 hand painted Reed blinds.500beadedblinds, ass6rtmentof trays Plain inlaid in Al sizes. J 7 an shapes Siri Gly in hosts of three 7 -7fansy 1 fans.11 a Over 6,000. To select from. Hand painted fans feat Lier fans embroidered fan s. Fans .7, a. For the million from is. 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Cards published Price fro Rii 3d. To 2s. Go. Each is. Per write for our crib Shil Ling packet is Tho Best value Ever offered. 1 special packets cd., is. Is. Fid. Cash 1 photo albums. New. Stand. Albums Cabinet albums i Plush fancy leathers strongly richly bound prices to suit All. .77. Foy Gibson the largest importers 7 1 manufacturer sin the Colony Havo recently " " opened in extensive now premises a grocery provision italian warehouse department. The , Best appointed Best stocked of any of its kind offer Thebes brands 77 of provisions Crosse bin Kweh a other Well known makers prices greatly below usual lists. 1 write for Pineo list compare prices. 1. 1 .--7i 7 those intending furnishing we invite to 7 inspect our immense stocks of 7,. House furnishings v 7 of every description to Havo the largest Stock in the colonies1 to select Friori All marked Tho lowest possible prices in Plain figures. Estimates for Complete furnishing for the cottage Villa or mansion sent on1 application. See our Complete .1price list for to. Values we offer in this line. -7 Lii Tho gentlemen s departments we offer special inducements in new Suin Mer suiting All the latest novelties in coatings Trouse rings Oto. Are Sho Ivri special prices sob suits from 60s to order we would direct special attention to our now. Undressed White shirts. With Linen fronts cuffs neck bands inn de in our own factory. And. Guaranteed perfect fitting. 7 this Modoff Soli materials used Ing White shirts. ,/.jv. And can minutely i " has Many Sadvari 770_7\oxamirio work of tages. Purchasers r Manship besides j Maui judge better \ /. Saving Cost of j 1 " the Valuo of " dressing s boxing 1 our shirt ii Story is fitted with Tho latest labor saving mail winery driven by steam Power Tho Ivory is turned out Jiries which Are. A Boon to the Public. . Colony duty charges amounting to 85. Pet cent is saved Tho Benefit Given to the Public. Foy & Gibson 128 to 152 Smith i " Street Collingwood. 7 list Lof departments ". 7groceries provisions millinery under i clothing mantles costumes Lacos pm. 1 Broi denes Flowers arid feathers ribbons hosiery gloves Silks velvets cn9h 1meres fancy dresses printed dresses Cro j times Haber Dasi cry fancy goods stationery. Imnriciie5ter goods boots arid 11 clothing memory furniture carpets r Lirio Euins China glassware Ironi Intrery j . E. Plato i v i .7.whii8fob Chaij late. Pujoe list benion1-. J " " Arp Patlon. ,.7. 7. 7" i 1 Astle . Bronchitis. but Rockrs Rem e d y x. /.7 for / 1 1. Go d by 1. I 7 go a7. Hoop co., chemist a Melbourne ,. I. And through All Medicine vendors. R 7r. A hooking Bydo Isie of Wight,1 engl n 830 la 5a rate Pul lets Tocoa. By e a k fast by a thorough knowledge of the natural Law j which govern the operations of digestion Nurl. Tion by a careful application of the Fine to pc ratios of will so looted Cocoa or. Epps has. Pre Vidor our. Breakfast tables with a delicately Flavoured beverage which May save us Man heavy doctor s Bills. is by the judicious. Use 7 of such article s of diet that a Constitution May. Be Grade ally buildup until Strong enough to resist every tendency to Diabase. Hundreds of Subtle maladies Are floating around us ready to 1 attack 1 wherever there a a weak Point. We May escape Many a fatal Shaft Iby keeping ourselves Well fortified with pure blood a properly nourished Frame. See article in the civil service Gazette. Made simple with boiling Watee 6e milk sold in lib Park Chi. By grocers labelled thus. Jam e s epp8 oo.,1 -7 i Mosiato Patio chbmi8m.j 920sp30f London. England. 1 7 a Lea tuber warelioua6 afe6iig e Chunma r scanner arid Currier wholes ale Rind re tall x importer of grinder French calf Boot legs &c., Mach Iii belting Belt laces saddlers shoe Inakura leather 7 of o vory description always "00 Viand. Gigli est Price Given for hides calf Kina i tallow Boos Wax. 7, Babker Street a. 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Nature s hidden treasure by French doctor. A Safe sure guide the health Anil married Personis j or trios o about to marry r is Worth Ita weight. Diamonds. Price by Post nolo Secl in a secur Erive Lopo is 8d vie Stamps address Parisia Agency . Box 766, Sydney. Please mention his Pap orly -1 637 up 6 Kronon. Catarrh corrects offensive odours Price. Complete Oure of worst chronic rates also unequalled As gargle for diphtheria sore Throat foul breath advt."-, 7,7. I jilt 7. 7 a of Fps
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