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Castlemaine Mount Alexander Mail Newspaper Archives Jan 6 1891, Page 3

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Castlemaine Mount Alexander Mail (Newspaper) - January 6, 1891, Castlemaine, Victoria National Library of Australia m Billy slipped in. The smoke behind us stretched a straight and Flat froth o Empl fest Nekr Jow we � enter a straight Nan of reach with the Chase 0 just before us faster " Factor to till Tho boat fairly rocks acid swings from Side. To Sido we half lifted Jynith every closer k. A creep harder and Tarder thump the cylinders until at last we close our Bow just � lapping her Stern i so we Ruri a few Yards. K ittl0/.i,by Little so Little that yer test it by a counting Lior windows we reach Lier wheel pass k. It look .her.-Bow, and run nose and nose for a ii the stillness of death is not m r sound but the creak. And shudder Jault Thoy b struggle on suddenly is Lizard Tho Afaf Vieo h of our old Pilot igbo Byo f sen Tif la i la k. Send or a tug and he gave his Boli a Ineith � Click. Our huge boat Ono Simiu Deering i Racks her. , new Plungi. And then she settles frito a steady Rush k and forges rapidly head. Wider and wider k groins the Gap acid we wind 6ut of sight i with b the beaten boat five Hundred Yards i Eiviind k the Cigar t take from my Mouth of to Makof Way for is to perfect pulp. A wild pent up yell of " Liaf Savago b Triumph goes up from the crowded Dick cheer after Cliber f Ollowa k column of smoke cirling Over thei troops Between r us.\,-rd6uht h than that the co Loriol gave Ithel group around the1 whjehiohse1 Aben styles stood the Ivine b As � egad. I i d miss my dinner fair a k. To � the old boat god bless her soul i i n33wsj e /i77llvii/," i7l7 71/ Sydney. Monday. W yachting Inisha occurred in the k Harbour yesterday a boat manned by eight m Young Fellows suddenly capsized and Sank k immediately rescued but ther Tough Ali could idiot vim and was drowning be a fo%qneycngen7qp.wff inf Jedi thai e had come to his Rescue Linh Ai Maii k overboard and shed Iii out at tha yory last 1 East. J " 7. I " a Man a rimmed Kennedy was boo right ii at s the Jaq Jice Mph a Iii find Sente feed to � six months imprisonment foil being a rogue and k a Vagabond. As lie was Joving Tho Dock lie � , acc coins table. 3rain, Knicl by. Liim s Down fastened. Hii f Teeth he a liar Eddio in Vild h exist " i is Tel t a k a tragic., .suicido.,,.iei.nqema5simedj w Bracken is reported to Day. Detective Keating went to visit him Early this morning and going up to his bedroom or found him suspended by a % ship from the Leeiii Igho had apparently suffered great. . He had � been drinking heavily. Preparations Are being made to suitably re f coi o lord Jersey on the e i2th .inst7 the meeting to Morrow night it Loho protestant i Hall to protest against Ali o action of Theorail w by commissioners. In. Dikinis Sifrig Hoyle promises 1 to be Ayery list Quindt of railway. Likely to recover. He was talk Rig on t be pave a e to in front of the shop with a Frioud just be 9 fore the 8.30 train "-7.7 Tell. S t " " / " Lym b no suddenly rushed Forward without a Woodland / throw himself under Julie wheels Joof the f engine we Ipoh had just Denuir to ? revolve. � to was Cut into pieces in Tho middy a. Of the Hack f Hobart. Monday. / a Domestic tragedy occurred at Camphell Fawn yesterday. A Man named John Haywood aged 70, after drinking heavily during the holidays p had become jealous of his Young wife Anc t stabbed . I of death miss ing jibe carotid artery. A he of then Cuba he f Throat. Reo Oyer. Hay \ Wood is lying in the Lio Spital in a pie carious a condition i latest news by Cable. I. The Sioux War London Jan. 4. "."evening. B a great encounter Between Tho u nit eco states pc troops and the Sioux indians is hourly exp opted i the indians have been largely an. S Are now strongly entrenched. They Reibso prely r surrounded by Trio United states troops there being 10,000 drawn up in the Circle. It is p1 reported that an offer of surrender was made by f Tho indians hut this was not accepted. The i comi Nanders of the United states troops wore in s. Able to pub Faith in tie offer in Yiew of the Rej cent treacherous conduct of. Trio. Indian near � Pino a feel who surrendered and subs Iiene Lys l made an Effort to overcome their captor i when a. These we re off their guard. It is that the present offer is also prompted by Reachi cry. It is stated to be the intent Ion of the authorities to exterminate the Sioux. The United states press is greatly horrified at the a Torlos f /. The treatment of the. Indians and the brutal int mentions of Tho government. I the o Shea Romance to t i i a Story is current concerning Trio earlier re lations Between or Parrielo Ancl mrs Sliewa Winch is of a most romantic Ohara oter. It Semp that some years or Parnell was so seriously unwell that his life was in danger. It is said that out Lor the devoted attention then known to him by mrs o Shea. Ivh6 Nur Aftel him acc to life he would not have recovered. Up6n an other occasion mrs o Shea discovered Thairu plot was on foot to assassinate Trio Leader of be Jris i party Asho was leaving a theatre and Isle Sui coded in warning him of his danger. I 3 o Shea caused Liim to leave the tie atop quiet la avoiding Liis Oivin Carriage and thus baffled Ali 3 plotters. F. J ? the Gilbert islands new York. 5. Advices received Here from Sari Frari Cisco state that the latest Netys from the Gilbert islands a Low Coral group Iri Ocean with an estimated population of 40, 000, mostly. Protestant christians is to to effect1 that the germans Liro taking an Active part m controlling Tho affairs of the country and it is it is int handed to assume a direct protector at Over the islands. J a he French senatorial i elections. I Paris Jan. 5 the senatorial elections were hold France yesterday and have so far resulted in Tho Riep Uhlian party gaining Tho seats. J death of or Kin Lake. London jari.1 4the death is announced of or a in. King Lake the historian of Tho crimean. War aged eighty years. I. Rin the season of last year or Kin Lake was still seen about a Good Deal an honoured guest at Many Well known dinner tables. As the autumn advanced however he seemed to Tho London correspondent of Tho Liverpool Post says sicken with a Yagubo disease which Sirj. Gently developed into cancer. It affect tech Lii ii in to month acid he sufi erod. In a addition o pain Ori ormolu d Irio . To Jarry Lii year to gallantly submitted to i operation which seemed successful but with the Winter a Amotio i dread disease again. After consultation Trio doctors decided that a Frosli operation would be useless. To Lias lived so Long and done so much that most people forget while some do not know that to was at one time a Niemor of Tho Puso of commons. It is More than thirty years since to took Liis. Seat for Bridgewater and Seoul tool disposed to take a prominent part in pariah Vii tary affairs. But few men verging on fifty when they enter Tho House for Trio first time prove a Success. Moreover or Kin Lake was at this time hard at work upon his " history of jibe Crimea Tho first volume of which Appio Aron if 1863. Still he stuck to his. Seat iras returned again at Tho general election of Lff 8, but was unseated on petition after which both lie and bring Ointer finally disappeared from Trio parliamentary Arena. Or Kin Lake was Horn in 1811, was educated at Eton and Trinity College Cam Bridge Oliero he graduated . In 1832 was called to Trio bar at Lincoln s inn in 1837, hut retired from the Law in 1856. Among his ook is " Eozhen an account of his oops Rimes k c Eastern travel published in 18445 work is the " invasion of the Crimea an. Elo quent word picture of a stirring period. The consumption cure. Rise. I calculate that i have wasted one Vear of my life Iri be Khatiner some cautious and not very perfectly con i scent ious Cri tics of my original work. W Ere in to publish now Iri the first stage of the Dib a ingredients and the Mph Odd of preparation of the. Fluid thousands of medical men from Moscow to Buenos Ayi Obj a Huld engaged it a and injecting it for Chat Matteri is it far fetched than for me to. Suppose As i. Do that More than1 half of these gentlemen Are income potent to prepare. The fluid which with special i study and with special opportunities it Whasil to san Rise Yeats to prepare ill pediments Briese sex. Cause. Incalculable harm to thousands of innocent patients and at the same tinle bring into discredit a i system of treatment Wlinich t believe Yuill Provo a Hoon to Mankind. Then the a 1 added earnestly and. We Lilyy " i he Hioye i the. Right that the nest Expei-imerit8liri its Uso a e Rizado before my eyes and with the e tools which i have made and tested. He Sheso experiments turn out -.successfully,. A Tigri the medical would jul Ludl me and Myr elevated assist Ritsi Only to ready to initiate them into the treatment without Trio least reserve1 but until then. It seems perhaps a selfish. But t really claim it As at. Once Touy duty and the purest unselfishness. That they Musi Content themselves to he patient.". 1 Irh London Jan. 3. A. Ii. I. A 1.1 and 13 stud Lulu Ballul 1u wll Elci Utu Luu us -.1111. Labour demands in the shipping of ride 100,001 tons of shipping is at present Laid up in eng land three Hundred clerks in the Rusf Cioffiro Sav Ings Bantu Don have Refus Edo work Over time and Liard All Henri suspended in Conse Quence 7/ Tho Earl of Euston Tho eldest son of Thi Duke of Grafton is seriously ill a he was Wel Kneen ii South Australia As Cal opel Fitzroy an Detlie lib tips of the Validity of his marriage we Ipoh was contract eds when he was.-23 years o and was an unfortunate one Lias occupied till i attention of the law/hourts., us lessors w. Westgarth and co.1-nr.theirj Inu Ary circular state that in the eve Ejof Jthn Divi Sion of Queensland into so Pagatp Rio evinces Titre would ii so Many diff Loulies in Apfer Tiomir Irig tie colonial do Tiff that it would ba3est to can Jnue Tho Effic Iii loan Arrangoiz eats each division contributing its pm 6pbrti5n Piho in tote it. I i o. 7l commander Henigst a. F. Royle vivid has Heen offered the co a Aldrof the Croiser Blondo 1,58 tons six guns which is being equipped for service on the australian station. To 7. J Tjho death is announced of or Henry pares Venables Oolie education depart me Riff of Victoria. _ i although the scottish railway companies assert that the Trike of their employees i nearly Over it is know Sithat the caledonian company is still 1000-Shorffof its usual hands. Tie in unto Ray Gold mining qom Pany new South Wales the capital of which-isti60,000 has been registered. Sir Julian Paunce Fote the Brifil minister at formally intimated to or. G. Blaine Trio american Secretary of states that the seizure by the Uri fed states of British vessels outside Tho three mile limit in Behring sea Lyell meet with immediate and forcible resist Ance Groat Britain. I the portuguese press asserts that a treaty is on the Point of boing concluded Between eng land and Portugal definitely settling All questions relating to the boundaries of the two countries in South East Africa. " tie government of Austria As the convening authority for the time Borig of the Universal pastal Union has through the foreign office re Quested the governments of the australasian colonies arid Fiji to Send delegates to Tho Forth coming postal Cori Gress to be opened at Vienna 011 May 20th. A a disastrous Firo a do cared at Park Hamp Liiro Tho family mansion of vis count Lymington Tho eldest son of the Earl of Portsmouth. The. Building was Torii Petely gritted arid a number of priceless works of Art wore destroyed. Lord Lymington who is . For Trio South Molton division of Devonshire a few years e7 Iveel Kjof the owners Jum in a a of anticipated that anything will redone which May bring about a strike. 1 3 Charles Alfred Maddock ?b0"a Hook maker was to pay Sliper a Omejc towards the support of his deserted wife she having followed Liim from Sydney. Maddock who according to one of the magistrates was Jim a Dup Jim some hotel management and a jewellery i Oshei y froth d Bank clerk Wlizlo St or the tiitl5r a @3 that lie did Nob own the Racehorse Melton hut had mortgaged it nevertheless. Redid not Sowri the jewellery he wore haying it Only to Mission and altogether sir Amu Dock would appear to be a very extraordinary kind of individual. 1 cppm9?t1i0"7 w,1 Tyas Anisto piously stubbed Iri the Fitzroy streets West Msal Day. Is still Iii ii very dangerous condition. The Poh Celiane the. Matter in hand hut can get no. Trace of Garth ii a Sam sch Fen Adams and his Ter leit7wh a w Elisii crested the other a at i Bancsi charges of theft and receiving were presented to Day on fresh charges of a similar character and committed for trial. John o Brien an sex policeman was charged at Footscray to Day with stabbing his child with an awl. O Brien who was drunk when he committed the offence a week Wab his action and took the pledge at once on being released. When Tanner Domni priced his fast in novem Ber comparatively Little interest was taken by the Generalis of Ibdih their eat ithe Attoh Daiiche at the waxworks averaged at the Start about. 250 a. Day but this Only for the first week. In the Sevorid wee i it went up to betwee i 300/arid Sou Anu id remained to Inis for a Onue Datum Day always being the biggest Day. During. The holidays the number Inore Abed tremendously1 shoeing an average of Between 3000. And 4000, a. Day of saturday who Tii Ririe broke his fast after being 40 Days without sustenance 7i� a Man who7 died from typhus fever was waked Naif Longazo Ahi Thavon England since then several persons including a Nie tical Man have died Frommie same disease an do there Are Twenty five cases under treatment Hithe chemist Lias Boon sued in an English bouncy Bourc for quart Odcie or ume water which when examined found to contain a dead mouse7 in an decomposition the children who Hadj Darrik the water fortunately " recovered and defer Dant s counsel after sniffing at the bottle Iri court was Aniable to detect any smell. He also asked Cluj judge to take but the invitation was Csc lined. A medical Igent Leinan alien expressed the opinion Tatja dead mouse in a bottle of me water. We fold a Avorio Iri Jurious effect l us his honour observed that if All the doot h8. In ,.llimd .8amtdrward and made a similar statement the would riot believe it for / any Sens Ihl person would know Ali at any four matter would Havel an Fuju rious was then Given for Tho plaintiff for l10 10s Danu Ges with costs. Floriline. Fob the Kkt ii and breath. A few drops of the liquid " i Lori Lino sprinkled on a wet tooth Brush produces a pleasant lather which thoroughly Elen uses the Teeth from All Para bites or impurities hardens Tho Gums prevents tartar stops decay gives the Teeth a Peculiar Pearly Lii tenets arid a delightful fragrance to the it. Removes All unpleasant odour arising from i decayed Teeth or tobacco smoke " the fragrant Floriline being composed in part of Honey and Sweet herbs is delicious to the. Taste and to greatest toilet discovery of the . Price 2s 6d of All Gher Irista and perfumers. Wholesale depot to 33, Farringdon to id. Loii Ilon England 1 he Best remedy for s Jam Rulp pills Are confidently As a simple remedy for. Indigestion which is the Yanss. Of nearly All the diseases to which to arc Subj of. Norton s pills with Justice called the natural strengthener of Tho human Storo Aoh act As a powerful tonic arid gentle ape Rient Are Nirid in their operation and Safo under any circumstances. Sold la bottles at is Ltd 2s 9d, us by All Midi Cint vendors throughout the world to so wan Tab. Strong girl to assist in House. I work. Apply mrs. Corbel coff co Palace by i. I i. T Ereno let Solmn Nook hotel near the railway to Ritz Gerald s brewery Ana malting. 1,1 891 t o Ojst. A Grey Mare branded pm Neave Shoul Der. Finder rewarded by , Goldei Point Che to n. 897jal2 for Sale. Bread biscuits pies and All kinds Jef confectionery of Tho Best Quality Itea i and Coffee at All hours it mrs Penney a new shop Job Sposito Cumberland hotel Barker Street Castlemaine. S95 a s paper hangings latest Patens largest Stock in. Castlemaine to Sale of from. At Campbell an d co. 2_ Melbourne Tramway Banks Gas Colo Nial Agency insurance and building society Silvor and Gold shares bought. W ill Deh company 354 Collins Street Melbourne Ujj .876 do 31,91 to Farmers and others. Arsenic for killing rabbits 3d. Per 20s per out. Apply g. P. Philpo is Market Square Castlemaine. T o Citta etis and pioneers annual i i Marine excursion. A meeting of those interested in making preliminary arrangements for the above will be hold . Town Hall on. Monday january 12th, at eight . B Liz la. Z -,Francis,. A 6 10 Thomas Elliott jk7" anted known that. Raisbeck 13 Selling v ? first Doss colonial and imported boots and shoes. Special attention Given to Ordi r work All kinds of repairs done. Extraordinary cheap just for. Tho. V Sei Isop Largo Stock of cruets que Pickle frames teapots Tea an Coffeo Sfeir a tags in Nickel and plated Ware. All round at e. D. Williams. 649 t o who i e sugar 2jd per. La. Largo stack of t � Best currants 5jd per la new raisins. 7d Tea Lod ? k $ a 7e. D. Williams to 203 t of. Castlemaine. Met z Prili t. Of preserved pineapples a preserved apricots currants figs valencias and Elm is at lowest to Pri no l. Jorgensen. My i ,. Org. Text hate sugar d v american. A Paw Ula Fkd Sugak 3d. Brewers Crystal and brewing. V of \ t y Isle Marsit v y my i a a Hei Jorgensen. 4 nip Coon chinese doctor Forest tip Cit old chinese i i ii May beco suited Tiger Day. I a k Gratis i a 295 a 10 7 bricks bricks the undersigned having taken Tho Brick Salas lately occupied by Job. bar iter s greek Are prepared to Supply by Lii of to Best Quality at reasonable rates. Millward & co. A. Johnson manager. Feb 11 Dev. Dated this Fht i Day of january 1891. J Henry Kirwan Best Lyttleton Street c Istle name solicitor or . Jul u Christmas presents. & new year s a gifts " in great variety and at startling prices at w. Ems Ley s Cash Clearing Sale of we tech clocks jewellery a r and electro plate in great variety. 1 Sale continued for t to weeks longer. Every. Cash purchaser to the extent of ten shining a presented with Coupon for the drawing of a Gold watch value l10 10s drawing will take place on 19th january and result advertised in the local papers of 20th and 21st inst. R. 166tc i. Castlemaine District school of. Is mines . J the now Quarter begins on january. 26th,1891. Classes Are held in assaying mineralogy chemistry geology physiology mathematics mechanics Engino driving Tele Graphy shorthand Harmony. Violin surveying practical geometry perspective drawing paint ing machine drawing building construction and design railway return tickets Are issued at the following rates 12 Miles 6d25 Miles is 45 Miles is 6d 60 Miles 2s. Further particulars from the director at Tho school or from. We. 1 Harrison registrar. / i 903 a 5 Xmas. Xmas. a Rimmy it highest qualities. Lowest prices. Sultanas shop tongues i Muscatelo of tongues i. Valencias pigs t currants Date Jordan almonds canned fruits y jellies a Jarg of Ginger j \ t jars of prunes prime old cheese Large assortment of Adnoy confectionery and. ? an endless variety of Gadbury s chocolates. To Vav on Sale i i. Ice Ope Jclark and son Barker Street. 5 i to 232myt6,91 c a Castlemaine Gopee Palace Date a Kort s dining rooms opposite railway station. J t71 Corbel Santin la sir to Weott Bega to1/ " announce having Trade ext Nuivo additions to the above named premises and Hopes by strict attention wid t Divi Lettjr to obtain Continua no of. The ? so. Liberally bestowed on he predecessor first class accommodation. For travellers. 584 f b 24 a p. , chemist by. . London. B rugs chemicals s avg local instruments act appliances Patent medicines hair. Brushes Perferi Mqry &6. _ agent for b6sehee e Gunnan syrup Judd. August Flower Haydock s. Livor pills heating a in Seet powder or. Scott a emulsion Pear s soap hop and chamomile7 a jitters Topoll s quinine s syrup St. Jacob s s Sarsa Pirilla Aud hair Vigour Eno s fruit Salt or. Scott s Hait brushes this Day direct from America w i r b r o a i Fey wild West. Go toned show s. Flu by b co m pan i v Vav i " a v performing in two separate rings of v to i elevated stage y " " roman hippodrome. Wild West entertainment. Coming direct. F from Adelaide by special chartered nothing of importance preceding and you will if of in Eye care to seb any show that follows. Positively no connection with any other show travelling i i this being Tho original wild West imported direct from America by us. Sole and a Quail proprietors. Wirth Bros. General. Business manager. Alexande glorious Uris in of the world s greatest shows. A Al previous efforts eclipsed. Red and Dusky warriors. Genuine american indians. All the greatest tribes represented. Thrilling episodes. Greatest deeds Over seen under Canvas. Largest spread of Canvas Ever hoisted in Australasia. Qui Large company of the most daring cowboys in the unite d states headed by Tho renowned t 1 i a. Captain Jack Sutton. Scouts guides indians Novelty splendour Romance and Genius. I Are All combined in this great exhibition of ours to please the Public. Thrilling incidents of Indian and Cowboy exploits. Two circuses a huge hippodrome. Speciality artists in every Branch und the great wild West combined All for one ticket of admission to night. A nothing spared to make this i great combined show an event to be chronicled in the minds of. Everyone for years to come. An exhibition that set England and America wild Low fakes. Excursion. Trains. Reduced Bates by River Road and rail. J i in addition to All the just added Attra Tione of the ?t=3 great wild West show All Europe s greatest. Riders in the colossal i to All feature show " and hundreds of special features. Ask your . Steamship agent for. Wild web Exour Aion tiekets., grand openings performance tuesday at Ernson january 6th. I ,t0.night. Performance i doors thrown open to the vast at .vp.m. J the dazzling sight commences All. Oyer the Canvas. At 8 ., i location Market Square. I i popular Price?.j i. Don t forget Don t forget Don t forget 1 our grand pening performance tuesday Ater Hoon january 6th. Robert Johnson Advance manager. R. J. A Lxi Advance n. A 6 owing to Tho High Price of bottles lain compelled to charge for All bottles idiot returned on Anil Kaftor the first Day of november 1890, at 2s 6d per dozen. I d. For Byj i i i Templeton Street jx3q m 31 it . ? Plumbersasp tigers tinsmith. I i " a a Colfrey has taken i Xii t. A Connelly Vand co., Sandhurst nine years strict business. Louvre Chimney co Yves and ventilators Baths tanks . Street Castlemaine. ,405 Harare an Street Gaibort affy Draper Iraq attention to his fresh. Supply of the for newest Patter no in 1 sprig Djiuiw-lsi7eeds. All goods Ali roughly so Ruuk and. Perfect fit a a / h ig".urun.tccd.-. .692,0 Sci Idelli a i mining Surveyor and registrar t office Habura. At Offiel in Hargreave Street near the savings Bank every saturday from 10 . To l2 noon 1. At office to Wii Hall Chow Tori every. Sot Virday from 2 pm to 5 during Tho week at private House Templeton Street. 516 t c. D. Easley. Draper Woollen Dubai a Hatter Hosier a. Market Sunato Castlemaine. Buyers and. Public Are invited to inspect Stock of .f.grina, Glass earthen Ware furniture Etoi. Held by of. N. Goldsmith & .co., Templeton Street. Agent for the sportsman and town and country electoral District of Maryborough i / Joyce s Creek div sign 1 Ryphe gheral Lista Ifor Abate Dillion Aro new printed and conies ii May. Be inspected Fres of charge until the Day Apponi ibid for i vision at Rjay office and at every pm Sec office i tin the division 7 " � a. Y i House"1" electoral re Giatras is .890 a 7 said iffy. 3v p. Phil put a. , f e0.n-denet3dar . / dentist. May to consulted Overy Dayi front to Al mkt 6 a Thil s1 o of to Market Square. I i i or. A. A k Eufemi it / dentist-,7 t. 63 Collins Street Eam meluoiirne.1 of Teeth extracted painlessly Ross local x an magnesia. Conservative Dan turf or Sav ing.,tiie Nacuray i both when possible Prad Tison. No Olarge Lor consultation. Visits or. Philpots Victoria dispensary saturday Jaguar y 10th a Collins Street ?t my Jap Urne aiidi.ah3 i burst till visit Castlemain Jilin Ottily and May be consulted at the Tarut drug store. Next visit we Espay Jan. L4th hours of Consulta tipp2. . Till 6. . Lit i Lapo Hino Gasal mjyisterbd.rfhb.i0b.,6d. I h. W. Niebuhr & gown so the Public hot to Overlook the fact that they Supply " a every. Article for furnishing an household in Asp Lowb i furniture carpets Miri sri pianos or gab / bedsteads bedding com i i crockery glassware Ironmongery 1. Electro plated Ware,1 linoleum floor blobs custom Serape Ries fancy a bods i fridge s d e f pc o Mke Litof i of " i f t " " 588to i i Harvest i1890ia gender and Manilla at lard Castor neals Foa Dother bids 1 Ite Cherry a butter workers and. Churns Milki dishes i Ili to Buo kete and butter tubs. Sheep shears. Agent for m Cormick reaper Fibey s double action revolving churns. W. Wilson Barker Street. Patent cooking ranges an stoves australian mutual1"" provident. " society. F not i c e. Intending proposers for life As Aurance Are re minded that All new. Policies effected a this society. Before the end of the current year Yville share in the Bonus for the year ,1890. 7 t bonuses Vest when policies have been Tavo years in force.1 1 no other australian life office / declares. Ai Jii Albi Vio Bonus every year. By this system the not yearly Cost of Assurance is reduced to the lowest possible limit a. Policy can to effected in the australian Mutual provident society at a less Cost then. In any other Austral . Officea.n4 should the. Para cats b allowed to fall in arrear a policy Cani by. To application of the surrender glue be kept in for Eifort a longer period by Thia society Tsoui in no other of Ioe. 1 i .1. / / the bonuses allotted to of the austra Lian Mutual provident so Biot Yare larger than those declared by any other office in the world. The divisible Cash profit Fortieth year1889 was Over Fourchu Midred . Policy holders in Victoria 26,000. Investments in Victoria a million and a Liaf i of local directors. Arthur , Esq., chair mini James Grice Esq up the Hon. Sir James Altic Baruj .g., . Tho Ilon w. A. and Tho Hon. A. Deakin. . 1/ n. Maine secretary.459gollin8-8troet. Ii 366do 30 Alt Castlemaine agent e. Finlason. An Gilio s to Al n a limited. Authorised capital g62.000, 000 subscribed capital 251, 6s5 paid up capital. 100,317 total capital and Reserve funds my "2fil,707. 1 1.quien Street ale Firlej directors c. A Stapus Esq. ,. Chairman. David West Esq. S. G. A Wrights Esq. In Williams daily Esq London ru.vnc1i 120 Caunan Street . Directors the a. J. Ponsonby James Blackwood Esq. J South australian Branch King William Street i / Adelaide / tasmanian Branch layer Pool Street Roj Pirt. Interest allowed on deposits. 3, or .5 years. 8 per cent. V the 12 months. ,. / 74 per dental 6 months. 7 per cent. Half vearly3 months i6 per cent. J eau yearly note. By ii special clause in the bail s articles of association depositors and 1 debenture holders Are in cured by having a first claim upon. All the assets securities and moneys of the Bank i the Bank is Proli Ibi Ted f Goiri purchasing or Deal ing in land property stocks or shares of any kind whatever. John 1 262,00-6,91 general manager. special Job Dot. Of Umb a e l l a s umbrellas a i a i new celluloid handles. I m 1/1 see windows. A " " a 01.r 7t a e just is e to Fri liner dress acid Smantie Mley Iback i Street. Funeral notice. The friends of the late or. John Giles Are respectfully invited to follow his remains to the place of interment the Newstead cemetery. Tie cortege will move from his residence new Stead this Day tuesday at four o clock ."" h. W. Niebuhr \ a 6 in undertaker
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