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Castlemaine Mount Alexander Mail Newspaper Archives Jan 6 1891, Page 2

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Castlemaine Mount Alexander Mail (Newspaper) - January 6, 1891, Castlemaine, Victoria National Library of Australia shipping intelligence. A Amu by. R to Hobon s Bay Jan. -5. Victorian and Katoomba stars from Sydney Sobrao Sli from. London Adelaide str from Adelaid Sallih Torst Dairy Market. Saturday Jan 3. Mesas it a hour Oriand co. Report to held our produce sales on wednesday and saturday Losford pith of which were Well supplied Wilu Jevery description j fresh Buffer it particular for which we had an Excel Levitt Denand at prices a. Shade easier than last week s quotations. Eggs have also declined in value. Bacon and Hains Are in Good request if guaranteed. Cheese aria Large ? business Lias been commodity at prices Given prime Garden Honey Sells readily. Fruit keen for All Good lines. Poultry Supply oily moderate. Young fowls Rind Turkeyfoot Riters wanted. The following Are flip ? actual prices realised during the week Rares Libutt or Good to Prinio 6d to 8jd medium to go cd .4dtq 5d eggs,.8d to 9d Bacon fild cheese 5d to7d ,j4ldto Jed fruit Green apples is to 2sib ,., to 2d apricots Ltd to 2jd . To 2d. Poultry turkeys 6s 6d to 17s.i--Geeso, 6s to 7s ducks 3s to 4s 6d fowls 2s 6 c ipey6ii ii sunday arrived uti Venir and has made a what happened after Viv vossci6iiu. &3uor6t he suites canc w Lien. The Shipfs Lifeboat was launched eight men got into her Andi thou t waiting. For the rest of the Crew acted in a Mosti cowardly manner by cutt. Irig Trio Painter arid rowing away. The boat was capable of carrying thirty men and or Davis attributes the disaster Liat of forwards happened to her to the1 fact Tiit she had not sufficient weight Tobal Rincher. For. Hours after the vessel set cult those1 of Board anxiously awaited assistance from the., Shore but As hone came or Dayis Andor 1 poll Catt tossed rip with per ivies to decide who should Wiiri ashore a a Milox to inform the coastguard of the wreck youll Catt lost the toss and without hesitation plunged into the seas which were dashing. Over the rocks with tremendous Force and although or Woollcott battled sturdily with them die was dashed to pieces against thex Ocks Xvi bin sight of those on Board this ship Ejmi Vayis says Llie Bra very v of the Man in attend sting such a Bisk deserves recognition. The fury of the or Trees was such that an of the poor fellow Cut off by collision with the rocks. Lias since been washed ashore. As no. Assistance. Arrived another boat with thirteen of tire Crew rail. The boat could carry put off find after. Terrible i hardships they arrived at Clovelly where they had to be rubbed with Brandy and whisky before they could walk. The few officers1 remaining on Board and the Captain s wife Revall the while in a terrible plight the Sciasc washing 1 completely Over Trio ship and they expecting her to go to pieces was not until half past seven in the ening coastguard Linrod the first rocket. Rit hat a missed its Inai Kas did also the seen a and jthen., the coastguard Sripen find to a end for More ammunition. Tie were ended at half past nine were All saved by the rocket apparatus the Captain s wife suffered terribly from exposure and she is still lying dangerously ill at a farm House arid her recovery is doubtful. Two hours -after1 Tori i Esuo the ship went to pieces or Davis who holds a Captain s certificate was a reeked a few. Years since off the up Job Jpn Jelly in ithe sailing ship a Sapore and Ivas in Diri open boat a considerable time before lie was rps Cuba. Or Yvo Olcott has left a wife and six Ali Ildron. J0, where murder is a virtue. General Booth admit Fob difficulty of the task he has under taken. Oji Behal of the London Popov hut lie roundly declares Liat it. Would to better to Poison the million to Linin to allow them to. Flounder on As they Obj at. Jire Serit. Here is the passage new Book .7,to darkest England which excite some discussion alien Napoleon Vii compelled to Retreat under Cir turns Varices which rendered it impossible for him to carry off ibis sick and wounded. Lie ordered Liis doctors to Poison every mail in Trio Hospital a general has before now. Hin sacred his prisoners rather than allow Ali Eric to escape Fth ese1 lost ones Are the prisoners of society Uliey Are. The sick and wounded of our hospitals. What a shriek would arise Riim the civilised world if it were proposed to administer to night to every no of these millions such a dose of mgr Phiriol that they would sleep to Wake no More but so far As they Are concerned would it Otibe m cruel than to allow them to drag on Day after Day year after Lerir in Murpry anguish Rind despair driven into vice and Liun Ted into Crimo. Uhitil at last disease hurries them into the grave " pin Eli eb4iton Ess is rth e first 50 prize a slavs. By. Australasian writers on tie federation of Tho whole world Are now published arid on Sale at Cole s Book Arcade Melbourne arid All Book Sellers Price 2s, among the writers Are 1 0 ology men 9 Jonir realists 5 schoolmasters 2 legis labors ,2 pc prs .2 Irir vyers and 2 ladies. An other volume. Oftie essays will to. Published ? " ? ?. A 8 Alt i Van engine nver rimmed it Fenny Strong Resi. A dont of aha Dale and one of his legs broken horse belting when he was about at sunny South mine for Lionie on sunday evening he had twice previously had tie g leg boo Ken " .7, " Ori Sari Day. Two lads ? rained Brown and Bizzio Rivert Tome distance up the Swan River Duck shooting Birdie Shota Duck and Brown entered Tho water. To1 got it he was -.returning, lion Flie was attacked apparently by Chari in and or Iii when his body was recovered life was extinct.1 a the drink habit Drunken. To i a ke8s by using the world renown and y Coli in Bhe Orfio til Cen. Muted antidote to Atco Boi. And his Ikeo Jact ill ony font. Sate 8ube. T and be kit. Qui be give secretly. Or other be. Trio Laande prove it. Pamphlet with testimonials f. Limited. See How it sparkles in returning thanks to our numerous custom orb for the favour of the past year we beg to in form them that the same excellence of purity and Quality is still maintained. The trip leased business under Tho. Management for the year just closed proves Tho truth of the axiom that Merit commands Success. A w. H. Collett Muster published daily is delivered regularly at the undermentioned places Castlemaine Chewton Barkor Campbell s Creek. Fryer s Creek Faraday no Stead Guildford Kaldori muck Leford Daylesford Strati ways Sari Dori Wilmer -. F t Tara no Tarolta Vaughon -. Franklin Ford Lla court. Matthews & co. Poi Itig Roiti. English mail notice. Until further notice the English mail will close at Trio Castlemaine Post office As under every monday. For parcels 12 noon Money orders 12 noon registered letters 6 . Every tuesday Ordinary letters packets and newspapers at 6.50 . J. Thwaites. Postmaster. Pitois of Gold. Aii vial fro Rii �3 17s 6d to �3 1 s. Standard. ,�3 1 s " published daily. Castlemaine january 6, 1891. The periodicity of religious superstitions is a question which might Well attract the. Attention of the historian and the statist. It is remark Able Tjit Orie of the chief causes of the restless Ness of Savage Racos and the bubbling up to Trio surface of the warlike. Spirit within their should be associated with Trio belief in Trio Earth coming of a Messiah with a special Luiis sign of Tori. Apr is a Titis Superti Tibia confined to our Closi ill Csc lug it guru la Oduj us by Uzl j Usu fearing and peaceful christians who Char Isle the idea that Trio millennial period will be associated with a Battle of Arriag Edlon / Tho object of which will be the extermination of All wild Aro not of the True Feitli. Chesti aridity Lias Beer less propagated by the sword than most of the Lead ing creeds though tie crusaders introduced it somewhat violently to Tho Saracens but the history of the inquisition and tie persecutions of the heretics Iii All cutii61ic govern eco countries attest that the o idea of Honvo Sibri by the Power of the Iii Litas Yarm was adv qts a acceptable doctrine in the eyes of religious enthusiasts. The unrest of the wild arabs of the Soudan is admittedly due to the imps Itin of successive Mahdi for tie mahome Tiiu whose temporal kingdom was won by tie sword arid is maintained by. La necessarily always Long s for a revival of the influence which the great Prophet exerted As a Warrior. The Aro least disturbed because though Uliey cling to the Faith that the divine Prince will be re mar infested they Are likewise Tau Glit that his Advent is riot yet but the Maori lives Ever in a condition of Nind attuned to. The impulses of fanaticism Ana May at any moment Rise at the Beck of some impostor preying upon the religious chords in Bis nature and Slaughter and Burn and Bury All within his Power Tho impulse to expect Somo great teacher of religion divinely inspired who shall establish a temporal King Dom by Force of arms seems in fact to be almost Universal and to infuse Trio temperament of different nations spasmodically and at tie most unexpected periods. To this it appears is largely due tie " recent rising of the Sioux indians in Dakotah who Are Likely to Lizako Ter Rible havoc before they Are suppressed. The rising of Indian tribes against a White race armed with tie weapons of precision now used in warfare May seem hopeless and it May to thou Glit will result in a Mere Slaughter but if tie circumstances of Tho present insurrection Are studied it will be found that1 this will riot Tho ease. The Sioux have always proved themselves to to the most fierce arid in tractable of the Indian races. Their Hardihood and methods of warfare made them originally the conquerors of All Tho tribes whose torrid by in fringed on theirs and though the american settlers have often been engaged mfr Ritter wars with to lick it can never be said that the indians have been compelled to accept the imposition upon them of a humiliating peace. The last settlement or truce arrived at allotted to them an enormous " reservation and Trio govern ment of the United states Lias strained every nerve to keep tie terms of Tho treaty and Lias positively refused to recognise All attempts to violate its integrity. At tie same Trine the hunted Sioux looking out from their fastnesses wat Oli the settlers Ever pressing nearer to Thorn and gradually Hemming them Uliey Are in the position of people Bolea Gued on an Island during an inundation they see the flood creep ing towards them on All sides Uliey feel it must eventually overwhelm the yet like Deer brought to Bay they know not it Ilia t Point to break out. To such a people especially to one keen witted and prone to hear the voice of the great spirit speaking ill the winds in the notes of the Birds arid the whisperings of Tho types the appearance of a Leader who inspiration and. Who pro irises to is yep their foes from the Plains around them is like a spark dropped into a Pilo of Oil soaked shavings Tho Flange leaps up arid spreads in All directions at once. The warlike spirit in. Them inflamed by the Ardour of religious fanaticism soars beyond Bourlds arid like the followers of the Prophet they stay without disc Ini nation arid count death gain. Deang Svitlik a i Aee like this in a country a airily Riig bound a Rocky ii acc Eusiblo fastness is no mean task arid unless a truck is concluded the United states will lose Many hundreds of Brave men Tiro the Sioux Are Over when riled. 1 the whole Troi Ible Lias Iiri cause while proclaiming tie reservation the United states. Government had Nob tie foresight to proclaim a Neutral Zono around -.it. R they have allowed the settlers to Tako ground right up to the Iii Iari Boundary and Trio result is As might have Beon 1 foreseen. The Sioux witness Tho ii Louglin. Trio stripper and Trio. Cultivator Ricoli. Fields Arouri Thora they see population and Varic Iii villages growing into i Toins and towns. Into cities. To of hear in their sleep trip tread of the advancing a co duo Claro a to Pouvi inuou., apply arises Ari Peroe Ivo its. Large capacity of reproduction. Arid i they Realise that their faces Are towards the setting Sun and that Soori to Weir lands will passe into the Possession of a people which will respect not the Graves of fat Liers. -. Is it wonderful that Ulicy right like demons and that their cruelties. Rival those of Tho Days where the Iroquois swooped Down on tiie Small settlers and secured Trio Tor Rible Victory of b tue to Igo 1 ,. Me sri Ait. Halford and coi report having sold mi1, beak s r Oguso and Garden at ten foot Hill to i at a satisfactory figure. The Carthage. Arrived at Albany Yos Ter Day. Am Rigat her passengers is the Earl of Jersey the Riei governor of. New spin Ali Wales u the general list tie Joyces a Ajpek division of tie Elba Terai District of Mary Borough May now be at tie office of or House registrar. A i " a items of news 1titov hot Dusty Wea ther that prevailed on sunday was succeeded by rain Torday morn ing which continued throughout the on Tiro. Day. It sunk quickly into the Par Clied ground whore it was much required is it also w t Jor swelling tie fruit. " a the Ordinary passenger train front Melbourne yesterday morning was nearly an hour late in arriving in Castlemaine. This was owing to Strong Bead winds delaying the of the train arid g Roasy rails owing to Light rain. In two or three places the rails were so Slippery that Tho fire nmn had to alight and shovel some Sand on to them. Where grass is growing abundantly too much Caro cannot be exercised Dunn Thel Summa r Iti preventing its ignition. Tho fire that originated in the grass at tie rear of or Lewis promises in Gingell Street on saturday might have had a Moro serious result if the fire brigade was. Not prompt in reaching the scene and subduing Tho conflagration. Tho following is the return of traffic on the victorian railways for the week ending Jan. 1st, 1891 passengers parcels horses dogs carriages and mails lg7,84413s merchant Dise minerals arid cattle l24,954 los lid total for the week l92.799 8s lid aggregate to this Date from 1st july i890," i 635, 005 is weekly average 27 weeks l60,655. 14s id. A notification appeared in the last Issue of Tho government Gazette inti rating that Tho receiver and paymaster of the Treasury is authorised to dispose of victorian government inscribed Stock in parcels of l10a pc Par with accrued interest from thai 1st of october last added. It is i understood that if sales to any appreciable extent Are made of. This Stock Somo of the Advance s made for Brit Fri Public " account in anticipation of Loans whether for Yan Yean waterworks or railways will to repaid to the Cash balance. The annual Marine exec Tsiou. Of Tho citizens and pioneers of this and the surrounding districts will take place next month and a meeting is to to held in Tho town Hall on monday night next to make preliminary arrangements. The Fri ii list liar to has of twin of 1 ii Verv Enio Vable character and the forthcoming one should be fraught with even greater arid Suc Cess As it is understood Tho . Intend to solely charter the Steamer for Tho,j6 a Cussio lists to participate in the Bay trip. A portrait was placed in the window of or Philpots yesterday of a Joe the Bellman who being a. Well known character. Attracted far Riviore notice than one i taken from a Book of Beauty. It was painted Byi or Lovick Art master of the school of mines who has drawn to. Tie life the features drek. Figure and posture of " Joe " As Jie is see ii Call Fig out a Sale by Al Ciori. Farm be critics assent blvd in groups and in Imide their condiments upon Trio droll looking Puddu Ciori than troib would to Over any celebrity in the town _ an inebriated named we. Smith was brought before or Williams at the police yester Day on a charge of being drunk and disorderly. He did not confess to this weakness and said lie could walk this was not the opinion of Constable Britt who arrested Liim on sunday As people Wero coming from of Rivoli As lie. Was staggering about and had his clothes Dinar ranged. Constable Glendenni Rig described him As beastly drunk Andas wanting to go by the eight o clock train to Melbourne on sunday night. He had lost his reckoning Ofta Day. He was very nervous arid shaky arid talkative when in court yesterday. He had to pay lds Fri Lii Tot Ishii Vio tit Phi re pal fun info " Fri going to prison for 48 hours. ? a Cricket match was. Played on saturday. Her tween the barkers Creek arid Harcourt clubs on Tho ground. Of the former f resulting in an easy win for Harcourt by four i Clefe and nine runs. Barkers Creek batting first. Made a score of la 4i g. Portwine hitting out Well for 63, arid j. Williams 25. The boiling for Hari court was done Liy. A Vick who obtained 3 wickets for 30 i Bris Enkiri 2, for 7, and neiv2 for 8. Harcourt " when time was called had made .123 for the loss of six wickets. A Gart Side 31, Nat Vick 25, Neil 16, a Vick 16 not 12, being the Only double figure scorers while j. Williams was the most successful Bowler securing 6 wickets for 25 runs. The following will represent the Castle Maine j unions against the Cain Bells 1" Creek Cricket. Club on1 the Camp Reserve to Morrow Adams Cowdrey Cuddy George Malcolm Ai Jeari Iii Iridell Hadrian Ottey 2 Odgers and Tregan Wafi ,. The combined wild West show and circus organised by Alessis Wirth .bros., in America will arrive in Castlemaine to Day and will give an been air performance in Harket Square Iri Trio afternoon at two o clock and in the evening at eight o clock 1 the show was opened1 in main eating combination is on of. The most powerful that has Over visited Ballarat and those who were present As auditors Grei itly appreciated the capital performances. Of .the-.iyhole, of Tho Meiji. Bers of tie troupe. There is no of the interest and from Start to finish. There Are altogether Throe ring two inside and then one enclosing thess two while nearly All the time there Are two or fair up going on at the same to lip Ijeh e trick ponies arid the horses safari arid Joh Buli executed Arnost incredible feats the ii Lin bal i Al Vyles Wertli was a most of the show. The Dies standing on the Back. Of a horse which cantered round the ring the i wonderfully Graceful Riding of the daring miss Edith Wertli was also deservedly applauded. The Carlo Brothers in the ladder not gave a most sensational perform Ance. Gus. St Leori in Liis equestrian feats was As Clever and Darin Gas Oyer and Geo. Wertli bandied his. Five Liples yith Lis Rii Ucli Easo As Uriost men could ii Byo handled trip the horizontal bar act on Tolj rpm horses by. Missis la Breney and of. And Gewirth acid the Oil Abr acrobatic and equestrian Perferi Rances were astoundingly Clover. Then there Yva s a great Hipp Odronic entertain Mont consisting of. Of citing boys hurdle race from Ani Aluir dle Jace clowns ,1 ii ice Iii Iii Ifo Ostraco Romani Chariot but Weprin Captain Happy tack Sutt Bri bid miss m.? Wertli Noo Between Iii Dja up whys and Mexico is olbivn8 wheelar priv Rao a and ladles and Clia Viot Junco. .,-q%e,nei.,ateti6qw9& tlij9 wild West Sizow by Captain. Sutton rid his Bifid of c of. Bows. Ancl Indiana. Altogether West show combinations one Wlinich by its great attractiveness,1 is certain to receive the Hearty support of the y the manag Orient pro vide Good a patrons and Liao a water proof roof to their immerse Canvas Tho most serious fird Over known in the Nagambie District occurred on sunday. It was first discover Don the property of or w. J. Slice in one mile1 Anda half from Trio town ship arid West raging through Remiller admins. M Dpnald now Rihaner Mueller Jolly Ghriri Aii arid Scully Ridi is still re Grig on towards the township of a Encl or Mueller has lost about 16 h shop or Miller. 640 acres of grass arid 30 acres that were under cultivation or. A Dpnald. 40 acres of crop in Stooks and 300 acres of grass the australian. Opossum has Bec Onie the subject of official correspondence Between the australian governments and new zealand authorities a one of j the acclimatisation societies of new zealand a few years 1 ago introduced the Australia opossum in new zealand. So rapidly have now. A disastrous pest Irith e a Ritie forests arid even Orchards in the provincial District of Canter Bury which compared1 with the other parts of new zealand is somewhat devoid of natural Forest lands the opossums Are so numerous that to Weir o Trio foliage threatens to end in the utter destruction of the tree the government of new zealand Are now addressing the governments of Australia with the object of obtaining information which them to the Jiei Yopes t ,. A return has been prepared by the Secretary of Agricula tire Giying the applications which have been received for agricultural by Nuses. For the wine bonuses Ai mounting to l25.000, 486, applications have been recorded the area proposed. To be cultivated being 5934 acres. A sum of l15,000 was allotted for the planting and cultivation of of Brest Trees of Ian economic character arid 320 applications have Beon received for participation in this vote the area to he put being 1613 acres. An amount. Of l37, 000 has been appropriated for bonuses to Fae Torios for. Fruit Canning and drying the � production of vegetable oils flax h Orrin sugar and insect Ifcic up to Tho present Tishie l3408 Lias Beeri paid in bonuses under this Lio fid the Liri Louiie does riot include a sum of l2423 giver Fiji tie establishment of butter of butter exported during last be Fri was 40? Bris Loewe 3qr. An Accident occurred at the Collingwood Gas works on saturday Naglit which re pulled in a Gas purifier rime Dougall a Doug Nir Rise Etrig his. Death under. Somewhat j Peculiar Cir uni stripes. It is the duty of the tvs pm Alfiere to pump ouf a pipe of the Well Wlinich leads into the puiafyirigjcii1imher once cd eve 24 hours and to Dpi so they live to descend to the base of the. Well by a ladder. I Dougall followed by Liis full Oil w6rkiniri, to a Mph Gleysi was a Hicri ii had gone a few feet a Wii he Rij Pear de to slip and at Trio same moment Eagle of i priced a strop to smell togas rising which i nearly overpower feel Hurri i Toiuo lit top be Pmj god to rat in Ajjie Mir to Bible was get Ting Doug Ali out of the jell arid a of Ter a Kinig every Effort to i Horne pronounced him dead a. The deceased Lias been in the employ of 29 years was 50 years of age and leaves a grown rip family.1 or mar Fri Seir Alekiy of Xii rid Iii received to e. Following i Oppre in. Reference to the Locust Post from or French tie Oberrin Erit entomologists f As locusts Are now depositing vast quantities of bags Ito hives every grower to be on the Alert ind Uso every. Means within reach to combat the. P est whenever it should ? make its Appe Arau q67 Tai eggs if tip being Dpi la i Lvii Kin Rill be hatched Al out i to Rit is if who Iveal Iligir is Liot and land should where practfcriulj1 "t�4 \ constructed Brumb. Jan Oil ? lib passed Jover the surface , win be crushed or revitalised. In bore places were eth c tag deposits Are Large a Good plan will be to Lay Leose Straw upon thei Spil after being turned up Aud then set it on Firo. In must be done with care or the sur Rou Riding country May fired a raw for Kiv do a to every 100 Gallons of water is cheap and where Pune do costs Are Firaby hatched travelling mobs of Slin Over Ali pm is an exc Llerik " Lani Arsenical pre Parat Loiis should by used with great care As Stook Poult i a insectivorous. Birds a Lite Likely to suffer greatly tar is quite ins Good arid is safer and cheaper latin riot offer Sive ? to Stock locally reared locusts will be shortly of work so that a should. Assist in their destruct jul Chi to Inirio sciences of ,? triv been i published in the scotsman by Liis second wife the Mother of the younger Boudoi faults known Tri australians. Sho says " to was Avert earless Man in business matters some time sinc o lie wanted to sell some of his plays but to wins s i a methodical in his habits that he failed to remember where Holiad put the magus Crint and they could not to found. A few years ago at his request i sent from his House in London his valuable Library. And other personal prone Rev subsequently All this with other valuables Worth from l16?000 to l20.000, was put in ,1 storage warehouse Iii the upper part of Newyork City without a Penny of insurance Bour obtained upon it. While or Boucicaut was absent from the City Robert Gaffi. His a thought what a fearful loss would be incurred in cps of fire and on Liis own responsibility fearful too of the Liberty to was taking a la the property insured for l4000, not Jong afr uni he a Toddii lit aft he ifs of burned to the uovu1llru4 for Boulicault was ure to 1us thoughtful Valet lie obtained l4000 1 11 s u r v1 1 c d Nio they which other Wise lie would not have Liefl. Within one i month at another time lie lost. L20,000 in mining speculation. During Liis info Lio has been the Monte Christo of the dramatic profession. At the last meeting of the Academy of mean Cirie Iri Ennis it win Sta de thnt4q, annually succumb to diseases in France and that More. Than 14,000 of these Aro carried smallpox As is 110b compulsory. Many thousands of French soldiers perished Iri this Way during the. Fatahi raign1870. Gorman a Iii from this cause were nil acc also vaccination to the up Riiff i Ghriri Anvyl a love Sinaj by ibid said is now1 unknown Tho acc Detri y p of Medio Tiri is strongly in fayre or of mining Inellia ence. Tiie following Are tie principal ret Paris Ujj for the week gilding 3rd Irist 7 a "7?,? ? Urrity Cucek 167oz Midas 80oz baud. Hud Albion a a prisons r tributes ,?ll96 a Srita riia ,v?t236z, j Star of Trie East. 860oz Uli Einari Pasha 93oz?t Creswick. Berry Consols 267 of Madame Berry 249oz Etarl of Beaconsfield Lopoz. Sandhurst. The returns last week. Were smaller the Tii usual for the on week,".jl544oz, most of the companies living Brokon Timon and because several of them reported Gold last week finishing. Up the old year which is not included in this list. The Host yields were a new red White arid1 Blue 180oz ?137oz.j specimen ? Kiili i28oz new Zhuni railway 125bz Koliris on s Rcck 108oz St ? Murib 65oz and the new chum United 50oz. The new red a hit and Blue declared a dividend of 6d lii25. 1. " sagg Maldo Diirr Tho Derby United. Will resume crushing regularly. Next week they a 1,-Irge Quantity. siht1 Wlinich is apparently of payable Quality. During tie papa half Vear 707 Toris of Stan e have been treated for 403oz 15dwt Gold. The distance open Edori Tho line per reef is?627rfoef and shows of Good pros pct for another sink Iri tie s i Vav Mbutu lilo Wari " is 1 rubbing quietly Al prig re Rii arks ? Trio Brisbane a courier thing a Niin Ift trains Kojjo Riff ring Rii glut Anil Day dast week1? and thousands of triad of Stock were sent ii Way hut still Tho loss of property arid sheep will to error Nio Uii. I rfee4 paltry dereliction of duty up 0w Soulli Avn Les railway have Sumril airily dismissed the stationmaster at pub to. Who had been nearly Twenty five years the service arid two guards and a head Porter l a direct special attention to the visits to this to in of or a e. Ice Behnami Tho celebrated ii Iii. Well known consulting herbalist of 172 and 174 William Street Melbourne his practice As a skilled herbal physician during the past fourteen years Hab undoubtedly been a marvellous Success mho has cured comp Etc by very Many thousands of supposed incurable cases of chronic disease. A so in certificate of a recent Case cured is published our advertising Colour Iris is also Are Tho dates of his visits Here for the next half year at the Cumberland hotel. Any sufferer can obtain copies of other sworn certificates of cures free from him by Post we also notify that or Elliott Tho Well known storekeeper of this town has Boon appointed sole agent hero for or Kugelmann a Woll Knolyn proprietary dickies arid that a 36-Page handbook dose Ristivo of these can b o had for co upon application Advt. 662 t 0 Ian. Admoria Tiberi to Tho Publio. Oliero Are Iiri the Parkot purporting to to Tho same Asi Teqia 6f? sup rib to a celebrated medicinal beverage of standing arid Ripe Drums Are comp nude of spirits,1 High lines and porn pious do pigs01, course they tire hurtful in trip last degree. The article of. Which they Woi ild Fie rivals or imitations is Wolfe s Rio snapps Nad. Escapes from ? drowning Vii i i a y i to " Tost sensational am i in Row Psi Auto frown drowning occurred at Iron i bark one of the Instasi Carh eing that of a Youl Man. Who attempted to go to the Rescue of drowning boy. It appears says the imlenen1 Dent that during the afternoon a Little a Narviea Lowel i 1 bathing Iri the great extended i Hustler s dam in company with another lad the two boys had been bathing some Timo when suddenly Lowe s companion heard Nis Proiti and i looking in the direction of the Middle of the ruin i whence Tho sound came and where Lowe had been to observed that Lbw hid Dabipi bared Tariff at a Hub surmised a iliac had 1 ? Bap pried. Effie boy at once ran on to the bail or arid i ii ised feb alarm but Soiree outlier boys and by Rifle Lri Ori who Wei a dist trip sumo Flo Yard i away on the Sand had already " heard y Una Lowe s cry arid Fri iia. Old Frog to Portain the Civ us they Ere Sod ii a pied of thetic Currence and brio youth about 17 year of a once jumped Iri to the his clothes on and attempted to swim Over tothe drowning had already risen to the. Surface and the weight of his Clit lies however was too. Much for Liim and before he had pro icee Dedeax his a filled wit water arid ? he was dragged beneath Tho surf tick with a great Effort lie managed to turn round 1 and reached , fro Rii we Icli he was ahead or life Yards Thorvig Lily sexmn8ti by Are but i la overstep her Yit or bust 1" " Good old Man responds styles. " let Lior out and i la stand the atari. Then the old colonel walks to. The wheel is face purple his Glengary pushed Back on Lus head. His Cigar glowing like Tho Rod Eye of Brittle Asho puffs Nam a whoe Zos of Rock through his Rios Trifi. On Ive Speed till the Trees on the Bank sep Lack pastus and round,1 the. Point to see Jib senator just turning another curve on still faster thai Over with every Glass Ion Board jingling Jia t8 j"1",0 Ever joint an Timber trembling Blok Degaona below ply their fires with t 10 fat Tomb logs and even n few barrels of Rosin to
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