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Castlemaine Mount Alexander Mail Newspaper Archives Jan 6 1891, Page 1

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Castlemaine Mount Alexander Mail (Newspaper) - January 6, 1891, Castlemaine, Victoria National Library of Australia Orient line of Royal Imani steamers ". K the following Royal Mai storm Thipa belonging a tothe Orient is. Leavo Melbourne at twelve noon on Thunder is mentioned dates f or ply to Cath an d London via Adelaide Albany w.a., 7 Colombo Suez r Naples Gibraltar x. R tons . Commander. Date b Aruba new 6552 7000 j. A Park jail 10 1 r Cuzco. 3018 4000 . A Nderson so Lusitania 3877 4000 a e. Inskip Fob. 7 " b Oriya. 1 ",6057 7000 e. feb 21 be Orizaba 6077 7000 g. P. Dixon mar 7 k Orient / 6365 6000 a Daiby but mar.,21j r. V fortnightly thereafter. If Saloon pa8beneers allowed to break their journey. R entire. Cabins reserved ii mos Liberal terms 7 v k.7, Saloon l55, l63 l70 r second clans /. L30 l37 9. 1 third twoberthcabin8 l22 each adult third four Bort Cabins l20reaoht adult Jgr " Steerage open berths l17t7seach adult Ufi " third Steerage rates include bedding Mea see utensils of e. I m excursion return tickets tired cod rates. Of. I prepaid passages from Lovi il.,v % special facilities Are now afforded fringing m friends relatives by the prepay my i pm Tage Money Here at above managers f. Green & co., pan b Orion & co., Fenchurch Avenue n Dinv . H particulars on application Toi or i m. G. Anderson a. Branch manager i k 488 490 Collins Street Melbourne. It local agent Vav. Adams .castlemaino., 31,90 in e 8 s a e r i e s r it i me 8. Fig steamers under postal font Root with the � government of France. A Melbourne to London Overland via Marseilles. Leave. Leave % 3teamer commander Sydney Melbourne at 11. Am. / g Jeanien a. Poy Denot 25th Jan. 28tn Jan. It to Ynes Ien p. Pellagrin. 27th feb. 2nd Mari Yarra l. Boulard _ 25th mar. / 28th Aue Ralien g. Didier 27th april. 30th april. Rates of passage Money to Marseilles from. 1.20 % to l85, including table Walnea bedding requisites in All classes. Return tickets issued at reduced rates. Saloon passengers booked through to London via Paris. Res Radway accommodation Luggage Oon eyed free a fortnight allowed from Marseilles in route. First class l70 second class. L44. I by special arrangement an English inter Preter will attend on Board upon arrival of Steamer at Marseilles to give passengers every assistance in disembarking passing their Luggage through the customs of. He will also accompany them the train to Paris London. For further particulars apply to d Dalgety & company limited agents 601 feb 7,91 Bourke Street West Melbourne. Enin8dlar Oriental steam navigation company. The company s steamships will he despatched Irith her majesty s mails As follows for London a Colombo a leave leave Steamer tons. Commander. Melba be Glenelg i noon. I noon. % Britannia 6257 f j. Orman .iv.5 .-jain3�rjam77 i mass Ilia 4918 c. Fraser. Jan. L7, Jan. 2i m Carthage 5013 m. Do Rome. Jan. ,31 feb. 4 m thenceforward Evory alternate week. R be passengers will be conveyed alongside the Britannia by the 10.20 a. I Epenial express Ali. . Ordinary trains from Spensor Street it Tiit Tal fares. ,. _ a Babb of passage-monet.8 to London in first Saloon �60.to �70. 1 a second "1 �30 to �37. Return tickets from. �65 to �116. R in the second Saloon the arrangement have been thoroughly reorganised an the a commode k Hon which the company now offers is Junaur b pm Sage Money can he paid at this end for Pas a. Pages from England. Liberal Ponce Salon to � &ii,i1ie8.qeorge Withers superintendent. R Scotson agent for Castlemaine distr let it assure your life with s p rhe Mutual Assurance society of m _ Victoria limited a established . 1570, or life Assurance endowments annuities. Head office 406 Collins Street Alel Tirb for coughs colds bronchitis asthma influenza consumption &o., a. Eay s compound essence of linseed aniseed enema Squill Tolu &c., with cd Lordyne. Kay s compound a Demulcent expectorant for coughs colds Chest complaints. Kay s compound for coughs colds i equally serviceable for horse cattle Kay s tic pills a specific in neuralgia face ache a. Contain quinine Iron a. Linum Cathart icum pills. An agreeable ape Rient. Goa Guline. Cement for broken articles. Sold everywhere. Manufactory Stockport England. " 573sp 26f Fra the 6l00d is the life world famed Emz Mill the great blood purifier restorer. For cleansing Clearing Tho blood from Al impurities. It cannot be too highly recommended. B for scr Fula scurvy skin blood diseases eczema sores of All kinds it is a never failing permanent care. I in. I i it curb old Soros a cures ulcerated sores on the Neok ulcerated sore legs. Cures blackheads or pimples on the face 1 1 cures scurvy sores cures cancerous ulcers. I = cures blood skin diseases. I re cures glandular swellings. M i. Clears the a impure matter. From whatever cause arising., Clarke s blood mixture is the Only real specific for gout rheumatic pains for it removes the cause from the blood Dones. " ,. " As this mixture is pleasant to the taste warranted free from anything injurious to the most educate Constitution of either sex the proprietors solicit sufferers to give it a trial to test its value. " it is entirely free from any Poison. Or Metrillo impregnation does not contain any injurious ingredient is a Good Safe ii caul Medicine. Alreed Swain Etaylor m.d., f.r.s., lecturer on medical Juria Pru Dence the Hon. Surgeon to his excellency a v Viceroy of India prescribes Clarke s Bloof mixture largely Speaks highly Olts Effi Cacy in skin affections a. On this coun to wrote asking if you could Supply e mix Turo for dispensing letter from. John co., druggists ac., Agra ind. Juno 6th, 1888. West Cowes Isle of Wight september 1888. " dear Sirb through Tho merits of your excellent Clarke s blood mixture the Largo red pimples which covered my face Are fast sap pearlbg.1 for ii Long time i put up with the discomfort of these pimples thinking that nothing could do any Good. At lost i was persuaded to try your Medicine now i have. Taken one bottle they Are rapidly vanishing. It cannot. Be too highly recommended . I am most grateful. I will Tell All my friends. About it but they really do not require telling because they ban see the difference for them selves you May publish this if needful. I am gratefully yours Eraldine thousands of testimonials. Clarke s blood mixture is sold in bottles 2s 9d each in cases containing sir times the Quantity Lis sufficient to eff Bot a permanent cure. In the great Mojo Rita of Long standing cases. By All chemists Patent Medicine vendors throughout Tho world. Proprietors " the Lincoln land counties drug company Lincoln Trade Mark blood mixture. Of u t i o n. Puro Masors of Clarke s blood mixture should see that they get the genuine article. Worthless imitations Are sometimes palmed off by unprincipled vendors. The words " Lincoln Midland coun ties drug company Lincoln England Are engraved on Tho government stamp Clarke a world famed blood mixture blown in the bottle without which non Auk genuine. Eak men Strong. Men suffer ing from lost Vigour nervous debility Taok of development pro Maturo decline ao., resulting from indigo ration excess or. Overwork positively cured without stomach drugging by the Dubath Suo Cesnul where All else of Tow in Vigour health to debilitated Mon. Valuable Book sent sealed Post Freo. Durant remedy co., 48 j7i89.1 20 ram8ll-ife\ it i cheapest funeral establishment r in Castlemaine.j-., Hospital government contractors hearses. Mourning coaches every funeral. I requisite on hand.,t. Odgers a co., a Lim. Barker Street funeral Reform. A. Campbell & undertakers etc., Castlemaine. Having recently purchased a first class undertaking Plant consisting. Of. One two horse hearses mourn ing coaches ac., have succeeded in effect ing a great reduction in the charges a hitherto in this District for this Brand of our business we have secured. The services of an experienced manager Are new prepared to conduct funerals in the Best manner at Trio lowest rates., telegrams will receive immediate " attention 1 s private address Campbell Street East. " the australian mining Standard the Only mining newspaper in the australian colonies. Full reports each week from every Field of importance. In Australasia letters from London new York South Africa Icv a. Tabu lated list of daily quotations in Melbourne Syd Ney exp Hayges yields dividends Calls a. Mines illustrated described portraits biographies of mining men published. Each Onice 360 Collins Street. Subscription i 2s per year 6s 6dper.quartor, in Advance. ,. Just published. " the official handbook of australian mines Price 2s 6d, 8s. P6sled / Coni Ifong a Clete his j of ii from the earliest Days of the diggings a Specia notice of All Well known mines. i Castlemaine agent a of Hunter Street. To r.1. Btry Only English watches. I buy Only English watches the Purchase Possession of a Good watch Means. Money1 saved disappointment avoided a Good w atch ensures put asure a Good investment Alsaad one causes worry loss of time Money. By .3 Stewart Dawson co s world famed in Slisi lobs enjoy the Bonf Den be of the a world. Their super Monty value Over all1 others their popularity in every clime is the Best proof of their excellence time keeping cd of " it v Trif pc. /. Spend your Money wisely. I 7and secure the Best value by purchasing from the. I 1i a manufacturers. 1 remember there Are no middlemen in A. And co s system every thing is at the least possible Price. 1 s d a co s system makes the watch " Vii Rig diva co s system Sells Tho watch ,. A A co s system improves the watch. D. A co s system guarantees the watch i 8. D. A co s system goes direct to the user d., a co s system secures your satisfaction. 1, a. A co s system saves retail profit. A. A & cd gives a week s trial a a co b system appeals to sense. S. a co s system leads the Van of Progress. While. Com Petit Ion lags behind. Misti Monias 5000 from wearers in All Parte of the world in Praise of std Srai t Dawson & of s Liverpool English levers. L3 12s 6d s.,-d. And cos Crystal face English levers recommended for colonial. last a life time highest Quality Well Worth l5. L3 17s 6d 8. D. And co s Hunting. English lever Gold balance All. Latest improvements cheap at l6 6s. L4 i7s 6d D. And co s Superb English Hunt ing levers three pairs extra jewels real Chrono meter balance cheap at l7.l5 10s D. And co s magnificent Hunting levers highest qualify air Damp dust proof Light cases Worth l8., l6 10s D. And co s a plate English Hunt ing levers full jewelled compensation balance the Model watch.l6 15b 8. D. And co s a plate Centre seconds Chronograph lever thousands in cheap at Lio. Ill 10s 6d D. And co s English double minute . Seconds Independent Lirou Obj aph every improvement the Best sporting water. Produced beware of foreign 7s 6d D. And co s Sterling Silver Crystal faced Defiance watches Tho. Best Low priced watch in the Market. Hunters at i 15s, ladies gent s sizes . And co. Also invite special attention to their splendid Stock of ladies gents English Gold levers in every variety at prices unapproachable. =.of. S. D. And co. Guarantee a saving of at least 25 per cent to every buyer on each Gold watch they sell. ,.".jewellery jewellery jewellery i we Are receiving consignments of All the latest fashions by every mail. Andean Quot prices in. Many cases 50 per cent under those usually in8 diamonds precious stones to hold one of the largest stocks in Melbourne being directly represented in Tho european Nar sets can sell at lowest rates. Comparison invited. Diamond tiaras half hoop rings brooches &c., at All prices. Designs stones submitted for approval estimates Given. Diamond mounting every other Deburi Ptim of colonic to work executed Ono own premises. Electro plate. To new designs constantly crying. T Low Psi prices in Melbourne. Illustrated pamphlet containing of watches Many designs of All kinds of jewel cry free on application forwarded on receipt of 2d Stamps Cost of postage. Stewart Dawson & co., 97 Swanston Street Melbourne. / Central depot 96 , London,1 pc Betta once in try. Sydney Dunedin & au0klam. J 1 m2 do 81 i Jii 1 t f All diseases o Long standing completely cured by �. N. Herbal magnetic i treatment. F i i f j j Chionio sufferers should not fail or / i.-ir.-. Or Johi if. To r r a. To j to consult Mrija. F. Kugelmann consulting herbalist 1 i i Eclectic of 3i72-andjil74 in Illiam Street Melbourne. " All consultations free. Notice. If or Forred a signed agreement Given which provides that no Cost is incurred in the Cvet of a cure not being effected Kugelmann visits regularly the Folio Wing towns May to consulted free at Tho places e d4ties Iliff Riecl Iviz Castlemaine at m hotel Livours 10 . J till .3 wednesdays 21st. January ,18th february ii Ostli March 15th april 13th May. ,10th june.". j Sandhurst j at Parker s City club hotel Mitchell Street Lio Urb a l a a to 6 i on saturday Decem bert3th/ ,n22nd january 19th feb Ruai 19th March 16th april 14th j May 11th june. It. Alar Borough at m Ivor hotel hours 12 noon till 4 . Only , on thursdays 8thi,,5th- february 5th March. 2nd april ,30th april 28th/aia.y, 25th j nne. " a signed agreement provides no Cost in cure not effected / 1 special notice. T to ail sufferers unable to obtain a personal consultation. Please Send direct to us for new diagnosing Chart by which i Means a cure can. Be rapidly Efi noted through of / v see our new pocket guide on. Die Price 1s.,my .k.uqelmann, has successfully cured the Fol lowing diseases amongst others cancer Blind Ness Cataract of the Sejfo bar Fula scurvy Lupus eczema itch Pruritus consumption asthma bronchitis induration of the lungs bleeding from lungs heart disease in every form enlarged liver enlarged by Len congested liver ulcerated liver hypertrophy of Tho liver anaemia hysteria Epi Lepsy cholera dyspepsia or indigestion in every form known dropsy palsy paralysis spinal com plaint gravel diabetes All kidney diseases baldness mania i nervousness nervous debility of vigor impaired vision memory pro Lapsus. Uteri displacement Irr Ogu Larity All female complaints gout rheumatism &c., a. V i is Kuo Ellann s troit meet differs entirely from ail others known has cured More cases of Chr hic. Disease than any ton medical men in Australia. Thousands of Sivori declarations of cases maybe seen. Send for pamphlet on medical despotism or ?"56 pages Post free i this Book exposes completely the old style of Mineral drugging. And explains the methods of or Kugelmann s natural treatment. Read the Fol lowing testimonial a specimen of thousands More Cobden Street Kew August 19th, 1890. To . E.ikugelmann.-, Dea r sir i feel that in j Uatrice to you. let others know the great Benefit i have derived from your treatment -1 should speak it is with pleasure do so. V if hereby make oath say that about thirteen 13 rears ago 1/ began to feel very unwell had continual great pain from an internal dibea80, which my medical attendant completely failed to Benoni Torto correctly diagnose i continued his treatment for More than a year with great perseverance but instead of improving any i gradually became worse my doctor first prescribing one drug in endless sue cession without relief.-. 1 then consulted another eminent medical Aman supposed. To be. Tho most skilled in Melbourne. I continued his treatment for another year during which time i took an immense amount of drugs poisons minerals noise of which did least Good whatever / i continued to Besom o , to lose flesh daily the pain i suffered Day night was most intense this doctor Talieh declared my ease to be perfectly hopeless Tiit it was Only a matter of time the disease would kill me i in despair i ten n tried another doctor of reputed skill he declared Tomt no ease of the disease from a Biel i suffered had Ever been Mcnown to recover but that he could ease me prescribed Ohio Rozlyne which Poison Only stupefied me but did not ease my complaint in Tho least. I therefore abandoned this treatment tried others All of who of proved to be Only Blind experiments by hone did me even temporary Good. In this state i was therefore forced to pass Nino years of wretched exist enc Many times i would have been glad bad it been god s will to have died so ended my misery As i never hoped to be Well again eventually however i thank god for Iti. Saw your address in Tho paper a i s makeup my mind to consult you immediately which i did you at Onee told to the Correct nature of the disease without Hesi tation i accepted your treatment continued it for a. Good Many months during which time i rapidly recovered live been completely cured now for Over year which generally is a Good Indi Uati ii of. . Before i close i would further say i to link god i iras Ever induced to come to you i pity coif May Long be spared to do Good to buffering i Hope that through i read ing my Case that sufferers with Ohr Obic diseases ,.willcqnsult you Dis card the old Fabbio cd doctors their destructive drugs j Audi trusting that this will a Good remain Idear. I sir yours very sincerely a. Mrs. Elizabeth Lee j. I i Eliz Abbitt Lee of ice Victoria do solemnly sincerely declare the above written statement Sigurd by to is to the bos cof my knowledge belief True in. Every particular i make this solemn declaration conscientiously believing the Spineto be Truoi by. Virtue of a not of Parlia ment of Violio a rendering persons making a false declaration punishable for wilful Eor supt per jury. Mrs. Elizabeth Lee Cobden Street Kew. Declared before me at Kow this 4th Day of sep tember. Vav. To Fervier Justice of Tho Poao for the Central bail Wield. " 1 / w. Bailey to rain product merchant Market build a it Ings 410 Flinders Lane Molbo Urno Boris on commission doily of railway stations wharves. Great care exercised to obtain highest prices. Account sales payments promptly rendered charges moderate. Correspondence invited. Is table ipod 1852. Note Oil hand All kinds of eng Lish agricultural seeds Loans arranged on grazing farming Langli. 147 a 17,, the eggs eggs eggs All the year round by using Bates mexican horse cattle an poultry spice. Composed of spice Tonio roots aromatic herbs. Rapidly fatten pigs poultry a. Stimulates the appetite prevents cures indigestion eradicates Worms improves maintains condition in All animals. Certificate from Graham Mitchell fellow member. Of Tho Royal Collego veterinary surgeons London pharmaceutical chemist of Victoria Queensland l v Jorge sen. Market Square. _. To a. m e or i Fiel a. Solicitor Castlemaine commissioner for taking affidavits. Money to lend on Good Security o. L. H Banbury solicitor j Lyttleton Street Castlemaine commissioner for Victoria i Fiji for taking. Affidavits. 381 of 12 grand Xmas carnival & fancy fair Foy & gibs01v, Smith Street Collingwood. Visitors to Melbourne should Nob fh.to visit Tho grand christinas fail now open in our Linni enso premises Innell classes of goods form ing Tho most magnificent display Ever attempted. In Tho colonics. " the new fancy goods depart ment brilliantly illuminated by Eliot lilo Light n leading feature in Liis wonder Ful show to fitly Mark the opening of. The new Doii Arment to Are offering i Lincy goods. Bric a a rect l Tush mirrors brackets japanese screens japanese cabinets Jap an so goods of every kind with numerous other i. Novelties never before shown in this Market at prices calculated to startle even the staid Jap. ,. Over 1,500 packages of goods specially imported for this great fair 1 which y form a pleasant sight for Trio Eyo to feast on. presents. Xmas presents. 800 handsomely inlaid Wall cabinets in " camphor Wood Sandal Wood Ebony so., &c., richly ornamented a few beautifully ,. Lack Iberea. 2,000 4-fold japanese draught screens 5ft. Gin. High in an endless assortment of artistic. Colors All at 7s. Go. Each. -1 to / 5,000 Firo screens every conceivable style from 1b. Up.3,000 hand painted Reed blinds colors. Japanese trays. Plain inlaid in All sizes shapes singly in nests of three. L fans. Fans. Fans Over 5,000 to select from. Hand painted fans Feather fans embroidered fans fans for the million from is upwards. Jav mechanical toys. Physical toys. ,. Optical toys. 1 toys to suit All Ages Tenpo raniets. Engines steamboats railways of &c., guaranteed to work not shams.". J the Forth. Bridge the Eiffel Tower Tho. Latest Novelty in the toy world a wonder fill interesting piece of construction instruction suited for Young old now offered for the Price of a simple toy. 250 caledonian go carts the coming Toya useful exercise for children of alleges from 23s. Rocking horses for the Lxi Sall sizes. " skin rocking horses with Side baddies for 1 the girls. Noah s arks trumpets Drums &e., of. Performing animals sufficient in variety to. F him a compile to dolls walking dolls speaking j Olls. Undressed dolls in All sizes from is each. The largest Stock in Australia now. To to seen at the grand Christmas fair. Plush brackets Mirror brackets. Hand painted brackets. A wonderful assortment All colors is. To 50s. Fancy hand mirrors Bevelled plates from. 6d. Each. Medallion plaques Plain mounted to suit everyone. " Christmas presents for. Grownup folks. _ purees for the pocket purses for to hand Morocco calf russian Crocodile leathers a. Ladies companions Complete this most useful adjunct of a lady s requirements. Splendid assortment. Ladies hand bags every description sign. Gentlemen s dressing cases fitted Complete/-.,. Gentlemen s dressing bags shaving glasses. Perfumery for the toilet \. Table. To Are showing the clip incest assortment of the Best French English perfumes All Tho leading makers being Rejiri oseted by their favorite most fashionable perfumes at prices unheard of hitherto in the Trade. Vaseline Cream cold Cream smelling salts Florida avatar Kau do Cologne liven Der. Water Tho Crown co s very famous crab tree Blossom perfume. Xmas books. Instructive books. Xmas cards. Our wonderful packet contains so cards published Price from 3d. To 2s. Go. Each is. Per packet. Write for our one. Shil Ling packet it is the Best value Over offered. Special " packets gd., is. Is. Go. Each photo albums. New stand albums Cabinet albums in Plush fancy leathers strongly richly bound at prices to suit All. " Foy & Gibson Tho largest importers manufacturers in Tho Colony have recently opened in extensive now prennies. A grocery provision italian. Warehouse department. Tho most unique Best appointed Best stocked of any of its kind offer the Best brands of provisions Cross Blanc Welps other. Woll known makers at prices greatly below usual lists. Write for Prico. List compare prices. Those intending furnishing to invite to Insp cot our immense stocks of House furnishings / of every description. To Livan Tho largest Stock in the colonies to select from All marked the lowest possible prices in Plain figures. Estimates for Complete furnishing for the cottage Villa or mansion sent on ,. Application. So our Complete Price list for. The values we offer in this line. In the gentlemen s a apartments to offer special inducements in now summer suiting All Tho latest novelties in coatings Trouse rings Etc Are shown at special. Ii rices. Sao suits j from 50s. To order. We would direct special attention to our new. Undressed White suit its. With Linen fronts cuffs neck a Hhd in do in our own factory Gunnn Ted r perfect fitting. Liis Modoff sell materials. Used ing Ahito shirts ,./a tand can minutely. Has Many Adan. Examine / work tages. Pure risers a 3/k Manship besides con Jiulio bettor \ / saving Cost of the Valirio of dressing & boxing. Our shirt factory is fitted with the latest labor saving machinery . And Tho work is turned out at prices which Are a Boon to the Public. By manufacturing in the. Colony duty charges amounting to 85 per 1 i " cent is saved Tho Benefit Given to Trio Public. Foy & Gibson 128 to 152 Smili Street Collingwood. List of departments. Groceries provisions Miili nory under of lobbing mantles costumes laces embroideries Flowers feathers ribbons. Hosiery gloves Silks velvets Cash Meres i Macy dresses printed dresses Cro tonnes Haberdashery ,. Manchester Good boots shoos gents clothing Mercery Furni tire carpets linoleum China Ana glassware Ironmongery e. Plato. Wuits Fok Corm a pack list Bent on. Arr Cawn. Q Iiatepul---00m p0rtinq4 its St Ocoa. B r e a of a s to " by a thorough knowledge of the natural Law which govern the operations of digestion Notri Tion by a careful application of the Fine properties of Well selected Cocoa or Epps Bas pre video our breakfast tables with a Dulic Teiry Fia Vou red beverage which May save us Many heavy doctor s Bills. It the judicious use of enc articles of diet that a Constitution May be Grade ally built up until Strong enough to resist every tendency to disease. Hundreds of Subtle maladies Are floating around is ready to attack wherever there is a Point. We May escape Many a fatal Shaft by keeping on elves Well fortified with pure blood Anda properly nourished Ste Argielo in the civil service Gazette. In simply with boiling water Obruk. Sold in Jib packets by grocers labelled thus i j am e s Epps & co., i. Hotko Patio chemists 920 a 30 London., , George Dunnack r i Aanner Currier wholesale re Tau. X importer of grinder French calf Boot logo &c., machine bolting Belt laces saddlers shoe makers leather of every description always of hand. Highest Price Given for hides calf skins tallow beeswax. , Castlemaine contamination of the blood whether the after effect of contagious disease hereditary taint or foul matter of any description Aro positively carried out of to system by taking " Clarke s world famed blood mixture the great blood purifier restorer for cleansing. And Clearing the blood from All Imp purities it Cai Inot to too highly recommended. For Eer Fula / Survey eczema skin blood diseases sorbs of. All kinds it is a never failing per Ryan out Buret to a Tho Only real specific for Neu Matio pains for it removes the cause from the blood Bones of chemists of everywhere at 2a 9d Lis per bottle thousands of Teeth. Mon alb. / of t i o of Clarke s blood mix Ture should see that they get the genuine article worthless imitations Are sometimes palmed off by unprincipled vendors Tho words. Lincoln Midland counties drug company Lincoln England Are engraved on the government stamp Clarks world famed blood mixture blown inthe Bottie i Irit Hout we by hone Are genuine. 7 / Pic tobit dispensary / Market Square " 1 iodine S a r s a a Rill As usually taken requires so Long to prod Nee results As to weary the patient. Con a nation with iodine accelerates its effects in a surf prising manner renders iodized Sarsaparilla powerful alterative of the secretions. Its most certain Success is As a blood purifier Cooling cleansing Medicine. All appearances on the skin red Black pimples scaly eruptions glandular swellings its esses Pai Tiei Early. Of a so Romulous character Bupp rating wounds malignant slow Healing sores Are cured by it if persevered with. In those instances where the system has been prostrated by the Over use of mercurial other Strong Medicine the iodine with Sarsaparilla is certain to eliminate the cause of disease. In the Spring fall of the year there Are very few whose health would not be improved by a Short course of iodized Sarsaparilla. Its Eon turned use is attended with a great improvement i. The general health. A prepared by w. Ge0.1/-r. Philpots. Market Square. �10,000 Given away to buyers of a bottle of Brea Albane 7whisky 7 / imported by Alex. Feho Uson & co / Glas Gow. Particulars from All wine merchants storekeepers hotel keepers spirit dealers. Wholesale agents John Febo Ubo a co., Mel bourne.659 my 31 steam s porous strengthening. Plasters for All kinds of seated acute 1. Found True i " prove All things hold fast that Good holy Whit. Go 1 he inventor of this plaster resp artfully ask l the afflicted to give it a trial compare its effects with those of any other plaster or othe external remedy that can be produced 7 no family should be without Stearn s strengthen ing porous plaster its a safeguard an antidote against congestion oppressions of the lungs ac., shilling each three for.2s-6d. Solo agent 6. P. Philpots Victoria drug store Market Square 488 t o one Box of Clarke s b41 pills is warranted to cure All discharges from the urinary organs in either sex acquired or constitutional gravel pains in the Dock. Guaranteed free from Mercury. Sold in. Boxes 4s 6d each by All. Chemists Patent Medicine vendors throughout the world. Proprietors the Lincoln Midland counties drag company Lincoln England. 7. V Oor Phlenoy. Recipe . Particulars How to Effe Tenally rapidly cure obesity without Semi starvation dietary eto., quite harmless. European mail 24, 1884, says " its effect is not merely to reduce the. Amount of superfluous fat but by a Fiedot ing the source of obesity to induce a Radical cure of the disease or Russoll makes no charge Over. Any person Rioh poor can obtain i work Gratis by forwarding a 6d stamp to Cove postage to of. C. Russell esq., Woburn House store Street Bedford Square London. Ens. To i a or Day by Pereona of. Jux Cut either Obj in their own localities at work for. Us. New business. All. Meet with. Wonderful Success. Any one can do the work. Capital not req mod. We will Start you. Outfit Worth i mailed Frethe employment is particularly adapted to the Region in which this Public Tion Mircu Lites. Boys find Girle. Earn nearly As Muchas. Mon. Full particulars an instructions mailed Rico now is the time Don t Delire but write to us at one. Address tax inbox & co. Portland Maine United states. 772do 17,91 Matt just published in cheap pamphlet form nature s hidden treasure by French doctor a Safe sure guide to health Ond happiness. To married person or those about to marry it is Worth its weight Diamon us Prico by Post enclosed in a Sec i j envelope is 8d vie Stamps. Add Ere Parisia a buoy . Box -766, Sydney. Please mention his paper. 637 up 6 j ixorvu.1 of Catarrh corrects offensive odours at Oneo a Oor Pleto cure of worst he Rhio cases j also = unequalled As gargle for diphtheria sore " foul Rethi j v
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