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Castlemaine Mount Alexander Mail Newspaper Archives Apr 6 1891, Page 1

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Castlemaine Mount Alexander Mail (Newspaper) - April 6, 1891, Castlemaine, Victoria National Library of Australia n i if it 1 line of. Roy a steamers. To Folio wine Royal Mai steam Thipa belonging Iho Ort no and pal Etc comp will t0 Vilho Uvino at twelve noon on the under men it Vlitos for Plymouth. And London via. Albany sue Nap and he com Saudor rate. I. I 61 0 8309 Juii Vav Litov april 4i Eva 6552 7000 r stud Ledeit april 118 � total " 8588 7000 a. Fed run Ivoti Illast. A u8f. I.i-�82if.7000ivj. A pork r Neim Aydi uru of. Too j. a Iderson a 30 c"?.- v 3877 .4000 h. A Juskiw. / june.3, a is a owlol77" 7o up a in. E Aud Porini Riby to adj act pass ask Money j " i to 55j l63 and l70. I. And Diacri a i 130 an i l3 7r.ijj to Ltd two Urb a bind iil32ddlpd did Tyr t had four Bertli Cabine --vl20 oath adult St eras open Boi the l17 t7s each adult third and Steerage rates include Bedd no mess Tea Milf i Retarn to cd Olaf Ai Redverd Rales. So Are now Aff irked Lor bringing at Friend s arid it of Pas a. Ful1 p Cassky i i i to a Fanon 1. " fi.aye3 commander Sydney. Melbourne Sofien so Iii i ,27tlr april. Oceanian a Poy Bleriot ,25th" May 28th May poll Nelsien p. Pollen join 27 the Dune 30 the j uhe Varra a of Lorilard 25thjuly 28thjuly Kates of passage Money to Marseilles for Norlito to l65, including table wine arid bedding to Patti Tea in All classes"./. I to 1 to t a t i turn tickets waved at reduced rate. Saloon paste Nora booked through to London via Paris Best railway to Obriiiriodatioriluggagecon eyed free and a fortnight allowed from Marseilles in route. Taa first Tolaas l70 second class l44. ,.the English language a broken on Board. Upon arrival at Mara Emillea Anjun Feu Prisbek. Marts the Steamer and gives passengers every Alai acc Ance in disembarking passing their Luggage through the customs 4o. He also accompanies them in the train to Paris and Calais. Salget compan8. Limited agents 129 my 7.92 " Bourke Street West Melbourne. a an Oriental steam. Atm nation companyj5 lha company s steamships will be despatched Irith her majesty s mails As follows for London leave leave. " Steamer s . Melba no Glenelg noon. Noon. Oceana " 6362. P. A Tom liar april ii aprils. Paramatta 477l1 k. Murray no � film britannia6257 Ormmr-.v- a 9 13 Wassilia " 4918 c. P Rasor " May 23 May 23 Carthage 5013. De june 6 j Uno to Victoria 6268ildm.wibner of. June 20jmw24 Shannon 4.189 or Edwards july 2 july 8. Arcadia 6202 a. B. Andrew july 1i8 j uly 22 Auu lieu bet Orward every Wlter Naie. wine you eyed alongside., the Oceana by the riip.20, . Special. Express and 11 . Ordinary. Trains from Spencer Street the usual . Hats of pass ask Money. To London in Firat Saloon. �00 to �70. Second �30037# return Tio Keta from Rii �65 to �115. " in the second Saloon the arranged behave been kor oughtly ? an the acco Mudar l loaf which the company mow offers a Junaur a Macro a. Ref in passage Money can be paid at Thia end Lor Paa lager from k Cono Leaion to Tain George Withers superintendent. 8. Scotson i agent District assure your life with fhe Mutual Assurance society iof Victoria limited established 1870,. Rioa life assure Noel endowments and Ariu pc " cities. ,406 bdingoiob8. Hon., Llomas loader Cha Ira Ansir Frederick Goy a c.m6., a so. D. Hiatal . Aiex., m Nimmi. Bod. I we. Bay Lea messes win. Siddeley and we. Riggall. T. " John fir Willison . And f.i.a., actuary. Anlu eneral manager " 1. Soliai. Feat bks. Age taken Ata Kabeski birthday premiums " unusually Low _ conditions Liberal and Security i undoubted claims settled promptly members Divide All protits bonuses allocated annually in ease of Olimb and declared own policies kept in Force Liy surrender value. The Only australian society issuing double Benefit policies with amount assured payable twice and with full profits. Children s Enid Pimonte Zyvith payment of pre Mirin cease Iii upon death of Parent and All pro in sums returnable if child die befora1 maturity also issued Money to lend Oil mortgage and personal Security. At current rates,.1 o i i Lam bid Sybo Natl bus Biot to Bax id 8. Soot son Market Square Oas Tomaino i to. 12 a 19,92, \ r Assi company. 6mc0ad-46o and 4 o2 Cpl uns Street. Melbo unit. 1 v a Lapwai subscribed �250,000 paid up �50000. Reserve fund �200,000. 1 life fund �252,000. D Bibb Roba a. D william1 sri Ith. Esq. Chairman Hon. J. S. John Ston sir Charley Macmahon George Shaw Esq., Lieut ool. G. Napier Turner. Pili and goal ankh risks to opted at lowest current rates of Premium. The revised Lin polio of this company has no endorsed Oon Dillon and it embraces All the Moat Liberal features of modern Pra Otloe. ,. E. S. Watson manager. Agent for the Diat riot o. Tolstrup i. 441 Al 12,91 nervousness croat a Tion and other debilitating effects positively a tired by a treatment of the ambrosial pills prices per Box Post free receipt Stamps the Aba Eva drop company Melbourne. 87 of 8 i t a Tia per Day by Persona of 5f a Otic either Bex in their own localities at work for is. New business. All Moet with wonderful Suc Erss. Anyone can do the work. Capital not required. We will Start you. Outfit Worth i mailed free. The employment is particularly adapted to the Region in which this Publica Tion circulates boys and girls earn nearly As ninth a men. Full particulars and instructions nailed free. Now is the Iii be re do to a plot by wits to us at Boneo add a Stinson Aud co i pal Laad me United state 778 9 17i�v. savings. Ratitch in Victoria irix or i to incorporated by Jot of parliament. R i a1 vmulated5nds at Soth june ,1890 lv75 000 3 including fund of _ appointed by the governor Lri 1 ?un0wita,nos. A Trio Esq do a chairman we. A lean e8q. Archibald 0urfie Esq. ./v10 "?4frey Vee Corgo cares Esq a . Comptroller arid be o rotary James i it Moore . to William Irb Biri son. Accountant Gir Beeves i a. Savings Hanks a j open at the following places under Tho management of local trustees yi2, Melbourne with branches. A Fitzroy or a ran Kioh Merid n Ortli Mol Bourrie. A Sec. Kilda East. Coiling word bruti8vick, port Melbourne Williana Sowri foot cray1.hawtlipfn,.yiotoriamarket South Altor Clifton Hill North Filz Rubyj 1 Newmarket 1 land Brighton j goo Lowig. Poland " to Lmh Raj a a fits few Tai i Riwk , Lla j ,. Stawell,7.sale,.iidaylosfordi Bairnsdale St. Arnand Eobuoai ii j i j in total Fri Berof depositors 177,189. V. -i,-., r trusteesof., the i3castlemaine savings Bank i,., j. E. N. Bull Esq. . I key. Drai .Hljcay James t., a. Newman i. m Jeri up. Esq 1up. J ans is. Thumps ones q., actuary Joun open daily 10 till 3. " we Dos Days do till 12 saturday evenings for deposits Only 7, till 9. The cast empiric savings Bank h As now3784 depositors with l110.247 3s go at their credit. Interest l2597 cheques drafts Post i office orders and postal n6tes ire .c6bredil.tj. Ajjie in r Vihn. Jresidents, in i Tho country Una big to., attend. Per squally. to Tiee ome i depositors can obtain full instructions on application. To the actuary All i sent Post. Free Aldouri to Job period by depositing one shilling arid of new Ards. V 1st january 1891 r i lumber bar arid roofing Iron arid All kinds jul of build Rig mater Iris at lowest rate n 1 Allkind Sof mini Rig store on hand i 1. a Iipp. Cheap lines of Fen Cirigo. Wire Doug no m6re. . By using1 of Honey and Tolu Price is per bottle.1 " inv. ., i Ifuku ,3u, prepared by g. P. Philpots Che Init mail Ket Square. 987 t o l Hlor cough scolds Bacri Oritia asthma i Rifle a Enza consumption of. Eay s coi Pound essence of linseed aniseed. Senega Squill Tola 4b. Wit i Chio Rodrie Kay s compound a Forconi Ghisi a bldg and . Kay s compound1 for coughs arid coldbis11 equally Bervie Able. Fori horses and cattle in Kay s tic pills a Spee fio in neuralgia face ache a. Contain quinine Iron 4c.t Jenum Cathart icum pills an agreeable. Ape Ali Rient. Goa Guline. Cement for broken articles. Sold everywhere. M Anu factory Stockport England. 573 a 26 f for the flood to the a life Gorlp famed the great a blood purifier and restorer. For cleansing Rind Clearing the blood f rom All impurities. It cannot be. Too highly recon mended. I in. For car Paula. A Curry skin and a l draw a Refl eczema and sores of All kinds it is a Neyer frail Iii permanent cure. I it cures old v cures ulcerated sorbs on the neck " cures ulcerated sore legs. I. Cures blackheads or pimples on. The face. = cares scurvy sores. 1 cures Caric Orous ulcers. I 1 a a in cures , i if Tol clears the blood from All impure. Matter f from whatever cause arising., Iri it. F " Clarke s blood. Mixture is the Only Roal specific for gout and rheumatic pains for. It removes the cause from the blood and Bunes " As this mixture a pleasant to the triste arid warranted free Friori anything injurious to the most i delicate Conatti Utieri of either sex tie proprietors solicit. Sufferers to give it atrial to test its is entirely tree trim Riny poise i or b Metrillo impregnation does not 1 con Tainan i injurious ingredient arid Isa Good Safe and. Useful Medicineraurbbd. Swain saviak.d., ., lecturer on medical. Jurie Pru i Donee and 1 the Hon. Surgeon to his sex Cellery n Viceroy of India prescribes. Clarke s by be mixture largely arid Speaks Muhly of to eff Cacy in skin affections a. On to a coun j we wrote asking if you could Supply 1 e mix Ture for dispensing Purpo Sori letter from John and co., druggists ind i " june 5th, 1888. T 1 West cows Isle of Wight so Pembor 1889. " dear sirs through the merits of your i exc event Clarke s blood mixture Tho Large red pimples which covered my face Are fast Digap i Pearing. For a Long time i put my with the r. Disco Foi t of these pimples thinking that i v nothing could do any Good. At last i was per i shaded to try your Oino and now i have taken. One bottle they Are rapidly vanish my. It cannot be too highly recommended and i most grateful. I will Tell All my friends i about it but they really do not require telling because they can see the difference for them i selves. You May publish Thia if needful. I d i thousands of testimonials. _ Clarke s blood mixture is sold in bottles 2s 9d each and in eases containing six times the Mui tits. Lis sufficient to effect a permanent euro to the great majority of Long standing cases. By All cd Omiat and Patent Modomo vendors throng Hont i the world. Proprietors " the Lincoln and land counties drug company a taboo England. Trade Mark blood mix Obb. I o a u t i o a purchasers of Clarke s blood mixture should be that Thoy get the genuine article. Worthless imitations Are sometimes palmed off by vendors. The words " Lincoln and Midland coun ties drug company Lincoln England Are engraved on the government stamp and Clarke a of world famed blood mixture blown to the bottle without which none Abb on Pink. A Ili Strong. Men suffer toe from lost Vigour nervous debility took of development premature decline of. Resulting from indigo motion excess or overwork positively cured without stomp of drugging by the a Bani Cones " soc Osseful where All else fails to restoring Vigour and health to debilitated men. Valuable Book sent sealed and Post free.1 pura1jt remedy co.,. I je7i8il,l. ,rilb9rnb Adams v hot ii broker auctioneer Valuer v i exo., Lyttleton Street " " Castlemaine. Pro nervous sufferers. A mar Ollous Adios Yery in. Medicine. Warranted to cure if Cura Bloj at All or Money " refunded. Moi food s Isif Yingo arid purifying Murii rated pills a the Medicine is. Put up in. The form of pills for arid will keep for any length of time in any Olin Pirite / it is tie most Geni Prie remedy Ever obeyed to the Public for tie Complete cure of All r of weakness arising fro Rii secret causes and Virions habits. Many suffer arid do riot know that these practices Are fhe t cause of All. Their trouble. This extraordinary Medicine 3 is the result of 22 years careful study and experience in the treat. Merit of the above diseases some of which Lead on to Corbu Nipton insanity and i Icide if tie disease is not arrested. R As .proof of wonder Ful curative Powers of this Marvell is Odio Friej it is sold on a guar arites to Bufe any " of the Aboyba diseases providing the Birie is taken to Ebro ing i & and Portain a riles faithfully Bai ried Outi Eich base of Medicine contains four week s Supply but do yourself by sup prising that one Case is sufficient to effect a cure. Such ii impossible i patients suffering. From this dreadful disease must not expect to be cured in a month there Are hundreds of patients Attro i re Arbo Havo Bee trying All reme Dies year after year Only to be disappointed in the end and instances have giver up All Hope. To such i aay " g ivc this really genuine remedy a trial. Do not despair your curd is atharid., if Yuri have enough decision to embrace this rare Opp Trinity you will riot. Have Long t0 wait improvement take s place at Onee immediately on comr Nehring the treatment which must be continued until a Couplet epicure is effected. 1that i have discovered no cure is now beyond a doubt and i offering afflicted at a Price within the reach of All. Should this notice meet the Eye of any poor. Fellow who. Is a sufferer and not. In a position ii to pay write to Rise explain ing i will a Price Forward oily Rei Riedie to Liim and give my time to Settle. This Wel known Medicine has now been before the Public Tiv Elye no oaths during which Tirrie Anur Iiene Riu her of patients have been restored to health arid strength after the Faili ire of All other remedies d a i a Price 20s. Per Case uni with very full instructions certain rules Tobo adopt red. &c., neatly packed to avoid observation forwarded by Post to All parts of the world. Advice confidential. All letters contain ing la notes will be immediately at derided ban d Medicine 4c., forwarded by return Post i address letters either place professor Mumford specialist medical Eclectic , 21bourke Street East and 90. Elisii Street Carlton Melbor Irrie. .392 Irish 10,92 s h a Rnold s r Balsam of horehound. A Arnold Balsam of horehound. A wonderful expectorant. V the Best remedy for shortness of breath. Nothing to quickly cure s coughs. Bronchitis asthma loss of voice influenza and weak Chest As this Balsam. Where children have whooping cough or Are liable to croup always keep it in the Hoube. A single does quieten and gives instant Relief. A Small bottle often cures. This is the Best expectorant now to use rapidly relieves the bronchial tubes by dissolving the congealed phlegm. Especially useful for children As Well As caution to the Public. Many comply ints Havo reached the proprietor that " imitations. Of this Standard Medicine Are con stantly being offered it is therefore requested that Pri chasers will insist on getting " Arnold a and carefully observe name of proprietor and Manu Fao Turer on both Lyia per and Label this a i James Brinsmead chemist. ,. St. Kilda Melbourne this is the Best Congh mix Rire arid expectorant now in Rise and when other remedies fail Arnold s Balsa Fri succeeds in who Pirig rough bronchitis pair to the Eile feverish colds and Chubb it is Excel want 4t is in valuable. 1 " s Best article known to the world for preserving meat Pool try Maine fish and butter Challenge of of blood Noorany other preservative offered in Australia,1 for equal effect provided it. Contains no Silicic acid a. Very effective preservative. But a poisonous drug " forbidden in. France Ger Mariy an Ottaly ,. In Bari Init Corita ins no Silicic acid it is highly recon hended by the French italian arid German governments Topf Emery food Lor the army and Navy and declared by All analysts As absolutely harmless and this is the. Best in Araneo for its sex in i Vehbi i i i i bar Menit has Bee awarded the following honours a. La 1. Gold Edna Paris exhibition1889. ,. Gold medal Polo Grid exhibition. 1889. Grand or Heb Honor cd Logrie 18897 1 v Gold. Medai Nice in France 1 890.".grand Gold medal Tunis 1890. 1 Diplo iria of Honor Leipzig 1889 1 grand i Izic a Flunor Agamiri 1889. " v i i grand prize of Honor dusseldorf1889. 1 Gold medal Ghent Belgium 1889. V i i. Grand Gold Elul Brussels 1890. M. 1 j and h hundreds. Of others ,. Udall other preservatives at Riese exhibitions were set aside As either. Poisonous or inferior to Barni Euit r1" Barm Euit is for. Every shop of household. A i Alf Pouri Dof Bari Neritic Hyill pre serve 100 Pound re butter during the hot weather for months As fresh As newly . I. Bar Menit Haa Astori shed Ever brie we h a pro Perly tried it. J 1 5 a 1 victorian testimonials. /. / � from or Lily Secretary Victoria railway. From or Hare police magistrate a l cd from r Taylor inspector of the Central Board of health. A Semi " a from or Terry inspector of meat markets. Also thousands of others from All parts of j the world. A a Quarter of a Pound costing 10.1, will preserve 40 pounds of beef Ului Uig the Hott yet weather for . Tie Public should1 use no other preservative but bar Menit so h Ghlyn Motomu Veridea arid awarded prizes at All european exhibitions As the most effective non poisonous preservative Krown All stores should keep it for Sale to in 25 Pound oases 1 Pound tins 4 Pound tins and 4 Pound tins at a Largo discount iqra Cash at Wehl bros., agents 179 Queen Street Melbourne retail Price Ono Pound tins 3s half Pound tins a said Quad. Ter Pound tins Lod. Notice the Trade Mark sole agent the colonies fit islands and Wehl i a 1 Stawell. 770 feb 17 i and Bron Cutis. Req r y Al Ockle s re me by ii for inhalation ,. I. " sold by g p. Phil tots Castlemaine 5 1 Hood 4 co., chemists Melbourne and through All Medicino Vondorn. The Corn killer. The Corn killer fold s japanese magic drops i assure cure for corns and wart " agent a p. Philpots chemistmtifketsquw0beapest 1 spite and government cent raptors. Hearses. Dur Ringo Acliros arid by try funeral " requisite on Haidl Odgers a of. " " i 1 i / / i. I 7/iv j i j a f v lid funeral Reform ii ii Iraq. I. Ii Brand Erica Keri. Eto a a i Castlemaine i a ". .ttav1nq recently purchased first Al class undertaking Plant consisting j of one and two horse Chr bus and mourn ving coaches 4c hayqauccecded.in.cffeot1-Jeng a Gobat rep oot Conrin tue charges Raj ii there Iliade in this District. Foil this. B ranch of our Bustness Eye Liao Saccu Hedv Tho services of an manager and Are now prepared to coh duct of minerals. In Tho Best manner and at the Llowes rates. Telegrams will receive immediate attention / " i private address Cairies at fact eait7 Aii Stalian Minuit Standard the australian mining Standard is the one 0 recognised of m ining r Industry. It Eiroku lands through of whole Iofi to , and contains the Best Jand 1 Cirlic St info nation of every new Field of Mineral wealth. U., most recent d bcoyqrio8, a z.,t, Tasma Nian. Silver mines Tho a Blount i yells tin Minos near omoo . And who we Steric australian Gold diggings Al a will Rcd Yingto the Odlum rih of the ining tand adj 1 the attention which their Imp atari of Irie rits it a expert reporting staff is Erif aged Lri addition to rescuer it agents of of Perince in Sacii Localio y. Of do subscription 6s 6d per Quarter 26s per. Annul f notice to and Vert iders. The ining Standard. Touches the / heart of every mining Centre. In Trio colonics and advertisers pan confidently rely Ion receiving enquiries for. Al descriptions. Of mining to Rico Mariage Fiji acts. A j address r the au8nmalmi8ina Assai said Iti ,. Ca a Crit j. Adams Hun tar St ret " to i buy Only engiiishatcfies.-. Buy Only English new atolies. The Purchase and Possession of a Means Rooney. Saved. And die appointment avoided. A Good w atch ensures pleasure and a Good investment a bad. One causes worry Loaa of time and Money. J j. Stewart Dawson go s tub j i i or l a i r world famed English Leyesa a j to it a. I spend your Money wisely 1 1and Securo the Best value by purchasing from the t i 1 i there Are no middlemen in a d. -c0 a system. And every bogus at the least possible Price. A Oystein makes the watch. Sid. 4 co s system Sells the watch. S. D. 4co. S syr Ieiri . ". S. D4 cd s syster guarantees the Iva Toli D. 4 cos system. tithe Riser i D. 4 co s system see res y our satisfaction. S. D. And sy8teih saves retail profits a 4 cof s system gives a week s trial D. 4 co s system appeals to senses d4 co s system leads the Van of Progress in while Competition lags behind. 5000 testimonials 5000 from wearers in All parts of Tho world in Praise of t Stewart Dawson & go s Liverpool 1 / i English levers. ,.l3 los 6ds. D. And. Co s Crystal face. English levers recommended for colonial Wear lasts a lifetime j highest Quality Well. Worth l5. L3 ,17s 6d A. And cos Hunting English. Lover Gold balance All latest . 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Newgate Street London e.g., branches to j. Sad Jimiy Dunk do & a.u0klanp. Of of a a important to visitors to Melbourne a 1 opening furnishing showrooms. Now the largest arid Best lighted in / the colonies. Foy & Gibson Smith St., Collingwood the largest and Moat Complete House furnishes in the Southern Lacni sphere invite inspection of their colossal stocks of of ail kinds. Nide in their own factories and Sinor new trip idol and artistic Daigne in furniture suit Able classes shown in new Well lighted show rooms with a total Stock of Over �100,000, embracing /. All the newest Home and foreign productions. Estimates supplied free for Complete furnishings Tor cottage or mansion. To proprietors of Coffee palaces hotel keepers and others Foy and Gibson direct special attention to a Large shipment of bedsteads just landed and now offered at exceptional prices. Full size French. Cads in. Posts with extended / Foo Trail in All colors 25s. Fid. Each. -.-7. Beet mattress to suit above 10s. c. All Othef sizes in Stock at proportional Foy and Gloson s " specially i kid is _ of in the colonies handsome. Bedstead ytwlthll2iu.,-j. Taper posts and brass rail and mounts and of la heavy to Asci full Bulc size ots. C 1. Each the same Bedstead in Halm Ster at 67s. Fid Foy and Gibson s Stock over1,000 different styles rinsing from . Cd. To �25. Heavy Iron chair bedsteads Complete with set of cushions in Creyonne or leather 2gs., 30s., and extra v 37s. Cd., Complete.1. I1 v " folding Woven wire Shakedown in two 9izcs, Hest make ids. Cd., lbs. Of. Each or Complete with mattress and pillows for 2ss. Fid. And 32 Cd. Pure and wholesome bedding . J All bedding sold by Foy and Gibson is in. Factory adjoining showrooms the purity and genuineness of whatever is sold is guaranteed / 4 pure flock mattress Cal single sizes 10s/ 6d., 12s. " fid., 148. " --4. Pure flock Flatt Reass. Double sizes 12s. 0d., 15s. -""cd.i7s. 0d " a bolsters 8s. Fid. 4s.\6d. Each pillows ,1s. ,4d.,. I cd. Each est t Kapok bedding from the finest r Java Kapok in Bolgla Linen i Loose beefs ,1 2us229. Gid 4sj 6d i " Loose Beds full double sizes 2�ss. Cd., 30s.35s. Buttoned Kapok met Tess single be 24s go2cs. H flat29s. Fid. Each i buttoned Kapok mattress double size 34s. 6d.37s. 6d. 45.0.o bol3ters 68., -7fi.l 8s fid each pillows 3s/ a fid., 4s. Cdeoch. O Best hair mattresses single Slzas 40s.508.57si 0d.1 " Best hair mattresses double sizes 578. Gd., tfis., cos via Box 1 Spring mattresses j Iii Kapok and hair double liw gos.,-7i s., ,. .,r." in bed Lioom Jcj Kiture Foy and Gibson show i some elegant and substantial i goods at remarkably in. Low prices All our own make. V the 11 eclipse bedroom suite of seven pieces Atn. �10 10s.t.is a Marvel of cheapness consisting of Mirror. Door wardrobe Duchesse toilet Tabic tile Back Wash stand Pedestal cupboard Towel Horae and two chairs or any portion of suite at tame rate j a the Beaconsfield suite with Large. Bevelled Mirror i u Adoor wardrobe and outside drawers Complete suite o i i of 7jpieces, �17-7s. a Jiniv f the Torquay suite with Secre Taire wardrobe. In Ashi Cedar or Walnut from �28 109. W the Waverley suit a very richly finished suite in. 1 my a Herfy Cedar or Walnut from �30." " j a Large variety of artistic designs in suites in All Woods always on hand to select from chests of drawers in polished Light Wood or Riedar four drawer size 25s. Fid., 23s. M. Five drawer s pc .fj?88s. 6d f 42i 6d. --daches8e dressing chests four i. Dining room suites of 0 pieces stuffed Book and seat in real leather �14 10s. dining room suite 9 places Walnut and Morocco �19 10s. ,12 Jot he / Stanley suite massive Frame. In Walnut stuffed Back and scat in real leather �22 10s. I i richly i carved to suites do. Walnut i Oaka and i. Mahogany the largest Stock in the colonies from �28 v aj30s to �65. I i i 7. Ishoy and Gibson have Auy ays on hand a Choice Range v 1 of All styles in suites up to select from. Thereby saving delay and disappointment often caused by goods mi1 having to to up. C " Jar ii shaving recently added to their Wood. Working Plant on the most improved Type Foy and Gibson Are now offering exceptional value in cabinets and sideboards.1 Cedar sideboard Glass Back 3ft. Oln. / 85s. 4ft, " j i 100a4ft.6in, �5,6s.6ft,�610s solid Walnut sideboard 4ft gin., with Puchly carved. Doors and three Bevelled plates for �10 5sthis.is the. V. Very Best value in the Colony r a re cry sizes in great variety of designs in All Woods from �12 15s. To �70. Dinner waggons three tier Cedar 55s.1 \ massive Walnut 77b. Od.,. Dining tables get Extension 70s. 7ft, 90s. 8ft., 110s. In Walnut or Cedar color. Walnut Over mantels a Choice lot of new patterns with Bevelled plates from g2s. 6d. To �20." in. Drawing room furnishings there is a Beautiful Stock of make up styles in All the latest novelties in " coverings.-,. R Foy and Gibson have opened another Shipra ent of i inlaid Walnut. Occasional tables size.33in. X igin., 12s. a better make Oval shape 199. . Corner whatnot inlaid walnut138. Gd.,18s. 6d f 22a. 6d. Square Ilia knots inlaid Walnut 15s. t i8a. Go. . Upholstery materials and trimmings of All kinds at lowest rates. Laycock s Best hair seating 18in, is. 7d. 19in.,. 19. 0d. 21in., is. Lid. 23in., 2s. So. 24in., 2s 7d. 25in. 2s Lod 2gin., 39. 27in. 3s. 2d. 30in. 4s. Per. . Black Gimp to match 4s. Lid. Per Gross. In linoleum Foy and Gibson Havo now opened their new season s shipments including some very Fine Wilt ii pile and Bru Sells carpet All new designs and colourings. The Best full pitch five. Frame Brussels carpets 6s. Per Yard All new patterns the Ordinary five drame at 4s. Go per Yard. In tapestry carpets for bedrooms Foy and Gibson show a Good carpet at is gd., and 2s. And in Brussells landscape patterns at 2s. Go. And 8s. 3d per Yard. Linoleum Staines and ail the leading makes in every Width from 18in. to 15ft. All linoleum for country despatch Marc fully packed with pole ensuring Safe . New Cliona and Glass Ware showrooms Are a sight Worth seeing. Exquisite designs in Art por Cehin and japanese Ware suited for decorative work at i remarkably Low prices and new Art colors in Bohemian vases from 8s. Per pair Worth As much each Limoges i " Chi Nate sets from 19s. Fid. Limoges China dessert 15s up. Those Are. Astonishingly Low prices. All should see them. Vii in household Ironmongery Foy and Gibson Havo added very extensively to stocks and can offer wonder Ful values 150deg. Test kerosene with Patent taps is. 1. Fid. Per Case. A Choice assortment of lamps for Hall floor table or Carriage always on hand. Garden implements All kinds steel Spades 2s go. The 15 Novelty wringer Llin roller iss. Al 12in. 21s. Fid. A i galvanised tubs 18in., 20in., 22ln., 24ln., 20ln., 28in., 2s.l0d.,3s,6dil4b.,4s. 10d., 6s. 8d is. 8d. I. Wicker dress stands 4s e baskets in three sizes 3a. 2d., 4a. 2d 5a. ? . Boilers Complete logal., 12gal 14gtu., 25s. I Al 27s. Go. 80s. I i in tools the Stook is very Complete All the leading makes Are kept. Disston 8 d 8 hand saw 5s. 10d. 1coronet axes 59. I. Stone filters 2gal., 8gal., 4gal, 6gal, 16a, 10s. 6d.,22fl.,f25g. I in sport incr requisites Cricket football , i and All games the Stock is very Large and la boy Clit. Show splendid value. ,. T. Complete illustrated Price lilt sent free " . Foy & Gibson Smith Street i o Olling you should use Oil a Xii hypophosphite3. I it is used and endorsed by phys j Evans because it is the bests \. It la palatal a As Hilk. It is three times As Effloa ious As Plain cod liver Oil j. It is far Superior to All other so Halle v i. Smul dons. 1 1 2t.is perfect emulsion Doean Osepa i " rate or change. It is wonderful As a flesh producer. 1 i it is the Hest remedy for consumption Sor Fula Stone hits wasting Lis eases Chr Ohio coughs and colds. Sold by All chemists. J 8cott a by wine How York All diseases of Long standing s Oubkeo by i treat � r \ Jivu i j of flu " , i consulting Herb att and i \ Eclectic of 1 172 and 174 w Illimani Street of i .1 la i in. In i u. All consultation free. J i p notice. If preferred a signed agreement i up i a. Which Proy Ido that Rio a put j. / event of a. Eure a qty Eton Effe Teji or visits rear Iris tovn8, and May be consulted free a4 the rides and on1 tie dates named j Viz. To i " ,.". Castlemaine at a Gregors Cumberland hotel Honrs-.10xa.nti till 3 . , won Days Flat april 29th april 27th May 24th june 22nd july of 19eh August 16th september ,14th october Lith november 9tb Docen Ilir deem . A. v".,r." t sandfl0rst-iat Parker s City club hotel Mitchells treet1, hours la a myth 6 in thai Roday 2nd i april 30th april 28tn May 25th urine 23fd11 july 20th August 17 the september 15th Oei teberi12thi november 10th december 24th december i. At. M Ivor hotel hours 12 noon till5, on thursday 5th March and on tue Adaya 31st, march28th april 26th.May 23rdjnne, 21sfcjuly 18th August 15th september 13thropf cure not effected / special i notice. A j i to All sufferers unable to obtain a personal con-1 Jaul tation. Please Send direct to is for new diagnose Ling Chart i which Means a.curie.ean",. Reflect act through correspondence. I. ,0 of ,.m see. Ottto Neri pocket diet Price is. To i Imp. Kugelmann ha8 outed the Fol lowing diseases amongst other cancer b irid Inesso Cataract of the Eye scr Fula a Curry Lupus eczema tick a Pruritus consumption asthma bronc a chitin induration of the Longs bleeding from lungs heart disease in every for enlarged liver enlarged spleen congested. Liver ulcerated liver hypertrophy of the diver anaemia hysteria Epi i Slepay cholera dyspepsia or indigestion to every form known dropsy palsy paralysis spinal complaint All kidney. Diee Abe baldness mania nervousness Vervona debility withering arid loss of vigor impaired vision and. Memory pro Lapsus Uteri displace irions Irreg i. Larity and All female complaints gout rheumatism 4c., 4c. 7 j or. Edge Iann s Troat end. Differs entirely from All others known and has cured More Cates of chronic disease than any ten medical men in Ana Thalia. Thousands of sworn declaration of be bos May be been. Send fur pamphlet in v medic so despotism or Liberty which " 56 page., Post free. This Book exposes completely Tho old style of Mineral drugging. And explains the methods of Jar Kugelmann natural treat opt. Read the Fol-., lowing a specimen of thousands More Cobden Street Kew ,.i. August 19th, 189c. " to mini Hie Kegei Srann. Dear sir i feel that in Justice to you ipod Tolet others know the great benefits have derived 1 from your treatment should speak and it is with pleasure i do so. I hereby make Loath that about thirteen 13 years ago i began to Fiel i very unwell and Hud Coli Timil acid great an internal disease which my medical attendant completely failed to Hen Offtor to correctly diagnose. I continued his to eat mint for move than to exr with great perseverance / but intend of. Improving any i gradually became worse my doctor first prescribing one drug then another in endless Suc cession without Relief. 1 then consulted another eminent medical Man supposed to to the Moat skilled in Melbourne. 1 continued treatment for another year during which time a took an immense amount of drugs poisons Aud minerals none., of which did me the least Good . Icon minued to Leeomo wore and to lose Lesli daily Anil. i suffered Day right was most in ering. This doctor then declared Nyease to to perfectly hopeless and that it was Only a Natter if t Ime end the disease would will deep Nir i Ali n another doctor of refined skill Eelar. That no Case of the Eli scuse from u list i t Uili ird had Ever been known to it cover but that he Coli Ltd ease me arid prescribed Chlori Dyne. Which Phi Cuil Only stupefied to but did not Tuse my Monr Plant in the least i therefore Aba Din id the s Treut nit Rit and tried others allot we Ipoh prov Ivlo be Only a Blind experiments As none did me even Tempo Fai. Good. In this state l Ihei Fote forc Cillo Pess nine mrs of i etched existence Many tins would have been t glad had it been Cpd s will to i. Have died and so ended myi i Bey As 1 novel hoped to be Well again. Eventually however and to i thank god for Iti saw your address in the r paper and i up i y in ind to consult Youj Itu mediately Lii Eli i did ail Ycu Atchee told me Tho Correct Riri Turo of tie disease arid without Heel Tati ii i to opted your treatment arid continued it for a Good Mouy months during which time l rapidly recovered arid have been completely cd Jed now for Over a year which generally is a Good Indi cation of Suess. Before 1 close i would further i say i thank god i was Ever induced to come to you. And i Pray you May Long to spared to do Good to suffering humanity Anil i Hope that through read. Ing y Case. That sufferers. W Atli chronic die was supposed to be incurable will consult you Rind Dis " card the old fashioned doctors a their dust fictive Dru Msj and que Ratina. Trusting that this will Flo Good t Rem rain dear sir yours very sincerely. I a i v. Lebo i Elizabeth Lee of Kew Victoria do sole Rignly and sincerely declare tie above written Statari pint big cd by to is Best it Niy knowledge and / belief True in every particular and. I make this / solemn declaration Cuneen enviously. Believing the Samo to be Truo and. By virtue of an a at of Farl a ment of Vietoria rendering persons making a false. Declaration punishable for. Wilful and corrupt per. I jury. Mrs. Elizabeth Lue coh Deu Striet Kew. Declared before me at Kew this 4th Day of sep temblor. Wt.1.rvieb, j Ustico of the Trace Fot the Central Bailiwick " 11
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