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Casa Grande Dispatch Newspaper Archives Oct 19 1970, Page 4

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Casa Grande Dispatch (Newspaper) - October 19, 1970, Casa Grande, Arizona 4 can Aru j dispatch monday october 19 1970 Highway patrol Stop the world he May want Back on final count faqs count on viewing a numerous flock of White can on interstate 10 and other secondary state roads for a Short period of time possibly two weeks and the action starts today its part of a special state Highway patrol Law enforcement project which will bring a highly skilled tactical Force into the Valley from Phoenix the move has been prompted by a dreadful in crease in personal injuries and fatal during a six month period from january through August contrasted to a similar period during 1969 it finds personal injuries up 62 per cent and the death toll rising 40 per cent obviously there will be Many among us who Arent going to relish the idea of being stopped for such things As routine Driver checks Auto inspection and ref filtration and it May be tempting for some to take it personally and express some in complimentary remarks but its our Hope final count ians will cooperate and remember that these Are the outstanding men of our Highway patrol whose primary duty is insure our safety our property and our lives and after All that what were paying them for study views angry Driver three Arizona state looking or signalling Winter University psychologists snowbirds driving erratically believe motorists can keep their or too slowly Drivers moving Cool in unexpected driving too slow in a fast Lane and situations tailgating so the next tune youre driving another Motorist Deg roots report sheets of swerves in front of you relax incidents and responses provide and smite its better than interesting and humorous bashing your fist against the Reading dashboard pedestrians of Junior High this Nuy sound difficult but Are annoying said one Reading test fears cited a Vietnam Veteran cited this instance i was stopped by or Joan de groot assistant several think fun to play professor of psychology says Chicken in front of mylar note its possible at least under is tempted to mow experimental conditions Down on the spot she and drs David Rimm and Paul Diu Oware attempting to reduce anger frequency and mrs for weaving Inan Dout of a intensity in driving situations note subject was the Experiment begun last particularly annoyed with the semester involves 30 persons attitude of one my followup studies Are now some Frisky youngsters Drew underway mis reaction prepared to turn we ribose driving As the of a Grade basis for our research because subject waited for the kids to in this situation anger is walk by they stuck out their she said no other tongues and Yewed at him after dynamic factors Are they passed subject smoked his the premise is sound anger tires turning the Corner toward teachers supervisors pedestrians voiced com by Joseph 8tocker Arizona education Ann Arizona is heading into an unusual educational undertaking mandated by the legislature but nevertheless already generating some misgivings its a statewide third Grade Reading Progress test to be Given sometime in the next few Reading relations association uses the term Reading crisis and cites these dolorous statistics one out of every four students has significant Reading deficiencies there Are More than three million illiterates in the nations adult population three quarters of the juvenile of fenders in new York City Are two or More years retarded in plaints too subject says be was walking behind the inti Redby a driving situation is physical sciences building got authoritarian figures and spouses is Complex anger mad when a Corvette ran up the sidewalk and almost hit another admitted anger when a Driver doused him and other pedestrians while they walked in the rain backseat Drivers could spark an Accident situation subject really disgusted when his Date or his Mother try to Tell him to slow and this com plaint subject was driving Well under the Speed limit when his sister asked him to slow Down because it was raining he accelerated to shut her or de groot said the study is a first attempt at developing a feeling anger she Quick economical technique to the second group anger the emotion can be risky since it interferes with a persons problem solving ability and induces him into rash behaviour the desensitization technique definite and uncomplicated the Asu psychologists used Only subjects who had past anger experiences while driving the Overall technique based on learning theory is called systematic desensitization or de groot explained mat subjects were assigned to one of three experimental groups and were asked to rank order which of nine driving situations produced the greatest anger Tho seen the desensitization group were told to imagine one of the driving situations and were instil acted to learn to relax until they could imagine it without stated simply talks of their body reactions when they feel angry while the third or control group is Given the techniques effectiveness months to the More Man third graders in arizonans 600 Odd elementary schools the test has been selected by a 14member Blu ribbon committee of educators and Lay people under the Aegis of the state department of Public instruction it was designed by one of the nations major publishers Harcourt Brace Jovanovich new York next month series of county workshops will get under Way to show teachers How to administer the test there will be 11 such workshops throughout the state behind the undertaking is a concern As to whether the schools Are teaching child n to read As Well As they Shoutd we Are going to try to come up with additional information on each student besides actual test said Harvey Stern Deputy associate state superintendent of Public instruction we Hope to identify causes and patterns of Good Reading and of poor Reading and to make solid suggestions As to Bow to improve Reading instruction in this the concern Over Reading is Felt not Only in Arizona but nationwide a report just out from the National school Public at least four other states California Ohio Iowa and new York have already Given the third Grade test in at least one state California there has been a tangible result a Strong shift in teaching emphasis to phonics this in one of the aspects of the Reading test project that is making at least a few Arizona educators uneasy they fear that if the test shows serious deficiencies among children in this state there will be a Strong political push for a phonics Only approach to teaching Reading they acknowledge the value of including adequate phonics instruction in an Overall Reading program but they contend that other methods of instruction have their place and should be used when teachers feel they can be effective with certain children and those methods include the of criticized look say technique some teachers also have misgivings about standardized tests such As the third Grade Reading test for instance they ask will the test allow for the inevitable differences in children the fact that some come from affluent suburban Homes and go to Well heeled schools while others come from deprived Homes and go to in de financed ghetto or Rural schools and what allowance for the bilingual child who is not yet really at Home in the English language and for the fact that some children Are by nature verbal while others Are nonverbal certain children May not score High on this kind of Reading test and yet this wont necessarily prove that they Are getting bad said one Arizona educator teachers know that tests have their limitations they know too that certain children Excel at a lot of other things than test taking that some actually fear tests and May thus do badly that a Childs test performance May be affected by whether Hes an introvert or an extrovert they know that great harm can come if a child is measured solely by his test achievement search for birth defect causes the birth of a baby is not in uncommon Miracle you might think that by now medical science would know Alt about it unfortunately this is not so one pregnancy in five fails to produce a living healthy child about mentally retarded children Are born each year in the United states As estimated six million persons suffer some degree of retardation to Trace the underlying causes of birth of which Stem from injury to brain or Centra nervous system National Institute of neurological diseases and stroke organized the collaborative perinatal research project detailed records Are kept of some mothers and their offspring the research teams include geneticists nurses obstetricians paediatricians statisticians and Many other categories of specialists data on child development at least to school age will be checked Back against recorded facts such As age of the Mother her sociocultural Back gound infections she experienced drugs she took during pregnancy and Complete de tails on circumstances when her infant was delivered already evidence from the study is helping to incriminate factors suspected or reported As causing pregnancy wastage diabetes premature Sepa ration f the Placenta Organ of nourishment for the unborn and Many other complications mothers aged 15 or younger and those 40 years of age or older Bear a higher percentage of babies with abnormalities maternal anaesthesia during cesarean delivery has a relationship to poorer response of some cesarean Newborn hundreds of such relationships Are being More firmly established undoubtedly the most significant findings will come when data collection and computer correlations Are More nearly Complete trained specialists will View birth related events from various perspectives which May reveal new relation ships new possibilities for pre venting or curing defects unborn generations and the Newborn of our times should Benefit write to this newspaper for a free copy of mental retard publication no 1152 arid cerebral Publica Tion no 713 316nds970b questions and answers was tested by the differences in is based on a similar successful the subjects verbal ratings of subjects and after your personal anger psychological responses desensitization the other two groups should not show any decrease in anger since no relaxation therapy was Given results indicate a marked decrease in anger on both physiological and training applications As Well verbal Levels when the subjects especially for those with imagined the driving chronic Accident she other groups groot explained the snowed no such the most frequent driving irritants cited by the Par overcome a fear of snakes insects spiders and other phobias the Asu psychologists Are trying to determine if the technique is As applicable for overcoming anger As it is anxiety it might have Driver Faith mine the deceivers technique could be incorporated into a reeducation program q in 65 but i dont plan to retire in the near future what will become of the so Cial Security contributions 1 have made Over the Many years a your contributions go into the social Security Trust funds from which monthly social Security payments Are made even though you Are working your contributions Are providing social Security Protection for your family if you should die at 72 you can get benefits even if you Are still working full time and you dont have to retire to take advantage of the medicare health benefits for those 65 or Over q when i started work ing my social Security contributions were very Small they have increased a num Ber of times since then have benefits gone up too a yes the average be met first there must be a need for it extensive travel would indicate a need Sec Ond you cannot assign the checks to the Bank they can Only be deposited to your account third the Bank must be a reputable banking institution the Corner by Donovan m Kraner the following communist rules for revolution have Bee printed from time to time since 1919 when Allied forces obtained a copy of them now nearly 50years later we Are still being affected by them a corrupt the Young get them away from religion get them interested in sex make them superficial destroy their ruggedness b get control of All Means of publicity thereby 1 get Peoples minds off their government by focusing their attention on athletics sexy books plays and immoral movies 2 Divide the people into hostile groups by con stantly harping on controversial matters of no importance 3 destroy the Peoples Faith in their natural leaders by holding the latter up to contempt ridicule and disgrace 4 always preach True democracy but seize Power As fast and As ruthlessly As possible 5 by encouraging government extravagance destroy its credit produce fear of inflation with rising prices and general discontent 6 incite unnecessary strikes in vital industries encourage civil disorders and Foster a lenient and soft attitude on the part of government toward such disorders 7 cause breakdown of the old moral Virtues honesty sobriety self restraint Faith in the pledged word ruggedness c cause the registration of All firearms on some pretext with a View to confiscating them and leaving the population helpless that is quite a list int it now Stop to How Many of these rules Are being earned out in this nation today to minutes the Bible Cornilius Stam mis Uriah Socorr Chicago ii Unis 6o633 our great commission much is said of the great commission which our lord gave to his apostles just before his ascension we wonder whether our listeners have Ever examined the various records of this com Mission carefully this great commission does not say one word about trip preaching of the Cross or the gospel of like Grace of the gospel which they were sent to preach was very evidently the same gospel they had been preaching the gospel of the kingdom Only they could now declare As Peter did at Rente Cost that the King had risen from the dead and would still some Day occupy the throne of David the great commission demanded Faith and baptism for the remission of sins Mark it included the Power to heal the sick and work miracles Mark but it did not include the glad message that Christ i died for our sins i Cor at Pentecost when Peter began to carry out this commission he rather blamed his hearers for the death of Christ and when convicted of their sins they asked what shall we do he did not say believe on Christ who died for your he rather com i handed them to repent and be baptized every one for the remission of acts but after Christ and his King were again rejected god interrupted the prophetic program and sent Paul Forth to proclaim the preaching of the Cross and the gospel of the Grace in ii Cor this apostle proclaims the love of Christ who died for All and instructs us As to our great and All things Are of provided by god who hath reconciled us to himself by Jesus Christ and hath Given to us the ministry of reconciliation to wit that god was in Christ reconciling the world unto him self and hath committed unto us the word of reconciliation ii Cor the scary season i i wonder How Long Well put up with them the deceivers i mean those who Promise bread and give a Montney Benefit for a retired designed to help motorists Stone those who cloak ugliness with Praise and Call it Beauty Wor icer has increased some senior become better Drivers and keep those who peddle lies for truth wrapped up in the name of give times since payments Cia Zens piling in front without Cool behind the Freedom those whose slight of hand make evil mediocrity and first began in 1940 the emptiness appear As Angels of Light average retirement Check in we see their work every Day it blares at us from our to sets 1940 was today the it screams at us in the cacophony of acid Rock it stares at us in average is the broken lives of alcoholics dope addicts and dropouts it Benefit confronts us in the disorientation of our youth their parents increased the health and of the world in general insurance and benefits for the deceiver the liars Are hard at work making Money survivor by dependents and for example they know Public opinion opposes filth so they the disabled have been added produce a filthy movie under the Guise of social comment or Art Over verb and make millions by the pour hence of the people q j be travelling or if their name is Hugh Hefner they create an illusion that Vear and would the Playboy philosophy is a fulfilling alternative to an honorable my Benefit marriage thus helping to destroy the stability of family to my Bank earning millions As they delude the Gullible a fat information must the deceivers care nothing for care Only Foi Money they will gladly destroy a life if it is profitable to do so before we buy philosophy any pro a you checks should look it Over around mailed directly to it we need to ascertain who is Selling it and Why if we dont we May live to regret it Power of attorney Over social the deceivers Are no respecter of persons Security checks three re Cersa Grande dispatch published mondays and wednesdays and entered at 300 second Casa Grande Arizona 85222 Post office As second class Vail matter established in 1912 an Independent newspaper Donovan m Kramer editor and publisher Don Cantrell managing editor Mary Metzger editor Tom Jones circulation manager subscription hates i year n Pinal old toe Pinal county 70 month mailing address Box 639 can be Bank

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