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Casa Grande Dispatch Newspaper Archives Jun 14 1965, Page 4

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Casa Grande Dispatch (Newspaper) - June 14, 1965, Casa Grande, Arizona Again one Man one vote As we have said before of one Man one vote As applied to state does not make sense if it does it Nusi be carried to the ultimate conclusion and you Inlet have wards in cities and towns All of equal size you must have counties divided in such a manner that every county supervisor or commissioner has the same number of citizens their ass tracts in some states school districts a him the election of Only so Many directors irom a certain sizable area there Are Many examples where one Man one vote does ims apply Jitt Nis that when the Federal government in example of two senators from a state Itu Sibud be enough reason to permit states t Jim Twisse with their two branches of the or Tam there is Strong reason for Ai Citi or a state to have an equal voice in Law bodies on the other hand to say that Siut equal tired not mean a person is s j 5 Bijj a Iii to go out into areas such As this Given number of votes you might a hard ume for instance say you needed u pass a measure which might be you would have to prove your Toui you could not go to a political Boss and or rung he you enough votes i i the measure of course political learn e their followers and they can exert Irv hence however if you go into the Gival cities of the land the political Bosses in it liver 5or virtually any proposal a huge Jur y of to votes been proved time after time is j result the thoughtful consideration and of say voters in Rural areas Aji overturned in a twinkling by City voters to 4 political Boss in a City with the proper inducements could do a person More Gaud Man months of work among Independent voters Roan one sometimes it is one now they know Lii Wayne Morse senator from bolted the Republican party the demo were Happy after sen Morse defected Lichaj the Independent viewpoint and joined the Denver Etc party they were still happier Ruhr Neil though leaders with demo Jar in Art without doubt wishing sen Morse Fri a rigid to the Republican group once More he s thy Sto Miest critic of president John course in the South Vietnam War of number of years sen Morse has been of Lelong his Tongue go away by itself j me most frequent and longest talking the Senate he is an expert on All v Thi Gre ii Liberal with the capital l series of tantrums attacking of the senator is even usual excesses with his Tongue to at the nation is on the abyss of borne justification in the belief Fiat or Johnson soft peddled the crisis Loo Long last year in fear Futon votes however there can be for repeated attacks on him t present position with the South u to Trident seeks to unite the nation n time n an hour which May dark Morse and his ilk k the country leaders now doubtless i to say go Home or not a communist although lube a devout Liberal and is in t however some others who i it Man the ites dents position in South t either communists or Are in f to str Tatj re party line i a has to be Able to assess and d being said by those who attack foreign policy Casa Grande dispatch d and and entered a Arizona Post office As second class mail Mattel 4n ind Pendant newspaper Kramer editor and publisher Ben Johnston news editor Darling advertising manager Jack Hurley chief photographer Mary Metzger women editor Tom Jones circulation manager sates Star s6 10 n 57 1i Pinal county county t voice of mans privilege to join or not in St Louis Globe Democrat in the Woodwork by Frank Harris the Usa is the land of organizations clubs groups associations coops fraternities churches corporations societies leagues Par ties posses and partnerships this nation is ruled by associations and the organization Man is the Backbone of politics breathes there a Man in this shard no land who is not a member of something to we Are All members by volition or by default some times by monopoly and some times by economic persuasion but never by Force of compulsion and not yet by mandate of Federal Law Farmers and ranchers also organize about 40 agricultural organizations in Arizona besides the variety of other civic cultural and business associations to which Farmers belong nationally there Are dozens of special interest agricultural groups and three general farm organizations which have a major effective interest in National affairs the National Grange organizes in 1867 has a current membership of individuals the National Farmers Union organized in 1902 has individual member ships and the american farm Bureau federation organized in 1920 has farm fam ily memberships the great american nation sentry Post cold War Myca team is Green Bay packers by Johnny Johnson senator Karl has been one of the leading proponents of the Freedom facade my Bill which would establish a training institution for our diplomatic corps and foreign service personnel that would Vaughn continued this training today represents the most serious threat to democracy and no communist regimes in latin America know of cases where the individuals of a Given coun try who have been trained in Cuba during the Pastri Eyears return by the hundreds and they Are still being this Point in the hearings there was a Security these people form a cadre of guerrilla units would be guerrilla units and the larger the number the greater the threat ultimately that they will make a to this senator Mundt said the United states on the other hand has offered no political training in defense instruct them in the ways of the communists and How Best final county court news from the desk of Almo Jennings clerk of the Superior court this enemy could be fought stressing the need for such an institution in Senate speech May 14 senator Mundt said Vaughn assistant Secretary of state for inner american affairs recently offered sobering testimony be fore a subcommittee of the House committee of foreign affairs testimony appearing on Page 91 of the hearings record entitled communism in latin or Vaughn said understand that there has been something of a Slack ening in the rate of latin americans going to Cuba for specialized training of All commented senator Mundt observe that this slackening is probably due to the completion of training and the placement of most cadres in a position to proceed with their exercises in nonmilitary warfare Roger Babson against nonmilitary aggression to offset such intensive efforts by professional revolutionaries we have preferred to Structure our defense on the efforts of Well intentioned amateurs both in foreign governments and in our own or Vaughn himself is re corded on Page 90 As saying we Are up against full time communist professionals when we Tove Par time to a Large extent amateurs combating concluded senator Mundt is like Fielding a Foo Ibah team against the Green Bay there is Little doubt that our people need to be trained but for some strange reason the Freedom Academy Bill re main stalled just As it has been for a number of years Al labor organization is the a Merican federation of labor and Congress of Industrial organizations organized in 1955 with a membership of 000 More than 50 per cent of All the farm families in a Merica voluntarily belong to farm organizations less than 27 per cent of american workers belong to labor unions the one and Only reason both farm and labor organizations Are not larger is the simple fact that a member can pick up his dues and leave if he Doest like whats going on no there is another reason they were better organizations they would have More members and stronger Mem and stronger organi nations Are the labor unions so in effective so alien to the ideals of american workers that can attract Only 26 per cent of the eligible workers americans will join any thing but they dont seem to want to join their one and Only labor organization this greatness grows from voluntary organizations and unions compulsory organizations and unions Are they Are not Christian they Are not even civilized when a Man gives up Hig Freedom of Choice he is Worth less to his country his fam ily himself he is a slave the rights work must be preserved cd Bug owners band together a Volkswagen club is being organized in Casa Grande the stated purpose of the club is to bring together socially persons with a Mutual interest in automobiles and to conduct rallies and Economy runs it is not necessary to own a Volkswagen to join Grande will have the distinction of the first City in Arizona having a Volks Wagen club with a National said George land one of the organizers All members of the local i club will become members of the Volkswagen club of Amer Ica and will receive a monthly publication of general interest to Volkswagen owners persons wanting further in formation about the club Are asked to Contact Boland by Tele phoning 8368793 Edfors Corner by Donovan m Kramer Polly Pace notified u this Mur Frost is rapidly going out of blowing will commence soon 1 i Cheek observation is a its getting hot i Dorman Bryce Cebu c roues Mccoy returned from the Navy l san Dieg weary from the1 r exert Piston forced then to tas their journey a note from Erie la Nib news editor cont Ameti 1 v from the Washington Loi showing the approach to 93 from North the Jaycee Blakely sign loomed up Zona resident nov Diviny in the fight Flagstaff was also i Haven been built up around Pooacho have almost sealed of Mark with billboard in Eloy the Casa Grande Dis Patch May be purchased at main Street Market food town mar Ket and jerrys prescription pharmacy mortgaging your Home probates estate of ceased estate of George a Acton deceased estate of Sarah l Magill deceased estate of Johnv crops de ceased estate of Mildred l White deceased estate of Marvinna spoon or deceased civil cases final general Hospital is Walter Suzan Ana it us con tract Betty b Paisley is Cecil f Paisley divorce Irene l Eva Rio is r Oberto Levario reciprocal Laura Nickerson is Elgin c Nickerson divorce Edwin Lee is Michael k Stoltz it us it Al contract Acheson Goodrich ble Arcley is Mary Mimi Bleakley divorce Page motors is Carmen Abisco it us contract Margaret e Johnston is National life ins contract Velma l York is Billy Murray York divorce Shirley Fern Robbins is Jessie Ray Robbins divorce r b Fowler it us is Valentine Delon it Lillian Shaw is Bernard a Shaw divorce Frank e horror is Frank f Salas it positive Enterprise inc is Roy Booth it us contract City of Coolidge is David w Rogers it us it Al non classified Maria Rivera is Jose Rivera reciprocal Joseph d Goodman a seas Corpus Eunice Trainor is Lewis c Trainor divorce Olin Mathieson chemical corp is Warren steel Jet a no classified marriage licenses Edmund Jackson Sacaton and Charlene Aton William James Stout Casa Grande and Sharon sue Killams Coolidge Glendon Curtis Shafer new Mexico and Mary Linda Mcintosh Coolidge Reynaldo c Romero Phoe Nix and Vera Padilla Phoenix Meredith s Clowes apace for Junction and Ema Lou Apache Junction Harold w curtwright Eloy and Mary Hampton Eloy Gerald and Constance e Dennis Coo Lidge Ernest Barnett Gonzales Man Moth and Romas Sandoval Mammoth Manuel Sanchez Hernandez Coolidge and Rosa Torres Del Gado Casa Grande Thomas Allen Blanchard Coolidge and Patricia Ann Smith Coolidge Felipe Hernandez Odell Casa Grande and Helen Yancy Ruiz Phoenix Donald m Parker Coolidge and Beverly to Lidge Jerald w Scorse Tempe and Shirley Ann Busby Wood Ruff divorces granted Nina Jewell Allen is Clif Ford Burton Allen Naomi Humphrey is fran Ces Humphrey Virginia Wilbur Carr is Norman c Carr Harold Lewis Mercer is Lucille May Mercer Babson Park mass Young couples today often feel that they Are pouring Money Down the Drain if they rent an apartment or a support a they say when our monthly payments could be build los up an equity in a Home of our own there is of course logic this attitude hence millions of Young people Are now Liv ing in residences that the have bought or built themselves look before you leap Many Young husbands and wives today find itis not much More complicated to obtain a mortgage and arrange monthly payments than it is to move into a rented and Send regular checks to a landlord however they Are often Greenhorn in the matter of budgeting for a family and do not give enough time to figuring out their income and deciding How it can be made to meet All their living requirements that is Why Many Counselor couples advise rental of a Small reasonable apart ment for of their lives together in this Way the Bride and Groom can determine just How much they make after All taxes and How much they will have left Over after the essentials for living if the girl works As is so often the Case today an apartment is easier to maintain demanding a mini mum of Upkeep and housekeeping during the Early Days of adjustment this period also should pro vide time for building up a Sav Ings account life insurance coverage and House furnishings to be used when the couple move into their own place equally important it will give the Young people time to figure out what they most want when they go out to buy a Home of their own shop for financing when the time comes to go House Hunting the Young Folk should also go shopping for the Best place to obtain a Mort Gage possible lenders will in clude commercial Banks Sav Ings and loan associations life insurance companies and mortgage Bankers in some areas institutions known As cooperative Banks and Home Stead associations fall into the same category1 for mortgaging As do savings and loan associations interest rates currently Range from per cent to better than six per cent if an older House is under consideration the Down payment May constitute As much As 20 to 33 per cent of the total Cost under certain conditions a new House can be taken Over with a Down payment of five percent or even less Loans backed by the a or the Cha carry per cent interest and usually include longer term Mort gages if desired and consider ably lighter Down payments it is Wise for couples in the Market for a Home to discuss such matters with several mortgage outlets before deciding on More experienced family members or friends should also be sought Lon term financing the longer the mortgage the More Money is paid out in in Terest sometimes this prompts Young people to attempt the shortest term financing Possi ble this however can be a heavy Burden to a limited budget and May soon become a Bone of serious Contention when the payments along with the pressures of other intrude on regular living requirements most financing specifies monthly payments for or 30 years under particular conditions Shorter or longer periods Are possible generally for Young families of restricted Means a Long term mortgage is safest for the budget despite the larger amount paid in interest another Factor to keep in mind if Money is Likely to be needed for repairs or child Edu cation an opened mortgage can ordinarily be extended or renewed after enough equity has been built up Over the years vital statistics Hoe Mako cooperative Hospital or and mrs David Aguilar Grande a son David Dayo Mashell t s 3 ohm or and mrs Verdie car Trell Casa Grande a son is Rael Todd 8 ibs 13 or and mrs George kill Ian Casa Grande a son Roy 3 ibs 15 or and mrs by Casa Grande a son Thom As John 7 ibs 9 or and mrs George Contreras a son Jerry 6 ibs 13 or Eloy a daughter Bondie Lynette 8 ibs 3 or and mrs Harry Sloan Stanfield a daughter Branca Kaye 7 ibs 8 or and mrs Otis Beasley Eloy a son Stevie 6 ibs 15 or and mrs Waln Flem ing Randolph a daughter Lor a Lee 8 ibs 8 mrs Paul hatha Way Casa Grande a daughter Lovone Lorene 6 or and mrs Enrique Cam pos Stanfield a daughter an Gelina Lemos 4 ibs Shelby Dill Jack Are Back after u few Hua Chuca Shelby report t excellent the of Riley Complex h so the Large artillery pieces off the cuff by Guy Acuff a Short time ago i Sav Burgess creator of the Little breezes stories pit Joetter 01 Isiah Buzzar marvelous animal characters his Home Back East what a world of nostalgia s Burgess conjures up i believe i any other author i Ever air stories Lair the with Reading then his Zhara civers s to a six or seven year of creatures that has been one of i dont know favorite always picked on Brown or Farmer Browns soy or to the Briar Patch he and Jimmy Skunk afraid o mining his own business lesson in the nations fore Irr Sammy Jay was the la Hatch communist body to pick a fight got rough of course Ive animals in sure there Vas a of yes Paddy the Beaver of All though 0 visa guess i re number him As Southern accent from his the sky he knew most give the Best Adrice Many a by warning Chi of what Redby come to think of it Nayip they ar1 in readers Wuh Dies and i loved All his books surf i rest probably Down by the merry the Beaver play in its answers vital Call patrolman Wridge of Eloy member of the Arizona Highway patrol hands Carton marked Kumar to Donna Kerr director of nurses it Hoe Mako delivering blood for emergency transfusions is one of the Erries provided by the Highway patrol the Bloodmobile will visit Casa Grande wednesday from 3 until 7 m at the elks club donors Aje urgently needed dispatch to

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