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Casa Grande Dispatch Newspaper Archives Dec 21 1970, Page 4

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Casa Grande Dispatch (Newspaper) - December 21, 1970, Casa Grande, Arizona Kasji Mirande dispatch monday december 21 1970 car tog time delays in receipt of Auto License renewal statements last year created a last hour dilemma in License renewing it finally prompted the legislature extending the registration deadline by two weeks however processing of 1971 License tag renewals is processing on schedule according to officials of the state Highway departments motor vehicle division despite a substantial increase in Arizona vehicle registration a total of renewal statements have been printed by the Highway department automated services unit and Forward to the 14 county assessors according to Dave Campbell superintendent of the motor vehicle division the p Medure follows with county assessors statements to vehicle owners officials said License tag and registration renewal must be completed in january and february otherwise owners will face a penalty charge Silver and Black tags will be issued for 1971 vehicle owners in Arizona wont see new plates again until 1973 Case for epilepsy with All the problems this nation faces not to mention everyone chronic need to make a shrinking Dollar go As far As possible the last thing of us really wants to hear is another pressing s Kail problem in trying to avoid using controls but when that problem left alone drains up to a billion dollars a year out of the National Economy Ilion it demands attention for economic As Well As humanitarian reasons a billion dollars a year that the Price tag the is surgeon generals advisory committee on the epilepsy is has placed on the annual Cost of epilepsy to Federal and local governments and where does the Money go into clinics medical services research perhaps yes a part of it hut the major share goes into unemployment and welfare services to support epileptics who cannot get jobs and that is the Crux of the problem employment More than four million americans have epilepsy roughly equivalent to the combined populations of bosom Cleveland St Louis Cincinnati and Columbus a majority of these people no longer have any seizures at All thanks to modern drug treat men Bui among this seizure free group the unemployment rate is a staggering 25 per cent five times the present National average what this Means is thai Job applicants Are being turned away solely on the basis of their medical history not their present condition according to the epilepsy foundation of America the picture is bleaker still among the approximately 4fi per cent who Are still prone to have seizures Here a conservative estimate puts eight out of every 10 Job seekers chronically unemployed Noone would quarrel with an employers in to place seizure prone people in certain jobs it would obviously be extremely hazardous to have a seizure prone epileptic driving a steam Crane Bui As the foundation Points out there Are Many jobs even the seizure prone can do Many non hazardous occupations without extensive Public Contact and for those with seizure control there should be no barriers to employment furthermore the foundation has some compelling statistics to show that people with epilepsy can stay free of seizures for years that they make careful conscientious employees with better than average safety records society rejection of the epileptic goes Back to medieval times and beyond to the Days when an epileptic seizure was believed to indicate Possession by demons of course Noone believes that any More but clearly too Many people still behave As if they do obviously we cannot afford this continuing waste of lives and Money four million people need a better break and a billion dollars would be better spent finding new treatments and new ways to prevent this ancient human affliction Casa Grande dispatch v published no Dak an entered at in France 8s222 be poit second class mail Mattes w an Independent newspaper Donovan m Kramer editor and publisher Don Cantrell managing editor Mary Metzger women editor s Tom Jones circulation manager s s subscription rates 1 in county Feyl in outside Pinal county 70 month Frlj mailing address Box 639 today Oil and natural Gas Supply about 75 percent of Energy needs compared with less than 28 percent in noted the West Texas utilities company in their publication the electric too american medical news commented it is always distressing to read of an epidemic of a preventable disease such As the diphtheria outbreak which affected san Antonio modern vaccination procedures have All but wiped diphtheria and several other once dreaded diseases but unless vaccination Levels remain High the threat of epidemic is still real physicians other health workers and parents must exert constant vigilance against such lapses in too according to or John m Budd chairman of Burlington Northern incorporated a sounder transportation system could mean lower prices for the nations Consumers for virtually everything we eat Wear or use is transported at least once and often Many times on the journey Between producer and consumer we have departed As a nation so Long and so far from a rational and balanced transportation policy that it will take an fallout Effort to restore the the editors Corner by Donovan m Kramer this morning or and mrs Bill Ford left St marys Hospital and drove Back to the charred Pioneer International hotel where 28 people died Early yesterday they looked up to the eighth floor ledge where they sat in terror As flames Cut off every escape route then they looked at a thin thread of conduit that became the lifeline of Hope that delivered them to the ground and a Joyful reunion with their family today he praised the electrician whose Fine work Manship saved the life of him and his wife or Ford had a Lump in his Throat As he talked about the heroic Tucson firemen who were great in their Rescue of mrs Ford two of them were seriously injured in Rescue efforts and fortunately they will recover neither of the Fords look like they would be capable of the human Fly Effort of scaling the Side of a building eight floors above the ground with Only a tiny pipe to hang onto but both were fighting for their jives and were thinking Many thoughts of their youngsters and friends at Home no doubt their Strong Faith gave them extra strength and courage arizonans worst Inland disaster Points up the need for stricter fire prevention Laws As Well As their enforcement we Hope that such a disaster is never again possible your ability grouping on Wane across Arizona Faith mine by Tom c we fall i of time and youth by Joseph Stocker Arizona education Assn ability grouping in the schools used to be All the thing it int any More at least in Arizona its kind of old says one educator whose Job it is to keep an Eye on such things dont get me wrong its still going on but its not As popular As it interestingly this May mean that Arizona is out of step with some of its sister states a recent Issue of the Pat Magazine said that on a National scale ability grouping is in at the moment this Doest necessarily mean that Arizona is wrong though the same Magazine profit from exposure to material designed for the acknowledged that there Are brighter ones Strong arguments against ability grouping one is that quite simply it makes intellectual snobs of some children who have High ability and Are grouped according to that Standard such grouping say critics of the system As quoted by the Pat Magazine gives above average students an exaggerated sense of their own importance while making Low ability students feel because teachers tend to teach to the average student or below thus Bright students Arent of challenged another argument for it is education should prepare that the less Sanbright student students for adult life which has a better Chance of Success entails being Able to work and when he is grouped with or set along with people having a less Sanbright students he stretch Doest get discouraged so still another criticism ability grouping is that the years seem to Tumble one another in Lerir mat haste to make us old next year becomes last All Inu or noticed and a decade steals past our guard almost eighteen turns to thirty with compute like Speed and lies just around the Corner from Twentyfive ii makes one gasp to hurtle precipitously into his fifth to realize most of what he set out to do a Nuin the time for doing it fines galloping on Down the Range of it cities that being the Case ability grouping easily at fort pro As if one is at All inclined toward Vides a great Opportunity its a time for gives Many students no such who favors ability grouping Sissing ones contribution to if maybe for regretting this Tun Opportunity Bright students in Many cases both parents and or that it might be a time for making excuses or ration mix Only with the Bright Dull teachers says Pat Magazine Ai izing ones failures certainly it should be a time for reflect students Only with their upper and Middle income eng upon ones Ost opportunities counterparts parents often favor it because nol so h is also a time for looking ahead for Sorlini there Are to be sure Strong they want their children qut priorities and acting upon them it May he a last it for e another argument against it arguments in favor of ability groomed for academic is that below average students profit from association with brighter students they grouping one is that in superiority and ultimately a heterogeneous classes the position of also standards tend to be Low in Arizona however the woman role Ever changing by Linda Rubey a business writer new York sap attitudes Amone american More and More women into the labor Force the labor Force seems to be the growth in their monetary acumen a University of Illinois study indicates a trend for women to take Over the handling of family finances within the first year of marriage the study notes that except for paperwork the working wife forego childbearing for another the proportion of unmarried women in the total population is on the Rise another Factor contributing to women toward freeing of women from the family life ure traditional roles of wife and Mother has been the threat of an uncontrollable population sex Bank of Poison the Banks says the takes a much More Active part Chicago Points out that since result has been a trend among in Money matters than the non 1947 female participation in the married couples to plan smaller working wife labor Force has increased families to counter the nearly on third and since 1965 possibility of such an explosion Bible for Reading the proportion of married More More women new York a Many women aged 20 to 24 inthe labor working even after marriage people Are put off from reaching Force increased from 37 to 48 per the Bank further predicts that m through the Bible by Al the cent while the proportion of the years ahead women will lengthy chronologies repetitions in Man aped 16 to 35 in the make greater inroads into and historical detail emd loved ranks sew 4 per traditionally male occupations to overcome thai deterrent of employed ranks grew 14 per offshoot of this com Jve has spent 12 years my what accounts for this in possibly be that family size will Bing through the scriptures Eli i Crese in on pm even smaller As women ploy ment Rolls what kind of move into occupations jobs do they hold individualized instruction this is a process by which children Are enabled to Progress As fast As their abilities warrant or As slowly As they necessitate in some districts this has brought into being a Type of instruction known As no graded the question of grouping thus becomes irrelevant each student is in effect in his own individual group in the Long run this May Well become the shape of things in the nations Public schools and it May Well make moot the whole question of grouping Chance to change the direction of ones life if one is honest he must admit much of his life has been used his priorities have been selfish ones his direction Era been motivated mostly by self interest the reality of making living for himself and his family has been a mighty Spur in Many instances it has distracted attention from Ever shiny ene that is Why we need to assess our Lues before we thrust ton far into the years we need to establish a balance of work of play of service our better Lues require a More rounded Agenda of a larger emphasis upon spiritual ones most of us need to take religion More seriously acid contribute More to it in time Talent and resources failure to do so can bring us to old age with nothing enduring to show for the years we lived on the other hand the younger we Are when we adopt a spiritually balanced lifestyle the greater our satisfaction with our the larger our Reward for Hauna lived the clock shall continue to gobble up our years we cannot prevent it but we can use our Days so Well that time gets onh the their accomplishments you think you have financial problems requiring Lon term career commitments the Bank adds one result of the increasing an expanding Economy throughout the 60s coupled with tight labor markets in the participation of these women in latter half of the decade and declining unemployment encouraged Many More Young women to work in their Early portions the result is the Olive Pell issued by Crown pub Lishers a Kings James version reduced to about on fifth Inal length their jobs Are most probably White Collar types such As clerical teaching or nursing positions it says in fact the Bank says even As Early As 1962 More than half of All working ramen were employed in White Collar jobs while Only 40 per cent of working men were so employed but underlying the Supply and demand of the labor Market the Bank says Are significant changes in women attitudes toward Home and family life for one thing increasingly effective birth control techniques have Given women the Means to delay or even tis the season to be Jolly Trala Latala

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