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Casa Grande Dispatch Newspaper Archives Dec 21 1970, Page 3

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Casa Grande Dispatch (Newspaper) - December 21, 1970, Casa Grande, Arizona New concept a metric lock Casa Grande Ian dispatch monday december 21 1970 rotation one Day to Circle 1440 Tim minutes equal angular measurement minutes a ratio of 15 to 1 this suggests 15 degrees of angular surface rotation equal one Frost says however the relationship Between angular measurement seconds and time seconds is one to these terms used extensively in mathematics science and engineering Are confusing they relate to Dif Ferent measurement units having varying ratios to each other frosts Angl time measurement proposal simplifies calculations by introducing new terminology he suggests a system recognizing the Circle As a fundamental unchangeable unit called a metric system prefixes and suffixes designate multiples and fractions of the Basic unit he divides the Cir into equal parts or Mili circus so i in equal one Cir 1100 Mic equal Mic in this division a right Angle 90 degrees contains 250 Mic the sum of the angles of a Triangle equals 500 Mic 180 trigonometric functions because they Are relationships Between the sides and the enclosed angles remain the same however new tables must be printed to read from 0mic to 125 Mic 0 degrees to 45 complicated interpolations Are no longer Frost observes Milicic fractions Are always Deci Mally expressed and respective values quickly his innovative time measurement system recognizes one average Earth rotation duration As a natural Basic unit called a Here a Mil Rota is of a Rota which multiples and fractions expressed Deci Mally Mir equal one Rota 110 and Mir equal Mir this system provides the direct relationship Between angular and time measure he explains during a single Lime Mil Rota the Earth turns through one Milicic of angular obviously this Calls for a new face for time and Frost has designed such a device a the marc1 i of dimes metric lock its face is Euc 11 n imm diagrammatic of one Earth Tempe our present Angut time and geographical location measurement system is based of the 380 degrees Circle specific reasons for this division Are lost to Antiquity but the babylonians were Likely instigators As a result ancient astronomers Mist kingly adopted the monday Earth year and assumed hat the suns daily pm Gress represented one angular degree the approximation was acceptable to those Early mathematicians the Choice was convenient because it offered a Large number of Small divisors however Wewt sufficed for Babylon inadequate for us this modern age of computations demands extremely precise values and rapid con versions difficult when computing the 360 disagrees Circle and associate Phenomena although Circle divisions attuned to Decimal calculating would enhance problems solving significant changes Pavc not occurred since babylonian and Oreck times or Melvin Frost assistant professor of geography at Arizona state University suggests adopting a Decimal system for calculating angles time and geographical locations this would eliminate con fusing terminology and permit exact calculations without cumbersome he explains it would establish easily Learned relationships Between All measurement the present angular time measurement method is based on the Sevag Tsimal system multiples of the 360 degrees Circle includes six 60 degrees parts each degree is divided into 60 equal minutes which Are further broken into 60 equal seconds Here the system collapses because further divisions Are expressed Deci Mally Why not utilize Decimals entirely Frost asks this calculating system is More scientifically convenient and accurate than the Sevag Tsimal the established number system metric weights and measures and our monetary system illustrate the Decimals advantage in calculations conflicting terminology inherent in present time angular and temperature measurements spawns con the Asu geographer notes this is especially True in calculating minutes and seconds of time and these Are related but under the existing system their values Are not easily converted from one to another in comparing one Earth us work tour third a healthy Hirl right for give to rotation with the Rota hand indicating the suns relative position the reference Point a face Bottom represents Midnight when the Sun is on the earths far Side away from the observer shading the Bottom half emphasizes the darkness period three hands turning clock Wise Are time he states beginning at Midnight All hands Point downward at the position the Rota shortest hand sweeps once around the clock during a single Earth rotation 24 hour the Decirota hand moves ten times while the Mil Rota longest hand completed the circles inscribed on the clock face Are numbered from 0 to 0 to 100 and 0 to 10 with ten ticks Between each number the Mil Rota hand sweeps out ticks during one Earth rotation by comparing the two Short hands with the Mil Rotas momentary position time lapse since Midnight is readily observed and calculated to 01 Mil Rota this is of a second in the currently used time system the present method of calculating geographical location is also based on angular measurements of the 360 degrees Circle Earth positions Are located by degrees minutes and seconds North or South of the Equator and East or West of Greenwich England frosts proposed geographical location determination uses the existing world Grid system instead of obtaining a fix by degrees correction Casa Grande the address of Mack Calvin Martin a suspect arrested in connection with a burglary of pretty mans Market Here has been corrected by police the initial police report As published in last wednesdays dispatch had carried the erroneous address of 1145 e 4th St the Correct address is 1140 e 4th police said Friday Rie Niimi Yaj Willt of Nur time Tot it a if o r d rival Ion t limit Tel Ioctl flu1 Ifft closed Friday Christmas 25th prices effective dec 22 23 24th thurs or Nuino u Ftp Trot i i i an a n to n til in filetcia ice Cream aha a Luddy h potato chips Clove Bloom butter amour Star 1 la pcs 79 s Iju Brown n serve Rolls grape juice Ritz crackers velveeta cheese Mayonnaise i peaches Ripe olives beef tamales whole Chicken sliced pineapple Jalapeno relish bean dip oysters Coffee crystals chocolate mix bake 112 11 its incl sliced no 2 can i 3001 tall can 1b o cd j 4 can no Urdl j o 1 can i i m Cudahy bars Boneless Holiday hams la All Moat Cudahy bar Brand ccc1 chunk r sliced Lbw Morrell sliced or chunk chopped Ham 95c spin of Morrell sliced or chunk luncheon Don Market since 1896 200 n Florence St open 8 to 8 monday thru Friday saturday 8 to 9 pm sunday 9 to 6 swerve right to limit quantities free delivery and minimum Lux liquid fur dishes if pm site arc 1 quart my kleenex 50 dinner napkint21c Reynolds wrap heavy duty 18 w x 25 l Roll minutes and seconds it is accomplished Deci Mally in Cir units for example Tempe is approximately 33 degrees 25 30 North latitude and 111 degrees 55 20 West Longitude using metric calculations it is simply Mic North and Mic West the Asu geographer cites six major advantages for Decimal angular time measurements accuracy and calculation Speed confusing terms from degrees minutes and seconds present metric prefixes and suffixes two new terms Cir and Rota abbreviations of existing Circle and rotation units converting Mil Rota and Milicic without calculating Decimal angular time measurements geographically of course the systems newness is its major disadvantage people resist change and a Large number of tables charts and instruments would need alternation the Overall Long Range advantages of a precise simple interrelated system far out weighs inconveniences encountered during the transition Frost emphasizes with a Complete Decimal system for production and research computations an accuracy and ease of calculating would be achieved that is now this age of computers and computations demands a Superior single measurement a new dimension for the Decimal moving up ladder r Casa Grande warehouse 603 k main has established itself As a Bekins Van lines agent for the Casa Grande Valle said Bill Robinson manager adding will be engaged i household storage and moving on a local and National employee Al Soto right who recently returned from the Bekins school in los Angeles where he took an extensive coarse in packing and handling household goods receives words of congratulations from a visiting Bekins Driver dispatch photo i now the years greatest value in a Fin furniture styled console s solid state console Stere featuring exclusive Micro touch 2g tone Arm drop it slide it tilt it you cant accidentally ruin a Fine stereo record dual Channel amplifier and pm radio instant response Lioni Zenith qualify solid state amplifier enter operating Lor greater dependability and longer life Supeh pm am stereo pm reception Zenith stereo precision record changer with exclusive Micro touch 2g tone Arm four Speed record changer combines Svith the utmost in Lone arms to profile the beit j in stereo separation record reproduction the Madrid a908 reciter Martean styled it n c f Pecan veneers or select Hardwood Suk r f features 40 f tape i Ujj a i for optional Zenith n a rests re adapter six speaker sound system High Fidelity sound system incorporates Iao Lour Cone Type tweeters Vith tree ency response cd 70 to All for Only the Quality goes in before the name goes on cd Mart 800 e Florence Casa Grande phone 8365870

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