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Carthage Press Newspaper Archives Sep 28 1970, Page 4

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Carthage Press (Newspaper) - September 28, 1970, Carthage, Missouri Carthage press editorials f stranger things have happened your Money Worth one of the nations top businessmen speaking before a College graduating class a Short time ago had a few things to say that should Register deeply with students and adults alike. Directing his remarks to the student members of the a silent majority Willard f. Rockwell jr., head of North american Rockwell corporation a leading space and commercial manufacturing Industrial Complex pointed out that the average graduating student today can expect to pay $149,024.53 in Federal income taxes during the remaining years of his life. A question Rockwell propounds is whether this average student is going to get his Money a Worth out of that tremendous investment. He warned that the tax dollars of today a College graduates will be spent to build new state universities and that it is possible they will witness the destruction of their investment by a frustrated minority of students who smash windows with the same impunity they enjoyed when they smashed their toys As children. To insure that today a graduating students will get their Money a Worth in the vast Public spending programs of the future Rockwell urged the graduates to follow a 6-Point list of a very old very simple instructions which a not enough americans have managed to he advised them to Register to vote and then exercise their voting right consider political office As a personal objective keep informed pursue their careers with excellence and support capitalism. Rockwell swords contain an unusually wide vein of fact and common sense attributes that Are missing in most of today so a rhetoric on social and economic problems. A woman was reportedly arrested in new York City for smoking a cigarette while Riding in an open automobile on this Day 66 years ago. The arresting policeman was said to have commented to her a you can to do that on fifth child psychologists say that the clothes children Wear can affect their personalities and consequently their behaviour. A three year old girl acts totally different in a party dress than in Blue jeans. A boy who is uncomfortable in his clothes is an unhappy boy and his behaviour will show it. Crossword Puzzle across i. Watch 4 self conscious 7 subdues 11. Spar 12. Farm implement 13. True olives 14 except 15. Frightful 17. Capri 19 after song 24. Fire Basket 28.entourage 30 mormon state 31. Particle of negation 32 Mountain Crest 33 Meadow 36. Spanish Linen 37 apprehended 39. Housewife 42 outer tree bark 20 gambling game 43. Activity 22 Cadmus 44. A a a de Cologne daughter 45. Bills 23 sacred coffer 46. Through Nim Rinrin bran Rarama a Ann Arna Era non a in non Eha pct Era noon Ciminel a no Ora Ararat Ransom Rara Mara mob Bebo a Nasa Seq Sims us Assn a lira Basra Awa Carara Bonn Olio solution of saturday s Ruzzi 47. Cereal grass Down i Reflux 2. One addressed 2 3 % i 6 i ? e 9 to ii was 2 p 13 m i vah it 16 % % �?�8 % �?�9 la d i p % % in 7 x i a Ieva a la fava % 31 3w is % 36 a 37 ii i Momi mind he is a <4 a 17 for Lim 23 my of Irti Carthage 9 28 3. Defunct 4. Fissile Rock 5. Pit 6. Affirmative vote 7. Tranquillity 8. Hodgepodge 9. Make one s Way 10. Wise Man 16 18. Pure 20 blemish 21. Seaweed 22. Choler 24 sliced 25. Cruse ship 26 Munch 27. Article 29. Greets 32. Passion 33. Card game 34 Symbol of strength 35. Gaelic 36 relinquish 38 spigot 4q. St Garee 41. Take to Cour Ress Carthage publishing co. Robert s. Dale publisher the associated press is entitled exclusively to the use Foi republication of All the local news printed in this newspaper As Well As All zip news dispatches. Mail subscription rates paid in Advance $13.00 $ 7.00 i 9.00 $ 5.80 one year outside 50mile zone half year outside 50 mile zone one year within 50 mile zone half year within 50 mile zone Carrier delivery rate one month i j.25 single copy $ Jaq year in Advance paid at office $13.00 published daily except holidays and sundays 527 South main Street Carthage to. Second class postage paid at Carthage to. 64836 missed paper delivery service monday Friday 358-2193 6�?6 30 saturday 3 30�?4 a toe Hal Boyle electrical Power shortage is ignored by some people by Jeffrey d. Alderman associated press writer for Hal Boyle new York apr during the recent Power crunch along the Eastern Seaboard Many conscientious citizens began thinking about ways in which they were wasting electricity. But not my Friend Harry. Perhaps he should have because i suspect that if he had the Power the emergency would have been avoided. Harry a Bachelor wakes in the morning via an elaborate electrical system that at one time activates his pm tuner vibrates his bed gently and starts wanning his Coffee. Rising after a comfortable air conditioned night he has an air conditioner in every room of his 12-room House each left on full blast at All times Harry Clicks on his bedroom television for the morning news and Heads for the bathroom. Once there he Clicks on the bathroom television so As not to miss any important announcements such As a report on an impending Power crisis and begins his toilet. A Man who enjoys being tanned year round he switches on his overhead sunlamps and puts his tooth paste on his electric tooth Brush. Meanwhile his electric lather machine is heating up his shaving Cream for later use. After shaving and showering he dries himself under a special heat Lamphe moves to the Kitchen to make breakfast. Clicking on the Kitchen television he pours some Coffee and begins breakfast preparation. The sausage goes in one pan on his electric stove while his scrambled eggs Are made in an electric Fry pan. His Toast meantime is crisping in this eight slice toaster. His Orange juice is squeezed by an electric Squeezer and further treated in an electric blender. Before cooking his scrambled eggs he transforms them into a uniform fluid via an electric egg beater. An electric timer of course tells him when each part of his repast is ready. He adjourns to the dining room turns on his 24-bulb chandelier Clicks on the dining room television and eats breakfast each part of which he kept warm until he a ready for it in an electric food warmer. Its Back to the bedroom again where he cleans off his business suit with an electric air Brush and brushes up his shoes with an electric shoe polisher. What happens next is a phenomenon Harry is most proud of. He a the Only one on his Block to have this particular Gadget. He presses a Button near the hallway Light activating an automatic electrical starter in his garage which starts his car. The purpose to allow his car to sufficiently warm up before Harry goes to work. Harry takes an elevator to his air conditioned garage his House is split level and gets in his car its air conditioning already running. He presses a Button on the dash and the garage door opens automatically and Harry a is off to work. To suggest to Harry that he might be using a great Deal of electricity needlessly particularly during a Power shortage is to no Avail. A i can to do without life a essentials a he retorts. Perhaps what Harry really needs is an additional piece of electrical gadgetry which he has yet to try Shock treatment. John Cunniff Sony corporation of Japan joins Stock Exchange list new York apr when Sony corporation of Japan joined the list of 1,317 stocks on the new York Stock Exchange earlier this month it underscored the growing internationalization of both the maket and the business world. Sony is the sixth Large foreign company to be listed on the big Board in 1970, joining the Plessey company and British Petroleum of Britain Northgate exploration and Northern and Central Gas of Canada and Norlin corp., of Panama it brought to 33 the number of foreign Stock issues on the Exchange there Are also 43 foreign corporation Bonds traded a and quite Likely will help push foreign Stock volume toward too million shares. In 1969 the total was 96 million shares. A International listings a said Phillip l. West an Exchange vice president a present very tangible evidence that share ownership has overcome the boundaries of geography language and National Akio Mot tis Sony executive vice president gives two Good reasons for seeking a listing. First nearly 35 per cent of his company a sales Are in the United states. Second about 28 per cent of its shareholders Are americans. Of americans think that highly of the company a products then they also be inclined to rate shares of the company As Good buys it makes British Petroleum which was listed on Marcut 23, decided there was a greater interest in its shares because of several factors including the company a involvement in alaskan Oil and its Purchase of a 25 per cent interest in Standard Oil of Ohio. A we have More than 30,000 shareholders in America a a by spokesman said a and we Felt it was As important to meet their needs As we do those of investors in Northgate exploration Felt much the same Way when it was listed feb. 3. Said a. Garfield Hayes vice president a the listing reflected the fact that 60 per cent of our shareholders Are . Norlin corp., a june i entrant was concerned with maintaining a Market for its Stock with keeping its shares available for buying and Selling. Said George h. Strong vice president a an Exchange listing is like a Good Bond rating. It improves the marketability of the company a shares by providing shareholders with greater daily Bible thought Victor Riesel drive under Way to rip Crooks out of unions by Victor Riesel Washington . To attorney general John Mitchell there a nothing sacred in the ancient adage that to err is human to forgive divine. The politicos can Fly that on their standards but the Justice departments chief quietly has created a special Section to search out thieves even inside labor. If these were not the Days of women a lib id be tempted to report that the new Section is much like a rib Cut from the criminal divisions organized crime and racketeering Section. The new Section which has gone completely unreported comes As a Surprise to the labor movement which now learns for the first time that it is officially known As the management labor Section mls under a command Chain which moves from the attorney general a to assistant a. G. Will Wilson criminal divisions special director Charles Ruff who runs the virtually invisible 8-lawyer band of investigatory specialists. At the moment ruffs men Are surveying the entire labor movement asking the labor department to search its records querying the Fri and other departments such As the Treasury whose internal Revenue service is auditing teamsters brotherhood books City by City. When the coast to coast Survey is dug in depth the mus will move in. Basically this is a separation of assignments. The reorganization was ordered to ease the work of the organized crime and racketeering Section ours so it could concentrate on the crime confederations activities on All fronts including the seizure of legitimate businesses and unions. The reorganization which quietly created the mls last May i also sprang from will Wilson a efforts to police the Crooks who Are mulching unions their treasuries their welfare funds shaking Down members forcing them to join a clubs a terrorizing them into kickbacks pressuring them into paying for their jobs and a a borrowing from the rank and file As Well As from employers. Or As soon will be discovered in new Jersey taking Loans in Exchange for favors labor peace and even non unionization. There is not always a razor edged line Between the muscle Hood a control of locals and the Garden variety Crooks embezzler and Sticky fingers in the till types. Among the elite of the labourers International Union in new Jersey there is at least one powerful fellow As you will see who combines the Best talents of both types. He was personally selected by Sam the plumber decavalcante to be a Captain in the crime confederations new Jersey chapter and to run the All powerful local which can cripple billions of dollars Worth of construction throughout the entire state. But the cooperation Between the mls and the ours seems to be Well oiled. So the mus chief Charles Ruff and his chief will Wilson done to expect any difficulty in ripping out the kind the old radicals used to Call a a betrayers of the working class meaning those who would use their unions to extort or to use the unions Power for personal Benefit. For the while it appears that the mls a heaviest concentration will spotlight the looting of pension and welfare funds a mighty tempting network of pools of Cash and investments running some say As High As $39 billion out of the $120 billion. A we regard this Law enforcement work and especially the Protection of Union pension funds of utter importance a will Wilson told a caller the other Day. A these Are the dollars of the rank and file. They Are the dollars on which will rest the financial and psychological Security of the retirement of millions of working people and their there now Are an estimated 19.4 million persons covered by such funds. It must indeed be noted too that there is a difference Between the most Static pools of pension monies and the fantastic Cash flow of welfare expenditures. The latter have been estimated to run As High As 8 to to billion dollars annually. If manipulated even a tissue thin slice of the a a Edge on arbitrage and Peel off investments can make hundreds of thousands of dollars for the unethical Union officials. Its not generally recalled that the teamsters president James Hoffa still one of Lewisberg Pentinen Tarys a most prominent citizens faces a 5-year term on charges of plotting to raid a pension fund. The exact charge against a a Jimmy whom the loyalists now Are trying to a a Spring is conspiracy to divert More than $1.7 million from $25 million in Loans made by the teamsters Central states Southeast and Southwest pension funds. Hoffa was a trustee a Grade he has not yet made in the pen. Its now estimated that this fund runs some $700 million and some of this nations deficit could be eased by what has been a a earned in finders fees and Rotten investments. This is the fund on which Many a teamster after years of backbreaking driving years during which sight is constantly strained the gut is tense the kidneys in pain must look for retirements sur cease. This mls assignment is no assault on american labor. It is a sweeping Campaign against the Crooks which despoil its name blood suck the rank and files treasuries make the earning of daily bread a bitter and frightening task and betray the Trust put in them by those unionists who sing a Solidarity forever and get looted forever. Well maybe not forever now that the mls is swinging. Cynthia Lowry seasons most dramatic premiere arrived on sunday night die Angel of the lord by night opened the prison doors and brought them 5 19. New York apr the most dramatic premiere of the television season arrived on lbs sunday night Lassie became a Mother. The Long playing series opened its 17th season with a seven part episode which has Lassie off herding sheep. Last week she met a handsome male Collie. This week the pups appeared and immediately were in mortal peril. The sheepherder with whom Lassie has taken Refuge wants to destroy them on the Assumption that the father is a killer dog who has been destroying part of his Herd. Of course Lassie can handle this and it is probable that a Large number of second generation fans of the show will be cheering her on. Bill Cosby in the second program of his second Abc season wrenched his Back and spent the rest of the program trying to get some help and Relief. It was a Bright and humorous handling of a situation with which Many a viewer could identify and sympathize the bureaucratic red tape of getting admitted to a Hospital for treatment the impersonality of Busy doctors and preoccupied nurses working around him. As a contrast to the reverent treatment which television gives doctors and hospitals in its soap operas and series it was most refreshing and incidentally had a Little something to say. One scene when Bill was being examined by a group of interns As if he were an inanimate object instead of a whimpering human May have carried the fun a Little too far but it too was purposeful. The Cosby half hour continues to be one of the Bright spots in the sunday night schedule. A Mannix a starting its fourth season in cd so a saturday night schedule is tvs sole surviving genuine private Eye. The format and Mike Connors character Are patterned on the Good old reliable Dashiell Hammett idea. The result is predictable but it is very Active. In the most recent episode Mannix had his License lifted so he could work undercover to trap a gang of Clever robbers headed by a very Tough woman. Mannix quickly infiltrated the gang and of course they were caught but not without a very Busy Climax. It All seemed very very familiar. Earlier on saturday Abc had a comedy variety hour starring Ferlin husky and an assortment of guest stars. It looked very mud like a Pilot for a series that never found 1 sponsor. Husky a Singer performed primarily As Host the atmosphere was slicked upcountry style am while the music was All right the comedy a very weak. A thee Haw a by contrast is a Verj sleek urbane hour. Today in history by the associated press today is monday sept. 28, the 271st Day of 1970. There Are 94 Days left in the year. Today a highlight in history on this Date in 1924, two . Army planes landed in Seattle wash., completing the first round the world flight. The total elapsed time was 175 Days. Flying time was 351 hours. On this Date in 1781, american forces began the revolutionary War siege of Yorktown Heights in Virginia. One year ago the communist party in czechoslovak ousted Liberal Leader Alexander Dubcek from the ruling party presidium and from chairmanship of the Federal Assembly. Ten years ago or. Richard Cohle 1609 Lilac Lane became the first Jasper count Ian to Purchase a 1960 Dee Hunting permit obtaining an Archery permit from the office of county clerk j. C. Baird. Members of Rhoda Fairchild chapter daughters of the american revolution planner to observe the chapters 50th anniversary at 1 meeting the coming saturday at the Home 0 mrs. Ava Everts and miss Ellen Meador East 0 Carthage. Dedication ceremonies for the new Chape building of our lady of the ozarks College Hen were scheduled the coming oct. 13. The Rev. James r. Stacey resigned the pastorate of Wykota Baptist Church Here to enrol at southwestern theological Seminary for Worth Texas

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